qwebirc63073can anyone tell me how to configure netflix in mythtv?00:39
qwebirc63073I have installed the plugins00:40
qwebirc63073but it doesn't show up in the frontend00:40
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dekarlwho can I tell to clean out link spam from bug reports by https://launchpad.net/~nickj-fox ?08:17
Zinn[launchpad.net] Nick Fox in Launchpad08:17
mrandfoxbuntu`: ^^^13:41
foxbuntu`dekarl, what link spam?15:56
foxbuntu`dekarl, I apologize if there is any, i had an issue with my gmail account awhile back which was tied to my lp account15:57
foxbuntu`dekarl, but that was quite awhile ago15:58
superm1the internets don't forget15:59
rhpot1991foxbuntu`: you are forever red flagged16:00
foxbuntu`rhpot1991, awesome...16:00
foxbuntu`can I delete old lp posts?16:01
rhpot1991I suspect you need to ask some lp folks to do that for you16:01
foxbuntu`was afraid of that...16:01
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dekarlfoxbuntu`: oops, just saw that its not 2012-02-22 but 2011-02-22 instead, sorry. these links in the comments: http://www.aq ua69. fr/ prod uct.p hp?a olID=6 x318:16
dekarljust saw them when I was browsing over mythtv/xmltv related tickets18:16
foxbuntu`dekarl, if you can point out specific comments in bugs I will ask the lp admins to delete them18:16
dekarlhere's a list http://paste.ubuntu.com/851665/18:19
Zinn[paste.ubuntu.com] Ubuntu Pastebin18:19
dekarlthey appear to be all from the 22nd18:20
foxbuntu`dekarl, thanks, I did catch and resolve the issue fairly quickly at the time... I will try to get the bad comments removed19:54
dekarlthanks, I was just wondering why there wasnt a "flag this comment for review" link.19:57
* foxbuntu` shrugs20:06
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foxbuntudekarl, they are removed20:51
rhpot1991for now20:54
rhpot1991until foxbuntu gets hacked again20:55
foxbunturhpot1991, go away!20:55
rhpot1991foxbuntu: have the internet make me :)20:55
foxbunturhpot1991, I didnt invent it like you...20:56
rhpot1991s/me/al gore/20:56
foxbunturhpot1991, well based on your comments I assumed you were Al Gore20:59
rhpot1991only when tgm4883 needs to discuss something21:00
franksterhi. I notice that the mythbuntu-lirc-generator could perhaps add some more mappings for mythtv. is anyone working on it at the moment?23:32
superm1frankster: no planned improvements atm23:34
superm1if you'd like to help add functionality though, we're certainly open to patches23:34
frankstermight have a look at it cos I've had to create a rc-map for my remote control which i'm hoping to add to the kernel but there are several events that aren't mapped that I think you would expect in the default configuration23:35
franksterof course its possible i've chosen really crap mappings for my remote control ;)23:36
franksteris there a mailing list to send patches to?23:38
franksteror what would I do with it?23:38
superm1frankster: send a merge request to launchpad for a branch with changes23:41
superm1and assign the reviewer as mythbuntu-dev23:41
Zinn[mythbuntu.org] Developer Cheatsheet | Mythbuntu23:42
Zinn[mythbuntu.org] Development | Mythbuntu23:42
superm1and that should help you get started23:42
superm1sure, np23:42

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