penguin42dat789: If you get a launchpad account then when someone tries to fix the bug they can ask you questions about it, and/or notify you when it's fixed00:00
dat789yellow pencil... this report is public; you are not directly subscribed...; edit bug mail..00:00
dat789launchpad account... ok, signing up00:00
penguin42dat789: No, the one to the left just above the yellow bar00:01
dat789ah, found it. must log in first though. hehe00:04
dat789so now it's best to reinstall and revert to 10.04, eh?00:08
penguin42dat789: Well, is everything else working?00:09
dat789so far, err, yes00:09
dat789well... actually..00:09
dat789how do you check my video card ??00:09
penguin42dat789: Hmm, so 12.04 is still in testing - so it's going to bump about a bit before April, but stuff is getting fixed00:09
dat789you know... like how we did with lsusb ?00:09
Daekdroomlspci | grep VGA00:10
dat78901:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI RV770 [Radeon HD 4870]00:10
dat789when i update driver for this...00:11
dat789and restart... it only manage to get to the splash screen before my monitor goes black00:11
dat789and it says "no signal input..."00:11
penguin42dat789: When you say update driver, what did you select?00:12
dat789ATI/AMD proprietary FLGRX graphic driver (post-release updates)00:13
penguin42dat789: OK, so there are two drivers for that card, a proprietary one and an open one00:13
dat789install. then activate00:13
penguin42dat789: The pen one should work fine but won't be the fastest (especially for games, and might run the fan a bit more)00:14
DaekdroomThe open one is actually better for 2D, but if you want gaming you should go for fglrx.00:14
dat789"the pen one ... "  ?? what do you mean?00:14
penguin42dat789: open one00:14
DaekdroomThe opensource driver.00:14
DaekdroomUbuntu ships with it by default.00:14
dat789err... open which one??00:15
* dat789 confused00:15
DaekdroomThere are 2 drivers for your videocard.00:15
Daekdroomradeon and fglrx00:15
Daekdroomradeon ships by default and is opensource00:15
Daekdroomfglrx has to be installed (like you're trying to do)00:15
dat789it's the same 2 drivers00:15
penguin42dat789: No, 2 different drivers00:16
dat789just that one is post-release updates and the other is now00:16
Daekdroomradeon is more stable, but its powermanagement is poorer and less 3D features/performances00:16
penguin42dat789: However, if you're saying you have two different versions of fglrx then that doesn't surprise me00:16
faenilhi guys :)00:16
faenilis anyone using DDMS (android) in ubuntu 12.04?00:17
faenilI experience bad image refresh00:17
penguin42dat789: fglrx sometimes takes a little time to catch up during the new ubuntu release cycles - it'll sort itself out by release00:17
dat789ok, 2 different drivers00:17
faenilI have to double click on windows separators to make the windows refresh00:17
faenilok :)00:17
dat789neither of them is activated00:17
dat789should I ??00:18
faeniloh wait I thought you were talking to me xD00:18
dat789if i get a black screen... i dont' know how to recover/ revert00:18
penguin42dat789: When you boot, hold down the left shift button just after the bios, you should get the grub2 boot menu00:19
DaekdroomThere isn't any indication (besides working 3D) that you're using the radeon driver.00:19
penguin42dat789: There is a safe/recovery option on there - I think you should be able to remove the driver from there00:19
dat789shift key, eh?00:20
DaekdroomMy last message didn't make much sense.00:20
dat789yea, it didn't quite00:20
penguin42Daekdroom: Should show on the additional drivers screen shouldn't it?00:20
Daekdroompenguin42, fglrx does. Radeon doesn't.00:20
DaekdroomYou have to check for it on CLI00:21
dat789don't now how to do that, sorry00:21
penguin42dat789: OK, lets go back a step :-)00:21
penguin42dat789: Does it currently boot OK ?00:21
dat789boots okay00:21
dat789monitor does not flicker00:21
DaekdroomThe thing is, whenever he is not using fglrx, he's mostly likely using radeon, unless it breaks.00:22
penguin42dat789: so if you go to the additional drivers setting thing what does it say?00:22
penguin42Daekdroom: Yeh agree - just wanted to check00:22
dat789it says: No proprietary drivers are in use in this system00:22
penguin42dat789: OK, so you're using the 'Radeon' open driver at the moment00:23
penguin42dat789: If you're not a heavy gamer and you're not on a laptop you can just stop there - all good00:23
dat789ATI/AMD proprietary FGLRX graphic driver (post release updates) ; and00:24
dat789ATI/AMD proprietary FGLRX graphic driver00:24
DaekdroomI had no idea ubuntu provided post-release versions of flgrx.00:24
dat789i don't know how to play games on ubuntu (i know i'm lame)00:24
dat789and i'm on desktop00:24
penguin42dat789: So leave it as is - then; I use the Radeon driver00:24
dat789but i got this new graphic card just 1.5 months00:25
penguin42Daekdroom: What does it mean by post-release?00:25
dat789so, i was just thinking... JUST thinking... to utilize it.00:25
Daekdroompenguin42, well, Ubuntu 12.04 is mostly likely going to use Catalyst 12.400:25
dat789Daekdroom: i dont know00:25
Daekdroompost-release means people can use 12.5 when it's released, 12.6 and so on.00:25
dat789penguin42: but i doubt i'm using CAtalyst at all00:25
penguin42dat789: Yeh you're not currently using catalyst00:26
dat789so, i'm using the Open driver at the moment00:26
penguin42dat789: So if you try one of the FGLRX ones and it doesn't work, my guess is it'll start to work near the 12.04 release in April00:26
penguin42dat789: The binary drivers come as a blob from AMD/ATI and they have to do an update to keep it inline with the new Ubuntu00:27
dat7892 long months waiting... :(00:27
penguin42dat789: It'll probably work if you use 10.04 or 11.1000:27
dat789yeah... i did an update at the terminal00:27
dat789downloaded the wubi ...and suddenly i'm at 12.0400:28
dat789so, nothing to do here until 2 months later, eh?00:28
penguin42dat789: It'll probably be a bit before that00:28
* penguin42 doesn't check on the fglrx myself - I'm reasonably happy with the open one on ---> machine00:29
dat789thanks for your time and help guys00:30
penguin42no prob00:31
dat789one last thing00:31
dat789difference between #ubuntu and here ?00:31
Daekdroom#ubuntu+1 is for the development version.00:31
dat789like 12.04 ??00:32
DaekdroomOnce 12.04 is released, it'll be discussed in #ubuntu00:32
dat789makes perfect sense00:32
dat789bye for now00:32
h00kyofel: That weird touchpad thing is fixed01:13
h00kyofel: with our EEE netbooks!01:13
jack1I can connect to my wifi card, browse the web etc, but cannot detect the card when I type "airmon-ng" why?01:37
snadgenice.. new libbluray.. does that mean ubuntu can play bluray now? :p01:50
snadgewhats the apt command to show the changelog01:50
Daekdroomsnadge, it cannot play every Blu-Ray disc.01:52
DaekdroomIt's in the package description01:52
Daekdroom'NB: Most commercial Blu-Ray are restricted by AACS or BD+ technologies and this library is not enough to playback those discs.'01:52
* psusi refuses to buy commercial blue rays for that reason02:17
* Daekdroom never bought or played a BluRay disc02:42
bjsnideryeah but have you got a bdrom?02:43
DaekdroomYes, I do have a BluRay drive.02:43
DaekdroomTbh, let me check02:44
DaekdroomAh. It plays BluRay discs.02:44
DaekdroomNo +R :(02:44
jo-erlendI just noticed gnome-contacts in update manager. Did it appear just now, or has it been around for a while without me noticing it?04:44
bjsnideri think it's been in the gnome 3 ppa for oneiric users for awhile05:06
snadgefglrx pisses me off05:17
snadgein current precise.. if you play a video.. it crashes X05:17
