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pittiDaviey, Laney, ScottK, slangasek: do you still consider multiarching libraries FFE material? (I'd like to merge poppler with Debian to get multiarch)13:39
ScottKAt this point I'd say the more the better, but the big question is how it affects rdepends.13:39
pittimy feeling was that it was FFE material for natty, but now we are confident enough with it13:40
pittiScottK: how could it affect rdepends? It's not a special case like gstreamer or gio, it's just a simple .so13:44
ScottKI know when Qt was multiarched since the libraries were it different locations, some of the rdepends installed files in different locations.13:45
ScottKThis meant .install files needed updating.13:45
ScottKUsually it was minor (changing a / to /*/), but the trick was finding them.13:45
ScottKI'm not sure if that would be a concern for other libraries or not.13:46
seb128it's not for standard libs13:46
pittiwe certainly did have this case for e. g. gstreamer plugins13:46
seb128qt and gtk are special that they have optional .so they can load13:46
seb128or gst13:46
pittior input methods13:46
seb128but popple doesn't have anything like that13:46
ScottKI think it's ok then.13:48
Davieypitti: A core library, *maybe*.. an optiional library doesn't concern me.13:51
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Laneypitti: are you ok with doing GHC ~14:53
Laneybuilders seem as quiet as they'll get14:53
pittiLaney: seems fine, yes14:56
pittithe test rebuild is done14:56
Laneyiulian: want to fire ze missiles?14:56
Laneyi'll mail letting everyone to know that it should be done by syncs whenever possible14:56
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bjfpitti: (FYI) bug 931813 reports firewire modules copied to universe instead of main (i verified)15:29
ubot2`Launchpad bug 931813 in kernel-sru-workflow "linux-lts-backport-oneiric: 3.0.0-16.29~lucid1 -proposed tracker" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93181315:29
pittibjf: fixed, thanks16:11
slangasekpitti: even for standard libs, revdeps that are Doing It Wrong can FTBFS because of the path change16:22
pittislangasek: certainly16:23
pittislangasek: so would you think we rather stop multiarchification at this point?16:24
slangasekpitti: I think it's subject to FFe :)16:28
slangasekfor things like merges where it's already done in Debian and it would otherwise go in, if it's done early I think we can reasonably make an exception16:28
iulianLaney: I'd appreciate it if you could take care of uploading GHC. If you're busy, then I can deal with it on Thursday when I get back home.18:21
Laneyiulian: OK I will see what I can do, but I do not think I will have the energy to carry the transition completely through so help is appreciated. I'll mail devel probably.18:56
Laneythe Debian graph is still a fair bit more red than I expected18:56
iulianLaney: I will do as many uploads as I can in the weekend. I just don't have time to work on GHC right now.19:03
Laneythe weekend is pretty bad for me19:04
Laneyrunning these transitions is pretty emotionally tiresome; I wish computers could just take care of it already19:05
Laneyof course I should put up and implement binNMU in Launchpad rather than complaining19:06
iulianIndeed. :)19:06
iulianNo worries, we'll be done in no time.19:07
Laneyuntil the next time19:07
iulianOnly if the buildds can keep up with me.19:07
Laneyfish and chips for dinner will perk me up19:07
* Laney bikes off into the sunset19:07
infinityLaney: I'm sure I can help with a GHC transition (and I'm not sure how binNMUs make it particularly simpler, except when someone screws up timing)19:37
Laneyinfinity: not having to rev the source revision, build, sign, upload manually20:09
Laneyinfinity: smarter depwait would probably help more, granted20:09
infinityLaney: Yeah, I've never found the uploading bit onerous.  Maybe I'm weird.20:10
Laneyhaving looked at the Debian graph, I think that would be a good place for me to focus my efforts if somebody else will do the merge and initial sync pass(es)20:12
infinityLaney: If you have a list of what needs merging/uploading, I can certainly help.  I've not really been paying attention to GHC since the last transition.20:12
Laneyinfinity: merge ghc, haskell-devscripts and then sync everything else in the standard order20:14
Laneyit should really all be syncs in this case because we needed arch:all rebuilds this time20:15
infinityDo we actually need a ton of syncs, or will rebuilds do?20:15
infinityAnyhow, the "merge GHC" bit might be touchy (unless it's a simple merge?), but happy to do the rest.20:15
Laneysome will have required patches, but in general either is fine20:16
infinityIf it's not a rocket surgery merge, I'll poke at that this afternoon.20:16
Laneythe GHC diff should not be too hard, some linker stuff from doko20:16
infinityOh, the linker stuff is right up my alley. :P20:17
Laneyquite :-)20:17
infinityIt's mostly a "do I have to speak fluent haskell?" thing.  Cause Haskell gives me aneurysms.20:17
Laneyoh, no, it's m4 I think20:17
* micahg can help with rebuilds also20:40
Laneyyou saints!20:41
iulianUh oh!20:53
cyphermoxcan someone please confirm that the fix for bug 176125 is alright to upload now that we're in FF -- I already included the necessary patch but had forgotten to reset the default value for enabling privacy extensions to TRUE22:34
ubot2`Launchpad bug 176125 in network-manager "Ubuntu should activate the IPv6 privacy extension by default (echo 2 >/proc/sys/net/ipv6/conf/all/use_tempaddr)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17612522:34
stgraberit's a regression from what we had a few weeks ago isn't it?22:35
ScottKcyphermox: Please fix it.22:35
cyphermoxstgraber: yes22:35
ScottKEither way, I think lack of privacy extensions is a bug.22:36
slangasekcyphermox: I agree, bug -> squash it22:36
cyphermoxit is indeed a regression, with just procps this was already set to use privacy extensions since at least january, perhaps earlier22:36
cyphermoxcool, just being thorough22:36
cyphermoxso this I'll upload in a minute with a few other fixes22:37

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