penguin42ali1234: Wacky - mouse or touchpad?00:03
hamitronali1234, sounds like my laser mouse when it gets a hair in it ;)00:20
Azelphurscumbag ebuyer, buy PC off them, they send you mail next day "We miss you, please buy more"02:18
ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] Ubuntu Accomplishments Demo - http://www.jonobacon.org/2012/02/21/ubuntu-accomplishments-demo/06:08
MooDoomorning all08:12
diplomorning all08:22
BigRedSgood morning!08:33
bigcalmGood morning everybody :)09:18
MooDoomorning popey bigcalm09:18
iclebytewhere could I grab the source code for the version of 'login' installed on ubuntu 10.04lts ?09:19
czajkowskiPANCAKE day!09:19
MooDooyay o/09:19
* iclebyte had no idea it was pancake day09:19
BigRedSiclebyte: apt-get source <the package that provides it>09:22
BigRedSmy favourite way to find the package that provides it is to do09:22
iclebytejust worked that out out =)09:22
BigRedSapt-file search `which <binary>`09:22
BigRedSso apt-file search `which login`09:22
* iclebyte loves backticks =)09:23
popeyor if it's installed already "dpkg -S `which <binary>`"09:23
iclebyteunfortunately we use a program which does telnet logins to routers and it's hard coded to look for "hostname.domain.net login:" - we just rebuilt the box it hops through to 10.04LTS and the login prompt is now "login:" which has broken everything, so from what I can see online the only way to change this is to recompile login.09:25
TheAshManHi, hopefully someone can help me, I'm install a PHP PECL package and it's failing claiming that it can't find evp.h from OpenSSL. "locate evp.h" returns /usr/include/openssl/evp.h. I try specifying "/usr/include/openssl" as the openssl dir but it still complains about that file..09:26
AlanBellso you have libssl-dev installed?09:28
TheAshManAlanBell: Apparently, anyways :p09:30
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oimonanyone have problems unlocking the screensaver in gnome-shell?09:36
oimonoften the screen does not reresh, and i'm typing blind, or worse...09:37
JamesTaitHappy Pancake Day! :D09:38
AlanBellTheAshMan: ok, I am out of suggestions, if you have that, it should work :)09:38
oimonbug 84856209:40
lubotu3Launchpad bug 848562 in gnome-screensaver (Ubuntu) "gnome-shell lock screen does not display password prompt" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84856209:40
AlanBell!info python-werkzeug 10.0409:42
lubotu3'10.04' is not a valid distribution: hardy, hardy-backports, hardy-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, maverick, maverick-backports, maverick-proposed, medibuntu, natty, natty-backports, natty-proposed, oneiric, oneiric-backports, oneiric-proposed, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, unstable09:42
AlanBell!info python-werkzeug lucid09:43
lubotu3python-werkzeug (source: python-werkzeug): collection of utilities for WSGI applications. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.1-1 (lucid), package size 1030 kB, installed size 3256 kB09:43
TheAshManAlanBell: Thanks anyways. I'm in the same situation. Out of ideas... :/09:50
hooverMorning all10:01
ubuntuuk-planet[Laura Czajkowski] New year got off to a good start - http://www.lczajkowski.com/2012/02/21/new-year-got-off-to-a-good-start/10:08
hooverIs my ubuntu uk podcast feed dead or are folks simply taking a break?10:08
AlanBellthey are on a break10:09
* popey points hoover at http://podcast.ubuntu-uk.org/calendar/10:09
zleapgood morning10:09
zleapwhy does http://www.raspberrypi.org/ keep getting databse errors10:10
AlanBellcue czajkowski spending lots of time explaining to Americans that chuffed means "pleased"10:10
AlanBellzleap: because it is wordpress with a mysql back end and they are running out of connections to it10:11
brobostigongood morning everyone,10:11
zleapas in too many people trying to view website10:11
AlanBellblogs do that if you hammer them hard enough and don't tweak the settings enough10:11
MooDoomorning brobostigon10:11
zleapthey are gonna hvave big problems at launch then eh10:11
* popey wishes we had the time/people/infrastructure to make an ubuntu flavour for the rspberry pi10:11
brobostigonmorning MooDoo10:12
popeynot necessarily zleap10:12
popeythey are using 3rd parties to distribute AIUI10:12
zleapas i understabnd it ??10:12
AlanBellzleap: the shop is not served up by wordpress10:12
popeydue out "soon" isnt it?10:12
zleapby the end of the month10:13
AlanBellyeah, in a week or so10:13
TheOpenSourcererCareful popey10:13
TheOpenSourcererCyanogen kill kittens when asked for ETAs10:13
zleapwell that seems to be the plan anyway10:13
diplo<Hourd> is it out yet?10:17
diplo<PiBot> Hourd: Any minute now...10:17
czajkowskiAlanBell: most of the Americans who read my blog are used to my sayings :)10:17
diploIn there channel10:17
diploThey got fed up answering10:17
popeydiplo: whats their channel?10:17
popeyfound it :D10:17
popeyhehe, loads of familiar nicks in there10:18
diploLot's of very in depth discussions go on in there, way way way over my head10:18
diploAlso lot's of bitching about blobs etc10:18
diploAnd access to gpu etc10:18
popeyfancy that10:18
diploI scour over it, rarely get involved10:19
zleapis that on freenode ?10:19
popeytry it and see zleap ☺10:19
zleapyeah seems like it10:19
zleaphey right click add to favorites makes it mujch easier to add to auto join list :D10:20
zleapi take it they will really have to ramp up production the demand is high for this10:22
popeyi expect so10:22
zleaphttp://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-17100224  met office needs more supercomputers10:26
popeydirecthex: you have a leccy car don't you? prius?10:27
directhexpopey, i wouldn't call it an electric car really, but yes10:29
directhexmore like a petrol with KERS10:29
BigRedSthey're downright scary when they pull away on leccy10:29
BigRedSI always think of it as like some hunter killer submarine but on land10:29
BigRedSsilently maneuvering10:29
iclebyteis it possible to lock down telnet to only allow specific users to login?10:30
popeydirecthex: how you enjoying it?10:30
* popey is considering replacing a car with something nmore fuel efficient10:31
directhexpopey, well, it's faster than any of my previous cars, and it's a big comfortable family-size car that gets ~50mpg10:31
directhexdepending on your choice of tyre10:31
directhexand types of route driven10:31
popeypushbike and motorbike are not useful to me10:32
BigRedSmm, and a decent sized motorbike isn't much more efficient than a prius10:32
TheOpenSourcererA VAN? popey10:32
popeyI need something i can put kids in10:32
BigRedSwhich is a bit concerning10:32
gordget those little side cars to put on a moterbike10:32
diploiclebyte, not that I know of.. I'd change ports and use a firewall to lock it down maybe ?10:32
popeymotorbike is veto'ed here10:33
TheOpenSourcererOn Today this morning they were talking about how you can get up to £8000 disc. if you buy an electric van.10:33
diploI want to replace my Zafira for something more Efficient, thinking VM myself10:34
dauberspopey: Something you can put kids in? So a new suitcase then10:34
