Wiz_KeeDhas anyone every had a problem like this, and how can i supply more information to you guys?00:00
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zykotick9luist: 1) it's dpkg not apt-get to install DEBs manually 2) if you double click it does it not open in a GUI installer (this is a question)?00:02
luistzykotick9: oh yes.. how can i install with the GUI installer but running from the command line?00:02
zykotick9luist: no idea, never done it ;)  good luck.00:03
luistzykotick9: haha thanks!!00:03
ActionParsnipWiz_KeeD: install xfce4  see if its better there...00:03
Wiz_KeeDwhat's that?00:03
ActionParsnipWiz_KeeD: you have a lost of apps on the bar on the left hand side of the screen, yes?00:04
zykotick9!xfce | Wiz_KeeD00:04
ubottuWiz_KeeD: Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels00:04
Wiz_KeeDActionParsnip, yes i do you are right00:04
ActionParsnipWiz_KeeD: then you are running unity, try xfce, see ifit is more stable and/or more to your liking00:05
Wiz_KeeDthat sounds like quite some large change...00:05
ActionParsnipWiz_KeeD: install the package:  xfce4    log off, then log in to the xfce session00:05
ActionParsnipWiz_KeeD: its not really a change, you will still have unity and so on still instaled00:05
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_MarcusHow do I make a user able to access EVERYTHING in /home00:06
anonymousinukaction parsnip how do i start chat up with someone who ive meet previously ?00:06
Wiz_KeeDi'm a bit reluctant to make major changes due to the fact that i'm not so used with the linux enviroment...is there any way i can switch back if i don't like it? and how will this affect the restart problem? changing the desktop00:06
tomvoleknewbie question, I need to directory which is owned by user tom to be also writeable by http upload .. ,00:06
NyLesis there a disadvantage if i install ubuntu in a extended partition?00:07
ActionParsnipanonymousinuk: start talking at them, use TAB to autocomplete names ;)00:07
ActionParsnipNyLes: none at all00:07
zykotick9NyLes: no00:07
ActionParsnip_Marcus: is it owned by a dfferent user?00:07
anonymousinukthere not in this room though00:07
_MarcusActionParsnip: I don't know what you mean. I want him to be able to read and write to everything in /home/*00:08
NyLesActionParsnip: zykotick9 thanks, im getting paranoid about that :D00:08
ActionParsnipanonymousinuk: then you can use the:  /whois    command00:08
_MarcusActionParsnip: That includes inside people's home directories00:08
jack1Ive tried everything cannot get detection for "airmon-ng"00:08
retenuna pregunta es mejor 11.10 que el 10.10}00:08
ActionParsnip_Marcus: that is default, they will have read access00:08
_Marcus!es | reten00:08
ubottureten: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.00:08
_MarcusActionParsnip: I want them to have write access too.00:09
jack1any ideas why00:09
NyLescan yu guys please inform me whats the different of logical and primary partition?00:09
ActionParsnipWiz_KeeD: sudo apt-get install xfce4     then log off and log on to the xfce session00:09
Wiz_KeeDand if i want to switch back? :)00:09
ActionParsnipNyLes: logical partitions are stored in extended parttions as you can only have 4 primary partitions00:10
nitinthewizHey all… I have ubuntu 11.10 installed on a desktop with just 1 gig ram. I prefer working from my Mac, so I screen share to get to the ubuntu. Due to the low RAM, ubuntu is painfully slow. I'm looking for ways to remove all system animations. Google hasn't been clear about gconf/dconf and all sorts of issues people have when they break something and spend hours fixing it. Can someone point me to a clear-cut solution?00:10
ActionParsnipWiz_KeeD: log off and log back into the Unity session...00:10
_MarcusWizKeeD: Just select what you want when you log back in00:10
_MarcusActionParsnip: I want them to have write access too, what could I do?00:10
Wiz_KeeDsuperb i shall try then!00:10
NyLesActionParsnip: that's the only difference?00:10
myraftI have ubuntu 11 running on my laptop - but have a "random-ness" about detecting keyboard and mouse - external keyboard and mouse works just fine00:11
myraftI basically have to power it down and restart and have no idea how to diagnose it00:11
ActionParsnip_Marcus: I suggest you make a group, add them to the group then run:  sudo chown -R :groupname /home/foldername; sudo chmod -R g+rw /home/folder00:11
ActionParsnipNyLes: yes, so you can have 3 primary partitions and 1 extended partitions which can have as many logical partitions as you can need00:12
_MarcusActionParsnip: What about "user:" instead of ":group"?00:13
NyLesActionParsnip: thanks for the information lo, that's why i have 1 extended partition it all my other partitions are there, i already have 3 primary partions, thank you so much..00:13
_MarcusActionParsnip: And this for for the whole /home/, not just one folder in it00:14
ActionParsnip_Marcus: the group you make..00:14
Wiz_KeeDhere goes00:14
myraftanyone have an idea how to diagnose the laptop keyboard / mouse randomly working (as stated, external works fine).00:14
wiz_i see no difference...00:15
wiz_i logged out, logged in and it's the same thing00:17
wiz_ActionParsnip? :)00:18
OerHeksmycraft did you search for your laptop model ?00:20
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myraft@oerheks: did a lot of google00:21
myraftdid not see anything relevant00:21
slackguruDoes anyone know if, after performing a lucid debootstrap install on a chrooted system, configuring networking to work on reboot, adding repos, updating apt and installing linux-image-3.0.0-15-generic-pae and then successfully booting the bootstrap system if all that is left to be done is apt-get install ubuntu-desktop?00:21
myraft@OerHeks:it is as if the drivers randomly won't load00:21
chaospsychextheres a new ##linux-config channel!00:21
god-zotacwhats the deal with grub not showing the menu at boot everytime?  I have done 3 diff ubuntu 11.10 installs and one 12.04 install, and they all just go black screen after POST and then the screen kicks back on at the initialization of X.. i don't like this and would like to know how to change it.00:22
OerHeksmyraft, what is the model/number ?00:22
NyLeswhat will i put to Mount Point: option?00:22
slackgurugod-zotac, grub menu is not necessary with a single kernel installed00:22
slackgurugod-zotac, you can always manually edit grub.conf00:23
god-zotacslackguru:: i have more than a single kernel installed. and i don't like the idea that grub isn't showing the menu incase the kernel fails to boot in the future, or i'd like to see to be able to boot a diff kernel00:23
myraftOerHeks:Toshiba Satellite L775D-S7222 17.3" Laptop00:23
god-zotacslackguru:: i have manually edited the grub.conf.. want me to pastebin it and let you see what it looks like?00:23
slackgurugod-zotac, yeah, I'm with you on liking the menu to be default.00:24
NyLesdo i need to specify it? or  just leave it blank?00:24
slackgurunah god-zotac it would be a waste at this point for me to look at it, I haven't got the hardware for oneiric or precise, I am running oneiric on this machine, but it's through dist-upgrade00:25
wiz_can anyone tell me how i can erase the "recently used"?00:25
slackgurugod-zotac, I'm trying to figure out what to install on an older system after I get a working bootsrap installed with networking support00:25
slackguruI think all I need to do to get gui is to apt-get install ubuntu-desktop but still not sure.00:26
chaospsychex##linux-config . now need ops/voice members!00:26
wiz_can anyone tell me how i can erase the "recently used"?00:27
god-zotacslackguru:: yea that should pull in all the dependencies for the desktop, thats the metapackage for unity00:27
slackguruinstalling lucid LTS on that older machine god-zotac00:28
slackgurunowhere near ready for unity on that machine god-zotac it has one bank of ecc memory and one bank of non-ecc, lmao00:28
NyLesim stuck please answer me :(00:29
slackguruthe memory mismatch is why I can't do a standard CD install on that machine god-zotac00:29
god-zotacthis is really driving me crazy, because i like to use customized kernels, and be able to boot a kernel compiled for proprietary fglrx driver, or one that is built for the radeon open source driver, and I also like to have the option to boot another OS visible,  i can't figure out what is wrong here with grub2 that it isn't showing the menu for me at all00:29
AntaresIs there any way to force powertop to save its tuning settings? They are lost each time I restart. :/00:29
slackguruNyLes, what partition are you formatting?00:30
slackguruNyLes, if you are formatting the / partition that is your mountpoint00:30
NyLesslackguru: the main, i will install ubuntu there..00:30
slackguruNyLes, if you are formatting the /boot partition then /boot is your mountpoint00:30
myraft@OerHeks: not sure if I missed something00:30
myraft@OerHeks:any ideas ?00:30
slackguruthen your mountpoint for the main partition is /00:31
NyLesslackguru: thanks ^^00:31
slackguruSure NyLes00:31
chaospsychexMonkeyDust: i was about to tell you that you are the first user to join my channel and you recieve a FREE prize!00:31
chaospsychexMonkeyDust: a slap in the face! lol00:32
chaospsychexjust kidding00:32
MonkeyDustchaospsychex  a FREE operating systemN00:32
OerHeksmyraft, i read some issues for Toshiba Satellite L775D general, but no solutions except a Arch comment > https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Toshiba_Satellite_L775D_S7340#Touchpad_and_keyboard_are_not_working00:32
chaospsychexMonkeyDust: it's called ubuntu, go to ubuntu.com to download00:32
OerHeksmyraft, my linux knowledge is to average to say this could work00:33
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myraft@OerHeks:so basically, when it does not work, I will need to power it down and pull out the battery, wait and hope things work00:33
myraft@OerHeks: actually I am looking at what you found - and interesting - I might try it00:34
OerHeksmyraft, let us know.00:34
myraft@OerHeks: it is so random - but will do00:34
myraftthanks for the help though00:35
OerHeksmyraft, i will keep on reading further00:35
stanikihey guys, using 11.10 and my display suddenly went unrecognized and the greatest resolution I can select is 1024 x 768 when it was 1920 x 1080 previously00:35
myraft@OerHeks: according to the site, it i should see a menu list in /boot/grub00:36
myraftdon't have that file00:36
txtzttmcan anyone point me in the right direction to get some help with mounting a hfs+ external hdd in 11.10?00:37
psusimyraft, the site is out of date... grub2 uses grub.cfg, which is auto generated by update-grub, not menu.lst00:37
wchan_after I did an apt-get upgrade of xubuntu-desktop and a kernel update .... my X no longer runs... i tried reboot via grub to select the old kerenl and still nothing. any suggestions? i can still login to ttyl but just no X00:38
YellowGTOCan you load ATi and Nvidia driver at the same time?00:38
myraft@psusi: so do I edit any file00:38
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psusimyraft, for?00:38
YellowGTOin Ubuntu00:38
Guest7412How to I update drivers in ubuntu?00:38
myraft@psusi: - to put this line according to the site - i8042.nomux=1 i8042.reset00:39
psusiGuest7412, the update manager will tell you when there are things to update00:39
AntaresGuest7412, which drivers?00:39
myraft@psusi: basically, my problem is randomly the laptop keyboard and mouse will not work00:39
Guest7412AMD Processor00:39
myraftbut the external ones work all the time.00:39
psusimyraft, if you want to edit kernel arguments, they go in /etc/default/grub in the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT variable00:40
AntaresProcessors do not need drivers.00:40
wchan_how can i change the grub.cfg (grub2) to boot off a default entry in a "submenu"00:40
Zac_o_Owhat is everyone using to back up their ubuntu server?00:41
YellowGTOCan you load ATi and Nvidia driver at the same time?00:41
_MarcusHi. For some reasons we can create, read, and edit files over SSH, but we can't do any of that over FTP. Any idea why?00:41
psusiZac_o_O, I prefer dump, most people use tar00:41
AntaresYellowGTO, what do you mean?00:42
psusi_Marcus, because you didn't install and configure an ftp server ( correctly )?00:42
god-zotacslackguru:: i got it working halfway decent now.. i had to change some weird options00:42
YellowGTORun two cards at the same time00:42
wchan_how can i change the grub.cfg (grub2) to boot off a default entry in a "submenu"00:42
_Marcuspsusi: I did "sudo apt-get install vsftpd"00:42
Guest7412There is a box that says Additional Drivers No proprietary drivers are in use on this system. When I activate the ATI/AMD proprietary Graphic driver I get a discuting watermark why is this please help.00:42
_Marcuspsusi: I did that on another server, and it was fine.00:42
psusi_Marcus, and are you logging in as a user with the correct permissions?00:43
YellowGTOLike you can in windows00:43
stanikihey guys having a problem with my resolution it suddenly shrunk in the middle of a session and even after restart it won't go back to they way it was at install. I have a 22" monitor and was previously using resolution 1920x1080 now I only get a max of 1024x76800:43
Ja23Help, I have a dead Ubuntu.  It came after updating Wine and changing some themes, the error I get on boot is "Aggregation not enabled for tid 0 because load = 1"00:43
slackguruglad to hear it god-zotac00:43
myraftI changed the grub file in /etc/default00:43
psusimyraft, then run sudo update-grub00:44
AntaresI wasn't aware that was possible, YellowGTO. You have both cards currently inserted, but you are unable to install drivers for them?00:44
myraft@psusi: - I did that, I am getting - /etc/default/grub: 38: i8042.nomux=1: not found00:44
Zac_o_Opsusi: think rsync'ing my / directory would be a good solution?00:44
Zac_o_Odoes anyone use rdiff?00:45
YellowGTOI dont have linux on this PC yet Antares I want to make sure it will work before installing00:45
YellowGTOBut on Windows I do use both00:45
slackguruapt-get is in the process of installing ununtu-desktop trying to install ubuntu totally remotely via ssh, so far so good god-zotac00:45
psusiZac_o_O, sure, if you have a destination large enough that you can access online00:45
Zac_o_Ocan't i rdiff to a local drive?00:46
mnbv0987how do i disable wifi roaming in ubuntu 11.10?00:46
Guest7412Is someone going to answer my Q? Please when I actived the amd processor I get a watermark that look discusting please help00:46
_Marcuspsusi: I couldn't even edit anything in my directory00:46
psusiZac_o_O, online in the sense that it is connected and on line, not online in the sense of the Internet00:46
AntaresYellowGTO, I'm not even sure which search settings I can even begin to use so I can Google your question. I don't know the answer off the top of my head, unfortunately.00:47
psusiZac_o_O, as in not tape drives or dvds or removable hard disks that you store most of off site00:47
clarkimusmaxHello, I'm new here (not new to linux).  Can anyone tell me the difference between the priority and niceness fields in 'top'? As I understand it the PR is the scheduling priority. Is there a way to tweak this or is tweaking the niceness the best thing to do?00:47
YellowGTOAntares, I guess I can just try LoL00:47
YellowGTOThanks anyway00:48
psusi_Marcus, are you logged in as a proper user, or anonymous?  btw, ftp should be avoided since it's insecure00:48
AntaresYellowGTO, I don't remember whether you can see which drivers you are able to install while using the "Try Ubuntu" mode, but you can do the Live CD business without installing.00:48
YellowGTOAh ill try that 1st00:48
AntaresIt would be impressive if Additional Drivers offers you both sets of drivers.00:48
_Marcuspsusi: Then I'll use sftp, but for now, it doesn't matter. It is a proper user, named "webmaster"00:48
dotnullDoes anyone know the equivalent program to gnome-power-settings in ubuntu 11.10? I used to execute that program to deal with screen brightness, etc, but it doesn't seem to be in 11.1000:49
Zac_o_Oah got it00:49
mnbv0987clarkimusmax: priority is calculated based on niceness and other magic factors00:49
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mnbv0987clarkimusmax: change the niceness if youre just trying to "casually" bump up priority. the kernel will choose a priority based on that and other factors.00:50
Zac_o_Oso rdiff to a local source that gets rotated weekly... good choice?00:50
Antaresdotnull, I'm not sure which options are in gnome-power-settings. There is powertop which can enable power saving for USB ports, WiFi, etc.00:50
clarkimusmaxmnbv0987, thanks, I figured that was the case00:50
myraft@psusi - how do I change or based on what is recommended here - https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Toshiba_Satellite_L775D_S7340#Touchpad_and_keyboard_are_not_working00:50
psusiZac_o_O, with things like tar and dump, you can make backups, then for instance, email them or drop them on one or more dvds or removable hard drives to store off site, and you don't need the old ones handy to make an incremental backup00:50
clarkimusmaxtrying to copy 147G from a USB drive to /00:51
Zac_o_Oor if I go with rsync - what directories do I need to leave out of rsyncing / ? /proc /sys /dev .....right?00:51
psusimyraft, thought you said you already did?00:51
Zac_o_Oi see00:51
Zac_o_Ogood to know00:51
myraft@psusi:I did edit /etc/default/grub00:52
mnbv0987clarkimusmax: the usb is probably more of a bottleneck than cpu usage; don't be disappointed if you don't see a big improvement.00:52
psusiZac_o_O, at least.. it's generally easier to tell the tool to stick to only a single filesystem... I forget what the switch was for rsync... for cp it's -x, may be the same for rsync00:52
myraft@psusi: sudo update-grub gives this - /etc/default/grub: 38: i8042.nomux=1: not found00:52
Zac_o_Oah i see00:52
stanikihas anyone ever had luck fixing an issure in 11.10 where the display is unknown and there are limited options of resolution choices?00:53
shawnyCan I ask a GNS3 question in here?00:53
psusimyraft, then you didn't edit it right... you need to add the setting in the quotes of the variable I mentioned00:53
tfittswhat do I need to do to change my bash to a regular one.  I created a user and instead of the normal user@hostname $ prompt I just get a $ prompt and none of the default shortcuts work00:53
mnbv0987does anybody know how to disable wifi roaming in 11.10? i'm having trouble establishing a connection to a network where multiple aps have the same ssid.00:53
dotnullAntares, thank you. I'll take a look at that00:53
myraft@psusi: so how do I do something like this  - i8042.nomux=1 i8042.reset ?00:53
psusimyraft, add that to the variable like I said00:54
clarkimusmaxmnbv0987, you're probably right but google chrome hogs resources and I'd like to surf without it affecting the copy too much. Thanks again!00:54
myraft@psusi- I am sorry, i missed it, searching thru00:54
Antaresdotnull, it's available in the repo (sudo apt-get install powertop) and you navigate with the arrow keys.00:54
psusimyraft, GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT... add the extra options there within the quotes00:55
AntaresThere is a tunables section which says either "good" or "bad"; press enter on the item that says "bad" and it'll turn on power saving for that.00:55
jay_why_beeGuys... I am having a dhcpd problem.00:55
NyLeshi again, i have an existing grub configuration in my pc (using it on my windows xp and stuff), can i just add ubuntu there?00:55
AntaresHowever, I have a problem with powertop not saving the settings after a restart, but that may be just me.00:55
psusiNyLes, Ubuntu will install grub2 and add all detected operating systems to it00:56
jay_why_beeI am moving my Ubuntu server from a physical machine to a VM.  Same version (LTS) and so I assumed if I copy the dhcpd.conf and the dhcpd.leases I am all set.  It offers addresses but none of the clients see it.00:56
jay_why_beeSo my log is full of DHCPDISCOVER and DHCPOFFER but not DHCPACKS00:57
tfittshow do I make it so when I ssh in to my machine it automatically runs bash?00:57
psusijay_why_bee, your VM is set up for networking in bridging mode, not NAT right?00:57
NyLespsusi so i have no choice but to install grub2? but i can add my other stuff there?00:57
myraft@psusi: - thanks for the help00:57
jay_why_beepsusi: yes and I see the DHCPDISCOVER00:57
psusiNyLes, it will automatically add it for you00:57
myraftI did that and update grub00:57
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myraftkeyboard not working still00:58
jay_why_beeAnd if I shutdown the DHCPD service and turn it back on the old physical machine, all is good.00:58
god-zotacslackguru:: that should work fine, i don't see what any difference would be from ssh or actually logged into the system, just hope when you reboot the remote machine that all is good, unless you can easily gain physical access to it00:59
psusijay_why_bee, odd.. maybe time to fire up wireshark?00:59
NyLespsusi its not just an OS, to be specific, i have hiren's boot cd, mini windows xp, memtest, recovery console, windows xp installer, plop boot manager etc..00:59
jay_why_beepsusi: packet sniffer?  You leaning towards ESXi doing something to the packets?00:59
stanikidoes anyone have advice on fixing resolution problem where display is unknown?00:59
psusiNyLes, then you may need to add some of them to /etc/grub.d/40_custom01:00
psusijay_why_bee, could be01:00
NyLespsusi thanks, im using 10.04 anyways coz my hardware is too old..01:01
psusiNyLes, so?01:01
psusiNyLes, 11.10 should still run fine01:02
jay_why_beepsusi can I run wireshark in an ssh session?01:02
NyLespsusi it will over ride my existiing grub right?01:02
clarkimusmaxtfitts, ssh shouldn't be different than the user's default login shell. you can edit the laseld in /etc/passwd or "usermod -s /bin/bash username"01:02
psusijay_why_bee, I'd run it on a client machine01:02
psusiNyLes, yes01:02
NyLespsusi really? but when i tried 10.10 it doesn't recognize my video card?01:03
myraft@psusi: any ideas ?01:04
psusiNyLes, do you have an old ati card?  iirc, ati removed support for some older cards from the proprietary drivers, but the open source ones should work fine01:04
psusimyraft, nope01:04
myraft@psusi -thanks01:04
clarkimusmaxtfitts, per google, "chsh" should work as well (man chsh)01:04
NyLespsusi: my card is NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 400..01:04
bludI was using mythbuntu 10.10 and I upgraded to 11.04 and then to 11.10, and now when I turn the machine on, i dont see the desktop, instead it autoloads this program I have called Freevo in fullscreen, and I can't get to the desktop. If i quit freevo it just puts be to a black screen with a couple lines saying like Check Battery level [OK] and you can't do anything01:06
mnbv0987does anybody know how to disable wifi roaming in 11.10? i'm having trouble establishing a connection to a network where multiple aps have the same ssid.01:07
NyLespsusi do you thin my card will still run at 11.10?01:07
psusiNyLes, it should, yea...01:07
psusiNyLes, boot the livecd and find out01:08
NyLespsusi: it wont boot unless  add the option nomodeset.. i mean it boots but only shows black..01:09
NyLespsusi: i just finished installing ubuntu, how will add the option nomodeset manually?01:10
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter01:12
psusiNyLes, add it to the options in /etc/default/grub01:12
BLZbubbaok what is the easiest way to get an ubuntu machine to use an ldap server for accounts?01:12
NyLespsusi: i can't boot yet, it will only show blank.. i just pressed E to edit it..01:13
psusiNyLes, ok01:14
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NyLespsusi: so how will add it?01:15
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roland333Hey channel!01:16
psusiNyLes, by typing on the keyboard?01:16
roland333I'm at the end of my rope, would anyone be willing to help someone new to ubuntu install it on his mac?01:17
NyLespsusi: lol yeah i know, i mean what part of this lines?01:17
roland333A little context i've attempted to install with both a USB and optical disk with the instructions from ubuntu.org01:17
psusiNyLes, on the linux line with the other options01:17
AntaresWhich problems are you having, roland333?01:18
roland333Uhh, I misspoke.  Not install, but boot from USB and DVD01:18
h00kroland333: I'll throw a factoid that may help01:18
h00k!mac | roland33301:18
ubotturoland333: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages01:18
roland333When I restart the system with the USB01:18
roland333okay, i'll check that out in one sec.01:18
NyLespsusi: is it after quiet splash?01:18
roland333I restart the system, press alt.01:19
NyLespsusi: there it boots thank you..01:19
roland333and the only option that comes up is the hard drive.01:19
roland333when I log into OSX, there is a disk error that says the drive is unreadable.01:19
roland333actually, i'm gonna reboot to make sure i have the exact correct wording.  brb.01:20
NyLesmgolisch: are you there?01:20
psusiroland333, how did you format this drive?01:20
roland333As for the DVD-R's i'm trying to use, it wouldn't let me format them.01:21
roland333So I assumed that was unnecessary.01:21
roland333Were you referring specifically to USB or would I need to format both?01:22
psusiroland333, I mean how did you make the usb?01:22
roland333with instructions from ubuntu.org01:22
Antaresroland333, have you tried using Unetbootin?01:23
psusiroland333, what instructions?01:23
roland333One moment, i'll cp.01:23
roland333or summarize.01:23
kaushalAny prominent Features from Ubuntu 12.04 ?01:24
kaushalfrom the earlier release01:24
mnbv0987i'm using ubuntu 11.10 and having trouble establishing a wifi connection to a network where multiple aps have the same ssid. what can i try first? i want to keep using networkmanager if possible.01:24
mnbv0987in dmesg it says its disconnected for reason #2, which is something like "authentication is no longer valid", and it repeatedly prompts me for a password01:25
mnbv0987i have no trouble connecting to networks with only one ap01:25
somethinginteresHi all, I'm looking for an application that can analyse wifi around me so I can discover the best wireless channel to use. Ideas?01:33
=== Gskellig is now known as Gskellig|away
sephthirSo I am sure this isn't the correct Ubuntu channel to be asking this in, but I was wondering if someone could give me some direction to look in for the methods the Ubuntu install isos (particularly the alternate install image) are generated. Anyone have a direction to look?01:34
Antaressomethinginteres, have you looked in the software center? I don't really use wifi analysis stuff, so I can't speak from experience.01:35
somethinginteresAntares: Not atm, I'm not sure how to go about finding an app without knowing its name per se.01:35
AntaresJust type in some keywords you might think the program would use, such as wifi or network analysis, etc.01:36
somethinginteresAntares: I'll have a look now.01:36
mnbv0987can i change the shortcuts on the dash in 11.10? i've never run a network app or media app through there, i don't use this machine for photos or music, firefox is already on the launchpad, and thunderbird is already in the system tray.01:38
mnbv0987the only one i ever click is "more apps" when i'm trying to find other applications.01:38
Antaresmnbv0987, hold alt and then right click on the shortcut in question and choose remove.01:38
AntaresYou can add shortcuts by left-clicking and holding on to something in the dash and then dragging it over to the launcher.01:39
lahwranhas the memory leak in nm-applet been fixed since 10.10?01:39
txtzttmI'm getting "wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdb,..." when I try to mount a HFS+ external HDD in 11.10. Any thoughts?01:39
mnbv0987Antares: nothing comes up when i hold alt and right click. i'm talking about the 8 big shortcuts when i click "dash home"01:39
AntaresOoh, I thought just the panel. I don't know how to change those, but you can try Googling, mnbv0987. :P01:40
AntaresSorry I can't be of much help. :P01:40
mnbv0987also does anybody know how to make the application list scroll bar in dash home wider than 3 pixels?01:40
Lintis it possible for grub 2 to use loadable fonts in text mode? right now it just uses bios font01:41
somethinginteresAntares: doesn't seem like there's any suitable options in the Software Centre01:41
NyLeslol, i tried installing my video card with proprietary, now it wont boot even at nomodeset01:43
Antaressomethinginteres, are you trying to analyze network traffic or do you just want to measure signal strength and whatnot?01:43
Dr_willistxtzttm,  you  are trying /dev/sdb when you may be meaning /dev/sdb101:44
somethinginteresAntares: I'm just want to check signal strength and how crowded the wireless channels are in my area to find the best channel to be on.01:44
jen_how can I video call in pidgeon01:45
txtzttmDr_willis, I was using /dev/sdb but I just tried /dev/sdb1 with the same results01:45
Dr_willistxtzttm,  no idea then. I never use hfs.01:45
Dr_willistxtzttm,  paste the exact mount command you re using to the channel. some one may see a error in it.01:46
zykotick9Lint: i just changed my console font, but even that doesn't apply until midway though the boot process.  I highly doubt you'll be able to change grub's fonts at all.01:46
txtzttmsudo mount -t hfsplus -o force /dev/sdb1 /media/outerhaven01:46
Dr_willisI think Grub2 has a lot of theme/options that are not compiled in by default. -01:47
jen_how can I video chat in pidgin for my yahoo?01:47
Lintbut if grub is set to run in graphic mode, it loads fancy ubuntu font, that with characters from thin lines01:47
NyLescan someone help me with my video card? it has bugs with latest drivers NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 40001:47
jay_why_beepsusi it appears my new server is sending out DHCP Offer packets from source
Gentoo64NyLes: you might as well use nouveau01:48
Antaressomethinginteres, I looked for a bit but did not find anything I could use. I suppose it's just a matter of knowing which program to use, and I have no experience with them.01:48
AntaresSorry. :(01:48
NyLesGentoo64: how will  get to use it?01:48
zykotick9NyLes: i doubt that particular card is supported by nvidia-current, did you check which driver it's suppose to work with?01:49
Gentoo64NyLes: uninstall nvidia drivers01:49
somethinginteresAntares: Thanks for the help regardless.01:49
zykotick9NyLes: nouveau may not give you want you want BTW - 3d might not work for instance01:49
=== Guest53425 is now known as Bladerunner
somethinginteresAntares: I just found this: http://www.metageek.net/products/inssider/ apparently a Linux port is in Alpha. Otherwise I might try netstumbler01:49
=== Bladerunner is now known as Guest87245
zykotick9NyLes: to check for nouveau 3d support you could check the h-node site and search for your card01:50
Antaressomethinginteres, you can always try running Windows binaries if you find something that fits the bill using WINE (sudo apt-get install wine).01:51
NyLeszykotick9: i've done some research and they say nvidia-96?01:51
=== helgikrs1 is now known as helgikrs
AntaresIn case the port doesn't work for some reason.01:51
somethinginteresAntares: noted.01:51
zykotick9NyLes: and is that the driver you installed?01:51
NyLeszykotick9: ill check the site, i think even my card doesn'y support 3d :D its very old..01:51
NyLeszykotick9: i just tried the Additional Hardware under system, it says there nvidia-96?01:52
Pikkachuwhat's the easiest/clearest/better way to automount ntfs partitions onto /media/<DRIVE_LABEL>? (no hardcoded path, it should get the label then create a dir named after that)01:53
jay_why_beeSo I have moved a DHCP server from old physical server to a virtual server on an ESXi host.  Same config, same lease.  The new one doesn't appear to respond to anyone.  A packet snif shows the new server's Source IP to be  Thoughts?01:54
psusijay_why_bee, did you configure the server's IP address?01:54
LintPikkachu, use "udisks --mount"01:54
PikkachuLint: I'm in windows now, what will it do exactly?01:55
jay_why_beeWould that be the "server-identifier" in the dhcpd.conf?01:55
psusijay_why_bee, you said you were sshed to the vm so I presume it has a proper IP address?  that sounds promising01:56
Lintyou need to run the command "udisks --mount /dev/xxx" as root from batch file or similar01:57
psusiLint, or just click on it in the gui01:57
jay_why_beeI am changing the host address to the ip address and rechecking.01:57
Lintpsusi, he needs automatic way I suppose01:57
jay_why_beepsusi: that looks like it worked...01:58
