tumbleweedl3on: looks good, I'll upload it. Please state your intention to nmu (nmudiff --delay=2) and pts-subscribe to the package (for a limited time)00:15
l3ontumbleweed, nmudiff --delay=2 ? how ?00:16
tumbleweednmudiff is like submittodebian, you run it inside the unpacked source00:17
ajmitchstgraber: does the isc dhcpv6 client work properly on ppp links?00:28
stgraberajmitch: no idea how ipv6 works on PPP, my guess is that the point to point /64 should be handled by ppp itself, then your /48 or /56 routed over it without using dhcpv600:29
* ajmitch saw a mailing list thread about ppp support in the isc client from august, there was a patch submitted back then00:30
ajmitchI know that dhcpv6 works with the wide-dhcpv6-client, as that's what I use at home00:30
ajmitchjust wasn't sure if the ipv6/ppp patch made it into the version you want tested :)00:30
stgraberah, ok, well, there were a lot of fixes for ipv6 in the new package, but if the patch was pushed in august, it likely made it to 4.2, not 4.100:31
l3ontumbleweed, bug debian 66004100:53
ubottuDebian bug 660041 in libcflow-perl "libcflow-perl: non-functional on i386: Not a CODE reference" [Grave,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/66004100:53
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WhoopieHi, what needs to be done that the vpnc package is synced from Debian?07:33
micahgWhoopie: requestsync -e -d unstable vpnc07:35
Whoopiemicahg: hehe, and who could do that? The Debian version now supports my Fritzbox router so that I don't have to maintain my own package in my PPA.07:36
micahgWhoopie: you can run that if you have ubuntu-dev-tools installed, it'll ask you to explain why it needs a feature freeze exception07:37
micahgthen if the release team approves, it'll go in the sponsorship queue07:37
Whoopiemicahg: ah, nice. Didn't know that. Thanks.07:38
micahgbeing that'd we'd much prefer stuff in distro than in PPAs, it will probably be approved07:38
micahgand that it's mostly bug fixes, we're right after feature freeze and a bunch of other reasons07:39
micahgbut IANA release team member, but will be happy to sync it once it's approved07:39
Whoopiemicahg: lp #937548 opened07:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 937548 in vpnc (Ubuntu) "FFe: Sync vpnc 0.5.3r512-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93754807:53
dholbachgood morning07:53
micahgWhoopie: thanks07:53
micahgdholbach: good morning07:53
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tkennedyHaving some issues with creating a binary package and the upstream tarball has one python script for creating documentation15:39
tkennedycan any one help me figure this out15:40
tumbleweedtkennedy: it helps if you tell us what the problem is15:40
tkennedywas just waiting for a response before I spit out the details....thansk for responding15:40
tkennedybasically when I run pbuilder I get this error:15:42
tkennedy/usr/bin/python "./html.py" -d . csd.xml > csd.html || (rm csd.html; exit 1)15:42
tkennedyTraceback (most recent call last):15:42
tkennedy  File "./html.py", line 15, in <module>15:42
tkennedy    import pprint15:42
tkennedyImportError: No module named pprint15:43
tkennedybut I can run that python script manually without issue15:43
tumbleweedwhere is pptrint.py?15:43
tkennedyit's appart of the python package15:44
tumbleweedoh, sorry :)15:44
tumbleweedone of those modules I don't use much15:44
tumbleweederr ever15:45
tkennedyI thought that maybe it was a dependancy that wasn't installed but it is15:45
tumbleweedare you build-depending on python?15:45
tkennedywell the main part of the package is native code15:46
tkennedybut there is just this python script to build the documentation15:46
tumbleweedright, so it needs python to build15:46
tkennedyso I guess in a way it would need python support in the control file15:46
tkennedybut there are other import modules in the python script that don't error out15:46
tumbleweedno, you don't need python-support if you aren't shipping python modules15:47