popeythink is the volvo just works and will probably go on for years10:34
popeyit's just expensive to run really10:34
directhexpopey, a used prius isn't a bad choice - they depreciate fast, but the way the electric system works, you don't really lose out much with an older battery - the electric is only useful for acceleration at low speeds, and creeping along in traffic10:34
directhexpopey, just had to pay my tax disc. 25% credit card surcharge!10:35
bigcalmThat's why I used my debit card10:35
directhexsounds more impressive saying it that way than £2.5010:35
bigcalm165 quid is enough in itself10:35
TheOpenSourcerer£190 here10:36
popeyhang on, 10 quid road tax on the prius?10:36
bigcalmdirecthex: 10 quid tax?10:36
directhexbigcalm, yeah. i have the old 2nd generation model, so it costs me £10 a year in tax10:37
directhex3rd gen prius is free to tax10:37
bigcalmOk, road tax is one cost. How does it fair for fuel consumption, insurance, reliability?10:38
directhexwhich is funny, since the gen3 has a 1.8l engine, gen2 has 1.5l10:38
directhexbigcalm, fuel consumption is really tyre dependent. i switched to energy saving tyres and lost 3mpg. the default (expensive) bridgestones toyota use are better10:39
directhexbut last less time. i wanted a tyre i could get 20+k miles from10:39
TheAshMan./me drives a 1 Series BMW and only pays £30 a year road tax :D10:40
bigcalmKeep away from Avon. Had my front tyers for about a year and a half and the tread has almost gone10:40
directhexbigcalm, so nowadays i get 47mpg comfortably10:40
TheAshManI also get about ~50mpg on average.10:40
bigcalmAbout the same as my 40710:40
bigcalmSwings and roundabouts. Finding something that is cost effective over time takes a lot of thought10:41
directhexinsurance is technically a very high group, but isn't actually priced that high on the assumption that prius drivers don't hit walls very often10:41
directhexTheAshMan, diesel?10:41
TheAshMandirecthex: yeah 2.0 TDI (118D Model)10:42
bigcalmThat'd be nice. I'm still penalised for flood damage claim from 2007. Hopefully will see a drop next year10:42
iclebytediplo, it's actually internal - a relic of old cisco systems10:42
directhexso my insurance cost didn't go up dramatically compared to the jazz. maybe 100ish extra in the first year.10:42
directhexreliability... not had a breakdown. servicing costs are high, especially at a dealership, but that's common to japanese brands10:43
bigcalmConsidering that I'm still repaying the loan for this car, I shouldn't be looking at others10:45
directhexi've not finished paying the prius off yet10:46
directhexi'll need to keep it a while i reckon, babies are expensive10:47
zleapraspberry PI drop box port https://www.dropbox.com/votebox/8029/raspberry-pi-arm-port10:47
popeyzleap: kinda duplicating a poll that already exists there10:50
diploiclebyte, We still have to use telnet on our system we maintain, it sucks :/10:51
davmor2morning all10:55
davmor2czajkowski: prod10:55
bigcalmHi davmor210:55
czajkowskidavmor2: ello ello10:56
davmor2oh god czajkowski thinks she is a copper10:56
davmor2morning MooDoo bigcalm czajkowski how's life all10:56
bigcalmShe thought that she was Kim Jong-il earlier10:57
bigcalmFull of beans. Just got my 9cell 7800mAh battery for the laptop. Waiting for the sucker to fully charge10:57
bigcalmHow's you?10:57
davmor2tired but other than that rockin and a rolling11:00
MooDoomorning davmor2 life?  will be ok at 4:3011:01
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davmor2MooDoo: here's something to help you through the day, http://sadtrombone.com and http://instantrimshot.com11:04
MooDoodavmor2: SFW?11:04
davmor2MooDoo: yeap11:05
lubotu3Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:12
lubotu3Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/11:13
daubersUrgh, why do people always fille RAIDS to the brim11:15
* daubers sends a "I hope you have a backup of this 18TB of stuff" email11:19
BigRedSbackup? but we have raid11:19
diploheh BigRedS - That is the normal response still, doesn't seem to sink in with anyone11:21
daubersdiplo: Yeah, only a little one11:22
BigRedSdiplo: At my last job I 'deleted' 1TB of their media archive by mistake to demonstrate the difference11:22
* daubers gets BigRedS to sign a data waiver11:22
BigRedSThat secured funding for a backup file server :)11:22
BigRedS(and then I put the files back)11:22
diploMy new job has FA funds for big projects :(11:23
BigRedSyeah, that backup file server had already become the mail server before it had been delivered IIRC11:24
BigRedSbut we needed one of those more desperately than the studio needed to backup their artwork11:24
diplodaubers, how do you backup 18TB ?11:29
diploLot's of tapes, or mirror to another 18TB setup ?11:29
BigRedStapes? How quaint :)11:29
diploNot use tapes at all any more ?11:30
diploWe do + other disc, + off site rsyncs11:31
BigRedSWe just rsync all over the place11:31
daubersdiplo: Another raid, or LTO11:34
daubersI'm talking to a company that have a big spinny disk based LTO alternative, which is quite interesting11:35
diploI looked at that at my last place, something offered by a partner at Dell11:36
daubersLTO5 is 1.5TB, so you don't need that many tapes11:36
daubersdiplo: This thing http://www.diskarchive.tvarn.eu/index.php/dachome11:36
diploThey supply the software as well ?11:38
diploDont get points for website design though11:38
daubersdiplo: yeah, it's all on the box. Some web based thingy. Act's like a NAS11:38
diploCool, discs are the way forward tbh11:39
daubersAs long as you keep them spinning :)11:39
daubersDon't archive long term very well11:39
diploheh yep11:39
daubersWhich is why people seem to like LTO11:39
diploGeneral backup to disc, monthly to LTO would work in general for me11:39
daubersWe generally get people archiving specific projects to an LTO once done. Or the rushes for a project11:40
diploBiggest issue for me in the last job was trusting the staff to actually change the tapes :(11:40
daubersheh, yeah :)11:41
BigRedSman, I could really do with syntax highlighting of bash one-liners11:50
BigRedSwhich might be a sign that this should really be a script...11:50
TheOpenSourcererI haz Battenburg :-)12:08
TheOpenSourcererA little snack before lunch12:09
BigRedSOh, I thought you were marching on Germany12:09
diploooh I keep forgetting to 'Buy that for the kids' !12:09
* popey ponders lunch12:13
popeysome beef left over12:13
MooDooblimey that crept up quick12:13
popeyI think i may have a throat-burning beef and mustard sandwich12:14
bigcalmRaclette cheese and red onion toasted sandwiches for me :D12:14
directhexraclette cheese outside its natual environment?12:15
TheOpenSourcererHmmm, that's the one normally melted under a lamp isn't it?12:16
TheOpenSourcererA swiss invention.12:16
TheOpenSourcererLike a fondue but without the pot12:16
bigcalmBut not really like a fondue as this is just cheese12:18
* TheOpenSourcerer thinks mini-pork pie, sausages, cheese straws and pickles should do the trick today.12:20
gordthings melted under a lamp isn't really an invention, more an accident12:20
