mhall119oh the irony of haters getting hated on01:13
jonomhall119, hey02:19
mhall119sorry, was buried in the accomplishments code02:29
mhall119jono: ^^02:29
mhall119didn't notice the ping02:29
jonomhall119, np :-)03:04
jonoI am back now03:04
jonoabout to make a video about how to create accomplishments03:05
pangolinjono: question about the accomplishments, is there or will there be a way for the application to know that you have already filed your first bug? or will it wait for the first bug filed since installation of the application?03:22
jonopangolin, no, it will know about previously achieved things03:23
jonoso when you run it for the first time you will get a bunch of trophies03:23
jonofor things you have already done03:23
pangolinwatching the video now :)03:23
pangolinmost recent one that is03:23
akgranerjono - ping me tomorrow when you have a few mins  - - I has info for you03:23
cjohnstonjono: we need a community web team accomplishment when you have 5 commits to either summit or LTP03:24
mhall119cjohnston: write one03:24
cjohnstonI have a paper to write instead03:24
pangolinheh, I should have watched before asking. The video answers my question early on03:24
* akgraner is finding my pillow now - talk to you all tomorrow. 03:24
mhall119cjohnston: stop being responsible03:25
cjohnstoni know.. it sucks03:25
mhall119that's how we lost nigelb03:25
cjohnstonand i only have 1 day left this week.. Work tomorrow, wednesday, thursday and friday03:25
jonocjohnston, aha03:25
cjohnstonmhall119: lost who?03:25
jonothe point is accomplishments are not about X number of contributions03:25
jonothey can be abused03:25
nigelbmhall119: <303:26
cjohnstonjono: not every 5, after 503:26
jonoit should be more about "First commit" "First bug fix" "Joining the dev team" etc03:26
mhall119nigelb: :)03:26
jonocjohnston, that can still be abused03:26
nigelbmhall119: Have you seen this http://mathiasbynens.be/demo/css-without-html03:26
jonoaccomplishments are about new experiences03:26
jonocjohnston, or new roles03:26
pangolinmhall119: if you want to get nigelb back I know of a 100% fool proof way.03:26
jonoso first commit, first fix, joining the team, first merge etc03:26
jonobecause each of those things requires quality work03:26
mhall119nigelb: I don't see anything03:26
cjohnstonjono: I see abuse that way.. only requiring one thing to get an accomplishment.. same as joining LP teams03:27
mhall119pangolin: what's what?03:27
pangolinmhall119 jono HIRE HIM!03:27
jonocjohnston, right, so accomplishments will be for teams that require approval03:27
mhall119pangolin: that's how they lost me :)03:27
jonoas opposed to arbitrary joining03:27
jonoand we are still going to need to figure out what are good and bad accomplishments03:27
pangolinmhall119: oh, never mind then03:27
jonoI am personally wanting to steer away from the 10 of this 50 of that type things03:27
cjohnstonI guess getting commit access to a community web project would be a good accomplishment03:28
nigelbmhall119: exactly. empty source with content.03:28
cjohnstonI'm just not the give awards to all the players kinda guy.03:28
mhall119accomplishments aren't for winning, they're for doing03:29
cjohnstonawards arent for winning anymore either03:30
mhall119this isn't political cjohnston03:30
jonocjohnston, totally commit access is cool03:31
jonotrophies are more of a reflecting of things that people have done03:32
jonoand a cool way to discover other things03:32
jonomhall119, just updated ubuntu-community-accomplishments btw if you were looking at it03:39
jonobrb, recording my tutorial vid03:41
dholbachgood morning07:53
benonsoftwareHello dholbach07:53
dholbachhey :)07:55
dholbachciao Gwaihir08:28
dholbachGwaihir, do you know who's organising the UGJ event in Italy?08:29
dholbachah, ok - it's xdatap108:29
dholbachneed to have a chat with him :)08:29
Gwaihirguten morgen dholbach!08:29
dholbachcome stai?08:29
dholbachcosa fai?08:29
Gwaihireverything good here, what about you?08:30
jokerdinohey community, where should i looking for bug patches?08:30
Gwaihiryeah, paolo is organizing that event, there will be also Andrea Grandi and Marco Trevisan08:30
jokerdinoi have attempted at fixing bug 93640308:30
ubot2`Launchpad bug 936403 in software-center "There is a typo in Ubuntu Software Center strings. (DVD drive)" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93640308:30
