wgrantlifeless: https://code.launchpad.net/~linaro-infrastructure/launchpad/workitems-migration-script/+merge/93883 <- I think that could/should be done as an API script, what's your opinion?00:18
wgrantpoolie: Do you want to redo https://code.launchpad.net/~mbp/launchpad/remove-bsondump2/+merge/93778 with a proper whoami?00:19
wgrantYou seem to have been setuplxc'd.00:19
* StevenK prods wgrant to fix the topic00:19
wgrantI'm bac, what are you talking about.00:19
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pooliewgrant, ok00:33
pooliethat was icky00:34
pooliei'm glad i caught it00:34
pooliethese scripts that do lots of random modifications to your host machine :(00:34
StevenKYou mean a lot like rf-setup?00:34
poolieyeah, but lxc ought to be a chance to get away from that00:35
poolieperhaps i should run setuplxc inside a vm :/00:35
thumperwallyworld_: oi, can I please have a link on the team code home page for the +recipes please00:48
thumperwallyworld_: I'll buy you a drink00:48
thumperwallyworld_: maybe a backrub?00:48
wallyworld_thumper: oooh, now you're talking00:48
* StevenK reviews his breakfast00:49
StevenKTypeError: ('Incompatible metatypes', (<class 'lp.bugs.interfaces.bug.IBugLimitedView'>, <InterfaceClass lp.bugs.interfaces.bug.IBugView>))00:49
* StevenK stabs Zope00:49
thumperStevenK or wgrant: do either of you know what is causing W: GPG error: http://archive.canonical.com precise Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 40976EAF437D05B5 Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>01:26
lifelessthumper: intercepting proxy cache01:27
wgrantOr scandium being terrible again.01:28
wgrantBut I think that's mostly fixed, so probably your ISP is shite.01:28
lifelessin NZ proxy caches you.01:28
mwhudsonthumper: it can also be the file in /var/lib/apt/lists being corrupt01:33
wgrantlifeless: I'd like to remove feature rules for these removed flags: https://pastebin.canonical.com/60613/01:39
wgrantlifeless: And add this rule for my heat changes (not yet deployed): https://pastebin.canonical.com/60614/01:39
lifelessif the code is gone, thats a no-brainer01:40
wgrantThe code is indeed gone.01:40
wgrantAnd it is a no-brainer, but I still need a +1 :)01:40
lifeless+1 on them both01:40
wgrantTotally not cool, fglrx.01:43
wgrantNew apport in precise, though.01:43
wgrantdoes this mean LP won't have 9 bazillion bugs filed daily...01:44
wgrantAh, no, still uploads to LP01:45
wgrantlifeless: Bug comment searching has never been enabled on prod AFAICT. Can I remove the code, since the current implementation is never going to perform even vaguely acceptably?01:57
lifelessor should I say 'no, I want the quota' :P01:58
wgrantI'm removing targetnamesearch too01:58
lifelessflacoste: I'm not sure we define 'core functionality' anywhere :)02:24
* wgrant massacres the branchscammer02:54
StevenKSounds lke an apt name.02:58
StevenKPut up a branch renaming it and it'll mark it r=me02:58
wgrantMaybe it's choking on MySQL again.02:58
wgrantStevenK: https://code.launchpad.net/~wgrant/launchpad/obliterate-targetnamesearch/+merge/9391403:16
* wgrant is preparing for the LOCTS03:16
StevenKwgrant: Sorry, I was lunching. Looking now.03:21
StevenKwgrant: r=me03:24
* StevenK approves of all this code death03:25
lifelesssee #launchpad for some related ;P03:25
wgrantMakes my disclosure work easier, and puts me in a good position for the LOCTS that will surely eventuate.03:25
StevenKI've not wanted to find out how much code I've ripped out versus added.03:26
StevenKSpecifying multiple revspecs would help03:27
wgrantlifeless: Lines of Code Trading Scheme03:28
wgrantlifeless: Like an ETS, but for maintenance burden.03:28
StevenKSigh, defeated by PQM03:29
StevenKSince it's the committer for each rev.03:29
StevenKBecause auditing is for chumps03:30
lifelesswgrant: so, you're committed to futures03:30
lifelessStevenK: pqm isn't the author though, which is what you care about; just uses the merged in revs. or annotate.03:30
lifelesswgrant: you've checked prodconf for the heat config key ?03:32
wgrantlifeless: Yup, nothing there03:32
StevenKlifeless: How does annotate help? What I'd like is a large diff of any rev I have or someone else has landed to devel03:33
lifelessStevenK: so, perhaps it doesn't :) but it can tell you loc last touched by you, for the current tree, which is a related q03:33
wgrantOhloh gives lines changed, but not +-03:34
lifelessanyhow, use the merged in revs to determine author, and mainline diffs for the content03:34
StevenKPerhaps I should learn bzrlib03:35
StevenKI was hoping I could loop over bzr log03:35