TheOpenSourcererAm really losing-the-will-to-live writing this bloody project definition...12:21
AlanBellfondue in general is more of an "OMG look at the state of that cheese! And the bread is all stale, but we have nothing else, how are we going to eat it??"12:21
BigRedSFancy swapping? I've a server that's haunted by qmail to excorcise12:22
diploheh qmail, not touched that in a couple of years12:23
BigRedSI think I've managed to sidestep being seen as soembody who knows it, but somehow I seem to be viewed as someone who enjoys migrating people from it to postfix12:24
diploAh so when I get my vps next week or so you are the postfix man then ? :)12:24
BigRedSI enjoy it in the sense that i feel I'm doing a Good Thing for humanity, but not because of any fondness for the process...12:24
* diplo jots this down12:24
diploI only ever really knew Qmail, that's all we ever used tbh12:25
BigRedSIf you're installing Debian, https://github.com/BigRedS/postfixadmin-installer might be handy12:25
diploOnce we got it how we liked it, it just worked for years12:25
BigRedSWell, you testing it would be handy for me :)12:25
diploCool, good for me12:25
BigRedSI think Ubuntu already has a package for that, though it should really be a dselect thing12:26
diploah well it was going to be an ubuntu install but can defo give it a go12:28
BigRedSThat should work on Ubuntu12:28
BigRedSI tested it on whatever the last LTS was12:28
* AlanBell reads a rather fine project definition document12:28
BigRedSbut it's probably more sensible to do it the proper way with that package whose name I can't remember12:29
diplo10.04, thats what it will go on initially12:29
diplomy $postfixadminURL = "http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/postfixadmin/postfixadmin/postfixadmin-2.3.3/postfixadmin-2.3.3.tar.gz?r=http%3A%2F%2Fsourceforge.net12:29
diploHard coded the package ?12:29
BigRedSthat's on the to-do-list12:30
BigRedSmake it use the .deb12:30
BigRedSand put the .deb into my deb repository12:30
BigRedSin fact, if you pester me this evening, I might do it then12:32
BigRedSI'll charge work for it :)12:32
diploSorry boss on the phone, can test it for you in a vm tonight i guess but probably won't do it till i order my vps on Wednesday12:38
BigRedSah, no, I've got tests going on. In fact there's another couple of bugs from this morning....12:39
BigRedSI've found that if it's going into a clean machine it's normally fine12:39
BigRedSjust keeps tripping over stupid qmail/vpopmail/courier detritus getting in the way12:39
BigRedSthough that's probably something to fix in our migration scripts)12:39
diploDo you have that many setups you need to automate it with that ?12:42
BigRedSyeah, we're a hosting company12:44
BigRedSand about ten years ago we standardised on vpopmail for virtual domain mail, but that requires a courier lib that's hard to do in Lenny and deemed 'too hard' in squeeze12:44
diploBig company ?12:45
BigRedSwell, on the plus side it means we're leaving vpopmail behind :)12:45
BigRedS400 or so servers so probably not12:46
matttvpopmail?  oldschool13:06
mattti haven't heard that in ages13:06
BigRedSyeah, for good reason :)13:06
matttwe used to use that for our mail clusters too :)13:07
diploheh, bringing memories for everyone :)13:11
BigRedSyeah, bad memories in the main13:14
AlanBellif anyone is thinking of requesting sponsorship to go to UDS-Q then today would be a really good day to fill out the form as the deadline is tomorrow http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-q/sponsorship/13:23
daubers\o/ pancakes in the office13:51
daubersbut tasty13:53
daubersom nom nom nom13:53
hamitronI got home made cheese scones here to eat13:54
hamitronbut waiting till tea break13:54
hamitronalthough, not really getting much work done13:54
diploAnyone recommend a bug tracker14:07
diploOr recommend what they already use in there work place14:07
penguin42they're all awful - some are more awful than others14:07
diploBit's of paper and google docs sharing isn't cutting it either for me14:08
* penguin42 uses a bugzilla instance at work - it does work but isn't that powerful14:08
penguin42diplo: There is request tracker for things that aren't really bugs - more like tasks to do: http://bestpractical.com/rt/14:09
* penguin42 wonders if anyone has ever installed launchpad outside of canonical14:09
diploheh, I've heard people have tried and it's quite complicated14:09
diploYeah used RT before, more of a task/support management14:09
diploMore after bugzilla type affair14:09
penguin42lp doesn't seem too bad - except given the number of timeouts we get I'd say it can't cope with the load; probably not an issue inside a company14:10
ormiretdiplo: I use trac and quite like it14:10
diploWill take a look ta14:10
czajkowskigord: davmor2 popey how do ye manage the lunch thing? take a break go for a walk or munch at your desk ?14:11
davmor2czajkowski: well I go downstairs and eat as my office is effectively the spare bedroom.14:12
davmor2czajkowski: to be honest though if you sit and eat where the pc is you won't have a break as such is what I found14:13
bigcalmczajkowski: I watch a little tv, do washing up, laundry, mow the lawn, do food shopping. Usually washing up kills most of the lunch break though14:14
popeyczajkowski: i go to the kitchen put the radio on, do some washing, empty the dishwasher etc14:14
popeywhilst my soup cooks14:14
bigcalmDo something completely unrelated to using a computer14:15
bigcalmYou need to disconnect14:15
diplodavmor2, czajkowski : I am really bad at not taking lunches ( Leaving the office / desk is a must imo ) otherwise you won't do it14:15
diploI don't do it atm, feel shit for it as well14:15
bigcalm!ohmy | diplo14:15
lubotu3diplo: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.14:15
diplopfft :)14:16
czajkowskinods went to shop to get pancake stuff14:16
czajkowskibut that doenst take long14:16
czajkowskijust need to work on that14:16
gorddepends on how busy i am really14:16
gordpast few weeks i've been at my desk every lunch really, otherwise going into town to the coffee shop is nice, can take the laptop and carry on working after lunch before coming back later in the day14:17
davmor2mrevell: thanks for the mail to wolveslug been a bit swamped14:19
mrevellnp dude14:19
bigcalmMust keep warm14:22
bigcalmWill possibly bring fingerless gloves14:22
czajkowskiMyrtti: you ok?14:24
airurandoczajkowski suggested I ask you good people for help14:36
airurandoI'm only just getting used to unity (I am slow to change)14:37
airurandoI am aware of global menus but not very familiar with the concept.14:37
airurandoI'm only seeing 'close-min-max boxes' on some of my applications under 12.0414:37
czajkowskiairurando: hiya, just a lot more unity folks in here, and and some of whom even like it unlike in other channels14:37
daubersIs the rc6 kernel in the kernel team ppa or is it  the general release one14:38
* daubers just realised he has a sandy bridge machine14:38
airurandoduabers are you talking to me?14:39
airurandoon some of these applications there is no top bar to move a window around on the screen14:40