dholbachGwaihir, everything good here as well - I almost thought we'd approach spring soon, but today it started snowing again - and snowing lots08:30
dholbachGwaihir, cool, I'll have a chat with them08:31
dholbachjokerdino, if you attach patches, subscribe the ubuntu-sponsors team to the bug08:31
jokerdinoor is it reviewers?08:32
dholbachjokerdino, and if you patch the .pot file, try to find the other occurrence of the string in the source code too08:32
dholbach.pot files are auto-generated08:32
jokerdinooh ok.08:32
dholbachie:    grep -r "connected.DVD" .08:33
jokerdinoi am grepping it.08:34
dholbachah, ../softwarecenter/hw.py:5908:34
jussiBah, barcelona at this time is so expensive... anyone live there that would like  paying guest for a few days?08:36
jussiyeah, had a look, most of the good places seem to be not there atm.. Ill look again thanks.08:38
czajkowskijussi: have a look on venere.com or hotels.com some very good cheap deals08:49
jussiczajkowski: ok08:50
jussiczajkowski: thanks - Id not heard of venere08:50
czajkowskiuse venere the whole time very cheap deals plus you can gain discount by singing up and earning rewards08:51
jussiwhat is wunderkit?08:55
bkerensait is Wunderlist plus some other excellent tools to make life simpler08:56
bkerensaWunderlist is/was available in USC08:57
jussiczajkowski: just booked from venere! thanks a million!09:14
bkerensadholbach: valorie of Ubuntu Women has been involved in GSoC10:21
bkerensaI believe she participated last year on behalf of KDE10:21
dholbachbkerensa, nice10:22
dholbachI hope some discussion on the list is going to happen and we see some who would be willing to take it on10:22
jokerdinohey dholbach, so i have edited the py file. what should i do next?10:22
dholbachjokerdino, generate a diff again and attach it10:23
dholbachand subscribe the 'ubuntu-sponsors' team10:23
jokerdinook thanks!10:23
jokerdinodholbach: the wiki page about ubuntu-sponsors sounds like they review packages, not patches.10:40
jokerdinomay be the ubuntu-reviewers? https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-reviewers10:41
jokerdinoi will be back after dinner.10:48
dholbachno no, it's the right team10:58
jussisigh. sad the new sound theme is horrible :/11:09
jussimorning czajkowski11:09
jussisorry Laura :/11:10
cjohnstonthat was a nice picture you posted the other day with your wife and baby11:10
czajkowskinext time I wont show you niace sites on the internet :p11:10
jussicjohnston: thanks! yeah, I agree - was a good pic11:12
jussiczajkowski: :(11:12
cjohnstonI didn't say good.. I mean.. it did have you in it :-)11:12
jussiaww :(11:15
MrChrisDruifO_O ;-)11:20
dholbachhuats, let's blog about d-a-t soon :)11:30
dholbachdeveloper advisory team11:33
jussioh. :)11:36
=== danilo_ is now known as danilos
jcastroheya popey14:38
jcastrois the rc6 stuff in precise ootb?14:38
nigelbMorning jcastro!14:39
jcastromorning nigels!14:40
nigelbjcastro: Is there an official way to request a speaker from Canonical for an event?14:40
jcastrono clue14:40
jcastroAsk the person directly maybe?14:40
nigelbThere's a sysadmin event in India and I was wondering if someone from Canonical could talk about Juju.14:41
nigelbNot a sales person, but someone tech.14:41
jcastrowe have koolhead1714:41
jcastrobut he's quite young14:41
nigelbAha, I know him.14:41
nigelbSame friends circle, etc.14:41
nigelbAlso, only about 5 hours away  by train. I'll strong-arm him :D14:42
popeyyes jcastro14:42
popeyworks great on my x22014:42
czajkowskinigelb: asking them directly has proven the best way tbh14:43
jcastroyes as in, it's on?14:43
jcastroman, my think went from like 21 watts to 11 watts after upgrades today14:43
nigelbczajkowski: Thanks :) Will do.14:43
czajkowskithey'll know their availability best14:43
popeyjcastro: yes, rc6 is on by default14:52
cprofittpopey: that is good to hear14:53
popeymine dropped to 8W14:55
* mhall119 dist-upgrades and hopes for longer battery life14:55
popeyDO IT!14:56
mhall119I AM!14:56
mhall119I KNOW!14:56
jcastropopey: seriously I was at like 21 watts14:58
jcastronow I am on 11.14:59
jcastroman, more like 10.1!14:59
mhall119jcastro: so what you're saying is that it doesn't go all the way to 11?15:01
jcastrowhich is fine by me15:01
* mhall119 is currently at ~20W15:02
balloonsmakes me wonder what the chromebook will be at. i think it was around 6 to 815:11
jcastroDaviey: around?15:13
Davieyjcastro: yah15:15
PendulumWhat's the character limit for UDS applications these days?15:16
cjohnston2k iirc15:17