snadgeand the window title corruption bug thats been there for 50 years.. is still there05:17
ActionParsniphey guys, if you download the daily via torrent, is the image 'updated' when the new file gets uploaded the next day?05:24
micahgActionParsnip: I would think not as the checksum would change05:48
ActionParsnipgah, that'd be sweet.Saves having to play with the diff stuff05:49
ActionParsnipthanks dude :)05:49
TronicI am getting graphics corruption when running 12.04 in qemu-kvm.06:07
urfr332gOTronic, I think it runs with their graphics.06:08
TronicRather nasty rendering mistakes (or not repaining when it should).06:08
TronicBut it still seem to be able to render the UI.06:08
urfr332gOyou might try vbox06:08
ActionParsnipTronic: same with Unity2D as well?06:08
TronicActionParsnip: How can I choose that on the LiveCD?06:11
ActionParsnipTronic: log off, select 2D, log in06:12
TronicLogging off makes it go in some sort of mode change loop (Xorg restarting perhaps).06:13
ActionParsnipTronic: or try xubuntu, it will not use effects by default and will give a snappier system, or try lubuntu06:15
TronicGetting that and kubuntu now.06:17
=== urlin2u is now known as urfr332gO
sharewhen will be Precise out07:12
ActionParsnipshare: april this year07:12
shareany idea of release date07:12
Ben6412.04 = 04/201207:12
sharewhat about the day07:12
ActionParsnipshare: didnt you notice that with Oneiric?07:12
ActionParsnipshare: the exact day  is to be determined07:13
shareok thanks for the information07:13
shareActionParsnip: btw you do frequent omgubuntu.co.uk dont u07:13
ActionParsnipshare: I do07:14
urfr332gOvlc 2 arrived in the repos today.07:14
ActionParsnipurfr332gO: it was in there on the 18th actually07:17
urfr332gOActionParsnip, idn't show up till todays update for me.07:17
ActionParsnipurfr332gO: maybe a slow update to the server you are using..07:18
ActionParsniphttp://paste.ubuntu.com/851008/   got mine on the 18th too07:18
urfr332gOActionParsnip, I'm using ubuntu.com07:20
ActionParsnipurfr332gO: so the main server?07:20
urfr332gOActionParsnip, yes but I had a bunch of packages being held I used synaptic rather then the cli I think that did it.07:21
urfr332gOActionParsnip, Now that I think about it when I saw the hold list I saw it.07:22
ActionParsnipurfr332gO: if you have a PPA with VLC it may have caused an issue07:23
urfr332gOI didn't run a dist-upgrade or check the update manager, it calling the holds partial yesterday.07:23
urfr332gOonly in oneiric07:24
urfr332gOjust the regular repos only ppa is Ubuntu tweak07:24
urfr332gOno biggie it rubbing fine. :)07:25
Error404NotFoundI am facing an issue where i can't play any video in vlc, gnome player, etc... as soon as i do it, i logout. However if i do vlc on the tty, i can watch video in 8bit(?) colors08:03
Error404NotFoundIs this a known bug as so far i cant find anything.08:17
ActionParsnipError404NotFound: does it happen as a new user?08:20
Error404NotFoundActionParsnip: as a new user: i created a new user and now its happening to him, was that the question? if yes, then no.08:20
ActionParsnipError404NotFound: so it affects all users? Just to be clear08:21
Error404NotFoundActionParsnip: yes, so far, i am trying to install another driver for ATI card i have.08:21
Error404NotFoundif i go offline, that would be because VLC logged me out :)08:22
Error404NotFoundActionParsnip: offtopic, We appreciate your contribution and you're a true asset to community, just remembered that i saw you on omgubuntu ^_^08:23
Error404NotFoundIt has something to do with Video output setting in VLC, if it set dummy then it doesn't do anything. So its video and probably driver.08:24
ActionParsnipError404NotFound: many do :)08:25
ActionParsnipError404NotFound: do other players do the same thing?08:25
Error404NotFoundActionParsnip: yup, tries gnome player, same thing. But i use VLC for everything so if this works i am the happiest person in world.08:26
Error404NotFoundbrb, gotta reboot my box for driver to be active.08:26
jokerdinohey guys, what should i be doing regarding the bug patch? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/software-center/+bug/93640308:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 936403 in software-center (Ubuntu) "There is a typo in Ubuntu Software Center strings. (DVD drive)" [Low,Confirmed]08:27
icerootjokerdino: normally you can translate directly in launchpad08:41
icerootjokerdino: no need for a patched *.po08:41
icerootjokerdino: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+source/software-center/+pots/software-center/es/159/+translate put there the correct translation08:42
jokerdinoit has to be fixed.08:43
jokerdinobecause there is a stray string08:43
icerootjokerdino: #ubuntu-translators  also put the spanish translator group on the bug08:44
ActionParsnipjokerdino: its only a typo, its not a core app causing massive system instability08:44
icerootjokerdino: normally you make a new suggestion in launchpad and inform the translation team about the issue08:45
jokerdinowell, yeah08:45
icerootjokerdino: but better help is in #ubuntu-translators08:45
ActionParsnipjokerdino: so it doesn't 'have to be fixed'its just something nice to have sorted08:45
jokerdinowell, i just want to submit my first bug fix.08:45
jokerdinoit is a bitesize bug, i knkow08:46
ActionParsnipjokerdino: thats cool, and very commendable ;)08:46
icerootjokerdino: as always the size does not matter :)08:46
icerootjokerdino: every patch is welcome08:46
ActionParsnipiceroot: wish my girlfriend said the same thing :(08:46
jokerdinoi just wanted to know how the bug fixing process goes.08:46
micahgjokerdino: propose a branch against lp:software-center08:48
icerootjokerdino: because there is no upstream-project i think your method is correct08:48
jokerdinomicahg: not sure how i would do that.08:49
jokerdinodhalboch pointed to me that i should edit the hw.py because it generates the pot file.08:49
micahgjokerdino: I'd suggest we move this to #ubuntu-devel08:49
jokerdinohm sure08:50
Error404NotFoundActionParsnip: my observations: no matter what driver you install the Default video output in vlc makes you logout, so does almost every other option. For my laptop the XCB of OpenGL and X11 work, for my desktop the Xvideo with XCB also works.09:17
ActionParsnipError404NotFound: stick on what works then....09:19
Error404NotFoundActionParsnip: yup, made a note and using it, try to take a dump with Default and other video outputs, no luck so far09:20
Error404NotFoundbtw, once i have upgrade to a daily iso, from them on i can just do apt-get update & apt-get dist-upgrade without mounting the daily iso as same stuff would be available in repos, too, correct?09:22
ActionParsnipError404NotFound: you can use install ISOs as install media but the packages on the daily ISO will be the ones in the repo....09:24
Error404NotFoundActionParsnip: hmm, so help me here a bit. Whats the need of zsync if we can upgrade online in less amount of bandwidth and time? (zsync would also download its meta file)09:25
ActionParsnipError404NotFound: I've not used that method. I don't have a bandwidth cap and a 50Mb connection, so I just pull down ISOs when I want them09:27
Error404NotFoundActionParsnip: hmm, same here though i am not on 50M :) also the 15M of zsync meta file isn't a lot. Guess zsync+iso is if you have multiple systems and want to upgrade them offline.09:27
ActionParsnipError404NotFound: makes sense, just never done it. If I had a lot of systems i'd run my own local repo on LAN09:29
Error404NotFoundActionParsnip: yup, that makes more sense than zsync+iso. Thanks again for the time and help.09:30
