bschaefer /msg hey jay00:19
bschaeferthumper, also think I found a good fix for the last problem :)00:19
bschaeferthe ibus, not the alt+f1 (will get to that soon)00:20
thumperlooking forward to all this landing in trunk00:22
bschaeferme too! The korean bug has been bothering me for sometime and im happy this will get fixed :)00:23
bschaeferthumper, also the fix is when the dash is about to hide it has to SetKeyFocusArea to NULL so the end key nav focus signals fires00:24
* bschaefer is hoping that is a correct way to do this00:24
thumperbschaefer: double check with jaytaoko00:25
bschaeferwill do!00:25
tgm4883Is there any documentation on working with the new videos lens in 12.04?02:31
mhall119tgm4883: what kind of documentation are you looking for?02:32
tgm4883mhall119, along the lines of what kind of data the videos lens is expecting02:32
mhall119tgm4883: same thing any lens is expecting, url, image, name, description02:33
tgm4883Looking at the screenshots, it still seems short of working really well with episodic content, but it's a start02:33
mhall119tgm4883: the videos lens isn't the same as what was designed for Ubuntu TV02:33
tgm4883mhall119, right02:33
mhall119you're right that it's not designed to handle episodic content02:34
tgm4883mhall119, will that be making it's way into the videos plugin? or is there plans for a separate plugin for UTV02:36
mhall119I'm not sure how you'd successfully navigate heirarchical data like that in the dash02:36
mhall119tgm4883: you can probably add a "series" category to the video lens, but how to get a list of episodes form that, I'm not really clear on02:37
tgm4883mhall119, you'd have to have a lens that showed top-level content (just show title), then be able to click on that and list all shows with that title02:37
tgm4883would be similar to a search I guess02:37
tgm4883catagories and sources are defined in the lens though, not the scope right?02:38
mhall119categories are02:38
tgm4883Not something I can add on the fly02:38
tgm4883cause that would be another way of doing it02:39
tgm4883allowing to add 'catagories' that were just the show title02:39
mhall119unfortunately categories aren't allowed to change dynamically like that02:39
mhall119or fortunately, depending on your perspective02:40
tgm4883and sources doesn't really make sense for show titles02:41
mhall119like I said, the Dash isn't really designed for browsing heirarchical data like this02:43
mhall119if you have an application that can, you can have the Dash search for the series, then open the series in that app02:43
mhall119like how the music lens will list albums, but opens the albums in the music app, not the dash02:44
tgm4883mhall119, doesn't really work well for my use case02:47
mhall119what is your use case?02:48
tgm4883although really, it makes more sense to wait for UTV, although I'm unsure of how that will be implemented02:48
tgm4883I'm making a MythTV lens02:48
tgm4883err, scope02:48
mhall119what is your user story I mean, as a user what do you want to be able to do02:48
tgm4883so I'm sitting at my desktop and want to watch a show while doing some work (just something in the background). MythTV doesn't really support opening up to a series like that (and I'd rather just have it open the particular show in the video player anyway)02:50
tgm4883although I suppose there isn't really a need to drill down in that scenario. I guess I was mixing that with my UTV plan for a MythTV scope02:51
snadgeanyone here know anyone from amd.. specifically the fglrx team?05:26
snadgedo they even bother to test it with ubuntu? .. theres an option to --builpkg Ubuntu/precise05:27
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tsdgeoscan i unload/load the unityshell compiz plugin?09:14
tsdgeosunity --reset ?09:14
tsdgeosno that kills compiz altogether09:16
greybacktsdgeos: maybe using ccsm?09:29
tsdgeosgreyback: unity --advanced_debug worked for what i wanted09:29
greybacktsdgeos: new to me, will remember that09:30
tsdgeosgreyback: well, basically starts starts gdb instead of compiz :D09:30
tsdgeosbut with the "correct options"09:31
tsdgeosdoing gdb compiz did not bring up a full unity session for me09:31
