jokerdinoif my supposed patch to bug 936403 is accepted, would that break translations for software-center?12:05
dpmjokerdino, let me have a look...12:35
dpmjokerdino, yes, it will. The right way to fix it is to additionally modify the English string in all .po files.12:37
jokerdinowow, that must take a while to fix then.12:39
dpmjokerdino, it can be done with a script: e.g., you could iterate through all .po files and execute 'sed' to do the substitutions. Then you could submit a new patch that includes this change in the .po files12:46
amithkkPlease let the bot be here :D13:00
twobottux`Factoid 'translators' not found13:01
twobottux`Translate Ubuntu into your own language, important translations that are needed are listed first. See https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/13:01
TLEhmmm tried reading the name a loud, "2 buttocks"13:02
amithkkCheck this out13:03
amithkklaunchpad 532113:03
twobottux`Launchpad bug 5321 in bzr "bzr missing reports merged revisions" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/532113:03
jokerdinodpm i edited the hw.py file which autogenerates all the .po files. Not sure manually editing it would help..13:09
dpmjokerdino, that fixed the original string, but the original string in the PO files should be changed too, so that translations are kept13:14
jokerdinooh i see.13:16
jokerdinowill get to it soon.13:16
dpmno worries, thanks :)13:17
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kelemengabordpm: did you see what wrote TLE on the UTC list? he encouraged someone to translate to a dead and therefore unsupported language :\15:58
dpmhi kelemengabor. Yeah, but if the guy wants to drive the project, I think we should point him to how to do it. There used to be a Latin translation team in gnome a while ago too. We'll see how it goes, and if he gets past the step of creating a team17:35
kelemengaborwell, then good luck to him getting past Ulrich Drepper :)17:36
kelemengaborbut my opinion is that we should explicitly state somewhere on the wiki that libc won't support dead/fictional languages, and so we won't either17:38
dpmkelemengabor, ah I thought there was an ISO for it17:45
dpmsorry, I meant an iso code17:45
dpmso if there isn't, yeah he will be the contention barrier :)17:45
dpmkelemengabor, I think the idea of the disclaimer is good, would you like to add it to the StartingTeam wiki page?17:46
dpmoh, and good work with bug 875017, btw :)17:47
kelemengaborit was a nasty one, indeed :)17:48
kelemengaborI meant not the iso code as a barrier, but this approach: http://sourceware.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=408617:49
twobottux`sourceware.org bug 4086 in localedata "piglatin language is missing in locale" [Enhancement,Resolved: wontfix]17:49
twobottux`sourceware.org bug 6583 in localedata "Please add a locale for Latin" [Enhancement,Resolved: wontfix]17:50
kelemengaboroh and there is another for exactly latin17:50
dpmha! the LP bug bot has stopped working, but there is another bot that works with other bug trackers17:50
kelemengaborI think it would be only matter of bringing it back, a clone bot on #ubuntu-hu just said the same about this link :)17:52
dpmso I think adding something along the lines of Ulrich Drepper's answer on the first bug is something we could add to the wiki. But of course, rewording it in a way the person asking does not feel they've comitted capital sin for asking...17:55
kelemengabordpm: I was thinking about linking these bug reports :)17:56
dpmlol, please don't! :)17:56
dpmwe want more contributors, not less :D17:57
kelemengaborokay. now, let me see this starting team wiki page...17:57
kelemengabordpm: how about this:18:06
kelemengabor * (./) '''Natural language'''. Make sure the language is spoken by real people. There isn't, and there won't be locale support for languages that are spoken by no one at home - so dead languages like Latin or fictional ones like Klingon won't have any support in Ubuntu, sorry.18:06
kelemengaborthis will go under the Before you apply section as the second item, if you don't know a better place18:08
dpmkelemengabor, sounds good. I might want to review the text in more detail later on, but at a quick glance it looks good. Feel free to add it and thanks!18:10
kelemengaborchanges saved18:12
kelemengabornow it's heart breaking time again :(18:13
dpmkelemengabor, no worries, you took care of it last time, I'll reply this time around18:37
kelemengaborno, I already have the mail half done :)18:37
dpmok, no problem in leaving it up to you, then :)18:39

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