jrwrensnap-l: completely unimpressed with teh squeezebox deb pkg00:21
jrwrenits terrible.00:21
jrwrenhttp://www.havetheknowhow.com/Install-the-software/Install-Squeezebox-server.html  <-- much better00:33
jrwrenor not.00:37
jrwrensame damned pkg.00:37
jrwrenand why do I need a mysqueezebox account to login to the server that is on my host?00:42
jrwrensoftsqueeze windows could not find a JRE... DIAF!00:59
snap-ljrwren: They tie it together so you can still use the radio if your machine is offline01:21
snap-land softsqueeze is a bit of a PITA, which is why I use squeezeslave01:21
snap-lbut that's text based01:21
snap-land the package for the server is a bit woknky, but no worse than most commercial packages01:22
snap-lall I can say is "it gets better"01:23
snap-lI had the same hate for it01:23
jrwrenjust connecting to stream is not bad.01:23
jrwrenbut wtf is with the delay?01:23
jrwrentook like 5 minutes.01:23
jrwrencan I turn off any transcoding?01:23
jrwreni don't see it getting better.01:28
jrwrenthis is terrible.01:28
rick_hpatches welcome? :)01:28
jrwreni think starting with a different codebase would be better.01:29
rick_hfork fork fork!01:29
jrwrenno ty01:29
jrwrenI'm thinking, why fork Hurd, when Linux exists?01:29
jrwrenthis is so bad it says it is playing one thing, but I"m hearing aother thing.01:30
jrwrena lot of potential i suppose.01:31
jrwrenhaha, now its playing a track that I clicked 10min ago.01:33
jrwrenI didn't queue it, I clicked play, as in now.01:33
jrwrenthis is WIERD.01:33
rick_hit takes time for all that to cross the air you know01:34
Blazeixbless its heart, it's trying.01:34
snap-ljrwren: OK, the stream.mp3? It's awful01:44
snap-lDon't use that01:44
snap-lFor whatever reason it gets buffered all to hell01:44
snap-luse the client01:44
snap-lTrust me01:44
jrwrenoh well that sucks, stream.mp3 was such a great idea.02:07
snap-lI know. It sucks. Don't use it. :)02:10
snap-lGood morning12:31
snap-lnew OMC is up12:31
snap-lHonestly, that's something I hadn't thought of before.12:46
rick_hyea, welcome to compiler optmization12:49
brouschgeez, long updates today13:01
brouschmaybe because i put them off for a week13:01
rick_hheh, not surprising.13:10
rick_hbah, good fish equip is hard to find. Can't find the hose I want but from a couple of places and none of them do anything other than ups ground shipping :(13:12
* rick_h misses prime shipping from everyone else13:13
brouschyou need a hose and you need it now?13:14
rick_hyea, most everything else is arriving today13:14
rick_hbut I need the hose to reach the sink in the basement so I can clear our/refill the water easily13:14
brouschit's just a garden hose?13:15
brouschoh i see. you need the python hose13:16
rick_hso it's got a sink faucet hookup, and it uses the sink running water to prime/pull the water out of the tank, etc13:17
brouschgeezum pete. 75ft of aquarium hose?!13:17
rick_hwell, my aquairum is a bit far from the sink atm :/13:17
snap-lrick_h: That's why God invented buckets.13:35
snap-land wheels for said buckets.13:35
rick_hsnap-l: buckets don't pull water out very well13:35
snap-lNo, but siphon hoses do13:36
rick_hI've got 8gal of water in there that's seen a lot of 409 and windex that needs to be thoroughly drawn out13:36
rick_hright, and the python is the best siphon hose :)13:36
snap-lDOn't you dechlorinate your water beforehand in gallon jugs?13:36
rick_hno, after the initial work and setup I'll only fill in 5gal or so a week from the big bottled water from the store13:37
brouschdon't you have a pond/creek in the backyard you can pull water from?13:37
rick_hshould evaporate about that13:37
brouschor just siphon the water out the window13:38
rick_hand no, I don't have clorine in the water really due to the community well vs city water13:38
snap-lrick_h: Ah, being a city boy, I always had to use chlorine removal stuff13:38
rick_hyou guys are super helpful. Tell you what, why don't I just lift the 80# tank plus the 64# of water in there on my back and dump it outside13:38
rick_hsnap-l: I've got some water conditiner, and I've got trace element add-ins for the plants13:38
rick_hbut yea, not goign to treat in 1gal increments13:39
rick_hwe only deal with 5-10gal increments with anything13:39
brouschjust trying to think outside of the $80 hose13:39