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
zzecooldid anyone noticed any change about "oneconf"   ?09:49
zzecoolits a cool feature but  its not impemented very well09:49
mainerrorWhat change?09:52
jokerdinozzecool:  oneconf is already in software center10:09
zzecoolyeah i know but very poorly implemented10:09
jokerdinowell, can't disagree.10:10
zzecoolWe need something better  , group of applications to save  with or without their dependencies , where to save , like ubuntu one, local folder, local server  etc10:12
zzecoolI think i read somewhere about a nice guide how to install packages in on pc or server and then all the other pc in the network autoupdates to this packages10:13
zzecoolThis is a joy for an IT10:14
ryeAnybody has java with icedtea working in precise (e.g. on http://javatester.org/version.html - warning, may hang firefox, it did that for me)10:33
ahelhi! I've installed through unetbootin the daily live. Installation went fine but at boot I don't see grub. in fact it switch immediately to memtest86+ :(10:53
ahelI've tried to press 'esc' or 'down arrow' but nothing.10:53
aheldo you suggest using a stable live or trying again reinstalling the os?10:57
vega-thunderbird seems to have it's own menu (file, edit etc.) now instead of it having it on top of the screen as all other apps10:58
zzecoolrye: just use chrome it only crash the Java plugin :)11:11
zzecoolrye: and yes it doesn working for me too11:11
zzecoolrye: but Jdownloader  works ( i dont  know if it use his own java libraries or the icetea )\11:14
ryezzecool, i think it does not use icedtea, no java applets work for me now at all11:16
zzecoolit use java for sure but....11:17
zzecooldo be real , i dont rly know what icetea  suppose to be , im confused with java , about what they replaced  i read something in the past days but didnt paid any attention11:20
zzecoolreplaced oracle java with icetea or something ?11:22
zzecoolrye:  ?11:22
ryezzecool, icedtea is a browser java plugin11:22
ryezzecool, which builds with OpenJDK, which is an opensource version of java11:23
zzecoolis the browser plugin of the OpenJDK ?11:23
zzecooli see11:23
zzecooli got it ty11:23
zzecoolrye: there is a ppa that support Oracle java 711:25
zzecoollet me check11:26
zzecoolrye: here you are  http://www.webupd8.org/2012/01/install-oracle-java-jdk-7-in-ubuntu-via.html11:26
zzecooli dont know if it updated for precise11:26
zzecoolrye: yep i just tested and it works just fine11:48
ahelapt-get update: bzip212:11
ahelhash sum mismatch12:11
ahelin it-archive.ubuntu/..precise../12:11
psypher246hello all, could someone please help me reset my launcher reveal settings via cli as I am now unable to reveal the launcher in a virtual machine at all, can't really do anything at this time12:18
Ian_Corneunity --reset12:20
psypher246how do i get a terminla open if I have no launcher or dash, unity reset not working from tty12:22
jokerdinoctrl - shift - t12:22
jokerdinooops. wrong one. ctrl - alt - t12:23
psypher246ah awesome didn't think it qwould work while running virtualbox on a unity desktop, while foxussing on the VM it did launch12:23
psypher246bingo, sorted, thanks!12:24
jokerdinonice job.12:24
* penguin42 wonders if bug 865001 works in PP - anyone tried it lately?12:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 865001 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "[regression] sharing a network with other computers no longer works in oneiric" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86500112:25
psypher246arg and as I fix my virtualbox client my entire 12.04 desktop, which runs the Vm, crashes, really hope the gnome-settings-daemon crash bug is fixed soon\12:35
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zzecoolI hate the bug ..................13:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 189774 in seahorse (Ubuntu) "seahorse shows passwords without verification" [Wishlist,Triaged]13:46
jokerdinoso do i13:47
zzecoolwhat a hell of security  bug13:47
zzecooland still nothing about it13:47
jokerdinoit is actually a security bug.13:47
zzecoolit is13:47
zzecoolmore like a preinstalled keylogger  that does the JOB good13:48
zzecooli thought it was addressed13:48
penguin42zzecool: But this is with automatic login enabled?13:49
zzecoolno of course not13:49
zzecoolits with either way13:49
zzecoolopen your dash type passwords13:49
zzecooltake a look in there and get rdy to FREAK out if you didnt know by now13:50
cheako911Hello, aufs kernel module missing?  I'm attempting to fold cow image + squashfs into new squashfs.13:52
MikeHHi guys, is there any sensible way to go from lucid to precise?14:36
MikeHI'm told changing sources and doing dist-upgrade is usually a bad idea these days?14:36
bazhang10.04 to 12.04 ?14:36
ubottuUbuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/1004 - Supported until April 2013 (Desktop), April 2015 (Server)14:37
bazhangit's a one step upgrade once Precise is released LTS to LTS14:37
zniavre10.04 >10.10>11.04>11.10>12.04 maybe faster to reinstall all the OS14:37
bazhangzniavre, one step lts to lts14:37
zniavre12.04 is not lts yet14:38
zniavreit should be released no ?14:38
bazhangwhen it is14:38
MikeHso can I not go straight to 12.04?14:38
DaekdroomNot yet.14:38
zniavrein april14:38
bazhangMikeH, once it is released it's one step14:38
bazhangit's just alpha 2 now, so may be prudent to wait14:39
bazhangor you could follow what zniavre suggested14:39
zniavredo you (tester's) experience some theme bugs on precise too ? like wrong menus fg/bg colors ?14:41
MikeHbazhang: To be honest, I'd be less labour intensive to just go with a fresh install14:44
MikeHI'll hang on - It's only really one package that sparked the interest.14:45
bazhangMikeH, thats fine, you can do that anytime, then just keep update/upgrade to final14:45
MikeHWhat are the chances of a simple package working off the bat straight out of the precise repo into lucid?14:45
MikeHheh, I used to do stuff like this all the time with Debian. I haven't really kept up with Ubuntu14:46
MikeHsaying that, we're probably going back to woody the last time I did a major upgrade14:47
philinuxzniavre: yes it's bugged14:49
philinuxzniavre: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/light-themes/+bug/92589514:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 925895 in unity "Ambiance sub-menus light like Radiance after latest light-themes update." [Undecided,Confirmed]14:50
zniavrephilinux,  thnak you14:50
Daekdroomphilinux, zniavre: the menus are meant to be white, except those at the panel.14:54
DaekdroomThe panel submenus are white instead of black. Every other white menu is meant to be white.14:54
DaekdroomI mean, the only real bug there is that submenus on Unity are white.14:56
philinuxDaekdroom: not with ambiance14:56
Daekdroomphilinux, they CHANGED the theme.14:58
DaekdroomThe only menus meant to be black now are those at the top bar, including indicators.14:58
jokerdinoDaekdroom: that is a known bug.14:59
philinuxDaekdroom: in that case I'll find a workaround it's horrid14:59
Daekdroomjokerdino, I know it is. But I'm explaining to him that not every white menu is a bug.14:59
jokerdinoit is a bug, i had a little tweet convo with cimi14:59
DaekdroomI asked it in #ubuntu-unity yesterday.14:59
zniavrebug ping pong ?15:00
jokerdinowhat changed between then and now? :/15:00
zniavreunico vs gtk+315:00
DaekdroomThere is a bug about menu colors, but right-click menu being white is not one of them.15:03
philinuxDaekdroom: what about the adwaita dark theme15:07
DaekdroomWhat about it?15:07
philinuxDaekdroom: when I right click on the desktop I dont want to be blinded  lol15:07
