abelregarding the application "Leds" I want to know what information is missing, and I sent the tarball and they asked me00:39
abeli will erase the application00:42
abelI think it's going to happen with this program00:42
abelthanks for your kindness00:43
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ESphynxhey guys, pbuilder-satisfydepends-dummy depends on ia32-libs; --> what does that mean?15:01
zoopsterfrom what I can tell...without full context...seems pbuilder is trying to figure out what it needs, figured out it needs ia32-libs and likely the next line says it's not installed? pastebin the entire result and it will make more sense15:15
ESphynxzoopster: the thing is ia32-libs is my list of dependencies15:15
james_wESphynx, which release is that building on?15:26
ESphynxjames_w: any! they all give this pbuilder dependency error15:27
ESphynxhardy, natty, lucid, oneirc, precise15:27
ESphynxSee all results @ https://code.launchpad.net/~jerstlouis/+recipe/ecere-daily6415:28
zoopsterjames_w: looks like lucid15:28
ESphynxI am trying to build as 32 bit on 64 bit machine15:28
zoopsterit's a bit over my head, but looking at the oneiric build, the build appears to fail due to the contents in the rules file...the "over my head" part is I don't know what needs to go in there...that's where james_w might be able to help15:37
ESphynxthe guys in #ubuntu-packaging have been helping me out15:43
ESphynxbasically, launchpad doesn't support 64 bit recipes, is what the problem is15:43
zoopsterrock on15:43
ESphynxthanks zoopster.15:43
zoopsterthat stinks15:43
ESphynxarch restrict might work around it15:48

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