hggdhis there a known issue about Thunderbird eating up memory (like 4G in a few hours)?16:26
hggdhcuz I am collecting a valgrind run for it, and I would like to know if I should open the bug on LP or upstream16:27
micahghggdh: idk, that's certainly not normal19:24
hggdhmicahg: unfortunately, valgrind barfs on TB, stating it cannot deal with a generic clone() call19:33
hggdhso... unless there is another way of debugging it, it is off to claws-mail :-)19:33
chrisccoulsonhggdh, you're wasting your time running thunderbird in valgrind anyway ;)19:41
hggdhchrisccoulson: heh. My problem is TB incresing resident memory continuously -- I usually restarted it when it reaches 4 or 5 G20:25
JanChggdh: sounds like Firefox, Evolution, Compiz/Unity, ...?  ;)21:05
hggdhJanC: :-) to be honest, all of the others together do not add up to TB21:06
hggdhwell, *did* not add up, I gave up on TB for now21:07
JanCalthough it seems like Compiz got a lot better after recent updates in oneiric  \o/21:07
hggdhand chyphermox took care of nm-applet!21:07
JanCI mean, only 219 MiB resident memory after > 2 days of uptime, I almost don't recognize Compiz anymore  ;)21:08
hggdhoh yes, there is that indeed. What about X and lightdm? Here both are at ~120M, after 3 hours from reboot21:11

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