DaekdroomHuh.. I've never used adwaita dark..15:07
glosoliAnyone is getting Shutdown and reboot hangs from time to time ?15:20
glosolizzecool: Hey, have this problem ever occured to you ?15:29
penguin42hmm vlc seems to fall to pieces completely when playing a dvd - bad blocks all over15:31
penguin42ah - needs larger buffer15:32
zzecoolglosoli: hey no man15:42
zzecoolglosoli: all good here15:42
zzecoolpenguin42: dvd 's ?15:42
zzecooli think dvd's are so 1990 ;p15:43
glosolizzecool: do you know where pid is located ?15:50
zzecoolglosoli: ?15:53
glosolizzecool: some file called pid or smth like that15:58
adrthso what file should I edit to modify my PATH variable?15:59
brendandwhy doesn't indicator-sound show what rhythmbox is playing?16:01
adrth /etc/environment doesn't seem to be evaluated when starting the shell16:02
Daekdroombrendand, it's currently bugged, it seems.16:05
brendandDaekdroom, seems like there's no connection between them at all16:06
DaekdroomWhat do you mean?16:06
DaekdroomThe controls are working. It's just not displaying the song info correctly.16:06
zzecoolglosoli: i think as pid you mean the  "process id"16:11
zzecoolright ?16:11
zzecoolglosoli: ?16:13
glosolizzecool: yes I think that's what I need, as i remember, once I deleted it. some time ago, reboot and etc was fine to me :( now again it hangs from time to time, such a pity16:16
zzecoolas pid i refer to the  process id of every  process16:17
zzecooltype "ps aux" in terminal16:17
zzecoolthe first number is the pid16:17
penguin42zzecool: 1990s true16:18
zzecoolglosoli:  i can understand what you have deleted16:18
zzecoolpenguin42: :)16:18
penguin42zzecool: still; I tend not to copy stuff and the occasional bought DVD is cheaper than a subscription to any of the overpriced film services (that are rather closed) - especially since I tend to buy the DVDs second hand16:21
penguin42zzecool: and I can't be bothered ripping them16:21
zzecoolpenguin42: i can agree16:22
penguin42this Kill Bill v1 I just watched was only about £1.7516:22
zzecoolCool movie !16:27
zzecooli like it so much16:27
zzecoolYou have a point16:27
brendandDaekdroom, for me the controls don't work16:27
zzecoolinstead of using netflix to buy the dvds16:28
penguin42zzecool: However, I did find that Dragon player crashes on scene selection16:28
brendandDaekdroom, also if you click the 'Ryhthmbox' menu entry it doesn't do anything16:28
brendandDaekdroom, know of any existing bugs on this? otherwise i'll be raising some16:28
zzecoolpenguin42:  hmmm i think vlc uses bugzilla or something for bug reports16:28
zzecoolim not sure16:28
penguin42zzecool: vlc worked nicely16:28
glosolizzecool: " i can understand what you have deleted"  ?16:29
Daekdroombrendand, I haven't seen any bug report on that, but the issues are very likely known.16:29
zzecoolglosoli: you said that you have deleted the pid file16:29
glosolizzecool:I can't just saw somewhere in internet, it was my last try..  hate that some problems, after about one year still lasts :)16:30
zzecoolglosoli: what is the problem im still confused16:30
glosoliNo Webcam support even if it's UVC in my Asus, no suspend, hybernate, no proper reboot or shutdown (from time to time hangs)16:30
zzecoolohh i c16:30
glosoliI am ubuntu fan since probably Ubuntu 6,04 or even before, but sometimes I just hate ;D16:31
zzecooli know the feeling16:33
zzecooli had a webcam problem too16:33
zzecoolbut i found some driver modules to load16:33
zzecoolfor my camera in sony vaio16:34
glosolizzecool: webcam problem lats so long.. they say that they support UVC properly, but it aint looking so. :)16:34
glosolizzecool: And all thet incompatibility is for availability of installing Ubuntu into any computer :/16:36
zzecoolglosoli: if you search you will find some fix for the camera16:38
zzecoolim sure16:38
zzecoolill brb16:38
webm0nk3yapport collect seems to be triggered now whether you hit cancel or not17:07
Volkodavanybody has issues with nvidia? Mine does not load the module for some reason17:19
Volkodav2 different kernels 2 sets of drivers 290 and 295 ?17:19
sahil_makin marlin default file manager?17:21
sahil_is t possible?17:21
glosoliwhich package is responsible for system reboot/shutdown ?17:23
jbichaglosoli: there are several packages, can you give some more details about your problem?17:24
glosolijbicha: reboot/shutdown from time to time hangs, and I need to press power off button, to turn off computer :/17:25
philinuxglosoli: at leaset do an REISUB rather than power button17:26
glosoliglosoli: oh, I mean Laptop, sorry for mistype17:26
philinuxpower button last resort17:26
glosolioh philinux that was meant for you17:26
glosoliphilinux: so back to the name of package ?17:27
glosoliwhat can be name of it ?17:27
=== IAmNotThatGuy is now known as M0hi
philinuxglosoli: did you see this post in the thread http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=11700789&postcount=317:29
glosoliphilinux: but this is not a solution or is it ? It seems for me like for one time usage of a command which will try to do restart or shutdown ? or it will override some settings in my computer /17:30
philinuxglosoli: does it just misbehave sometimes17:35
glosoliphilinux: yes, from time to time, not always, but today happened 2 times17:36
philinuxglebihan: I would not worry then since still alpha 2. Use reisub17:36
philinuxglosoli: I would not worry then since still alpha 2. Use reisub TYPO17:37
bjsniderVolkodav, more info needed17:37
glosoliphilinux: The same problems I was having in Oneiric :))17:37
Volkodavcare to look at the relevant part of the log ?17:38
* Volkodav booting up the laptop17:39
sahil_how to upgrade to fgrlx 12.1 without breaking the system?17:41
bjsnideruse jockey. that's what it's there for]17:41
glosolisahil_: remove current drivers17:41
glosolijockey is outdated17:41
sahil_ya m running on11.1117:42
sahil_i wanna insatll 12.117:42
sahil_i have downloaded the 12.1 .run file,but in oneric i was left with broken system...so...17:42
glosolisahil_: remove it using jockey, when download from ati wbsite and do "sudo sh filename --buildpkg Ubuntu/precise", check the messages it may show that some packages are needed (be sure to read debug) after then you do sudo pkg -i thoose_debs.deb17:43
glosolisahil_: What you mean by broken system ?17:43
glosolisahil_: it may be broken if you forget to do "sudo aticonfig --initial" after installation is done17:44
sahil_well,my entire desktop was a mess...at some point even x was not starting,at last i purged the pacakages and insatlled 11.11,now on precise i dont wana take risk17:45
sahil_i did that17:45
glosolisahil_: ah, so then stick with what you have in Jockey, if you are not ready for experiments17:45
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:46
sahil_i wish to get forward with xeperiment till i knw there is a path to comeback ;)17:46
thedudeabidesi'm running precise pangolin and the latest nvidia-current is crashing unity when running webgl on firefox17:46
Volkodav1bjsnider: http://paste.ubuntu.com/851629/17:47
sahil_glosoli,can i insatll 12.1 directly without purging present pacakages?17:49
bjsnidervolkodav1, you'll have to also check the kernel log and dmesg17:50
bjsniderall it says is module-specific error17:50
=== uurfr332gO is now known as urfr332gO
Volkodav1bjsnider: dmesg ==> http://paste.ubuntu.com/851634/17:54
sahil_vmware installation problem17:54
sahil_modilues are not complied and loaded in memory17:55
glosolisahil_: no you can't.17:55
glosolisahil_: then you will probably just have a broken system :)17:55
sahil_O.o why is dat?17:55
sahil_vmware workstation 8 not supported in ubuntu?17:55
glosolisahil_: it is supported :)17:56
