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lifelesshallyn: around? mountall barfing again for me in lucid-lxc02:43
lifelessdpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/mountall_2.15.3_i386.deb (--unpack):02:43
lifeless unable to make backup link of `./lib/init/fstab' before installing new version: Invalid cross-device link02:43
twblifeless: what's your /proc/mounts look like02:49
twbpref. both inside and outside the container02:49
lifelesstwb: http://paste.ubuntu.com/850850/02:50
lifelessin, then out02:51
twbHm, btrfs has a limit on ~30 hard links in one dir, this causes problems for at least git package upgrades...02:51
twbWhere is it backing up lib/init/fstab *to*?02:52
twbIt's dpkg doing it, right?  We are not talking about the postinst02:52
lifelessI assume so02:53
lifelessUnpacking replacement mountall ...02:53
lifelessdpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/mountall_2.15.3_i386.deb (--unpack):02:53
lifeless unable to make backup link of `./lib/init/fstab' before installing new version: Invalid cross-device link02:53
lifelessErrors were encountered while processing:02:53
lifelessls -l /lib/init/fstab02:53
lifeless-rw-r--r-- 0 root root 444 2011-08-11 18:27 /lib/init/fstab02:53
lifelessstat /lib/init/fstab02:54
lifelessDevice: fc07h/64519d    Inode: 87044329    Links: 002:54
lifelessregular file02:54
twbIs that saying it has 0 hard links ot 444 hard links?03:01
twbThat's weird, the 0 should be a 103:01
twbOn my debian 2.6.32 system running btrfs, /etc/fstab for example has a 1 in that column, indicating one instance of the inode on the filesystem.  If it was hard-linked it'd say "2", but why would it ever say 003:02
patdk-lapin what column?03:09
twbAfter the DAC, second column03:12
lifelesstwb: 0 links03:12
twbIt can't have 0 links03:13
lifelesstwb: I'm not running btrfs :P03:13
twbIf you just touch a file, that file has a link03:13
lifelessjust reporting what is there ;)03:13
patdk-lapwhat if it's a deleted file?03:14
twbpatdk-lap: in that case maybe03:14
patdk-lapsince btrfs doesn't really delete a file03:14
twbBut if it's deleted it won't appear in the dirent03:15
lifelesswhat does btrfs have to do with it ?03:15
patdk-lapdunno, twb said running btrfs03:15
twblifeless: I am just doing a knee-jerk reaction to btrfs + hard links03:15
lifelesssure, but I'm running ext4....03:15
twbThat's not what the paste said03:15
lifelessthats /dev/sde-103:16
twbOh, /media/tb1-2 only, never mind all the noise03:16
lifelessmy external drive with a copy of archive.u.c on it03:16
twbThe 0 links is still very odd tho03:16
twbit's a file bind mount or something -- look at line 1403:17
twbThat's fucking WEIRD03:17
BuenGenioafter log rotation apache for some reason will stop writing to the new log file, until I do a manual restart (service apache2 restart)03:17
twbI've never seen that before03:17
BuenGenioany idea?03:17
twbBuenGenio: logrotate is supposed to tell apache to reload03:17
twbBuenGenio: if that doesn't happen automatically your logrotate <--> apache interaction is broken03:18
twbBuenGenio: this is because apache opens the log file and keeps writing to it forever, so after rotation it is still writing to the rotated file; with most daemons (dunno about apache) you send it a HUP which tells it to close and reopen the log file based on path, i.e. it opens the new log file03:19
FainaUkrainasorry got disconnected03:21
FainaUkrainaso is it an Ubuntu thing with logrotate?03:22
twbFainaUkraina: no it's a unix-wide thing, everything that rotates logs needs to do this03:22
FainaUkrainayes, I understood it needs a HUP, but why does ubuntu not send it?03:23
twbIt should03:23
twbPresumably you broke it somehow03:23
qman___yeah, apache has proper log rotation in a default install03:58
qman___it should 'just work' unless you go and change it03:58
funkysmellhello. I have access to ubuntu server, but only via ssh. I have sudo access. I need to change the proxy settings on the server so I can use wget. any help would be awesome05:53
funkysmellwhere wold i find the proxy details?05:54
twbfunkysmell: http_proxy=http://proxy:8080/05:57
twbCLI tools usually honour that environment variable; e.g. w3m, curl, wget do.  Most GUI browser do not, because they have stupid fat heads.05:58
twbAs with other environment variables, you need to either put it in front of the command you want to run, or export it.05:58
