airurandoonly just getting used to unity (I am slow to change)11:40
airurandoI am aware of global menus11:40
airurandobut I'm only seeing 'close-min-max boxes' on some of my applications under 12.0411:41
airurandois this right?11:41
airurandoI've seen this with X-chat gnome and thunderbird primarily11:45
airurandono top bar to move a window around on the screen11:45
airurandoI can grab the top bar in firefox to move the window around but again no 'close-min-max boxes' available.11:48
airurandoadvice anyone?11:48
slashtommyairurando: i think everyone is shying away from Unity11:51
airurandoI know slashtommy but I really want to give it a go11:51
* slashtommy is still using 10.04 here at work11:52
* airurando is also using 10.04 on his desktop11:54
tdr112just using ubuntu servers , windows dev laptop :(11:54
airurandonot to worry I'll plod along11:55
* ebel uses unity11:57
slashtommythere's such a thing as "windows dev"?11:57
czajkowskiairurando: not sure you should be seeing that11:58
czajkowskibut I do know a bug has been filed about some window issue i saw it earlier on from alanbell11:59
czajkowskiam loving HUD11:59
ebelslashtommy: parse error. (windows (dev laptop))11:59
ebelas opposed to ((windows dev) laptop)12:00
airurandoinstalling many many updates and a 'partial upgrade' now on 12.04.12:21
airurandosee it that makes any difference12:21

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