StevenKwgrant: So, given IBug's definition in configure.zcml, I don't need to split it into IBugView and IBugLimitedView, I can just move id to LimitedView ?03:36
wgrantStevenK: Unfortunately, yes.03:37
* StevenK reverts the split he did03:38
wgrantIf you've got a split that works, by all means do it.03:38
StevenKI do -- but only in terms of Python. I wasn't sure how to shoehorn it into the ZCML03:39
StevenKwgrant: Given the branch I just reviewed, can MessageChunk.fti die a horrible death?03:42
wgrantI'd prefer not.03:42
wgrantIt's write-once so pretty cheap.03:42
wgrantAnd I hope we'll do comment searching in future, even if we don't move to Solr soonish.03:42
wgranttsvector concat should make it pretty easy to do comment searches.03:43
lifelessdidn't you just remove comment searching?03:43
wgrantBut if we want to do a non-stupid implementation in future, it might well make use of MessageChunk.fti03:44
wgrantSince that table is never updated it's cheap to keep.03:44
pooliehttp://37signals.com/svn/posts/3112-how-basecamp-next-got-to-be-so-damn-fast-without-using-much-client-side-ui -- interesting03:46
wgrantYeah, saw that a couple of days ago.03:46
wgrantPretty interesting indeed.03:47
wgrantBut it relies on having a cascading last_updated column on pretty much everything.03:47
wgrantWhich has to increase write contention massively.03:47
pooliei wonder if it's in plain old sql03:48
lifelessthey are caching into memcache I believe03:48
wgrantThey cache into memcached, yes.03:48
wgrantBut IIRC it's all ActiveRecord otherwise.03:48
lifelessso contention == redundant writes more than lock-slows03:48
wgrantlifeless: no, no03:48
pooliealso i guess unlike lp they have relatively few objects read by millions of people03:48
wgrantlifeless: The whole caching scheme relies on having a last_updated field to generate the cache key from03:48
pooliethough, would that really be more mtime fields than lp?03:49
wgrantThere's no project mtime field.03:49
wgrantmax_heat is the closest, and I deleted that two weeks ago :)03:49
wgrantPartly because of contention, partly because of terrible implementation.03:49
pooliean mtime on /ubuntu would probably suck03:50
pooliebut i wonder if you would really need it03:50
lifelesswgrant: I missed that; it looked like they just update the cache on any write, recursively, on all places affected.03:50
wgrantlifeless: They update the mtime all the way up the tree.03:50
wgrantlifeless: Cache contents never change for a given key.03:50
lifelesswgrant: sure, but that's just the mtime of the write03:50
wgrantThe key includes in the update time.03:50
poolieanyhow, so it's interesting that they have headed down the course lp was going to take ~2y ago, and that lp abandoned03:50
lifelesswgrant: doesn't imply table storage of said value03:51
poolieand, the opposite of lp's handlebars approach03:51
wgrantpoolie: Did you see the HN discussion?03:51
lifelesswgrant: or are you saying 'to find the cached entry they need a consistent mtime on all things' ?03:51
wgrantpoolie: It goes into stuff like this. Let me find it.03:51
wgrantlifeless: Right.03:51
wgrantlifeless: The invalidation mechanism is that the object's mtime changes.03:52
wgrantSo to change something 5 levels down, they need to write a new mtime on all 5 levels.03:52
wgrantpoolie: ^^03:53
pooliewgrant, so (perhaps hn answers this), i don't think you would necessarily have to have an mtime all the way up03:53
wgrantThere is a bit of an argument over whether forcing everything to be server-side like this is smart.03:53
pooliein the db03:53
wgrantSo, you could probably store the mtime in something more sensible.03:54
pooliefor instance if you change a bugtask in /ubuntu, you would need to invalidate any caches of bugs/ubuntu03:54
poolieit seems like the important thing is to have a pubsub-ish tree of "I changed!"03:54
wgrantAnd you only care about last-update-wins, so ACID is not useful.03:55
poolie<wgrant> There is a bit of an argument over whether forcing everything to be server-side like this is smart.03:56
poolieit's useful data that it can be made to work well03:56
pooliei guess they need the FE to be close to the users03:56
pooliebut perhaps no more so than for a more ajaxy approach, if they are doing few requests03:56
wgrantDHH goes into the latency aspects.03:57
lifelessthey are using ajax03:57
lifelessaccording to the HN thing, 50% of their code is coffeescript, or thereabouts03:57
wgrantJust over half-way down the HN comments.03:57
poolielifeless, well i said 'more ajaxy', don't you think this is a less ajaxy approach?04:00
poolieif you accept a definition of ajax that the x means data comes down as xml or json04:01
