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ronnocHi all. Just curious - does anyone in ubuntu OH happen to run Kubuntu or KDE by chance?17:55
paultagronnoc: I'm sure :)17:56
paultagwhy, what's up?17:56
ronnocHey paul! Hope life's treating you well. I'm just taking an informal survey. I'm getting involved in Kubuntu / KDE promo as was wondering if we had any obvious, more local, Ubuntu-KDE users. Really just for reference :)17:58
paultagronnoc: life's not bad, thanks :)17:58
paultagronnoc: cool, sounds awwesome17:58
paultagronnoc: might try mailing the team ML? :)17:58
Unit193I'd answer here more than ML, but I only have it installed, never use it.17:59
ronnocYea I'm jumping into a meeting but I will do that a bit later on. I'd like to coordinate on some local Linux fests and such if I can garner support and see where it goes from there.18:00
ronnocYou know...helping put the "Community" on the newly coined status of Kubuntu :)18:00
ronnocUnit193: I remember :p18:00
paultagtotally :)18:00
paultagrock on ronnoc18:00
paultaglet me know if you need help18:01
ronnocpaultag: always appreciated!18:01

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