airurandoon some others, if there is a top bar it can't be grabbed to move the window14:41
czajkowskiairurando: AlanBell was looking at min max stuff earlier on14:42
daubersairurando: Sorry, no , was just a question :)14:54
AlanBellhi airurando14:55
AlanBellthat sounds like bugs :)14:55
AlanBellthere are a few applications that try to draw their own menus, not using the standard APIs for the window manager to to it14:56
AlanBellsuch as LibreOffice and chromium and probably a few others14:56
AlanBellthere are patches to rip out the application menu and make "real" menus that the unity window manager can stuff in the top bar14:57
airurandoThanks Alan Bell14:59
airurandodaubers thought so, just making sure. confused the heck out of me :)15:05
gorddaubers, its in precice main15:18
daubersgord: Ta :)15:19
daubersgord: I assumed it was based on my powerstat numbers15:19
popeytis really good15:21
daubersaverage of 10 watts really isn't bad15:21
* daubers ruins it with rc6 off15:22
gordreally only feels like i'm getting 5 hours or so of use out of it with this though15:23
popeystupid lenovo engineer hasn't arrived yet with my new mobo15:24
* daubers wonders if he's in this IRC channel...15:24
gordthis is why all service personnel should be constantly gps tracked15:25
DJonespopey: Did you fill the customer service questionnaire in that you mentioned you had for lenovo?15:46
popeynot yet15:55
* popey wonders who he could tickle to get bug 937885 fixed ☺15:55
lubotu3Launchpad bug 937885 in gnome-video-arcade (Ubuntu) "Please update gnome-video-arcade to latest release" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93788515:56
* popey tickles Laney 15:56
davmor2popey: possibly because you'd know who to tickle to get it done?15:58
Laneyit's in debian15:58
Laneytest it and make a sync request15:58
bigcalmHow many mugs of coffee is too many for one day?15:59
BigRedSdepends on the size of the mug15:59
bigcalmNormal tea mug side15:59
DJonesand decaff/full fat coffee16:00
bigcalmNormal cartnoire filter coffee16:00
davmor2bigcalm: if you can't get off the loo but are still drinking coffee you need to cut back16:00
awilkinsFor me, 216:00
BigRedSI'd get a bit concerned at eight or nine16:00
bigcalmCurrently sipping my 5th since 9am16:00
awilkins2 cups and I'm a bit jittery16:00
bigcalmProblem is it's so easy to do16:01
* AlanBell is a bit of a chain-drinker of coffee16:01
DJonesone of the directors here drinks cartenoir instant, he has about 5-6 pint mugs plus gets a large costa coffee in the morning16:02
awilkinsI drink cafetiere16:03
awilkinsCurrently I'm on Taylors Hot Lava Java, which is a bit !ka-chow! for me, but tasty.16:03
DJonesawilkins: Hot lava java doesn't half give you a bit of a jolt16:05
BigRedSyeah, that's become my default thing to pick up in the supermarket16:05
BigRedSwhich is a bit of a change from the decaf I've been on for months16:05
* AlanBell has a pack of hot lava java16:06
BigRedShas a cafetiere with some sligtly damp hot lava java in the bottom of it16:07
awilkinsIMHO instant coffee is horrible16:09
BigRedSI have almost no standards whatsoever when it comes to coffee16:09
DJonesBigRedS: I'm the same, my only two standards are 1) No milk in coffee, 2) No sugar in coffee16:10
awilkinsMilk and sugar are permitted as long as they come with cocoa, otherwise, I agree16:11
BigRedSDJones: yes, exactly. I tried milky coffee once, and I do not understand it16:11
DJonesBigRedS: There's 3 people in our office, my coffee is black, 1 coffee is black with dibble of milk, the 3rd is a grain of coffee with half a cow and a drop of water16:12
BigRedSAt my last job there were six of us, each taking identical blck coffees16:13
BigRedSthat was handy16:13
awilkinsI also take tea black16:13
awilkinsWith no sugar16:13
BigRedShere, we've a milk+two sort16:13
awilkinsAlways hated sugar in tea, but the no-milk habit was born at university when I had no milk16:14
awilkinsI could taste the leaves better16:14
gordand milk is expensive?16:14
awilkinsWell, not free16:15
DJonesawilkins: +1 on black tea16:15
awilkinsI can't drink tea if someone who takes sugar stirs mine with their spoon16:16
* AlanBell will be booking tickets to http://www.royalalberthall.com/tickets/go-surrey/default.aspx16:32
* MartijnVdS has tickets for this: http://www.nerinapallot.com/shop2/?order1.cfm?Basket=1@,&ProductOptionID=501316:42
MartijnVdSuh, the London one, not the Salford one16:42
* AlanBell booked one ticket16:50
gordoooh right, i forgot. we are doing sports day this year16:53
diploNever heard of her16:53
gordi mean olympics16:53
MartijnVdSdiplo: if you like singing women, give her a listen :)16:55
diploWill do, jotted name down to try tonight at home16:57
diploDoesn't come over your way then MartijnVdS ?16:59
AlanBellmy gamesmaker applications (for helping out with sports day) are under review still16:59
MartijnVdSdiplo: no, she has a young kid and she doesn't want to be on the road for too long16:59
MartijnVdSdiplo: so I'll go to the special "all albums and EPs in 2 nights" show :)17:00
jonsainthi all. im trying to get a friend of mine to insall ubuntu but hes asked me something i dont know! he wants to know if theres a programme tha he can use that alows him to copy his original dvds and store them on his pc. any ideas??17:00
lubotu3Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats17:00
lubotu3For information about the Sound Juicer ripping application see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CDRipping. To rip an Audio CD in KDE, put it in and then put audiocd:// in the Konqueror URL bar17:00
diploLot's jonsaint17:00
diplolol AlanBell is there :D17:01
diploAlso handbrake is good for ripping DVD's17:01
jonsaintits nothing illegal, hes one of these thats keps a backup of evereything because his kids keep scratching the originals lol17:01
diplojonsaint, same here :)17:01
diplo2TB of copies and counting17:02
jonsaintso handbrake or !rip is good and easy (taking into account hes never used ubuntu before)17:02
=== Monster_Killer is now known as MonsterKiller
diploThere are absolutley loads of programs out there, if you follow the links that were posted above by lubotu317:03
diploThey will start you in the right direction17:03
jonsaintcheers. ive saved the link. il decypher it later and try to explain it to him lol17:05
TheOpenSourcererZOMG! http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/android17:05
ali1234there's some seriously weird stuff on that page17:06
penguin42TheOpenSourcerer: Interesting17:06
diplooff home, laters17:07
ali1234i didn't know Adobe's creativity profile was certified to run on Ubuntu17:07
ali1234how do i install after effects?17:08
popeyLaney: how do I convert that bug into a sync request?17:12
Laneyretitle it17:12
popeybug 93788517:12
lubotu3Launchpad bug 937885 in gnome-video-arcade (Ubuntu) "Please sync gnome-video-arcade 0.8.2 from debian" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93788517:12
popeydone :D17:12
Laneyif it needs FFe you need to add that information17:12
lubotu3Feature Freeze Exception. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess for the freeze exception process.17:12
