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dholbachgood morning07:53
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rogapsexcuse me, how can i get ubuntu  member cloak?15:10
ubottuUbuntu Membership means recognition of a significant and sustained contribution to Ubuntu and the Ubuntu community.  For more info see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership15:10
ubottuUbuntu Membership means recognition of a significant and sustained contribution to Ubuntu and the Ubuntu community.  For more info see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership15:11
k1lrogaps: first you need to become an ubuntu member (see bot msg). after that you can request a member cloak in this channel, just link your launchpad account15:11
rogapsi've already registered an ubuntu account15:13
Myrttibut are you a Ubuntu member? could you give a link to your launchpad page?15:13
rogapshere is my launchpad account https://launchpad.net/~rogaps15:14
k1lrogaps: please read the link the bot just showed. there is explained what an ubuntu membership is and how you could get one15:14
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dpmhey all17:58
dpmwe used to have ubottu or a similar bot in #ubuntu-translators, which was very helpful when referring to bugs17:59
dpmas it gave us the description, url, etc.17:59
dpmFor some reason that bot is gone, could someone help me bringing it back?17:59
pangolinjpds: ^ can you rejoin ubot4 to -translators ?18:02
pangolinor ubot2`18:04
zykotick9i realize this is going to cause some eye-rolls and groans.  I think the !piracy factoid alias, as well as using piracy in the factoid body should be reconsidered.  It really has nothing to do with ships on the high seas, and is a term that should be avoided.  Food for thought?18:41
pangolinyou being serious?18:42
zykotick9yes - does it sound like a joke?18:43
pangolinit does18:43
AlanBellzykotick9: I agree with you in principle, but in practice I think the current wording is more useful18:44
popeyI agree too18:45
popeyI hate the use of the word "piracy" to mean "illegal copying of files"18:45
zykotick9AlanBell: i can understand that.  I'd just like it considered ;)18:45
AlanBellit might be reworded to be more gramatically correct, which might involve dropping "piracy" from the factoid body, suggestions welcome18:46
AlanBellhttp://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi?search=piracy also, it has a number of more accurate aliases18:47
zykotick9AlanBell: copyright infringment just doesn't have the same ring does it?  I'm affraid I don't have a good replacement suggestion.18:47
zykotick9i typically use !warez myself18:48
AlanBellwell feel free to propose a slightly altered wording that doesn't include the word piracy or anything about ships, same for the !piracy on the end of the !hacker factoid18:54
zykotick9AlanBell: point taken.  If i can come up with something, i'll return.  Thanks though!18:54
UdontKnowhi, we have a troll in #ubuntu-br, can someone take a moment to talk to Thrun or just ban him please?20:54
UdontKnowthat same guy is evading as Fausto now21:27
PiciUdontKnow: someone banned him and they rejoined?21:35
UdontKnowPici: yes21:36
UdontKnowPici: now as TeuKueBon and just started flooding21:36
FuchsUdontKnow: as a minor sidenote, you could ask the operators to put us staffers on that access list, so in case of no operators around, you could poke us21:41
UdontKnowFuchs: sure, but I did it a few times already. it seems that they think ubuntu ops are enough21:50
Fuchssure, they are free to manage it as they like to :)21:50
UdontKnowFuchs: at some point, we were on the access list, back when I was staff21:50
Fuchsit was just a suggestion21:50
UdontKnowFuchs: I'll ask again21:50
UdontKnowand he's back yet again21:51
* Pici sighs21:55
Picinot a good time for me to need to get other work done ;)21:55
PiciAlanBell: all ubuntu members have ops there.21:55
Myrttiapart from us weirdos.21:58
Fuchshai Myrtti21:58
LjLAlanBell: kick him, then mute him, then wait for him to come back and see if he realizes he's muted :P22:05
Pici*!*ubuntu@* is a bit wide22:08
AlanBellyeah, and I got it wrong I think22:10
AlanBelloh, I can still see it right because I am opped up22:11
UdontKnowwell, thanks guys!22:22
UdontKnoweverything sorted now it seems22:22
AlanBellyeah, you might want to remove that quiet at some point, it blocks all live CD users22:24

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