lifelessI think this is equivalently ajaxy; it does what lp does in large part (which is one of the things that is terrible about LP client side support)04:01
lifelesswe render on the server, ship html to the browser, the browser shoves it into the dom04:02
lifelesstheir big claim is less client-side /stuff/ - no MVC on the client, no template rendering on the client, so less surface area of e.g. browser variation to deal with04:03
pooliewhat i meant was http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=360473204:04
wgrantI don't think LP's template caching thing should be abandoned.04:09
wgrantIt was just applied in completely the wrong way.04:09
wgrantIt was used to make slow things fast.04:09
wgrantRather than fast things very fast.04:10
wgrantIt was used as a means to stop timeouts.04:10
wgrantI think it still has a place in LP.04:10
wgrantBut not for any of its current uses, except the blog caching thing.04:10
lifelessits causing plenty of complaints today :) - e.g. jono's why-is-the-list-of-projects-stale qeru from a few days back04:16
wgrantOh yes, as I said, the current implementation is fucking terrible.04:17
wgrantMust smash multitask bugs04:20
wgrantSlow branch vocab is slow04:20
pooliewgrant, i'm still shaving bzr yaks towards rebasing the bsondmp patch04:55
poolieand ubuntu bugs ftm04:56
wgrantpoolie: There's a mostly working rewrite branch that I used for that purpose last week.04:59
wgranttranslationstobranch and the gardener need a few good amputations :(05:06
pooliewgrant, https://code.launchpad.net/~mbp/launchpad/remove-bsondump2/+merge/93778 has the right userid now05:57
poolieany other comments?05:57
wgrant"good riddance"05:57
wgrantpoolie: Can you land it yourself?05:57
* wgrant touches Storm in inappropriate places.06:01
* StevenK attempts to resist the urge to /nick Storm06:02
wgrantAh, heh06:33
wgrantgarbo runs tasks in threads, so of course the default script feature controller isn't always visible.06:33
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stubwgrant: I think garbo's architecture would suite switching to multiprocess now that the new stdlib library is available.07:25
wgrantstub: Yeah, multiprocessing is pretty nice07:26
wgrantMight look at that once we're on 2.707:26
wgrantOh, it's in 2.6 too07:26
stubOh... was thinking it was 2.607:26
wgrantstub: https://code.launchpad.net/~wgrant/launchpad/garbo-feature-flags/+merge/93928 is a quick fix for now07:26
wgrantIt's one line of significant change, if you want to review...07:26
stubsure. not sure what it is fixing yet...07:27
wgrantFeature controllers are thread-local.07:27
wgrantgarbo calls login to set up an interaction in the fresh thread, but it also needs a feature controller now07:28
stubSo what is that constant for anyway? I'm not sure how we calculate bug heat any more.07:29
stub(r=stub btw)07:29
wgrantBug heat no longer degrades over time, so it doesn't need to be updated weekly, just on changes to the bug.07:30
wgrantBut we change the algorithm occasionally.07:30
wgrantSo I adjusted the garbo job to read a timestamp from a feature flag -- anything older than that flag is considered invalid and gets recalculated.07:30
stubSo the timestamp is for the last time we changed the algorithm. I see.07:30
stubI could argue that it gets hardcoded in the code somewhere rather than abusing feature flags, as it will change when the code changes.07:31
wgrantWe don't know when the code is deployed, though.07:31
stubYou don't need to know - pick a date a few days in the future and she'll be right.07:32
wgrantNot quite07:32
wgrantIt will then recalculate every bug every hour until then.07:32
wgrantWhich sounds less than ideal for bloat.07:32
stubBut it won't, as it will take a while to recalculate. Anyway... this has already been discussed I'm sure.07:32
wgrantAn alternative is a version column, but meeeh07:32
wgrantIt won't take long.07:32
wgrantYeah, lifeless suggested this approach.07:33
stubLooks like rather than feature flags, we need some generic shared runtime configuration. Feature flags could be built on that. Zookeeper almost meets the needs, but I'd rather not call Zookeeper from inside stored procedures.07:34
lifelessaren't feature flags generic, shared and at runtime ?07:35
stubYes, and if you renamed them you would have an implementation :)07:36
stubLike washing my dishes in a toilet. Technically, it is doable and done right no problems. But it is still called a toilet, and people still go euwww.07:37
stubWhat are we going to do about ProductSeries.name ? It is actually a version number, and should be using the debversion type.07:55
