nuvolariMaaz: tell kbmonkey belated hello :P05:35
Maaznuvolari: Okay, I'll tell kbmonkey on freenode05:35
* Symmetria looks in05:36
nuvolario/ lo sakhi 06:33
inetprogood morning Symmetria06:44
inetprooh and good morning everyone else06:47
Kiloshi superfly and all you other guys06:52
nuvolarihi oom Kilos , inetpro 06:52
Kiloslo nuvolari daan dit goed seun06:52
Kilosklasse vanaand nĂȘ06:53
inetproKilos: goeie more07:01
Kilosdag se boetie07:01
Kilosek geniet die LPI boek07:01
inetproKilos: mooi07:02
Kilosleer baie. my hele desktop is vol files07:02
* Kilos needs to find a neat way of filing so i can find all these commands and what they do07:03
Kilosgaan dit goed inetpro 07:03
Kilosmoenie vanaand se klasse vergeet nie hoor07:03
nuvolaridit gaan oraait dankie  oom07:04
nuvolariwerk my oor 'n mik07:04
nuvolarimaar darmm nie dood nie :P07:04
Kilosha ha ha07:04
Kiloshard work never killed anyone07:04
nuvolarimeh :/07:04
* nuvolari sien oom kilos raak 'n grooter geek as hy07:05
Kilosno built in AK47's07:05
nuvolariek sal oeen van die dae oom se hulp inroep :P07:05
Kilosek hoop regtig ek kom tot by daai staiem dat ek kan help nuvolari 07:06
superflymorning Kilos07:06
Kilosdaai blerrie plek07:06
Kiloshi superfly hows the family07:06
superflyKilos: doing fine thanks... how are you?07:07
superflymorning nuvolari07:08
superflyinetpro: g'day07:08
Kilosgood ty superfly starting to really love this lpi course07:08
Kilosit does the important stuff like the basic building blocks to understand what is in your pc07:09
Kilosfoundations mare important07:09
Kilosi have a tiny prob with epiphany, cannot copy paste to mail or to cli. will paste to and open file though and can then copy paste from there07:21
Kilosis it a common problem from online sites07:21
nuvolarimornings superfly 07:21
Kiloshavent tried other browser07:21
Kiloslol hiya zeref 07:40
Kilosmorning maiatoday drussell 07:41
Kilosmaiatoday, time to finish them studies for a bit. we missed you last night07:41
maiatodayargh yeah Kilos, I didn't manage to get to my computer in time last night07:43
maiatodayI'm almost done, one more month07:44
Kilosyeah we are counting the days. we arent rushing you. do what you gotta do07:45
Kiloswe know it will be well done as always07:45
drussellhiya Kilos :o)07:51
Kiloslolis that a yawn07:52
Kilosim dumb with smiley goodies07:52
drussellKilos: it's a big nose smiley :o)08:00
drussellKilos: all my smiley's have big noses :oD08:00
drussellKilos: right bbl08:00
Kilosha ha ha08:00
Kilosgo well drus08:00
zereflo Kilos 08:02
Kiloshiya Squirm 08:15
Kiloshiya Kerbero 08:40
Kerberohi kilos08:42
KilosMaaz, announce Dont forget the studies tonight on # linux-studies guys14:21
MaazHear ye, hear ye! Dont forget the studies tonight on # linux-studies guys14:21
Kilosdaai goeters14:22
KilosMaaz, where is nlsthzn14:25
MaazKilos: I'm afraid I have no idea14:25
=== apie is now known as kbmonkey
* Mezenir waves15:55
zerefhi confluency 16:05
Mezenirquiet tonight17:44
Kiloshi Mezenir we are on #linux-studies, come join us17:45
Mezenirah oki17:46
Kilosa few of us anyway17:46
KilosMaaz, lpi manual17:53
Kiloswb sakhi 17:53
Mezenirwill wget it sometime17:57
Mezeniri think thats the one i got17:58
Mezenirsays study guide17:59
Kilosi see LPImanual17:59
Mezenirsome of you may be interested17:59
Kilosvery involved but lotsa great info17:59
* Mezenir turns on javascript :/18:00
MezenirWe are committed to your success and we would like to help you become an internationally recognised Linux specialist. You will find here free resources that you can use to successfully prepare for the LPI exams.18:01
MezenirClick on any link below to select the study manual of your choice: 18:01
MezenirLPI 101 & 102 Study Guide new syllabus- Free Ebook18:01
MezenirLPI 101 Study Manual (old syllabus)18:02
MezenirLPI 102 Study Manual (old syllabus)18:02
MezenirLPI 201 Study Manual (old syllabus)18:02
MezenirLPI 202 Study Manual (old syllabus)18:02
Mezenirthats what i see18:02
Mezeniri picked the new syllabus study guide18:02
Kilosit comes in bits and pieces18:03
Kilosthe old one is the whole book18:03
Mezeniroh ok18:05
Mezenirthouht i shouldnt bother with old syllabus18:05
Kilosold one goes to 110 and lotsa other stuff18:06
Kilos328 pages18:06
Kilosnew sylabus seems to give 2 sections at a time18:07
Kilosand unless they have changed it by now 104 fills in 10218:09
Kilosone isnt complete without the other in my opinion18:10
Kiloslo wolf18:15
KilosWolfeyes, 18:16
Kilosyou winning?18:16
Mezenirok thanks18:17
Kilosnight all sleep tight18:42
* Kerbero[N900] is having a drink on symmetria's birthday20:12
Kerbero[N900]if my sources are correct that is20:12
inetprohappy birthday Symmetria21:34

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