snap-lrick_h: Right, I just remember when I had my 10 gallon tank (when I was around 8th grade) taking rinsed milk jugs and leaving them out overnight13:39
rick_hsnap-l: ah gotcha13:39
rick_hyea, none of that here13:39
snap-lrick_h is a per-fesh-i-nal13:40
snap-lThat too. :)13:40
rick_htend to stick that in the new water as it goes in is all13:41
snap-lWhat? No Tetramin? :)13:41
rick_hactually this http://www.amazon.com/Seachem-433-Prime-500ml/dp/B00025694O/ref=sr_1_4?s=pet-supplies&ie=UTF8&qid=1329831715&sr=1-413:43
snap-lAm I the only person in the world who can't take King Diamond Seriously?14:36
snap-l(listening to snakenet metal radio, and At The Graves is on)14:36
ColonelPanic001not familiar14:37
snap-lbrousch: Have you tried https://raw.github.com/xdissent/ievms/master/ievms.sh ?14:39
brouschno, but it looks good14:39
brouschsomeone has also suggested IETester14:39
snap-lWhat's the best way to determine the python type of a sqlalchemy column?14:50
snap-ltried "isinstance(type(meta.metadata.tables['Sample'].columns['phone'].type), String)", but that's returning False14:50
rick_hsnap-l: sec14:51
snap-lrick_h: danke14:51
rick_hsnap-l: see the code sample there ^ I check if a column is a DateTime column in there14:52
snap-lAh, beaut14:52
snap-lI knew this was a solved problem, but damned if I could find it.14:53
rick_hyea, just realize there's already a class String14:54
rick_hso you need sqlalchemy.String14:54
rick_hand you should be using Unicode anyway :P14:54
snap-lRIght, because Python does brilliant things when a first_name is a number. :-14:56
snap-lAlso, screw Excel spreadsheets.14:56
nullspaceventuri's do an even better job, that way you don't get dirty fish water in your mouth14:57
nullspacewhy was I an hour back? ehhh need more coffee14:58
snap-lrick_h: Thanks! It's working.15:00
snap-lNow to take over the world.15:01
ColonelPanic001I've used IETeste, years ago. It worked, more or less15:05
rick_hsnap-l: awesome, glad that helped15:08
snap-lI love it when I get too far into a particular paradigm15:09
rick_hnullspace: so the python you hook up to the sink and start that water, it pulls/primes the vacuum15:09
rick_hnullspace: so yea, water in your mouth == bad15:09
rick_hsnap-l: ?15:09
snap-l"Gee, why doesn't isinstance([var that might be None], None)" work? :)15:09
rick_hoh heh15:10
snap-l<- dumbass15:10
rick_hyea, in general isinstance is very very bad15:10
rick_hso should be RARELY used15:10
rick_hmore want to play with the duck typing nature15:10
rick_hif possible15:10
snap-lRight, but sqlalchemy gets really pissy when you pass an int to a String15:11
rick_hyea, but you're checking something is none?15:11
snap-lBitches that there's no encode method15:11
snap-lRight, because none also doesn't have an encode method for string15:12
rick_hright, but you can str(Int) and get it an encode method :)15:12
rick_hhmm, right but if you set a default on the str column, and pass it None, it should kick in and use that?15:12
snap-lrick_h: Ahem, yes, but I need to know if this is necessary.15:12
rick_hsnap-l: right, that's what try: except is for15:12
rick_hthat leaves it open more. If you check isinstance you're limiting only to Strings, but lots of things can implement .encode() that aren't a String class15:13
snap-lRight, but Python can cope with the rest of them. :)15:14
snap-lPython / SQLAlchemy15:14
jrwreni got asked waht are the fundamental datatypes in python... i had no idea. I said i dunno, int, float, string, unicode is separate?, list, hash.15:21
jrwrenhehe, i'm nub15:21
nullspacerick_h: it's always about python with you15:22
rick_hnullspace: :)15:22
nullspacesnap-l: arn't ORMs fun? everything is now an object15:24
brouschwhat else would it be?15:25
nullspacea PITA15:26
nullspaceor a giant SQL statment15:26
snap-lnullspace: Actually, the amount of heavy lifting this thing does far outweighs type-conversion work-arounds. :)15:26
snap-lI'll gladly write wrappers if it means I don't have to write a SQL join statement from hell. :)15:26
nullspaceI agree15:27
rick_hthe coersion stuff is just because you don't have good control on the input15:27
nullspaceI <3 my ORM15:27
rick_hwhich is just going to happen15:27
jrwrennullspace: you using hibernate15:30