tumbleweedchances are you have python-minimal installed in your chroot, and that's why you can import some modules15:47
tkennedywell by support I meant dependancy15:47
tumbleweedbut your package must build-depend on everything it needs15:47
ScottKpython-minimal is essential in Ubuntu.15:47
ScottKSo it's certainly there.15:47
tumbleweedindeed :)15:47
tkennedyright. Like I said I can run the script manually and it runs just fine15:48
tkennedyI'm not sure why pprint module is causing this issue15:49
tumbleweedtkennedy: pprint isn't in python-minimal15:49
tumbleweedand you aren't build-depneding on python, which is what you need15:49
tkennedyso I need to add python to the list of dependancies then15:50
tkennedyok that got me past the python issue15:56
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tkennedyok having another issue now with pbuilder and building that same package.16:45
tkennedyNow I get this error16:45
tkennedycp: cannot stat `debian/tmp/usr/bin': No such file or directory16:45
tkennedydh_install: cp -a debian/tmp/usr/bin debian/openconnect//usr/ returned exit code 116:45
tkennedymake: *** [binary] Error 216:45
tkennedydpkg-buildpackage: error: fakeroot debian/rules binary gave error exit status 216:45
tkennedyE: Failed autobuilding of package16:45
tkennedymy rules file just has this16:45
tkennedydh $@ --list-missing16:45
tkennedyI know what the error means, but I'm not sure why it's trying to cp to a directory that it didn't create16:52
tkennedyI'm a noob to packaging...been reading the PackagingGuide for a few days16:52
tkennedywhat I'm trying to build is probably a bit advanced for a noob16:53
tkennedyJust in case someone is actually reading this I'll go over what I've been doing thus far.16:54
tkennedyI want to create a package for openconnect-3.15 to put in my PPA. So I downloaded the 3.02 source from universe like so:16:56
tkennedyapt-get source openconnect16:56
tkennedywhich got me openconnect_3.0216:56
tkennedythen I did uscan --verbose to get the latest code from the watch file16:56
tkennedythen I did uupdate to apply the latest code16:56
tkennedychecked the changelog like this dch -e16:56
tkennedyModified the control file to add python2.7 to the build dependancies16:57
tkennedythen ran debuild -S -sa16:57
tkennedythen ran pbuilder build openconnect_3.15-0ubuntu1.dsc16:57
tkennedythats when I get the error16:58
tkennedythe 3.02 source rules file expects to make two packages I think. one binary and one dev library.16:59
tkennedyI think I did away with that when I edited the rules file and just left the default rule in there for autobuild16:59
dholbachfor finding issues like this I'd recommend to build locally (just 'debuild' - not with pbuilder) to figure out what exactly was installed where and find which paths might have changed17:02
tkennedyit results in the same error17:03
dholbachsure, but you can inspect debian/tmp and see where files are actually installed to17:04
dholbachso you can update your debian/<binarypackage>.install files, etc.17:04
tkennedyso the debian directory reference would be within the source package correct?17:09
tkennedyor maybe it's under /tmp/source_name17:10
tkennedynevermind I found it17:11
tkennedyso under debian/tmp/ there is no bin directory17:16
tkennedyjust an sbin directory17:16
tkennedyso the old .install file for 3.02 has it getting installed in usr/bin but the debuild is putting it in usr/sbin17:18
tkennedywhy does debuild want to put it in usr/sbin rather than usr/bin17:22
tkennedyclearly the 3.02 Makefile has an install: section where it's copy to /usr/bin17:22
tkennedyso I guess I could fix this one of two ways. Either modify the newer Makefile.in and copy over the install: section from the old Makfile or edit the .install file under debian and change the path to /usr/sbin17:26
tkennedyI'm not sure which is the more correct way to go17:26
Ampelbeintkennedy: you should change the debian/install file, upstream most likely knows best where it's stuff should go.17:35
tkennedygood point. In the case of an upgrade would apt/dpkg auto remove the old version or do I need to take care of that in POST-INST script17:44