psusiLint, having to run a script with sudo != automatic01:58
zykotick9jay_why_bee: verify that the ethX involved hasn't changed, udev may have moved it01:59
=== tenach_ is now known as tenach
jay_why_beewell between the two servers (old = eth3; new = eth0) it did changed, but the config wasn't set to anything listing the interface.  Just the subnet.02:00
NyLeszykotick9: sad to say h-node doesn't have my card driver :(02:00
zykotick9NyLes: that's unfortunate.  well, if nvidia proprietary isn't working, giving nouveau a try might be a good idea (i was personally very dissappointed with nouveau 3d)02:02
jay_why_beepsusi But I changed the "server-identifier" from the server.domain.com to and it reported it correctly to the window's client.02:02
=== LL2|Android1 is now known as LL2|Android
NyLeszykotick9: how will i get to use nouveau?02:03
jay_why_beepsusi I now see the DHCPACK goodness!  Thanks.02:03
zykotick9NyLes: remove all the nvidia drivers, move xorg.conf to xorg.conf.disabled then restart02:03
NyLeszykotick9: how will i remove the drivers? lol i thought its impossible reformatted it again LMFAO..02:04
NyLeszykotick9: *i reformatted02:04
PikkachuLint: do I need to install any package in fresh oneiric for using udisks?02:05
LintPikkachu, no02:05
=== tenach__ is now known as tenach
PikkachuLint, psusi: yeah automated so I don't need to click every time02:05
zykotick9NyLes: do you know specifically what the package was called?  something like "nvidia96-something"?02:05
zykotick9NyLes: you could use "dpkg -l | grep nvidia" to check02:06
psusiPikkachu, if you want the system to mount it at boot time, add it to /etc/fstab02:06
NyLeszykotick9: ok thanks ill keep that in mind for future hahaha, the formatting started 5 minutes ago already..02:06
Lintpsusi, but fstab doesn't create and remove nice mount points automatically02:07
PikkachuLint: ok, in previous install I had some ntfs package which seems to be doing that somehow (iirc ntfs3g-manager or something, it was from the time ntfs writing wasn't default in ubuntu yet, then I started from scratch in oneiric and it didn't come with that utility)02:07
Pikkachupsusi: please read what I asked02:08
Lintntfs support via fuse is in by default02:08
PikkachuLint: what's fuse? some ntfs support package?02:08
zykotick9!fuse | Pikkachu02:09
ubottuPikkachu: FUSE (Filesystem in Userspace) is a !kernel driver that allows non-root users to create their own filesystems. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filesystem_in_Userspace for more on FUSE.  Some examples of filesystems that use FUSE are !ntfs-3g, sshfs and isofs. A full list of Filesystems that use FUSE is here:  http://fuse.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/FileSystems02:09
Pikkachuthanks for the tip Lint, will try to recall 'udisks --mount /dev/sda'02:11
LintsdaN then02:11
=== mjbermea is now known as mjbermea|afk
psusiLint, yea, you make the mount point02:13
PikkachuLint: does it just figure it out it's to be mounted on /media?02:15
LintPikkachu, it did for me02:15
PikkachuLint: ok thanks!02:16
Lintwhere can I ask quick autotools question?02:16
bazhangLint, #autotools02:19
Lesterwoodhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUs_6-d5T3g opinions?02:19
NyLesnouveau doesn't work either, what do you think if i try this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1646166 can you help me?02:19
=== satan is now known as Guest8974
bazhangLesterwood, its offtopic. dont randomly paste stuff here02:20
jen_ugh linux jipped me off02:22
jen_how am I suppose to use my yahoo to vid chat?02:23
mjbermea|afkjen_: Use skype.02:23
=== mjbermea|afk is now known as mjbermea
metasansanaanyone know why mysql-workbench keeps crashing on 11.10?02:23
jen_but I want yahoo vid chat02:23
jen_as well02:23
WebDawgI have a service tinyproxy that I want started before gdm starts.02:26
WebDawgAny suggestions.02:26
WebDawgIt looks like I can edit /etc/init/gdm.conf but I am not sure if I can add those types of services.02:26
zykotick9jen_: yahoo probably has the worst gnu/linux support of any of the IM protocols, gyachi is some out-of-repo, out-of-date program that you might want to check out though.02:27
jen_awww poopie doo doo02:27
NyLesnouveau doesn't work either, what do you think if i try this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1646166 can you help me?02:27
jen_naaa i guess I can live02:27
erpoGood evening. My girlfriend would like to know why the icon for the Archive Manager tool looks like a toilet paper roll.02:29
erpoThis would be in 11.10.02:29
OU818what ubuntu is the best ubuntu?02:29
erpoOU818: What do you intend to use it for?02:30
zykotick9OU818: what orange is the best orange? - what do you mean?02:30
smw_erpo, which icon? It looks like a cardboard box to me...02:30
erposmw_: The icon for file-roller.02:30
Linterpo, ask theme authors. But it's because archive manager is called file_roller_02:30
OU818well like, I wanna stop windowsing and start ubuntuing and i dont know where to begin02:31
erpoLint: I know. It used to look like a steamroller, and that made sense. When she said it looked like a toilet paper roll, I thought she was joking.02:31
erpoBut that's exactly what it looks like now.02:31
smw_erpo, if you look at a big version, it does not looke like toilet paper ;-)02:31
Linterpo, which icon theme?02:31
erpoOU818: Download bog standard ubuntu from ubuntu.com.02:31
elkyerpo, it's actually an image of a big concrete tube which can be rolled over turf to compress it down, for example02:31
smw_erpo, it is a pic of a roller flattening a file...02:32
erpoLint: The default?02:32
OU818bog standard, got it02:32
OU818erpo: thanks brb02:32
smw_erpo, (a folder actually)02:32
erposmw_: It's unix. Everything is a file. ;)02:32
zykotick9erpo: "bog standard" what is that?02:32
erposmw_: Or, I was wrong.02:32
smw_erpo, folders are not files02:32
smw_erpo, nor are network interfaces02:33
zykotick9smw_: right folders aren't real02:33
smw_zykotick9, right02:33
erpozykotick9: Perhaps an imprecise or unhelpful term. I mean "vanilla" or "default" ubuntu.02:33
=== enchilad1 is now known as enchilado
erpozykotick9: Ubuntu 11.10 x8602:33
=== Guest8974 is now known as sa`tan
wildman_hello to anyone out there that can help me with a ubuntu network problem02:34
zykotick9erpo: i see, bog is not a term i'm familiar with (well, in the context you're using it in).  Thanks for the clarification.02:34
smw_!ask | wildman_02:34
ubottuwildman_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:34
wildman_ubuntu 11.1002:34
OU818"early ceramic toilets being produced to exactly the same specification in white only which became known as the bog standard"02:35
OU818thanks google!02:35
wildman_ok i have ubuntu 11.10 on all of my systems and i can get them to talk to one another02:36
cowslammeri just installed 11.10 - how do i make the screen saver not ask for a password?02:36
wildman_i cant see them in the netwok deal when you click the network icon02:36
=== jtrucks is now known as idiotrucks
wildman_all i want to do is be able to copy files to difrent systems and my nas boxes02:37
=== idiotrucks is now known as jtrucks
Lintcan someone explain why xapian is rebuilding database each morning if I didn't update package repositories meanwhile?02:37
stevelittwildman_, I can't see other hosts when I click on my network icon (on the menubar). I didn't know that was even a feature. I'm using 11.04.02:38
eggzeckshe made a mistake!02:39
wildman_well like when you go to the home menu and click the network icon on the bottom left there it wont show my other systems02:39
=== marco is now known as Guest98162
wildman_when i had 11.4 i could click on the network deal and see all the computers on my net work02:41
wildman_this 11.10 just shows a black screen02:42
stevelittwildman_, I'm working on 11.04, Classic Gnome interface, so can't reproduce your exact situation, but it looks like when I select Places->Network and get into the network display, all I see are Windows computers, and I suppose if I had Samba servers configured correctly on Linux boxes, I'd see those too.02:42
erpowildman_: Post a screenshot.02:42
erpowildman_: Also, is your last name Wildman, and did you recently graduate from a culinary arts program?02:43
wildman_ok  what key do i hit to get a screen shot i forgot how that works02:43
=== caroline is now known as yasser
rattatouewildman_, print screen02:44
neophreakwildman_, press "Print Screen"02:44
wildman_ok thanks bew right back02:44
eggzeckwildman_: The first question would be how are you or what are you using to enable file sharing (and network discovery)?02:46
OerHeksLint, maybe #Xapian knows the answer02:47
wildman_ok how do i get this to you02:47
wildman_the screen shot that is02:48
NyLeshow to use sh command in terminal?02:48
OerHekswildman_,  picpaste.com02:48
NyLesi will try this one "sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-96.43.20.pkg1.run"02:48
eggzeckNyLes: man sh02:49
NyLeseggzeck: man sh?02:49
=== owner_ is now known as Guest73514
OerHeksNyLes, "./NVIDIA-Linux-x86-96.43.20.pkg1.run"02:50
eggzeckNyLes: adding "man" before a command allows you to read its manual page and in turn will help you understand it better :-)02:50
NyLesOerHeks: i got it working now, but it prompts me saying that i should first exit x server? how will i do that?02:50
wildman_ok i think it is there02:51
NyLeseggzeck: ow thanks for that..02:51
* OerHeks thinks that 96 driver is not goin to work in 11.10 + unity02:51
stevelittNyLes, my guess would be to Ctrl+Alt+F2, log in, and run it from that terminal.02:51
eggzeckwildman_: My guess it that you have not tried enabling nor configuring file sharing/network discovery at all which is why you're not seeing the machines. (I'm assuming this since you did not answer my above question)02:51
NyLesOerHeks: im using 10.04 :D02:51
stevelittwildman_, You need to give us the URL picpaste.com gave you.02:51
NyLesstevelitt: ill try it thanks..02:52
wildman_ok hang on i will go get it02:52
zykotick9NyLes: only my opinion, but manually install the nvidia driver from nvidia.com is a bad idea02:52
OerHekswildman_, click the url above the remove url, then you can copy it02:52
Lintwhat is GTK shortcut for entering Unicode characters?02:52
NyLeszykotick9: but why? how will i install it? :/02:53
sephthirI was wondering if someone could give me some direction to look in for the methods the Ubuntu install isos (particularly the alternate install image) are generated. Anyone have a direction to look?02:53
zykotick9NyLes: 1) uninstall could be a BIG issue (well, not if you are willing to reinstall again) 2) after every kernel update you'll have to reinstall it 3) it isn't supported in this channel02:54
bazhangsephthir, you wish to customize the debian-installer ?02:54
stevelittwildman_, Just as a diagnostic, try running Nautilus, then click Go->Network on the menu, and see if you see the other boxes there.02:54
sephthirbazhang, I already know how to customize debian-installer, that's working fine. What I really need is the actual documentation / scripts that produce the alternate install iso, and I've been basically unable to find anything related to it online anywhere...02:55
NyLeszykotick9: what do you mean every kernel update? even im using 10.04 the kernel will be updated? i can't use latest version of ubuntu coz of this card..02:55
babonkHey guys, I just installed phpmyadmin and I can't access it at http://mydomain.com/phpmyadmin/  .  I get a 40402:55
babonkI followed the steps in the installation documentation, I believe.  PHP/mysql/apache are all working fine02:55
wildman_ok will go try it just a sec02:55
zykotick9NyLes: when you get a kernel update, when you restart your Xorg will be broken until you manually reinstall the nvidia.com driver02:55
zykotick9NyLes: the kernel does get security updates from time to time02:56
dipixbabonk: did you configure it>02:56
babonkdipix: I included it in /etc/apache2/apache2.conf02:56
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization sephthir from this?02:56
OerHeksbabonk try http://localhost/phpmyadmin if you configured it correctly02:56
stevelittwildman_, By the way, in my opinion Nautilus sucks bigtime. We're doing this only as a diagnostic test.02:57
babonki would like it to be accessible from the web, though02:57
babonksince this isn't my localhost, it's a shell02:57
dipixbabonk: or
NyLeszykotick9: i see.. hmmm.. but i think i'll just reinstall it manually again and again IF this works perfectly.. have no choice anyway..02:57
sephthirbazhang, I've already looked through it and it doesn't do enough in the directions I need.02:57
Thomas__Hey, I have a few questions about ubuntu02:58
Thomas__Is this the right place to go?02:58
NyLesstevelitt: i tried what you suggested but still it says i should exit first X server? any ideas?02:58
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:58
bazhangThomas__, yes02:58
hiexpoThomas__, sure shoot02:58
wildman_ok how do i get to that in the terminal or what02:59
stevelittNyLes, I don't know for sure, but I think it's telling you that you must completely quit X. Which would mean, if you started X with startx, quit X. If you started it by virtue of booting, you need to reboot to CLI mode. Other people can tell you better ways to boot into CLI mode better than I.02:59
stevelittwildman_, Did a program come up when you ran Nautilus?03:00
Thomas__Sounds good, so I decided that I wanted to install ubuntu, but keep Windows 7. Now, I have never done anything with partitions nor ubuntu. I created a third 100 gb partition, installed ubuntu onto a disk, burned the disk, loaded the disk, installed onto the 100gb partition, and when I choose to run ubuntu on start up I get error: "Prefix" not set03:00
zykotick9NyLes: ctrl+alt+f1 to get to a VT, then "sudo service lightdm stop" might work03:01
mohan_I am trying to install XBMC ...but not able to do that..03:01
stevelittwildman_, Oh I remember how you do it in Unity. Go to the place where you look at your computer, click that, and I think that should bring you into Nutulus.03:01
Jordan_U!bootinfo | Thomas__03:01
ubottuThomas__: Boot info script is a usefull script for diagnosing boot problems. Run the script following the directions here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1291280 and then look at RESULTS.txt (or !pastebin it for others to look at).03:01
bazhangNyLes, you are on 10.04?03:01
mohan_this command fails :- sudo add-apt repository ppa:team-xbmc03:01
NyLesbazhang: yes03:01
mohan_i am on 11.1003:01
zykotick9NyLes: "sudo service gdm stop" then ;)03:01
NyLeszykotick9: ok i will try that..03:01
bazhangmohan_, whats the link to the ppa page03:01
goose_how can I change my theme back to the older style themes? This new one on 11.04 is killing me.03:01
zykotick9!notunity | goose_03:02
ubottugoose_: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic03:02
stevelittzykotick9, what would it have been for 11.10 to stop gdm?03:02
mohan_hmm..i am just referring this article here :- http://www.makeuseof.com/answers/good-media-server-ubuntu-set/03:02
wildman_what thing is that i am still kind of new to all this stuff03:02
zykotick9stevelitt: if 11.10 uses GDM then yes03:02
mohan_answer from Tim Brookes03:02
bazhanggoose_, choose classic from the login window03:02
goose_err, 11.10 rather03:03
goose_but thanks zykotick903:03
stevelittzykotick9, let me guess, if you're using lightdm, you "sudo service lightdm stop"?03:03
zykotick9stevelitt: i'd guess (i've never used lightdm though)03:04
NylLeszykotick9: thanks your suggestions works fine :)03:04
NylLesbazhang: yes im on 10.04 right now as you guys suggested..03:04
gordon1234mohan_, try this http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=HOW-TO:Install_XBMC_on_Ubuntu/HOW-TO_103:04
wildman_i not sure where you want me to go03:05
gordon1234mohan_, although I don't think it works in 11.1003:05
stevelittwildman_, Go to the place where it gave you the error message, click OK on the dialog box posting the error, then run the menu on the program with Desktop and Pictures and all that (I think you hover or click the menubar at the upper left, and then choose help->about, and tell me what program it says it is.03:05
stevelittzykotick9, Thanks for the info -- I never knew that, and actually had to tweak the grub configuration to boot Ubuntu to CLI, and wasn't that a mess!03:06
NylLesinstallation is done now it prompts me if i would like to run the nvidia-xconfig utility to update my X configuration, what can you guys suggest?03:06
zykotick9stevelitt: :)03:07
Thomas__I can't get into anything ubuntu-related besides the installer, and If I'm reading this boot info script, I actually have to be in ubuntu for it to work03:07
zykotick9NylLes: try running "sudo nvidia-xconfig" not sure if it's going to be there or not though03:07
Lintwhat is the best way to download single precise packahe?03:08
NylLeszykotick9: thanks you're a big help really..03:08
NylLesrestarting now....03:08
mohan_gordon..will do that03:08
LL2|AndroidI should so set that as my quit msg03:09
=== Cpudan80_ is now known as Cpudan80
wildman_ok i have a screen shot for you if that helps03:09
NylLes:( still black screen..03:10
mohan_I am just looking a way to make my ubuntu desktop as a media server...is there a way to do it ?03:10
mohan_if XBMC doesn't work with 11.1003:10
babonkHey guys.  I installed PHPmyadmin and added it to the apache config, but it's not accessible from localhost/phpmyadmin/03:10
dipixmohan_: try "MediaTomb"03:11
Jordan_UThomas__: So you installed using the Alternate / Server install CD rather than the normal Desktop CD?03:11
mohan_let me check03:11
NylLeswhat is the option in grub to boot at CLI?03:11
zykotick9!text | NylLes03:11
ubottuNylLes: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode03:11
NylLeszykotick9: ubottu thanks so much..03:12
stevelittwildman_, Good! Now get to the menu on that program (which we now know is Nautilus), and select Go->Network, and see if you get the same error message.03:12
zykotick9NylLes: ubottu is the channel's bot03:12
log!thanks | NylLes03:12
ubottuNylLes: You're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)03:12
stevelittNylLes, Be sure to back up the config file before adding the word "text".03:13
Thomas__All I did was go to ubuntu.com, click download, click the first "Download and Install", run the burner, then run the disk, click "Install alongside windows" , and select my new partition with nothing on it03:13
NylLeszykotick9: ow hahaha.. stevelitt yeah thanks.. this card is making me lose hope lol..03:13
Jordan_UThomas__: If you select "Try Ubuntu before installing" (or a similar option) you can run a live version of Ubuntu from the CD. From there you can run boot info script.03:14
gbear14275Is there a recommended tool for disk management (Partitioning/lvm) through ssh?  I've only used gparted but this is for a headless machine... no sense to use gnome03:15
gbear14275or rather... how do people do disk management through ssh normally?03:15
zykotick9gbear14275: parted is the cli program gparted relies on.03:15
gordon1234mohan_, I would check out moovida ... its a lot about personal preference though.03:15
Thomas__"Demo and full installation"?03:15
wildman_no it just shows the windows network icon and thats it it us to show all of my other computers when you hit the network deal now the windows icon is the only one that shows but the frist time you hit the net work icon it gives you the error then it just shows the windows icon from then on03:16
gbear14275zykotick9, thanks I remembered that it was based on parted but wasn't sure if that's what people used.03:16
gbear14275zykotick9, can parted create logical volumes?  Or is there another tool I would have to use for LVM stuff...  or would it just be... lvm (I'm beginning to doubt myself)03:17
NylLesim losing hope lol, what's with puppy that it can use my video card..03:17
zykotick9gbear14275: i really wouldn't know, i'm still using regular paritions and fdisk ;)03:17
zykotick9NylLes: old xorg would be my guess03:18
gbear14275zykotick9, I think I answered my own question.  I appreciate the help though03:18
Jordan_UThomas__: What version of Ubuntu are you using? I just tried booting an Ubuntu 11.10 CD and the options are "Try Ubuntu" (what you want) and "Install Ubuntu". No "Demo and full installation".03:18
NylLeszykotick9: old xorg? what do you mean? i can't uninstall the nvidia driver i installed lol..03:19
stevelittwildman_, Install a Samba server on one of the other boxes, and see if you see it in Nautilus. Installing the Samba server should be just an Aptitude thing or an apt-get install thing or whatever Unity uses. If security isn't an issue, temporarily make your home directory accessible on the other computer.03:19
NylLeszykotick9: can i do it with 10.04, that old xorg you're saying?03:19
stevelittwildman_, What confuses me is how it showed the other computers on 11.04, but not on 11.10. I'm assuming all the other computers were not changed. That's bizarre.03:19
zykotick9NylLes: just a theory, but if the other distro uses an older version of Xorg, that might explain why it works with your card03:19
NylLeszykotick9: is there a way to use what puppy is using to ubuntu?03:20
odie5533should /etc/apt/sources.list exist or did the source move somewhere else recently?03:20
zykotick9NylLes: highly doubt it, and remember i'm just theorizing here03:20
XenethHello peeps03:20
Thomas__ Jordan_U :http://puu.sh/hKjg is the menu I am getting.03:21
stevelittzykotick9, NylLes: I used to have stuff like that all the time -- my distro couldn't correctly configure the video card, so I'd run another distro (Knoppix was good for that), it would work fine with the card, and then I'd back up my old xorg.conf and copy the Knoppix xorg.conf to xorg.conf. A lot of times that worked.03:21
krishmishsomeone able to lemme know tips for using backtrack?03:21
bazhangkrishmish, in the backtrack channel #backtrack-linux03:21
NylLesstevelitt: woah? really? what about if i just used puppy? still has the live cd here..03:22
babonkI installed PHPmyadmin and added it to the apache config, but it's not accessible from localhost/phpmyadmin/ .  Can anyone advise me what could be going wrong?03:22
babonkThat URL 404s03:22
stevelittNylLes, BACK UP your old xorg.conf first!!!!!03:22
Jordan_UThomas__: When I boot an Ubuntu 11.10 CD I get to this screen: http://jordanu.dyndns.org/tmp/try_or_install.png Is that what you see?03:22
bludI just installed Lubuntu on my laptop, and I want to output to the tv via vga, but the tv is getting no signal, what do I do?03:22
NylLeswhat's the difference between nvidia-96 and nvidia-96-modaliases?03:22
wildman_no sir all my systems have 11.10 on them and i have two nas boxs that i built and it dosnt see them eather it use to in 11.4 though that is why i am asking for help i will go try that samba thing and see if that works will let you know in just a little while ok03:23
NylLesstevelitt: ahahaha ok thanks..03:23
XenethHoping someone would be able to tell me why "tracepath" is installed by default when "traceroute" is not.  Was there a specific reason?03:23
Jordan_UThomas__: Ahh, I understand now. You need to actually boot from the CD to do a normal install of Ubuntu.03:23
babonknever mind just had to restart apache03:23
NylLescan i access ubuntu files with my windows xp? dual boot..03:24
XenethTracepath alway's seems to fail.03:24
limpchi, i have an AMD Phenom II x6 1075T, which is 3.1ghz.  but when i do cat /proc/cpu | grep "cpu MHz" it shows all the cores at 800.000 MHZ??03:24
Jordan_UThomas__: Follow the instructions here http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/download to install Ubuntu normally. You can probably skip to step 3, assuming you've already burned the CD.03:24
Thomas__Jordan_ U :I can't navigate my bios with any sort of accuracy due to a screen problem, and my computer doesn't boot from the the CD on default. Any ideas on what to do?03:25
NylLeswhat does free software only option do?03:25
XenethNylLes, You would have to install drives so that windows can see the linux FS03:25
stevelittlimpc, Your computer slows down the processor when not working hard. Run a prime number generator or something like that and you'll see one of the processors briefly hit 3100.03:25
NylLesXeneth: what do you mean?03:25
Jordan_UThomas__: If you don't get my nick correct my client won't highlight your message.03:25
Jordan_U!tab | Thomas__03:25
ubottuThomas__: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.03:25
XenethNylLes, By default, windows cannot read EXT (ext3 or ext4), so windows cannot see those partitions.  you would have to change that.03:26
NylLesXeneth: but linux can read windows FS?03:27
Jordan_UNylLes: Correct.03:27
NylLesJordan_U: ok thanks..03:27
Jordan_UNylLes: You're welcome.03:27
XenethNylLes, correct, being open, someone wrote drivers so that Linux can read NTFS which is what new windows use.  I have heard of a way to get windows to see EXT3.  do not know if it works for EXT403:28
NylLesXeneth: thanks for the info..03:29
limpcstevelitt, hmm yea ok. i did dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/null and saw one core jump to 3ghz03:29
limpcthat scared me, i thought i got ripped off lol03:29
XenethNylLes,  NP.  happy to help.03:29
bludmy tv gets no signal from my laptop vga cable for some reason, anything i can try?03:30
Thomas__Going to try a restart03:30
zykotick9blud: does you laptop have some hotkey combination to toggle video out?03:30
Jordan_UThomas__: What exactly is the problem with the screen that provents you from seeing the BIOS menus?03:30
bludzykotick9: it does but it seems to do nothing03:31
bludzykotick9: back in mythbuntu hitting it (fn-f8) would blank out the laptop screen, but now in lubuntu it has no effect03:31
zykotick9blud: what GPU does it use?03:31
bludintel 85503:32
bludwhen i go to monitors, or do xrandr it *does* see both the laptop screen and the vga out to tv, so, thats cool03:32
stevelittlimpc, Yeah, I had the exact same reaction the first time I did cat /proc/cpuinfo. There's a bios setting by which you can have your computer run full speed all the time, but unless it's mid-winter and you need extra heating, don't do it.03:32
zykotick9blud: sorry, i'm not familiar at all with lxde.  Good luck.03:32
limpcheh yeah03:32
bludi dont really think its a lxde specific thing but w/e03:33
zykotick9stevelitt: the software side would be cpufreq-set from cli03:33
researcher123the red bulb of CPU keeps glowing for quite long and speed of PC slowed down drastically. What can be done?03:33
XenethGuess noone can answer my tracepath/traceroute question.  :)  just trying to find out why tracepath fails after a few hops.03:34
wildman_ok sir this is wildman again i have the samba setup on the other system and it has been setup through this hole thing and i still dont see it in the network now what03:34
stevelittAh, kuhl, thanks zykotick9. Hear that limpc, the software side would be cpufreq-set from cli.03:34
zykotick9limpc: there should be some GUI tool(s) to accomplish the same thing.03:35
stevelittwildman_: I don't know. Ask yourself this question: How can I narrow it down just one more time? Think of a diagnostic test that will rule out certain components. You know the first test I'd try? Go to each of those other 11.10 computers and see if *they* can see the other computers.03:36
HoNgOuRuhow do I install cg compiler?03:36
HoNgOuRucmake tells can't find cg_compiler03:36
wildman_no it dose the same on all of them03:37
stevelittOK wildman_, next test -- try pinging between these ten boxes. I really should have suggested that five suggestions ago.03:38
wildman_same error the frist time then just the windows icon shows03:38
zykotick9wildman_: are all the computer gnu/linux based?  alternatives to MS's SMB sharing would be SSH or NFS.03:38
stevelittOK wildman_, ping others from the one, and then maybe from another. Do the pings work?03:38
GhostWolfhi all, is there anyone who can help me with a webcam issue with skype?03:38
wildman_ok how do i get the ping thing i was just there the other day and forgot how i got there03:40
=== avery is now known as hackview
Xenethwildman_, You can ping from terminal or "System > Administration > Network tools"03:41
wildman_oh ya thanks i forgot how i got there03:41
jen_is there a health chatroom here?03:42
GhostWolfi have an issue with my webcam, i have installed cheese and its running but when i try to use skype my webcam doesn't come up on the other side, im using a laptop to test it, can anyone help me please?03:42
stevelittwildman_, I'm currently on, and I want to see if I have connectivity to, so I do this command from the command prompt of "ping", and don't include the quotes. Ping is your most basic network diagnostic tool. If ping doesn't work, then probably nothing will, except if they have an IMCP blocking firewall, and you don't need to know that yet.03:42
xanguajen_: i don't think there is a Health dedicated channel on freenode03:42
kettererHello, the otherday I purged a ppa, it then uninstalled like over 100 packages, left me with out cammand line, so i used the knoledge i did have to reinstall "ubunut-desktop" wich seemed to get most things working03:43
kettererit booted and worked fine, now i go to reinstall skype and i get03:43
jen_awww maaan03:43
kettererketterer@ketterer-ubuntubook:~$ sudo apt-get install skype03:44
kettererReading package lists... Done03:44
kettererBuilding dependency tree03:44
kettererReading state information... Done03:44
kettererSome packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have03:44
FloodBot1ketterer: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:44
kettererrequested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable03:44
zykotick9!paste | ketterer03:44
ubottuketterer: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:44
rootcomaAnyone know what may cause a ubuntu 11 server to boot without attaching a terminal?03:44
rootcomaI have to hit f1 to get to a prompt03:44
* greenwolf is the greatest!!03:45
hearno_rootcoma I had this issue on my box for awhile03:45
zykotick9rootcoma: it's plymouth03:45
GhostWolfcan anyone help me with my webcam issue please? i need to get this working before the morning03:46
rootcomazykotick9: Is that to say that it is working as designed?03:46
zykotick9rootcoma: not really, there was a bug about server/plymouth having to alt+f1 in Lucid...03:47
wildman_this is what it did03:47
ludlowubuntu servers are slow lately03:47
rootcomazykotick9: Thank you03:48
stevelittwildman_, OK good, you know you have connectivity. How do you narrow it down more? Think of a good way and tell me.03:48
kettererdoes anyone know how to reinsall all the packeges  that i lost OR fix my dependancies problem03:48
zykotick9ketterer: if you have broken packages you can try "sudo apt-get -f install" as a general fix, but doubt it will do anything.03:48
kettererit has not03:49
stevelittHey wildman_, I think the reason we've reached an impasse is neither of us knows exactly what Nautilus does or how it works or how it detects other hosts or how to configure it. It would help to read documents about Nautilus.03:49
kettereri tried 'sudo apt-get clean all' and 'sudo apt-get -f install" and 'sudo apt-get update'03:50
wildman_ok thanks i will go and see what i can learn then thanks for your time wildman03:50
Deihmosjust installed ubuntu. for some reason the laptop fan sound is onn full at all times. can't find a way to fix it03:51
Deihmoslaptop fan runs on full.03:51
Xenethketterer, you may need to reinstall if you removes repositories and do not know what got uninstalled.03:51
kettererit as an added ppa, and i do have the history in USC that shows what was remvoed03:52
GhostWolfok going to ask again, can anyone help me with a webcam issue with skype on ubuntu? i installed a program called cheese, start that up but when i go on and call myself on a laptop, im using a desktop on here, i can't see myself with my webcam on this computer03:52
Xenethketterer, then if you can do updates, you likely will need to systematically reinstall everything that got uninstalled.  then remove what you don't want when it's working.03:54
kettererhmm ok03:54
Xenethketterer, it's a pain, that's why I suggested reinstal.  Likely faster.03:55
kettereri dont mean to be lazy, but is there a way to make a list of all the packeges and then install them at once03:55
almoxarifeGhostWolf: look at Xorg.0.log in /var/log , see if the webcam is mentioned first, if it is then life is a bit easier03:55
kettererok i get it03:55
kettereri will try do it03:55
GhostWolfalmoxarife, um just sec i always have an issue with my webcam, normally in windows i use software to be able to use it, but i know with linux/ubuntu its difficult03:56