snap-lI have had my lead-filled jelly donut for the year.15:32
_stink_my wife bought a package labeled "cherry" paczki from meijer yesterday... turns out they are all filled with not cherry, but some bizarre cheesy stuff15:33
_stink_i'm aware my description sounds pretty disgusting15:33
_stink_and they're not half bad15:34
snap-l_stink_: I love the cheese paczki15:34
_stink_i would rather have cherry, though.15:34
snap-lGot one with filled with apple15:34
_stink_yeah, i was surprised it wasn't bad15:34
snap-ltastes like a hostess apple pie15:34
_stink_for health!15:34
rick_hmy wife is on a mission for prune ones15:35
rick_hI've been giving her a hard time about it for days15:35
snap-lToday I vow to be happy and positive. Just as soon as I gut some random motherfucker for breathing. Then it's all unicorn shit and handjobs. -- Stephen Blackmoore15:35
rick_hevidently she found one other person that loves the idea of a prune one and the two of them have been calling places since friday15:35
nullspaceI prefer the blueberry paczki15:35
_stink_mm, that does sound good.15:36
snap-lrick_h: The idea of prune paczkis is about as appealing as the cherry-nougat Whitman candies.15:36
snap-lie: you can have my share.15:36
nullspace_stink_: so are these the local kind or the mass producted kind?15:37
nullspacesnap-l: how about peach paczki?15:37
_stink_nullspace: er, whatever meijer carries15:37
snap-lnullspace: Knock yourself out. I'm not a fan of peaches15:37
_stink_might be local15:37
_stink_but probably not 'authentic'15:37
nullspace_stink_: father in-law picked up some from a polish bakery where they speak broken english, tasty stuff15:38
jrwrenmmm... cheesy stuff.15:38
jrwrenits like a cheese danish, but in paczki form.15:38
_stink_nullspace: that's the way to go.15:38
_stink_yeah, i guess it was just like a cheese danish.15:39
_stink_good call.15:39
nullspace_stink_: seriously, there is no excuse for us to suffer non authentic with hamramick being so close15:39
jrwreni was just saying that it MUCH more celebrated and better over in detroit, because of way more polish people.15:39
jrwrenhere in ann arbor, its practically forgotten.15:39
jrwrenseems like someone would always stop in hamtrammik to get some and bring 'em in, when I worked in oakland county.15:40
nullspacejrwren: should pick up some coffee flavored porter and just resign to the fact little will be accomplished today15:41
snap-ljrwren: Well, it's not an hour's drive away both ways.15:41
snap-ljrwren: That, and you'd have to give up a parking spot.15:42
_stink_shit, WSU is like 5 minutes away from Hammytrammy15:42
snap-l_stink_: And miss out on Olympia or Epicurius Place?15:44
_stink_or Byblos - now with *two* locations!15:45
snap-lGod, Epicurius probably has the same ketchup on the tables from when I was there15:45
_stink_that building survived the big demolition along warren15:46
* snap-l does miss the Potato PLace.15:46
_stink_i should go there more.15:46
snap-lgood gumbo15:46
snap-l_stink_: I think they'd need a hazmat team to demolish that building15:46
_stink_snap-l: what years were you around here?15:46
snap-lall of that greek grease15:47
_stink_had the Welcome Center been built yet?15:47
_stink_probbaly not, then15:47
snap-lNo, likely not15:47
_stink_was Z's on the corner of Woodward/Warren then?15:47
_stink_aight, just wondered.15:47
snap-lthe student union had a Friar Tucks, Tubbys, and Little Caesars15:48
snap-land an arcade15:48
_stink_sounds better then than it is now.15:48
snap-lWith Samurai Showdown 215:48
snap-lThe company introduced a new 8 gigabyte Nook tablet on Tuesday for $199 and lowered the price for the Nook Color to $169 from $199. The first version of the tablet cost $249.16:46
snap-lConsidering you can only load 1GB of user content on-board, this is not a bad deal16:47
brouschsd card16:48
snap-lYeah, but I've yet to fill it16:48
brouschand cyanogenmod that thing16:48
snap-lbrousch: Getting closer.16:48
rick_hheh, well someone is going for the "overboard title of the year" award: http://www.reddit.com/r/programming/comments/pzjay/nodejs_is_stupid_and_if_you_use_it_so_are_you/17:33
rick_hoh man, and painful to watch...don't know I'll make it through17:35
rick_hand he really comes across as serious, so not getting any humor vibes out of it17:39