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funkysmelltwb: Cheers, I'll try it an let you know06:17
uvirtbot`New bug: #930252 in squid3 (main) "squid3 crashed with SIGABRT in fatal_dump()" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93025207:58
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koolhead17hi all08:16
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iclebytewhere could I grab the source code for the version of 'login' installed on ubuntu 10.04lts ?09:08
uvirtbot`New bug: #937613 in openldap (main) "Segmentation fault in libc" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93761309:16
kaiiclebyte: apt-get source login ? or somesuch09:50
RoyKiclebyte: use dpkg -S to find the package containing the binary and then apt-get source to grab the source code10:13
iclebytei got it thanks.10:21
iclebyteis it possible to lock telnet down to only specific users?10:22
larsemilFatal: device-mapper: mapped boot device cannot be on multiple real devices10:22
larsemilwhat to do ^^10:22
larsemilthat is when running depmod10:22
rbasakjamespage: I've just written a tool that recurses down reverse build depenencies. The transition is now 206 packages.10:33
jamespagerbasak, 206?10:34
rbasakjamespage: maybe I've made a mistake10:34
jamespagerbasak, hrm - maybe10:34
jamespagethat sounds huge10:34
lynxmanmorning o/10:35
eutheriais /var/backup for general purpose use?10:36
TeTeTafter upgrading from 10.04 to Precise, the vm's managed through libvirt are gone. Do the config files need to be changed?10:44
smbTeTeT, which part was upgraded the VM host or the machine running them? And what VM type KVM or Xen?10:48
TeTeTsmb: the host was upgraded, kvm in use10:50
TeTeTmore details: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/851214/10:51
rbasakjamespage: does this look reasonable? http://paste.ubuntu.com/851215/10:52
smbTeTeT, Ok, not sure where managed instances are saved in the KVM case. Though the virsh list seems to show some, but I guess those you did re-create?10:53
smbTeTeT, Oh, actually I guess they should be in qemu dir you listed... :-P10:54
jamespagerbasak, it looks like to much10:54
smbTeTeT, Let me check something on a local machine...10:55
jamespagewe only need to transition packages that actually depend on libopenmpiXX10:55
TeTeTsmb: yes, I created a few new ones10:55
smbTeTeT, Could you pastebin (or put onto chinstrap) one of the non-working configs?10:56
TeTeTsmb: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/851226/10:58
smbTeTeT, Hm, ok. Odd. At least looking quickly the format seems still the same here. Would there be anything interesting in /var/log/libvirt/libvirtd.log?11:02
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TeTeTsmb: full of this error type: 2012-02-20 07:58:57.850+0000: 1278: error : virDomainDefParseXML:7542 : unsupported configuration: Only the first console can be a serial por11:04
smbTeTeT, Hm, at least there seems to be the console section listed twice in the xml you pasted...11:06
TeTeTsmb: seems the console has been changed11:06
tjaaltonzul: hey, are you planning to merge samba from debian, 3.6.2 seems to include a bunch of bugfixes (.3 just one CVE)11:06
TeTeTsmb: yep, the old vms use two time console, the new one serial and console11:07
smbTeTeT, ok that probably should be handled more gracefully on upgrade... I guess when you can verify that changing one of those to serial does fix it to be displayed this could be considered a bug in the upgrade...11:08
TeTeTsmb: worked for one vm so far, haven't changed the others11:11
smbTeTeT, Ok, well have not heard about it yet. MAybe needs a bug still. Btu I try to remember to bring it up in the meeting today. If there is nothing coming up before11:13
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TeTeTsmb: but is filed, bug 931350, strangely I did not get bug emails from it11:13
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 931350 in libvirt "vms missing after upgrade from Lucid to Precise" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93135011:13
smbTeTeT, Weird indeed...11:15
* smb has to physically transfer his entity... (->afk)11:16
lx-berlinhi, anyone here? I have a ubuntu software RAID 1. I just booted the computer and everything was fine. Then i did a "sudo apt-get update" and then "sudo shutdown -r now". After the restart mdadm started a rebuild. This is not normal, right?11:19
eutheriai am struggling to load my system to generate a pgp key11:44