XenethGhostWolf, if it works in cheese, I doubt it's an issue with the cam.  I bet it's just getting skype to use it.  That's where I get lost.  :)  GL03:57
jak2000su dhclient why not work ?03:57
GhostWolfXeneth, well i have issues with any program not getting it to work, like amsn or skype, even those sites that you can use your webcam on03:58
=== stevelitt is now known as stevelitt_away
XenethGhostWolf, I thought I saw you state that cheese worked.  did I mis-read?03:59
GhostWolfXeneth, did i say it didn't? sorry it does work i can start cheese and my webcam's light comes on and i can see myself in the window on cheese04:00
GhostWolfsorry if i said it didn't or interpit that id didn't work04:00
GhostWolfand for as with almoxarife's post i have the log opened its a big log, so i don't know where to look04:01
almoxarifeGhostWolf: nevermind the log, your issue is configuring skype to use the webcam04:01
tking0036has anyone tried the linux mint mate desktop with ubuntu04:01
XenethGhostWolf, so that verifies the drivers and hardware.  It's making it accessable by other programs where the issue sounds like.04:01
GhostWolfalmoxarife, ok do you know how i would do that?04:01
=== mbeierl1 is now known as mbeierl
GhostWolfXeneth, so if cheese works its the driver issue then?04:01
almoxarifeGhostWolf: i did it once, skype has a configuration screen, find it04:01
=== Gskellig|away is now known as Gskellig
XenethGhostWolf, if cheese works, the drivers work04:02
bludanybody help me get my laptop to output to the TV?04:02
GhostWolfalmoxarife, when i installed it on the laptop which did the config, but when i installed it on this pc, it didn't and i see the video section in options for skype but don't see any configuration04:02
XenethGhostWolf, it's a bit out of my area, I'm a network guy.  Just wanted to point that out so it narrows down your search.04:03
GhostWolfXeneth, ok thanks04:03
soreaublud: Do you have the tv connected to the laptop?04:03
sacarlsonGhostWolf: I think this is the v4l vl42 compatibilty problem with skype http://community.linuxmint.com/tutorial/view/21904:03
bludyes :)04:03
soreau! who | blud04:04
ubottublud: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)04:04
homecablei installed a new drive to add more space for /var/www/pub should i mount the new disk to /var/www/pub or mount it to /mnt/disk3 and link folder pub to /var/www/pub ?04:04
almoxarifeGhostWolf: are you saying that the configuration options for skype look different depending on the platform?04:04
GhostWolfsacarlson, that looks like its for linux mint distro, not ubuntu04:04
sacarlsonGhostWolf: sorry that's v4l v4l2  and they have a posible fix in that link but I failed to get it to work for me, I ended up getting another $10 cam that did work04:04
bludsoreau: yes i have the tv connected to the laptop04:05
sacarlsonGhostWolf: mint is almost the same we use the same libs04:05
GhostWolfalmoxarife, no i am saying i don't see any config for the video at all it just has the video option under the options for skype on ubuntu04:05
soreaublud: Did you try gnome-display-properties to see if it's detected?04:05
ketterersorry i missed the last ten mins04:05
kettereri thought i minimized it04:05
sacarlsonGhostWolf: you can do modprobe -l |grep v4l  and see if your cam is v4l or v4l2 compatible04:06
bludsoreau: well i clicked on Monitors and it does see 2 monitors one being the laptop and the other being the vga out I guess. Or if I do xrandr it sees 2 screens you know04:06
soreaublud: Can you pastebin the output of xrandr?04:06
soreaublud: to pastebin.com04:06
GhostWolfwhen i go to video devices almoxarife it has a popdown menu to choose the webcam and the only thing i can select is what it shows which is Camera (/dev/video0)04:06
ketterersorry to ask and leave, But is there a way you can just install all packages that were removed04:07
bludsoreau: I'll have to get the laptop online first , but i'll go do that now04:07
GhostWolfsacarlson, well im not going to buy another webcam really, don't have the money and i need to get this to work by the morning04:07
sacarlsonGhostWolf: well then you you could try the preload as instructed in the link04:07
GhostWolfim looking at that right now sacarlson04:08
almoxarifeGhostWolf: ok, the only option is /dev/video...... ?04:08
GhostWolfalmoxarife, for the camera yes thats the only thing that is on the dropdown box for the video device on my skype on this machine. just want to make sure im using ubntu on this pc not the laptop04:09
almoxarifeGhostWolf: want to make sure ........ using ubuntu????? not sure?04:10
GhostWolfalmoxarife, im just telling you this machine im talking to you from is the ubuntu machine, cause im trying to test my webcam on skype on a laptop04:11
almoxarifeGhostWolf: you have skype ready to make a video/call otherwise? on what ever machine, shut it down, restart and go into the call process04:12
bludwell, new problem, it says something like wireless network not available firmware not installed04:14
realm174Could someone point me to a step by step on how to setup dual display on 11.04, GPU is Radeon X1600. What I would like is one display at 1024x768 and the other one at 640x480. Is that something possible?04:15
hackviewAnyone know: Are all the next ubuntu release's plan on having the new interface? (unity?)04:15
=== snivy is now known as rogaps
Xenethhackview, Likely, not sure.  I am seriously considering switching my laptop to fadora over it.04:16
GhostWolfdamn he left, i don't know if he meant this pc or the laptop :S04:17
xanguahackview: yes04:17
hackviewIs Fedora on their game again now? I thought the ubuntu series were doing the best for user friendly *nix desktop (not serv) hopefully secure too!04:17
ubottuOther !Linux distributions besides !Ubuntu include: Debian, Mepis (using !APT); RedHat, Fedora, SUSE, Mandriva (using !RPM); Gentoo, Slackware (using other packaging systems)04:18
Lint"on their game"?04:18
hackviewfedora was sucking for a few versions :)04:18
bludyou could use xbuntu with xfce or something04:19
jak2000hackview not exist dhclient in ubuntu? (su dhclietn) not work04:19
sacarlsonGhostWolf: as you can see ubuntu has the same problem with skype http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-997807.html04:19
Lintwhat does it mean?04:20
bludit means "doing a good job".. making a good product, etc04:20
GhostWolfsacarlson, yea i know but normally i don't know if its with the webcam i use or not cause my webcam is somewhat old but works fine04:20
sacarlsonGhostWolf: yes the old cams us v4l and new cams v4l2 that's why yours won't work without preload in skype04:21
GhostWolfsacarlson, skype wasn't preloaded in the version of ubuntu i have if thats what you mean04:21
hackviewxubuntu is more light weight on resources then ubuntu? This would be more secure and faster? :) I run VM's and mess with some games/emulators in ubuntu. Hopefully it all works with no issues.04:22
Zac_o_Ohello all04:23
Zac_o_Ois there a default /etc/netatalk directory anywhere?04:23
Zac_o_Oi just deleted mine ;S04:23
roastedQuestion - would I be correct that the syntax rsync -a ssh would be how I would start off the rsync over ssh command for data backup over the network?04:24
sacarlsonGhostWolf: this is a workaround method to make v4l compatible v4l204:24
GhostWolfbtw sacarlson i just did what that first linke you gave me and it works, but i don't know if its the laptop or not but the video for my webcam looks fuzzy and slow on the laptop04:24
bludhackview: xbuntu is supposed to be more lightweight but i have read people saying it isnt (idk)04:24
=== kcm1700_ is now known as kcm1700
Lintis it possible to select a session language in lightdm from ubuntu 11.10?04:25
hackviewblud: what do you prefer to run? If you are like me you probably have 5-6 different OS's & screwing around - do you have a #1?04:26
GhostWolfherofvirtue, no one can't help if you don't ask what you need. saying help would get you ignored just saying04:29
herofvirtuesorry was trying to use the help!04:31
jak2000in ubuntu how to assign a dynamic IP?  dhclient not exist?04:32
herofvirtuetrying to get used to triggers again if theres any here04:32
BoingyI'm new to Ubuntu, got 11.10. Currently when I login it freezes within about 5 seconds. Ctrl+Alt+Backspace does nothing. I'm fairly certain it's a GPU issue (I have a Radeon 6950) From googling I've read suggestions to use the proprietary AMD drivers but even getting them is tricky when I can't even get a browser opened without freezing. Any ideas of now I can update on something so broken?04:32
Lintdhclient definitely exists04:32
jak2000how to assign a dinamic ip?04:33
Zac_o_Ois there a default /etc/netatalk directory anywhere04:33
=== snivy is now known as rogaps
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».04:34
almoxarifeBoingy: its not the one you are on now?04:35
bludhackview: no im pretty new to ubuntu, i have no advice about that sry04:35
Boingyhmm? I'm on another OS now trying to research how to fix it04:35
goddardi had a question about will i screw anything up if I install kde on my system?04:35
Boingysame machine though yes04:36
roastedQuestion - if I rsync data from 1 system to another over the WAN, do I need ssh keys to be in place for it to work? Does rsync depend on SSH?04:36
zykotic10roasted: you can use rsync without ssh, if you have some other method of transfering the files (nfs for example)04:37
bludsoreau: http://pastebin.com/2WHReDH504:37
almoxarifeBoingy: ok, you can work at terminal level on ubuntu? or is it total freeze?04:37
roastedzykotic10, ssh would be optimal I would assume, eh?04:37
zykotic10roasted: ? up to you really04:37
roastedzykotic10, I'm speaking from a security standpoint. Is there a better option?04:37
zykotic10roasted: if security is a concern, use ssh04:38
roastedthanks. appreciate it. :)04:38
Boingyalmoxarife: total freeze. I'm reading now about booting with the option vga=791 but I'm not sure how to do that. If I try to boot normally I can't do anything before it will freeze04:38
roastedzykotic10, do you know of an rsync based app? I'm debating between walking my parents through setting up an rsync script or if I can direct them to a simple gui. Would you know of any by chance?04:39
hiexpohola guys and gals04:39
soreaublud: try this in your terminal:  xrandr --output VGA1 --mode 1024x768 --right-of LVDS104:39
soreaublud: Oh that's what it already is04:40
zykotic10roasted: sorry, i've only ever used the terminal command?  no idea if there is a gui.04:40
kalimojohi, whats the best way to copy an xp cd - for a friend04:40
roastedzykotic10, there's many guis actually. I just figured I'd ask. :P04:40
soreaublud: Well it's usually reported as svideo or something in xrandr.. unless it's maybe a flat screen tv?04:40
hiexpokalimojo, do what ?04:40
kalimojohiexpo make a copy of a cd in ubuntu04:41
soreaublud: Your xrandr output shows both are enabled and in clone mode at 1024x76804:41
=== fireball is now known as fireball124
bludyeah it;s a flat screen tv, im connecting it via vga04:41
zykotic10!warez | kalimojo04:41
ubottukalimojo: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o04:41
bludsoreau: yeah it;s a flat screen tv, im connecting it via vga04:41
soreaublud: If you don't have a signal to the tv I'm guessing it's a driver bug04:41
bludsoreau: my guess is that my tv does not like that resolution or something so it doesnt like it or something04:41
hiexpokalimojo what kinda cd music etc ?04:41
soreaublud: But try changing the modes04:42
soreaublud: You could be right, it's just in a wrong mode the tv can't use04:42
fireball124Hi, I want to have an option "open in terminator" in my right click menu instead of "open in terminal" however I have a fresh install of ubuntu natty and dont have "open in terminal" option so it is better to have "open in terminator" pls advice04:42
bludsoreau: how do i change modes?04:43
kalimojoits not a pirate. i bought it and paid for it.now it is corrupt. making a backup copy is perfectly legit04:43
ifontaineHi everyone ! Could someone help ? After restarting apache I've got suddendly a : sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 reload04:43
hiexpofireball124, change the options04:43
bludsoreau: btw i beleive its supposed to be 1360x76804:43
ifontaineSSLCertificateKeyFile: file '/etc/ssl/private/ssl-cert-snakeoil.key' does not exist or is empty04:43
Zac_o_Oanyone have any idea why my /etc/netatalk/afpd.conf files are gone?04:43
soreaublud: For instance with xrandr, you would do: xrandr --output VGA1 --mode 1600x1200 --same-as LVDS1.04:43
fireball124i am a complete newbie hiexpo can u suggest me step by step....04:43
soreaublud: erm.. no period at the end of that command04:43
soreaublud: Ok then xrandr --output VGA1 --mode 1360x768 --right-of LVDS104:44
bludsoreau: ok i will go try that04:45
=== zay is now known as kompor-meleduk
fireball124hiexpo pls help04:45
Zac_o_Oare there default /etc/netatalk files anywhere?04:45
hiexpofireball124, right click the file click open properties and change it04:46
fireball124which file properties hiexpo?04:47
hiexpofireball124, right click the file you want to open and than hit properties and than change what app it opens with04:48
fireball124I dont mean that I want the "open in terminator "option in my right click menu hiexpo04:49
hiexpomust be my night04:49
kalimojoso how do i copy a cd ?04:49
Zac_o_Owho is the bot in here?04:49
gordon1234kalimojo, you will not be able to make a copy of a corrupt CD. It is easy enough to make a slipstream cd that will have all the latest service packs, suggest you google it as it is off topic here.04:49
hiexpofireball124, explain whatyou wanna do ?04:49
Ludlowanyone here using irssi?04:49
kalimojook gordon123404:50
fireball124hiexpo, I need the "open in terminal" option in my right click context menu04:50
ubottuirssi is a terminal based IRC client. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Irssi for help. See also !screen04:50
hiexpoone sec fireball124 let me see04:51
fireball124hiexpo I got it I got that option by refering to this link http://www.liberiangeek.net/2011/12/add-open-in-terminal-command-to-nautilus-context-menu-in-ubuntu-11-10-oneiric-ocelot/ enjoy!04:51
fireball124now it opens directly in terminator hiexpo, maybe even u can use it ok enjoy04:52
hiexpofireball124, kool good deal04:52
Lesterwoodjoin #/g/enki04:53
hiexpofireball124, I use terminator but use it manually04:54
=== eddie is now known as Guest82500
kalimojosorry to go ot but whats a goodserver/channel for general chat ?04:54
roastedIs there an rsync gui with some sort of scheduler or am I best off with my own rsync script and cron?04:54
fireball124now I will use it directly from a click of the mouse hiexpo04:54
=== kompor-meleduk is now known as zay-redup
cocinacam20wanna see my boobs? http://freecam5.goodluckwith.us/04:56
taipresthat guy was just spamming efnet04:56
fireball124yeah taipres04:57
fireball124wicked webcam spammers04:57
aeon-ltdwell it's mildy better than the ssl crap that spreading last year04:57
aeon-ltd*that was04:58
fireball124guys, is teamviewer for linux [personal use] free? or do we need to register and pay the buck?04:59
NitroTigerWhats the best sytem profiler to use on 11.10.05:04
kalimojohi i need to chat real bad. where should i go ?05:05
kalimojoam i offline ?05:08
Xenethtopic = channel.  all I can say.05:09
kalimojostrange name napalm5405:09
Jordan_U!ot | kalimojo05:10
ubottukalimojo: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:10
napalm54Same can be said about the majority of online aliases.05:10
kalimojoubottu i tried off-topic but noone was there05:11
ubottukalimojo: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:11
kalimojoubottu you pass the turing test05:13
ubottukalimojo: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:13
kalimojosorry to go ot but whats a goodserver/channel for general chat ?05:16
sacarlsonjak2000: so sudo dhclient eth0  should work or networkmanager should have another option05:18
virtuapostahi all05:19
virtuapostaany suggestions for best intrusion detection system?05:19
sacarlsonvirtuaposta: motion is cool to detect changes in video feeds05:20
sacarlsonvirtuaposta: apt-get install motion05:20
achipanaluchuhi all05:21
InterretanoDoes anyone know any good channels for talking about ereaders?05:21
makaraI installed xfce/uxbuntu in ubuntu 11.10. How to remove it?05:21
kalimojohi achipanalucho05:21
* kalimojo hi05:26
trakowski77I've just updated my ubuntu, and I'05:27
ActionParsniptrakowski77: try hitting ENTER less05:27
trakowski77and there appears to be a problem in gnome-shell05:27
NitroTigerYou what..?05:27
ActionParsniptrakowski77: what is the issue in Gnome-shell ?05:28
goddarddoes anyone have the newest updates for Firefox install so I can see if I am the only one with this bug?05:28
trakowski77I have a dual headed system05:28
trakowski77and the secondary screen has a white space on the top05:28
ActionParsnipgoddard: make a new user and see if it happens there05:28
trakowski77where the menu appears on the primary screen05:28
XenethI have 10.0.205:29
goddardActionParsnip: good idea05:29
ActionParsniptrakowski77: so what is the issue?05:29
trakowski77It looks like the background is shifted downwards for some reason - I can send a screen shot and the list of updated packages05:30
trakowski77just not sure where to send the screenshot05:30
ActionParsniptrakowski77: imageshack or similar will do it05:30
trakowski77ok gimme a sec05:30
Ja23Hi I really need help!  My computer wont boot! this is the error: "Aggregation not enabled for tid because load = 0"  Has anyone ever seen it?  If you can help I'll make you cookies!05:31
Ja23more info: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/18835805:31
the7ak3trakowski77: www.imgur.com its the easiest to use05:31
kalimojodRounse hi05:32
Ja23dRounse: hi05:32
trakowski77here we go05:33
dRounsewhats up05:33
trakowski77so it's just the white stripe on the right monitor05:33
trakowski77it appears there regardless of what background image is there05:33
trakowski77and just started appearing after last ubuntu udpate05:33
dRounsei dont like gnome shell05:34
trakowski77i DO05:34
kalimojodrinking beer and its 5am05:34
dRounsei like gnome 205:34
trakowski77I hated gnome 205:34
trakowski77I hated it so much i used kde ;)05:34
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:35
dRounsei dont like kde lol05:35
ActionParsniptrakowski77: so is the issue the white bar?05:35
kalimojoi like gnome. unity is bad imo05:35
dRounsei hate unity05:35
ActionParsnipkalimojo: unity is a shell for Gnome05:35
urfr332gOkalimojo, dRounse ^^^^05:35
Xenethtrakowski77, does the white space act lik a panel?  when you click?05:35
trakowski77it's dead05:35
ludlowwhats a should repalcement shell for unity?05:35
trakowski77I can move a window in there05:35
kalimojoActionParsnip oops05:36
dRounsei know its a shell, but that doesnt mean i need to like it;)05:36
trakowski77dRounse: I hate unity as well05:36
MrKeunerhello, how can i add a power manager warning when battery drops down to 40%?05:36
urfr332gO!op | newcmury05:36
ubottunewcmury: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!05:36
ActionParsnipludlow: Gnome-shell is a replacement, or you could switch desktops altogether to xfce which is a lot like Gnome205:36
dRounseyea thats what i use or lxde05:37
ludlowactionparsnip: what do you use?05:37
LintI wouldn't recommend XFCE as they managed to get 1/2-year past the release schedule05:37
trakowski77ActionParsnip: Would you care to see the list of updated packages ? The only suspicious one to me is libpng05:37
pangolinnewcmury: Please do not spam in here.05:37
ludlowlint: what do you use?05:37
ActionParsnipludlow: lxde and unity2D05:37
Lintludlow, gnome-shell05:37
ActionParsniptrakowski77: I use precise so am not much use to you05:38
dRounsei use lxde or xfce05:38
ludlowlint: the gome that comes with 11.10?05:38
ActionParsnipludlow: 3.205:38
ludlowgnome 3.2?05:38
dRounsei hate gnome 305:38
xchrisxhey guys - having trouble with installing ubuntu (xubuntu specifically), my live cd boots and i can install to HD fine, but when i reboot to run the system hangs and i can't boot up.. where should i start troubleshooting?05:39
ludlowshould I install gnome from the u software manager ?05:39
ActionParsnipxchrisx: what GPU do you use?05:40
ActionParsnipludlow: if you installed Ubuntu, it is already installed05:40
dRounsexchrisx i have that problem, i installed ubuntu and then installed, xubuntu-desktop and then ran the command to remove ubuntu programs05:40
Xenethxchrisx, I had that happen with a bad download before.05:40
ludlowunity bar is ok but its get the way at times05:41
the7ak3Hey everybody. Has anyone ever run into a problem where the screen gets all scrambled and everything freezes after ubuntu wakes up from sleep?05:41
Lintxchrisx, hangs? 100% CPU? 0%CPU? graphic mode? text mode? etc.05:41
ludlowI rather have it at the bottom05:41
ActionParsnipludlow: install xfce4 and your desktop will look and feel like Gnome205:41
dRounseludlow thats why i hate unity05:41
vindavActionParsnip:  Hi there...it's been a couple weeks since we had chat.  Could I ask you about how I go about changing my login name, the one that comes up after initially boot up ?05:41
grendal-primehow can i tell if the iptables verison i have has tproxy support compiled in?05:41
ludlowdrounse me to05:41
dRounsei loooooove gnome 205:42
dRounsethey need to bring it back05:42
trakowski77ludlow: personally I prefer the gnome-shell arrangement, where the whole thing is key activated.05:42
ludlowwhats is the deafult for linuxmint?05:42
Lintludlow, cinnamon05:42
ActionParsnipdRounse: its not developed by the gnome2 team. There are forks of it but there aren't supported here05:42
homecablewhy not use debian ?05:42
XenethI am a fan of gnome 2 too.05:42
ludlowludlow: its it possible to install it?05:42
zykotic10dRounse: FYI debian stable will use gnome2 for another year at least05:42
Linthomecable, ubuntu is more rich05:43
vindavHi there...anybody know how I go about changing my login name, the one that comes up after initially boot up ?05:43
dRounseive used debian, i prefer ubuntu05:43
homecableLint learn apt-get and u can have the best of the best05:43
trakowski77I could never digest gnome until gnome 3 came up.. I did not mind xfce, but gnome 2 was driving me nuts.05:43
=== e is now known as Guest91603
trakowski77centos will use gnome 2 for another 10 years.. ;)05:44
dRounsevindav just go to user accounts05:44
homecablei use linux on headless servers05:44
homecableso i dont play with xwindows05:44
ActionParsnipvindav: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/howto-change-rename-user-name-id/   not used it though05:44
ActionParsniphomecable: apt-fast is better :)05:44
dRounseapt-get is the best05:45
dRounsethats why i stay with debian based oses05:45
SuperNoeManhey how do I logout of an xsession from the terminal?05:45
ActionParsnipapt-fast = apt-get + axel05:45
ActionParsnipSuperNoeMan: killall -u $USER05:45
SuperNoeManthe equivalent command of the upper right clickable buttom05:45
SuperNoeManActionParsnip: whaaa?05:45
SuperNoeManActionParsnip: I'm pretty sure that's not the regular procedure05:46
Lintalso ubuntu doen't have obcession with freedomzz05:46
ActionParsnipSuperNoeMan: it'll log you out by killing all the processes spawed by your user05:46
ludlowwill installing cinnamon on ubuntu break something?05:46
SuperNoeManyeah, true, but it's kind of brutal05:46
ActionParsnipludlow: possibly, cinammon isn't supported here if it does, too05:46
homecablethats my box05:46
urfr332gOludlow, not supported. :)05:46
vindavActionParsnip:  thank you for the link.  I'm going to try it out.  I'll be right back.05:46
ActionParsnipSuperNoeMan: works :)05:46
ludlowyeah I know05:46
bazhanghomecable, why are you pasting that here05:47
Lintludlow, you can minimize damage rebuilding cinnamon packages for ubuntu05:47
homecableits linux related05:47
ActionParsnipSuperNoeMan: maybe the gnome-session-save command does it05:47
bazhanghomecable, its not ubuntu support, so dont05:47
SuperNoeManI happen to not be using gnome right now05:47
homecablemost servers run debian05:47
ActionParsniphomecable: this is Ubuntu support, not spam with useless links..05:47
ActionParsniphomecable: most servers will run redhat05:48
bazhanglets get back to ubuntu support please , chit chat in #ubuntu-offtopic05:48
homecableubuntu is a spin off of debian :P05:48
* kalimojo hi05:48
ActionParsniphomecable: so?05:48
Lintcan I use apt-get do download a simgle Precise package?05:50
kalimojosorry to go ot but whats a goodserver/channel for general chat ?05:50
bazhangLint, why would you need to05:50
bazhangkalimojo, #defocus or #ubuntu-offtopic NOT here05:50
Lintbazhang, it fixes a certain bug05:50
ActionParsnipLint: precise issupportedin #ubuntu+105:50
dRounsei know this isnt the place to ask but is openSUSE good for servers?05:50
bazhangLint never mix package versions05:50
tacomasterif i was wanting to get it to programming for linux what would be the best first language in the terms of "simi user friendliness" doesn't have to baby you or anything and will allow you to work on a great deal of gnu/linux code. would it be C?05:50
ActionParsnipdRounse: I'd ask in #opensuse05:50
bazhangdRounse, try #suse05:50
ActionParsniptacomaster: have you ever programmed?05:51
Lintbazhang, it's noarch package, so it will be ok05:51
tacomasterActionParsnip: alittle nothing major tho05:51
bazhangLint, no, it won't. it's not supported and will introduce other issues05:51
ActionParsniptacomaster: I'd learn C then, start with simple stuff and build up05:52
bazhangtacomaster, programming talk in ##programming or #ubuntu-offtopic please05:52
tacomasterbazhang: mb05:52
bazhangtacomaster, pardon?05:52
Lintthen how to download a single Precise source package? can it be done via apt-get05:53
tacomastermb = my bad for talking about programming in this channel not the offtopic05:53
bazhangLint, packages.ubuntu.com   , mixing package version is a super bad idea05:53
Lintbazhang, I will rebuild it for oneiric05:53
ActionParsnipLint: I'd just upgrade :)05:54
kalimojowhy wont #defocus let me post05:54
bazhangkalimojo, ask in #freenode05:54
LintActionParsnip, if I upgrade, there will be 700MB of updates each week or two, it's too much for me05:54
bazhangor read the actual topic there05:54
damo22where can i talk about running linux on a mac?05:54
ActionParsnipdamo22: as long as the Linux is Ubuntu, yes05:55
Xenethdamo22, or to ther distro you want to install05:55
damo22i rolled my own05:56
ActionParsnipdamo22: then its not supported here05:56
damo22ill try linux05:56
extenderwhen I try to boot from a live usb, it drops to initramfs, how can I troubleshoot?05:57
Xenethdamo22, Then likly the basic linux channel like bazhang stated05:57
homecableapt-get [options] source pkg1 [pkg2 ...]05:57
urfr332gOextender, what release?05:57
extenderlatest desktop release, the usb was created with lili05:57
urfr332gOextender, lili?05:57
[deXter]Linux Live Usb Creator05:58
XenethWhat's the next LTS?05:58
bazhangXeneth, in 12.0405:58
urfr332gOextender, is that correct Linux Live Usb Creator05:58
ActionParsnipextender: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?05:58
extenderurfr332gO: yes05:58
urfr332gOextender, have you checked the md5sum? I would ude unetbootin if the sum is correct.05:59
extenderI'll check the md5, I've tried several different ways to createa live usb and none work anymore, if I unplug all the hard drives it will boot06:00
ActionParsnip!md5 | extender06:00
ubottuextender: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows06:00
ActionParsnipextender: a bad ISO will make a bad install media06:00
NyLesare the people helping me awhile ago still here?06:01
ActionParsnipNyLes: maybe06:02
Lintextender, or you can use torrents for guaranteed delivery06:02
NyLesActionParsnip: there, you're one of them lol, i have here the xorg.conf from puppy, my video card runs fine with puppy, can you examine it for me? so i will know what to integrate in my ubuntu's xorg.conf?06:03
extenderpretty sure lili verifies before creation06:03
ActionParsnipNyLes: sure, pastebin the file. I've used puppy to make an xorg.conf file before06:03
NyLesActionParsnip: pastebin? i'm about to upload the file at mediafire? is there a faster way?06:04
zykotic10!paste | NyLes06:04
ubottuNyLes: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.06:04
ActionParsnipNyLes: no need to use mediafire, just copy the text to a pastebin which ubottu just explained06:05
NyLesActionParsnip: oh thanks.. wait..06:06
Linthow to rebuild debian source (two tarballs and DSC file)?06:06
NyLeslike this one? http://paste.ubuntu.com/850965/06:06
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
ActionParsnipNyLes: indeed, waaaaay faster06:07
NitroTigerHow could I get wirehark working under normal user?06:07
NyLesActionParsnip: thanks :)) i'll wait for your recommendation, i really want to usu ubuntu lol06:07
ActionParsnipNyLes: looks fine, you will need to have the proprietary driver installed for it to work06:08
NyLesActionParsnip: i tried installing it but still no video..06:09
ActionParsnipNyLes: if you have the driver installed, you can run:   sudo nvidia-xconfig      and get an xorg.conf file made for you06:10
sacarlsonNitroTiger: I had to setup a script to bring up wireshark as sudo, I'm not sure it will run any other way than  sudo06:10
TheMastergksudo is recommended since it's a GUI.06:10
NitroTigerIsn't there any work around06:11
NyLesActionParsnip: ok, i'll try it again.. i should install nvidia-96 right? may video card is NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 40006:11
sacarlsonTheMaster: NitroTiger: agree'ed gksudo should be used06:11
ActionParsnipNyLes: worth a try, you may want to stick to nouveau06:12
NyLesActionParsnip: ok but how can i use nouveau?06:12
NitroTigerWell that works but what exactly hides interface to be seen by normal user06:12
ActionParsnipNyLes: uninstall the proprietary driver and it will be used by default, or change the driver line in your xorg.conf file06:13
NyLesActionParsnip: im using ubuntu 10.04, i click system > administration > hardware drivers06:14
xchrisxsorry guys.. my computer froze. i'll repost the question: having trouble with installing ubuntu (xubuntu specifically), my live cd boots and i can install to HD fine, but when i reboot to run the system hangs and i can't boot up.. where should i start troubleshooting?06:14
NyLesActionParsnip: and it says the driver is not activated. what will i do now?06:14
ActionParsnipNyLes: ah, ten the default will be nv, not nouveau06:14
ActionParsnipNyLes: considered using Oneiric, the later drivers and such may help06:14
NyLesActionParsnip: how will i use ? so i will just ignore what the Hardware Drivers prompt to me that the driver is not activated?06:15
sacarlsonNitroTiger: I think it has to do with it needs to change the nic to be in promiscuous mode so that in this case requires a sudo to change06:15
ActionParsnipNyLes: you could try:  sudo apt-get install nvidia-current06:15
ActionParsnipxchrisx: what GPU do you use?06:16
NyLesActionParsnip: i thought i i should stick with nouveau?06:16
NitroTigerYou might be right06:16
ActionParsnipNyLes: not sure nouveau is in Lucid, I could be wrong06:16
xchrisxActionParsnip, Nvidia Quadro FX 58006:16
sacarlsonNitroTiger: you could probly find a way to allow a standard user priv of changing nic's to promiscuous but I'm not sure how06:17
NyLesActionParsnip: what about the one you mentioned? Oneiric?06:17
zykotic10NitroTiger: you might want to do an internet search for a debian mailing list post from 2011 entitled "Running Wireshark as non-root in squeeze" i'm not sure if the solution(s) provided will work in ubuntu, but there's a chance.  good luck.06:17
sacarlsonNitroTiger: oh you could add your user to a group in sudo that can only run wireshark as sudo06:18
Ja23Hi I really need help!  My computer wont boot! this is the error: "Aggregation not enabled for tid because load = 0"  Has anyone ever seen it?  If you can help I'll make you cookies!06:18
NyLeswhat is Oneiric?06:18
NitroTigerI already did that06:18
zykotic10!cookie > Ja2306:18
ubottuJa23, please see my private message06:18
bludlooks like a bunch of hits on that on google Ja2306:19
bludsry i know nothing about it, looks like some wireless network problem though on google06:19
NitroTigersacarlson: and I found some documentation jus for that..06:19
sacarlsonNitroTiger: cool deal06:19
ActionParsnip!oneiric | NyLes06:20
ubottuNyLes: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) is the current release of Ubuntu | Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/11.10/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/111006:20
