HiDeHoHi all i have a long outstanding ban from the main channel. i am not sure of the finer details, but i believe its something i have moved on from and gotten over. i used to be a loose unit in irc adn raved on like a freak. I woudl liek to be let back into this channel from time to tiem when i am using ubuntu. to chat generally about it. no other os even related ones like mint or debian descusion at all.00:20
pangolinGive me a minute to look up the ban, but just so you know #ubuntu is not a "chat" channel it is for support.00:21
pangolinif you want to just chat about ubuntu there is #ubuntu-offtopic00:22
pangolinHiDeHo: seems the last time you got banned was because of poor attitude and name calling of other users who tried to correct you when you gave wrong/bad advice. Does this sound like what you remember?00:24
HiDeHoit might have been back then i used to spend hourd up late on my computer liek till 3am so might have done that when over tired then. my fault for being on my comoputer that time i guess. its up to you and other ops if you want to give ma another chance but i understand if you dont00:28
HiDeHo* hours up late00:28
pangolinI am willing to remove the ban but before I do I want to make sure you understand that sort of behaviour is unacceptable in any ubuntu channels00:29
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines00:29
pangolinplease have a look at the guidelines and let me know if you understand and are willing to follow them00:30
HiDeHofrom my observing, you run a tight channel and one step over the line kick, ban out of there.  i understand why you need to be like that.00:30
pangolinI also need you to understand and acknowledge that #ubuntu is not for general chat of any kind, even ubuntu related. The channel is for support only.00:32
HiDeHopangolin: is there an oftiic channel you recomend for ubuntu users00:35
HiDeHosometimes there is a handy need for general chat between users00:35
HiDeHook thats good. a slight reminder to move there every now and then is good thanks00:36
HiDeHosometimes without meaning to general chat happens00:36
pangolinwell, that is the thing. I don't want to have to remind you to chat in the off topic channel.00:36
pangolin#ubuntu is for support. that is why we have #ubuntu-offtopic.00:37
pangolinSo, if you agree to follow the chanel guidelines I will be happy to remove the ban and let you join #ubuntu to get and give ubuntu support.00:37
pangolinHiDeHo: you still here?00:44
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Jordan_UAny idea why we've had a recent upsurge in people trying !list in #ubuntu?04:36
pangolinpossibly the fact that megaupload was shut down04:51
ubottuurfr332gO called the ops in #ubuntu (newcmury)05:36
SilverlionHiDeHo: hey there06:49
HiDeHohi i have read the rules in I've Been Redeemed as requested by pangolin earlier. I understand that i need to watch how i act I will read them from time to time to remind me.06:50
HiDeHoSilverlion: i asume you are one of the many ops06:50
SilverlionHiDeHo: i am one of the ops, yes06:51
HiDeHook well i agree to the guidlines ok06:51
pangolinHiDeHo: Please be aware that if we are forced to ban you again it will take a lot longer before we unban you.06:52
HiDeHono spamming, no cross posting, no dont use public away messages06:52
SilverlionHiDeHo: as i havent been present pangolin will take over06:52
HiDeHowhat are public awauy messages06:52
HiDeHoi want ot know what that is so i dont break it when in #ubuntu06:53
pangolinscripts that announce you are away in the channel06:53
HiDeHopangolin: i understand its been more than 6th month from what i recall since i ws baned anyway06:53
HiDeHosuch as06:53
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pangolinok, I removed the ban. Please rejoin #ubuntu and welcome back.06:54
HiDeHo-awayyou mean like that or06:54
pangolinthat too06:54
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pangolintry to avoid changing your nick often when in #ubuntu06:55
HiDeHo-afki woudl not term tha as bad but if you do i will respect06:55
pangolinthank you.06:55
HiDeHo-afkok what are public away messags you make it sound like its more06:55
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pangolinscripts that annouce you are away...06:56
* pangolin is away blah blah blah06:56
HiDeHothanks pangolin i will come in when i need assistance06:56
pangolinthings like that.06:56
HiDeHoi dont understand what scripts you mean06:56
pangolinthen don't worry bout it :)06:57
pangolinif you don't know you aren't using any06:57
HiDeHowell some peopel have there irc client such as xchat wet with an away message06:57
HiDeHo* xchat set06:57
HiDeHomaybe i am withoug knowing the terms06:58
Jordan_UHiDeHo: Using "/away Back in a few minutes" or similar should not cause any visible message in any channels in most clients by default. As long as it doesn't spam the channel in some way, it's fine.06:58
HiDeHook well i always appreciate a contact first pm email etc to explain things to me so i know whats up before bans etc06:59
HiDeHoi dotn get it when i use /awau be back soon it shows to others in a channel for me06:59
HiDeHoops have accesss07:00
bazhangno we dont07:00
Jordan_UWe are not Freenode staff (and I'm not sure if even most of them have access to email addresses that are hidden).07:01
pangolinI think freenode staff do but I am not sure about that07:01
Jordan_UWell, some of the Ubuntu ops are Freenode staff, but most aren't, and I certainly am not :)07:01
bazhangit's moot, knowing the channel guidelines is enough.07:01
Jordan_UHiDeHo: For minor things, and when dealing with users that don't have a history of causing problems, we do give warnings before a removal or ban. We will use reasonable discression though, and some things will get you banned without warning. If you follow the channel guidelines you should be fine.07:02
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pangolinHiDeHo: if there is nothing else please part this channel.07:07
Silverlionldunn ;) hi there09:07