snap-lI think there's a point where people will rebel against anything that's considered trendy17:41
snap-l"I can't breathe anymore because too many people ar doing it."17:42
snap-lNode.js is built on lies17:44
snap-lWow, way to frame an argument17:44
snap-lJavascript is slow? Maybe back in 199517:45
rick_hif the guy was giving a mug talk, I'd have walked out and left. I kept waiting for a punchline but never came17:45
snap-lWEll, his basic assumptions are stupid17:46
snap-lGod, you could level any of his arguments against any language.17:46
snap-l"Hello, nice video. I couldn't find your arguments. Where can I find them? Thanks"17:47
snap-lMade it 2/3 of the way before I figured the bits could be better used for internet porn17:48
rick_hyes, I can save you that trouble17:48
snap-lApparently he's a SEO douche too.17:54
snap-lAlso enjoys taking candy from children and punching baby seals17:55
brouschso he helps to fight childhood obesity and is nicer than the people who club baby seals?18:03
brouschnot so bad18:03
snap-lNow do you nicely punch a baby seal?18:05
snap-lApparently you have some life-skills that I currently lack18:05
brouschsee, they freak out when you approach, so you punch them just hard enough to daze them. then you can hide them from the seal clubbers18:07
brouschthis is a canadian thing. where's tjagoda to back me up?18:07
_stink_you guys seen this?  i'm probably way behind the ball... http://devsigh.com18:13
brouschthis ubuntu on android thing is what i dreamed of 7 years ago. a little box you carry around in your pocket and plug into monitors for a full desktop18:23
brouschi imagined using NX on a server somewhere with a little terminal client, but ok18:24
_stink_this one is my favorite so far: http://devsigh.com/sigh/22518:25
greg-gman I love this 'old' x200s keyboard/screen/build quality18:30
greg-gso, some people don't use gnome-do: can you explain how they are productive by not?19:27
brouschstrange. i'm trying to dowload a big file from SF and it keeps killing my wifi19:30
brouschnot my laptop's wifi, the wifi router's19:31
greg-gtoo much ganje in the packets?19:31
greg-goh, you mean SourceForge ;)19:31
rick_hgreg-g: gmrun19:33
greg-grick_h: but, can I search for a filename/folder?19:37
rick_hgreg-g: no, just a shell to run apps/etc19:38
brouschwhy is there a goatse at the bottom of this ubuntu page? http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/android19:38
greg-gbrousch: :)19:38
rick_hif I need to search for anything it's locate and workit to the rescue19:38
greg-grick_h: yeah, unfortunately, that is about 70% of my gnome-do usage after the first 10 minutes of a reboot19:38
greg-gbah, if only. mine is gnome-do + LibreOffice ;)19:38
_stink_yeah, i fall on locate/find . a lot19:39
greg-gbrousch: Canonical designers having a joke on us19:40
brouschi blame rick_h19:40
rick_hgood plan!19:40
snap-lI usually put everything in to a folder under known locations19:40
snap-lprojects for coding stuff, documents for writing stuff, and reference for stuff I'll want to refer later on19:41
greg-gsnap-l: right, but quickly getting to the location so you can get to a specific file is slow if you just <envoke>nautilus or whatever19:41
snap-lcd projects/ope[tab]19:41
* greg-g is a bit more document driven than you crazy coders :P19:41
snap-lAlso, nautilus does text complete19:42
snap-lClick on a folder, and type19:42
snap-lNow that I've said that, it'll be removed two releases from now19:42
snap-lWell, seems like anytime I get used to something, it changes in 50% good, and 50% WTF ways.19:44
snap-lLike 11.10 no longer lets you use / to search for a particular path19:44
snap-lBah, and just as soon as I said that, I tried it, and it made me a liar19:44
rick_hthunar ftw19:44
rick_hsnap-l: yea, I think that got added back19:44
rick_hit was removed at one point, but the power users ranted and railed19:45
snap-lIt's handy as hell19:45
snap-lesp for hidden directories19:45
snap-lgreg-g: Now that we've completely talked around your use-case, are you good? :)19:46
greg-gsnap-l: nope! ;)19:47
snap-lnp: Eluveitie - Uxellodunon19:47
greg-gactually, I'm just annoyed right now that gnome-do isn't being envoked consistently in Debian19:47
snap-lI think since DBO started working on Unity, Gnome Do got a lot less attention19:48