eutheriai wonder if it is because it is a vm11:45
patdk-lapwell, you need random data11:46
patdk-lapand vm's have less random data11:46
patdk-lapcause more interrupts and other things, network traffi, ...11:47
eutheriawould running stress help?11:47
eutheriait hits the cpu and disk11:47
eutheriaoh why didn't i generate it on the host11:48
patdk-laprng-tools is the quik method11:48
eutheriawell the rngtest seems to help11:52
eutheriaoh weird the number went down then up11:54
eutheriawow that was difficult12:08
zultjaalton: it would hvae been done yesterday but i was on holiday ill get to it today but its assigned to someone else12:48
tjaaltonzul: cool, nice to hear (just happened to bump into the relnotes of 3.6.2, that's all)13:00
jamespagehallyn, utlemming - really like the ubuntu-cloud lxc template - works really nicely13:10
husienhello guys.. i'm trying to intall ubuntu server 11.10 into my VmWare workstation8. and i got tis --->> Warning :file:///cdrom/pool/main/v/vim/vim-tiny_7.3.154+hg~74503f6ee649-2ubuntu3_i386.deb was corrupt14:16
husienWarning :couldn't download package vim-tiny (ver 2:7.3.154 +hg~74503f6ee649-2ubuntu3 arc i38614:16
husienredownload the ubuntu server 11.10 and burn the iso with 3 diffrent software. still got the same problem.. ermmmmm...14:17
pmatulishmm, just upgraded a lucid server and the language pack for Firefox was brought in...14:17
zulDaviey: hey did you have a look at the merge yet?14:18
koolhead17husien: can you do md5 checksum for the ISO integrity?14:19
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koolhead17husien: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto  this doc will help you :)14:22
eutheriawhat would be the 'best' way to backup a mysql server?14:28
koolhead17eutheria: backup as in?14:31
eutheriawell i was just going to mysqldump it all14:32
eutheriabut i just thought i would ask the question and see if someone said, the magic tool that gives all options is14:33
koolhead17eutheria: i would use mysqldump too :14:33
husieni using winMd5sum to cheksum the Iso..  MD5SUM-->>881d188cb1ca5fb18e3d9132275dceda compare 881d188cb1ca5fb18e3d9132275dceda the result is same..14:47
koolhead17husien: where did you get  881d188cb1ca5fb18e3d9132275dceda ? From the ubuntu download page?14:51
eutheriakoolhead17, i found a package that does some mysql back automation, i will see if it is any good14:52
koolhead17eutheria: what is it called. i am curious too :)14:53
eutheriait isn't doing much, but i just wanted something that i could do an apt-get install on and have backups done quickly14:54
geekbriI seem to be having an issue where a user with a nonstandard home directory in 10.10 isn't reading properly from .bashrc or .profile.  Anybody have any experience with this issue?  I tried setting JAVA_HOME in both of those and it is always blank when i sudo -i -u user or su - username.  If i set the JAVA_HOME once I am logged in as the user it works fine...14:54
RoyKeutheria: mysqldump > some-file, backup that file14:54
koolhead17husien: how about installing the package from repository, incase you have internet access on the VM once installed?14:55
eutheriaRoyK, more like dbs = `mysql -e 'show databases` for db in dbs: mysqldump --opt --rountines etc etc14:55
RoyKeutheria: or --all-databases ...14:56
RoyKeutheria: I never specified opts - that's up to you ;)14:56
eutheriaRoyK, i like to have a .sql file of each db,14:56
eutheriai just wanted something that would do that for me14:56
eutheriai've written that backup script so many times and forgot about it so many times :)14:57
RoyKit takes like two minutes to write that shell script...14:57
eutheriatakes 10 seconds to apt-get install autobackupmysql14:57
RoyKheh - use a private source repository14:57
RoyKeutheria: plus the time to find it plus the time to configure it?14:58
eutheriaconfigured out the box14:58
eutheriai know it know so done :)14:58
eutheriaerr now14:58
* RoyK mutters something about laziness14:58
eutheriaall good programmers are lazy14:58
RoyKeutheria: and all operations personel like to be in control14:59
eutheriai have things to do :)15:00
eutheriathis is why i have a pfsense firewall these days and not iptables15:01
eutheriai went nuts and it is virtual pfsense firewall15:01
husienkoolhead17: now i know what the problem.. its my VmWare..!!! damn.. lol :) .. ok i going to reinstall this first and reboot my pc... big thanks koolhead17...15:01
