dholbachgood morning07:53
paultagmhall119: your post sucks, I don't like it, it's not perfect, make it more like mine, or just start over15:07
paultagmhall119: (see what I did there? :) )15:07
paultagmhall119: and look, that's not critisim, so it doens't count! :)15:08
* mhall119 kicks paultag in a non-criticizing manner15:10
dholbachwho stole paultag's pills again?15:16
paultagdholbach: moin :)15:16
dholbachhey :)15:16
paultagdholbach: I can't believe they let me out :)15:16
dholbachyeah, same here15:17
paultagdholbach: mhall119: How's life these days?15:18
paultagMiss y'all :)15:18
mhall119paultag: can't complain15:18
mhall119(see what I did there?)15:18
paultagmhall119: ha!15:18
dholbachlife's good - I just wish spring would finally start - today it snowed again :)15:19
paultagI'm so jealous15:19
paultagwe've only got about 6 inches this whole season15:19
paultagin *new-frickn'-england*15:19
mhall119I feel your pain, it was 60F here this morning15:19
paultagI want to skii15:19
xdatap1dholbach, here today is quite sunny. it looks like early spring15:19
paultagerm, ski :)15:19
dholbachciao xdatap1 - grazie mille - I got your email15:20
xdatap1dholbach, at your service, sir :)15:20
* dholbach hugs xdatap115:20
* xdatap1 hugs back dholbach 15:25
paultagso, when are we getting debian PPAs? :)15:30
mhall119paultag: when we get servers to run them15:32
paultagmhall119: the farm's huge right now15:32
paultaghaving them per-request wounldn't be a huge load15:32
paultaghand out a couple to test and ramp it up with usage or something15:33
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
pvandewyngaerdehow can i add myself to the list of meeting chair users for a new teammeeting ? ( i am currently not listed)21:34
mhall119pvandewyngaerde: are you a member of the locoteam?21:34
mhall119have you logged into loco.ubuntu.com?21:34
mhall119we don't create the user record until you log in21:35
pvandewyngaerdeyes, i am logged in as pietervandewyngaerde21:35
mhall119then it gets your info, including team, from launchpad21:35
pvandewyngaerdewell, i dont see myself in the list21:35
mhall119hmmmm, strange, must be a bug then21:36
pvandewyngaerdeLogged in as: pietervandewyngaerde | My Teams | Log Out  it shows at the top21:36
mhall119pvandewyngaerde: are there any names in the list?21:36
pvandewyngaerdeon my teams, the team is listed21:36
pvandewyngaerdeeven some of my team21:37
pvandewyngaerdeand a whole lot who are not21:37
mhall119pvandewyngaerde: ok, file a but (there's a link at the bottom of the page) and we'll look into it21:37
pvandewyngaerdeonly 9 team members are listed21:38
mhall119pvandewyngaerde: are you talking about ubuntu-be?21:39
pvandewyngaerdebug 93819621:45
ubot2`Launchpad bug 938196 in loco-team-portal "I dont see myself as a possible chair for meetings of my team" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93819621:46
pvandewyngaerdemaybe i am one of the openid users with a nondescriptive name21:48
mhall119pvandewyngaerde: is this the first time you've tried to use the loco team poral?21:52
cjohnstonpvandewyngaerde: when was the first time you logged in21:52
mhall119if your username is visible at the top of the page, you're not one of the openiduser### people21:52
pvandewyngaerdeyes, the first time21:53
cjohnstonpvandewyngaerde: give it a couple hours and look again please21:53
mhall119cjohnston: he has a user record, but no profile, I thought we had it automatically creating profiles when it imported users21:54
cjohnstonmhall119: i dont think we ever did that21:55
mhall119oh, ok21:55
cjohnstonI could be wrong21:55
mhall119so he just needs to wait for the update-profiles cron to run again?21:55
cjohnstonI thought we never quite figured it out21:55
cjohnstonthats my thought mhall119 21:55
