metasansanalaunchpad only keeps track of bugs for software in the repos and software center?02:14
lifelessmetasansana: no02:23
metasansanalifeless: so lets say I downloaded a deb file and it keeps crashing on 11.1002:24
metasansanashould I go the direction of launchpad or the vendor?02:24
lifelessfrom where02:24
lifelesswell, generally, the vendor; who may use Launchpad, or may use their own bug tracking system.02:25
lifelessLaunchpad hosts bug trackers for many many vendors02:25
metasansanaI never thought bug reporting could be this much of a pain02:27
lifelesswhat's the problem ?02:29
lifelessI mean, what is the pain ?02:29
metasansanaThese procedures and different approaches confuse me02:31
lifelessso you got a deb from somewhere - where did you get it from ? (A url, not the vendor name)02:31
lifelessindeed, they don't offer much assistance02:33
lifelessthey don't use LP - https://bugs.launchpad.net/mysql-workbench02:33
lifelessso, basically, I'd pop into #mysql and ask there, hopefully someone will know02:33
metasansanaWell I just realized the latest version is for 11.0402:34
lifelessperhaps they don't want to hear from users ;>02:34
metasansanathanks lifeless02:34
paultagdid someone switch off lat/lon from Launchpad since I wrote that blog post on it?03:18
paultagI just re-ran a script and it is just getting Nones now03:19
lifelesspaultag: yes, they just did03:21
paultagoh ffs03:21
lifelesswhat blog post ?03:21
paultaglifeless: http://blog.pault.ag/post/17036484637/mapping-the-ubuntu-community03:21
paultaglifeless: it was on planet.ubuntu a few days ago03:21
lifelesshah, timing03:22
paultagI bet it was because I used it. God, that suck03:22
paultaglifeless: it's still un-deprecated on the API docs03:22
paultaglifeless: might want to update that :)03:22
lifelessthey should update soon03:22
paultagsuper annoying, sad to see it go03:22
lifelessso, the reason it was removed was part of simplifying LP; most folk didn't set their location, we didn't have map data anymore, and its really not a core feature03:23
paultagyeah, I figured03:23
paultagwhat a shame03:23
lifelessits not deeply gone though, so you could write to the launchpad-dev list and discuss bringing it back (and maintaining it...)03:23
paultaglifeless: nah, I've been up in Debian for the last cycle and a half, I'm not getting sucked into more work ;)03:24
paultagit's alright, not the end of the world03:24
lifelessdefinitely not due to your blog post03:24
paultagsomeone emailed me asking how to do it, and when testing my script again, it was None'ing :)03:24
paultaglifeless: yeah, I know :)03:24
paultagmostly a joke03:24
lifelesswe looked, and only, uhm, 50 hits or something on that data in the last months03:24
paultaglifeless: I'm willing to bet that was all me03:24
paultaganyway, not the end of the world03:25
paultagthanks for the quick RE, lifeless :)03:25
lifelessno worries03:25
wgrantpaultag: It's been deprecated since we removed maps ages ago, and it's been impossible to set it since then. So it's just been rotting, and we finally removed access to it a couple of hours ago.03:27
paultagwgrant: damn, what timing03:27
paultagwgrant: yeah, I knew it was RO, but meh :)03:27
ricotzhello :), there is a problem building libreoffice 3.5.0 in a ppa, the chroot is running out of space at least for the amd64 build -- what is the current chroot size? and is there a way to increase it? https://launchpad.net/~ricotz/+archive/ppa/+sourcepub/2264904/+listing-archive-extra08:17
wgrantricotz: The i386 build says it used 21GB08:19
wgrantThat seems pretty excessive :)08:19
ricotzwgrant, hi, yeah :\ -- how much did this one took? https://launchpad.net/~libreoffice/+archive/ppa/+sourcepub/2241552/+listing-archive-extra08:19
wgrant"Build needed 04:58:10, 15615524k disk space"08:20
wgrantThat was amd6408:21
wgranti386 was Build needed 04:50:02, 13054760k disk space08:21
wgrantSo the new one is significantly larger.08:22
ricotzi see, since the translation build is done by the main package again, it increased a lot08:22
ricotzso i guess the current limit is something like 25GB?08:23
ricotzwgrant, is there a way to restart the amd64 build with an increased chroot size?08:24
ricotz( this one https://launchpad.net/~ricotz/+archive/ppa/+build/3225792 )08:29
wgrantricotz: It's possible that some builders have a larger virtual filesystem, but I'm not quite sure.08:38
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ricotzwgrant, i see -- this build should give one the needed size. https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libreoffice/1:3.5.0-1ubuntu1/+build/322614108:42