koolhead17hi robbiew15:01
eutheriaubuntu is my ldap/dns and db servers15:01
robbiewhey koolhead1715:01
koolhead17husien: your welcome :)15:01
koolhead17eutheria: whats final verdict then :D15:02
Davieyzul: not as yet, can you resend me the details pls?15:02
eutheriakoolhead17, well it seems to do a good job, you get a daily, weekly and monthly folders15:02
eutheriaok i am going a little nuts using duplicity to make a backup of this data on top15:03
zulDaviey: sure lp:~ubuntu-server-dev/{nova,keystone}/debian-merge15:03
eutheriabut i think what i will do with duplicity is have only 1 weeks worth of backups15:03
eutheriaand this way i have 1 months worth of mysql dumps15:04
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uvirtbot`New bug: #937869 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (universe) "5.1.x security update tracking bug" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93786915:46
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uvirtbot`New bug: #932466 in glance "glance db migrations deadlock against precise mysql server" [Low,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93246616:33
smoserDaviey, re bug 924375, i think i'm waiting on something from maas team on what i'm supposed to take in.16:39
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 924375 in cloud-init "cloud-init should allow pre-seeding of ec2 datasource:Ec2:metadata_urls" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92437516:39
smoserpre-seeding ec2 data source might be generally useful, but wouldn't be used.16:39
smoserthe maas one is what is important (and there is nothing for maas now).16:40
Davieysmoser: just a url?16:46
smosermaas will need cloud-init to do oath i think16:46
Davieya fully qualified url, not wildcard?16:46
Davieysmoser: oh, bollox16:46
Davieysmoser: ok, let me get back to you.16:46
jMCgHey folks, I'm failing to build the latest qemu-kvm package (deb-src from precise) on oneiric: http://dpaste.com/706381/ -- anyone know a good reason why this is failing -- or the right channel to ask this?16:48
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jMCgw00t. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList?highlight=%28CategoryIRC%29 >> I guess #ubuntu-packaging16:51
hallynjMCg: did you 'debian/rules build' first?  looks like the configure step wasn't done, so i suspect not16:54
smbSpamapS, Daviey About that CEPH thing: nobody from the kernel team had been aware. And given its feature freeze by now there probably needs to be a very good argument to get anything done, if it is required.16:54
jMCghallyn: ACK.16:55
SpamapSsmb: no changes are needed16:55
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SpamapSsmb: the large xattr stuff is an optimization16:56
smbSpamapS, Ah, ok. Leann is crafting an email to clearify things. But it sounds as those then get at least postponed16:56
SpamapSsmb: the better optimization is to just use BTRFS, which is what upstream recommends.16:56
SpamapSsmb: yeah, lets make sure it gets on the TODO for precise+116:57
smbSpamapS, And assigned to something that we are aware off :)16:57
BrixSathello i have seted up debian on a hp server with raid1 by software and after all the install i dont get grub :( (no boot at all)17:04
BrixSat*ubuntu 64bits :)17:04
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koolhead17so new version of apache server releases :)17:37
goddardhow can you test the connection speed of your server?17:44
goddardrealiably :D17:44
goddardif they say you have a 100Mbit connection when can you call them a liar ?17:44
andolgoddard: Well, first of all they really have to define to at what point they promise 100Mbit...17:49
uvirtbot`New bug: #937987 in squid3 (main) "squid is loosing cache data when restarting" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93798717:51
goddardandol: well first i have to test the speed because that is the funnest part18:04
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SpamapSutlemming: hey are you aware of issues with the precise cloud images?18:15
SpamapSutlemming:  libc6-xen : PreDepends: libc6 (= 2.13-24ubuntu4) but 2.15-0ubuntu2 is to be installed18:15
SpamapSutlemming: looks like they maybe got created half-way through a glibc update?18:16
utlemmingSpamaps: No, this is the first that I've seen of it.18:16
* utlemming looks18:17
utlemmingSpamapS: are you using yesterday's image or todays?18:17
