iBkerensablkperl: did u get the cd's02:03
bkerensablkperl: I assume it got to the right place... there was Unicorn meat in the lobby :)03:37
bkerensakees, adam_g, Brian_H, sbeattie, shirgall, bdmurray: Any plans to join us for the Global Jam? (http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-us-or/1553/detail/)03:57
bkerensaHope to have a bug focus for the event03:58
blkperlbkerensa: i received irc confirmation of delivery :)04:38
bkerensablkperl: Excellent.... I also like the fact that one of the people who got them discussed with me how he would NOT like to see any Fedora CD's up front04:39
blkperlwell we are an ubuntu shop :)04:43
MarkDudeFair enough on the Fedora CDs, they are harder to install04:52
* MarkDude thinks they should be kept behind the counter, the same way we have them at a coffee shop04:52
MarkDudeThe Ubuntu CDs were out front04:53
MarkDudeAlso helps avoid new user questions about LVM and such ;D04:53
blkperllvm is awesome though05:02
blkperlum erk: unity your suppose to open applications when i click on the icon05:06
blkperlalright how do you start ubuntu-software-center from the cli?05:09
blkperlwow https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Pidgin needs some love05:20
c_smith_bkerensa, are you here?05:25
c_smith_if so, I have a couple of questions.05:25
c_smith_guess not. I'll try again tomorrow.05:27
* c_smith_ leaves to sleep05:27
bkerensac_smith_: you can e-mail me any questions when I'm not on IRC and also if you look at the userlist in your client (Xchat?) the usernames that are grey usually mean that user is idle or away while black signifies recent activity in most cases. You can also do /whois nick to find their idle time08:39
bkerensablkperl: Thank you for bringing that documentation to our attention (doc-team) I have pinged the mailing list to see if any first time contributors would like to work on it.08:52
blkperlbkerensa: no problem :)09:01
blkperllet me know how it turns out ;)09:02
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albrighabkerensa, okay, i'm ready to put some time into setting up connecting to your irc connection server15:23
bkerobkerensa: okay, I have mozilla swag in oregon already for you, we just need to coordinate the delivery of them to you16:49
blkperlbkero: moz swag? :)17:12
bkeroblkperl: indeed17:12
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albrighabkerensa, http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/android18:05
albrighahow did i miss this??18:06
albrighaoh wait, it went live today. ha..guess i'm more connected these days19:00
bkerensabkero: Where in Oregon? :P22:54
bkerensaalbrigha: Ok lets do it22:54
bkerobkerensa: He's in east portland22:55
bkerensabkerensa: Ok and is there a deadline for pickup?23:06
bkerensabkero: I'm in NE off of Glisan23:07
bkerobkerensa: okay cool23:07

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