wgrantricotz: You can check the size at the bottom of the build log.08:43
wgrant30GB :/08:43
ricotzah, good to know08:43
ricotzthat's pretty big then08:43
wgrantYup :(08:43
ricotzdo you know what the size of https://launchpad.net/builders/louvi is?08:44
ricotzif it isnt 30GB+ it will probably fail08:45
micahgis there a workaround for ssh being blocked for pushing branches to LP (#ubuntu-devel)08:55
jelmerhi micahg08:56
jelmermicahg: not really, as far as I know08:56
micahghi jelmer08:56
jelmerbzr supports pushing over https, but that's not enabled on Launchpad08:56
micahgI would think this might be a common use case08:57
jelmeran alternative is to retrieve the branch using http/https and contribute back changes as bundles by email08:57
jelmer("bzr send --mail-to=...")08:57
jelmerthough it would be nice to enable write support over https, indeed..08:57
jelmergood morning mrevell09:00
wgrantjelmer: Do bundles work with 2a nowadays?09:00
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jelmerwgrant: yes, they have for quite some time09:00
uiuiui32How can I request a package to be added to launchpad?09:00
jelmerwgrant: though they're the only things still using XML, something I'd like to get rid of09:00
jelmeruiuiui32: it depends a bit on what you mean by "to be added to launchpad"09:01
uiuiui32jelmer: I just created an Open Source app.09:01
uiuiui32The code is on Github.09:01
uiuiui32I shall soon be packaging it for Ubuntu.09:01
uiuiui32I was wondering how I can request if it can be listed on launchpad.09:02
uiuiui32Is there a review process? I couldn't find it.09:02
czajkowskimorning all09:02
wgrantuiuiui32: You probably want #ubuntu-motu.09:02
jelmeruiuiui32: if you just want to make it available from Launchpad, you can create a PPA and add your package there09:02
uiuiui32OK. Thanks.09:03
jelmerhi czajkowski09:03
mrevellHello hello09:03
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ESphynxhey guys... should a packaging branch contain 'only' packaging?10:43
czajkowskiESphynx: ~ubuntu-branches/ which is where uploads get imported to contain /everything/10:49
czajkowskitransations should get imported to a seperate bracnh. then developers can merge the translations in when they need to refresh10:50
ESphynxczajkowski: hmm but ecere ain't in Ubuntu yet :P10:53
micahgESphynx: that's up to whoever owns the branch10:53
ESphynxhmm.. there's no way to import another branch than master for git? :|11:00
jelmerESphynx: there is11:02
jelmerESphynx: e.g. "git://git.samba.org/jelmer/dulwich.git,branch=somename"11:02
ESphynxoh, thought it said 'work was underway'11:03
ESphynxthanks jelmer11:03
jelmerESphynx: where did it say that?11:04
jelmerthat support is fairly recent, we might still have outdated docs somewhere11:04
jelmerehlo Laney11:04
Laneycan I restrict bug listings (i.e. https://bugs.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-release) to only show me bugs in Ubuntu packages?11:04
ESphynxjelmer in https://help.launchpad.net/VcsImports11:04
jelmerESphynx: thanks! I'll update that page11:05
ESphynxalso on +new-import11:05
ESphynxThe URL of the git repository. The HEAD branch will be imported.11:05
ESphynx"The URL of the git repository. The HEAD branch will be imported, or ",branch="  to specify a different branch" would be nice =)11:06
czajkowskiLaney: I dont think so, i've changed some of the filters  but noe say by specific pacakges11:06
Laneyyeah I can't see an option11:06
wgrantLaney: You can search by subscriber under https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?advanced=111:06
czajkowskiLaney: you could remove other filters and just leave packages/project.series name11:07
Laneywgrant: of course!11:07
* jelmer wished https://bugs.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-release/ubuntu worked11:07
jelmerit's kindof nice how this is done for branches11:07
LaneyI kept wanting the Order by thingies near the top there to allow me to filter too11:07
wgrantjelmer: Does ,branch= not work for HTTP? I registered https://code.launchpad.net/~registry/cassandra/0.8 over the weekend, but it doesn't work.11:08
wgrantIIRC it works fine locally.11:08
wgrantLaney: Indeed, that would make a lot of sense.11:08
jelmerwgrant: the version of bzr-git on launchpad might not handle it well yet11:08
jelmerwgrant: it seems to work ok here locally too11:08
wgrantThat's what I suspected. Thanks.11:09
ESphynxhmm guys...11:54
ESphynxthese recipes things... where do I specify a platform?11:54
czajkowskiESphynx: a lot of the info you need is in https://dev.launchpad.net/Translations11:55