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didrocksright, hence the option ;)10:24
didrocksgreyback: btw, so no release this week10:24
didrockswill be next week10:24
greybackdidrocks: thanks for confirming10:25
ryeHello, I was wondering whether all the pop-up menus are supposed to be dark in Ambiance? I see mixed results and could not figure out whether that's correct from the bug reports10:33
ryehi, i wanted to install chromium-browser via dash/software center but dash was keep giving me adobe flash player instead12:13
ryecan I somehow help if currently one of my windows on current workspace has an empty triangle as if it was on another workspace?12:27
om26errye, screenshot please?12:28
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ryeom26er, http://ubuntuone.com/1MiPjEC2429h56eUzkqPrL - look at the launcher, below gimp there is an app that is at the front15:27
ryeom26er, if i minimize all windows then unity finds this window too, it is not listed in alt+tab switcher15:28
om26eryeah I face it too15:28
om26erif you switch to a different workspace and come back it will fix ;-)15:28
didrocksmhall119: hey, aroudn?15:28
om26erwe have it reported somewhere I was looking for the bug number a few hours ago didn't find it :/15:29
om26errye, ^^15:29
mhall119didrocks: yup15:29
didrocksmhall119: so, I'm looking at your quickly template15:29
didrocksmhall119: nice work, I think you got it quite easily :)15:30
mhall119didrocks: the packaging bits may change, I'm waiting on the ARB to decide how they're going to handle lenses/scopes15:30
ryeom26er, hm, yep - it does fix it, ok :)15:30
mhall119didrocks: can you help me turn this template into an installable package?15:30
didrocksmhall119: sure, so the python module needs to be in /opt, isn't it?15:31
mhall119didrocks: for the ARB, but they may end up maintainging lens packaging themselves, in which case I'll change it to use normal system paths15:31
jokerdinoguys, just a quick check. is the white sub menus in ambiance a bug or feature?15:32
ryeom26er, sorry about the picture, i was too involved translating the top part that i failed to understand it has an english equivalent15:32
om26eruuh I didn't notice looks kinda cool :p15:33
didrocksmhall119: ok, let's see how quickly package goes in it15:34
didrocksmhall119: so, you shouldn't import the upgrade method from the application template (they have nothing in common)15:35
mhall119I was wondering about that...15:37
didrocksyeah, this command is really template specific15:38
tsdgeosgreyback: https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity-2d/unity-2d_fix_starting_size_problem/+merge/9400715:39
greybacktsdgeos: looking15:39
tsdgeosgreyback: i'm not really happy with the fix, but I can no longer reproduce it, so that makes me happy :D15:39
mhall119didrocks: I'm struggling with what to do about "quickly run"15:40
mhall119since you'd have to copy your .lens file into /usr/share/unity and "unity --replace" in order for it to show up15:40
didrocksmhall119: I really thing that unity should pick on the fly the new lenses :/15:40
didrocksbut yeah, I was sure it was an issue there15:40
didrocksfirst, looking in a local ir15:41
mhall119didrocks: there's a bug for it, and njpatel says it should be do-able15:41
didrocksand running "unity"15:41
didrocks(no need for --replace as my warning it telling :p)15:41
mhall119I'd like to have that working for 12.0415:41
didrocksI'm wondering15:42
didrockssomething sudoish is not great15:42
didrocksso copying in a local dir15:42
didrocksand running unity is maybe doable15:42
didrocksI can maybe try to have a look at that15:42
didrocksif we can't do it, we will require sudo :/15:43
didrocksmhall119: quickly package seem to do what you expect it to do, isn't it?15:43
didrocksso as release, share15:44
didrocksedit, doesn't show .service and .lens, but I think it's better that way15:44
didrocksquickly configure only shows the command that are relevant to the derived template15:45
mhall119didrocks: FYI https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/606277 is the bug for recognizing new lenses without restarting15:45
ubot5Ubuntu bug 606277 in unity (Ubuntu) "Allow dynamic Lens loading" [Medium,Triaged]15:45
