dscasselHeads up (esp. bjonkman)! I've got some Kwartzlab stuff I'm going to have to deal with tonight...18:33
dscasselI'm okay with going ahead with the meeting, but I'm probably going to be too distracted to chair effectively.18:34
DarwinSurvivordscassel: what time is the meeting?18:38
DarwinSurvivorok, thanks19:07
khooverjust realized i still have yet to update to ocelot. does it still support GNOME Classic?20:58
DarwinSurvivorkhoover: there's gnome-fallback which is fairly close21:04
crondthis new shaw modem is so sexy.22:19
* crond slurps down packages via apt at crazy speeds.22:19
* CPhoenix mutters incoherently at crond 22:35
CPhoenixHow fast is "fast"?22:35
crondCPhoenix, about 4mb/sec from my current mirror22:37
CPhoenixI…am kinda jealous. With Telus' DSL I only get 200k, ish.22:38
CPhoenix(Of course, I can't get a faster connection unless I pay for their TV, which I'd never watch.)22:39
crondCPhoenix, seriously?. you'd have to pay for TV? I only have internet. If I had to have TV I'd be kinda annoyed.22:40
CPhoenixYeah. They only give data access on fibre if you pay for the whole package. At least Telus doesn't throttle though. Shaw…I'm more wary about22:41
crondI dunno, haven't had any issues yet, but I can't say for the future.22:42
CPhoenixCool. Of course if c-30 passes we're all screwed anyway.22:46
crondoff to Tor and i2p with me if that happens I guess.22:48
crondencrypt ALL the things!22:49
CPhoenixThe internet is gonna suck hard if c-30 or c-11 pass. *sigh*22:49
crondI already use ssl for everything I can too.22:49
crondyup :(22:49
willwhstop torrenting copyrighted shit22:49
CPhoenixI'm on a VPN. Gateway's in the states, so I'm good. lol22:49
CPhoenixTorrenting? Copyrighted stuff? NEVER!!! :-O22:49
crondwillwh, I pay my fees on media to download music damnit :P22:50
CPhoenixLOL. That's awesome justification. "Hey, I already paid your levy on my CDs! Back-off!"22:51
crondso far as I can tell, download = okay.  Uploading = bad.22:52
crondso I depend on users in countries with more freedom to share their media with me.22:53
crond"Furthermore, the Act contains a Private Copying exception that makes it legal to copy a sound recording onto an "audio recording medium" for the personal use of the person making the copy. This is supported by a levy on blank audio recording media, which is distributed to record labels and musicians"22:53
willwhcrond: which is laughable22:57
willwhup = bad, down = ok22:57
crondwillwh, hey, I didn't write the law ;)22:57
CPhoenixWe have some silly laws here…what with the lack thus far of super-long mandatory minimums for everything under the sun…oh wait...23:12
BobJonkmanUbuntu-ca meeting in just over an hour.  I've got to go travelling, might not be back in time for the start23:50
dscasselBobJonkman: Cool.23:57
dscasselI'm at kwartzlab.  And I managed to get the board meeting postponed till 9:30.23:57
dscasselSo you might have my attention after all..23:58
BobJonkmanSince when are board meetings on TON?23:58

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