ESphynxczajkowski: i'm not talking about translations anymore today, i'm talking about builds :P11:59
ESphynxalso what is up with 'ERROR: ld.so: object 'libfakeroot-sysv.so' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded: ignored.'12:00
czajkowskiESphynx: perhaps launchpad-dev might be more helpful12:03
ESphynxk, thanks12:05
StevenKESphynx: recipes build into a source package. Which specifies were it will build.12:05
StevenKSo it's a two step, automatic process12:05
ESphynxStevenK: So I need 2 recipes? to build the package as 64 bit?12:06
ESphynxi.e. one 32 and one 64 ?12:06
StevenKESphynx: If the same code will build on both, no. Your debian/control needs to specify Architecture: any12:07
wgrantA recipe builds for one or more series.12:08
wgrantIt then uploads the source package to those series.12:08
wgrantAnd then binary builds are created as with a normal source package.12:08
ESphynxthe same code 'will' build on both, the only differences is the required pacakges names (they actually build 32on64... so i need things like ia32-libs etc.)12:09
wgrantWhy not use multiarch?12:10
wgrantNon-hack replacement for ia32-libs12:10
wgrantYou can now install i386 and amd64 libraries on the same machine.12:11
ESphynxfirst time I hear about it.12:11
ESphynxsounds smart.12:11
ESphynxhow new is this?12:11
StevenKUmmmm, it landed in Oneiric, I think12:11
wgrantOneiric, indeed.12:11
ESphynxall these new names sound strange. guess I haven't checked ubuntu in a while :P12:12
wgrantOneiric is Ubuntu 11.1012:12
ESphynxah... how far away is 12?12:12
StevenK12.04 is due in April12:12
ESphynxI heard bad things about 1112:12
StevenK11.10 is quite nice12:12
ESphynx12.04 is precise?12:12
ESphynxLTS ?12:13
StevenKIt will be an LTS, yes.12:13
ESphynxgood. I'll install that one :)12:13
ESphynxUbuntu was very unstable on my machine :| now I have a new i7 :) hope things will be stable12:13
ESphynxthe whole system froze every 5 min...12:13
ESphynxabout multiarch... what about the .install files for my libraries ? e.g. right now I have usr/lib/libecere.so* vs usr/lib32/libecere.so*12:22
wgrantESphynx: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MultiarchSpec12:25
wgrantAs detailed on that page you should probably install to /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu12:25
ESphynxguess I should keep supporting the non-Multiarch system for Ubuntu 10 right :|12:26
ESphynxi'll add multiarch support later12:27
wgrantThere's no such thing as Ubuntu 10, 11, or 12. There are two releases per year, in April (the 4th month) and October (the 10th month), so 10.04, 10.10, etc.12:29
ESphynxby 10 I was referring to 10.04 and 10.10 :P12:30
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ESphynxhttps://launchpadlibrarian.net/93555175/buildlog.txt.gz --> guys what are these errors about13:55
ESphynxYou have not informed bzr of your Launchpad ID, and you must do this to13:55
argesHello. Was the date format for launchpad changed recently?14:28
czajkowskiarges: where specifically ?14:32
argesczajkowski, when i get data using launchpadlib14:32
argesczajkowski, for example date_last_updated: "2012-02-21T12:52:56.912365+00:00"14:33
argesthis is how it look stoday14:33
argesczajkowski, before it looked like this: "date_last_updated": "Tuesday, 20. December 2011 08:22 UTC"14:33
ESphynx   Remove the following packages:  1)     pbuilder-satisfydepends-dummy ?14:33
czajkowskiarges: I dont think so but just let me see ok14:34
james_warges, czajkowski: https://bugs.launchpad.net/wadllib/+bug/92424014:36
ubot5Ubuntu bug 924240 in python-wadllib (Ubuntu) "datetime interpretation changed" [Critical,Triaged]14:36
czajkowskijames_w: thanks14:36
czajkowskijames_w: so not changed more of a glitch.14:36
james_wyeah, not an intentional change14:37
argesjames_w, so is the plan to change it back to the original format or should i start re-writing my scripts?14:37
james_wI don't know14:37
james_wI would assume it would be changed back14:37
argesjames_w, any idea when this bug will be fixed? need to know if I should change my scripts to adapt to this new date format temporarily15:07
czajkowskiarges: I've asked elsewhere and waiting to get back to you15:08
argesczajkowski, thanks!15:08
ESphynxEvilResistance> since recipes only build on 32bit -- is this so?15:39
EvilResistancetumbleweed knows what he's talking about15:39
EvilResistanceand i have tested building my 64bit progs in recipes and its failed15:40
ESphynxno kidding.15:40
EvilResistancehaving said this, is 64bit recipe support in the works?15:40