glosoliused it17:56
sahil_installation was  crreamy...where i m wrong now?17:56
glosolisahil_: What you mean by creamy ?17:57
glosolisahil_: this is testing version, everything might be fine in stable release :)17:57
sahil_ismooth,the insatller didnt report any problem17:57
sahil_sory installer*17:57
Volkodav1bjsnider: http://paste.ubuntu.com/851638/  <== kernel log17:58
glosolisahil_: so would you mind reapeating what's your problem ?17:58
sahil_okey i can wait...17:58
sahil_well wen i try to launch vmware,its showing some modules must be complied and loaled in kernal,when i click insatll...it fails and gives an error log..which i pastebin'ed above17:59
sahil_it is occuring for vmware player as well as vmware workstation18:00
glosolisahil_: Ah, have you got any reason not to try virtualbox ?18:01
bjsnidervolkodav1, there's really no information at all about why the problem is happening18:02
Volkodav1bjsnider: I may need to reactivate the mactell ppa for Mac support - did not touch any ppas since upgrade18:02
sahil_i love virtual box and used it untill now...just wished to shift over vmware,i read couple of articles which stated its gfx capabilites are higher then that of vbox18:02
Volkodav1hmm it is not available for Pangolin yet18:04
sahil_glosoli, wats the reason of failure?sory m ot good at reading log files...18:05
sahil_m not good at reading log files*18:05
glosolisahil_: Sorry dunno what can be the failure, never used VMWare for long :) VirtualBox always was enough for me but now being fully ubuntized :)18:08
sahil_haha...its coz for my stupid .net project i need MY-cro_soft18:09
glosolisahil_: hah ;D but why do you need good gfx performance ? :D18:14
sahil_just to test games may b ;)18:15
sahil_well i find wine too complicated18:15
sahil_4-5 wine related program which does what is really confusing18:15
sahil_anyway can we setmarlin as default brower?18:16
sahil_can we set marlin as default file manager*18:16
ironhalikwine's not that bad18:18
ironhalikbut I prefer beer ;>18:18
sahil_i prefer vodka18:20
glosoliironhalik: :DD +118:20
Guest45569greetings: I've just installed Precise Pangolin on my machine, what should I do to get everything running smoothly? what should I add to my repository?18:31
glosoliGuest45569: There is no promise Precise will run smoothly18:33
Guest45569glosoli: it's been runnning smoothly so far - i just need to install gnome desktop environment18:34
glosoliGuest45569: Yes, but what I meant is, from time to time it might crash as this is testing release :)18:34
Guest45569glosoli: then should i install a previous release?18:39
psusiI think I just creamed my pants a little.... Ubuntu on my smartphone?  Now where's the code?!19:12
glosolipsusi: haha ;D Mark is gaining ideas ;D19:16
cheakoHello, aufs kernel module missing?  I'm attempting to fold cow image + squashfs into new squashfs.19:23
DebolazWI was told to use some command to report a bug in Unity where application titles arent drawn correctly. But a) I cant remember what the command was and b) I'm not sure which package to file it under. Also, theres already a bug created for this in launchpad as far as I can tell (But I was told to report it anyway). Can anyone help me? :)19:24
psusiglosoli, after talking with the linaro guys over a few beers at UDS I had a feeling this idea was kicking around and was excited by it... now I must find the code!19:26
glosolipsusi: hah, I am just interested how they will manage to fight with android19:27
WhoopieHi, I'm running ubuntu precise with gnome-session-fallback. I'd like to know how to disable the scrolling in the applications menu. Somehow, the arrows are shown although there's enough space to display the whole application menu.19:29
ironhalikanyone lost hibernation lately?19:53
ironhalikIve got no menu entry, pm-hibernate puts my pc down, but wont turn it off19:54
ironhalikand logs claim it all went ok19:54
glosoliironhalik: lost it but not lately :)19:54
glosoliironhalik: It won't turn it off, but you turn it off manualy, when load computer like from hybernate yes ?19:55
ironhalikwell, I installed precise lately :P19:55
ironhaliknot sure :)19:55
ironhalikits quite possible19:55
glosoliironhalik: same here :) hybernate never worked for my asus. so I had some fixes to do like always, to get it work19:55
glosoliironhalik: are you using fglrx ?19:55
ironhalikno, nouveau19:55
glosoliironhalik: ah, they will fix you :) until stable I'm sure, ATI is long time shit. :) In btw, offtopic, what IRC client you use ?19:56
ironhalikirssi via znc bouncer19:56
glosoliironhalik: terminal ?19:57
ironhalikyou use smuxi I see19:57
ironhalikwhy do you ask?19:58
glosoliironhalik: yes, but thinking of getting rid of it :)19:58
glosoliironhalik: crashing too much for me19:58
ironhalikoh well, irssi can seem to have a steep learning curve19:58
glosolithinking of xchat19:58
ironhalikbut now, I wouldnt trade it for anything19:59
glosoliironhalik: Ah, I don't quite like idea of irssi being terminal19:59
ironhalikI make the terminal with irssi go fullscreen on another workspace20:00
ironhalikworks great for me20:00
ironhalikso hows xchat? :)20:03
glosolipiece of crap :D trying irssi ;D20:03
ironhalikyeah, tried it too20:04
ironhalikI prefer irssi ;>20:04
ironhalikI remember, like a good 10 years ago20:05
ironhalikfriend told me that irssi over a bouncer is the only way to go20:05
ironhalikcouldnt understand why someone would prefer text client over mIRC ;>20:05
ironhaliknow its the other way around20:05
glosoliironhalik: nah, doesn't suite me either :/ will stay with smuxi20:11
ironhalikjust crashcourse for irssi: /server irc.freenode.net, /join #ubuntu+120:12
zzecoolglosoli: ?20:12
glosolizzecool:   ? ;D20:12
zzecoolglebihan: di you did the updateS?20:13
ironhalikironhalik: ?20:13
zzecoolglosoli: did you did the updates?20:13
glosolizzecool: I did, some of them, because dist want's to remove my qt20:13
zzecoolglosoli: there is a dependency problem with multiarch QT libraries20:14
glosoliqt designer and other developemenet stuff20:14
glosolizzecool: ye ye20:14
zzecoolahhh ok20:14
ironhalikwhoa, smuxi is in .net?!20:14
glosoliironhalik: seems like, that's why I wanted to get rid of it :/20:15
glosoliironhalik: I hate MS :D20:15
jtaylormono is not written by MS20:15
ironhalikyeah but its supposed to port MS .net20:16
ironhalikor whatever it does with it :)20:16
jtaylorand cli is an excellent framework20:16
jtaylor+ free20:16
ironhalikshame it doesnt support silverlight + DRM20:16
ironhalikI cant watch local VOD on linux that way20:17
jtaylorthat I consider good :P20:17
crizzyit's supposed to implement ecma standard c# spec, not "port .net"20:17
jtaylornot only c#20:17
jtaylorthere are a bunch of other languages supported too20:17
jtaylorin ubuntu/debian vb.net and boo20:18
ironhalikyeah, most of the .net languages20:18
jtaylorf# should be nice but not supported here20:18
crizzymonodevelop+mono is more or less sanest dev environment available for linux :/20:18
jtaylorand nunit addin works now again in oneiriuc ;) (fixed it today ._. )20:19
ironhalikhmm, I use eclipse on day to day basis20:19
ironhalikand I miss visual studio :P20:19
glosoliironhalik: I am happy with eclipse + qtdesigner :)20:19
crizzythere's no match for visual studio profiling, word on that20:19
ironhalikwell, IMHO, generally speaking, when it comes to devs and developer frameworks etc, microsoft knows its shit20:20
jtaylornever used VS profiler, but callgrind and oprofile a pretty nice20:20
crizzythere's _nothing_ usable for profiling on linux20:20
jtaylorwhats wrong with callgrind?20:20
crizzydoes not do the job20:20
jtaylorthats super easy to use20:20
