* Gingerbear is away: sleepy sleepy sleep sleeping DIACK03:47
raubvogelDoes anyone know in which package the man page krb5.conf.5 lurks in? I installed the mit kerberos server and clients and no sign of it15:09
pak33mraubvogel: http://packages.ubuntu.com/15:11
raubvogelpak33m: that is what I ended up looking at. It is in krb5-doc, which confuses me15:12
raubvogelI mean, I would expect the man page for a binary to be in the same package15:12
raubvogeland krb5-doc be more of a longer/more detailed set of docs15:13
pak33mraubvogel: i reckon you'd have to download krb5-doc to take a looksee15:14
pak33mraubvogel: i believe that this page http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/oneiric/man5/pam_krb5.5.html shows where the man page is provided15:17
pak33mbut what do i know, i'm just trying to make some noise in here ;)15:17
raubvogelhttp://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/all/krb5-doc/filelist also shows it15:17
raubvogelpak33m: we need to make it sound like this channel is not only for the tumbleweeds ;015:18
* Gingerbear is back (gone 13:00:00)16:47
pak33mraubvogel: hehe, tumbleweeds19:21
raubvogelThey are 'verywhere19:21
pak33mat most i expected a hey, it's pak33m we haven't seen him in ages19:22
zoopsterwho the heck is pak33m?19:36
bluebomberHi, all.20:13
bluebomberGo away, Gingerbear.20:29
bluebomberI'll go away20:58

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