dpmhi all, could a losa help me with an issue affecting language packs? It seems that the language pack exports for precies stopped being created on Feb 9th. We need to generate a full langpack this Thursday in preparation for beta-1. Could someone please have a look at it? - https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+language-packs16:07
thedacdpm: that should run as a cron script, correct?16:08
dpmthedac, exactly. There is some more info there: https://dev.launchpad.net/Translations/LanguagePackSchedule16:09
thedacdpm: ok, I will look into it16:09
dpmexcellent, thanks thedac :)16:12
thedacdpm: I am running this manually right now: /srv/launchpad.net/production/launchpad/cronscripts/language-pack-exporter.py ubuntu precise --force-utf8-encoding -q --log-file=INFO:/srv/launchpad.net/production-logs/rosetta/language-pack-exporter.log16:16
dpmthanks thedac - will this generate a full language pack export, as per the 'Request a full language pack export' checkbox on https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+language-packs ?16:21
thedacdpm: from the log: 2012-02-21 16:15:53 INFO    Got a request to do a full language pack export.16:22
dpmthedac, cool, thanks for confirming. Ah, thinking about it, I think this cron job is going to fail - IIRC full exports take from 16-24 h to complete, and starting it now means that it will hit the database disconnect tomorrow morning and it will fail. At least it was like this last time I checked, that's why we had to move the cron jobs to start after the DB disconnect16:27
thedacdpm: ok, I can cancel this it is scheduled as normal then16:28
dpmthedac, I'm not sure, whatever is most helpful to debug the issue and to get a full langpack by Thursday. Perhaps requesting a delta langpack first, as it completes quicker, and then a full one?16:38
thedacdpm: that makes the most sense to me.16:39
dpmthedac, cool, thanks. Would you mind keeping me up to date on the progress?16:43
thedacdpm: do we need to run the delta manually or wait for regularly schedule cron?16:44
dpmthedac, I'm not sure how long a delta takes to complete, but if it takes significantly less than the full one, and thus it's finished before tomorrow's db disconnect, I believe it could be started now. I think it's possible to find out how long previous delta exports took from the LP graphs, but I can't remember where (IIRC jtv or flacoste pointed me to it a while ago)16:47
thedacflacoste: can you comment? ^^^16:48
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Renegade15good day17:08
Renegade15I'm having a weird issue with tags...the AJAX request returns Bad Request/Error 400; is this a known issue?17:08
czajkowskiRenegade15: what bug and what tags are you trying to add17:10
ubot5Ubuntu bug 937938 in Ares "Invisible MCV" [Low,Triaged]17:11
Renegade15the intended tags are in my comment17:11
czajkowskiRenegade15: refresh the page I can add tags17:13
czajkowskijut not sure the tags you want to add are being recognised as being suitable tags17:14
Renegade15I tried refreshing multiple times, both via refresh as well as through navigating to the history and back17:14
Renegade15which tag would be considered unsuitable?17:14
czajkowskiMCV quirk17:15
Renegade15those are two tags17:15
czajkowskidoenst like ti17:15
czajkowskiRenegade15: also can you remove the not so nice word on the comment please no need for that17:16
Renegade15bah, don't tell me the silly thing doesn't auto-lowercase the tag? -_-17:16
flacostethedac, dpm: i have no idea how long a full delta taks17:16
flacostethedac, dpm: we could also just not do a FDT tomorrow, is there one scheduled anyway?17:16
Renegade15alright, that's positively ridiculous and I'm filing a bug for that17:17
flacostethedac, dpm: i don't know where the graphs is hidden either, i can look for it later though17:17
Renegade15czajkowski: Thanks for your help17:17
thedacflacoste: let me check if an FDT is scheduled17:17
czajkowskiRenegade15: np, but try adn refrain from swearing in bugs, makes people less likely to help you17:17
Renegade15so far, I have heard no complaints about the lp bugs I filed17:18
thedacflacoste: nothing is currently on the production status page. This might be the best way to make sure it finishes17:20
thedacflacoste: dpm: should we run a delta or a full then?17:20
flacostethedac: i think dpm wants a full17:20
flacosteso let's run a full17:21
flacosteand note on LPS not to do a FDT until Thurs17:21
flacosteor the full is completed17:21
thedacflacoste: dpm: ok a full is underway. I have a note on production status to wait on FDTs until this is complete17:27