mhall119yeah,  I thought about adding .service and .lens, but it's not really something that should be modified regularly15:46
didrocksmhall119: yeah, unfortunatly, this bug is not a high prio15:46
didrocksquickly debug still works \o/15:46
mhall119didrocks: yeah, I've asked for it's priority to be changed15:46
didrocksmhall119: we have 80 precise release critical bug before getting to anything else unfortunatly :/15:47
didrocksmhall119: but looking at a local folder, I can maybe handle it in the unity code15:47
didrocksthat would at least enable developping a lens without using sudo15:47
didrocksor hum15:47
didrockswe can maybe be smarter15:48
didrockslike, first time, requiring copying the file15:48
didrocksthen, you don't need to15:48
mhall119if I was any good with C, I'd commit the patches myself15:48
didrocksmhall119: it's C++, not C ;)15:48
mhall119even worse :(15:48
mhall119I've at least taken classes on C15:48
didrockswould that be acceptable?15:48
mhall119didrocks: what you mean "first time, requiring copying the file"15:48
didrockswell, the .service and .lens files are needed to unity to know that, at some point, a lens can connect15:49
didrocksthen, you can kill a lens15:49
didrocksstart it again15:49
didrockswithout restarting unity15:49
mhall119technically only the .lens is needed, you don't need the .service if you run the process manually15:49
didrocksindeed, even15:49
didrocksso, what we can do15:49
didrocksis quickly create … copying the lens file15:50
didrocksrestarting unity15:50
didrocksand then, you're ready to roll15:50
didrocks"quickly run" run the daemon15:50
mhall119restarting unity is a horrible user experience15:50
didrocksyou can ctrl + C15:50
mhall119you lose all of your window placement15:50
didrocksand run it again15:50
mhall119not something that you'd expect to happen when you run "quickly create"15:50
didrocksmhall119: I think we should ask for a confirmation15:51
didrocksor first quickly run15:51
didrocksI have no strong opinion, but it can be a way to deal with it as we won't have to autoload support for 12.04 I guess15:51
mhall119I'm thinking maybe add a "quickly install" that requires sudo15:51
mhall119much like how Singlet did it15:51
didrocksand "quickly run" telling "you need to "quickly install at least once?"15:52
didrocksyeah, that can work15:52
mhall119and "quickly install" can restart Unity, I think that's acceptable (though still not ideal)15:52
didrocksso, back on quickly package, it works. If the ARB need to intall the python module in /opt, I need to check that the support I added is still working (it even compiles py to .pyc in /opt/extra…)15:53
mhall119i need to learn more C/C++ so I can be more helpful here15:53
didrocksmhall119: it's not that complicated, the thing that will take time it the autopilot test15:53
didrocks(and the bunch of other issues we have ;))15:53
mhall119didrocks: my setup.py tells dh_python to install  to /opt/, is that the right way to do it?15:53
didrocksmhall119: you don't ask that for the module, isn't it?15:54
mhall119what do you mean?15:54
didrocks./usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/foo/__init__.py -> ../../../../share/pyshared/foo/__init__.py15:55
didrocksthis is not in /opt15:55
didrocksyou can do it in setup.py as well though, that would be better than my hack through the distro back in karmic time (that shouldn't be supported by dh_python2 even)15:55
mhall119didrocks: is my template packings putting things in ./usr/lib?15:57
mhall119I thought it put it all into /opt/15:58
didrocksnot the "python module" for the lens15:58
didrocksonly the bin/ stuff15:58
mhall119didrocks: oh, so it does, I need to fix that then16:00
didrocksmhall119: also, you need to add: http://paste.ubuntu.com/851509/16:00
didrocksto the binary, where there is my code for symlink and such16:00
didrocksto import the module from /opt16:01
greybacksdgeos: what should that fix again, the general view size, or the panel16:01
didrocksmhall119: the only downside of this not being managed at the system level (as what i did in the python-central time), is that you don't get the compilation from .py to .pyc16:01
greybackignore that :)16:02
greybacktsdgeos: I'm still getting the same problem16:02