jokerdino#j #ubuntu-unity15:18
jokerdinooops sorry. my mistake.15:18
cjohnstonPendulum: 1k15:18
Pendulumcjohnston: it went back down?15:19
Pendulum(I thought it'd been increased a year ago)15:19
cjohnstonI thought it did as well..15:19
=== albrigha is now known as Guest79155
cjohnstonhrm.. Pendulum it may be 3k.. I'm not sure... forms.py is 3k.. give me a few15:21
=== Guest79155 is now known as albrigha
nigelblooks like cjohnston is going to have to fix that :D15:28
jcastrobah, meeting in 10?15:53
jcastrodholbach: is it me or didn't we just have a bunch of meetings?15:53
dholbachjcastro, demo day, irc meeting, hangout, ugj meeting15:53
snap-land a meeting to discuss the upcoming meetings. ;)15:57
mhall119and discussions about  having discussions15:58
jonohowdy all15:59
dholbachhey jono15:59
dholbachjono, I think balloons should go first, if we don't want to listen to him under anesthetics16:00
jonook, dholbach, jcastro, balloons, dpm, mhall119.....16:00
jonoteam meeting!16:00
meetingologyMeeting started Tue Feb 21 16:01:22 2012 UTC.  The chair is jono. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.16:01
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jonoGood morning, afternoon, evening...Ubuntu fans!16:01
jonoand today we present the round-tables of a beautiful group of people16:01
jonomen with charm, capability and outright perfection16:02
jono...and me :-)16:02
dholbachjcastro, does he mean us ^?16:02
jonoalright, first up...16:02
jonothe man...the legend...the tester...balloons!16:02
jonoballoons, yoo hoo!16:03
balloonshehe.. i'll be quick here16:03
balloonslast week for me involved prepping for global jam, checking out checkbox and doing more work on the call for testing process16:05
balloonsin addition i started a critical applications list to target for testing and other purposes16:05
balloonsfinally we had unity 5.4 testing, lucid iso testing and several other testing initiatives going on for feature freeze16:06
balloonsthanks much for all who tested and help test last week16:06
balloonsthat's all from me16:07
jonothanks balloons16:07
jonoany questions for balloons?16:07
jononext up...the man with the plan...dpm!16:08
balloonsif anyone has ideas on how to do manual testing or reach more people i'm always open16:08
dholbachballoons, good luck with the dentist :)16:08
balloonsgoing in now.. gl16:08
dpmallright, have fun :)16:09
jonoballoons, enjoy!16:09
dpmright, here I go...16:09
dpm- Translations meeting - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations/Meetings/2012-02-1516:09
dpm- Helped davidpitkin with code changes on developer.ubuntu.com to change the order of featured apps on the front page. Reviewed merge proposal, fixed it and tested it16:09
dpm- Set up a throwaway server on the cloud to test the developer.ubuntu.com changes on a live site16:10
dpm- Followed up with pleia2 on a Fridge post category for posts that go on the Planet, rather than everything being syndicated automatically. Thanks Lyz for setting that up!16:10
dpm- Worked with TLE to set up a server for the Ubuntu docs localizer tool he'S been working on. Demoed it to the Canonical Community folks on
dpm- Helped stgraber with Pastebinit translations: spreading the word out and enabling translations in Launchpad (using a feature which now allows universe translations in LP, previously only main packages were translatable)16:10
dpm- Sent Ubuntu Global Jam reminder to all Loco teams in Europe16:11
dpm- Helped dholbach a bit with developer stats by going through some upload entries output by his script - sorry I couldn't get through more :/16:11
dholbachdpm, no worries - thanks in any case for the help!16:11
dholbachbig hugs :)16:11
dpmso that was me16:11
dpmany questions?16:12
jonodpm, the Ubuntu docs localizer tool is awesome, you should screencast and blog it16:12
jonothat was a cool demo on Fri16:12
dpmyeah, that's a good idea. I'll have a chat with TLE about it and see if I come up with a nice screencast16:13
jonoany questions for dpm?16:13
jononext up...the man, the myth, the headphones...dholbach!16:13
dholbach - Dev Stats: lots of work put into getting stats on track.16:14
dholbach(too much of it if you ask me :-))16:14
dholbach - Sponsoring: set up March Patch Pilot schedule.16:14
dholbach - Dev News: got another update out the door together with bkerensa - thanks again!16:14
dholbach - Developer Advisory Team: blogged about it. I hope huats and I can welcome new contributors next week in our call.16:14