SpamapSutlemming: checking18:18
SpamapSin us-east-118:19
utlemmingthat's the alhpa2 release image18:20
utlemmingSpamapS: do you have a bug number on that?18:20
SpamapSwe use http://uec-images.ubuntu.com/query/ in juju ..18:20
SpamapSutlemming: yes it was reported in juju first.. hang on18:21
utlemmingwhat is the full query string that you're using?18:21
SpamapSutlemming: looking that up18:23
SpamapSutlemming: I think it might be released.. which would explain the issue18:23
utlemmingSpamapS: ack18:23
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utlemmingSpamapS: that's what I am thinking18:24
SpamapSutlemming: is the alpha2 image known to be totally broken?18:24
utlemmingSpamapS: not that I've seen18:24
utlemmingwhat is the JuJu bug so I can get some context here18:25
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 937889 in juju "Hang on "juju status" with EC2 and Precise" [Undecided,New]18:25
utlemmingSpamapS: logs?18:26
SpamapSutlemming: I've got an affected instance up18:27
SpamapSutlemming: imported your key on the instance I just msg'd you18:28
uvirtbot`New bug: #937941 in puppet (main) "Upstream have withdrawn 2.7.10 due to several regressions" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93794118:34
utlemmingSpamapS: this looks like a problem with an interactive dialog that is triggered with an update/installation. I'm testing a fix right now18:47
uvirtbot`New bug: #938047 in mysql-5.1 (universe) "package mysql-server-5.1 5.1.54-1ubuntu4 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93804718:51
sdferfxHello. I am trying to use Ubuntu AMIs to install Ubuntu 11.10, but I want to attach to my own EBS device. Can this happen? If not, how do I manually specify an ISO to EC2 for install?18:51
ZermannoHi, i'm using top but i can't understand which time unit it use in the TIME column, are they seconds?18:52
sdferfxZermanno, use htop18:55
Zermannosdferfx, done! thanks!18:55
patdk-wkZermanno, TIME+ is Min:Sec.secdecimals18:56
* patdk-wk notes top and htop do the same18:56
sdferfxYeah, htop wouldn't solve that question, it's just a lot better ;)18:57
patdk-wkprstat :)18:57
uvirtbot`New bug: #938044 in freeradius (main) "Unable to listen on IPv6" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93804419:14
SpamapSutlemming: hm I wonder if install_packages installs recommends19:14
* utlemming checks19:14
Jeeves_Sorry about #93804419:15
Jeeves_My bad :)19:15
utlemmingSpamapS: the default for cloud images is to install recommends, but not suggests19:20
SpamapSutlemming: ok so that will be the same behavior.19:22
SpamapSutlemming: fix pending, looks pretty simple to change. :)19:23
SpamapSHeh. have to change 6 lines of code, and 10 tests19:23
utlemmingSpamapS: a nice side effect is a faster boot...it looks like it'll shave two or three minutes off19:24
SpamapSutlemming: what will?19:29
utlemmingSpamapS: consolidating the install of juju into the other packages list19:29
SpamapSutlemming: I want to believe you, but 2 - 3 minutes sounds extreme!19:30
SpamapSutlemming: is that because it happens in parallel with other stuff?19:30
utlemmingI'm not sure...but in testing the fix, it was done quicker. Perhaps it was just me, but it was at least a minute or two.19:31
uvirtbot`New bug: #938078 in apache2 (main) "Problems with mod_rewrite since updating to 2.2.14-5ubuntu8.8 " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93807819:31
SpamapSutlemming: Alright, fix proposed. :)19:37
zulDaviey/rbasak: the nova console patch has been re-enabled19:44
rbasakzul: awesome - thanks!20:02
Davieyzul: cool20:04
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ubottuXEN is a virtual machine monitor for x86 that supports execution of multiple guest operating systems with unprecedented levels of performance and resource isolation. Information on installing it for Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Xen20:21
jfbouchardHello, I have an issue with Ubuntu 10.04 + a guess Windows XP 32 bits in KVM. Install goes fine but when I start the OS, I get a nice black screen and the CPU goes to 100%20:22
jfbouchardAfter research online, there is a lot of occurance of this. Note that I don't find any valid error message. any idea ?20:22
cyberdyncan anyone point me to some docs or offer some suggestions on how to troubleshoot why my ubuntu 11.10 server (new install) isn't sending mail? / I've installed exim according to linode docs..: http://library.linode.com/email/exim/send-only-mta-ubuntu-11.04-natty20:24