LaneyDeveloper Life™17:12
* Laney is off to https://nottingham.ac.uk/cas/aboutus/events/andrew-ritchie-public-lecture.aspx17:13
Laneymaybe i'll see sladen there17:13
shaunowhat a day :/  I have to find an ftpd I can install on windows7.  I've lost track of how manys in which this is just wrong.17:14
penguin42shauno: cygwin?17:16
BigRedSpenguin42: that just makes it worse17:16
penguin42BigRedS: I guess so, but he's already in a big enough hole...17:16
=== Lcawte|Away is now known as Lcawte
TheOpenSourcererWonder when we'll see a Samsung Galaxy With Ubuntu? Would be pretty cool with a decent dock. A bit like the Dell Streak was supposed to do...17:18
popeyits rather cool17:19
AlanBellpopey: does it exist?17:19
ali1234ubuntu was ported to samsung galaxy ages ago17:19
AlanBellyeah, but in a chroot with android vnc display17:20
popeydefine "exist" ☺17:20
ali1234also most of the HTC HD series17:20
ali1234AlanBell: no, that's incorrect, it is a native port17:20
* TheOpenSourcerer hears AlanBell begging popey for a linky so he can root his SII17:20
penguin42ali1234: Can you make a call on it?17:20
ali1234penguin42: no, but only because ubuntu has no software for making calls17:20
TheOpenSourcerer"You can also make and receive calls via the desktop - and you'll be alerted to voicemails so you can manage them while you work."17:21
ali1234do you think you'll be able to make a call on this thing?17:21
popeyyou can17:21
ali1234does it work like it did on the atrix?17:21
popeyyou can do everything an android phone does, plus you can run ubuntu desktop17:21
ali1234where you get android in a little window for making calls?17:21
popeyi havent seen the old atrix, sorry17:21
TheOpenSourcererThat's a cool idea. Running Ubuntu & Android on the same kernel.17:21
AlanBellis VNC involved in the stack?17:21
popeyits not vnc17:21
popeyits an hdmi port with ubuntu running through that "properly"17:22
popeywell, I think it's HDMI, whatever that dock thing in the picture has17:22
AlanBellso same kernel sounds like it is a chroot17:22
AlanBellsomething like that17:23
bigcalmOh, fun17:23
TheOpenSourcererLooks like the one in the Ubuntu picture.17:23
AlanBellso if ubuntu and android can share filesystem space that might be interesting for stuff like dropbox17:23
czajkowskigord: when is the fix for hud stealing focus from screens coming ?17:23
gordczajkowski, every time someone asks i delay it by another day ;)17:24
penguin42TheOpenSourcerer: Actually the really nice use for this is where you're somewhere that you're not allowed to use a work/customers network to access the internet but want a full screen17:24
czajkowskigord: there are words for you!!!17:24
gordfantastic, wonderful, magnificent17:25
TheOpenSourcererOK - I have to go and help at Scouts this evening - They are making pancakes. This could get messy. Better go and make some dinner first.17:25
ali1234ah, i didn't know the atrix used ubuntu anyway17:45
davmor2czajkowski: just press alt twice for now :)17:46
davmor2ali1234: there is a screenshot on another page showing that popup17:47
ali1234what popup?17:47
davmor2ali1234: the incoming call one17:48
davmor2ali1234: http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/android/features-and-specs about half way down17:48
ali1234uh... a notification with buttons? i thought that was not allowed?17:49
MartijnVdSali1234: maybe they came to their senses17:53
popeyand then it went quiet..19:44
* penguin42 fell asleep19:46
* popey has put tuna/pasta/cheese in the oven19:47
directhexi have leftover pasta for dindins19:47
directhexalso some pancake mix19:47
popeyi should make some pancakes19:48
popeyi love pressing a button to remotely turn things off19:48
popeyalso, tacos19:48
MartijnVdShmm tacos19:48
czajkowskiam pooped, brain has been fried today on infomration over load19:49
davmor2czajkowski: Wuss19:52
* jacobw forgot about pancake day19:52
davmor2jacobw: Shame on you!19:52
jacobwubuntu for android..19:57
jacobwsince when?!19:57
BigRedSabout lunchtime19:57
jacobwoh ok19:57
ali1234since the motorola atrix was released about a year ago. seriously, why is everyone getting so excited about this?19:57
czajkowskidavmor2: between opps and translations today my brain is fried19:58
davmor2czajkowski: I can run you through my day and see if you want to swap tomorrow if you like?19:58
czajkowskinope am good thanks :)19:59
* davmor2 reverts czajkowski's status to wuss, mind you I really don't want popey's or gord's day19:59
matttczajkowski: you work for canonical now?20:08
popeyROCK ON!  bug 93788520:09
lubotu3Launchpad bug 937885 in gnome-video-arcade (Ubuntu) "Please sync gnome-video-arcade 0.8.2 from debian" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93788520:09
czajkowskipopey: did the laptop man arrive?20:10
* AlanBell uninstalled skype and all the :i386 packages it pulled in, installed the oneiric version and in come all the :i386 things again :(20:11
ali1234then you already had the oneiric version installed20:12
AlanBellwell at least it worked20:12
ali1234the natty version depends on ia32libs which doesn't exist in precise20:13
ali1234so unless there's some kind of exception handling in place to remap that package to :i386 packages, you would have had to force install it20:13
ali1234in which case it wouldn't have pulled anything in20:14
matttczajkowski: congrats, doing anything interesting?20:17
czajkowskiyup lots of stuff on the launchpad team20:17
AlanBell2012-02-21 20:02:30 status installed ia32-libs 20090808ubuntu3320:17
AlanBell2012-02-21 20:02:31 status installed ia32-libs-multiarch:i386 20090808ubuntu3320:18
AlanBell This is a transitional package depending on ia32-libs-multiarch, an i386-only metapackage that depends on all of the libraries that were previously included in this package.  If no other packages are installed that depend on this package, it can be safely removed.20:19
ali1234so there is an exception :/20:20
matttczajkowski: great, now i know who to bug w/ launchpad questions (kidding, i don't really use it)20:20
ali1234oneiric skype doesn't depend on those packages though20:21
matttAlanBell: order those chairs yet?  :D20:22
ali1234so you should no longer have them installed20:22
AlanBellmattt: TheOpenSourcerer doesn't want one, but I am up for one20:24
matttAlanBell: let's see if popey's still interested20:25
popeydepends how much20:25
mattti doubt we'll get much discount off 3 :-/20:25
popeyi have no idea how much they are20:25
AlanBelllast time I asked about a similar chair from that supplier it was £225+VAT+delivery20:26
matttAlanBell: did you say ~ 250 + VAT?20:26
matttoh, even better20:26
mattti'll give them a call tomorrow20:27
popeyoh yeah, I'd go for one at that price20:27
popeybut not a similar chair, an aeron ☺20:28
diploAny of you guys no much about Blackberry's more to the point email setup ?20:28
AlanBellkind of network dependent20:28
AlanBellor BES dependent20:28
diploFriend of mine keeps getting this20:29
diploThis message is used to carry data between the BlackBerry handheld and an20:29
diploassociated server. Please do not delete, move or respond to this message -20:29