dholbach - Outreach: got introduced to some developers in India by Bhavani Shankar. They are interested in joining - some followup discussions.16:15
dholbach - UGJ: interviewed the Italian team about their event and blogged it.16:15
dholbach - SoC: some follow-up, trying to help some interested candidates in becoming contacts for Ubuntu as a mentoring organisation.16:15
dholbach - small bits and pieces.16:15
dholbachThat's been it.16:15
jonodholbach, what is the current status of the dev stats?16:15
jonoare we finally done now? ;-)16:16
dholbachnot done, but in much better shape16:16
dholbachI'll give you the details later on16:16
jonodholbach, when will we be done?16:16
dholbachthere's some statistics we recently talked about I still have to add and probably need an idea or two from you16:16
dholbachalso there's a number (not too many) of people on the lists which very likely have never contributed16:17
jonoso what kind of ETA are thinking?16:17
dholbachbut I want to still review the cases to be sure16:17
dholbach(it won't change things much)16:17
dholbachmost of it is already there16:17
jonook, we can discuss it in our call16:18
dholbachlet's talk in our call in 1h about how important you think the remaining bits and pieces are16:18
jonoI want to nail down a completition data16:18
jonohow has the response to the Advistory Team post been?16:18
dholbachsome likes, but noone offered help yet16:18
dholbachor you mean the actual outreach huats and I did?16:18
jonoI think we are going to need to be a bit more pro-active in finding volunteers16:19
jonoI mean the post on planet16:19
jonoI thought it was a cool post16:19
dholbachhuats will blog about it too this week16:19
huatsjono: I will16:19
dholbachso let's see how much interest we get :)16:19
jonoI think we are going to need to ping people directly and invite them to participate16:19
jonoI suspect a general post will not encourage people enough to join16:19
jonohuats, thanks for helping with this effort :-)16:19
jonoit is such valuable work :-)16:19
dholbachalso I'll mail the devel/motu list later on16:20
jonoalrighty, any more questions for dholbach?16:20
jononext up...the Murdoch of the C-Team.....jcastro!16:20
jonojcastro, btw, listening to Mariner16:21
jonoit just came on as we moved to you :-)16:21
jcastrook so .... here we go16:21
jcastroit was a holiday last week16:21
jcastroerr, yesterday16:21
jcastroso I am already behind:16:21
jcastro(from all that sitting on the beach)16:21
jcastroPOSSCON charm school and talk are on, I'll be there with Marco.16:22
mhall119it was nice beach weather16:22
jcastroSome progress on the charm schools for LISA and OSCON16:22
jcastrowork with Cezz on some marketing things for juju.16:23
jcastrobut that's been mostly handed off to Nick BArcet, who volunteered to help16:23
jcastroso we'll have nice handouts and stuff for attendees16:23
jcastroI took over lp:juju/docs, I need to get that in shape in order to get some WIs out of the way16:23
jcastrounfortunately our docs story isn't looking so awesome right now16:23
jcastroTODO for this week:16:24
mhall119that seems to be the case everywhere16:24
jcastroas you can see I am totally screwed16:24
jcastroI am going to be in head-down-skating-hard mode all week.16:24
jcastroother than most of these tasks I owe mhall some TODOs for the community to do for juju tthings for UGJ16:24
jcastroand that's basically it.16:24
jcastrooh, we have a juju webinar march 8, be there or be square16:25
jcastrolook for it in your favorite issue of UWN!16:25
jonoany questions for jcastro?16:25
jcastro(48 people already signed up!)16:25
jcastrooh, and some server team blog business which you'll see me blog about later16:25
jcastrobut it's kind of a surprise. (mwahaah)16:26
mhall119blogging about a blog?16:26
jononext up...a man no one would dare to criticize...mhall119!16:26
mhall119shorter list that usual this time16:27
mhall119 - Reached out to Asian loco teams, got a few responses and a couple of new events, need to follow up again with the rest16:27
jono"shorter list that usual this time" - code for "I didn't write me list up in time"16:27
* mhall119 never writes his list16:28
jonoguys, you should all prepare your lists16:28
mhall119 - Created a bunch of bugs for Unity integration with upstreams16:28
jonothe goal of these meetings is a comprehensive summary of your weeks16:28
jonodholbach, jcastro, dpm, balloons, mhall119 ^16:28