cyberdyni try to send mail with echo "This is a test." | mail -s Testing address@domain.com / and it doesn't get delivered.20:25
RoyKthat xen article needs some cleanup...20:30
stgraberhallyn, jjohansen: Do you have an ETA for the new kernel/apparmor fixing the current LXC issues? I was trying to figure out a way of dealing with locales in containers and noticed that localegen seems to be blocked by apparmor here for no good reason20:40
jjohansenstgraber: I am going to send the pull request today20:41
jjohansenstgraber: I can build you a kernel with it if you would like, it will probably take a day or two to land20:42
stgraberjjohansen: I can wait for it to land if we're so close to having it in. I started deploying LXC on more and more of my servers and so far localegen and udev upgrades are the only two cases where I noticed the issue and I have workarounds for both20:43
jjohansenstgraber: okay, but if you change your mind just ping me20:44
stgraberhallyn: btw, the easiest way to deal with locales will probably be to do "chroot $ROOTFS /usr/share/locales/install-language-pack $LANG"20:44
stgraberhallyn: and probably messing with /etc/default/locale a little too (well, copying it should be the easiest)20:45
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hallynstgraber: heh, thanks, pinging jjohansen was on my todo list20:51
hallynstgraber: ok, let me know if you want me to touch the locale stuff, else i'm assuming you'll do it if you feel it's needed20:52
stgraberhallyn: I'm not 100% sure it'll be needed yet, apparmor preventing localegen might be preventing it from just working. Anyway I'm getting error messages every time I login over ssh, so that's a good reminder that I need to deal with it ;)20:53
lifelesshallyn: hey, did you see my issue with mountall in backscroll ?21:06
lifelesshallyn: should I file a bug ?21:06
hallynlifeless: i id not21:07
hallynlifeless: I think that's basically un-fixable for lucid;  fixed for precise.21:08
hallynstgraber may have a bug (fix released) that that's a dup of, even.21:08
lifelesshallyn: so, while I need a lucid lxc, I'm boned ?21:08
lifelesshallyn: (my host is precise)21:09
hallynyou can work around it, but we can't just make it work with no extra work21:09
hallynsimplest workarounds: (a) do it in kvm;  (b) just umount /lib/init/fstab before doing the upgrade21:09
lifelessb works for me ;)21:10
hallynit's very unfortunte21:10
hallynsimilar bugs happen when an upgrade tries to create /dev/console or somesuch21:10
stgraberlifeless: yeah, if you try to upgrade mountall, udev or makedev in a container your update will crash21:10
stgraberlifeless: for mountall, unmounting /lib/fstab is enough, for udev/makedev, the easiest is to shutdown the container, then chroot into it and upgrade, then boot the container again21:11
stgraberall of these are fixed in Precise but need changes inside the container that we can't really sru/backport21:11
hallynstgraber: it's not purty, but i've got about 6 pages of pdf (latex source) for a start to the lxc server guide.  let me know if you care to look over it, else i'll assume you'd rather gauge your eyes out (and not be offended).21:15
stgraberhallyn: sure I can certainly find some time to look at it21:18
hallynok, thanks.  just trying to decide how much to say about libvirt-lxc21:19
hallynstgraber: hm, maybe it's too early to get feedback.  But http://people.canonical.com/~serge/lxc.serverguide.pdf21:30
rbasakhallyn: mind if I take a look? I've been setting up a precise server with lxc :)21:34
hallynrbasak: absolutely!21:34
hallynrbasak: if you want the latex source to make notes in, it's at http://people.canonical.com/~serge/lxc.serverguide.tex21:35
rbasakthank you!21:36
hallyn(jsut re-synced it;  i won't push to there again for now in the hopes of keeping your copies in sync :)21:37
hallyn(note - Daviey said he had someone who was going to polish it later, so i'm just trying to get all the content in and accurate, nto going for polish or eloquence)21:39
rbasakhallyn: so I had a possible issue yesterday - I have a btrfs root, but lxc-create -ing new containers seems to use space every time. Is this expected?21:40
hallynas in, full rootfs space?21:41
hallynnot expected, unless btrfs strangely reports21:42
hallynwhat does 'btrfs subvolume list' show?21:42