diploit will be processed by the server.20:29
diploHe's just picking up pop3 server emails20:29
diploand gets one of these each time he sends a email20:30
AlanBellI have not seen that happen20:30
diplo2 of his friends get same thing20:30
jacobwanother network ouage?20:34
mgdmdiplo: that sounds like a thing that happened with old mbox format mailboxes on Solaris machines20:38
ali1234so i was just looking through IRC logs to find when i was talking about how unity is driving away the sensible contributors and leaving behind the people who can only whine20:48
ali1234and it turns out i made that little rant on pancake day last year20:48
ali1234odd coincidence20:48
MartijnVdSali1234's yearly pancake day rant20:49
Azelphurpancakes clearly involve anger in the great ali123420:49
* MartijnVdS gets his 2013 calendar20:49
Azelphurinvolve? invoke*20:49
MartijnVdSPancakes OF DOOM20:49
ali1234well i'm only doing it because of that ranty blog post doing the rounds today20:49
ali1234so my guess is pancakes invoke rage universally20:49
ali1234or i was right all along, and the pancake thing is just a bizarre coincidence20:50
AlanBellselect a particular day, find a unity rant, must be a coincidence!20:53
ali1234AlanBell: it wasn't a unity rant. it was a rant from a developer about unity rants20:53
ali1234quite likely the first of many20:54
ali1234basically, the blame spiral that i predicted a year ago is now in full swing20:54
ali1234(yes, there have been rants about rants before, but not from developers)20:54
AlanBellanyone interested in participating in a paid hack day in London on 20th March, something to do with a dataset that the UK commission for employment and skills has and they want people to do interesting things with it21:03
AlanBellday and a half to two days work, day rate of £35021:04
diplomgdm, they are probably going through a old qmail box21:04
AlanBellplus food and it would probably be quite fun, run by Rewired State21:04
ali1234AlanBell: what kind of things? like cooking the data to make things look better/worse than they actually are?21:06
AlanBellheh, no :)21:06
ali1234is the dataset available?21:06
AlanBelllike mashing it up with other stuff probably21:06
ali1234like now?21:06
AlanBellno, not yet21:06
AlanBelloh I think I can post the link, this will be open to all later21:07
popeypassword protected21:08
AlanBellnekIperphuk3 is the open sesame word of the day21:08
popeyoh dar21:08
popeywho designed that form?21:08
AlanBellsomeone who thinks they are 1337 by the look of it21:09
popeybloody hard to read21:09
daftykinshey all21:10
AlanBell"Labour Market Intelligence database" I guess that is jobcentre data or something21:11
ali1234well, i don't come up with the clever charts, i just program them to someone else's specifications21:12
olyguessing you guys have seen the ubuntu android thing, anyone know if you can do this on existing android phones ?21:14
popeyits for "future" phones21:15
ali1234oly: only the motorola atrix21:15
ali1234which has had this since jan 201121:15
ali1234and is almost certainly the phone pictured on the page21:15
olyaha cheers, got that impression just could not think why it would not work on existing phones :p21:16
ali1234it requires that the phone is able to handle two independent framebuffers on the internal display and HDMI out for one thing21:16
popeybetter pic there21:16
ali1234and it requires that the phone supports usb host21:16
BigRedSoh, I was hoping that was some ridiculous hack21:16
ali1234popey: yes, that is definitely the atrix21:16
ali1234btw, xda-developers already put full ubuntu on the atrix in march last year21:17
olydamn it i just got my new phone :p21:17
ali1234the only new thing here is that canonical wants to help OEMs do it officially21:17
ali1234the atrix uses a fork of ubuntu in the official firmware21:17
ali1234in short, whether or not any existing phone can do it is entirely down to whether the kernel drivers will support it or not, which is down to the SoC vendors21:20
ali1234it may also need some proprietary software on the ubuntu side to get the full integration on incoming calls and messages21:21
ali1234but that can be rewritten if necessary21:21
daftykinsstupid question of the day: do you guys usually dispose of dead bulbs in your main rubbish?21:22
daftykinsnot done it for so long i feel almost guilty at that approach XD21:22
hamitrondon't the energy savers have mercury?21:25
hamitronor some anyway21:25
hamitronat the rubbish tip, the council here have a separate bin for them21:26
AlanBellin America they are really jumpy about mercury from low energy bulbs21:27
hamitronI just don't like low light bulbs full stop21:28
jacobwin America they're really jumpy about anything new :p21:28
hamitronapart from genetically modified crops :)21:29
hamitronor nuclear bombs21:29
hamitronthinking about it, don't they normal act before thinking and knowing the facts? :/21:30
daftykinsenergy saving ones annoy me when they've got that delay switching on21:30
* daubers loves his low energy bulbs21:30
daftykinsor the really bad ones that may as well be off when you flick them on, 'til they warm up21:31
hamitronI just hate the fact I can't get any as bright as they claim to be21:31
daftykinsbut they're definitely a good idea21:31
* AlanBell has bright low energy bulbs21:31
diploLED is probably what you want, just be ok to pay for them21:31
hamitronI need 100W bulbs21:31
hamitronthat or more bulbs21:32
AlanBellplenty of nice normal ones that warm up and give your eyes a few seconds to adjust to the full glare :)21:32
diploThere are litterally 100's of models/manafacturers now21:32
directhexwe've only used energy savers for years21:32
directhexincluding led21:32
diploGo to an electrical wholesaler rather than sheds ( B&Q  etc ) much better selection21:32
hamitronthere are none ;/21:33
diploWhat wholesalers ?21:33
hamitronwell, nothing local21:33
diploWhere do you live ?21:33
hamitronordered some online, to save money ofc21:33
hamitronEast Yorkshire21:33
AlanBellhttp://www.energybulbs.co.uk/products/Day+Light+Bulbs/Daylight+Spiral+Bulbs/DAYLIGHT+Spiral+Bulbs we got some of these ones21:33
diploWe've got customers in yorkshire, I'll find out where they are based21:34
hamitronyorkshire is no good21:34
hamitrongotta be east21:34
hamitronif I have to drive 60 miles to get a light bulb to save energy, I shall just save the fuel21:35
hamitronI think the biggest problem, light bulbs are always behind ya, when working in a room21:36
diploheh, I know we have some in that area but there are defo lot's up your way21:36
diploWhy I always use lamps21:37
diplonever have my room lights on21:37
hamitronwe lack electrical sockets :/21:37
* hamitron curses21:37
diploFit new ones :)21:38
diploI used to sell lot's of those when they first came out21:38
diplothey look a bit yuck, and are slightly bigger than a normal SSO, but it works21:39
hamitronyeh, we have a few21:39
hamitronbut say in the living room, the socket is near the tv21:39
hamitronand I sit at the opersite side21:39
diploHire an electrician, or get chasing some walls out and put some twin and earth in :)21:40