mhall119pvandewyngaerde: if it's not there in another hour, ping me again and I'll try to manually fix it21:56
cjohnstonmhall119: can you please merge https://code.launchpad.net/~chrisjohnston/ubuntu-django-foundations/bzr-apps/+merge/6818422:05
pvandewyngaerdewho can set the flickr_id and/or picasa_id ? 22:22
czajkowskipvandewyngaerde: any of the admins on the ltp 22:27
czajkowskior the person who create the event 22:27
pvandewyngaerdethere are none for ubuntu-be22:28
czajkowskipvandewyngaerde: have you create an event?22:31
czajkowskimhall119: cjohnston is there documentaiton on this somewhere?22:31
mhall119czajkowski: for creating the event?22:32
czajkowskihow to use the LTP 22:32
mhall119czajkowski: I'm afraid not22:33
paultagno docs makes paultag cry22:35
mhall119paultag: so write some, you have freetime now right?22:36
paultagmhall119: pfft, like hell I do  :)22:36
cjohnstonpaultag and czajkowski could work on that22:36
paultagmhall119: I've got two debian uploads pending, and about to apply for DD22:36
paultagmhall119: no to mention real $work, and side projects22:36
paultagand this debian PPA replacement for myself :)22:36
paultagcalled the gauntlet22:36
mhall119paultag: so what you're saying is that you've got a lot of waiting time on your hands, and would like to write some docs?22:36
paultagmhall119: what I'm saying is, I'm on overload and on a roll baby22:37
paultagto put it in meme terms: "Not now chief, I'm in the zone"22:37
* mhall119 doesn't know that meme22:37
paultagmhall119: srs?22:37
paultagmhall119: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5QJ9i_o5vo22:37
mhall119evidently I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to internet memes22:37
mhall119my wife is always informing me of this22:38
paultagwow, language22:38
paultagsorry, jeez, sorry. I forgot how bad that was22:38
paultagtotally NSFW, sorry guys22:38
paultagalso less funny now that I'm, well, sober and 3 years later22:39
paultagOK, I take that back22:40
czajkowskievery 2nd monday night I've a conf call,1st and 3rd tuesday evenings I've a ubuntu event online, every 2nd wenesday night I've a ubuntu call, every thursday I've a ubuntu meeting,fridays are me evenings, sundays confernece planning 22:40
paultagno docs make paultag cry :)22:40
cjohnstonso we can all agree that noone has time to make docs22:40
czajkowskicjohnston: nope just wondered considering dervelopers usually write when developing22:41
mhall119czajkowski: developers never write documentation, you know that ;)22:43
* paultag backs away22:43
mhall119it's against the rules of the sacred fraternal order of software coders22:43
czajkowskiI beg to differ but how and ever22:43
cjohnstonmore sacred fraternal orders? i cant handle more22:44
paultagI usually write docs for every major milestone22:44
paultagbut I don't usually write them when I'm changing a lot22:44
paultagbut I think czajkowski's point is mostly valid22:45
paultagno docs make paultag cry22:45
mhall119cjohnston: you don't count, you made a 3000 line diff, we kicked you out of the order22:45
cjohnstonno more coding for me22:45
mhall119yeah, now you can only do PHP22:45
cjohnstonworks for me22:45
cjohnstonhacking on WP is where i started22:45
paultagI've always had a soft spot for PHP22:48
paultagbut WP is just nasty22:48
pvandewyngaerdedid the update-profiles cron  run in the last hour ? 22:55
cjohnstonpvandewyngaerde: it should have22:56
pvandewyngaerdemaybe it needs another day22:59
mhall119pvandewyngaerde: try it now23:04
pvandewyngaerde1ok, thx23:06
pvandewyngaerde1works now23:06
pvandewyngaerde1thanks a lot, now if only i could find the manual ...  23:24
pvandewyngaerde1anyway, thats for tomorrow23:24
mhall1192/w 2423:46

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