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dholbachgood morning07:53
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mainerrorWhat do you guys think?18:55
mainerrorThe mission was to design a Google Plus logo for Ask Ubuntu.18:56
mainerrorIt should somehow have Ask Ubuntu elements and Google Plus elements.18:56
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cwt-bugsLaunchpad bug 397723 in Inkscape "Draw a chessboard in the background to know when alpha < 100%" (affected: 3, heat: 20) [Wishlist,Confirmed]20:12
mainerrorNice feature request.20:13
mainerrorIf I have an idea for an Ubuntu accessory, against which project would I file that bug?20:35
mainerrorsladen: -^20:36
sladenmainerror: http://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branding/+filebug?field.title=Idea+for+Ubuntu+accessory20:48
sladenmainerror: no guarantee that Canonical would be able to help, but I we can at least make sure that it's saved somewhere for discussion20:49
mainerrorSomeone pointed out that it might not be a bug but an idea which should be posted on Ubuntu Brainstorm.20:51
mainerrorIt would be nice to have an Ubuntu Frisbee. :)20:51
mainerrorThat is the idea basically. :)20:52
sladenmainerror: you should also put on there what you might be prepared to pay for it20:56
sladenmainerror: the design work should be easy (it's just the logo/circle of friends probably), but for turning it into a physical product you'll have to work out costings20:57
sladenand the business case20:57
mainerrorThe truth is, that I have no idea how much a Frisbee actually costs but because it would be an Ubuntu Frisbee I'd definitely pay more than for other Frisbees.20:58
sladengetting an orange frisbee of the correct colour will be hard;  so it might be easier to do orange ink silkscreened onto a white substrate20:59
sladenmainerror: well, would you pay $25 ?20:59
mainerrorNo no, that is why I proposed a white base with an orange CoF printed on it.20:59
mainerrorI guess I'd do.20:59
mainerrorSure orange plastic with a white circle of friends would be amazing as well but just very expensive in production.21:01
mainerrorHere are some mockups.21:18
mainerrorI like the second one.21:18
mainerrorThis is how it could look like on an orange substrate.21:37
sladenmainerror: probably better to individually attach them to the bug report so that they don't get lost22:14
sladenmainerror: they did look good though22:14
mainerrorSo you think I should file a bug report?22:18
sladenmainerror: I think you should file *something* more concrete than just raising it on ITC22:20
sladenmainerror: somewhere where it can be discussed, and found via Google22:20
mainerrorI did on Brainstorm. http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/29255/22:22
mainerrorJust not sure if that is the right place.22:22

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