kdubphilipballew: i'm gonna go to ubuntu hour tonight!15:10
philipballewkdub, I'll see you there!!!16:55
philipballewraevol, just a reminder to you to come tonight!17:04
philipballewif you still can17:04
raevolyes! what time will it be?17:04
philipballewat 6. Its at a starbucks right by the 8 and 5,17:05
philipballewacross from a in n out17:05
raevolok cool17:05
raevoli'll try to make it :)17:05
philipballewalright. I hope to see you there if you can!17:08
philipballewandrewrgross, HELLO17:13
nhainesandrewrgross: how are you?17:26
andrewrgrossPretty good.  Yourself?17:26
nhainesandrewrgross: not too bad.  Sometimes I'm distracted by work.  :)17:34
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MarkDudeShe rocks18:56
Coreypleia2: Heard back from the folks- they want me to speak!18:56
pleia2Corey: *just* heard back this morning actually, it is of interest, I need to review the speakers info page to see what I need from you, I'll let you know :)18:57
pleia2(probably heard back today because there is a meeting tonight and they're trying to clear out their inbox :))18:58
Coreypleia2: Indeed.  May 17th looks best for me.18:59
pleia2Corey: ok, thanks19:04
Coreypleia2: Shot an email response too.  weeeeeee.19:07
pleia2Corey: oh good, Michael included you on the reply this morning19:07
pleia2that should be good enough :)19:07
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pleia2Corey: are you in town?21:22
* DonkeyHotei just realized he might have been off irc long enough to miss something important here21:26
nhainespleia2: http://www.geoffreylandis.com/sam_on_keys.jpg21:36
pleia2kitty is helping21:37
nhainesThat's how my cat always tried to help.21:40
* MarkDude has a kitten that has igured out irc well. and inds the enter button 22:24
DonkeyHoteia 3rd cat?22:25
nhainesInternet Relay Cat?22:57
DonkeyHoteiinfrared robot cat22:58
nhainesSo is everyone suitably excited?  http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/android23:03
broderi'm excited. i want one now23:04
philipballew3 hours till the sd ubuntu takes off. you should all come23:10
andrewrgrossWhat is sd?23:48
pleia2san diego23:48
jtatumsounds fun philipballew23:52

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