stubQuick fix and change the type with a dbpatch, or a correct fix and rename the column and change its type?07:55
stubBug #71866007:56
_mup_Bug #718660: Drop version_sort_key, changing columns to debversion type <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/718660 >07:56
stubI guess we can rename the column and keep 'name' around for compatibility, API clients etc.07:56
wgrantI'm not sure the rename is valuable.07:57
wgrantOr even correct.07:57
stubMainly thinking about maintaining API compatibility. I haven't played with it so not sure what the policies and such are.08:09
* wgrant feels dirty, but hopes for a review of https://code.launchpad.net/~wgrant/launchpad/bulk-insert/+merge/9393008:16
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lifelessstub: api compat - its fairly loosely typed08:33
lifelessstub: that would cast into a string for instance (or at least I'd hope it does ;P)08:33
stubIt will be a string from Python - I don't think we have a debversion type?08:36
StevenKWe do08:36
StevenKWe use it extensively in Soyuz08:36
wgrantBut versions are normally handled as strings.08:38
stubwgrant: Your bulk insert - shouldn't Storm do that optimization, using multi row insert if it has several objects of the same type to create in sequence?08:39
=== mthaddon` is now known as mthaddon
wgrantstub: Yeah, but there are questions around how that works with ordering guarantees.08:40
wgrantAnd I need this now, not in 6 months when the Storm devs have worked out what the guarantees are :)08:41
wgrantBug #41155608:41
_mup_Bug #411556: Storm should support multi-row inserts <Storm:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/411556 >08:41
wgrantSyntax also differs between DBMSes.08:41
stubwgrant: I don't see what the ordering problem is.08:43
stubwgrant: You have a list of things to flush. If you are about to do an INSERT, and the next item is also an INSERT of the same type, you do them together as one statement.08:44
wgrantThere are also issues around populating the primary keys.08:47
wgrantMySQL provides no way to do it AFAICT08:47
wgrantAnd I'm not sure if postgres guarantees order.08:47
stubNot sure who on the team can review branches poking Storm privates anymore - allanap or bac?08:47
wgrant(Storm relies on knowing the PK for each inserted object)08:47
wgrantThey're read-only storm privates, so they're mostly harmless :)08:48
stubYou would invoke the database multiinsert you are landing, or aarons executemany08:48
wgrantstub: But the RETURNING order is undefined.08:50
wgrantSo we can't map them back to the objects.08:50
stubReally? That seems somewhat silly :-(08:54
stubIts a PostgreSQL extension, so I assume it is defined as the same order of the rows you are inserting. It isn't explicitly documented, but the extension would have been added for exactly this use case.08:56
stub(Inserting a set of records, and you want to know what the DB set your NULLs to and how the triggers munged your data)08:57
wgrantI guess.08:58
* jelmer is still strugging with his scanner branch09:03
wgrantjelmer: What's up?09:04
adeuringgood morning09:04
jelmerwgrant: I'm trying to reproduce the timeout issue we've been seeing on qastaging but have failed so far09:06
wgrantjelmer: It's not just qastaging being terrible/09:07
wgrantjelmer: abentley is working on a scanner DB performance branch at present.09:07
jelmerI doubt it, we saw similar issues on production earlier (the incident)09:07
jelmerwgrant: oh, I didn't realize abentley was working on that bug now09:08
jelmerit was assigned to Graham for a while and then unassigned I think09:08
wgrantjelmer: He's batching the BranchRevision inserts AIUI09:08
jelmerI should talk to Aaron and make sure our changes don't conflict too badly09:08
wgrantstub: Also, about executemany, it seems it's implemented in psycopg2 as just a sequence of normal executes.09:09
wgrantstub: Which seems like it would have negligible benefit.09:10
stubIf it isn't doing anything with prepared statements, yer09:10
stubIt might be using prepared statements under the hood btw.09:12
wgrantIt didn't seem to be.09:12
* wgrant rechecks.09:12
stubIf it is interpolating its own variables into the query string, it isn't.09:13
stubIf the query string and parameters are being sent to libpq separately, it might :)09:13
wgrant524 looks pretty suspicious.09:15
wgrantIt parses the args into 'operation', then passes that straight into execute.09:16
stubThat is really ugly Python09:16
stubIt isn't doing interpolation there... if it is happening, it is down in _psyco_curs_execute09:20
stubMight be write on multi value insert returning rows in an arbitrary order :-(09:27