xchrisxActionParsnip, if it helps: i'm installing from xubuntu 11.10 live cd (booting into cd then installing), and when i reboot the system hangs on a different message each time (one was about checking battery status, though i'm on a desktop)06:20
ActionParsnipxchrisx: add the boot option:  nouveau.blacklist=106:20
xchrisxActionParsnip, when i boot into the live cd or from the hd?06:21
ActionParsnipxchrisx: both if necessary06:21
NyLesActionParsnip: ow i see.. i've removed nvidia drivers, i should restart now then nouveau will be be automatically used? if there is?06:22
ActionParsnipNyLes: not sure nouveau is in Lucid, you will use the nv driver which should work06:23
NyLesActionParsnip: if i use nvidia drivers, the xorg.conf that i showed you will be the exact xorg.conf that will be generated?06:25
ActionParsnipNyLes: the one generated will be slightly different but that one looks great :)06:25
=== zth_ is now known as zth|away
NyLesActionParsnip: do you think it will work if i overwrite the one generated by nvidia with the one i just showed you?06:27
yiyezhou123Hi,does anyone know in mldonkey why still forbid me when i have added my IP in allow_ips?06:27
ActionParsnipNyLes: worth a try, rename the current one so you can keep the text06:29
NyLesActionParsnip: whats the difference with nvidia-96 and nvidia-96-modaliases?06:30
TheMasteryiyezhou123: Did you restart the program/service?06:30
yiyezhou123TheMaster: Hi,i input "mlnet" in command line.06:31
ActionParsnipNyLes: the modaliases are what the additional drivers app uses as far as I am aware...06:31
NyLesActionParsnip: thanks..06:31
goddardanyone have trouble getting multiple monitors to work with nvidia?06:32
Ben64!anyone | goddard06:32
ubottugoddard: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.06:32
TheMasteryiyezhou123: Since it works on a client/server model, I'd think you'd have to do something like `sudo service mlkonkey restart`, but that's all I can say on the subject as I haven't used it.06:33
TheMasteryiyezhou123: For more info on the subject, you could see their wiki at http://mldonkey.sourceforge.net/Allowed_ips06:33
NyLesActionParsnip: by the way, what iam following is this http://blog.martinsladek.com/2010/07/linux-nvidia-legacy-geforce2-96.html but with different drivers course.06:34
AxsuulIs there a recommended workaround for sudo having a different PATH than what is normally in the bashrc?06:34
yiyezhou123TheMaster: Thank you Master,I will try it.06:34
TheMasterHope it helps!06:34
Ben64Axsuul: what do you mean06:34
AxsuulBen64: echo 'echo $PATH' | sudo sh AND echo $PATH give me two different paths06:35
sacarlsonAxsuul: edit the .bashrc file (or each user) or add a symbolic link to where it now says it is06:36
shelestHi there!06:36
shelestI'm curious about firefox versions.06:36
sacarlsonAxsuul: oh sudo echo $PATH would probly be the .bashrc seen in /root/.bashrc06:37
shelestBefore the last update I had firefox version 3.*.* and after update I have firefox of the 10.0.206:37
sacarlsonshelest: they have biger firefox versions and smaller ones,  what can I tell you06:37
Ben64shelest: yes, 10 is the new version06:38
NitroTigersacarlson: I got it load under normal user  with help of libcap2-bin06:38
ActionParsnipsacarlson: uses the same as my user here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/850984/06:38
sacarlsonNitroTiger: is there some config for libcap2-bin?06:38
NyLesActionParsnip: apt-get install done, what's next?06:38
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sgo11hi, is anyone familiar with apache rewrite mod? how can I put multiple rules in one virtual host config file? eg: 1, http://pastebin.com/b1AR6XLd  2, http://pastebin.com/KBGrhx8J  thanks.06:38
ActionParsnipNyLes: reboot, see what happens06:38
shelestdoes it mean that they just skipped 7 major versions or what?06:38
Ben64shelest: they've been updating quickly06:39
ActionParsnipshelest: why is the version number of any value?06:39
* shelest curious about the major changes in each version.06:39
ActionParsnipshelest: the change logs onlinewill probably say what's new in each06:40
NyLesActionParsnip: WOW, it boots for the first time without the "nomodeset" option :)06:40
NitroTigersacarlson: No make sure that it is present and then something like. setcap cap_net_raw,cap_net_admin=eip /usr/bin/dumpcap06:40
Ben64shelest: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Firefox_%28Rapid_release_development_cycle%2906:40
ActionParsnipshelest: http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/releases/   go crazy06:40
ActionParsnipNyLes: nice06:40
shelestI'm kinda conservative with numbering. te version changes in my understanding requires major and valuable updates06:40
NitroTigersacarlson: And some more and it shows all adapters06:41
NyLesActionParsnip: how will i know if the card is installed? the resolution seems low06:41
ActionParsnipshelest: mozilla team have increased release frequency06:41
ActionParsnipNyLes: run the nvidia settings app06:41
ActionParsnipNyLes: if you get an error message, its not loaded06:41
sacarlsonNitroTiger: ya it seems older versions of wireshark we didn't need to sudo so I guess they used some similar method before06:41
NyLesActionParsnip: nvidia settings app? how?06:42
Axsuulsacarlson: have any idea how I might be able to get this to work? It seems like the PATH isn't getting passed along https://gist.github.com/77021d5d6070d807a6b406:42
Ben64NyLes: nvidia-settings06:42
NyLesActionParsnip: i again accesed hardware drivers and it say, driver is activated but not in use?06:42
ActionParsnipNyLes: under system menu, or press ALT+F2 and run:  nvidia-settings06:42
average_driftercan I make "that's what she said jokes" with a girl ? I mean, is it something that people would do ?06:42
shelestthe next news will be: Firefox 11 released. Major changes: Version number06:42
sacarlsonAxsuul: sudo whereis aplicationofinterest06:42
Ben64shelest: then go complain to mozilla?06:43
pangolinaverage_drifter: no, and also off topic for this channel06:43
shelestjust curious06:43
ActionParsnipshelest: its just a number06:43
stercorI'm wanting to remove some old backup directories on a flash drive.  Even as root I get the message that it's a read-only file system.  I can't change the perms because of the read-only problem.  Any pointers?06:43
Axsuulsacarlson: that doesn't give me the proper path06:43
Axsuulit just gives a blank06:44
average_drifterpangolin: you're an off topic nazi06:44
ActionParsnipstercor: is the partition healthy?06:44
shelestok fine06:44
stercorActionParsnip: y06:44
shelesti'm just too old for that shit. :(06:44
stercorActionParsnip: AFAIKT06:44
ActionParsnipstercor: if it's uhealthy and the OS detects it, it will be mounted read only.06:44
pangolinaverage_drifter: doesn't change the fact that your question has nothing to do with Ubuntu06:44
ActionParsnipstercor: what file system does it use?06:44
sacarlsonAxsuul: what path does it give you?  I'm sure it's not a perfect method but just create a sybolic link to where it says it is06:44
pangolinshelest: please mind the language06:45
average_drifterpangolin: maybe it has, I was actually discussing with a girl some ubuntu-related topics and then I wanted to make such a joke06:45
shelestpardon my French.06:45
ActionParsnipstercor: get t checked (wth the partition unmounted) so that you know its healty06:45
NyLes_ActionParsnip: it says, that i am not using nvidia x driver?06:45
average_drifterpangolin: and I didn't know if it's something people would do so I came to #ubuntu to get my question answered06:45
NitroTigersacarlson: What you mean - I'm on 1.6.206:45
average_drifterpangolin: just drop the NAZI attitude, kthx !06:45
pangolinaverage_drifter: This is a support channel, not a relationship advice channel.06:45
NyLes_ActionParsnip: please edit your x configuration file?06:45
ActionParsnipNyLes_: then run:  gedit /var/log/Xorg.0.log    and see what is going on06:46
pixelhackhello all06:46
Silverlionpixelhack: hey there06:46
sacarlsonNitroTiger: way older I guess like back in 2007 or 2008 versions06:46
goddardBen64: thanks buddy06:46
average_drifterpangolin: ...pff06:46
pixelhacknot much just working on installing arch06:46
ActionParsnipNyLes_: I suggest you wipe out Lucid and install Oneiric, it will probably work a bit better06:46
pixelhackin the virtual machine what about you silverlion?06:47
average_drifterpangolin: you're a complete NAzi06:47
sacarlsonNitroTiger: you don't have sudo priv so you looking for a work around?  I thought you found the solution06:47
pangolinaverage_drifter: enough with the godwin.06:47
Silverlionpixelhack: lying in bed being sick :( but we better go for an offtopic channel ;)06:47
NyLes_ActionParsnip: but i think my drivers won't be recognize there. I've tried 10.10 and it doesn't recognize my video card06:47
NitroTigersacarlson: Yes I got work around06:47
Silverlionpixelhack: this is for support mostly06:47
pixelhackahhh ok06:47
pixelhackoh ok06:47
pixelhacksorry second time in xchat06:48
NyLes_ActionParsnip: the log ahs a lot of text, which part of this?06:48
enchiladoaverage_drifter: maybe you could try #ubuntu-offtopic06:48
enchiladoif it's related to Ubuntu but not actually Ubuntu support06:48
Silverlionpixelhack: no need to be ;) just follow me in #ubuntu-offtopic by typing /join CHANNEL NAME06:48
ActionParsnipNyLes_: read it, it shows the x server being built06:48
average_drifterpangolin: you're a fubbling NAZI .. stop acting like a NAZI, I'm free to ask what I want where I want, and this channel is no exception, please /part if you feel you don't like it06:50
average_drifterpangolin: or please /ignore me, if you don't like what I have to say, I don't give a fumble06:50
shelestCan I have a question about English?06:50
ActionParsnipshelest: i'd ask in a language channel. This is ubuntu support06:51
shelestit is connected to Mozilla06:51
ActionParsnipshelest: ok, shoot06:52
shelestCan I describe the situation with firefox releases: demonstrative activity simulation?06:53
rlankf0anyone know if i can do anything equivalent to iptables --log-uid with ufw ?06:53
* shelest not an English speaker06:53
rdw200169rlankf0 ufw is iptables, just cut-down; if you know what you're doing, save yourself the hassle and just write your firewall in iptables06:53
Silverlionshelest: what is your native language?06:54
Silverlionshelest: that is one of those i failed to learn ^^06:54
bazhangshelest, try ##english06:54
shelestok thanks :)06:54
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rlankf0rdw200169: doesn't look like i can do it with ufw command line tool but i can add the rule to before.rules, thanks.06:56
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stercorActionParsnip: fsck fixed some stuff; the flash drives are mounted vfat/rw, but I can't remove files.07:01
stercorActionParsnip: mkfs? clean off everything and start over?07:02
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mnbv0987in ubuntu 11.10, my laptop screen dims after 10 seconds of idle time when unplugged. how do i make it wait longer than 10 seconds?07:04
NyLes_ActionParsnip: weird, after generating the xorg.conf then reboot, it won't show anything again just black..07:05
bambanxguys i install gnome on ubuntu 11.10 , how in the hell i can put a launcher on the botton panel for show the desktop ?07:05
rdw200169las_, join #ubuntu-cn07:06
Axsuulsacarlson: It appears.. sudo -i foo  works07:06
NyLes_how to remove xorg.conf in text mode?07:06
sacarlsonAxsuul: cool, I was just thinking about cd /path/to/foo; sudo foo07:07
ubottu如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw07:07
Axsuulsacarlson: i failed to mention that the script I was running has a shebang, which relies on the PATH so I can't do that =(07:08
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NyLes_how to remove xorg.conf in text mode?07:09
Aboodabambanx: it's startlingly easy07:09
bambanxhow Abooda ?07:09
Aboodabambanx: you just right-click, choose "add to panel"07:09
sacarlsonAxsuul: ok cool or then you could just use the full pathname then07:09
zykotic10NyLes_: "sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.backup" should work07:09
ari_stresshi bil07:10
bambanxAbooda, when i right click on my gnome on the panel i dont see nothing :/07:10
mrantimsis it possible to upgrade linux-image using dpkg/apt-get? (by update I mean removing the old version.)07:10
ari_stressmrantims: maybe, but not good07:10
Aboodabambanx: have you tried this after a re-start?07:10
bambanxAbooda, yeah07:11
ActionParsnipNyLes_: sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf_old07:11
Ben64mrantims: yes, should happen automagically07:11
bambanxAbooda, maybe i need install other things on my gnome07:11
ubottuUbuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) will be the sixteenth release of Ubuntu. Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/784 - Blueprints at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+107:11
NyLes_zykotic10: ActionParsnip thanks ^^07:11
sacarlsonAxsuul: oh unless your script runs other scripts in that PATH, then your solution sounds good to me07:11
vidbHello, I get this error after every update http://paste.ubuntu.com/851003/ , anyone may help me please ?07:13
Ben64vidb: what is the output of "lsb_release -sd"07:14
sacarlsonvidb: maybe remove that repository from your /etc/apt/sources.list07:16
zykotic10vidb: edgy?  wow07:16
sacarlsonzykotic10: vidb oh ya that's too old I think07:17
ActionParsnipvidb: mixing debian repos in ubuntu is not advised, nor is it supported.07:17
c0axHello everyone07:17
ActionParsnipvidb: what is the output of Ben64's command please07:17
vidbActionParsnip, : lsb_release -sd07:18
vidbActionParsnip, : Ubuntu 11.1007:18
god-zotacwhats the correct way to see what pulled in a package as a dependency?  in other words i want to see what package B is a direct dependency of package A. i want to see what package A is exactly07:18
vidbI have to remove the repository ?07:18
zykotic10god-zotac: "apt-cache depends foo" and/or "apt-cache rdepends foo" might help07:19
ActionParsnipvidb: remove the repo, it isn't for your release07:19
god-zotaczykotic10:: they don't show the packages that are only installed though do they? it shows everything in the apt cache db installed and not installed, doesnt it?07:19
ActionParsnipvidb: did you do something to your OS to make it 'upgrade' from debian to ubuntu?07:19
sacarlsonvidb: you could be running a version of ubuntu that is so old that it is no longer supported07:19
god-zotacif so that would leave me with another problem, filtering out which packages are actually installed in that output..07:19
NyLes_ahm, how will i know the kernel version of ubuntu i am using?07:20
god-zotacNyLes_:: uname -r07:20
heliozHello, I can't access websites by url, but I can by their IP, I believe something is wrong with DNS, is there any possibility to set up a local DNS on Ubuntu?07:20
itbcn8hey all. anyone know how to get Citrix ICA client working in Ubuntu 11.10? I install it, follow instuctions online, but still it does not run. thnx.07:20
NyLes_god-zotac: thanks..07:20
heliozAnd out of paranoia , I do have a list of ip addresses. :D07:21
zykotic10god-zotac: depends and rdepends lists what depends and what reverse depends on package "foo"07:21
sacarlsonhelioz: yes you can install bind9 or change dns address to an open one like google at
god-zotaczykotic10:: i understand that, but i only want to know what depends on it that is installed. not from everything in the mirrors that can be installed07:21
ActionParsniphelioz: run:  echo "nameserver" | sudo tee /etc/resolv.conf       then retry the web07:21
soreauhelioz: Check /etc/resolv.conf and see what your nameserver is set to there07:21
mrantimsBen64: when i using apt-get install linux-image, it doesn't remove anything. same thing happens with packages like linux-image-server07:21
vidbActionParsnip: No, I think I have added it when I applied a Tutorials.. I forgot :S07:22
ActionParsnipvidb: there is a wine ppa if you need one07:22
heliozThanks, good day people.07:22
Ben64mrantims: well you can remove old ones with apt-get then07:22
vidbActionParsnip: How can I add it please ?07:22
zykotic10god-zotac: i take it, you aren't clear on what a dependency is07:23
ActionParsnipvidb: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install wine1.307:23
god-zotaczykotic10:: yes i am very clear on what a dependency is07:23
ActionParsnipvidb: as I said, remove the edgy repos, they will NOT work in your OS07:23
god-zotaczykotic10:: heres the deal.. i want to see what depends on mysql.. i want to see what pulls it in.  not every package that is available in the repositories that depends on mysql07:23
ActionParsnipvidb: how did you add it07:24
vidbActionParsnip: and what about this : deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu edgy universe , how can I replace it ?07:24
NyLes_i forgot to backup my xorg lol, is it ok to just delete the existing xorg then a new one will be generated at reboot?07:24
zykotic10god-zotac: so use rdepends then07:24
ActionParsnipvidb: just delete the line07:24
god-zotaczykotic10:: rdepends shows the reverse dependencies of mysql that are available. not just the ones installed07:24
god-zotaczykotic10:: and depends will show the dependencies that mysql depends on07:24
god-zotaci am very clear of that, but i want it to only output in the list it produces packages that i do have installed07:25
llutz_god-zotac: install aptitude, aptitude why mysql07:25
zykotic10god-zotac: i'm sorry.  I see your point, my mistake07:25
god-zotacllutz_:: thank you07:25
soreaugod-zotac: apt-cache rdepends <pkg>07:25
god-zotacsoreau:: no, thats not what i want..07:25
god-zotactry it yourself and you will see why..07:26
zykotic10soreau: ;) i does list everything (as i just discovered, not only what is installed)07:26
llutz_god-zotac: you might fiddle a bit with the results to get the _real_ package causing mysql being instlled07:26
NyLes_i forgot to backup my xorg lol, is it ok to just delete the existing xorg then a new one will be generated at reboot?07:26
zykotic10NyLes_: xorg.conf is NOT autogenerated (in ubuntu)07:27
ActionParsnipNyLes_: no a new one is not generated07:27
god-zotacllutz_:: yea what i am asking for is the equivalent to equery d pkgname  in gentoo ;)07:27
ActionParsnipNyLes_: thats why I always say to rename07:27
NyLes_ActionParsnip: hahaha ok il just reinstall it again..07:27
llutz_god-zotac: whatever that is, i don't know gentoo except the name07:27
mrantimsBen64: Thanks07:27
god-zotacllutz_:: it will show only installed pkgs that are depending on the pkgname you specify in the cmd07:28
Jordan_Ugod-zotac: I missed most of the conversation, but "aptitude why packagename" may be what you want.07:28
vidbActionParsnip: I found two lines in /etc/apt/sources.list: deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu edgy universe  and deb http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/apt edgy main , well the second one is related to Wine ,I don't know what the first was for and how can I replace it :S07:28
llutz_god-zotac:ok, thats what " aptitude why mysql " does07:28
soreauvidb: you should comment out any lines with references to ubuntu versions other then the one you are currently running, then run apt-get update07:29
god-zotacyep it helps a lot,  the apt-cache rdepends is rather useless unless you was just wanting to check every single package in the mirrors that depended on something07:29
soreauwell, probably remove not just comment07:29
vidbsordina: But should I replace it ?07:29
soreauvidb: If it isnt for your distro version it likely wont work anyway so get rid of them since it could cause breakage07:30
god-zotacmeh. this is still not producing anything relevant to the situation.. i have mysql-server installed, and when i pretend to remove it it wants to remove these pkgs:  libnet-daemon-perl libdbi-perl mysql-server-core-5.5 mysql-client-core-5.5 libdbd-mysql-perl libplrpc-perl mysql-server-5.5 mysql-client-5.507:31
vidbsoreau: Ok, thanks.07:32
god-zotachowever, when i do the aptitude why mysql-server  all i get is this:  i   rsyslog       Suggests rsyslog-mysql | rsyslog-pgsql p   rsyslog-mysql Suggests mysql-server07:32
god-zotaci see no connection in the two..07:32
llutz_god-zotac:  seems you installed recommends/suggests too, not only depends07:33
soreaugod-zotac: Have you tried actually removing it then reinstalling only the package you want?07:33
god-zotacllutz_:: funny because i don't have the rsyslog-mysql stuff installed07:33
ActionParsnipvidb: remove both07:33
god-zotacsoreau::  im just trying to figure out how to see what is pulling things in on ubuntu.. i've not used ubuntu much in the past, and i'm trying to use some common package management features that i see are important.. compared to what i am use to anyway07:34
soreaugod-zotac: So check the depends for each package of interest?07:36
vidbI have a second problem, when I do 'sudo apt-get update' I get an error asking to 'sudo apt-get autoremove' because a packet called "fgfs-base" is installed and its no longer necessary.. and when I do 'sudo apt-get autoremove' I get this error : E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)07:36
god-zotacsoreau:: depends will just tell what the pkg depends on its self..   rdepends with the apt-cache method will show reverse dependencies of everything available, not just those installed.. thats the point07:36
ActionParsnip!info fgfs-base07:37
soreaugod-zotac: I guess I am not understanding the problem.. sounds like you have everything you need07:37
ubottufgfs-base (source: fgfs-base): Flight Gear Flight Simulator -- base files. In component universe, is extra. Version 2.0.0-1 (oneiric), package size 197486 kB, installed size 298492 kB07:37
ActionParsnipvidb: fgfs-base is only in debian07:37
ActionParsnipoops, maybe not07:37
vidbIt wont be removed :S07:38
soreauvidb: See this is why you shouldnt add incorrect repos07:38
ActionParsnipvidb: try this: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8850924/fixpackage07:38
god-zotacsoreau:: the problem is i don't see a readily available tool to produce output of pkg names that are dependant on the pkg you specify.. its not really hard to see what im wanting.. the aptitude why  seems like it would be the right thing, but its not producing any output similar to what packages will be removed when i pretend to remove the pkg that im wanting to know the reverse dependencies of07:39
soreaugod-zotac: But doesnt (pretend) removing the package give you that information?07:40
NyLes_zykotic10 how again to stop xserver? i forgot sorry..07:40
god-zotacdependency trees are normally    Package A -> Package B -> Package C  and so on.. where A is the pkg you try to install,  B is a direct dependency of A, and C is a direct dependency of B.. ok say that mysql-server is the C in the equation.. I want to know what A and B are..07:41
soreauNyLes_: sudo service gdm stop07:41
zykotic10NyLes_: ctrl+alt+f1 then "sudo service gdm stop"07:41
NyLes_zykotic10: soreau thanks..07:41
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Guest80881hi guys, I just install 11.10 on a machine that already had Fedora16 on an LVM. Ubuntu overwrote my previous grub settings and I don't know how to boot into my Fedora now. Any help?07:43
zykotic10Guest80881: have you tried running "sudo update-grub" to see if it's automatically added?07:44
soreauGuest80881: You might have to reinstall/configure grub from fedora.. possibly from a live session07:44
Guest80881zykotic10: yes I did; didn't help :(07:44
soreauGuest80881: Or you might be able to chroot into fedora07:44
branantThat is where Lilo rues the world07:44
Guest80881soreau: I can't seem to get in Fedora though; if I were in a live session, how could I install it?07:44
Guest80881soreau: sorry, chroot?07:45
soreau! chroot | Guest8088107:45
ubottuGuest80881: A chroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot07:45
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soreauGuest80881: You might have to ask for details in the fedora channel though07:45
ActionParsnipGuest80881: run:  sudo update-grub     do you see fedora listed?07:45
Guest80881oh I see...let me look that up07:45
longwuyuan_#join #chinalug07:45
=== boorgia is now known as borgia
shawn_anyone here running the new gnome07:45
mmaksimovIs there an easy way to create a bootable usb media for 10.04 under non-ubuntu linux? unetbootin media fails with "cannot find cdrom".07:45
Guest80881ActionParsnip: I do not. I'm thinking that's because in a separate LVM07:45
ActionParsnipshawn_: most will be07:45
soreau! grub | Guest80881: You can search for chroot in this link:07:46
ubottuGuest80881: You can search for chroot in this link:: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)07:46
Guest80881I should note, that in my nautilus, the Fedora partiton does not show up, though it does in gparted and fdisk07:46
shawn_i cant seem to get any videos displayed like on youtube07:46
Guest80881ubottu: sweet, thanks, looking it up07:46
ubottuGuest80881: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:46
shawn_after updating gnome07:46
soreauGuest80881: Its probably just not being mounted07:46
Guest80881soreau: hmm, good point, let me try07:47
soreau! flash | shawn_07:47
ubottushawn_: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash07:47
ActionParsnipshawn_: what video have you seen?07:47
shawn_i installed flash already :(07:47
ActionParsnipshawn_: oh you mean flash isn't working?07:47
shawn_its installed but no videos can display in youtube :(07:47
shawn_or veoh07:47
shawn_actually any video website haha07:47
soreau! restricted | shawn_07:47
ubottushawn_: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats07:47
vidbActionParsnip: I get the same error with fgfs-base when I type "sudo apt-get install -f"07:48
ActionParsnipshawn_: can you use a PASTEBIN and give the output of:  lsb_release -a; uname -a; dpkg -l | egrep 'flash|gnash|swf|spark'07:48
soreauvidb: Does it work if you just try to remove it?07:48
ActionParsnipvidb: uninstall the package, it may help07:48
shawn_i uninstalled the package and reinstalled ahhh07:48
Guest80881soreau: eh, I get a -> can't find /dev/sda3 in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab; I should edit those files, right?07:48
soreauGuest80881: fstab, yes. You shouldnt need to mess with mtab though07:49
vidbsordina, ActionParsnip: I get the same error everytime I try to remove it : E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)07:49
ActionParsnip!paste | shawn_07:49
ubottushawn_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:49
shawn_No LSB modules are available.07:49
shawn_Distributor ID:Ubuntu07:49
shawn_Description:Ubuntu 11.1007:49
FloodBot1shawn_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:49
shawn_Linux shawn-ThinkPad 3.0.0-16-generic #28-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jan 27 17:44:39 UTC 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux07:49
soreauGuest80881: fstab is what will be auto mounted, mtab serves as a system mechanism to tell what was mounted so it knows when it boots07:49
ActionParsnipshawn_: I said pastebin. I even put it in caps...07:49
ActionParsnipshawn_: think about it....07:50
shawn_sorry! haha07:50
ActionParsnipshawn_: I put it in caps07:50
ActionParsnipshawn_: why did you STILL paste in here07:50
Guest80881soreau: hmm, do you know I can determine the appropriate options for that file? like the UUID?07:50
ActionParsnipshawn_: If yo make a pastebin that wont't happen, which is why I said to make a pastebin...07:51
soreau! uuid | Guest8088107:51
ubottuGuest80881: To see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)07:51
soreauGuest80881: You can just use /dev/whatever instead of the uuid07:51
Guest80881ooh, sweet07:52
extenderthis installation is taking a very long time, how can I tell if it's frozen?07:52
soreauGuest80881: Then to test it, sudo mount -a07:52
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:52
Guest80881testing it, brb07:52
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com07:52
ActionParsnipextender: installation of what?07:52
extender11.10 desktop07:52
NyLes_!paste | shawn_07:52
ubottushawn_: please see above07:52
ActionParsnipextender: whatis the message in the installer?07:52
dirtycookiehi, i tried to install ffmpeg from source, how can I undo of that i did07:52
extenderit's just stuck on the "any questions?" screen07:53
extenderI can't see any terminal07:53
shawn_!pastebin - No LSB modules are available.07:53
ubottushawn_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:53
shawn_Distributor ID:Ubuntu07:53
shawn_Description:Ubuntu 11.1007:53
FloodBot1shawn_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:53
shawn_Linux shawn-ThinkPad 3.0.0-16-generic #28-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jan 27 17:44:39 UTC 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux07:53
ActionParsnipshawn_: paste the text in the pastebin, and click the paste button. When the screen changes copy the new url in the address bar and paste THAT in the channel07:53
soreaudirtycookie: Sometimes you can just do make uninstall07:53
dirtycookiesoreau: just "uninstall"07:54
soreaudirtycookie: Then reinstall ffmpeg package from the repos07:54
ActionParsnipextender: what is above the progress bar?07:54
extenderActionParsnip: there is no progress bar07:54
soreauextender: How far along did you get in the installer?07:55
ActionParsnipextender: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_z4OQZOueC7w/S8GU9s7z1SI/AAAAAAAAAaQ/qTAMCrlN1EI/s1600/Ubuntu10.04Beta2Install2.png   something like that on screen07:55
extenderI entered all the information, username, password, time zone07:55
shawn_ahh i learn07:55
ActionParsnipshawn_: if you dodn't know, why didn't you ask how to use the pastebin?07:56
soreaushawn_: Yes that is how to pastebin. You should always use a pastebin service for more than a few lines07:56
mmaksimovHi. Is there an easy way to create a bootable usb media for 10.04 under non-ubuntu linux? unetbootin media fails with "cannot find cdrom".07:56
extendermy window is titles "install" and there is no progress bar, it paged through all of the information screens, and now it's at the last one for hours07:56
shawn_sorry i am new07:57
shawn_let me give you the correct link07:57
shawn_with the correct output07:57
ActionParsnipshawn_: what is the output of:    dpkg -l | egrep 'flash|gnash|swf|spark'07:57
sgo11hi, anyone know how to use apache rewrite mod? thanks.07:57
ActionParsnipshawn_: good enogh :)07:57
soreauextender: After partitioning, it should have had a progress bar installing files while you are entering this information07:57
extenderyou can rmeote in and take a look07:58
soreauextender: Did you check the md5sum of the bootable image you are using?07:58
extenderyes, it all checked out07:58
ActionParsnipshawn_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/851037/07:59
shawn_you are awesome07:59
shawn_thank you very much07:59
soreauextender: Not sure what happened.. is the system still responsive?07:59
extenderI'm in the live desktop08:00
extendercan I see if there is still disk activity?08:00
soreauCan you start gparted ok?08:00
extendergparted up, only sees 1 drive08:01
ActionParsnipextender: press CTRL+ALT+T   and run:  top     what command is using most CPU?08:01
soreauextender: Im not sure what to tell you than to try again.. an installation on a reasonably modern pc shouldnt take more than an hour08:02
extenderxorg, then kworker08:02
soreauextender: Did you tell it to install updates and not have it connected to the internet?08:02
extenderno updates08:02
ActionParsnipextender: any of them using a lot, or is the CPU quite idle?08:02
dirtydevilI want to create a partition using gparted in my ubuntu 10.10 laptop, but I have only one drive and in that ubuntu is installed. help please08:02
vidbActionParsnip: I tried with http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8850924/fixpackage , but I get always the same error when I type sudo apt-get install -f .. Should I remove /var/lib/dpkg.backup now? Look that It take a lot of space..08:02
extenderpretty much idle, it's installing to a flash drive, how do I see if it's still being written to?08:03
soreaudirtydevil: Resize the existing partition from a live cd?08:03
ActionParsnipvidb: try: sudo apt-get --reinstall install packagename       obviously change the name08:03
vidbActionParsnip: the same error..  fgfs-base08:04
vidbE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)08:04
dirtydevilsoreau: and in that case  any chance of data loss? as my data is very impotant and don't have any thing for backup?08:04
=== jason is now known as Guest34003
