Sarvattdamn, forgot about the x11-apps bustage before FF00:21
Sarvatti just just distro patch the current one is the way to go now?00:21
Sarvattthere's a bug where there was a typo in the recommends preventing upgrades00:21
Sarvatti updated to new versions for packages in debian git but its not released, was going to sync it but it doesn't look important enough for a freeze exception00:23
Sarvattwow, http://www.bryceharrington.org/Arsenal/Reports/ubuntu-x-swat/totals-precise-workqueue.svg00:25
Sarvattpretty sure https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/926379 is hiz fail that might be fixed in mesa 8.0.1, getting a lot of dupes00:26
RAOFSarvatt: Yeah.  Some of those xorg-server bugs shouldn't be on the workqueue; they're protocol requests.00:27
RAOFBut xorg-server's been gathering no moss :(00:27
Sarvatti'll ask the debian guys if its ok to push 8.0.1 to git in the morning and merge that over, 8.0+ needs some /etc/drirc installation that i dont see in the debian branch yet00:29
Sarvattor else unigine will be busted and our QA runs those unigine benchmarks00:29
RAOFcnd: Valgrind on the server doesn't appear to point to any smoking-gun; there's some read-after-free in the intel driver, some jump-based-on-uninitialised-values that appear harmlessish, and a whole bunch of ioctl noise, but nothing that would point to memory corruption.02:00
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DavieyHola, anyone noticing oddities with multi-touch trackpads?  Selecting text, and left click becoming unusable ?09:41
brycehDaviey, guessing it's due to the new input stack.  cnd might know more.09:44
Davieybryceh: it's making me cry.09:44
Davieycnd: please help clear my tears.. :)09:45
brycehDaviey, on my laptops when it happens, then generally desktop swapping or rebooting seems to help09:45
Davieybryceh: i find leaving it for 30 seconds resolves it, but it's making my workspeed suck :)09:45
brycehDaviey, mm09:45
brycehDaviey, tell cnd your LP bug #09:45
Davieycompiz is using 35% CPU :)09:46
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brycehDaviey, well compiz cpu usage != X issue09:46
Davieybryceh: I'm yet to report a bug, as currently it would be "multitouch mouse does weird things".. not even sure what package to report it against.09:46
Davieybryceh: right, i know /that/09:46
brycehDaviey, yes "weird" is an anti-report word, but if it seems specific to MT, then may well be something cnd cares about.09:48
brycehif in doubt, report against 'xorg'09:48
brycehat least that way it'll include the log files an so on we care about.  We're not at all shy about reassigning if we don't think it's an X bug.  ;-)09:49
brycehDaviey, a really useful bit of info would be if you can think back to when the behavior first _started_09:50
brycehcoupled with your /var/log/dpkg.log (which 'ubuntu-bug xorg' typically includes), that can help in isolating what package regressed.09:50
cndDaviey, what is your trackpad?09:51
Davieybryceh: sadly, i didn't update granular enough, but certainly within the last 8 days of uploads :)09:51
brycehalthough I suspect in this case it's going to finger the X server update (which has an even newer input stack)09:51
Davieythat certainly was in the apt-get update session of updates..09:51
brycehDaviey, even 8 days can at least bracket it; we don't update X *so* often.09:52
Davieybryceh: xorg was certainly in the session of updates i performed 09:52
Davieybryceh / cnd: bug 93765409:55
brycehDaviey, thanks09:55
cndDaviey, my guess is you have entered "locked drag" mode09:56
cndDaviey, do you have tap to click enabled?09:56
Davieycnd: hmm09:56
Davieycnd: forgive me, but how would i check?09:56
cndDaviey, mouse settings09:57
cndbut you should know :)09:57
cndif you tap on the trackpad to perform a click09:57
Davieycnd: i think i tried to enable it last year, but not touched mouse settings since09:57
brycehDaviey, also, you have some obsolete settings in your xorg.conf; try moving aside your /etc/X11/xorg.conf, or at least commenting out the Driver "kbd" and  Driver "mouse" bits.09:58
cndDaviey, the magic trackpad is very sensitive09:58
cndit might be that you are accidentally tapping09:58
cndand when you tap in precise, it locks the mouse button down09:58
cndyou have to tap again to release09:58
cndthis allows for dragging longer than the size of your trackpad09:59
Davieycnd: yeah, that is the feature i wanted... but not how it was previously.. has it 'improved'?10:01
Davieybryceh: going to move it out of the way10:01
cndDaviey, yeah, I guess it's improved :)10:02
brycehheya cnd10:02
cndbryceh, hey10:02
brycehcnd, glad to be done with the Oregon winter rain?10:02
Davieycnd: right, seems gently tapping left does break out of the mode.. but as soon as i scroll using two fingers, it re-enters the mode.10:05
cndRAOF, did you hit the crash while under valgrind?11:44
cndI have seen an invalid write out of bounds under one valgrind run11:45
cndhowever, I didn't have the dbg symbols and I've lost the trace and stuff11:45
cndso I'm trying to reproduce, but I haven't been able to11:45
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cndbryceh, I have a fix for the random crashers and crashers on disconnect of a magic trackpad20:18
cndit's a clean fix, but it hasn't been exhaustively tested, and I'll be on flights coming home tomorrow20:19
cndI would suggest that I upload it, and if you could watch for any breakage and revert that would be good.20:19
cndwhat do you think?20:19
brycehcnd, sure sounds good20:20
cndbryceh, btw, it's a fix in synaptics20:21
brycehcnd, alright, will keep an eye out20:25
RAOFcnd: No, I haven't hit the crash under valgrind.21:54
RAOFcnd: Oh, I see you've found and fixed it.  Superb!21:54
sforsheewould it be possible to get someone to take a look at bug 933710? At a fundamental level the problem is caused by the x video drivers not supporting the randr ConnectorType property for outputs, and I'd like to know whether it's likely for this to get fixed in x soon or if the fallback heuristic used by gnome need to be patched.23:14
RAOFsforshee: I'll have a look shortly.23:15
sforsheeRAOF, thanks23:16

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