tsdgeosgreyback: are you?16:02
* didrocks looks at the quickly ubuntu-application template are really miss this time where he had to to hack on this fun project (but so much stuff I'm seeing right now should be broken due to lib/tools evolution…)16:02
greybacktsdgeos: yep :(16:03
tsdgeosgreyback: i can't reproduce it anymore with that change :-/16:03
greybacktsdgeos: in fact, I've got it the last 3 times in a row16:03
greybackso it's bad timing16:03
tsdgeosgreyback: i have another much more invasive fix, i can push that if you prefer, basically it seems that something in Qt is borked16:03
tsdgeosthat more invasive fix will fix it for sure16:04
tsdgeoslet me push that one16:04
greybacktsdgeos: yeah let me try it16:04
didrocksmhall119: as well, drop the import from the "upgrade" command as told16:06
didrocksmhall119: if you need any help/review on the template, please ping me16:06
didrocksmhall119: seems you caught it quite easily how the (simple) inheritance works :)16:06
didrocksmhall119: do you need packaging for the template itself?16:07
mhall119didrocks: in a meeting in -community-team atm16:07
mhall119but yes, I'll ned packaging for the template itself16:08
didrocksmhall119: will propose a branch shortly then16:09
tsdgeosgreyback: pull again16:12
didrocksmhall119: just a question, shouldn't we move your template to a subdir? and then create the other scope/templates as other dirs? (just one source, multiple binary packages)16:21
mhall119didrocks: yeah, I just wasn't thinking of that when I started16:21
mhall119I'll mkdir and bzr move everything16:21
didrocksmhall119: no worry, I'll bzr mv while doing the setup.py16:22
didrocks(as needed for packaging16:22
didrocksI'll propose you a branch then :)16:22
tsdgeosgreyback: is that better?16:32
greybacktsdgeos: yes actually16:34
greybacktsdgeos: yes actually16:34
greybackstupid multi-monitor :D16:34
tsdgeosgreyback: note that i'm doing one of the "Qt donts" that is setting the size from a resizeEvent16:34
greybacktsdgeos: yeah I noticed that16:35
tsdgeosgreyback: but should be "safe"16:37
tsdgeos"famous last words" TM16:37
greybackYeah :) I'm not so keen on it tho, could you run it by saviq/kaleo in case they have alternative idea?16:38
greybackI admit I'm stumped by it16:39
tsdgeosgreyback: added them to the MR16:43
tsdgeosgreyback: i've been tracing it inside Qt, basically there's something that sometimes happens in the wrong order,16:43
tsdgeosthough can't say why it does not if oyu have the panel already started16:44
greybacktsdgeos: is there a bug in the Qt bug tracker about it?16:44
tsdgeoshaven't looked16:44
tsdgeosbut i don't think you'd be able to reproduce it with something small16:45
greybackif that's the only possible workaround, then it'll be good to log it with qt people16:45
greybackof course16:45
tsdgeosgreyback: if you think it's worth the time i can strip off things until i end up with two codebases as small as possible that reproduce the bug16:47
greybacktsdgeos: that could take some time. No I think you can be more useful in other ways right now :)16:49
greybacktsdgeos: I'll check in with Sam tomorrow to see where he is with the Metacity work, and get you to continue working on the MM stuff16:50
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kklimondahey, I have a problem with some applications disappearing from alt+tab - any idea what that may be about?17:01
kklimonda(other than it being a bug ;))17:01
Daekdroomkklimonda, do they also appear in the launcher with a hollow arrow, as if they were in another workspace?17:02
kklimondaDaekdroom: yeah17:02
Daekdroomkklimonda, try pressing Super + S twice and see if it persists.17:02
kklimondaDaekdroom: thanks, that fixed it17:02
kklimondaDaekdroom: is that another bug related to windows being placed between two workplaces? I remember seeing bugs related to that around 11.0417:03
DaekdroomI don't know.17:04
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elopiogreyback: ping. I need some help with the testability driver.17:08
elopiodo you have time?17:08
Andy80what kind of sourcery is this http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/android :D ????????17:13