wgrantstub: I didn't have any evidence either way, apart from the docs not specifying it and it seeming too good to be true.09:29
wgrantstub: Have you already created those indices?09:43
stubwgrant: No. Was waiting for the backups to complete before suggesting09:44
wgrantFinished early tonight.09:45
wgrantActually, it's been quick for the last week09:45
stubwgrant: So https://code.launchpad.net/~wgrant/launchpad/more-indices/+merge/93916 ?09:56
wgrantstub: Yup09:57
stubk. I'll apply that now.09:57
lcanashey guys, good morning from Madrid10:00
lcanasone question about launchpadlib, how can I get the complete list of bugs for a given project? As far as I saw I have to get all the bugs and examine them one by one .. I'm pretty sure I'm missing something10:01
wgrantlcanas: lp.projects['fooproject'].searchTasks()10:01
lcanaswgrant, oh! great! thank you :D10:05
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ESphynxhey guys, why do my daily builds show up as successful, yet I get these also what is up with 'ERROR: ld.so: object 'libfakeroot-sysv.so' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded: ignored.' errors?12:05
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deryckMorning, everyone.14:07
jelmerhey Deryck14:07
ESphynx'morning deryck :)14:10
ESphynxhey guys, what's with the 'You have not informed bzr of your Launchpad ID, and you must do this to...' ?14:24
deryckabentley, adeuring -- https://plus.google.com/hangouts/extras/talk.google.com/orange-standup14:32
ESphynx   Remove the following packages:14:33
ESphynx1)     pbuilder-satisfydepends-dummy ?14:33
czajkowskiESphynx: copying and pasting the same question into multiple channels is not necesary, when someone can answer it they will.14:34
ESphynxczajkowski sorry I thought you were telling me I should ask here as well :P14:35
czajkowskiESphynx: not at the same time, pick one place perhaps :)14:35
ESphynxwell it all depends whether the same people are in both places or not ;P14:35
ESphynxi'm trying to move ia32-libs ahead :|14:36
rick_h https://launchpad.net/lpjsmin14:41
nigelbman, someone should tel stub his part message probably needs some cleaning/fixing.14:44
rick_hadeuring: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/modern-package-template as well, <314:46
adeuringrick_h: thanks!14:46
rick_hderyck: https://dev.launchpad.net/JavaScriptIntegrationTesting?highlight=%28yuixhr%29 looks like what you were talking about?14:50
deryckrick_h, indeed.  Was having a hard time finding it myself.14:50
deryckrick_h, didn't think to try the wiki. :)14:50
rick_hderyck: ok cool, will go from there. Thanks for the heads up.14:50
deryckrick_h, np.  Thanks for handling it.14:51
salgadosinzui, can you land https://code.launchpad.net/~salgado/launchpad/bug-937310/+merge/93987 for me?15:14
sinzuiYes I can15:14
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ESphynx <tumbleweed> launchpad doesn't use pbuilder -- meh ?15:35
czajkowskisinzui: aloha there! thanks for the mail over the weekend15:53
sinzuiyouy welcome15:53
czajkowskisinzui: worked my way through the review projects and manged ok15:53
czajkowskithere are 11 there am which I am sunsure of15:53
czajkowskiand didnt want to just ack them15:53
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sinzuiczajkowski, I ran this : ./disable_projects.py ielix campus vinfolio ptchiang+test16:05
sinzuiczajkowski, I am deactivating the three ~registry projects16:06
czajkowskinods those were the ones I wasn't sure about16:06
sinzuiThis one needs a fix first https://launchpad.net/madrasah16:06
sinzuimadrasah is not the upstream for edubuntu-live. We need to remove the package link to deactivate it.16:07
czajkowskiyes they had picked too many liciences16:07
sinzuiThe licenses are fine16:07
sinzuiAnything like a distro will have them all16:07
sinzuiczajkowski,  I followed the All packages link from the project page to find https://launchpad.net/madrasah/+packages16:08
sinzuiWe want to remove the package, then this will be an empty, meaningless project that we will deactivate16:09
sinzuiand I have done that16:09
sinzuiThe four remaining projects can be approved16:09
czajkowskisinzui: thanks16:10
czajkowskiglad I checked with you16:10
rick_hderyck: so just a heads up, added a card to see about updating the yui xhr tests to be combo loader friendly. Not sure the best way to do that off the top of my head yet.16:13
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salgadoflacoste, around? when you moved me to ~launchpad-emeritus I ceased being a member of https://launchpad.net/~launchpad-dev and because of that lost my subscription to launchpad-dev@17:47