soreauvidb: Now you see why not to use repos that arent for your version of ubuntu08:04
ActionParsnipvidb: is this a fresh install?08:04
vidbsoreau: Yes.. :( But there is no way to remove it ?08:05
soreaudirtydevil: Yes there is a chance for data loss. You should always backup your data08:05
dirtydevilsoreau: how to avoid data loss?08:05
soreau! backup | dirtydevil08:05
ubottudirtydevil: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning08:05
vidbActionParsnip: No, I think it was installed with Tor or Wine.. Maybe I applied a debian tutorial or something else08:05
ActionParsnipvidb: so it was an upgrade?08:06
soreaudirtydevil: From my experience, you neednt worry if the hard drive is in good health and you make sure to keep power to the laptop while resizing the partition in gparted in the live session08:06
soreauand dont let it go to sleep etc08:06
extenderit didn't give me the option to select which drive to install to at the beginning08:06
vidbActionParsnip: I'm not sure08:06
soreauextender: You should have reached a partitioning stage where it automatically runs gparted08:07
ActionParsnipvidb: did you have natty before, then use the internet to uprade to Oneiric?08:07
soreauextender: Pretty much at the very beginning after time zone etc08:07
vidbActionParsnip: Yes !08:07
vidbThat is it08:07
ActionParsnipvidb: then its an upgrade isn't it....08:07
extenderit gave me the option to "erase everything and install"08:07
dirtydevilsoreau: thanks, yeah both conditions are fulfilled08:07
extendertrying everything again08:07
soreauextender: Yea that will wipe the system hard drive08:08
vidbActionParsnip: Yes08:08
soreauextender: You want to choose manual partition then select your usb device08:08
extenderit makes quite a few assumptions about where I want to install it if there are already operating systems installed08:08
sgo11for apache virtual host config file, the default defines <Directory /> Options None AllowOverride None</Directory>. My question is: can I simply remove this <Directory /> block? Do we need this definition for security reasons? thanks.08:09
extenderI want a fresh install, but I want it to ignore other OSes08:09
soreauextender: Yes that is why there is the manual partitioning option (which I always use)08:09
soreau! who | extender08:09
ubottuextender: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)08:09
dRounsewhy wont minecraft work on kubuntu08:09
ActionParsnipvidb: all I can suggest is that you force install the deb, may help.08:09
soreauextender: If you are installing an OS to a machine you cant just ignore the other ones08:09
ActionParsnipdRounse: it does work08:09
extendersoreau: I don't know how to pmake the partitions as if it were an "automatic" install08:09
soreaudRounse: It does08:09
dRounsei cant get it to work08:10
ActionParsnipdRounse: client or server?08:10
soreauextender: Well youd better do some reading then08:10
extendersoreau: right now it seems my best solution is to unplug the other hard drives while installing08:10
ActionParsnipdRounse: what have you tried? what happened when you tried it?08:10
soreau! usb | extender08:10
ubottuextender: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent08:10
soreauextender: No you dont need to unplug anything, just read and learn08:11
dRounsei have jre6 installed and it just loads on the bottom bar and doesnt actually pop up08:11
Ben64dRounse: how are you running it08:11
soreauextender: AFAICT, you are trying to setup a persistent usb pendrive08:11
extendersoreau: I'd rather not, but it seems to be the fastest solution right now08:11
ActionParsnipdRounse: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hL_VaOew_hY08:12
extendersoreau: I have one already, I'm trying to install ubuntu to a desktop08:12
dRounsei saved the .jar to a folder named minecraft and right click on the .jar and press open with jre608:12
extendersoreau: from the usb drive08:12
soreauextender: If you dont want to learn, Im not sure why you are here08:12
Ben64ActionParsnip: don't even need all that08:12
Ben64just "java -jar minecraft.jar"08:12
Ben64easy peasy08:12
soreau<ubottu> extender: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick08:12
Ben64dRounse: try from command line08:12
ActionParsnipBen64: indeed bt if it was so asy, user wouldn't be having the issue ;)08:12
skumlesenis there a command that lists all installed packets / deb's on a computer, via dpkg or aptitude?08:16
llutz_skumlesen: dpkg -l08:17
soreauskumlesen: dpkg -l08:17
skumlesenthanks :)08:17
ActionParsnipskumlesen: dpkg -l > ~/Desktop/packages.txt; gedit ~/Desktop/packages.txt08:17
cirwinI'm having difficulty mounting an hfs+ volume on my ubuntu08:17
cirwinit keeps saying [  242.479806] hfs: unable to find HFS+ superblock08:17
cirwinthough I've tried various offsets as suggested by mmls (taking the numbers and multiplying them by 512 as suggested in the blogosphere)08:17
soreau! hfs | cirwin08:18
ubottucirwin: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE08:18
ActionParsnipskumlesen: may want to grep -v '^rc'     as the lines starting with rc are not installed, but ave residual configs from removed packages08:19
cirwinsoreau: at the moment the hfs+ thing is in a file on another disk08:19
cirwincan I mount that in the same way?08:19
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE08:19
cirwinokok, I'm reading :)08:19
gogo_hi, I need help....My BIOS is not detecting hard disk, Windows is not detecting hard disk, Ubuntu is not detecting hard disk but disk utility in live mode is listing 'PATA Host Adapter' and 'Sata Host Adapter' but no options under them. What happened?08:21
ActionParsnipgogo_: sounds like the drive died, BIOS not detecting the drive is bad08:22
ActionParsnipgogo_: may need to open the system and check connectors (with the power OFF)08:22
gogo_ActionParsnip: I pulled it out and replaced firmly...still08:22
ActionParsnipgogo_: sounds like its dead, does it spin up?08:22
ActionParsnipgogo_: is it PATA or SATA?08:23
dRounsei got it08:23
dRounsei had to write a script08:23
gogo_ActionParsnip: uhm I don't know...both? I think disk is spinning...should i remove disk guard and check?08:23
soreaugogo_: If your bios cant detect your hard disk, its likely a hardware issue. Check cables are firmly attached and the drive isnt dead08:24
ActionParsnipdRounse: so we were'nt wrong were we...it DOES work08:24
gogo_why disk utilty is listing sata and pata host adapter....are they ports?08:24
ActionParsnipgogo_: those are the controllers on the motherboard08:24
gogo_oh...w8 i check if disk is spinning or not08:25
ActionParsnipgogo_: with no drives attached, they'd still show08:25
gogo_oh i see08:25
gogo_pata is ide and sata ACHI...sorry i hv no clue wat r these08:26
astro5anyone know anything about programming? when i try to compile a an openGL sample program i can't use "-lGL" i have to use "-lglut"....how do i get openGL working again?08:28
soreauastro5: What do you mean you cant use "-lGL"?08:29
gogo_ActionParsnip: I think hard disk is spinning...its warm and i can feel vibrations from it after touching it08:29
astro5when i try to compile/build a program i should be able to type "g++ -o file file.cpp -lGL" but now i have to type "-lglut" instead of "-lGL"08:29
ActionParsnipgogo_: could try a different cable if you have one08:29
soreauastro5: why?08:30
astro5i dont know why, that is my problem08:30
astro5i have GL in /usr/include08:30
ActionParsnipgogo_: if its a PATA drive, mke sure it's set as master and on it's own controller to avoid complications with conflicting devices on the same channel08:30
gogo_ActionParsnip: uhm cable?....there are two slots in which disk fits in laptop...there is no cable :(08:30
ActionParsnipgogo_: oh, laptop makes it a bit trickier08:31
ActionParsnipgogo_: try resetting BIOS to failsafe defaults08:31
gogo_ActionParsnip: did it already08:31
ActionParsnipgogo_: i'd say dead drive then08:31
soreau! who | astro508:31
ubottuastro5: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)08:31
solarshey, I've yday installed cpufreq and it was working, now I always get cpufreqd-get 'no cpufreqd socket found' /etc/init.d/cpufreqd start doesn't change it - any idea?08:31
gogo_ActionParsnip: is there a utility to confrim it in Ubuntu?08:31
astro5the error i get is "usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lGL08:32
soreauastro5: You are saying you cant but you arent saying what happens when you try08:32
ActionParsnipgogo_: you may be able to test it using the manufactrers tool on the ultimate boot cd08:32
soreauastro5: maybe try ldconfig08:32
rabbi1where can i find a particular font in ubuntu, can't see in /usr/share/fonts08:33
smittixI have a Elantech Touchpad and for some reason I have to touch quite hard for the cursor to move. It's as if its not reporting pressure properly. Can anyone help with this?08:33
soreauastro5: Also make sure you have mesa-common-dev installed08:34
gogo_ActionParsnip: thanks...i will try ultimate boot cd08:34
astro5i do08:34
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astro5soreau: i already checked in /usr/include and GL is there08:35
rabbi1where can i find a particular font in ubuntu, can't see in /usr/share/fonts08:36
ubottuFont installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". For the official ubuntu font, see: http://font.ubuntu.com/08:36
soreauastro5: Well its not particularly a ubuntu issue but did it used to work at one point?08:37
astro5soreau:  yes it worked in the past, my gut tells me it has something to do with me trying the proprietary ATI graphics driver, then uninstalling that because i didnt like it08:37
astro5i think it messed up the linking of GL somehow08:38
soreauastro5: That sounds plausible. Try reinstalling mesa-common-dev08:38
soreauastro5: Also what is the output of glxinfo|grep renderer?08:38
astro5soreau: output of glxinfo | grep renderer is "OpenGL renderer string: Gallium 0.4 on AMD RS88008:40
soreauastro5: alright, that is good, just try reinstalling that package and possibly xserver-xorg-core08:41
rocknlew49I am lost....someone help me configure this...lol08:42
astro5soreau: i already reinstalled xserver-xorg-core....what is best way to reinstall mesa-common-dev? can i just do it via GUI in synaptic package manager?08:42
soreauastro5: yes or apt-get install --reinstall <pkg>08:43
astro5ok, thanks. i'll try it08:43
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piquadratHi. Is there any way to install the Sun JDK on oneiric/precise? My IDE insists on the Sun flavor and doesn't work with OpenJDK...08:46
madgoathi ! please see my new web site if you nedd a nice dual boot, see you http://www.linux2deal.byethost4.com08:46
soreau! java | piquadrat08:47
ubottupiquadrat: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.08:47
rocknlew49After 20 years of Windows..I am now using unbuntu..HELPME....I am lost....How do you install programs?? What do you use to mange them?08:47
[deXter]piquadrat, http://ubuntuportal.com/how-to-install-oracle-java-development-kit-7-jdk7-in-ubuntu-11-1012-04-via-ppa/08:47
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soreau! synaptic | rocknlew4908:48
ubotturocknlew49: synaptic is Ubuntu's Graphical Package Manager. For a good howto see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto08:48
[deXter]rocknlew49, This is a great introduction for newbies: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/installingsoftware08:48
piquadrat[deXter]: thanks!08:48
[deXter]rocknlew49, And some more detailed info can be found here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingSoftware08:48
vidbActionParsnip: I solved the fgfs-base problem :D08:53
vidbI simply removed wine1.308:53
ActionParsnipvidb: ahhhh, makes sense08:53
ActionParsnipvidb: see what bad software sources does now?08:53
mdobhi, how can I get this exact glibc /lib/i386-linux-gnu/tls/i686/nosegneg/libc.so.6 ?08:53
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mdobubuntu 11.0408:53
ActionParsnipvidb: glad you got there dude08:54
vidbThanks for your help!08:54
ActionParsnipvidb: anytime :)08:54
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NyLes_how to edit xorg.conf in terminal? xserver is not working..08:56
ActionParsnipNyLes_: sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf08:56
NyLes_ActionParsnip: thanks man..08:57
klawdhi! can someone tell me how to get snd-hda-intel module?08:57
llutz_klawd: its part of the kernel-package08:59
dansloDidn't come here to ask for help. Just wanted to say that Skype can die a slowly death in the fiery pits of hell09:00
dansloworst. application. ever.09:01
enchiladodanslo: then why choose this channel?09:01
klawdllutz_: my sound did work a couple of weeks ago. now i tried again and it does not09:01
dansloenchilado: because skype on LINUX sucks, and in my case skype on UBUNTU09:01
klawdi remember installing something with aptitude and it deinstalled a bunch of stuff09:01
klawdi need sound right now09:01
llutz_danslo: stop ranting here.09:01
ActionParsnipdanslo: never had an issue09:02
enchiladodanslo: try #ubuntu-offtopic09:02
klawdi tried pretty much everything. can't get it to work. you think you can help me?09:02
dansloActionParsnip: on 64bit?09:02
enchiladoif you're not asking for support on how to make it work better09:02
ActionParsnipdanslo: in either09:02
dansloenchilado: that's the thing, it cant be made better09:02
ActionParsnipdanslo: what is your issue with it?09:02
enchiladodanslo: well, then there's no point talking about it here! :P09:02
dansloActionParsnip: it crashes all the time, voice randomly stops until you pkill it09:03
ActionParsnipdanslo: did you install the deb from the website?09:03
ActionParsnipdanslo: what sound chip do you use?09:03
danslosoftware center09:03
NyLes_ActionParsnip: how can i Save it? after editting?09:03
ubottuanother contentless ping... sigh...09:03
klawdcould someone please help me get my sound to work? it would be very much appreciated09:03
dansloActionParsnip: 00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 6 Series/C200 Series Chipset Family High Definition Audio Controller (rev 04)09:03
ActionParsnipNyLes_: ctrl+X, Y, ENTER09:04
ActionParsnipdanslo: the oneon the website is slightly later version09:04
astro5soreau: reinstalling mesa-common-dev didnt work. but when i go to nautilus in /usr/lib/libGL.so there is an "x" on the file, and when i click on it, it says: "The Link "libGL.so" is Broken. Move it to Trash? This link cannot be used, because its target "/usr/lib/libGL.so.1" doesn't exist"09:04
dansloActionParsnip: Guess its worth a try09:04
ActionParsnipdanslo: so whatexactly have you tried in order to make it work?09:05
dansloActionParsnip: there's not much to try, the application pretty much segfaults... I cant even select different audio subsystem (only PA is available)09:05
ActionParsnipdanslo: remember to run:  rm -r ~/.Skype    so you get vanilla settings09:06
Ben64danslo: have you tried removing pulseaudio09:06
dansloActionParsnip: and I suppose ubuntu updated its repository because the one I download from the site is the exact same rev as the one installed09:06
dansloBen64: and break the other half of my system, I think I'll pass on that one ;D09:07
soreauastro5: Yea fglrx screwed that up. Try removing that file then reinstalling mesa-common-dev and libgl1-mesa-dev09:07
Ben64removing pulseaudio breaks nothing09:07
Ben64i remove it from all my systems09:07
dansloActionParsnip: tried that - I don't think its related... my co-workers experience the same buggyness09:07
ActionParsnipdanslo: not sure, as far as I am ware the one on the site is later, which may help09:07
astro5soreau:  so i just need to remove the libGL.so file only?09:07
soreauastro5: yea then reinstall those two packages and make sure it's restored09:07
astro5ok, thanks again09:08
ActionParsnipdanslo: even works under xpud here...09:08
dansloBen64: I've been through enough alsamixer hell in the past .. thanks but I'll pass on that one :)09:08
Ben64danslo: probably solves your problem09:08
Ben64danslo: i always have issues with pulseaudio, removing it works09:08
NyLes_what suppose to be the problem when it has no display? is it with the driver or the xorg.conf? this is tiring..09:08
dansloActionParsnip: well it "works"... but it randomly crashes, randomly shows you as online but wont let you send messages or calls, randomly stops in the middle of a call until you kill -9 skype and start it again, etc09:09
ActionParsnipNyLes_: try oneiric, it may help09:09
llutz_danslo: well for some it works, for some it doesn't. since its proprietary crap, you have to accept that or just don't use it.09:10
danslollutz_: I wish I could stop using it... company is on its nuts though09:10
klawdcould someone please help me get my sound to work? it would be very much appreciated09:10
Ben64!details | klawd09:11
ubottuklawd: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."09:11
ActionParsnipklawd: what is the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh && ./alsa-info.sh09:11
klawdBen64: i don'09:11
klawdBen64: i don't get sound on my speaker09:11
Ben64klawd: try what ActionParsnip said09:11
klawdActionParsnip: one sec09:11
danslollutz_: it's a similar situation to the reason why I wrote (parts of) mangler (http://www.mangler.org/) .... yes the used standards SUCK, but some people are stuck with it09:12
ActionParsnipklawd: upload to the server and a URL will be generated09:12
klawdActionParsnip: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=d23fef0d79eb93cb4ed0df68a3cff328ba2a354209:13
NyLes_ActionParsnip: oneiric is the 11.10 right?09:13
ActionParsnipNyLes_: yes09:13
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) is the current release of Ubuntu | Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/11.10/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/111009:13
ActionParsnipklawd: if you run:  alsamixer     are all levels cranked and unmuted?09:13
klawdActionParsnip: the snd-intel-hda auto i added earlier09:13
NyLes_ActionParsnip: will it work fine even my RAM is only 512MB?09:13
klawdActionParsnip: no. headphone is muted and i can't change it09:14
ActionParsnipNyLes_: yes, its the minimum. I'd go for Xubuntu or Lubuntu to free up more RAM for your apps09:14
NyLes_ActionParsnip: Lubuntu 11.10?09:14
thevaliantxi am trying to install google earth, but am getting this message just before the install completes:09:14
klawdActionParsnip: but i have it plugged in at the front. and master front is cranked and unmuted09:14
ActionParsnipNyLes_: sure, it'll run well :)09:15
klawdActionParsnip: any ideas?09:15
thevaliantx"Errors were encountered while processing: firmware-b43legacy-installer"09:15
ActionParsnipklawd: does the system have a make and model?09:15
klawdActionParsnip: "system"?09:16
thevaliantxi don't know enough about apt and wireless drivers.  my computer is a Dell Inspiron 1545.  what do i do to apt to get google earth to install and for the error message that I am getting to go away?09:16
ActionParsnipklawd: yes, the computer you are using is a system09:16
klawdActionParsnip: yes. but which component do you mean? it's not a dell or some other kind of preconf09:16
kala13xhello boys. I've problem with my VGA Driver, im trying install ubuntu 11.10 but it doesnot works with my VGA model (NVIDIA GeForce 8500) can anyone help me. p.s. sorry for my bad english09:17
ActionParsnipklawd: the whole thing, is it a branded pc?09:17
ActionParsnipkala13x: add the boot option: nouveau.blacklist=109:17
ActionParsnipklawd: ok and it's a desktop system?09:17
klawdActionParsnip: yes09:18
kala13xActionParsnip: and how i can do this?09:18
ActionParsnipklawd: not sure then dude, that alsa link is dead handy. My sound troubleshooting isn't great09:18
ActionParsnip!bootoption | kala13x09:18
ubottukala13x: For a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions See also !nomodeset.09:18
kala13xActionParsnip, ubottu: ok. thanks09:19
klawdActionParsnip: ok, thanks for trying09:19
MeirDHello. In order to scan for HCTL I need to write the CTL to /sys/class/scsi_host/host%d/scan file..  I tried using :~ echo 0:97:0 > /sys/class/scsi_host/host1/scan09:20
MeirDHowever, I get Permission Denied error... how am I supposed to do it?09:20
llutz_MeirD: echo 0:97:0 |sudo tee /sys/class/scsi_host/host1/scan09:21
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter09:21
ActionParsnipMeirD: echo "0:97:0" | sudo tee /sys/class/scsi_host/host1/scan09:21
ActionParsnipMeirD: the file is owned by root, so you will need sudo to edit it09:21
MeirDwhy mine doesnt work?09:21
MeirDso why not sudo echo 0:97:0 > /sys/class/scsi_host/host1/scan09:21
ActionParsnipMeirD: sudo doesn't traverse the '>' operator09:22
MeirDoh, didnt know that. thanks!09:22
ActionParsnipMeirD: the only bitwith sudo powr there is the echo command09:22
NyLes_ActionParsnip: how again i can restore the backup xorg?09:22
ActionParsnipNyLes_: rename it with mv09:22
ndlovusometimes when I plug in my 3G usb modem, it doesn't show up in the network panel. 'lshw -C network' recognises it, but says it's DISABLED. Any idea how to enable it?09:23
NyLes_ActionParsnip: the nvidia-xconfig automatically backups my xorg.conf and it is xorg.conf.backup09:23
ActionParsnipNyLes_: cool09:24
NyLes_ActionParsnip: so how will irestore it?09:24
ActionParsnipNyLes_: sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf.backup /etc/X11/xorg.conf09:24
ActionParsnipNyLes_: rename the current xorg.conf first09:24
MeirDweird.. I get error: tee: /sys/class/scsi_host/host97/scan: Invalid Argument09:25
ActionParsnipNyLes_: so you have the one currently running09:25
MeirD(and before it echoes "0:97:0")09:25
ActionParsnipMeirD: could always run:  sudo -i09:25
NyLes_ActionParsnip: how will irename it on terminal?09:25
llutz_ls -l /sys/class/scsi_host09:25
ActionParsnipMeirD: then you can run:      echo 0:97:0 > /sys/class/scsi_host/host1/scan     as you expect09:25
NyLes_ActionParsnip: my xserver is not running :D09:26
ActionParsnipNyLes_: look at the command I gave, and think....09:26
ActionParsnipNyLes_: doesn't matter in CLI09:26
kapzhi I am using evolution on gnome-shell 3.2 (ubuntu 11.10)...can someone help me minimize evolution to gnome notification icon? thanks09:27
MeirDthanks a lot09:27
ActionParsnipkapz: http://gnome.eu.org/index.php/Evolution_Tray09:28
klawdcould someone please help me get my sound to work? http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=a635c769271dd8b905c83d21692d078e6fb5b39509:30
terminhellello ello09:30
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zhjawe123Hi,anyone knows in mldonkey how to user different download directory for guest user?09:36
zhjawe123all downloads file mix in one folder.09:37
nicofsIs there an alternative to cheese? I'm using Xubuntu and installing cheese with all required deps would eat 75MB of space...09:40
terminhellnicofs: really?!09:42
klawdcould someone please help me get my sound to work? http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=a635c769271dd8b905c83d21692d078e6fb5b39509:43
nicofsterminhell, yes, sadly - and my dl allowance is limited, so I can't "just go with it"...09:44
terminhellnicofs: just, i mean, my option for installing cheese would only need under 4mbs09:45
ant_Has nvidia-glx been dropped in oneiric and precise? I had to install drivers from nvidia to get this card working09:45
nicofsterminhell, cheese requires a lot of libraries that come with gnome that i lack...09:45
terminhellnicofs: idk, wiki some alternatives09:46
ActionParsnipant_: which chip?09:47
Ben64ant_: that will likely cause problems in the future09:47
ant_its a geforce 7300 card09:47
ant_old I know09:47
ActionParsnipnicofs: guvcview I believe09:47
ActionParsnipant_: newer than what I got09:47
ActionParsnipant_: install nvidia-current package and it will work09:47
ant_Ben64, I am sure it will someday - but I couldnt find a glx package to match the driver in the repositories09:47
Ben64ant_: you should use jockey-glx to install drivers09:47
ant_ActionParsnip, I did, and it complained there was no glx driver09:48
ant_Ben64, jockey ?09:48
NyLes_ActionParsnip: this is funny, 11.10 now gives me white screen lol..09:48
ActionParsnipant_: you may need to run:  sudo nvidia-xconfig    then reboot09:48
Ben64ant_: its an application to help with getting proprietary drivers09:48
ActionParsnipNyLes_: blacklist the nouveau driver til you can get updated09:48
ant_ActionParsnip, hard to run from command line  - nouveau didnt work for me09:48
ActionParsnipant_: run what?09:49
ant_I did blacklist nouveau based on a bug report, and after installing nvidia-current (and rebooting) X complained that no GLX was available09:49
Ben64ant_: you should really use jockey-gtk to install nvidia drivers, but first try to undo the nvidia.com ones09:49
ant_ActionParsnip, Sorry, was referring to Ben64 about jockey-gtk09:49
NyLes_ActionParsnip: ok thanks..09:50
ant_Ben64, does jockey have a command line? If I uninstall nvidia drivers I wont have X working09:50
Ben64ant_: jockey-text09:50
ant_Ben64, thanks, will try it later09:50
Ben64just apt-getting nvidia-current doesn't activate the driver, which is why jockey is the preferred method09:51
ActionParsnipant_: run:  sudo nvidia-xconfig    and reboot09:51
ActionParsnipBen64: it activates it every time here, I've not used jockey for years now09:51
ant_Ben64, hmm, that could be my problem - X was attempting the nvidia driver, but couldnt locate the GLX, and theres no nvidia-glx package since natty09:52
Ben64ActionParsnip: so you do apt-get install nvidia-current and then nvidia-xconfig ?09:52
nicofsActionParsnip, thanks - all I needed for 975kB of space...09:52
ActionParsnipBen64: with sudo, yes09:52
ActionParsnipnicofs: :)09:52
Ben64ActionParsnip: cool, i never knew it worked like that09:52
ActionParsnipnicofs: its default in Lubuntu09:52
smittixI have a Elantech Touchpad and for some reason I have to touch quite hard for the cursor to move. It's as if its not reporting pressure properly. Can anyone help with this?09:53
tjadcHi, I am using Unity with dual monitors (extended desktop) and wondering if it is expected behaviour that both screens get a launcher, apart from that, I get resistance when moving my mouse cursor from one screen to the other09:53
ActionParsnipBen64: well I always add the xorg updates ppa (less fresh, more stable)09:53
=== iqpi|off is now known as iqpi|on
Ben64ActionParsnip: i use x-swat ppa09:54
ActionParsnipBen64: yea thats bleeding edge, i use one down from that09:55
Godfather_im trying to change the file associantion of php files, if i click on 'open with' i get a full list of aplications, but here doesnt appear the application that i want to open with, im on ubuntu 11.1009:56
ActionParsnipGodfather_: which app do you want to use?09:57
Godfather_ActionParsnip, netbeans09:57
ActionParsnipGodfather_: is it not listed under the big button labelled: show other applications     ?09:59
Godfather_ActionParsnip, no09:59
ActionParsnipGodfather_: is there a netbeans icon in dash?09:59
dirtydevilsoreau: I resized the drive but it is at /dev/sda7 I want it to make /dev/sdb or /dev/sda1 how can I make it?09:59
Godfather_ActionParsnip, and i installed netbeans from the sh of netbeans.org, and netbeans is under applications on my bar10:00
Godfather_ActionParsnip,  what do you mean in dash?10:00
Godfather_in the left bar of unity10:00
Godfather_yes it is10:00
ActionParsnipGodfather_: you may need to make a .desktop file for it in /usr/share/applications   and it will appear in the list10:01
Etheraelhttp://pointlessprojects.com/media/images/hQhz2.gif What the actual fuck?10:01
ikoniaEtherael: tone it right down10:01
ikonia!language > Etherael10:01
ubottuEtherael, please see my private message10:01
ikonia!topic > Etherael10:01
ikonia!guidlines > Etherael10:02
ikoniaEtherael: please check those links before speaking any more10:02
EtheraelSorry wrong channel10:02
Godfather_ActionParsnip, i copied into that folder10:03
Godfather_should i restart x or something like this?10:03
soreaudirtydevil: sdb would mean hard drive 2. To get it from sda7 to sda1 you'd have to format the hard drive afaik10:03
ActionParsnipGodfather_: copied what?10:03
Godfather_ActionParsnip, http://pastebin.com/iQ1JfNha10:04
meberhartif anyone has Apache on their system, would they be kind enough to tell me if there is a "security" folder in their apache2/conf.d directory please?10:04
stephans_Does anyone know how to get rid of a selection rectangle on the desktop that refuses to go away?10:05
Godfather_ActionParsnip, this is what i have done now, but i have no entry in the Application list10:05
Godfather_that is 'netbeans'10:05
stephans_Latest released ubuntu in use10:05
Godfather_ActionParsnip, so maybe i need to restart or so10:05
ActionParsnipGodfather_: may want to add TextEditor in the categories list too10:06
ActionParsnipGodfather_: restartcan't hurt, then try the extra category10:06
Godfather_ActionParsnip, extra category?10:06
ActionParsnipGodfather_: line 8 in your pastebin....10:07
Godfather_ActionParsnip, ok10:07
Godfather_i will add this and then i'll reboot10:07
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».10:08
Ben64why do people from italy ALWAYS come in here and do !list10:09
mongymeberhart: running 10.04.4 here and there is a security file10:09
meberharta file or a folder?10:09
meberhartthank you for the response10:10
mongymeberhart: a file.  much like the apache.conf10:10
meberhartthank you very much.10:10
meberharti wasn't sure if it was left over from an old module or not.10:11
mongymeberhart: http://pastebin.com/qaVXfatX10:11
revilodrawhow can i test if my laptop supports booting from a usb?10:11
meberhartmongy - great, thanks so much.10:12
Godfather_ActionParsnip, nope10:12
Godfather_doesnt appears netbeans option10:12
dirtydevilsoreau: I have to install windows and getting this error " setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition "10:13
Godfather_ActionParsnip, http://pastebin.com/dcfhV8GJ10:13
ActionParsnipGodfather_: gah10:14
dirtydevilsoreau: I googled it and found a solution by formatting whole drive and install windows then ubuntu. Any other way? I dont want to format whole drive10:15
Godfather_ActionParsnip, in other versions of ubuntu i remember another button open with... and you can choose the program anywhere in root10:15
soreaudirtydevil: no and we dont support windows here10:16
dirtydevilsoreau: I know I have never used windows too but it is my boss's laptop :(10:16
dirtydevilsoreau: No solution?10:17
soreaudirtydevil: What is the problem?10:17
dirtydevilsoreau:  "setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition "10:17
dirtydevilI used gparted to make it /dev/sda710:18
soreaudirtydevil: That is a windows problem not ubuntu. Try #windows10:18
Godfather_ActionParsnip, doesnt exists a file that has the file type assoction with every program?10:20
Roomba_Scoobais there anyone connected from an university? I need to download some articles from Springerlink.com...10:23
gamemakingdudeHi, I am stuck at terminal where it says i have no name10:24
gamemakingdudeand i am unable to log into roo10:24
Ben64!root | gamemakingdude10:25
ubottugamemakingdude: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo10:25
karim_i need a tutorial who allow me to use gimp10:25
karim_please help me10:25
gamemakingdudeNo im doing su10:26
gamemakingdudeI know roots password10:26
OliiPathaFloodBot help you10:26
Godfather_ActionParsnip, solved...10:26
mongykarim_: lots of handy tips http://www.scottphotographics.com/40-best-gimp-tutorials-of-2010/10:26
Godfather_ActionParsnip, i used ubuntu tweak, http://www.liberiangeek.net/2010/05/how-to-manage-file-association-in-ubuntu-with-ubuntu-tweak/10:26
izz_01hey folks..10:27
karim_mongy: thank you10:27
gamemakingdudeSo i guess i can't log back into root10:28
gamemakingdudeon my VPS10:28
JessicaMHI!  is there a way to enable copying terminal-ready paths to the clipboard?10:28
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dlentzJessicaM, you mean copying from the terminal?10:29
gamemakingdudeI guess no one has an answer10:31
llutz_gamemakingdude: doesn't your vps has a rescue-console?10:33
gamemakingdudeI am in the console10:33
gamemakingdudeno rescuse console10:33
gamemakingdudethe console i am accessing is on the web10:33
gamemakingdudeand it says this10:33
gamemakingdudeI have no name!@ADRServers:/home# su root10:34
gamemakingdudesu: Cannot determine your user name.10:34
llutz_gamemakingdude: "whoami"10:34
ryaoAre all packages in Ubuntu Precise being compiled with GCC 4.6.2?10:34
gamemakingdudewhoami: cannot find name for user ID 010:34
llutz_gamemakingdude: so you are in a kind of root account10:35
gamemakingdudeWhat you mean?10:35
gamemakingdudeI can't do anything at all10:35
llutz_gamemakingdude: then ask your vps-provider for support10:35
