angel2someone in?03:16
angel2I'd like to know, how can I add a spanish translation of an info file to the ubuntu community03:17
jbichaangel2: an info file for what?03:23
angel2it is a linux command from binutils03:24
angel2I have made a Spanish tranlation of this info http://sources.redhat.com/binutils/docs-2.12/gprof.info/03:25
angel2I had made a university project (a program) about that command, and I couldn't find any Spanish information as complex. So I decided to translate the best explanation I found: The info entry of gprof on March 200103:26
angel2there is any possibility to colaborate with it. I have the translation already done. I have tried to contact some spanish translator groups, but I have received no answer in an entire week03:28
angel2and that's why I have come here to find some answers :p03:28
jbichaangel2: I don't know a lot about translations, but I'd recommend you contact the binutils developers03:30
angel2thanks jbicha ;)03:34
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