salgadowhat's the correct way to get me subscribed again? do I need to join https://launchpad.net/~launchpad-dev?17:47
lifelesssalgado: just join it, its an open list17:50
lifeless-> no privileges are granted by membership in it :>17:51
salgadooh, right, missed that17:52
salgadolifeless, btw, I've sent a mail a few hours ago so it's probably stuck waiting for moderation. care to let it through?17:52
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salgadolifeless, you don't want to let my message through? ;)19:02
lifelesssalgado: haven't seen it - I'm doing my morning mail scan19:07
lifelesssalgado: plus giving czajkowski a hand19:07
czajkowskisalgado: I dont see you mail in the queue either19:09
salgadolifeless, oh, ok, thought you didn't see my previous msg19:09
salgadohm, maybe it's dropped if I'm not subscribed to the list19:09
salgadobut I should have good "standing", no?  do we still have the concept of good standing in LP?19:10
jcsackettsinzui: got a second to mumble?19:10
lifelesssalgado: I think so :)19:11
sinzuijcsackett, I can mumble. X just gave me some problems, but I think I am stable again19:42
jcsackettsinzui: cool.19:42
lifelesssalgado: I can't see the moderate mail for you19:44
lifelesssalgado: I have no idea why not. I suspect a bug due to your odd state.19:44
sinzuijcsackett, http://people.canonical.com/~ianb/picker-demo.ogv19:44
lifelesssinzui may know.19:44
salgadolifeless, my odd state?19:44
lifelesssalgado: you didn't leave the team directly19:44
sinzuisalgado, yes we have standing19:45
sinzuiWe can make you excellent so that you can post to any list19:45
sinzuisalgado, you have excellent standing now19:46
salgadosinzui, heh, no need to worry; was just wondering because a message sent to launchpad-dev@ while I was not subscribed seems to have been discarded19:46
salgadooh, well, thanks19:46
sinzuisalgado, I see messages I moderate arrive. Maybe out list is ours/days behind again19:47
salgadosinzui, I resent it and it's arrived already, so I think that's unlikely?19:48
sinzuiI agree19:49
lifelessright, the lack of moderation notice is what was odd19:52
lifelessI'm thinking its because of a glitch in that you didn't 'leave' the team - you had indirect membership. I am probably wrong.19:52
lifelesssinzui: speaking of IE9 93772219:55
lifelesssinzui: speaking of IE9 - bug 93772219:55
_mup_Bug #937722: error loading Inkscape page on IE9 <bugs> <ie> <javascript> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/937722 >19:55
lifelesssinzui: I'd like to get your thoughts on IE* + js compat.19:55
lifelesssinzui: and chrome frame. Do you have time to talk (voice) today ?19:56
sinzuiin a few minutes19:56
rick_hlifeless: that looks like a dupe of bug 894797, should be pretty simple fix for that one at least20:03
_mup_Bug #894797: bug portlet ajax calls break in IE and break js for other features <bugs> <ie> <javascript> <markup> <ui> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/894797 >20:03
rick_hthough not sure since that ie9 and my test/bug was ie8 I believe20:04
lifelessrick_h: sure, its more the overall challenge we're setting ourselves I'm interested in20:05
rick_hlifeless: gotcha, ok.20:05
lifelessrick_h: (I mean, please do dupe it :P)20:05
rick_hwell, I'm not 100% sure, it's a different error string it looks like20:06
lifelessrick_h: do you have any thoughts; is supporting IE9 harder than running parallel form implementations for all of LP ?20:06
* rick_h is trying to follow the screenshot vs error message20:06
rick_hno, supporting IE9 isn't a huge issue. There's really just a couple of things we hit like this portlet stuff20:06
rick_hwhich should never have happened anyway20:06
rick_hthe big thing is that as we get more client side and worry about the html5 history things that's currently causing issues for IE and opera20:07
rick_hthat's a larger chunk of work, but still think that should be done20:07
lifelesswhat do you think of chrome frame ?20:07
rick_hI've never used it, and not sure it's always available as an option.20:07
rick_hshould be good/nice, but then again it's kind of like tossing a towel over some issues and allowing things to be a bit lazier in a way.20:08
lifelessyou're thinking locked down corporate w/activeX white-listing ?20:08
rick_hlifeless: yea, I know you can install it sans-root now, but still not tested to see if it's availin all situtations20:08
rick_hplus just the whole default non-technical user experience of first time ubuntu users/etc20:09
rick_hthat might not have chrome frame in their heads anyway20:09
lifelessI don't think users really see it do they ?20:09
rick_hthere's a certain amount of just 'good practice' that I feel falls away20:09