vidbHello, I try to add space to my Ubuntu partition using gparted, but I cannot resise it.. anyone may help me please?10:37
soreauvidb: Do it from a live session10:38
vidbsoreau: Yes, I used a live session, but I cannot resize the ubuntu partition.. I tried to resize an other partition and it works, but the ubuntu part wont be resized10:39
vidbI don't know why :S10:39
JessicaMdlentz: no i mean ctrl+c on a directory and being able to paste into a command line without "file://...." prepended10:42
soreauvidb: it could be how you have your partitions laid out10:42
Roomba_Scoobais there anyone connected from an university? I need to download some scientific publications10:43
llutz_Roomba_Scooba:  Do you have any ubuntu support related question?10:43
wesleyHi! I have a question -  I run ubuntu 11.10 - gnome. - When I just even 'touch' a tab (terminal, gedit, etc) the tab moves outside the window10:44
wesleywhich is highly annoying me, and I don'tknow why it's doing that :(10:44
wesleyis there any way I can 'adjust' the sensitivity of this?10:45
Roomba_Scooballutz_: no I don't10:46
llutz_!ot | Roomba_Scooba10:46
ubottuRoomba_Scooba: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:46
vidbsoreau: this is a screenshot, the linux part is sda7, when I try to resize it I get this http://oi41.tinypic.com/1hw4mr.jpg 0 Free space following! even I have + 2 Gb free... When I try to resize the sda5 it goes with no problem :S10:48
vidbsoreau, the screenshot http://i40.tinypic.com/9ub51t.jpg10:48
soreauvidb: Your linux partition is sandwiched between your swap partition and the end of the drive. You only have about 8Mib to expand which isnt much10:50
vidbvidb: there is no way to fix it ?10:51
vidbsoreau : there is no way to fix it ?10:51
ahelhi! I've installed through unetbootin the daily live. Installation went fine but at boot I don't see grub. in fact it switch immediately to memtest86+ :(10:52
soreauvidb: Look at the sizes and do the math. There is simply no more room unless you shrink one of the other partitions10:52
llutz_ahel: daily live = precise (12.04)?  #ubuntu+1 then10:52
ahelI've tried to press 'esc' or 'down arrow' but nothing.10:53
ahelthank you llutz_10:53
soreauvidb: Even then you would probably have to delete swap and recreate it at the end of the drive10:53
vidbsoreau: How can I do that ?  I'm newbie with gparted.10:54
soreauvidb: Short answer: Very carefully10:54
vidbI mean how can I precise the location "at the end" or not10:54
soreau! gparted | vidb10:54
ubottuvidb: gparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php10:54
osmosis_paulSomebody know how can I read the header of one url that is actually one file. I would like to read the version of that file before download10:55
Jaq0pHello all. Anyone from denmark in here why is succesfully using "nemid" on ubuntu 10.04?10:55
osmosis_paulI'm trying with wget -S but not only giuve the header, he donload the file as well10:55
NyLeshow can i block nouveau?10:56
soreauvidb: Basically you would just have to do a bunch of moving and resizing then edit /etc/fstab to tell it the new swap location if it changed10:56
NyLescan someone tell me ow ca i block nouveau?10:57
eQuiNoX__hey guys some help with this query? http://askubuntu.com/questions/106148/arora-browser-in-lucid10:57
soreauvidb: So.. delete swap, move sda7 up to create space for swap at the end, then create the new swap partition then shrink sda5 and resize sda710:57
JadedJacobHow can I turn off my dial up modem, network card and firewire in ubuntu?10:57
JadedJacobdisable the hardware I mean10:57
JadedJacobI'm trying to get as much as much battery life out of my laptop as possible10:58
soreauvidb: But its pretty easy, just give some thought to what you are doing10:58
ubottunouveau is an open-source nvidia driver included by default since Ubuntu 10.04. Currently, 3D rendering is only partially supported. More information can be found at http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/ | See !nvidia for the closed-source Nvidia driver.10:58
vidbsoreau: How can I move a partition ?10:58
soreauvidb: Depends where you want to move it to I guess10:59
NyLesi want to block nouveau for installing my card please tell me how..10:59
vidbsoreau: You said "move sda7 up", how can I do that ?10:59
NyLeszykotic10: i know you can help me, i want to block nouveau from installing my video card..11:00
soreauvidb: After you delete swap, then you probably want to go ahead and shrink sda5 then for sda7, just tell it to have no space preceding it11:01
soreauvidb: If there is no space preceding it, then it should come right after sda5..11:02
soreauvidb: You can do probably move and resize sda7 in one step too11:02
llutz_NyLes: echo "blacklist nouveau" | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/nouveau.conf11:03
vidbsoreau: But why should I shrink sda5 ? I already have 2 Gb of free space (http://i40.tinypic.com/9ub51t.jpg)11:03
vidbI cannot use it?11:03
soreauvidb: Well if you only want to consume that unused space, you wouldnt need to11:04
soreauvidb: I was guessing you would choose a lager size so you wont have to do this again for awhile11:05
vidbsoreau: No, I need just to add the 2Go11:05
NyLesllutz_: thanks..11:06
soreauvidb: But if all you want to do is consume that space 1) delete swap 2) edit sda7 and have 0 space preceding and <size of swap> following 3) create a partition in the blank space at the end for swap 4) take note of swaps new name (possibly sda8) then make sure to edit your /etc/fstab on the disk and tell it where your new swap partition is11:07
soreauvidb: step 2) should effectively move and resize sda711:07
vidbsoreau: Ok, thank you!11:09
gast2roothowto disable fast user switching in unity?11:11
bijoyhello friends11:16
bijoyhaving some trouble with internet access. can someone help me?11:16
=== fireball is now known as fireball98
fireball98Hello, I want my gtk2.0 theme to have the background changeable  like  this theme link http://gnome-look.org/content/preview.php?preview=3&id=147762&file1=147762-1.png&file2=147762-2.png&file3=147762-3.png&name=Blapplenesss11:18
fireball98How can I change that background?11:18
MrokiiHello. Why doesn't "less" show files that are shorter than one "page" and is there a way to change that behaviour? It's utterly annoying.11:19
vidbsoreau: I forgot to ask you about the /etc/fstab , how can I edit it with the new swap name ?11:20
fireball98Hello, I want my gtk2.0 theme to have the background changeable  like  this theme link http://gnome-look.org/content/preview.php?preview=3&id=147762&file1=147762-1.png&file2=147762-2.png&file3=147762-3.png&name=Blapplenesss11:20
vidbsoreau: Actualy I have: # swap was on /dev/sda6 during installation11:20
vidbUUID=9d186a03-9baf-4895-bab1-3424e2bb8838 none            swap    sw              0       011:20
fireball98vidb sudo gedit /etc/fstab then edit and save11:21
soreauvidb: Dont worry about the fstab file on the live session partition, it will be nuked when you reboot. The fstab file you want exists on the sda7 partition you are resizing. So after you are all finished with gparted, mount sda7 and then access the file11:21
bijoyi am having trouble opening certain websites as Firefox seems to hang waiting for sites like s7.addthis.com, platform.twitter.com, etc.11:21
LjLMrokii: it shows them for me... i'm on 12.04 though, maybe it was a bug in previous versions11:21
bijoyif I disable javascript, some sites work, some don't.11:22
fireball98can someone tell me how  can I change my background in gtk 2 in nautilus?11:22
MrokiiLjL: I've had that for a long time. Whenever I want to view short files, "less" doesn't work and I have to use "more".11:22
vidbsoreau: Yes but what I have to put in it exactly ?11:22
fireball98I want to change it like the creator did in that theme11:22
bc81fireball98: i think nautilus file browser, you can do Edit > Backgrounds and Emblems > add a new pattern11:22
LjLMrokii: well there doesn't seem to be a bug reported about that. out of curiosity, what happens? does it just exit to the shell without saying anything?11:22
MrokiiLjL: It shows nothing at all in that case.11:23
MrokiiJust returning to the prompt.11:23
bc81fireball: then just drag + drop the pattern into the browser window11:23
soreauvidb: The uuid will probably change after you recreate swap so do this to find it:11:23
soreau! uuid | vidb11:23
ubottuvidb: To see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)11:23
llutz_Mrokii: "less --version"  less 436 (maverick 10.10) shows even oneline-files11:23
soreauvidb: And then just replace the new uuid value for the swap line11:23
vidbsoreau: Ok, thanks! I will try11:24
bijoyanyone here knows how to fix the javascript issue?11:24
llutz_guest: stop11:24
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.11:25
Mrokiillutz_: I have "less 444"11:25
fireball98it is not working bc81 i want to change the background like this one did http://gnome-look.org/content/preview.php?preview=3&id=147762&file1=147762-1.png&file2=147762-2.png&file3=147762-3.png&name=Blapplenesss11:25
wesleyDoes anyone know how I can adjust the 'drag' sensitivity within ubuntu ? right now tabbed windows move outside the window in their own window when I slightly touch/drag them11:25
LjLguest: please stop typing random things now, or i will have to ban you.11:25
bijoyI upgraded to Ubuntu 11.10 and all sites work fine. But I decided to come back to 11.04 and issue is still there11:26
bijoyanyone here who can help me with this?11:26
fireball98bc81: hey wait i dragged it in the file browser and it works!11:26
fireball98bc81: wow!11:27
bijoymaybe you can help?11:27
soreaubijoy: Yes?11:27
bijoymy browser (firefox, chrome, midori) hangs at random sites waiting for platform.twitter.com, s7.addthis.com etc11:27
Dr_willisbijoy:  if more then one browser is doing it. then tht would point to a dns lookup. or other networking issue.11:28
bijoybut Dr, I upgraded to 11.10 and sites work fine then11:28
bijoyi decied to come back to lucid lynx, and the issue persists11:29
soreaubijoy: Yes check /etc/resolv.conf for your nameserver in each distro11:29
llutz_Mrokii: do you use less -F option?11:29
Dr_willisMy logic is still logical..  :)11:29
soreaulucid != 11.0411:29
Dr_willisbijoy:  try setting the system up to use the opendns, or google's dns servers. as a test to see if it helps.11:29
bijoyI am a newbie. let me check friends. and will get back. thanks11:29
isnnnncan I safely install KDE to a system which already has gnome and xfce?11:30
LjLisnnnn: yes11:30
llutz_isnnnn: you can11:30
bijoyDr, I am not sure how to do that. My resolv.conf has only three lines which actually don't make sense to me11:30
Bocanegraisnnnn: yes11:30
bijoy# Generated by NetworkManager11:30
isnnnngreat, thx :)11:30
Dr_willisThe network manager tool lets you change your dns servers. thats how i normally do it.11:31
Dr_willisnameserver = dns server.11:31
fireball98bc81 what is the maximum resolution for the background pattern?11:31
Dr_willis'domain name server' ;) i think. = DNS11:31
meberhartthis is a ridiculous question, and yes i have actually Googled this, but how do i stop netstat when you set it to run continuously? what's the command to quit?11:31
bijoyokay, got that Dr. but can you guide me on how to do that?11:32
Dr_willismeberhart:  if its a cli app - try ctrl-c11:32
meberharti did11:32
llutz_meberhart: ctrl-c11:32
Dr_willisbijoy:  not right now.. heading to work. may be back on later.11:32
bijoyokay, thanks for your help Dr11:32
meberhartmaybe it's not working because i'm using an SSH client other than Putty?11:32
bijoySoreau, maybe you can still help me with this?11:33
meberharti finally got it with ctrl+Q11:33
bijoyhow do I change the DNS in the network manager?11:34
soreaubijoy: Just comment both out (put a # at the beginning of nameserver) and then add one that says nameserver
soreauthen test it11:35
bijoysoreau, do I need to restart the computer?11:36
soreaushould take effect as soon as you save the file11:36
bijoythen I think it does not fix the issue. for example Yahoo mail login hangs at "connected to s.yimg.com"11:37
soreaubijoy: What does sudo route show for your default gateway?11:37
bijoydefault gateway -
soreaubijoy: And that is the ip of your modem or router? (whatever is providing internet to this machine)11:39
bijoynot sure. but i don't have a fixed ip for my connection11:40
soreaubijoy: does it work in a live session the same way?11:40
bijoyhave not checked lucid in live session, but the new version 11.10 in live session works fne11:40
woozlyhi, I have ntfs partitions on my disk. how to mount it permamently?11:41
soreaubijoy: Im not really sure but the experts in ##networking may be able to help if you ask nicely and wait patiently11:41
Gentoo64woozly, add it to fstab11:42
bijoyoh ok i join just like i joined #ubuntu, right?11:42
soreaubijoy: since it works fine in a live session, it should just be some configuration somewhere11:42
soreaubijoy: yea /j #channel11:42
bijoythanks for your help Soreau11:42
soreauNo problem11:43
MonkeyDustwoozly  add it in /etc/fstab11:43
=== max is now known as Guest98614
woozlyguys, how to determine UUID? and where to mount it?11:43
soreau! uuid | woozly11:43
ubottuwoozly: To see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)11:43
Mrokiillutz: no, I don't use the -F option. Maybe there is some configuration that makes less use that automatically?11:44
Gentoo64woozly, just run blkid as root, then use that in the same fashion the rest of fstab is laid out11:47
melodieI try to find the section services at start in Ubuntu 11.11 : where is it ?11:49
smittixmelodie: Top right "cog"11:50
smittixmelodie: "Startup Applications"11:50
melodiesmittix, thanks, will look in a moment !11:51
vidbsoreau: I'm using the live cd now.. please give me the command that check uid again; it seems that the ubuntu part will be moved too and named to sda6..11:52
soreau! uuid | vidb11:52
ubottuvidb: To see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)11:52
kroonrsI can mount the NTFS partition on my external drive, but I want to rename the mount point from the default long hex-string.  I've installed pysdm, and tried to use it, and it works fine for my ext3 partitions, but I can't mount the ntfs partition through the file explorer after I've configured the mount point in pysdm. (Error message says only root can do that)11:52
kroonrsany suggestions?11:53
djtom1983someone know something about WiFi ??11:53
soreau! someone | djtom198311:53
ubottudjtom1983: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.11:53
jribkroonrs: define a label for your partition.  Afterwards, it should mount as /media/label11:53
Gentoo64kroonrs, add it to fstab, mkidir /mnt/something then mount it to that?11:53
jrib!label > kroonrs11:53
ubottukroonrs, please see my private message11:53
djtom1983im trying to hack my own router.. and need some help...11:54
soreaudjtom1983: wrong channel11:54
Gentoo64djtom1983, why are you trying to hack your own router11:54
soreau! pm | djtom198311:55
ubottudjtom1983: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.11:55
XLVdjtom1983, router running ubuntu? hell yeah11:55
sacarlsondjtom1983: normaly to gain access to those boxes you just hold the reset botton down for 15 or so secounds and that will reset password to factory defaults11:56
ikoniaguys - this is nothing to do with ubuntu11:56
kroonrsjrib: how do I define a label?11:56
jribkroonrs: ubottu should have sent you a pm with instructions11:56
ikoniasacarlson: please stop (I've asked you before) with non-ubuntu support in this channel11:56
kroonrsjrib: I've been on that page - I want to avoid using a partition editor11:57
jribkroonrs: that's fine, you can do so11:57
jrib(though I don't know why you would)11:57
djtom1983ah i know my passwd's but i try to hack it... child'splay for someone else.. but i have problem with this11:57
ikoniadjtom1983: please stop asking11:57
djtom1983ikonia kk11:58
kroonrsjrib: ah - didn't look far enough, sorry11:58
ikoniadjtom1983: this channel supports the Ubuntu operating system, your request is nothing to do with that.11:58
smittixdjtom1983: Try on irc.2600.net #260011:59
Gentoo64or... just choose a stronger password12:00
XLVkroonrs, also in fstab, you can select to mount it using its uuid and noauto.. and create a dir in /media so it always gets mounted using that dir12:00
=== iqpi|on is now known as iqpi|off
=== Riko is now known as Guest895
maniXhello everyone. i am using amarok on my ubuntu. need to know how to set its proxy here12:03
=== sergiusens_ is now known as sergiusens
djtom1983is here any channel to ask open to that topic?12:03
maniXdjtom1983: ?12:03
djtom1983wifi hack12:03
Gentoo64djtom1983, if its your own router just choose a beter password12:04
XLVdjtom1983, btw stealing bw is one thing.. hacking another system is another12:04
ikoniaok - enough12:04
kroonrsjrib: thanks, ntfslabel was just what I needed (and e2label helped as well!)12:05
kroonrsthanks to others that gave suggestions too12:05
maniXguys someone please tell me how do i set proxy to my amarok in ubuntu. I remember using kcmshell412:06
maniXbut i dont know what argumnets to take12:06
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ahelbzip hash sum mismatched in it-archive.ubuntu.org12:15
bazhangahel, which version of ubuntu12:15
jussiHow does one change text size in a text box in scribus-ng ?12:16
bazhangahel, thats in #ubuntu+1 as its not released12:16
ahelhow could i know if it is a problem of it-archive or a problem of precise? what is the chan for it-ubuntu?12:17
kroonrsjrib: any idea on how to get my windows partition in my computer to mount automatically at boot?  (it doesn't appear in the fstab)12:17
OerHeks!it > ahel12:18
ubottuahel, please see my private message12:18
bazhangjussi, you may wish to also ask in #scribus or #scribus-dev12:19
jussibazhang: yeah, good point, thanks12:19
_cbI have a series of <a> tags which are centered. Want to follow them with a <ul><a></a><ul><li></a></li><li></a></li></ul></ul>. With the first <ul> aligned with the <a> and the <li> dropping vertically. How do I do it?12:22
iceroot_cb: #sed #bash or something like that12:23
sacarlsonkroonrs: this link explains a method to edit /etc/fstab to add auto mount of ntfs partitions http://askubuntu.com/questions/92863/mount-ntfs-partition-at-startup-with-non-root-user-as-owner12:23
Lint_cb, regular expressions are incompatible with HTML12:24
=== ericm|ubuntu is now known as ericm-dead
icerootLint: no, escaping is the key12:24
kroonrssacarlson: thanks, I'll take a look12:24
_cbLint, sorry. What do you mean. Maybe I did not ask the question correctly?12:24
klawdcould someone please help me get my sound to work? http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=a635c769271dd8b905c83d21692d078e6fb5b39512:24
=== jack__ is now known as jackqang
_cbsorry guys. Wrong forum. Thought I was in css12:25
vidbsoreau: hi again, I just moved and resized the ubuntu partition with no errors.. but the problem is that the Ubuntu partition has been changed from sda7 to sda6, how can I change it in ubuntu config?12:26
soreauvidb: I told you already12:27
soreauvidb: just change the uuid in fstab accordingly12:27
vidbsoreau: Yes but I found only swap in the fstab12:28
soreauvidb: what?12:28
XLVvidb, look again at fstab .. a partition wiht mount point /12:28
vidbsoreau: and its not the same content that I have found when I opened it in ubuntu12:28
soreauvidb: You said you are on live session?12:29
vidbsoreau: there is no uuid in the file this time!12:29
XLVvidb, you are probably using some ubuntu live cd and you are actually opening the fstab of that live cd12:29
sacarlsonvidb: this points to the method to see all the uuid drives seen on your system and how to modify sdxx to uuid http://linux.byexamples.com/archives/321/fstab-with-uuid/12:29
vidbvidb: now im in the live session12:29
soreauvidb: You need to edit the fstab file on the actual hard disk, not the one in the live session file system12:29
vidbXLV:  oh yes maybe! well I found only one media in /media ...12:30
XLVvidb, mount ubuntu root partition in some dir in /media .. then do a "chroot /media/<that dir>12:30
soreauvidb: All you need to do is check the output of mount12:31
vidbsoreau & XLV ; I checked it again, its the ubuntu partition, not the live one..12:31
soreauvidb: It will tell you want is mounted where12:31
soreauwell something is really wrong then12:31
soreauvidb: Did you try to boot ubuntu before correcting fstab?12:32
vidbsoreau: no, here is the fstab file: aufs / aufs rw 0 0 tmpfs /tmp tmpfs nosuid,nodev 0 0 /dev/sda6 swap swap defaults 0 012:32
jackqangmsg <jae> <hi~>12:32
vidbonly this 3 lines..12:32
vidbwhen I checked it last time using my ubuntu it was differant12:33
jackqangmsg <jackqang> <how r you?>12:33
venkyhow to install open office ubuntu 11.04 any one help me?12:33
soreauvidb: I really am not convinced you are looking at the right file. Can you pastebin the output of mount to pastebin.com?12:33
LjLjackqang: you're doing it wrong.12:33
LjLjackqang: /msg nickname message12:33
sveinseI have an aptitude/dpkg issue. I want to use the dpkg option --force-confnew, so I pass aptitude -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-confnew" dist-upgrade. However this makes aptitude fail with "dpkg: error: need and action option". If I remove the -o, the error goes away. (For other reasons, I have to stick with aptitude)12:33
sveinseI'm running this on Natty12:34
venkyhow to install open office ubuntu 11.04 any one help me?12:34
vidbsoreau: I have not used the mount command, I mounted it manually using the graphic mode, then I go to /media/...12:35
soreauvidb: The output of mount will tell you what is mounted where12:36
pownedsalut les gens12:36
bil21alhow to install gnome 3 with ubuntu 11.10 ?12:36
vidbsoreau: but there is only one folder in /media12:36
vanadiumcan anyone help me know how to change directory permissions from root to user?12:36
vidbit must be this one12:36
crizzybil21al: install 'gnome-shell' package12:36
LjLvanadium: first off, are you sure you want to do that? you generally shouldn't change permissions in Ubuntu. if you need to access something owned by root, use sudo.12:37
sveinseIs there a not-so-n00b users channel for ubuntu?12:37
sacarlsonvanadium: change permisions or change owner?  they will both work to some degree12:37
ZerpexHi guys, when I do "groupadd user3", and then "useradd -d /var/www/user3 -p password123 -m -g user3 user3" - when I then try to log in with that user - it says that username or password is wrong :S do anyone know what can be wrong?12:38
ojiiwhat would my next step be if a bug on LP is marked as "Invalid" but I disagree? (Bug in question is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openjdk-6/+bug/936630 and not sure why it got shot down...)12:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 936630 in openjdk-6 (Ubuntu) "java crashed with SIGABRT while playing Catacomb Snatch (Mojang's entry to The Humble Bundle Mojam)" [Undecided,Invalid]12:38
vanadiumI have tried using sudo chmod and sudo chown to no avail12:38
vidbsoreau: sorry I was wrong :$ I typed nano /etc/fstab instead of /media/..../etc/fstab :$.. (even I was in the /media/.../ folder)12:39
sacarlsonvanadium: maybe the file systems are not linux maybe windows file systems that have no owner or perms12:39
vanadiumthe directory is in the home/user folder12:39
soreauvidb: yea / always points to your root folder12:39
vanadiumI am actually using Aptana IDE and those directories were created by way of Cucumber and Rspec12:40
soreauvidb: so if you were in the directory of your mounted partition, you would just type nano etc/fstab12:40
sacarlsonvanadium: but what file system is it in?   the mount command should tell us that12:40
vanadiumit is ext412:40
vidbsoreau:  I typed it but it opened the live cd fstab file ...!12:41
sacarlsonvanadium: ok if it's ext4 and it's now mounted as read write (could be mounted as read only) then chown should work12:41
soreauvidb: just make sure you get the right one12:41
vanadiumusing chown gives me the message: "invalid user"12:42
vanadiumI have tried with a, g, u12:42
vidbvidb: well , I need to complete the final step.. What the type of the swap partition please ? logical and ext4 not ?12:42
sacarlsonvanadium: oh ok so the disk has been moved to a system that doesn't have that user on that system so it can't change to that user name I guess12:43
soreauvidb: You only need to change the uuids. Everything else should stay the same12:43
Hazel|worktrying to diagnose something on a friend's [very out of date] server12:43
Hazel|workit is running Jaunty12:43
sacarlsonvanadium: or the user number doesn't match that user?12:44
vidbsoreau: I have not created the swap yet.12:44
Hazel|workwhich is now missing even from gb.archive.ubuntu.com12:44
vanadiumsacarlson: no the disk has never been moved12:44
=== Guest87245 is now known as Bladerunner
Hazel|workis there an existent archive of jaunty?12:44
vanadiumbut a (all) should work?12:44
jpdsHazel|work: Upgrade.12:44
sacarlsonvanadium: you did use sudo chown  to run the command didn't you?12:44
vidbsoreau: the swap must be a logical partition, not ?12:44
Hazel|workjpds: well, yes12:44
Hazel|workbut I just wanted to run wireshark (or tcpdump) and work out if they really were being ddos'd or not12:45
Hazel|workand they've got some bunch of tomcat stuff12:45
=== duelle is now known as duelle_
sacarlsonvanadium: and the user you are now loged in is in the sudo list?12:45
Hazel|workand I don't really want to take on responsibility for upgrading it...12:45
vidbI need a tutorial about creating swap :S12:45
Hazel|workI just want to install a packet sniffer12:45
jpdsHazel|work: cd /etc/apt/; sudo sed -i s/'gb.archive'/'old-releases'/ sources.list12:45
soreau! swap | vidb12:45
ubottuvidb: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info12:45
vanadiumyes it is, in fact it is the only user12:45
Hazel|workjpds: thank you! <312:45
jpdsHazel|work: But tell them to switch back to gb.archive later and upgrade. ;)12:45
sacarlsonvanadium: well that's all I can think of anyone else have a clue here?12:46
blackarchanso i installed nautilus-actions 3.1.5 from source and then installed nautilus-actions-extra but i don`t see the actions in nautilus-actions-config-tool why??12:46
=== duelle_ is now known as duelle
sacarlsonvanadium: just for grins can you do sudo ls ; ?12:46
vanadiumsacarlson: thanks for looking into it, quite a peculiar issue eh?12:46
vanadiumapp   db     Gemfile   log     README.rdoc  tmp12:47
vanadiumconfig   doc     Gemfile.lock  public    script  vendor12:47
vanadiumconfig.ru  features  lib   Rakefile  spec12:47
vanadiumfeatures and spec are locked12:48
sacarlsonvanadium: oh I just wanted to know if you got an error so that proves as far as I know that this user is a sudo user12:48
Hazel|workjpds: hmm12:48
sharegetrate /wc12:48
vidbsordina: what filesystem should I choose for swap ? and I have to put a laber or not ? :S12:48
__Alex_vidb: The Linux Swap FS12:49
sacarlsonvanadium: your sure the file system is mounted as read write?  maybe pastebin us the output of mount12:49
__Alex_And no, no label is needed12:49
vanadiumanyone using Aptana here and may have faced a similar issue?12:49
soreauvidb: you dont need a label and there is no file system.. you just select swap12:49
vidbthats all ? :p12:49
soreauvidb: thats all12:50
Hazel|workjpds: presumably they should upgrade to lucid, rather than downgrade to hardy?12:50
vidbhehe :p well I'm very carefull with gparted, I want to be sure of anything I do :P12:50
vidbThank you! :p12:50
vanadiumsacarlson: I have never used mount, any options with it that I need to enter?12:50
jpdsHazel|work: Downgrades are in no way supported.12:50
Hazel|workjpds: also, should they go jaunty -> lucid, or jaunty -> karmic -> lucid?12:51
sacarlsonvanadium: just mount with no options will default to show all mounts on that system oh us sudo mount12:51
jpdsHazel|work: They have to do the latter.12:51
jpdsHazel|work: As jumps are only supported between LTS releases.12:51
Hazel|workjpds: had they been running Hardy, can you upgrade LTS -> next LTS?12:51
Hazel|workah, OK12:51
Hazel|workpresumably you can do Hardy -> Lucid, but not Hardy -> Precise?12:52
jpdsHazel|work: Yes.12:52
Hazel|work(when it is released)12:52
blackarchanso i installed nautilus-actions 3.1.5 from source and then installed nautilus-actions-extra but i don`t see the actions in nautilus-actions-config-tool why??12:52
Hazel|workjpds: thanks :)12:52
jpdsHazel|work: no worries.12:52
vanadium/dev/loop0 on / type ext4 (rw,errors=remount-ro)12:53
vanadiumproc on /proc type proc (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev)12:53
vanadiumnone on /sys type sysfs (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev)12:53
vanadiumnone on /sys/fs/fuse/connections type fusectl (rw)12:53
vanadiumnone on /sys/kernel/debug type debugfs (rw)12:53
FloodBot1vanadium: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:53
vanadiumnone on /sys/kernel/security type securityfs (rw)12:53
sacarlsonvanadium: I don't see any /home mounted12:53
luciferhi i'm using blackbuntu...12:54
luciferCan I Ask my Questions here...?12:54
sacarlsonvanadium: so if home exists in / then it mounted as read only /dev/loop0 on / type ext4 (rw,errors=remount-ro)12:54
Chex_I'm having problems changing the permissions of an external harddrive under /media/. Chmod doesn't change any permissions :(12:54
vanadiumwhat is the solution?12:54
__Alex_Chex: Did you do it as root?12:54
sacarlsonvanadium: are you running from a livecd?12:55
Chex_Yup, tried both sudo, sudo su and as an ordinary user12:55
Chex_The ordinary user is the owner of the disk12:55
ikonialucifer: sorry no.12:55
__Alex_Chex: If it's a DOS/WINDOWS disc, then there is no way to change premissions12:55
vanadiumno I used wubi to install ubuntu12:55
Chex_It's formatted as NTFS12:55
duelleHi, I occasionally experience the problem that my system doesn't boot up to the window manager and instead stops before. Logs say http://pastebin.com/LHVFwMqG . But if I change to TTy and enter "sudo service lightdm start" WM starts without problems and everythings fine ...12:55
Chex_Does that mean that another user can't access the disc?12:55
meberhartcan someone explain to me what Wubi is?12:56
ikoniaChex_: NTFS is mounted using a userapce "fuse" driver, which means only the user mounting the disk can get permisssions to that volume12:56
meberharta way to install it on Windows?12:56
ikoniaChex_: (basically anyway)12:56
sacarlsonvanadium: oh that might be the problem then,  maybe try a usb flash drive install instead of wubi.  does anyone know if wubi works now?12:56
Chex_Ah, thanks for the explanation.12:56
luciferwhere can i ask, is there a forum for backtrack or similar Ubuntu Base OS...?12:56
Chex_The reason I want to share its permissions is so that I can make a samba share out of the whole disk12:56
ikonialucifer: check the website you got the software from for it's support resources12:56
vanadiumthere is no workaround?12:57
__Alex_Chex_: That's the problem. Only POSIX-Compliant file systems can store POSIX premissions, such as UFS, ZFS, XFS, Ext1-4, brtfs, etc. NTFS is NOT on the list12:57
luciferikonia, oK tNx12:57
Chex_That makes sense12:57
sacarlsonvanadium: the work around if you have nothing to loose is dual boot with a usb flash drive install in my opinion12:57
asierplease how can change the resolution12:58
vanadiumsacarlson: ok thanks! will look into this direction12:58
ljsoftnethow do i put icons in conky?12:59
sacarlsonvanadium: I'm sure that isn't the only solution but I'm not a windows expert in this case12:59
vanadiumbut you are saying that /home is not mounted right?12:59
sacarlsonvanadium: it's mounted but just not writeable12:59
blackarchanso i installed nautilus-actions 3.1.5 from source and then installed nautilus-actions-extra but i don`t see the actions in nautilus-actions-config-tool why?? no one can help me?12:59
Chex_thanks __Alex_ ikonia13:00
__Alex_Chex_: If you want to share it in samba, you need to format it. Try: "sudo mkfs.ext4 -L SambaDisk /dev/sdXY", where X is the disk ID, and Y is the partition number13:00
vanadiumok thanks for helping!13:00
Chex_I'd rather keep it as NTFS to comply with my windows boxes aswell13:00
cucujoideahello, I have an installation problem with a fake- RAID 1 (mirroring) system (ubuntu 11.10). The problem is, no drives are shown and the installation can not take place. The installer is the alternate one (tried both 32 and 64 bit). it worked with ubuntu 11.04 alternate installer (drive was shown as /dev/mapper/pdc_bcjjhig1 ). Is it possible to make the drives visible for the 11.10 installer?13:01