crizzytry profiling librocket for example with it then20:20
jtaylorfor more sophisticated stuff you have oprofile20:20
penguin42crizzy: Have you tried perf ?20:20
crizzy(damned ** crap lib btw :P)20:21
=== urlin2u is now known as urfr332gO
ironhalikhmm, btw, is there any decent IDE for objective-c?20:21
ironhalikon linux?20:21
crizzypenguin42: doesn't produce anything useful20:22
penguin42crizzy: Really? How are you driving it - I find perf one of the few useable ones20:22
glosoliironhalik: eclipse ? ;D20:22
ironhalikglosoli: there some evil project named objectiveclipse, and thats that20:22
ironhaliksomeone could do something like wine for mac apps20:23
crizzypenguin42: doesn't help anything and it's really not useful at all for debugging something like c++ library trace for functions when profiling for problems20:25
crizzyalthough... no tool can help in fixing librocket anyway =P damned mess..20:26
penguin42crizzy: perf can do call profiling20:27
crizzyit doesn't produce anything useful for this particular case20:27
penguin42crizzy: Are you on x86?20:28
crizzywhich our dev team has been fighting for months20:28
penguin42crizzy: OK, so make sure you're using latest perf and check out how you're driving it - I'd be kind of interested to know why it's not producing good results - I've had good luck with it20:28
crizzyget librocket, populate huge table with datagrid, and have fun profiling...20:29
crizzy(more persicely what i'm doing is new ui for warsow, www.warsow.net)20:29
glosoliironhalik: smuxi disconnected me once again, sorry may you repeat if you replied ?20:30
jtaylora smuxi server + persistent buffers is neat :P never miss anything20:31
crizzypenguin42: as nice as it is to have html/css ui for the game.. goddamned, that librocket can't handle datagrid (a table) with more than 10-20~ lines without dropping fps to around 3020:31
glosolijtaylor: hmm are they ?20:31
crizzyor well.. i do know the *problem* is that librocket is extremely stupid with its algoritms to update elements.. but finding out any sensible way to fix it... pffh...20:32
jtaylorglosli: are they what?20:32
glosolijtaylor: neat ?20:32
jtaylorI really like them20:32
glosolijtaylor: but what you use for chat ?20:32
jtaylorthough I never really tried any other irc programs besides mirc ~ 10 years ago20:33
glosolicrizzy: just for curiosity, what language you program the most ?20:34
jtaylorC and python20:34
jtaylorups not me ;/20:34
glosolijtaylor: good to know from you too :) I am learning Python20:34
crizzyglosoli: depends on the project :P with warsow c & as20:35
glosolicrizzy: as - assembler  ?20:35
crizzynono, angelscript20:35
glosolicrizzy: haha ;D thought you're crazy :D20:35
crizzyc++ -alike syntaxed scripting language ot our c api20:35
crizzyand ye when it comes to profiling these c++ libs, it's driving me nuts20:36
crizzyc++ is tool of the best compared to c :P20:36
glosolijtaylor: for python what you use to do the gui stuff/if you do ?20:36
crizzy*BEAST i mean20:36
jtaylorI rarely do gui stuff, I have used pyqt in the past, was quite ok20:37
glosolicrizzy: sure it is, but when I saw Python, I found it to be language I will stay on as long as possible20:37
glosolijust suits me20:37
crizzyyou can't really write 3D games with python ;)20:38
jtayloryou probably can with pypy20:38
crizzyapart from single crapolas that barely count as tech demos20:38
crizzydoom3 was kinda funny c++ engine20:39
crizzyc style and background sticks out of it like a fork20:39
crizzybasically the classic quake engine just reformatted in c++ :)20:39
crizzy(with more advanced renderer ofc)20:39
glosolicrizzy: I'm not game type person at all, interested in different stuff, as for games if I will write something in the future, it will be web browser based, in btw, when you make program game/how you keep it multi os supported ? do you have Macbook or smth ?20:40
crizzynah, i'm going to drop OS X support from next warsow rel20:40
crizzylinux/windows only20:40
crizzyos x opengl performance is so horrendous not worth the trouble. worst platform for developing any opengl stuff20:41
crizzynot mentioning annoyances that can't cross-compile for macs.. and the fact i don't have mac anymore and never will again ;)20:41
glosolicrizzy: why not and why never - if it's not too personal ?20:41
crizzygoing too closed20:42
crizzyand crappy opengl support20:42
crizzywaited for several releases for that to get fixed20:42
crizzyand i'm not going to pay triple price for hardware :P20:43
glosolicrizzy: hehe, thought they we only overpriced in my country when it cost three times your salary ;D20:44
glosoliI mean average salary'' or even more than three times20:45
glosoliNow just looking to get some money, to change my Asus N61JA, to get rid of ATI.. such a waste if you want to use linux :(20:45
crizzyand for the playing itself.. it's not possible to play esport fps'es on mac anyway, stupid mouse accel20:45
=== foxbuntu` is now known as foxbuntu
glosolithat computer just flies for windows, but when it comes to linux, it begins to suck from time to time20:46
ironhalikhmm, weechat is evil20:47
crizzymy ati works fine on linux20:47
crizzyfor gaming too20:47
ironhalikhmm, my intel works fine on linux too ;>20:47
glosolicrizzy: eh, which driver version you use and which card you have ?20:47
ironhalikbut I loose 30% of battery life for having linux ;>20:48
crizzywhatever version ubuntu 11.10 has :P20:48
glosolicrizzy: I have 5730, do you have any problems with reboot or shutdown ?20:49
crizzysometimes crashes on shutdown iirc20:50
glosolicrizzy: have you ever been getting shutdown hangs or something like that ?20:50
psusithey really do need to fix the bloody power consumption problems with the ati drivers... I wish the damn firmware wasn't closed source so I could look into fixing it myself20:50
glosolipsusi: yeah, in windows i was getting 3 hours, in Ubunt max 2 hours20:50
psusiglosoli: did you try the aspm_force parameter phornoix raves about?20:51
psusiit shouldn't make a damn bit of difference, but they say it does20:51
crizzydidn't concern myself too much over it, tho20:51
crizzyjust hit power button :;P20:51
crizzyati also has the best open drivers20:52
psusiexcept that 90% of the video driver is the closed source binary blob firmware running on the gpu20:52
crizzywell, so?20:53
crizzyworks like dream20:53
crizzyi don't care for gnussolini-ideology20:53
psusithey do have it working pretty well.. just seems a little silly to have an "open source driver" that isn't really open source20:54
astraljavaA little hard to call it "best open driver", though.20:54
psusiand I'd really like to get a look at the actual code in there20:54
crizzywell there are no other any decent driver than atis20:54
psusiintel's drivers seem to be pretty good20:54
astraljavanouveau, intel?20:54
crizzyintels drivers are USELESS20:55
ironhalikthey work for me20:55
ironhalikmuch better then nouveau20:55
psusicrizzy: they have always worked just fine for me20:55
ironhalikthey say theyre crap with lates core i CPUs20:55
crizzyhave fun running any opengl stuff with them apart of glxgears20:55
ironhalikor at least had some major problems20:55
psusiworks for me...20:56
astraljavacrizzy: They've always worked much better for instance in device auto-detection, than the closed drivers from AMD.20:56
psusiof course, their gpus aren't all that fast...20:56
ironhalikcrizzy: most intel cards are not supposed to run anything but compiz ;>20:56
crizzythe driver itself is useless20:56
crizzyalso on windows20:56
crizzyit doesn't even support opengl 1.5 spec no matter what it claims20:56
ironhalikOpenTTD works on intel ;>20:56
astraljavacrizzy: No, just not supporting that particular use-case.20:56