lifelessits just a signed control, then the whole browser engine is handed over20:09
rick_hlifeless: no, I just mean that they don't know to go find frame and install it20:09
lifelessrick_h: they don't have to20:10
lifelessoh hmm20:10
lifelessI *thought* you didn't have to but perhaps recent IE makes it a separate step20:10
rick_hmy understanding is that they did?20:10
rick_hright, you can hint to them to go install it20:10
rick_hbut it's a local change to the client's browser20:10
rick_hIf Google Chrome Frame is not installed, you can direct your users to an installation page.20:11
rick_hIf Google Chrome Frame is installed, it detects the tag you added and works automatically.20:11
sinzuilifeless, sorry. X/Xinit is dying and not restoring.20:11
lifelesssinzui: \o/20:11
lifelesssinzui: I swear, you have a magic magnet20:12
sinzuiI am going to restart to hope I get 6 hours of stability.20:12
rick_hlifeless: yea, so this link you sent loads up the "install chrome frame" bit in a modal popup served via them (iframe?) and then once the install is done it can try to reload your page or another page20:13
lifelessI see that now :)20:14
lifelessI was sadly hopeful for magic20:14
rick_hyea, it's magic once you get past the install parts, but that's a big step20:14
rick_hcomparing UA in GA it looks like nearly 10% of users don't get the buglisting history stuff20:16
rick_hheh, and 3% of FF users are still 3.6 which doesn't either ugh. Not bad though I guess, that 96% of FF users are 7.0 or greater20:18
sinzuilifeless, I can talk now. Which technology...preferably something I can use my phone with. skype or hangout20:30
lifelessskype is easy20:30
sinzuiI am on skype20:32
wallyworldthumper: your +recipes change is merged and in buildbot now. will be deployed tomorrow at the latest20:34
rick_hlifeless: if you get a sec can you ok this: https://code.launchpad.net/~rharding/lp-source-dependencies/add_lpjsmin/+merge/94051 ? As part of the moving the js min into a package in pypi as we discussed20:37
lifelessrick_h: we don't review changes to lp-source-deps, just commit :)20:42
rick_hlifeless: ok, wasn't sure if I needed sign off based on the comments in buildout.cfg there20:43
lifelessrick_h: you may need a review of the change in LP to use it20:45
lifelessrick_h: or it may be up to you, based on the OptionalReviews policy20:45
rick_hlifeless: yea, I'll definitely have that20:45
rick_hI'll probably even ask StevenK to do it since it's around stuff he's done recently and he'll kick me into place best :)20:46
rick_hStevenK: so yea, when you're around can you peek at this and make sure it's ok? I've updated the lp-source-deps repo with the two new packages. https://code.launchpad.net/~rharding/launchpad/use_lpjsmin/+merge/9405421:00
thumperwallyworld: so, backrub?21:32
sinzuibackrub? I didn't know this was the channel to get some man-on-man action21:34
james_wcan anyone see the link to download the file on http://pypi.python.org/pypi/oops_amqp ?21:36
lifelesssinzui: you call them men ? :P21:36
lifelessjames_w: its missing, possibly wallyworld did something unusual21:36
lifelesswallyworld: when yo udid the release what exact command did you run ?21:37
wallyworldthumper: ok. you bring the oil21:41
wallyworldlifeless: i can't recall exactly. something like "setup.py sdist upload --sign"21:42
wallyworldsinzui: thumper had to bribe me to get that +recipes fix done :-)21:42
sinzuiwallyworld, You mustn't manage many. I would have done that for free so that I could stop looking through my browser history21:43
wallyworldsinzui: i would also have done it anyway "for free". i was joking about the bribe21:44
sinzuiwallyworld, I know you well enough to see the joke21:44
lifelesswallyworld: that should have done it, but th efile is missing21:45
lifelesswallyworld: if you login and go to the files view for it, you can upload it now ;)21:45
wallyworldlifeless: will do. not sure what happened21:45
lifelessme neither21:45
* sinzui takes a break to listen to Sonic Youth on rte 2fm21:45
lifelesswallyworld: doing 'setup register' would have updated the metadata but not uploaded the file21:46
wallyworldlifeless: i did that also21:46
lifelesswallyworld: ah; and let me guess, you ran that second ?21:48
wallyworldlifeless: perhaps, not sure21:48
lifelessonly register once21:48
lifelesswhen claiming the name, after that sdist upload -s will update the metadata *and* attach the file21:49
wallyworldthat makes sense. i thought i ran the upload last, but not sure now21:50
james_whttps://dev.launchpad.net/HackingLazrLibraries#releases is wrong then21:51