* mhall119 goes through his GTG closed items16:28
mhall119 - Worked with the ARB to define lens/scope packing requirements16:29
mhall119 - Started a Quickly template for writing Singlet lenses (packing the template for 12.04 with didrocks quite literally as we speak)(16:29
mhall119 - Posted current list of UGJ target activities to the wiki (please add items your teams would like worked on so we can post it on LTP)16:30
mhall119 - Fixed bugs in LTP for participating events counter (waiting deployment)16:30
mhall119 - General Lens/Scope developer shepharding16:31
mhall119any questions for me?16:31
dpmoh, I don't have a question, but I do have an item I forgot, which might be interesting to mhall119 as well:16:32
dpm- Talked to xdatap1 about a Quickly Qml template he had been working on - he just finished a first version on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Quickly/QtQuickApplication16:32
dpmso if anyone wants to try, give it a go!16:33
jonodpm, awesome16:33
jonogreat to see the range of templates in quickly16:33
jonoI am up next16:34
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
jono(Holiday yesterday, so shorter week)16:34
jono * General:16:34
jono  - Burndown looking good, but needs more attention. Growth has flattened a little. Everyone: please review your items at http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-precise/canonical-community.html16:34
jonoif everyone could take a look at this this week, that would be great16:34
jonodpm, dholbach, balloons, mhall119, jcastro - also could you review all the work items for community members related to your blueprints and do a little nagging :-)16:35
jonothanks :-)16:35
jono * Developers:16:35
jono  - Finalizing getting our metrics in shape. This week is all about the growth. :-)16:35
mhall119jono: since I wasn't on the team last UDS, which blueprints are mine?16:35
jono * App Devs:16:35
jonomhall119, oh, you and balloons don't need to16:35
dholbachmhall119, you can have some of mine16:35
jono  - Technical Board meeting to discuss removing the dependency requirement for scopes/lenses in Exras. It is back with the ARB for discussion.16:36
jonowe expect a response from the ARB on Friday16:36
jono  - Discussing app dev strat with David Pitkin, and requirements around marketing.16:36
jono * QA:16:36
cjohnstonmhall119: that means all of them16:36
mhall119quiet you16:36
jono  - Getting more the testing in place with Nick's on-demand testing.16:36
jono  - Standardizing around a manual testing UI for users and back end for developers.16:36
jono  - Fleshed out a testing vision for 12.10 in delivering tests to users of the development branch.16:36
jono...in a nutshell...you have an app indicator that tells you current testing needed, clicking on one installs the PPA for you and loads up checkbox with a set of manual tests for you16:37
jonothis is going to be a goal for 12.1016:37
jono * Upstreams:16:37
jono  - Upstreams target list is looking finalized. Now to focus on the outreach this week.16:37
jonomhall119 is about to become a upstream machine :-)16:38
jono  - Discussed d.u.c updates for the education piece of the developer on-ramp. dpm and mhall119 are on it.16:38
jono * Juju:16:38
jono  - Brainstorming and putting in place a series of outreach efforts. This week we are scoping these out.16:38
jono * Global Jam:16:38
jono  - Growing further awareness.16:38
jono  - Strategic call to put in place further plans for the coming week.16:38
jonodpm, dholbach, balloons, mhall119, jcastro, bkerensa, czajkowski I forgot to send out the notes, will send them out soon16:39
jono  - Going to plan an event this week.16:39
jono * Ubuntu Accomplishments:16:39
jono  - Spent a bunch of evenings and all weekend hacking. Having a good time. :-)16:39
jono  - Trophies are now signed, custom trophies are supported, and I fixed a bunch of bugs.16:39
jono  - Video demo at: http://www.jonobacon.org/2012/02/21/ubuntu-accomplishments-demo/16:40
jonoI am hoping to kick out a call for testing this week16:40
mhall119jono: you can make that a UGJ item16:40
jonoif you are on Precise and would like to test, mail me at jono@ubuntu.com16:40
jonomhall119, totally :-)16:40
jono * Other:16:40
jono  - More kernel testing for my weird wireless bug.16:40
jono  - Some further Precise testing: fresh install on my Accomplishments server to test...filed bugs.16:40
jono  - Finalized Mark Shuttlewoth keynote at OSCON.16:40