astraljavaHardly makes them useless.20:57
ironhalikhmm, ok, so are there any decend video drivers for linux? :>20:57
crizzyati has the best drivers :P20:57
* psusi wonders why running md5sum to verify all of the files on an fs that takes 26 minutes on the original disk only takes 7 when run on a sparse image of it... weird...20:58
crizzydno about low-end cards though20:58
astraljavaNot for linux, they don't. Never had problems with Nvidia closed-source drivers, whereas ATi's/AMD's have been a pain-in-the-4$$, and still are.20:58
htorqueyeah, we got a ton of questions at askubuntu.com to proof that. :P20:59
crizzyno pain at all20:59
crizzyworks great and _very_ good performance20:59
glosolihow much "ILOVE" smuxi....20:59
glosolipsusi: I found GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash pcie_aspm=force" yes ?20:59
astraljavacrizzy: Then why can't they be configured to work with my dual screen setup? They are not able to detect that the LED screen's native resolution is 1920x1080.21:00
psusiglosoli: yea... supposedly that fixes the power issue, even though it shouldn't21:00
glosolipsusi: What it should do then ?21:00
crizzyworks fine on my 120hz led21:01
astraljavacrizzy: At least not with the graphical control application that comes with the drivers. Haven't bothered with xorg.conf tweaking manually, as that shouldn't be required on _modern_ drivers.21:01
crizzyother than that, i'm not ati support, just stating their driver performance is excellent21:01
psusithe pcie bus can enter lower power states when it is idle... not that an idle pcie bus in the regular state consumes more than a few milliwats of power...  for safety sake, this is disabled by default21:01
astraljavacrizzy: Ahh... _performance_.21:02
astraljavacrizzy: See, that doesn't cover all preferences of a driver's excellence over the others.21:02
glosolipsusi: so this is risky ?21:02
psusiso forcing aspm on should only save at most a few milliwats... but phornoix says it's a magic bullet for the ati power issues21:02
crizzyand with ati you can always trust linux/win drivers have the same features21:03
crizzythey use the same codebase for both and release drivers at the same time21:03
psusiglosoli: sort of... it can cause subtle delays when activity starts again and the bus has to power back up, which can screw up badly behaved drivers, so the kernel devs disabled it by default and said the driver should ask to turn it on when it knows it can handle it21:03
glosolipsusi: so do you recommended turning it on ?21:04
psusiglosoli: it's worth a try... phornoix says it fixes the power consumption issue21:04
psusiworst that can happen is you get glitchy graphics or hangs and have to switch it back off21:05
glosolipsusi: but fixes one problem and had probability to make another, doesn't sound good for me21:05
glosoliif it only to get 30 mins21:05
glosolithen I don't think21:05
glosoliI would try it at all ;D21:05
glosoliWhen I get enough money, will remember to get my hands off ATI/AMD stuff when buying new laptop :)21:06
ironhalikhmm, Im thinking about getting some low end video card for my desktop21:06
ironhalikand thinking about AMD ones21:06
glosolicrizzy: what do you know about Catalyst A.I. ?21:06
glosoliironhalik: crizzy says it's all good for thing, using ati, I say, that was the worst mistake I did buying laptop with ATI21:07
crizzyfor desktops ati is a good choice21:07
crizzyfine open drivers + working proprietary one21:07
crizzylaptops, i don't know, what i heard usually these chips are somewhat incompabile with the drivers21:08
ironhalikglosoli: it may be that youve got some wierd OEM card in your laptop, that has mediocre support21:08
glosoliironhalik: what's mediocre (in btw, it's not only me, my friend who bought dell with ATI, said the same, will never do that thing again)21:09
ironhalikfor my nvidia proprietary drivers cause Xorg to eat up one core of my CPU21:09
ironhalikmy brother has a notebook with nvidia optimus21:09
ironhalikthe intel/nvidia switching thingy21:09
ironhalikhe sacrafices nvidia gt240 for linux ;>21:10
ironhalikthere absolutely no support for that21:10
glosoliironhalik: hmm, In my laptop there is also intel card, but there is no possibility to switch as far as I know21:10
ironhalikno option in bios?21:10
glosoliironhalik: nah :)21:10
glosoliasus bios for laptops sucks21:10
glosoliironhalik: ah, in btw my laptop is partly bios/uefi21:11
glosoliubuntu has no good support for uefi21:11
ironhalikI guess its the wors of both worlds ;>21:11
zzecoolahhh nvidia always was better in linux21:12
psusiglosoli: how so?21:12
zzecoolsince my first days on linux one decade and more21:12
crizzyi bought thinkpad as laptop since it was certified for ubuntu ;)21:12
glosoliironhalik: some months ago when I was still using windows most of the time, was able to install Windows using UEFI, with Ubuntu fails :)21:12
glosolipsusi: what you mean by how so :) ?21:13
ironhalikhmm, strange21:13
zzecoolcrizzy: i hate the retro design21:13
glosolizzecool: upgraded safely, dependencies fixed :)21:13
psusiglosoli: how does ubuntu not play with uefi well?  I converted my system to use it a few months ago...21:13
zzecooli will upgrade agian now  then21:13
zzecooli did it before21:13
ironhalik  what retro design?!21:14
glosolipsusi: Dunno , i try boot cd using UEFI, it gives me some kind of prefix error, after that hangs on black screen - or maybe I miss something ?21:14
ironhalikthinkpads are the best! ;>21:14
crizzyzzecool: i love it :P21:14
zzecoolironhalik: of thickpad21:14
glosoliironhalik: I don't like design for lenovos ;D21:14
ironhalikthe only thing I dont like about thinkpad is they stuck with 4:3 displays for long time21:14
zzecooli like Macbook design21:15
zzecooli think they rule em all21:15
crizzymacs are ugly21:15
psusiglosoli: I think I saw a bug filed recently that had something to do with setting the prefix on efi systems in precise21:15
ironhalikwell, with thinkpads its not about the looks, its the quality, the keyboard, and the fact you can bludgeon people do death with them21:15
zzecooli like smooth minimal deisign21:15
crizzyi have this unibody macbook pro at work.. overheating crap21:15
zzecoolhard edges is the past21:15
glosolipsusi: UEFI, but I have no idea, how I can benefit from using UEFI with Ubuntu ?21:15
zzecoolcrizzy: lol rly?21:15
zzecoolthe aluminum one the latest?21:16
psusiglosoli: well, you can boot from disks > 2 TB ;)21:16
crizzyalso the glass touchpad crapola cracked in half21:16
cheakoWhere is the aufs kernel module?21:16
glosolipsusi: nothing else :) ?21:16
ironhalikthe C2D macbooks did that, the aluminium unibody turned them into a giant radiators :)21:16
crizzyi will totally quit if i don't get thinkpad as next work computer =P21:16
crizzybut my boss is mac fanboy21:16
crizzyno, i DO NOT want imac as work computer... pffh21:16
ironhalikcheako: its in the kernel21:17
psusiglosoli: that's about it... I'm still looking to find some UEFI applications to install to the EFI system partition21:17
glosolicrizzy: have a teacher at college which is completely mac fanboy, some kind of guy: long hair, stylish, iPhone4 on the table, MacBook  some of the unibody, and always comparing things to iPads and kinda shit.21:17
zzecoolglosoli: long hair stylish  :O21:18
glosolipsusi: some were saying at the time it came, that you will be able to gain fast boot or smth like that ;D21:18
glosolizzecool: don't get me brong, I am short cut ;D21:18
glosolime wrong''21:18
zzecoolim not21:18
psusiglosoli: I had one of those too... I enjoyed proving to him that photoshop ran faster on my PC that cost half as much as his mac ;)21:18
