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stgraberjibel: did you see the ifupdown/friendly-recovery/upstart issue on any other system (10.04 to 12.04 upgrade)?15:14
stgraberjibel: I'm still running an upgrade here but I don't see anything that'd make it mythbuntu specific and I'm not even sure why apt is failing the upgrade to start with...15:15
jibelstgraber, no only on this report15:15
stgraberlooking at the log it says it fails because upstart has been deconfigured before upgrading ifupdown15:15
stgraberbut what apt should do there is upgrade upstart, then deal with ifupdown15:15
stgraberand I can't see anything in the dependencies preventing that from happening15:15
stgraberanyway, running a test upgrade here, then if I can't reproduce I'll ask for mvo's opinion (looks like a potential apt race condition)15:16
jibelstgraber, did you try to reproduce from the clone ?15:16
stgraberno because I didn't want to end up installing a full mythbuntu system, I'm upgrading from a minimal 10.04. All the packages involved are part of -minimal or -standard so it really shouldn't matter15:17
stgraberI'm mostly interested in looking at the ordering of the upgrade here if it succeeds, see what apt did differently15:19
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greybackthomi: hey, can you poke someone to get that revert MR approved please22:08
thomigreyback: sure22:08
balloonsakgraner, I think ubuntu friendly is out of beta / coming out of beta22:21
balloonscheck the blueprints from the last cycle, or ask ara :-)22:21
akgranerballoons, I talked to Victor yesterday22:22
akgranerI had to get the article turned in :-)22:22
balloonswow.. I'm days behind22:22
balloonsscrollback too good22:22
balloonsso what's the answer then?22:22
akgranerafter 12.0422:23
akgranerit will come out of beta22:24
balloonsgood good.. I couldn't remember if coming out of beta was this cycle or last22:24
balloonsi was thinking this one22:24
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highvoltageballoons: heh :)22:40

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