phillwthere is a lubuntu DE version, please ensure you select the correct one :)00:00
phillwtaipres: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/GetLubuntu00:03
phillwtaipres: you are welcome!00:20
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bludI just installed Lubuntu on my laptop and for some reason my TV says there's no signal coming from the vga out from the laptop04:00
bludi guess I have to do something special for that on the laptop?04:01
holsteinblud: i would try just a monitor if you have one handy to confirm that the output is working04:04
bludwell i know its physically working because i used to output from it in windows xp , but, software wise yeah i dont know if its working04:13
bludanyhow, i wanted to be able to pastebin some output and stuff, and I noticed the laptop wasnt online yet. Like I just did a fresh install of lubuntu and hadn't gotten the network working yet04:18
bludwhen i try it says something like wireless networks   not available  firmware not installed04:18
holsteinblud: i would wire it up to both internet and a monitor and trouble shoot issues as they come04:44
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ubottuTo change the Gnome splash screen, use gnome-splashscreen-manager or change the GConf key /apps/gnome-session/options/splash_image using !gconf-editor.13:27
NyLes_what is the use of quiet splash option?13:28
NyLes_ubuntu and lubuntu has the same terminal commands right?13:33
NyLes_phillw: ow its you, still remember me? im still in the process of making my card to work, :( i followed the instructions you've given me but it didn't work.13:35
NyLes_phillw: I also tried copying the xorg.conf from puppy to be use in lubuntu..13:35
NyLes_phillw: what is the use of quiet splash in grub?13:38
NyLes_phillw: ok now i know the use after removing it then boot lol..13:39
NyLes_help me, lubuntu doesn't recognize my video card.. NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 40013:41
NyLes_how to backup xorg.conf13:49
smilecopy it to another location :)13:49
smilee.g. /home/user/xorg.conf.bak13:50
Silverlionhey smile ;)13:50
smileSilverlion: hi ;)13:50
Unit193!bootoptions | NyLes_14:35
ubottuNyLes_: For a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions See also !nomodeset.14:35
novusordois there a panel addon to control sound? just installed the daily build, and had no sound control15:01
Unit193Should already be one there. Also, type `alsamixer` in the terminal15:02
novusordoi tried that, and found my sound card15:02
novusordo(not in lubuntu right now, it was a live usb)15:03
novusordoafter turning volume up in alsamixer, there was no sound in youtube videos, didn't try any other sound-related things15:03
Unit193Have to make sure none of them are MM muted too.15:04
novusordomight've been it15:04
novusordoi checked the default permissions for the live account and it wasn't allowed to use audio devices, so i gave it permission to15:05
novusordoi'd assume that needs a log out and log back in, though?15:05
Unit193That's a bit odd.15:05
novusordoyeah, sort of strange. besides that though, i'm rather impressed with how far lubuntu has come15:07
novusordohats off to the devs15:07
Unit193The few there are.15:08
gmannnhi guys.16:27
gmannnAny lubuntu advanced here?16:28
gmannnI need some help with the volume indicators16:28
mysteriousdarrengmann: what are you asking? or needing?16:35
iceroothow do we handle translation? i found bugs in lxappearance but https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+source/lxappearance does not have a template17:16
icerootonly upstream?17:16
Unit193Well, with Lubuntu it can be hard to get what is "upstream"17:18
icerootlxappearance should be upstream in this sourceforge-bugtracker?17:19
icerootseems to be the answer i am looking for17:20
icerooti would provide a patch for upstream, open a LP-bug, link to the upstreambug. is that ok for you?17:22
* Unit193 not a dev17:22
Unit193But sure, why not? :P17:22
icerootjust fyi, "they" have an own translation project like we have on launchpad. http://pootle.lxde.bsnet.se/de/lxde/translate.html?match_names=check-isfuzzy,untranslated&view_mode=review17:24
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valdur55How can i get this yellow box on my lubuntu - http://i.imgur.com/m8xB2.png17:29
icerootvaldur55: looks like its "tomboy"17:34
icerootvaldur55: seems its "xpad" and not "tomboy"17:35
icerootvaldur55: its installed by default on lubuntu17:35
valdur55Oh damn... yea it is xpad...17:39
gmannn_Guys. Could you help me a bit with the Volume Indicator on Lubuntu?18:25
gmannnCould anybody help me with the Volume indicator in Lubuntu? When I press volume down/up I want it to show the level on my screen18:48
uskerinehi, i am trying to set up a fully managed service, who receives the popup window for the update manager? Only the user who installed the system or every user?19:25
icerootuskerine: every user20:00
uskerineiceroot, how could i make that only one admin user receives such update manager popup? it will be a shared system and i do not want end user to receive those messages20:01
icerootuskerine: i think "dont start the update-manager program" for other users is the only way20:02
uskerineso is that a resident program or is it in the session script?20:02
uskerinehow could i remove it?20:02
asmandhow on earth can dpkg be sooo slow20:02
asmandwwaiting on something20:03
icerootuskerine: you could "disable it for all users" and call it by hand as the admin-user20:03
asmandload in 7+20:03
icerootuskerine: i have disabled it and only using apt-get20:03
uskerinei see the "settings" button20:04
uskerinethanks iceroot20:04

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