hamitronnormal light bulbs are cheaper and more efficient tbh21:40
Azelphurhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tydvxGOaEv4&t=6m55s yay for funny cats \o/21:41
diplohamitron, I think standard lamps are getting dropped this or next year21:41
hamitronI bought 100W bulbs off market this week21:41
hamitronstill plenty21:41
hamitron30p each, hard to argue21:42
hamitronnow I could get LED that don't light the room for £22.....21:42
hamitronbut decided against it21:42
diploSo rest will be banned by end of this year21:43
hamitrondoesn't matter if there are still supplies21:43
hamitronthese ones I got were removed in 2010 or 2009?21:44
hamitronso over 2 years after the deadline, and still can get them21:45
diploNo one i know uses them anymore21:45
diploprobably why21:45
hamitronand I got about 150 under the stairs21:45
diploDo you know how much electric it costs to run them compared to an led21:45
hamitrona lot more21:46
hamitronbut I also know the heat is not wasted like people claim21:46
ali1234maybe if you live in a barn21:46
ali1234i have more problems getting rid of waste heat21:47
daftykinshamitron: helps the central heating in winter amirite :D21:47
ali1234heating off, window open, 25 degrees C21:47
hamitronwe don't have central heating in most of the house21:47
hamitrondaftykins, but that is the idea ;)21:47
diploali1234, lot's of pc's running ?21:48
hamitronwell, it is 13 C in this room atm21:48
daftykinsali1234: 25 deg inside even now with the above done?21:48
ali1234and 2 monitors21:48
ali1234daftykins: well the windows been open and the heating has been off for the past 2 days21:49
daftykinsis it a small room?21:49
ali1234not really no21:49
daftykinswhen it was -3 down here in Portsmouth i was struggling to get it a bearable temperature still wearing t-shirt and jumper with the heating on21:49
hamitrononly 1 jumper? ;/21:50
diplodaftykins, Same problem here, lost a lot of weight and with this cold really having issues keeping warm21:50
hamitronserves you right21:50
daftykinsknew someone would comment on few layers XD21:50
hamitronI got 2 on now ffs21:50
ali1234so far i've had the heating on for about 10 days this year21:50
ali1234during most of which there was snow on the ground and it was below 0 outside21:50
daftykinsi've an i5 laptop with me so it's not gonna heat the room even with prime95 going ;D21:51
diploI used to be like that ali1234 , never closed my window etc21:51
diplothen i got old and fat21:51
diplonow just old21:51
hamitronkeeps ya thighs warm though21:51
daftykinsah she's on the desk21:51
ali1234the ambient indoor temperature has never gone below 22 degrees in that time21:51
daftykinslovely little super thin Asus U36SD21:51
hamitronkeeps the desk and hands warm then21:51
hamitronali1234, you in a newish building?21:51
ali1234at which point i put on some socks and it was fine21:51
daftykinsit's very pleasant right now, heating on, room door open, sat here in t-shirt21:52
ali1234hamitron: no, it's a proper victorian house21:52
daftykinshamitron: i nearly asked that21:52
daftykinsmines an 1890s built mid-terrace21:52
ali1234if i turn the computers off the temperature goes down to "too cold" within about an hour21:53
daftykinsare you working them that hard? :)21:53
hamitronmy other room is 18 C with all the bitcoin rigs working21:54
hamitronnice in there21:54
ali1234they can't be putting out that much heat though, i'm only using about 500W electricity21:54
hamitronI not measured21:54
daftykinsmy Dell 24" LCDs kick out tonnes back home21:55
ali1234yeah i've got one of those too21:55
daftykinscan properly feel it on the tops21:55
ali1234yeah it is worrying21:55
ali1234and when you turn it off it makes loud crunching sounds when it cools down21:55
daftykinshaha yeah21:55
hamitrononly one thing for it..... never take a break from your comp21:55
daftykinsnext to that comp desk is my TV, AV receiver and xbox too21:55
daftykinsthose add a fair bit21:56
ali1234daftykins: 241021:56
daftykinswhen i first went to Uni i got myself a 2407 for watching things on socially21:56
hamitronI really want my CRT to blow up damn it21:56
daftykinsthen 1.5 years later i bought 2408 - had the two side by side until i sent the 2407 off to who i sold it to21:57
daftykinsand just doing that pesuaded me to have a matching pair XD21:57
hamitronnice :)21:57
ali1234i also have an old samsung next to it21:57
hamitronyou think it is worth having matching?21:57
ali1234not even the same size21:57
daftykinsyeah it's nice for the consistency of colour reproduction21:57
daftykinsit's funny though because the secondary stays off whilst the PC POSTs and boots etc21:57
hamitronI think my next display(s) will have to be rotatable and 3d21:58
daftykinsso you actually see a difference in the colours from the primary being on a tad longer once you reach the desktop versus the secondary21:58
daftykinsbut of course they settle down shortly after21:58
hamitronah, yeh21:58
daftykinsand if you run ATI it'll be moot, since they typically clone output from start to OS21:59
daftykinsbut i'm not fond of that ;) or ATI...21:59
daftykins(AMD rather)21:59
daftykinsmust get out of that habit21:59
hamitronI'm torn21:59
hamitronfeel like going intel21:59
hamitroncertainly going to give it a go sometime on my i322:00
daftykinsas in just go for an on-die gfx solution in a future upgrade?22:00
hamitronwell, not upgrading atm22:00
hamitrondone my 5 yearly upgrade22:00
hamitronand I'm sure it will all have changed in 4 years22:01
hamitronpriorities now are monitors I think22:01
hamitronand maybe some new feet for my mouse22:01
hamitronand caps for my old PC22:02
daftykinsoften felt that you can have a complete heap of a PC22:03
daftykinsbut if the keyboard, mouse and display are good, it's such a difference22:03
hamitronoh, I only like cheap keyboards22:03
daftykinsinsane in the membrane? :D22:04
hamitronthe older cheaper ones are nice and "clank", with each key press22:04
daftykinsback shortly22:04
hamitronok :)22:04
hamitronI agree with having a nice mouse and display though22:04
hamitronand any kind of rude mouse mat22:05
Laneythe 'virgin super hub' appears to block connections to other machines on the lan22:05
Laneyknow how to fix it?22:05
ali1234with a hammer22:05
Laneyno, modem mode is not an option ;-)22:05
Laneyyes, thanks, that is very helpful22:05
hamitronjust unplugging power would stop it blocking connections, no need to be violent ali123422:06
ali1234go into the configuration, find "isolation mode" or "privacy mode" and turn it off22:06
ali1234also, is this for wired machine? (highly unlikely) or just wifi?22:06
Laneyone to the other22:06
Laneysqueezebox to server (wired)22:06
Laneyi am searching for this option22:07
ali1234this is a standard feature of wifi apps but i've never seen it on wired to wired connections22:07
Laneycannot see anything relevant22:08
Laneywhat a heap22:08
ali1234i don't even see how it would be possible to implement it given that these things only have a simple switch - it would require every packed checked by the router cpu22:08
hamitronthe wrt54gl lets you separate and join them back together22:08