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LjLikonia: tbh i don't see how telling someone how to reset their router in one line is detrimental to the channel...11:59
ikoniait's not12:00
ikoniabut it's also nothing to do with ubuntu, do one, you have to then (well, set a standard) that you do others12:00
LjLikonia: i would like to see a little bit more flexibility around here. you're very strict about things, to the point that you tell users who simply ask for a channel that we're not a phone directory... (about that, maybe you forget that #ubuntu is joined by default by Ubuntu clients, and how are people supposed to know better). in the same vein, i don't see how giving a single support answer to a router question can be worse than telling someone where a12:02
LjLchannel is, or reminding them of the rules, all of which are technically offtopic.12:02
ikoniaLjL: to be honest, yes I do12:02
ikoniaif you join a channel and start saying "where is the channel to talk about the hurd"12:03
ikoniawhat's the point ?12:03
ikoniawe are not here to be a channel re-direction service12:03
ikoniathe whole point of the channel is ubuntu support, I don't believe we should be helping people hack their router (or reset their password) helping users find random channels that are nothing to do with the project12:03
ikoniathat's what #freenode is for, #defocus channels like that12:03
LjLikonia: then tell the developers to make the IRC clients stop joining #ubuntu by default.12:04
ikoniamay as well make the channel Ubuntus channel for generic help and IRC guidence12:04
ikoniaLjL: an interesting suggestion with pros/cons12:04
LjLin my opinion you just end up getting decent helpers frustrated by shouting at them that they can't do this and can't do that.12:05
ikoniathere is just a guy asking "how do I hack my router"12:05
ikoniathere is no decent helper helping12:05
ikoniaI see what you are saying, but then lets drop the topic and just have it as Ubuntus generic help channel12:05
ikoniaas you can't help one guy crack his router, and then say to another guy "no sorry, no here"12:05
LjLikonia: feel free to tell the guy asking "how do I hack my router" that it's not appropriate here, but there *was* someone decently and helpfully telling him how he could reset his password, and you told them off.12:07
ikoniaLjL: because that said guy constantly offers non-ubuntu help (hence why said I've asked you before)12:07
LjLseriously, i often give short offtopic suggestions usually followed with a "but the right channel for that would be ##whatever"12:07
ikoniathat user is welcome to pm him and help him after I made it clear it wasn't in the channel12:08
LjLi'm not going to stop doing that12:08
ikoniaI don't expect you to do that12:08
ikoniapointing someone in the right direction is different to "let me walk you through it"12:08
ikonia!wtf > Pharaoh12:58
Silverlionikonia: ???12:59
ikoniaI'm asking ubottu to send a private message to the user Pharaoh13:00
Silverlion!wtf > Silverlion13:01
ubottuSilverlion, please see my private message13:01
Silverlionah ok, got it ^^13:04
bazhang<subthalamus> NyLes: have u ever compiled nv drivers?14:17
bazhangdoes that seem prudent?14:17
Silverlionbazhang: what does prudent mean?14:19
bazhangwise/ a good choice etc14:20
Silverlionbazhang: i have read the logs of ubuntu. honestly i would have asked the same question to know how much NyLes knows about the topic14:21
bazhangexactly Silverlion , he's a very new user14:21
Silverlionbazhang: which is totally ok for me14:22
Silverlioni do ask the persons such questions myself to know how simple i have to explain things14:22
bazhangfrom Austria.  heh14:43
bazhangodd the -meta has not marked a question for a good long while now14:52
bazhangLjL, is that predicated on there being a ? in the question?14:53
LjLbazhang: no, the ? is not necessary14:53
LjLit helps though14:53
LjLbazhang: but remember it doesn't show questions that were answered within 3 minutes14:54
AlanBelldoes answered mean someone spoke to the questioner by name?14:54
LjLAlanBell: yes, unless the answer is detected to be another question14:55
LjLif you want ALL THE QUESTIONS, they can be seen in #metabot14:57
ikoniaLjL: did you write this from scratch ?14:57
LjLikonia: yes, but i used "ifile", a bayesian classifier, to do the actual work14:58
bazhangsidney_ claims not to have a sources.list16:27
ikoniahe is telling lies or has deleted it16:27
bazhangno response to asking what version returns16:28
ikoniathat's his sources.list16:29
ikoniaI'm sure you can see why he's not keen to answer your questions16:30
bazhangooh nice catch from #debian16:30
bazhangno idea why they would crosspost from there16:30
ikoniabecause he didn't get it fixed16:30
ikoniaso is now asking in another channel as people where getting fed up with him in #debian16:31
bazhang* RenatoSilva (~nouser@
bazhanghe's got a history of being very brusque such as that16:38
ikoniajust forward him here and have a chat with him16:39
ikoniait's common for people to "have to go" and /part after making that sort of comment16:39
Picinever odd or even17:35
popey\o/ correct date format17:36
jribthere's no 21st month, I'm so confused17:50
UdontKnowhi, we have a troll in #ubuntu-br, can someone take a moment to talk to Thrun or just ban him please?20:51
oCeanUdontKnow: we don't handle loco channels. Try #ubuntu-irc20:54
UdontKnowah, k20:54
UdontKnowoCean: thanks for the tip20:54
oCeanunless there's a -br-ops, but I don't think so20:54
LjLof course the one saying "don't feed the troll" is the one who fed them in the first place21:41
ubottuIn #ubuntu, someonenew said: !ubottu is http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/android a chroot or a layer?22:44
Myrttiso which channel can we point these people to?22:45
Myrttipopey ^22:46
popeysure ☺22:48
Myrttiis there any better place?22:50
* popey shrugs23:08
popeyits _not_ Ubuntu Phone23:08
popeyI dont think there is a _good_ place for it23:08
LjLwill bazhang want them?23:32

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