mhr3greyback, heads up - there's a small abi break coming to unity-core17:13
mhr3but just abi17:13
kancermanthank you to whoever un-defaulted hiding the launcher :D17:14
racarrErr. whoops. middle click error...17:17
kklimondaAndy80: no idea but it actually looks interesting17:31
kklimondaI wonder how usable it is going to be though when most phones have only 512MB of ram17:32
Andy80kklimonda: if I understand correctly is not something you could install on your own phone.... (even if it was a powerfull Galaxy Nexus), it requires some customization to integrate it with Android. I think it's just an idea, a good one, but nothing available yet.17:34
kklimondaAndy80: from what I can tell it's more than that17:35
kklimondaAndy80: they talk about how you can run both at the same time17:35
kklimondaah, it uses google apps (docs, calendar) for most stuff - maybe that's how they are going to fit it in 512MB ram17:36
DaekdroomSo it's an Android device you connect to a monitor and WHAM! You have Ubuntu as a PC and Android as a phone at the same time.17:37
kklimondawhich would actually be pretty coo17:37
kklimondaif my phone had like 2GB+ ram ;)17:37
DaekdroomWell, if they put the RAM requirement at 512, then it must work with that little..17:38
kklimondaI'm not convinced - especially that they want you to "forget the office PC"17:40
kklimondastupid TB uses well over 150MB of ram and I have really small collection of emails17:41
kklimondabut I love the idea itself17:42
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greybackelopio: hey, I'm here now. How can I help?18:26
greybackmhr3: ok. When it gets merged, it should trigger a unity-2d build too so all should be well18:26
DebolazWMeh, I'm a sad panda. Application titles still look weird on 12.04 :(18:28
elopiogreyback: I wasn't able to see the application on the visualiser, but now I can.18:30
elopiogreyback: so, I'll probably bother you again some time in the future. :)18:30
greybackelopio: you're welcome to :)18:30
elopiogreyback: oh, and here I think that rubygems is also a requirement. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity2DTestability18:31
greybackelopio: yeah it is, but I unless I've a bug in the package, it should've been installed18:32
elopiogreyback: then you have a bug in the package. It wasn't installed here.18:32
greybackelopio: ok, thanks for telling me18:33
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elopiogreyback: np. Thanks to you, your talk has been really useful for us.18:34
DebolazWSomeone remind me, what was the command I used to submit bug data, and what application do I specify for problems in drawing application titles correctly? (Compiz?)18:34
greybackelopio: I'm glad. Any (more) problems, let me know18:34
* DebolazW was told to do this earlier here, but havent had access to the computer in question until now.18:35
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* DebolazW pokes people.19:11
mhall119Debolaz: ubuntu-bug perhaps?20:25
balloonsanyone else having there launcher non appear with set to autohide? this is on multimonitor setup in precise, running up to date as of now22:05
thomiballoons: are you using an nvidia chipset?22:05
balloonsthomi, yes, this is on nvidia22:05
thomiballoons: there's a bug in the latest nvidia drivers that stops autohide working22:05
balloonsgreat, do you know the number? I'll subscribe to it22:06
thomihmmm, no. jason was following it up with the nvidia people.22:06
thomilet me check LP quickly22:06
balloonsok, thanks22:06
thomiballoons: ok, it seems there's not a bug for it yet22:08
thomiI'll ask jason when I next see him online22:08
balloonswould you like me to create.22:08
balloonsi'm looking to open another bug as well.. I get x crashes occasionally when crossing my mouse across the 2 monitors22:08
balloonsit's happened enough to be a real bug.. always the same way22:09
thomiballoons: if you like22:09
balloonsk, doing it.. thanks for your help thomi22:12
balloonsthomi, fyi if your interested lp:93822722:42
balloonsi can never get that syntax right.. bah  lp:93822722:42
ubot5Ubuntu bug 938227 in unity (Ubuntu) "Launcher doesn't reveal when set to autohide" [Undecided,New]22:43

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