duelleHi, I occasionally experience the problem that my system doesn't boot up to the window manager and instead stops before. Logs say http://pastebin.com/LHVFwMqG . But if I change to TTy and enter "sudo service lightdm start" WM starts without problems and everythings fine ...13:01
asierhow i can change the resolution to 1024x768 in Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS? Iḿ virtsualing in VirtualBox! And I have 64 MB of Memory of video!! (bad english: i'm spanish)13:01
personiillaaahola guarrilla13:02
Myrtti!es | personiillaaa13:02
ubottupersoniillaaa: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.13:02
FloodBot1personiillaaa: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:02
sacarlsonvanadium: oh I do see there is a /home/administrator directory mount gvfs-fuse-daemon on /home/administrator/.gvfs type fuse.gvfs-fuse-daemon (rw,nosuid,nodev,user=administrator)  that's read write mounted13:02
d-snutzhey guys, quick vbox question...  I am running 11.04 natty.  Vbox lets me install Win7 and a few programs but then I get a blue screen saying it 'doesnt meet minimum requirements'.13:03
ikoniad-snutz: there you go then,13:03
asierwhere is #ubuntu chat in spanish???13:03
ikoniaasier: #ubuntu-es13:03
d-snutzikonia, if it were that simple i wouldnt be here13:03
thevaliantxhow can i force an install of google earth?  i keep trying to install it, but apt is saying something about the install failing because of a wireless internet driver. ??13:03
sacarlsonvanadium: so that must be writeable?  it that the directory you were playing in?  if not that seem to be the only thing in /home you can write in13:04
=== duelle_ is now known as duelle
ikoniad-snutz: there is normally an error code along with the blue screen the guys in ##windows should be able to tell you what that error means and you can progress it forward from there13:04
nononohi, in what exactly is having ssh keys configured more secure than just not doing any of that and diong passwords logins?13:04
nononois it then more easy to snoop into traffic?13:04
thevaliantxis apt a debian command?13:05
d-snutzikonia: true, i think its a vbox configuration tho, i have it set to run 4gb of ram and one processor13:05
ikoniad-snutz: get the error code mapped to a reason, then you can logically work out what is failing13:05
d-snutzikonia: thanks for the reply13:06
d-snutzikonia: will do13:06
d-snutzIkonia: should have known there are few quick fixes in linux13:06
=== e01 is now known as e01^wrk
ikoniad-snutz: what ?13:06
duelleHi, I occasionally experience the problem that my system doesn't boot up to the window manager and instead stops before. Logs say http://pastebin.com/LHVFwMqG . But if I change to TTYand enter "sudo service lightdm start" WM starts without problems and everythings fine ... If any additional information is needed just tell me.13:07
JNL_d-snutz: did you recently upgrade the guest tools??13:07
d-snutzikonia: dont get me wrong, i love linux13:07
d-snutzikonia: no13:07
d-snutzikonia: i am new to vbox13:07
=== tvoss is now known as tvoss|afk
* thevaliantx wonders if the ubuntu community, in general, is becoming like the debian community, on IRC :/13:07
Myrttinonono: passwords are usually relatively short and easy-ish to brute force, while keys are usually randomly generated data13:07
ikoniathevaliantx: that sort of /me command won't help13:08
d-snutzJNL_ no, i am new to vbox13:08
thevaliantxikonia, and asking for help in a polite manner does?13:08
ikoniathevaliantx: sure13:08
klawdi seriously don't get why it should be that hard to get sound going on ubuntu13:08
klawdit works out of the box on windows!13:08
Myrttithevaliantx: you've tried apt-get -f install already?13:08
ikoniaklawd: you're not using windows though, so it's a pointless comparision13:08
thevaliantxikonia, no it doesn't.  i note that you basically told another guy here that linux was easy, and you had to be told that if it was easy the person wouldn't be here asking for help.13:09
norbert_hi, I trying to get ls -l (so not just ls) to display full paths13:09
klawdikonia: sure. but it should work ootb as well imho13:09
norbert_I know find will display full paths, but I need the -l part of ls for the dates13:09
ikoniathevaliantx: where did I say that ?13:09
klawdikonia: i've almost wasted half a day now trying to get sound to work13:09
nononoMyrtti: is that the one single reason? that passwords can be brute-force and keys can't? anything else?13:09
sipiornonono: the important point is that no actual credentials ever go over the wire with rsa authentication, which is strictly challenge/response.13:10
ikoniaklawd: it can be frustrating, part of the issues you'll find is that not all hardware is supported out of the box or auto configured13:10
thevaliantxMyrtti, i was asking how to get apt to install google earth, had no idea that i could use the -f flag to do that, but it still leaves me concerned about the other part that apt is complaining about (the b43 wireless driver, or something like that).13:10
JNL_d-snutz: did you have an vm of windows running before?13:10
ikoniathevaliantx: the wireless error is probably a red-herring and nothing to do with google earth13:10
klawdikonia: i don't know what else to try now. i tried most every tutorial guide and trouble shooter i could find13:10
klawdand i'm not really getting any help by pros13:11
meberhartman, it took me three days to install Google Earth on the new Fedora ...13:11
klawdit's really frustrating13:11
ikoniathevaliantx: if your wireless package didn't install correctly, each subsiquent package will complain that the previous wireless package is failing13:11
d-snutzJNL_ no, new computer13:11
thevaliantxikonia, just curious, sure it has nothing to do with google earth, but it did stop apt from installing google earth without using a force flag.13:11
Myrttithevaliantx: -f tries to fix whatever is jammed in the installation queue, especially the b43 package13:11
thevaliantxikonia, okay, thanks.13:11
klawdikonia: the worst thing is: the windows guys are mocking me13:11
ljsoftnethow do i put icons in conky?13:11
Ben64klawd: laptop or desktop? what version ubuntu? 64 or 32 bit13:12
d-snutzJNL_ it keeps saying doesnt meet minimum requirements13:12
ikoniathevaliantx: it maybe worth checking the dpkg log file to see if/what it's complaining about in reference to the wireless package and consider trying to fix that13:12
klawdBen64: desktop, 6413:12
ikoniad-snutz: get the blue screen error code as I've suggested, you can work it forward from there13:12
thevaliantxi'm scared to death that i might end up without wireless.  i understand that the b43 driver is 'legacy' or something like that.  i'm using a Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop.13:13
Ben64klawd: ubuntu version?13:13
ikoniathevaliantx: the worst case situation, you need to re-install the wireless package13:13
d-snutzJNL_ thanks.  I'll open it now and see if I get one this time.13:13
klawd11.10 iirc. is there a command where i can see?13:13
Ben64klawd: lsb_release -sd13:13
d-snutzikonia: thanks, ill try it now13:14
klawd11.10, yes13:14
klawdBen64: you got an idea?13:16
Ben64klawd: you could try a 32 bit livecd and see if there is sound there13:17
Ben64klawd: or this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=159881413:17
klawdBen64: ill look into it, thanks13:18
Ben64the forum link isn't specifically about your card though13:18
Ben64make sure to make a backup of any file you change13:18
Silverlionsubthalamus: aloha13:19
brkologgruess gott13:19
subthalamusanybody know any full disk encryption solutions with a "under duress" password?13:19
xharxj #ubuntu.de13:19
sipiorsubthalamus: truecrypt has one, as i recall.13:20
subthalamusu know something u'd enter to nuke to contents while it says something like "decrypting your data, please standby"13:20
JadedJacobCan somone recommend me a good wireless adapter?13:20
JadedJacobThat works out of the box with ubuntu13:21
subthalamusjared, pci, usb, pcimcia?13:21
subthalamuswhats it for?13:21
JadedJacobpci or usb, i can't decide.13:21
mongyJadedJacob: I have one of these, works ootb http://www.amazon.co.uk/Technologies-802-11N-150Mbps-Wireless-Compatible/dp/B0035FVL4G/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1317666395&sr=8-2 (usb)13:21
duelleJadedJacob, I use a netgear WG111v3 (b/g) which works ootb13:22
subthalamusPCI then, and I'm really not aware of any NICs that wont work...13:22
JadedJacobI want to start off with a good chipset, and then when I can afford it get a high gain directional antenna for it.13:22
Ben64pci usually works a lot better13:22
vidbsoreau: back again... after a failed reboot :(13:23
vidbsoreau: I got this error after rebooting: Error> unknown fs      grup rescue13:23
medemanHello, I wanted to download Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS via torrent from here: http://releases.ubuntu.com/lucid/ubuntu-10.04.3-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent, however the link is down. It's the link I get from http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/alternative-download13:24
vidbsoreau: unknow filesystem *13:24
subthalamusi'm a fan of realtek, asus, 3com, cnet, linksys,13:24
mongymedeman: it's now 10.04.413:24
subthalamusmaybe couple others13:24
Ben64medeman: because 10.04.4 is out13:24
subthalamusjacob, good enough?13:25
cucujoideahttp://askubuntu.com/questions/71466/raid-1-array-not-found-in-server-installer  is there a workaround for RAID 1 systems?13:25
medemanmongy: Ben64: Alright, that works, thank you. Uhmm does 10.4.4 support all wifi chipsets that 11.10 does?13:25
Ben64uh, probably not13:25
Ben6411.10 has 18 months of extra kernel development13:26
m0n2t3rcit7hey guys am new o irc but I would like to learn about packaging13:26
subthalamussipior, r u talking about the plausible deniability?13:26
sipiorsubthalamus: yes.13:27
subthalamusdoesnt seem quite the same13:27
medemanI ask because 11.10 supports my Tenda W541V 2.0 wifi stick and 10.10 doesn't, so I was wondering if 10.4.4 does (which is newer then 10.10, right?)13:27
NyLeswhat is the use of quiet splash option?13:27
subthalamusif the FBI is looking through you hdd, they're gonna notice half the space being gone13:28
Ben64medeman: 10.10 = 10/2010, 10.04 = 04/2010 so no, it is not newer13:28
subthalamussipior, looking for something with several passwords, one of which provokes a disk wipe13:29
medemanBen64: but 10.04 got updated more recently, didn't it? (10.04.4)13:29
Ben64medeman: it just receives security updates13:29
Ben64subthalamus: with truecrypt they wouldn't be able to tell13:29
subthalamusBen64: explain further please?13:30
JadedJacobthanks duelle13:30
m0n2t3rcit7Hey guys13:30
JadedJacobI already have a DWL-G122 ver C, but it's range is terrible.13:30
Ben64kinda offtopic for here, you should just read up on it. you can have a second hidden partition depending on the password, so you can have a "fake" partition that doesn't have anything sensitive in it13:31
medemanBen64: Aww, is there a way to put the chip firmware from 11.10 into 10.04?13:31
uKi`can I disable "make" for a certain user on my ubuntu server?13:31
Ben64medeman: not easily. you should just use 11.10 at this point13:31
JadedJacobsubthalamus: cheers for that url13:31
medemanBen64: Yea, but it didn't work anymore after I installed NVidia drivers (on a clean install)13:32
subthalamusJadedJacob: no problem, search engine's your friend13:32
JadedJacobyep :)13:32
Ben64medeman: wifi drivers have nothing to do with nvidia drivers13:32
medemanBen64: Yea, but 11.10 didn't work anymore after I installed those NVidia drivers13:33
medemanBen64: So I wanted to try 10.0413:33
=== gmilby is now known as geekbuntu
Ben64medeman: you should just get nvidia to work in 11.1013:34
ironfroggyCan anyone tell me how to get autofs to unmount remote volumes when my machine is suspended?13:34
uKi`can I disable "make" for a certain user on my ubuntu server? anyone?13:34
ironfroggyotherwise the connection breaks and samba shares just timeout, and are seemingly impossible to force unmount after resuming.13:34
loganrundoes anyone know if there is a way to fix the unity window manager so that you can drag a the title bar of a window that does not have focus from being maximized13:35
loganrunit is really annoying if you try to drag the window and it does nothing just because it does not have focus13:35
Ben64!pm | m0n2t3rcit713:35
ubottum0n2t3rcit7: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.13:35
m0n2t3rcit7am new to this channel, am a n00b13:35
jgoldman85would anyone know why ubuntu would run so incredibly slowly on an hp i7 with 8gb of memory?13:35
sipiorironfroggy: one possible solution: http://www.palebluedot.nl/jml/computer-stuff/26-umountnfs.html (i agree that it is an embarrassing problem under linux)13:36
bazhangjgoldman85, need more data than that13:36
jgoldman85what do you need?13:36
fideljgoldman85: most likely not until you add some more infos (pretty generic right now)13:36
Abhijithi m0n2t3rcit7 do you have any question?13:36
jgoldman85im a first time ubuntu user13:36
Abhijit!details | jgoldman8513:36
ubottujgoldman85: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."13:36
jgoldman85i cant shut the comp down;  programs run slowly; can't multitask...13:37
jattturn it off13:37
Kaapahey guys - I need to upgrade my bios and have only windows. What options do I have? Tried freedos but didn't work13:37
ironfroggysipior: thank you, that's a good lead.13:37
fidelKaapa: depends on the bios & the options the vendor provides13:38
Wiz_KeeDhello guys13:38
Kaapado I really need to install windows on a partition? is there same live cd?13:38
AbhijitKaapa, ##windows13:38
Wiz_KeeDcan anyone tell me how can i install the equivalent of "system restore" in windows?13:38
Kaapafidel: windows only executable, toshiba13:38
Wiz_KeeDjust in case i mess something up...13:38
Wiz_KeeDi can undo the damage13:38
KaapaAbhijit: the problem is that I don't have it :p13:38
bazhangWiz_KeeD, a restore point? like a bootable iso?13:39
fidelKaapa: well - then feel doomed and use some kind of windows live cd. anyway you get most likely more/better help in a windows centric channel13:39
bazhangWiz_KeeD, or more like a clone13:39
Kaapafidel: thanks, I'll try13:39
thevaliantxikonia, i looked in the dpkg log and it says that the b43 driver is 'half-configured' or whatever that means.  (i wish there was a long, in-depth tutorial (maybe even a high quality book?) that takes a beginner all the way up to being a master of all things linux administration.13:39
Wiz_KeeDi wouldn't know, that's why i came here :))13:39
Abhijit<Kaapa> hey guys - I need to upgrade my bios and HAVE ONLY windows. What options do I have? Tried freedos but didn't work13:39
Abhijitm0n2t3rcit7, yes?13:40
Wiz_KeeDfurthermore, install php mysql and apache the latest version and stuff, a good tutorial? for ubuntu 10.4?13:40
bazhangWiz_KeeD, you could look into clonezilla or remastersys13:40
TyropeGreetings, I'm trying to create a shortcut to "vim /var/log/apache2/error.log" on my desktop, would the 'ln' command work for this, or is that only for files?13:40
bazhang!lamp | Wiz_KeeD13:40
ubottuWiz_KeeD: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)13:40
Wiz_KeeDwill do, thank you!13:40
AbhijitWiz_KeeD, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=3508713:40
Wiz_KeeDyeah i was thinking about lamp13:40
OrsbHi there, A message keeps popping up that I have less than 200 MB on my file system. I have checked the disk utility prg which shows that I have used 99% of my 40 GB drive. But I have a disk capacity of over 250 GB! I would really like to sort it out, please help.13:41
AbhijitWiz_KeeD, we do not have the exact alternate for 'every' software from windows. with new system you need to leanr new ways of using and maintaing it13:41
m0n2t3rcit7I am not sure if I am in the corect channel but I need some help with Ubuntu 11.10, I cant use it behind proxy. Any ideas13:41
bazhangOrsb, you have a separate home partition?13:41
m0n2t3rcit7@ Abhijit I am not sure if I am in the corect channel but I need some help with Ubuntu 11.10, I cant use it behind proxy. Any ideas13:41
jgoldman85i cant shut the comp down;  programs run slowly; can't multitask...  suggestions anyone?13:42
nibblerm0n2t3rcit7, configure the proxy?13:42
jattOrsb: sudo fdisk -l13:42
NyLescan i ask here about lubuntu? because people there seems away from their keyboard?13:42
compdocyou can ask13:42
compdocno one may know13:43
bazhangjgoldman85, please give some examples of multitask; what exactly are the error messages you get, what version of ubuntu, what graphics card and driver13:43
Wiz_KeeDi was just looking for a way to backup my system as i will most probably screw it up and want to restore to a certain point in case that happens instead of formatting...is it that bad?13:43
NyLeslubuntu doesn't recognize my video card NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 400.. im using Lubuntu 10.0413:43
jgoldman85gimmie a sec13:43
Chipzzzjgoldman85: open system monitor and see if something's hogging your cpu13:43
=== h4x1x3 is now known as Hashin
medemanBen64: Sorry, I was afk...Anyways, I already tried to get NVidia drivers working. With no success. Even after a lot of conversation with the IRC here...13:43
Abhijitm0n2t3rcit7, what do you mean by 'can not use behind proxy'? do you want to setup your own proxy ? or you mean that someone else has installed proxy on server and your machine is behind this proxy and you can not use it?13:43
bazhangWiz_KeeD, you may wish to look into the things I mentioned then13:43
ulidtko|workhey all. How can it be that the libc-bin package is Essential and yet it conflicts with itself?13:43
Wiz_KeeDi am, i was just responding to Abhijit13:44
ulidtko|work% aptitude show libc-bin | grep Conflicts13:44
ulidtko|workConflicts: libc-bin13:44
ulidtko|workand the package manager now wants to remove half of my system. Wtf?13:44
m0n2t3rcit7@ Abhijit some one else has set up proxy and am behind it13:44
bazhangulidtko|work, what version of ubuntu is this13:44
AbhijitWiz_KeeD, yes then the link  i given you is one simpe way of backing up. Deja dup is another software solution which comes with encryption support.13:45
ulidtko|workbazhang: i've just upgraded from 11.04 to 11.1013:45
bazhangtrowar, english here #ubuntu-cn for Chinese13:45
ulidtko|workso this should be 11.10, oneiric13:45
Abhijitm0n2t3rcit7, then you need to contact the system administrator and request him to allow you the permission and give you the required support for access. first try that.13:45
trowarwhere is chinese13:46
bazhangtrowar, /join #ubuntu-cn13:46
Abhijithi vincentwong13:46
Silverlion!cn | trowar13:46
ubottutrowar: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw13:46
trowari need study english and ubuntu13:46
NyLeshow to backup xorg.conf?13:46
Chipzzztrowar: 和一些不能13:46
trowarthank you man13:46
m0n2t3rcit7sorry Ben64 for pm13:46
bazhangtrowar, ##english to study english, this is ubuntu support13:47
Orsbjatt:/dev/sda1            2048    41945087    20971520   27  Hidden NTFS WinRE13:47
Orsb/dev/sda2   *    41945088    42149887      102400    7  HPFS/NTFS/exFAT13:47
subthalamusubottu: help13:47
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:47
Orsb/dev/sda3        42149888    82144028    19997070+   7  HPFS/NTFS/exFAT13:47
Orsb/dev/sda4        82145278   488396799   203125761    5  Kiterjesztett13:47
Orsb/dev/sda5        82145280    83120127      487424   83  Linux13:47
FloodBot1Orsb: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:47
Orsb/dev/sda6        83122176    94838783     5858304   83  Linux13:47
bazhangsubthalamus, with what13:47
NyLeshow to backup xorg.conf?13:47
subthalamusubottu: what can you do?13:47
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:47
bazhangsubthalamus, ask helpers, not the bot13:47
Orsbjatt: i did not mean to post the result, but what shall i look for?13:47
AbhijitNyLes, with cp?13:48
subthalamushelpers: what can the ubottu do?13:48
bazhangsubthalamus, what is your real question as relates to ubuntu support13:48
m0n2t3rcit7Abhijit: its a public network, so it is not possible13:48
NyLesAbhijit: what do you mean cp? sorry im new in ubuntu13:48
vincentwongwhere to download more ubuntu theme ?13:48
subthalamusbazhang: I dont have one13:48
bazhang!themes | vincentwong13:49
ubottuvincentwong: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy13:49
AbhijitNyLes, in terminal do man cp13:49
tadohey. thunderbird shows my mails with AM/PM clock instead of 24h clock. the system is set on 24h clock. how can i fix it?13:49
ulidtko|workso can anybody help me with the package manager?13:49
subthalamusbazhang: I'd like to know the list of ubottu functions13:49
vincentwongthank you13:49
bazhang!factoids > subthalamus13:49
ubottusubthalamus, please see my private message13:49
AbhijitNyLes, cp /pathtoxorg/xorg.conf /pathtobackuplocatin/xorg.conf13:49
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots13:49
Orsbjatt: the result is at http://paste.ubuntu.com/851387/13:49
AbhijitNyLes, http://aikiwolfie.blogspot.in/2009/09/ubuntu-tip-simple-backup-command-using.html13:50
subthalamusbazhang: thanks13:50
loganrundoes anyone know if it is possible to fix the unity window manager so that I can drag a window that is maximized and does not have focus?13:50
NyLesAbhijit: thanks so much..13:50
cheako911Hello, aufs kernel module missing?  Precise/2.3.013:50
AbhijitNyLes, welcome.13:51
bazhangcheako911, precise help in #ubuntu+113:51
cheako911bazhang: thx.13:51
Wiz_KeeDare you guys certain this is a good guide?13:51
loganrunit doesn't make sense that just because the window is maximized it breaks the ability to drag it using the title bart13:51
SilverlionWiz_KeeD: why shouldn't it?13:52
loganrunI guess the problem comes from the fact that the title bar disappears when it doesn't have focus and is maximized13:52
Wiz_KeeDlooks rather complicated, i don't want to venture into things that are over my head :)13:52
blackarchan_oke so i installed nautilus-actions 3.1.5 from source and i installed nautilus-actions-extras but when i run nautilus-actions-config-tool i don`t see the extras why?? i tried with gksu and same deal13:52
dohertyI have a cronjob that I need to run13:52
SilverlionWiz_KeeD: why dont you write a draft how it could be easier? ;)13:53
Orsbbazhang: I do not think so, the result of my sudo fdisk -l is at http://paste.ubuntu.com/851387/13:53
Abhijitdoherty, and at what point actually you are having issues?13:53
dohertyWhen during boot do @reboot cronjobs execute?13:53
dohertyAbhijit: sorry, I just hit enter too soon :)13:53
NyLesOMG? is it possible that i don't have an existing xorg.conf? its a fresh install, just finished installing 10minutes ago..13:54
subthalamusNyLes: believe so13:54
dohertyNyLes: Yes, that's possible. xorg.conf is deprecated, at least in ubuntu13:55
Abhijit!x | NyLes13:55
ubottuNyLes: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution13:55
dohertyI have an @reboot cronjob that I need to run after networking is up. Should I just make a wrapper that sleeps for 30s before running the real job, or...?13:55
NyLesAbhijit: thanks..13:55
jribdoherty: you should probably just turn it into an upstart script and forget about cron13:56
dohertyIn reality, it could run when a user logs in, except it needs to run as root.13:56
AbhijitNyLes, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config13:56
jrib!upstart > doherty13:56
ubottudoherty, please see my private message13:56
dohertyarrrrrgh, but I dun wanna D:13:56
jribdoherty: but it's the exactly what upstart scripts are meant to do D:13:56
subthalamusNyLes: y do u ask? not displaying right?13:56
dohertyjrib: okay -_-13:56
jribdoherty: i guess if you really don't want to, a kludgy solution would be to sleep 30 seconds as you said, check if networking is up, if not sleep some more, until it is up13:57
subthalamus!poll full disk encryption13:57
ubottusubthalamus: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:57
NyLessubthalamus: im trying to fix the black screen ^^13:57
bazhangsubthalamus, /msg ubottu please13:57
blackarchan_ons-config-tool i don`t see the extras why?? i tried with gksu and same deal13:58
blackarchan_* doherty (~doherty@unaffiliated/doherty) has joined #ubuntu13:58
blackarchan_<doherty> I have a cronjob that I need to run13:58
blackarchan_* c0d3br3ak3r (~f0x@ has joined #ubuntu13:58
blackarchan_* xrfang has quit (Quit: Ex-Chat)13:58
FloodBot1blackarchan_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:58
subthalamusNyLes: k, what does the x log say?13:58
husienhello guys.. i'm trying to intall ubuntu server 11.10 into my VmWare workstation8.13:59
husienand i got tis --->> Warning :file:///cdrom/pool/main/v/vim/vim-tiny_7.3.154+hg~74503f6ee649-2ubuntu3_i386.deb was corrupt13:59
subthalamusNyLes: /var/log/Xorg.0.log14:00
husienWarning :couldn't download package vim-tiny (ver 2:7.3.154 +hg~74503f6ee649-2ubuntu3 arc i38614:00
PAPA_#husien it myt be the iso14:00
subthalamusbazhang: doh14:00
NyLessubthalamus: ok wait..14:00
blackarchananyone can help me with nautilus-actions and nautilus-actions-extras?14:00
husieni downloaded the iso from ubuntu official web..14:01
satrionicshi. does anyone know how to set up a local debian mirror using rsync?14:02
bazhangsatrionics, #debian for debian help14:02
sipiorsatrionics: is apt-mirror not what you want?14:02
satrionicsthanks bazhang, i have already asked in there, just waiting for a reply14:03
satrionicsi want to be able to synchronize the mirror with the debian mirror so i have the latest packages14:03
satrionicscan i do that with debmirror or apt-mirror?14:03
sipiorsatrionics: yep.14:04
satrionicsoh kool, do you know how to do it? or does it do it automatically?14:04
satrionicsdo i just rerun the debmirror command i used before?14:04
=== CamFox_ is now known as CammFox
sipiorsatrionics: it's not quite automatic, but it's pretty simple. for example: http://www.howtoforge.com/local_debian_ubuntu_mirror14:05
=== CammFox is now known as CamFox
NyLes__subthalamus: im sorry i don't know what do you need in the log so here it is http://paste.ubuntu.com/851396/14:05
satrionicsthanks sipior, il take a look :)14:05
NyLes__subthalamus: im using Lubuntu 10.04  by the way i can't seem to find help in #lubuntu channel, it seems they are all away..14:06
recharge#This shell script will help you to install the alsa driver14:06
rechargeexport PATH14:06
FloodBot1recharge: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:06
rechargeoh sorry14:06
blackarchanso no one can help me with nautilus-actions & -extras???14:06
subthalamusNyLes: k, lshw -C video14:07
NyLes__the bots here are so smart lol14:07
_markohi, i need some help with my ubuntu 10.04 desktop. I'm newbie.14:07
Abhijit_marko, ask14:07
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n2diyMy landlord switched ISPs on me, and the new service seems really slow, who can I check my bandwidth?14:07
subthalamusn2diy: speedtest.net or speed.io14:08
NyLes__subthalamus: i will use pastebin again to show you the result14:08
n2diysubthalamus, thanks.14:08
_markoI connected my laptop to videobeam and resolution in my desktop changed. So when I disconnected, the order of topleft buttons changed. Now buttons are located different. How can I restore original position of buttons?14:08
subthalamusn2diy: u got it14:09
husieni just finish redownload the ubuntu server 11.10 and burn the iso with 3 diffrent software. still got the same problem.. ermmmmm...14:09
husien--->> Warning :file:///cdrom/pool/main/v/vim/vim-tiny_7.3.154+hg~74503f6ee649-2ubuntu3_i386.deb was corrupt14:09
NyLes__subthalamus: here it is, you're the first one to instruct me with this commands i hope this one works.. http://paste.ubuntu.com/851399/14:10
Abhijit_marko, https://help.ubuntu.com/10.10/config-desktop/C/window-button-order.html14:10
subthalamusNyLes: hmm, thats an old video card if I'm not mistaken14:10
subthalamusNyLes: what video driver are u trying to use?14:11
NyLes__subthalamus: yeah too old :( is there a way to make this work?14:11
subthalamusNyLes: always a way, but hope u dont want fancy graphics and video games14:11
NyLes__subthalamus: i don't know what to use :( i don't know what will work..14:11
NyLes__subthalamus: yeah im not into gaming anyways :)14:11
rechargevad betyder detta?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/851401/14:12
NyLes__subthalamus: i've tried nvidia-96 but still black screen..14:12
bazhang!se | recharge14:12
ubotturecharge: Svensk Ubuntu- och Kubuntustöd hittar du i #ubuntu-se resp. #kubuntu-se. Tack!14:12
subthalamusNyLes: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=164616614:12
subthalamusNyLes: u'r not the only one heh14:12
MuraliUtdAny official driver release for HD6870 ???14:12
NyLes__subthalamus: i've already tried that link but it doesn't work -_-14:13
_markoAbhijit: that's not the problem I have. I am talking about default buttons at top menu bar: date/time, sound status, off button. They change their position and desktop doesn't let me move'em14:13
subthalamusNyLes: which link?14:13
NyLes__subthalamus: the one you just gave me..14:13
OrsbHi there, I keep receiving a message that I have less than 200 MB on my file system. When I checked it, my 40 GB is almost full, but my hard disk is over 250 GB. See http://paste.ubuntu.com/851387/ (I am running Ubuntu 11.11 and W7)14:13
tjadcHi, I am using Unity with dual monitors (extended desktop) and wondering if it is expected behaviour that both screens get a launcher, apart from that, I get resistance when moving my mouse cursor from one screen to the other14:14
subthalamusNyLes: oh, u cant even load the forum thread?14:14
kubancis here anyone who can help me with installing JBOD on ubuntu?14:14
subthalamusNyLes: standby14:14
=== hh is now known as hh048
NyLes__subthalamus: I mean, I already tried the instructions given there..14:15
NyLes__subthalamus: i hope this information help you, my video card runs fine with Puppy Linux.. Lucid 5.2.5 to be specific..14:15
sukimaHow do you encrypt your home folder after a wubi install? I never saw an option during the install.14:15
subthalamusNyLes: oh, yea, i didnt even look at those14:15
masterbaterYou stupid "Diarrhea of the mouth" nuck.  Up with shmit on black ass brown  Hackel meal McJellicker.  Harky Mc Jallillashter.  Smuggin Mah Hellihole.  Harb amin mon mif jalellamon brooms of mushkin boy a munchkin maggity von heffrin.  Shtooty mic blackened.  Shooty hick black and flubberdy bij ass rijjal.14:16
subthalamusNyLes: pretty sure this is the driver to use http://www.geforce.com/Drivers/Results/3555414:16
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FloodBot1masterbater: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:16
subthalamusNyLes: have u ever compiled nv drivers?14:16
m0n2t3rcit7ubottu: How do I increase my wubi install hard disk space?14:17
ubottum0n2t3rcit7: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:17
NyLessubthalamus: nope, hahaha i don't even know its possible..14:17
subthalamusNyLes: run that file as root and it walks u through it14:17
thevaliantxi wonder if his username meant that he was an avid fisherman who happens to be a professional at inserting hooks into worms?14:17
NyLessubthalamus: the one in Geforce link? ok copy..14:18
m0n2t3rcit7subthalamus: how do I increase the  space available for my wubi install from 30 Gb to sth like 60 gb14:18
NetRunnerBlackOkay guys I have a weird one for you. Anytime I move my mouse all the way to the top left hand side of my screen, my PC behaves as though I just clicked the workspace switcher.14:19
bazhangm0n2t3rcit7, checked the wubiguide on that yet?14:19
=== E is now known as Guest50576
subthalamusm0n2t3rcit7: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=54551914:19
bazhanghttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide  m0n2t3rcit714:19
NyLessubthalamus: another thing sir, in windows, i had conflicts with latest driver for my card..14:20
subthalamusNyLes: make sure other drivers are removed, typically, that .run takes care of that for u though14:21
NyLessubthalamus: can you look at this link if this is the right thing to do? http://blog.martinsladek.com/2010/07/linux-nvidia-legacy-geforce2-96.html14:21
m0n2t3rcit7bazhang: subthalamus thanks guys, I am only a n00b but I love the irc already14:22
delacFlashplayers preferences are not shown in the System->Preferences/Administration nor is Firefox able to clear the flashcookies. How to fix?14:22
subthalamusNyLes: yup, looks perfect14:22
=== mint is now known as c31r2g
subthalamusm0n2t3rcit7: cheers14:23
afdhi guys14:23
NyLessubthalamus: thanks so much..14:23
kubancIs it possible to have JBOD on ubuntu?14:23
subthalamusNyLes: sure thing14:23
sipiorkubanc: yes, of course.14:23