Laneyiptables could do it quite easily22:08
ali1234does virgin still use netgear for their routers?22:08
Laneyi can connect to port forwarded stuff using the external ip22:08
hamitronI'd just buy a cheap switch to plug into it22:09
ali1234that won't help for wireless22:09
ali1234which i suspect is the problem22:09
Laneyit probaly doesn't route across the interfaces22:10
Laneysuch a pain in the bum22:10
ali1234squeezebox is wireless?22:10
mgdmthe WRT54G(L|S) routers have simple switch but it can be made into VLANs, which is probably what's ahppening there22:10
hamitronyou can't bridge them?22:10
ali1234you are correct that it doesn't route across the interfaces. that is because they are bridged, so no routing is required22:10
hamitronmgdm, yep22:11
ali1234according to google, squeezebox is a wireless media player22:11
Laneycorrect, i just checked the netmask22:11
ali1234have i turned invisible?22:11
hamitronthink he is just looking around22:12
ali1234the squeezebox is wireless right?22:13
ali1234and two wired clients can see each other?22:13
ali1234and the superhub is made by netgear22:13
ali1234and netgear routers support wireless isolation22:13
ali1234the configuration for which can be found in the "wireless settings" part (the part when you configure ssid)22:14
ali1234not the advanced page22:14
popeythe superhub is netgear yeah22:16
daftykinsi have a squeezebox, they're great pieces of kit22:17
daftykinsgot the classic v322:17
* directhex zunes22:20
popeyLaney: thanks for the tip off on the sync for that bug report, all done22:24
Laneygot a link?22:24
* Laney is now rearranging irssi windows, silly grifferz rebooting tings22:25
popeybug 93788522:25
lubotu3Launchpad bug 937885 in gnome-video-arcade (Ubuntu) "Please sync gnome-video-arcade 0.8.2 from debian" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93788522:25
Laneyoh, it already got sponsored22:25
popeyyeah :D22:25
Laneyentirely too efficient22:25
popeynice and super quick22:25
popeydead happy22:25
Laneysyncs are easy peasy!22:26
* Laney snuggles debian a lot22:26
laneyI don't think I was meant to start my VPS up quite so soon22:30
Pernigmy vps has arch22:35
laneyerr, good going22:36
laneythis android integration is quite nice22:37
laneywell, not that I know how much is concept22:38
ali1234none of it22:39
ali1234it's been available for a year!22:39
laneywhat has been available a year?22:42
ali1234this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWIe8wQBqS022:42
ali1234"webtop" is ubuntu btw22:43
laneysomething different, I see.22:44
ali1234different how? it's the same phone22:44
laneyit's hardly the same interface is it22:44
ali1234well yeah... unity wasn't released ayear ago...22:45
AlanBellso what is this gnome-video-arcade thing then? I installed it and it has one line in the window saying H6348422:46
AlanBellwhat is it intended to do?22:46
ali1234it's a simple launcher for mame22:48
AlanBellhttp://people.ubuntu.com/~alanbell/gva.png I don't know what to click22:49
ali1234you need game roms22:49
AlanBellstart does nothing22:49
ali1234see above22:50
popeyyou need mame installed too22:50
* bigcalm looks around22:50
ali1234it doesn't have a dependency for that?22:50
popeyand yeah, some roms22:50
popeyprobably does, actually22:50
AlanBellyeah, I seem to have mame installed22:50
popeyit doesnt22:51
popeybecause there's lots of them, and some people compile from sauce22:51
popeyphone number?22:52
ali1234that it still uses the same "mobile view" thing that the atrix uses22:52
ali1234so text messages don't actually go through telepathy22:52
ali1234you just get the cunt, if you want to read them, you get the android UI in a window22:53
ali1234hmm that was an unfortunate typo22:53
* laney eyes grifferz22:53
AlanBellali1234 wins the typo of the week award22:53
popeywhat should it have been?22:54
ali1234count? obviously?22:54
bigcalmAny WolvesLUG peeps in here atm?22:55
ali1234so here's a question. if i have a TV with ubuntu TV and a phone with ubuntu and i plug them together, what happens then?22:55
ali1234yo dawg, we heard you like ubuntu so we put ubuntu for android in your ubuntu tv so you can ubuntu while you ubuntu?22:55
AlanBellI rather think that all depends on whether an OEM that sells both TVs and Phones wants to play22:56
popeyi dont22:56
ali1234does it have to be the same OEM?22:56
popeyits an hdmi cable22:56
popeythe tv would show what the phone outputs22:56
ali1234no, you missed my point22:56
popeywhich might be TV UI or desktop UI22:56
AlanBellsure, that would work22:57
ali1234what if the TV has ubuntu in it as well?22:57
popeyby default, at the moment, nothing special22:57
popeybut thats certainly been considered22:57
AlanBellthere is probably an opportunity to do something more clever, if someone wanted that22:57
popeysame as if you had a tablet on your lap22:57
popeyand ubuntu tv on the tv22:58
ali1234let me put it another way22:58
ali1234why would i buy both in the first place?22:58
popeydepends which you bought first22:58
ali1234suppose i don't have either22:58
ali1234which one should i buy?22:58
popeyif you bought the phone and used it as your phone, work desktop and media player then you get 3 devices in one22:59
popeyif you buy Ubuntu TV then you get one of the 322:59
gordonjcpgood evening from sunny Cumbria22:59
ali1234hmm, i would say you get 2 of the three22:59
popeyyeah, dunno how much of the 'real' desktop you'll get with ubuntu tv, but ok23:00
* AlanBell sticks to original assertion. If an OEM wants to link products into a "lifestyle" set like apple then they probably could.23:00
ali1234actually, if you buy the ubuntu tv you get... a media player. add the keyboard and you get the pc.23:00
popeydunno how locked down the OEMs will make it?23:01
ali1234if you buy the ubuntu phone you get a phone. add the tv and you get the media player, but the tv comes with the media player anyway. add a keyboard and you get the pc23:01
popeythere's no guarantee that you'll be able to install traditional desktop apps on the tv, might not have much storage for example23:02
popeyand it might be mips ⍨23:02
ali1234the same thing goes for the phone?23:02
popeyi think its less likely with the phone23:02
ali1234not much storage, definitely will be arm23:02
popeypersonally speakingf23:02
ali1234and slow23:02
popeysimilar issues23:02
popeyI dunno, either way23:03
ali1234i mean this stuff is all cool but there doesn't seem to be an end game here23:03
popeyyeah, i can see that, from the outside it looks sometimes like a scattergun approach23:04
ali1234here's direct comparison of webtop sending an sms vs ubuntu: http://www.mattfacts.dangdeals.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/smsim.jpg23:06
ali1234oh wait, that's in the settings menu. but you get the idea. it's the same software, even has the same name "mobile view"23:06
AlanBellbut Webtop is meh, and Ubuntu is OMG ponies!!11123:07
ali1234yeah, pretty much23:08
=== laney is now known as WHATSINANAME
Laneymuch better. although he wasn't lying about the insane io load23:29
* Laney crawls through treacle23:29

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