jono  - Some additional messaging plans around some Canonical work in other teams.16:41
jono  - Coordinating USC reviews with Joey from OMG.16:41
jonoand that is about it16:41
jonoany questions for me?16:41
jcastrois mariner still playing?16:42
jcastroit's a long song.16:42
jononow is Anata16:42
jonoany topics for discussion?16:43
jonoany general questions?16:43
jonoalrighty then16:43
jonolet's wrap it16:43
jonothanks everyone!16:43
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-community-team to: "Work Items: http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-precise/canonical-community.html || Community Trello: http://goo.gl/n4or5 (experiment) || Things to work on (in order): work items || dpm's channel: http://goo.gl/o2IR5"
meetingologyMeeting ended Tue Feb 21 16:43:59 2012 UTC.16:44
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meetingologyMinutes (html):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-community-team/2012/ubuntu-community-team.2012-02-21-16.01.html16:44
snap-lGojira - Vacuity16:44
jonosnap-l, :-)16:44
snap-l(via snakenet metal radio)16:44
snap-lWent to that from Tesla Summer Days16:44
snap-ltalk about spectrum opposites16:44
dholbachdpm, I didn't realise https://bitbucket.org/birkenfeld/sphinx/issue/561/configuration-option-store-translations-in was fixed16:54
* dholbach must have missed a memo16:55
dholbachapparently it's in precise's version of sphinx16:55
dpmdholbach, \o/ - it would have been great if the bug tracker there would have sent a notification, at least :/16:55
dpmI hadn't seen it, either16:56
dholbachif I get a bit of time again I'll see what we can do about it16:56
dholbachand finally translate the packaging guide in a sensible way16:56
jonodpm, all set?17:00
dpmjono, yep17:00
jonodpm, invite sent17:01
jonodholbach, G+ invite incoming17:31
dholbachyo yo17:31
jonodholbach, resent invite17:38
jonodholbach, you there?17:40
dholbach_alright my friends - see you tomorrow!18:00
bodhizazen'lo M0hi18:01
jcastrobodhizazen: heya18:24
jcastrobodhizazen: did someone from the us west coast link up with Lamont for the forums upgrade?18:24
bodhizazenjcastro: It is in process, was looking for an update myself, was very busy last week.18:29
jcastroany idea who knows what's going on?18:30
jcastrotechnoviking: do you know?18:30
bodhizazens-fox , posting a update to the FC mailing list (so I believe)18:30
jcastrok, holla at me if you need anything18:32
jonojcastro, ok one sec18:34
bodhizazenthanks jcastro18:34
jonojcastro, hangout sent18:36
jcastrotechnoviking: you have access, GO GO GO GO.19:00
jonoballoons, mind if I push our meeting back by 30 - I need a break19:00
jonobeen an insane morning of calls, emails, and pings19:00
balloonsjono, I don't have anything on the calendar for today.. but sure ;-)19:01
jonoballoons, hmm you should have our call now19:01
jonolet me check the invite19:01
jonoahh looks like you are not in my regular cal event19:01
jonoI will add you so you can see when it moves19:01
balloonsyea.. obviously I figured you would move it19:01
balloonsjust didn't know when/where19:01
jcastrojono: so they called and asked me if I could move my appointment up, so I'll be sliding that up an hour19:02
jonojcastro, np19:02
balloonsjono, so noon pst then for you?19:16
jonoballoons, today I put us in for a call in 13mins19:17
balloonsright.. lol.. let's confuse this a bit more.. are we speaking in 13 mins, or 45 mins?19:17
balloonsi do see the scheduled time now19:18
balloonsohh. lemme guess19:18
balloonsit was @ 11, and you moved it19:18
balloonsI think i'm caught up now19:18
jcastromhall119: heh I love how the ubuntu android thing's voice calling thing totally has buttons on it19:25
jcastroeven though we've said "no buttons on notifications" for about 3 years now, heh.19:25
jonojcastro, morphing windows dude19:28
jonothey exist19:28
jonothere was just never dev resources to finish them off19:28
jcastroI just want them like ... now.19:28
jonoballoons, invite sent19:31
balloonsjoining up19:32
balloonsi'll brb.. rebooting19:33
mhall119jcastro: yeah, I :( when I saw that19:38
jonoballoons, you there?20:03
balloonsx blew up.. coming bacj20:04
jonomhall119, ready when you arew20:26
jonomhall119, sending the invite20:30
jussiwhat is going on?!??!!! o.O20:37
jussiDaniel Holbach  -  22:33  -  Public It looks like even I might get a smart phone at some stage... ;-)20:38
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