james_wor is right but expects the tarball to be uploaded to LP and to be picked up from there21:51
wallyworldjames_w: file uploaded. can you see if you can access it?21:51
james_wthanks wallyworld21:51
wallyworldsorry about the stuff up21:51
james_wand it's in the ppa21:55
* james_w moves on to patch datedir-repo21:55
wgrantlifeless: Chrome frame is pretty pointless now21:58
wgrantlifeless: IE8 and 9 are sufficiently unterrible now that it is simply embarrassing to not support them reasonably.21:59
lifelesswgrant: indeed; see my reply to curtis21:59
wgrantDidn't actually read the conversation, just saw a mention of /chrome frame/i and decided you were insane.21:59
lifelessI'm so glad you're making informed judgements now22:01
wgrantBut our browser support policy seems stuck in 200822:01
sinzuiwgrant, stuck in 2008? I was surprise Lp supported IE 6 when I joined in 200722:04
wgrantsinzui: Sorry, stuck in the common world of 2008.22:05
wgrantWhere people had given up on IE622:05
wgrantBut now treated IE8 with less disdain.22:05
StevenKrick_h: Beh?22:07
sinzuijcsackett, mumble?22:08
rick_hStevenK: I can't translate beh22:09
StevenKrick_h: What do you need me to do?22:10
rick_hStevenK: just wondered if you can review that branch for me. You've done so much of the combo dir and such that you're best to sanity check I've caught all the places and the buidlout/etc should go together right?22:10
StevenKThe source-deps change?22:11
rick_hStevenK: the lp branch for using lpjsmin (that depends on the source deps change)22:12
lifelessStevenK: whats the thing to setup combo ?22:22
lifeless(in an existing environment)22:22
StevenKlifeless: You should read the mail I sent about it22:22
lifelessStevenK: I should, but you're closer.22:23
StevenKlifeless: I am on the stand-up, so the mail will be quicker22:23
rick_hlifeless: make copy-apache-config install libapache2-mod-wsgi, and make jsbuild22:28
rick_hand set the FF22:28
rick_hok, nvm then. I'm recalling incorrectly22:29
rick_hok, so make and not make jsbuild: https://pastebin.canonical.com/60685/22:30
StevenKAnd libapache2-mod-wsgi is not a make target22:31
StevenKAnd you need root for the first make22:31
rick_hsorry, that was a missing comma22:31
rick_hmy bad, long day typo, please forgive :)22:31
rick_hok, well lifeless there's the email in the pastebin. Sorry for leading astray.22:32
lifelesstouch /var/tmp/bazaar.launchpad.dev/rewrite.log22:32
lifelesschmod 777 /var/tmp/bazaar.launchpad.dev/rewrite.log22:32
lifelesschmod: changing permissions of `/var/tmp/bazaar.launchpad.dev/rewrite.log': Operation not permitted22:32
StevenKRemove it22:34
lifelessStevenK: oh, I figured that was a bug so guarded it in the makefile22:36
lifelessStevenK: if [ -d /srv/launchpad.dev ]; then \22:38
lifeless                ln -sfn /home/robertc/source/launchpad/lp-branches/working/build/js /srv/launchpad.dev/convoy; \22:38
lifeless        fi22:38
lifelessln: creating symbolic link `/srv/launchpad.dev/convoy': Permission denied22:38
StevenKfor j in be the for we will of ; do for i in $(bzr grep -l " $j $j ") ; do sed -e "s/\( $j \)$j /\1/" < $i | sponge $i ; done ; done22:40
StevenKlifeless: /srv/launchpad.dev would have been created as root and then chowned to $SUDO_USER22:40
StevenKThat was for sinzui's benefit22:41
lifelessls -l /srv/launchpad.dev/ -d22:41
lifelessdrwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 2012-02-21 22:31 /srv/launchpad.dev/22:41
lifelessecho $SUDO_USER22:42
StevenKOh, sorry, $SUDO_UID22:42
lifelessecho $SUDO_UID22:43
StevenKIt's an existing pattern in the Makefile22:43
lifelessthat is, I'm ssh'd into my lxc container, I'm not root22:43
lifelesssudo should have no reason to be confused22:43
lifelessStevenK: so what should exist and what should it look like22:43
StevenKlifeless: It should be owned by your user22:44
lifelessok, no errors now22:45
StevenKsinzui: https://code.launchpad.net/~stevenk/launchpad/double-word-death/+merge/9406522:51
lifelessahahahahahahahaahahahah http://www.rabbitmq.com/memory.html22:59
lifelessand this is why appservers hung after rabbit saturated22:59
sinzuiStevenK, while yuou are fixing spelling...https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/93157523:03
_mup_Bug #931575: typo "There is no package name blah". <trivial> <ui> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/931575 >23:03
wgrantlifeless: You didn't actually approve.23:30
wgrantlifeless: It seems that mortals can't see the Ubuntu subscribe link still.23:38
* wgrant links to the page directly.23:38
wgrantThe form on +subscriptions doesn't have a team selector.23:39
* wgrant gives up.23:40

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