hallyn(or whatever command shows subvolume info)21:42
hallyn(note smoser coded and tested it so he might be better able to answer;  but it sounds wrong to me)21:43
rbasakthat does suggest that it's working21:43
hallynrbasak: no wait21:44
rbasakbut my available space goes down by 300 megs each time21:44
hallynno, no, no.  i don't know if i dropped a piece of smoser's work, but that is just not done right21:44
hallynit creates teh btrfs subvolume, then still calls the lxc-ubuntu template to populate it with rsync21:45
rbasakthat would explain what I'm seeing21:45
hallynhm, though rsycn should see the same dates and leave the data alone21:45
stgraberhallyn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/851895/21:46
hallynstgraber: thanks21:47
rbasak"For rapid provisioning, you may wish to customize a “canonical” container..." -- I like what you did there :-)21:47
hallyni wanted to slap myself, but it's the right word to use there :)21:47
stgraberhallyn: I guess we can also mention the crazy architecture simulation stuff somewhere in there as an advanced feature ;)21:48
hallynstgraber: hm, yeah21:48
hallynat least, just mention --arch for creation21:48
hallynhopefully it all works smoothly enough that we don't need to say any more about how it works21:49
hallyn(if we wanted to write a LISA paper, it'd be a cool section to add)21:49
stgraberhallyn: yeah, mentioning -a would be good and mentioning that if qemu-user-static is installed, then any supported architecture should work whatever your CPU actually is21:49
rbasakI haven't tried that feature yet but I think it'll be really useful for me. Thanks for that!21:50
hallynat some point i'll add the other templates (and their limitations) as well.  but not this week probably21:50
rbasakhallyn: the documentation is great - thanks for that.21:54
rbasakhallyn: for networking, I'm interested in also connecting lxc to a bridge that I manage, and separately I wonder if I can get an lxc machine to share the same ethernet interface as the host? So that they can bind to different ports but on the same IP.21:55
hallyn(i've been typing so much on obsucre commands i rarely use that i forget what is actually in there, but) i do want how to use an existing bridge to be covered in teh guide...21:56
rbasakhallyn: lxc-start surprised me by grabbing my terminal; I expected it to daemonize (like virsh start does). This is a pain because I then had to look up the command to stop it in a separate terminal. Might be worth documenting21:56
hallyndifferent ports on same ip, that's not doable21:56
rbasakUnderstood :-(21:56
hallynd'oh, yes, -d was on my list.  i must have deleted accidentally21:57
hallynwell, no, wait21:57
hallynyou *can* do that,21:57
hallynjust don't give the container a network definition at all, and it will share the host's network.21:57
hallyni.e. leave out the 'lxc.network.type=veth' part of the config file21:57
rbasakoooh, awesome, thanks!21:57
hallynbelongs in there too, thanks :)21:57
rbasakthat's my real use case - I have a VPS and IPv4 addresses are limited, but I would like separation between different things the server will do21:58
rbasakI'm curious about what lxcguest did, but I don't suppose that's particularly important.21:59
rbasakI hope that's useful feedback. The document really helped me though - I couldn't find this information concisely last week, and I think this will be really useful.22:00
hallynit did things like send out fake net-device-up for lo, mount an empty /lib/init/fstab so that moutnall doesn't mess up the host, and start a getty on /dev/console22:00
_KaszpiR_I got a question, anyone got idea how to minimize server power usage? i'd like to make a home server that would not hod much pwoer if possible22:00
hallyn(lxcguest ^)  but yeah i'm not sure i want that in the doc22:00
hallynrbasak: great, thanks.  i sort of feel like it's too long to be useful, but obviously it's still incomplete.  thanksf or the comments.22:01
rbasakhallyn: for this kind of document, IMO long is not a problem, comprehensiveness is good - there should exist a document like that.22:06
hallyn<nod> makes sense22:06
fluvvellif anyone is familiar with dkim on postfix, can they suggest what "fatal: 8891:localhost: valid hostname or network address required" might mean in the mail log.22:44
wmphello, anybody know how to disable access to PCI and lshw,lspci to user?23:11
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