* greg-g nods19:48
greg-gand RAOF19:48
greg-gChristian Hales-Something19:48
snap-lWas that the gent that we did the laptop-drive for?19:49
rick_hthought it was DBO19:49
greg-gthere's been a few of those in the past 2 years I can't keep them straight19:49
rick_hwell DBO was a laptop right?19:49
snap-lYeah I don't remember offhand19:50
snap-lAll I remember was jcastro mentioning something, and suddenly I was typing my credentials into Paypal19:51
snap-lhe has that effect on people.19:51
jrwrenwatching that javascript video... this guy is an idiot.20:41
jrwrenhahaha... doesn't understand what blocking is. LOLOLOL20:41
snap-lYeah, I thought that was precious21:02
ColonelPanic001blocking is what you do when you park your car infront of another car21:03
brouschhahahahah awesome21:27
brouschi'm running Lubuntu on my nook color21:27
brouschand it works21:27
brouschsome chroot+vnc magic21:28
brouschheh, thunderbird and gimp included21:29
brouschi think it's ubuntu 10.10. let's see if an update destroys it21:38
brouschwow, kind of hard on the battery21:40
snap-lConsidering normal Ubuntu can be hard on batteries, I'm not surprised.21:45
brouschthis is actually a pretty nice way to run it. i get the regular android taskbar, keyboard, and apps along with ubuntu21:49
brouschno silly gnome software keyboard that's a PITA21:49
brouschthough i don't think it has much of an advvantage over VNCing to a remote server and using dropbox to sync files21:52
jrwrenso are you running lubuntu on your nook or just a vnc client?21:59
brouschbut you use vnc to view it22:00
brouschit runs on android22:00
_stink_like the UI runs on android?22:00
_stink_on an X session or something?22:00
jrwrenVNC to a virtual X22:00
brouschit runs a full lubuntu inside a chroot22:01
brouschbut you have to use vnc to view the GUI22:01
jrwrenbut still just the android-linux kernel.22:01
jrwrenha, that is pretty cool.22:01
_stink_now fire up eclipse inside lubuntu22:02
brouschoh geez22:02
brousch_stink_: hey, i guess you could develop android apps on android that way!22:02
_stink_so meta.22:02
brouschimagine running the android emulator inside ubuntu on android22:04
brouschthat has to be incredibly painful22:04
_stink_i love it22:05
brouschi think i would get about 1-2 hours of usage out of this before the battery ran out22:06
brouschmaybe 322:07
brouschis this how the new ubuntu on android from canonical works?22:08
brouschthe speed is OK even on this single CPU 800MHz, but it's Lubuntu22:09
brouschtime to run22:09
jcastrohey rick_h22:40
rick_hjcastro: yep22:40
jcastrois there such thing as a vesa to vesa extender?22:40
jcastrobasically .... my arms are as high as they will go22:40
jcastrobut I need another siz inches to raise the panels22:40
rick_hoh hmmm, ugh.22:40
jcastroso I was thinking, a long plate, with holes22:41
jcastroand I just mount it higher.22:41
rick_hhow will that get them taller?22:41
rick_hyou mean closer to your?22:41
jcastrono, taller22:41
jcastrolike, instead of mounting the arm right to the back of the panel22:41
rick_hno, the only thing I could think of would be to bolt a raised shelf on top of the desk22:41
jcastroit's another bracker22:41
rick_hand them move the arms to that shelf22:41
rick_hos like, on my old ikea desk it had a small shelf 8" or so over the main large desk surface22:42
rick_hI stuck my arms to that22:42
rick_hshoot, you could build a simple u-shape with 3 blocks and c-clamp the blocks to the desk and the arms to the top of the new thing22:43
rick_hjcastro: https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1fr_oZ-fT3tcteg7HhslFK0btdUQ6rZXHwHGOUA9A8_g/edit22:44
jcastronice artwork22:45
rick_hhey, it's what you get from the kitchen counter while I'm making dinner :P22:46
jcastrothis bracket has to exist22:47
jcastrothere's no way every single monitor arm is exactly the right size22:47
rick_hI think most people change monitor arms22:47
rick_hget one that has more height limitation, that's the issue with these is that they're cheaper, but not as flexible22:47
jcastrohey rick23:24
jcastrorick_h: you have an aeron right?23:24
brouschah, cool, he has a 12.04 image in the works http://linuxonandroid.blogspot.com/23:59

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