AmpelbeinIt would be automatic17:45
tkennedyok. thanks.17:49
tkennedyafter making the change to the debian/install file debuild ran without issue and created the package17:49
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stefanctbefore filing a FFE (or normal sync requests in the future) id like to compile the debian source package. i tried setting up a debian unstable mirror in sources.list and pinned the packages (via origin) to priority -10. the problem is now: how to tell apt-get source the right mirror? -t unstable does not work (Ignore unavailable target release 'unstable' of package ...)18:03
jtaylorstefanct: you should try and build it in ubuntu not unstable18:05
stefanctjtaylor: sure that's what i wanna do. but i thought getting the existing debian source package is the easiest way to get started?18:07
jtayloryou can get it easily with pull-debian-source from ubuntu-dev-tools18:07
jtaylordget'ing the dsc also works18:08
stefancti knew about dget, not pull-debian-source. great, thank you.18:08
orbisvicisI'm getting a bunch of "Cannot open: No space left on device" when building a package using pbuilder18:32
orbisvicissince none of my partitions are running out of space, I assume the chroot has a fixed size18:33
orbisvicishow do I increase it ?18:33
jtaylorpbuilder uses the root filesystem18:33
jtaylorsure there is enough space?18:33
orbisvicisi though it used whatever BUILDPLACE is, /var/cache/pbuilder/build/18:35
orbisvicisoh it is probably a write error (cannot open), pdebuild didnt obtain root privileges probably18:36
orbisvicisshouldn't it ask ?18:37
orbisvicisit seems to be a problem with dpkg-source called by dpkg-buildpackage called by pdebuild19:03
orbisvicisdpkg-source: info: building php5 using existing php5_5.3.6.orig.tar.gz19:06
orbisvicistar: php-5.3.6/scripts/dev/generate-phpt/tests/gtErrorTestCaseFunctionTest.php: Cannot open: No space left on device19:06
orbisvicishmm maybe I don't have space...19:12
orbisvicisprobably some xfs fragmentation issue19:12
sorenxfs fragmentation issue?19:35
orbisvicissoren: yeah not enough contiguous blocks for additional inodes19:46
broderhmm...i wish there was an easy way to generate a reverse-dependency tree for a single package20:04
broderi wonder if reverse-depends should do that20:04
broderi guess i can probably script it easily enough20:04
sorenbroder: apt-cache dotty?20:04
brodersoren: is there any way to filter that, though? i *really* don't care about the dependency graph for the whole archive...20:04
soren"apt-cache dotty <the package>"20:05
broderthat's forward dependencies20:05
sorenOh, you wanted rdeps. Sorry.20:05
tumbleweedbroder: that'd be best done server-side (reverse-deps)20:06
sorenbroder: In that case:20:06
brodertumbleweed: yeah, that'd certainly be better20:06
sorenbroder: apt-cache --recurse depends <whatever>20:06
tumbleweedand it would very easily get massive...20:06
broderwhoa...soren wins20:06
broder(--recurse rdepends also works)20:07
tumbleweedneat, didn' tknow that20:07
sorenTurning that into a queryable tree structure is left as an exercise to the reader.20:07
brodersoren: the tree isn't actually important. i mostly just want a list of packages20:07
sorenbroder: Sorry, meant rdepends of course. Mistyped :)20:07
broderso sort -u is sufficient20:07
sorenCool beans.20:07
sorenorbisvicis: You think that's more likely than being out of disk space?20:22
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jtaylorwtf hdf5 has a 7mb source package and a 13mb debian diff oO23:36
EvilResistancesounds like its huge :P23:36
jtayloromg uuencoded docs23:37
jtaylordoes arm{el,hf} have something equivalent to x86 cpu caches (L1-3=23:42
jtaylorbecause the pytables non86 failures seem to be related to their in memory compression for cache hit improvement23:45
jtaylorwould probably make sense to just disable that on those arches23:45
jtaylorunlikely to have much effect anyway on slower cpu's23:46
jtaylorffs "Unfortunately, you cannot disable blosc in PyTables"23:48

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