zzecooli look like a shogun ;p21:18
glosolipsusi: haha ;D that's true, photoshop on this laptop was running hell of a fast21:18
glosolithinking of dual booting again ;D21:19
cheakoironhalik: Not here, /boot/config-3.2.0-9-generic-pae says config_aufs_fs=m and dpkg/locate/ect can't find it.21:19
crizzyglosoli: one of these 'show off' guys :P21:19
ironhalik    cheako hmm indead21:19
=== zzecool is now known as zzecool_away
cheako/proc/filesystems dosn't show it either.21:20
psusiglosoli: well, one of the nice things about macs is that you can hold down a key during boot and put it into a slave mode where yuo plug it into another mac via fire wire and it gets recognized as an external hd.. that's a UEFI application, but I have yet to find things like that I can download and install21:20
=== zzecool_away is now known as zzecool
crizzyglosoli: i rather show of piercings and tattoos than kiddy iToys ;)21:20
zzecoolglosoli: im leaving maybe c ya later21:20
glosolicrizzy: yea, kinda like "oh see, i got more money than you, you can't afford to buy this crap of shit which lags running photoshop" :DD21:20
glosolizzecool: c ya21:20
cheakoohh, -17 is an option.21:21
glosoliCompiz -> Open GL Plugin -> Lighting option<< Anybody knows what's the usage of it ?21:21
crizzyall i can say, my next tattoo project will cost more than crappy macbooks ;)21:23
glosolipsusi: sounds good, but usability not for everyone, I like one thing DELL's have, when you turn off computer and you still can charge phone via USB21:23
cheakoI was a mac fan when it was ppc, but nowthat it's just an IBM...  what's the point?21:24
glosolicrizzy: hehe ;D sounds quite a tattoo :D maybe you are familiar with Compiz, OpenGL's Plugin Lighthing option ?21:24
glosoliIn fact, yesterday I started reading that biography of Steve Jobs, kinda funny sometimes, some of the facts are real, where it say, that he didin't create any GUI, or anything, he just modified things ;D21:25
psusiglosoli: you know how android phones have the little thing when you plug in the charger but the phone is off, it starts up and gives just a basic screen showing the charge status, without loading the whole os?  that's another type of thing you could do with UEFI21:25
crizzyglosoli: nope, sorry21:26
glosolipsusi: hmm, but all of that will come with an effort, when it will be fully implemented in most of the computers, then people will start writing apps and etc21:26
glosolicrizzy: or maybe option in Catalyst: A.I. or smth like that ?21:26
crizzyi stay far away from compizconfig..21:28
glosolicrizzy: me too as much as possible21:29
glosoliok, gtg, good night everyone :)21:31
glosoli23:31 here crizzy ;D21:32
crizzysame here..21:33
cheakoSame for 3.2.0-17-generic-pae21:34
dat789anyone here?21:44
jo-erlendgnome-settings-daemon keeps going nuts on me. Is it common and well known?21:57
ironhalikhmm, where can I make a design suggestion about nautilus?22:14
ironhalikbut Im not sure if its not a bug22:14
ironhalikthe little hint in nautilus with full file name and size, pretty much all the time obscures the last file in list view22:15
etfbI've been using Kubuntu 11.10, but it's horrible (I used to be a KDE3 fan, but I've acclimatised to Unity).  I plan to reinstall Ubuntu, but I wonder: how stable is 12.04 for everyday use?22:54
jtaylorit varies, just a couple of seconds ago my X decided to crash again ._.22:56
jtaylorand I could not connect to a network for a week a few days back22:57
jtaylornot recommended for everyday use yet22:57
jtaylorneat big apport changes22:57
ironhalikwell, for me at least, its running really nice22:58
ironhaliksurprisingly nice22:58
ironhalikonly feature thats broken right now is hibernation for me22:59
ironhalikand as for stability, only couple of back-end apps crashed22:59
ironhalikstill, its alpha, youre better off with stable23:00
etfbI guess I'll reinstall 11.10 then.  I was going to wait to rebuild, because it's such a pain, but Kubuntu is a considerably bigger pain.23:03
TronicKubuntu has a rather big usability problem with Nvidia drivers (might affect other DEs as well).23:07
Tronic  dimensions:    1920x1080 pixels (1478x831 millimeters)23:07
Tronic  resolution:    33x33 dots per inch23:07
TronicMy TV screen is 1.5 meters wide and because of that, the font size is maybe 3 px. All text is unreadable.23:08
TronicMaybe it would make more sense to use some fixed DPI value at all times instead of the actual screen DPI?23:09
jtayloryou can change trhe dpi of the font somewhere23:09
TronicYes, I googled as much.23:09
DaekdroomOoooh. That is why Gnome uses fixed DPI 96!23:09
TronicOf course changing it is rather difficult when you cannot read any of the text.23:10
DaekdroomI never thought it could get that bad.23:10
psusino, it makes no sense to use anything other than the actual DPI... the problem is it ISN'T using the actual DPI23:17
Tronicpsusi: 3 mm font size might be good on a laptop but it isn't on a TV nor on a cellphone.23:18
psusiWindows is retarded and uses a fixed dpi, which is why everything gets smaller and harder to read when you increase the resolution... I could have sworn that gnome did not do that23:18
TronicWith actual screen DPI you get always same physical size for your fonts and that just doesn't make sense.23:18
psusiTronic, if it's a 12 point font, then it should be 12/72 of an inch high23:18
psusiof course it makes sense23:18
TronicThe same amount of pixels at all times is a much better option.23:18
psusiif you call for a 12 point font, that means it should be 12/72 of an inch tall, not more or less depending on the screen23:19
Tronicpsusi: It should be a 12 pixel font, not 12 pt font.23:19
psusino, font sizes are prescribed in points, which means x/72 of an inch23:19
Tronicpsusi: That being said, could they fix the UNIX desktop so that is uses pixels for font sizes rather than points?23:19
psusithat would be breaking, not fixing23:19
Tronic(plus maybe a scaling factor for those pixel sizes because having one is convenient)23:19
psusithe whole point is for text to look the same no matter what the resolution of your monitor or printer is23:20
TronicAlso, it makes no sense in any case to use same font sizes on computer screens (around 100 DPI) and printed material (600-1200 DPI).23:20
psusiit does when the size is a phisical size ( points ) instead of pixels23:21
TronicBut then, this is all semantics and doesn't matter. What matters is that the user should have readable text on his screen.23:21
TronicI am not getting any.23:21
psusithen either you aren't using the correct dpi, or are using a raster font23:22
Tronicpsusi: You are entirely missing the point.23:22
TronicMy actual proper DPI is 33.23:22
TronicKDE uses such font sizes that text is completely unreadable at this DPI, even when I am sitting less than one meter away from my TV.23:23
psusiahh, you want it to be blown up so you can still see it at a distance... then I guess you need to lie about the dpi23:25
psusior rather, lie about the size of the screen23:27
TronicIt would also help if the font was larger than 2-3 px (which is unreadable at any distance).23:31
TronicI read online that I can edit fonts.conf to force the DPI.23:32
TronicThere is also a GUI option but I am unable to navigate to that.23:32
psusithat's because that's a very low resolution for such a large screen23:32
psusi33 dpi is very low23:32
TronicWell, it's a FullHD 52" TV.23:32
jtaylorconnect a normal screen to navigate to the gui?23:33
TronicI don't have any other screen.23:34
psusiyea, you want to force the dpi to make everything zoom..23:34
jtaylorwith what are you chatting here then?23:35

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