dpmthanks thedac and flacoste, that's perfect17:32
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ESphynxguys could you please help me out with my rules file?18:16
ESphynxI get an error on line 13... the 3rd cp18:16
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* mgedmin sighs19:11
lifelessmgedmin: ?19:24
mgedminfor some reason dealing with merge requests on launchpad feels like a chore19:24
mgedminwhile dealing with them on github feels like fun19:24
mgedminbut I cannot articulate why :(19:24
lifelessanything stand out as a reason ?19:24
mgedminmaybe it's this:19:25
mgedminI get an email19:25
sorenI feel the exact opposite.19:25
mgedminI see a link in the email19:25
mgedminI click on the link19:25
mgedminI see a page full of info I'm mostly not interested in19:25
mgedminI have to hunt a bit to see the diff19:25
mgedminthen I have to think what I need to do to actually merge it19:25
mgedminthen find and carefully copy the url19:25
mgedminswitch to a terminal19:26
mgedmingo to the right place19:26
mgedmintype 'bzr merge ', paste the url19:26
mgedminnothing difficult, really, just for some reason this feels tedious19:26
mgedminI seem to have memories of github providing me with a copy-pasteable merge command19:26
sorenI hardly ever use the LP UI. I just go by e-mail.19:26
mgedminon a separate line, so that I can tripple-click it19:27
sorenThe mp e-mail includes the diff. I review in my e-mail client, provide comments inline, and respond.19:27
mgedminah, sorry, yes19:27
mgedminand it also has the branch name as an lp: url19:28
mgedminI don't know why I go to the web; the url is just naturally inviting, I guess19:28
sorenSorry, why does that make a difference?19:28
mgedminsorry, why does what make a difference?19:28
sorenThat it's an lp url rather than an http one.19:29
mgedminlp urls are Very Good because they're short19:30
soren...which is good.. right?19:30
sorenI just thought you were stating it as a bad thing.19:31
mgedminsorry for being unclear19:31
mgedminI try to balance my whining by mentioning good things every now and then19:31
mgedminI just forget to mention what I consider to be good :)19:31
sorenTwo reasons I find dealing with Github really awkward: 1. The web UI is harder to ignore. I must deal with it to do stuff.19:32
soren2. Not a github problem per se, but rather a git problem: People rebase all the time.19:32
sorenIt's extremely annoying to review a 2k line patch, provide comments on specific points, and then get a brand new patch rather than just the changes.19:33
sorenI just want to make sure they've addressed my comments and haven't introduced new problems.19:33
sorenI guess I'm a bit spoiled with Launchpad since I use tarmac for everything there.19:34
sorenI don't have to ever manually merge anything.19:34
sorenI just set the mp to "approved" and magic happens.19:34
sorenMaybe it would feel more of a chore without that.19:34
sorenI guess it quite probably would.19:34
mgedminit could be a simple usability vs learnability tension19:35
mgedmingithub seems to optimize for the latter19:35
mgedminI don't deal with launchpad merge proposals often enough to remember how to use them well19:36
foxbuntu`hey all...looking for an admin that can help me delete some old spam comments19:55
foxbuntu`...my account was breached last year and I had a user point out today some old comments from 2011-02-21 that are spam from the breach, if an admin could delete all comments attached to my account from that date it should clear it up (lp:~nickj-fox)19:57
lifelessfoxbuntu`: we don't have an easy query for that; please open a support ticket (url in topic)20:13
czajkowskifoxbuntu`: is it on many bugs?20:22
foxbuntu`czajkowski, here is the list that was pointed out to me: http://paste.ubuntu.com/851665/20:44
foxbuntu`not a huge list really20:44
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czajkowskifahadsadah: ah thats not bad20:47
czajkowskiI'll remove them here20:47
czajkowskijust give me a few mins in the middle of a meeting20:47
czajkowskifahadsadah: done20:50
czajkowskifoxbuntu: done20:50
foxbuntuczajkowski, thanks20:51
kirklandflacoste: howdy!22:31
d_edin launchpad can I reassign a bug to affecting a package from a PPA not the  package from the main ubuntu repos.22:31
kirklandflacoste: is it possible to subscribe to receive email when new packages arrive in a private PPA?22:32
flacostekirkland: unfortunately, we don't have that feature (neither for public ppa)22:32
kirklandflacoste: okay, thanks22:33

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