NetRunnerBlackHas anyone heard of a problem like that before?14:24
m0n2t3rcit7subthalamus: cheers mate14:24
kubancsipior, is there any tutorial how to set it up?14:24
nzehow can i tell autoconf where to look for macros?14:24
subthalamusNyLes: notice the line at the end about alternatively14:24
subthalamusNyLes: thats where i was steering u14:24
sipiorkubanc: well, there's not much to set up. you have an HBA that exports individual LUNs?14:24
NyLessubthalamus: oh ok sir.. im now in the process ^^14:24
afdI'm struggling to ssh in to a server I have successfully used before. Last time I had a problem I think I needed to clear some ssh keys... is it safe to clear out /etc/ssh/ssh_host_dsa_key /etc/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key and the two .pub files too?14:25
subthalamusNyLes: good luck14:25
sipiorkubanc: most modern cards support exporting all drives as a jbod directly.14:25
=== root is now known as Guest92551
kubancsipior, i cannot create a JBOD with disks that are connected with IDE cable?14:26
NyLessubthalamus: i tried this apt-get --purge remove xserver-xorg-video-nouveau remove xserver-xorg-video-all and it says Couldn't find package remove?14:26
=== Guest92551 is now known as LinSkyrate
sipiorkubanc: jbod generally implies that each drive is accessed directly and independently, which would be the default for such an arrangement. did you perhaps mean something else?14:27
geekbriFor some reason when i set my JAVA_HOME in .bashrc and then log out and then in again, it is not being set..  Anybody have any idea why that might be happening?14:27
sipiorkubanc: perhaps you mean a span?14:27
NyLessubthalamus: i tried this apt-get --purge remove xserver-xorg-video-nouveau remove xserver-xorg-video-all and it says E: Couldn't find package remove?14:27
subthalamusNyLes: hmm, mine's got it14:28
NyLessubthalamus: :( how it happened?14:28
jribgeekbri: how did you set it?  How are you determining it's not being set?  Why are you using .bashrc?14:28
uKi`how do I disable wget function for my ubuntu users??14:28
geekbrijrib: It's being set for one user and not the other (other users home DIR is non standard).  I set it by adding JAVA_HOME=$( dirname $( dirname $( readlink -e /usr/bin/java ) ) ) to my .bashrc.14:29
jribgeekbri: How are you determining it's not being set?  Why are you using .bashrc?14:29
kubancsipior, NO, i would like to connect hard drives with IDE cable to motherboard (i have an old computer), then i would like to put all the disks into JBOD, so the operating system will see all the disks as one partition...14:29
subthalamusNyLes:do u see it when "apt-cache search xorg | grep video"14:29
geekbrijrib: I'm doing echo $JAVA_HOME.  I'm using .bashrc because thats where I thought you put env variables you wanted set for a user14:29
GneauKi`: apt-get remove wget14:29
sipiorkubanc: yes, a span :-) have a look for tutorials involving LVM.14:30
kubancsipior, so span equals JBOD?14:30
NyLessubthalamus: yes sir..14:30
subthalamusNyLes: initial guess is fat finger but if you're copy and pasting...14:30
subthalamusare you running the purge at su?14:31
jribgeekbri: I'd suggest using ~/.profile ; .bashrc will get sourced for every interactive bash instance.  Anyway, see if it works ok when you use .profile14:31
NyLessubthalamus: copy paste? fat finger?14:31
sipiorkubanc: not exactly. jbod is used to describe at least two different arrangements.14:31
geekbrijrib: .profile not .bash_profile?14:31
NyLessubthalamus: i didn't copy paste anything14:31
jribgeekbri: correct, .profile14:31
subthalamusNyLes: is it possible u typoed?14:31
sipiorkubanc: have a look: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-RAID_drive_architectures14:31
NyLessubthalamus: yeah su is for root right?14:31
geekbrijrib: i'll give it as shot.  What is the difference between .profile, .bash_profile and .bashrc14:31
bazhangNyLes, no dont use su14:31
bazhangNyLes, sudo14:32
sipiorkubanc: might also be of use: http://www.davelachapelle.ca/guides/ubuntu-lvm-guide/14:32
subthalamusNyLes: sudo apt-get --purge remove xserver-xorg-video-nouveau remove xserver-xorg-video-all14:32
=== dvhh_ is now known as dvhh
kubancsipior, already looking at it, looks like a good article to read :D14:32
NyLessubthalamus: bazhang still the same, i will reboot I remembered i copy pasted the nvidia driver lol..14:32
subthalamusNyLes: i'm an idiot, not paying attention sorry14:32
subthalamusNyLes: u either purge or remove not both14:33
subthalamusNyLes: notice it says it can't find the package "remove"14:33
geekbrijrib: I set it in .profile and when i do 'sudo -i -u <user>' $JAVA_HOME still is not set.  however if after sudo'ing as them i do 'source .profile' it works fine.14:33
NyLessubthalamus: so i will remove purge?14:33
subthalamussudo apt-get purge xserver-xorg-video-nouveau remove xserver-xorg-video-all14:34
MikeHHi guys. I'm currently on Lucid and want to go precise. I'm told that changing the apt sources and doing dist-upgrade is a bad idea14:34
jribgeekbri: basically (if you want technical details I must push you to « man bash >) .bash_profile and .profile will get sourced once and be part of your environment even when you aren't in a shell when you log into your desktop environment; .bashrc gets sourced every time you open a up a new shell14:34
subthalamusdid those commands come from the link u sent me?14:35
dohertyI can't find the package that contains this command - can you help? http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#init-checkconf14:35
MikeHWhat is the best way to transverse versions14:35
OerHeksMikeH, join #Ubuntu+1 for support for Precise 12.0414:35
subthalamusNyLes: lemme have another look at that link, i skimmed it too fast apparently14:35
NyLessubthalamus: still the same result.. :(14:36
subthalamusNyLes: yea, the blogger didnt check some of his commands14:36
jribgeekbri: I think with sudo, you have a different issue.  The environment is initialized differently and even sanitized (though I am not sure if this happens when you use -u to act as a regular user, my guess is it does)14:37
subthalamusNyLes: um, cant be exactly the same result14:37
NyLessubthalamus: i can only boot with nomodeset option if you must know..14:37
=== mint is now known as c31r2g
subthalamusNyLes: oh, u mean after completing all the steps?14:37
sukimaCan you encrypt your home directory after a Wubi install? if so how?14:37
Gneasubthalamus, NyLes: actually, you can purge and remove at the same time. purge just gets rid of any configs that came with and/or were generated as a result of installing the package, so that really cleans it up.  also, '--purge remove' once, all of the arguments thereafter are packagenames always14:37
jribgeekbri: if you « man sudo » and peruse the man page by typing /environment<enter>, then use n and N to navigate to next and previous instances of "environment" it may be helpful14:38
Gnea!info remove14:38
ubottuPackage remove does not exist in oneiric14:38
geekbrijrib: -i is supposed to simulate initial login and -u just sets what user you are logging in as.14:38
NyLessubthalamus: right after the installation and even installing the OS :( nomodeset is like my savior for anything..14:38
subthalamusNyLes: keep going to the last step14:38
kubancsipior, i also found http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/40702/how-to-manage-and-use-lvm-logical-volume-management-in-ubuntu/ . Thnx for help, i know now what to look for in google (LVM)...14:38
subthalamusNyLes: using binary driver which is what I had started u on14:38
sipiorkubanc: yep, have fun.14:38
NyLessubthalamus: does nomodeset has something to do with the --purge remove not working?14:39
c31r2g!google cinnamon 1.314:39
ubottuI have no google command, use http://www.google.com/14:39
subthalamusNyLes: unrelated14:39
c31r2g!info cinnamon14:39
ubottuPackage cinnamon does not exist in oneiric14:39
subthalamusNyLes: man apt-get14:39
geekbrijrib: if i do a sudo -i -u <user1> whose home directory is /home/user1 then echo $JAVA_HOME is fine.... if i do sudo -i -u <user2> , whose home directory is /var/lib/user2 then i do echo $JAVA_HOME it is blank.  They both are having it set in .profile (I also tried .bashrc)14:39
subthalamusNyLes: u can remove a package or purge a package14:39
subthalamusNyLes: not both14:39
Gneasubthalamus: wrong.14:40
NyLessubthalamus: woah, i removed the last remove and it worked.14:40
Gneasubthalamus: apt-get purge  will remove and purge14:40
jribgeekbri: can you confirm the same behavior without using sudo? i.e. do: « su - USERNAME »14:40
Gneasubthalamus: I just had the option wrong14:40
NyLessubthalamus: i just typed apt-get --purge remove xserver-xorg-video-nouveau14:40
NyLessubthalamus: now next step :)14:40
GneaNyLes: it's apt-get purge xserver-xorg-video-nouveau14:40
geekbrijrib: sure hold on14:40
subthalamusthats what I'm saying...14:41
subthalamusNyLes: sweet, looks like gnea will help u14:41
geekbrijrib: using su - user2, then echo $JAVA_HOME it is still blank.  I can't help but believe this has something to do with the nonstandard home directory.14:41
Anon_ubuntuirc best14:41
subthalamushis blog maybe?14:41
Gneawell, you said that you can't remove and purge at the same time, and I'm saying that 'purge' purges AND removes, which makes your statement invalid14:41
Gneaanyway, g2g, good luck14:41
NyLesGnea: thanks.. ^^14:41
Anon_ubuntuhow do i install avira antivirus free for linux14:42
bazhangAnon_ubuntu, from where14:42
jribgeekbri: set JAVA_HOME to "foobar", does that stick?14:42
NewWorldAnon_ubuntu:  does it come as a file?14:42
NyLessubthalamus: on the next step removing nvidia, it says it is not installed so i will move on to the next step? right?14:42
Anon_ubuntu jes it come as a package14:42
subthalamusNyLes: yup14:42
NewWorldAnon_ubuntu:  what type of package (check the extension) .deb, .rpm , etc?14:43
Anon_ubuntuok wait14:43
geekbrijrib: yup works fine.14:43
subthalamusNyLes: no need to do everything over again in my opinion14:43
subthalamusNyLes: since the binary package does some cleanup for u14:43
=== niceguyj_ is now known as niceguyjames
deadmundIn gnumeric to enter data into a cell I have to double click it.  Then I press enter and it moves the selection down and I have to double click again to enter data into this new cell.  Is this normal?14:43
subthalamusNyLes: had not really intended to hang out here this long sorry g2g14:44
subthalamusNyLes: good luck14:44
Anon_ubuntuit comes as a pz14:44
Anon_ubuntuno i mean gz14:45
Lintdeadmund, no14:45
NyLesOMG subthalamus left..14:45
LintAnon_ubuntu, and what's inside?14:45
deadmundLint: How do I fix it or change it back to normal?14:45
NyLesGnea: still there?14:45
NewWorldAnon_ubuntu:  OK extract it14:45
OerHeksAnon_ubuntu, unpack the tar.gz, and see the readme in that archive14:45
Anon_ubuntuok wait14:45
Lintdeadmund, #gnumeric on irc.gnome.org14:45
Anon_ubuntuhow to unpack with a special tool or the archive manager in ubuntu14:46
NewWorldAnon_ubuntu:  with the archive manager14:46
OrsbHi there, I keep receiving a message that I have less than 200 MB on my file system. When I checked it, my 40 GB is almost full, but my hard disk is over 250 GB. See http://paste.ubuntu.com/851387/ (I am running Ubuntu 11.11 and W7) Any help would be greatly appreciated.14:46
LintAnon_ubuntu, doesn;t matter14:46
=== q-rban is now known as q0rban
jribgeekbri: how did you create this user?14:46
Anon_ubuntuinside is bin and so14:46
Anon_ubuntuother stuff14:46
NewWorldOrsb:  In terminal run df and see if you actually have enough space on that partition14:46
Anon_ubuntui don't know how to install14:47
NewWorldOrsb:  oh you did nvm14:47
Anon_ubuntui am new at ubuntu14:47
jribgeekbri: (my guess: path is not set to include the directories where dirname and readlink reside)14:47
geekbrijrib: useradd -m -d /var/lib/user1 -s /bin/bash14:47
OrsbNewWorld: I am sure that I have enough space on my hard disk, but how can i use it?14:48
geekbrijrib: I can paste the $PATH here if youd like.14:48
NewWorldOrsb:  How much space should you have, if not >200MB?14:48
jribgeekbri: right, using useradd means the user probably doesn't have a "complete" path (i.e. it's not the same as a user created with adduser because the files from /etc/skel aren't copied over)14:48
NewWorldOrsb:  Run df to find this out14:49
jribgeekbri: iirc14:49
lucidguyUnstable Ubuntu server.  Running 11.10 server mainly using KVM with a single vm for now.  I've done memory tests, replaced powersupply and system continues to randomly crash.  Sometimes it seems to be only the vm, but typically the entire system crashes.  Nothing in logs I can find.. local terminal displays nothing.  I even have remote dmesg session and still nothing specific.  On one occasion it noted KVM caused it.  Suggestions?14:49
OrsbNewWorld: here it is: http://paste.ubuntu.com/851438/14:49
jribgeekbri: but sure, y ou can paste the user's path14:49
ikonialucidguy: you'll need to define "crash"14:49
geekbrijrib: I see.. thats unfortunate.  I actually think this particular user was created via a chef recipe so I will have to see what provider they used... I don't believe I created this one manually14:49
geekbrijrib: /var/lib/jenkins/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.2-p290@bigdata/bin:/var/lib/jenkins/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.2-p290@global/bin:/var/lib/jenkins/.rvm/rubies/ruby-1.9.2-p290/bin:/var/lib/jenkins/.rvm/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/local/games:/usr/games14:49
jribgeekbri: actually that seems ok14:50
compdoclucidguy, I have several servers running ubuntu and qemu-kvm, so its not the OS14:50
geekbrijrib: yeah, I looked at it and saw all the usual customers near the end so I thought the same.14:50
ikoniacompdoc: you can't say that as configs can vary14:50
lucidguyikonia: crash .. as in nothing on screen... no response.14:50
jribgeekbri: at least /usr/bin and /bin are in there.  Just to check, can you change "dirname" in your command and "readlink" to their full paths?14:50
ikonialucidguy: ok, I'll rephrase, are you saying the whole machine physcially locks and responds to no input ?14:51
lucidguycompdoc: It still can be qemu-kvm...  just in my setup for some reason.14:51
NewWorldOrsb:  So how much space are you supposed to have if not <200MB?14:51
geekbrijrib: Well I had tried setting it with a hardcoded path instead of using dirname and readlink and that didn't work either.14:51
lucidguyikonia: thats correct.14:51
ikonialucidguy: ok - next time this happens here are the things to check to get some idea of what's going on14:51
gmaghello, I'm not a fan of unity or Gnome3, so I'm thinking of installing Xubuntu. Are there any huge differences between Ubuntu and Xubuntu? I mean, besides the graphical environment.14:52
ikonialucidguy: 1.) can you ping the "host" on the network from another machine 2.) plug a keyboard into the host, press the capslock key, does the light go on/off14:52
compdoclucidguy, doubtful, unless youre doing something like card or usb pass-thru14:52
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ikoniacompdoc: not it's not, people use it in different configurations14:52
=== protruding_banan is now known as monk
ikonialucidguy: don't suppose you have the answer to either of those two questions or already ?14:53
Lintgmag, they use same repository14:53
lucidguyikonia: system is down.. no ping.  No local response (capslock)14:53
=== me is now known as Guest73982
compdoclucidguy, open the disk utility, and look at the smart data for your drives14:53
gmagLint, which means I can install everything I can with ubuntu, right?14:53
jribgeekbri: erm, but "foobar" worked?14:53
lucidguycompdoc: disk utility?14:54
Lintgmag, it IS ubuntu with other skin14:54
ikonialucidguy: ok, so that is a physical hardware lock14:54
geekbrijrib: not in .bashrc or .profile... just when i was logged into the shell manually14:54
ikonialucidguy: (or at least most likley a physical hardware lock), so we just have to work out why not14:54
jribgeekbri: oh.14:54
lucidguyikonia: In some events I can see the kernel dump on the screen .. but the system is unresponsive.14:55
=== monk is now known as disap4m
ikonialucidguy: ahh, ok, so we know the kernel is panicing14:55
lucidguyikonia: I'm thinking on swaping out the video card..  Nothing left to swap out other then motherboard and CPU.14:55
jribgeekbri: in .profile put "export JAVA_HOME=/foobar" then check to see that JAVA_HOME gets set when you « su - USERNAME »14:55
ikonialucidguy: can I ask how you tested ram ?14:55
lucidguyikonia: again .. rarely I can see this info14:56
lucidguyikonia: memtest ... grub boot menu.14:56
ikonialucidguy: how long did you leave memtest running for ?14:56
geekbrijrib: does not get set.14:56
=== disap4m is now known as monk
lucidguyikonia: about 12 hours14:56
=== iqpi|off is now known as iqpi|on
ikonialucidguy: ok, so a reasonable ammount of time14:56
ikonialucidguy: I'm assuming there was no errors in the passes14:56
lucidguyBTW i've also enable netconsole. .. so I can try to capture dmesg dumps...  I once noticed it panic about KVM.14:57
lucidguyikonia: Correct.14:57
ikonialucidguy: do you ever see the kernel panic on the host, or just the guests ?14:57
jribgeekbri: what does « getent passwd USERNAME » return?14:57
Hamedi have ubuntu 11.10 on my laptop and connect to Internet by wifi and have computer win7 connect to internet by cable how can i make a workgroup (network) between them please give me easy instructions or easy essay talking about that14:57
ESphynxguys, I get this error trying to build my 32 bit package on 64 bit architecture... pbuilder-satisfydepends-dummy depends on ia32-libs; however: Package ia32-libs is not installed.14:57
ESphynxwhat's it about?14:57
lucidguyikonia: Typically the host .. there is only one vm guest.14:57
ikonialucidguy: thats good, it's better that it's on the host, easier to pinpoint14:57
lucidguyikonia: Today I did notice the guest was offline .. cleanily.14:58
ikonialucidguy: netdump and try to get the kernel dump would be a useful set of info14:58
OrsbNewWorld: It seems that I do not have the problem any more. In the morning it kept popping up and i wanted to fix it. However, perhaps the reboot has fixed the problem. I'll be back if the problem comes back. Thanks14:58
geekbrijrib: jenkins:x:1001:1001:Jenkins user:/var/lib/jenkins:/bin/bash14:59
justin______hi whats the name of the default desktop environment in fedora, i want it for ubuntu14:59
jribgeekbri: I'm going to try adding a user here...14:59
ontoHi, how do I install manuals? I have the man command but no database?! They used to work but now it says no manual entry found for all commands?14:59
lucidguyikonia: I have netconsole running .. I'm guessing netdump is even better.15:00
ikonia lucidguy never used net console, but I know netdump gives good results15:00
geekbrijrib: cool.  I didn't do much other than install open jdk, then add the user15:00
OerHeksjustin______, that could be gnome3 or kde15:00
justin______gnome 3 thanks15:01
geekbrijrib: I've never logged into the user externally but the user won't have anybody log in from the outside so even if that was the problem that doesn't help me15:01
lucidguyikonia: If you had a spare video card . .would you not try and swap it out.  This system is an older (once gaming) system converted into a media server...  wondering if the old AGP graphics card is acting up and not ideal for a server OS.15:01
jribgeekbri: useradd seems to copy /etc/skel now, news to me15:01
ikonialucidguy: I can't see how the graphics card is "not ideal" for a server15:01
supNowso this morning I wanted to check out the gnome packages... sudo apt-get install gnome (TAB) kept hitting more and suddenly it started installing a million things. Anyway to undo this?15:01
NewWorldonto:  dont you have to put them in a specific directory?15:02
ontoNewWorld: put what?15:02
geekbrijrib: Yeah it looks to me as all the files as there properly... I suspect the issue is that they aren't being loaded properly? I just dont know....15:02
NewWorldonto:  the man files15:02
jribgeekbri: maybe I was misremembering and the common issue was just that dash was used instead of bash (but I saw you took care of that)15:02
ontoNewWorld: yes, but ALL of them are missing (or cannot be found)15:02
lucidguyikonia: Well, nobody should be using an old nvidia gaming card in a server... in my opinion.15:02
geekbrijrib: i find it perplexing that my user which i login from the outside with, and who has a home directory in /home has it work fine15:02
ikonialucidguy: why ?15:03
onto$ man man15:03
ontoNo manual entry for man15:03
ontoSee 'man 7 undocumented' for help when manual pages are not available.15:03
lucidguyikonia: drivers ...15:03
NewWorldonto:  What did you do with them? Reinstalling said programs will replace the man files15:03
ikonialucidguy: just use the vesa drivers with it (if you are using xorg) and you should have zero issues15:03
ontoNewWorld: nothing as far as I'm aware15:04
Hamedi have ubuntu 11.10 on my laptop and connect to Internet by wifi and have computer win7 connect to internet by cable how can i make a workgroup (network) between them15:04
lucidguyikonia: Day one it posts (startsup) with crazy text/font..  unlegible...15:04
ikonialucidguy: ok - so that's nothing to do with your OS, that's raw hardware having a problem15:04
gmagerm... Im trying to find out if I should install a LTS or the lates release. Which should I choose? And based on which criterias?15:04
lucidguyikonia: No Xorg either.15:04
ikonialucidguy: common sense would be not to use something that has a hardware defect/incompatability like that15:04
NewWorldgmag:  what is YOUR criteria?15:05
jribgeekbri: I did the following: sudo useradd -m -d /var/lib/user1 -s /bin/bash user; sudo passwd user1; su - user1; vim .profile # and added "JAVA_HOME=foobar"; exit; su - user1; echo $JAVA_HOME # and "foobar" was returned15:05
lucidguyikonia: Its on .. the initial post is crazy text/font .. but then just prior to posting the login prompt its eligable.15:05
gmagNewWorld, I don't know, I'm trying to understand the pros and cons15:05
ikonialucidguy: still has a native hardware problem outside of the OS that suggests you should not use it15:05
geekbrijrib: Strange.  I actually just added into my /etc/profile.d/ a file called java_home.sh and put JAVA_HOME=$( dirname $( dirname $( readlink -e /usr/bin/java ) ) ) in there.  Then I logged in as the user and their JAVA_HOME was fine.15:06
ontoNewWorld: so reinstall all commands?15:06
lucidguyikonia: Understood ..   thanks for your time, have to run.  I think I'm going to attempt another ram test to be safe ... swap out that video card .. and enable netdump.  Going to be unhappy if its the motherboard or cpu .. urg.15:07
NewWorldonto:  Try one and see if you can man it15:07
Michael_KnghtHi all. I'm trying to install last LTS ubuntu on asus eee pc 1001px netbook by net install. And I get kernel panic on boot. Is it known problem? Is there any workaround? I have no usb sticks.15:07
lucidguyOnce last think .. bad idea to put this video card into an Ubuntu Server..   http://www.leadtek.com/eng/3d_graphic/overview.asp?lineid=1&pronameid=18915:08
ontoNewWorld: nope15:08
compdoclucidguy, check for bad caps15:08
NewWorldonto:  Can you locate the man files with a file browser?15:09
ontoNewWorld: trying the same15:09
NewWorldonto:  like are they actually there?15:09
lucidguycompdoc: hmm .. hate to ask but, what are bad caps?15:09
NewWorldonto:  As in go find their location on the hard disk15:09
compdoclucidguy, you just need to look for them: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capacitor_plague15:10
ontoNewWorld: nope15:10
compdocany caps that are round on top are bad15:10
ontoNewWorld: haha, I understand :)15:10
gaussblurincis anyone know a good library for generation of pseudo-prime numbers?15:10
compdoclucidguy, or if you can take a decent pic of your mobo, I'll look15:11
BlackAngelPRGreetings everyone , can some one tell me if there is a guide around to extend the current swap partitions ?15:11
NewWorldonto:  Is it /usr/share/man that you're looking inside?15:11
lucidguycompdoc: understood ... they are fine.15:11
lucidguyhave to run ..15:11
compdoclucidguy, there are also caps in the PSU, and those often fail in the same way15:11
ontoNewWorld: aha, it's in /usr/share/man? Yeah then they're there15:12
ontoI looked in /usr/local/man15:12
ontoaha, I think I know the problem15:12
ivovis there any way to retrieve the answers I gave during installation regarding the manual partitioning? I want to use these answers to generate a preseed file15:12
BlackAngelPRGreetings everyone , can some one tell me if there is a guide around to extend the current swap partitions ?15:14
ontoNewWorld: haha, sorry. I made a stupid mistake. ;)15:14
NewWorldonto:  what was it? and good that it's fine15:15
geekbrijrib: This is actually a wildly frustrating problem because I'm using something called buildr to build my java projects, and for some reason even though now JAVA_HOME is being set through profile.d .... when i try to run buildr it doesn't see the JAVA_HOME and i have to tack on JAVA_HOME buildr before each run for it to work properly.  Who knows whats going wrong here!15:15
debsanBlackAngelPR, just resize it15:15
tetella93Excuse me.. I don't know whether to download files.. How can I do this?15:15
NewWorldBlackAngelPR:  Why a guide? Can't you just resize it easily with Gparted?15:15
ontoNewWorld: I redefined MANPATH in .bash_profile but instead of prepending it to MANPATH, I prepended it to PATH. Of course, it couldn't find it.15:15
bazhangtetella93, download what files15:15
jribgeekbri: i have no experience with buildr.  Maybe it uses sh?  try « sudo dpkg-reconcfigure dash » and have sh point to bash temporarily just to see if it changes buildr's behavior15:16
debsantetella93, don't undestand15:16
trever420yay... finally got FOG to work in ubuntu server15:17
ontoNewWorld: Thanks for the help though!15:17
=== OerHeks is now known as Oer
debsanBlackAngelPR, no pm. Ok just install gparted, you want to resize the partition. So unmount it open gparted select sresize option and resize it.15:17
tetella93debsan, files in general with this program. I have just enrolled15:17
geekbrijrib: excellent point.. hopefully that is not the case.15:17
debsantetella93, this program ?15:17
NewWorldBlackAngelPR:  Install the program gparted15:17
=== xy_ is now known as Guest78216
ivovcan anyone point me towards a working preseed configuration files that actually uses manual configuration?15:19
supNowok seems to have calmed down a little in here I'd like to repost my unanswered question15:19
supNowso this morning I wanted to check out the gnome packages... sudo apt-get install gnome (TAB) kept hitting more and suddenly it started installing a million things. Anyway to undo this?15:19
ikoniasupNow: remove the packages installed, thats the only way15:19
supNowis there a place I can see recently installed packages?15:20
icerootsupNow: i dont know if "gnome" is just a metapackge but "sudo apt-get remove --purge && sudo apt-get autoremove" should do the job15:20
ivov manual configuration for partitioning ofcourse :-)15:20
icerootsupNow: i dont know if "gnome" is just a metapackge but "sudo apt-get remove --purge gnome && sudo apt-get autoremove" should do the job15:20
OersupNow, softwarecentre > history15:21
ludlowI'm using halo theme :)15:21
icerootsupNow: /var/log/apt/term.log15:21
jribgeekbri: so you are running buildr as jenkins and want JAVA_HOME to be set in jenkins environment so that buildr knows where to find java?  Is that correct?15:22
geekbrijrib: bingo.  It moans that JAVA_HOME isn't set when i run it (unless of course I append JAVA_HOME=<path> to the command).15:22
geekbrijrib: it looks like JAVA_HOME is set for the user now, but whatever was preventing it from being set earlier must be stopping it from being set when buildr launches a subshell (or whatevr it is, that it is doing)15:23
jribgeekbri: how do you initialize the whole process?  I assume you aren't logging in as jenkins?15:23
hidihodihiUbuntu offers system disk encryption with the alternate install disc, correct? What is used? LUKS? With what settings? What encryption mode/algorithm? Keysize? Passphrase hash algorithm? Iteration count? (Did i forget anything important?)15:23
geekbrijrib: well, right now what i'm going is sudo -i -u jenkins (or su - jenkins) and then i'm just changing into the proper directory and running buildr.15:23
jribgeekbri: try, using "export JAVA_HOME=whatever_it_is" to see if that makes a difference15:24
supNowiceroot: thanks15:24
tetella93debsan, I have resolved. thank you!15:24
icerootsupNow: but its a good idea to read what the command will remove before saying yes15:25
supNowiceroot: yes I will look through it. It didn't seem to effect my untiy, but gnome doesn't load anything (window borders, nav bars, panels etc etc)15:26
geekbrijrib: in the profile.d script or on the command line directory?15:26
jribgeekbri: either15:27
iceroot!info gnome oneirc15:27
ubottu'oneirc' is not a valid distribution: hardy, hardy-backports, hardy-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, maverick, maverick-backports, maverick-proposed, medibuntu, natty, natty-backports, natty-proposed, oneiric, oneiric-backports, oneiric-proposed, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, unstable15:27
iceroot!info gnome oneiric15:27
ubottugnome (source: meta-gnome3): The GNOME Desktop Environment, with extra components. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:3.0+1ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 2 kB, installed size 56 kB15:27
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jribgeekbri: or maybe "both" for good measure is a better response :P15:27
icerootsupNow: not a good idea to remove "gnome" when using unity15:27
icerootsupNow: if i get this gnome and unity thing correctly unity will not run without the package "gnome"15:28
EvilResistanceiceroot, correct.  "Unity" runs off of GNOME3, without GNOME there is no UNITY15:28
EvilResistancesupNow, Unity requires GNOME2/3 depending which release you're on.  You can't have working Unity without GNOME, things explode15:30
savidHas anyone here successfully installed ubuntu on a mac book pro 8,3 ?    I'm having serious problems.15:30
iceroot!mac | savid15:30
ubottusavid: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages15:30
jrib!mac | savid15:30
jribsavid: see if the wiki is any help15:30
=== DaZ is now known as Guest13482
savidiceroot, yeah I've read that.15:30
* jrib is too slow15:30
geekbrijrib: it blew up at first. then in the profile.d script i changed dirname and readlink to their fullpaths.  I'm guessing when that was getting executed $PATH wasn't set yet.15:30
iceroot!details | savid15:30
ubottusavid: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."15:30
jribgeekbri: and now it works?15:31
geekbrijrib: ugh guess not.  I get an error when i run builder "can't create Java VM"15:31
geekbrijrib: but of course if i set JAVA_HOME before the command it works fine15:31
jribgeekbri: you used "export"?15:32
geekbrijrib: yes.15:32
savidiceroot, I no longer have an osx partition.  Using the ubuntu mac alternate install cd, I didn't install but no icon shows in the boot menu.  I just get a blinking "?"15:32
savidSorry, voice transcribing on my tablet here15:33
supNowthanks iceroot, EvilResistance: I will do some reasearch online to see if I can figure out why gnome isn't loading based upon the log that shows what it randomly installed15:33
jribgeekbri: but at this point JAVA_HOME is set correctly in your environment, it's just that buildr seems to not care?15:33
savidI _did_ an install15:33
icerootsavid: not having an osx partitions sounds good15:33
geekbrijrib: whats interesting is, i changed it to hardcoded JVM (no dirname and readlink) and now buildr works fine.15:33
savidiceroot,  yeah, so I thought15:33
icerootsavid: so your issue is "the alternate cd does not start correctly?"15:34
geekbrijrib: I think whats happening is somehow buildr is launching a new shell differently and whatever is causing JAVA_HOME not to get set, is having it unset there as well perhaps.  Or maybe whatever was cuasing JAVA_HOME to be unset is causing errors with using dirname and readlink... just not sure.  I'm just going to stick with hardcoding it to /usr/lib/jvm/default-java i guess.15:34
mneptoksavid: does your disk contain a partition for EFI bootloader stuffs?15:34
savidiceroot,  no, I installed using alternate15:34
savidmneptok, yes, I kept the original efi partition15:35
mneptoksavid: you might want to esnure the Ubuntu istaller put the UEFI bootstubs where they belong15:36
savidmneptok,  how do I ensure that15:37
sidney_how do i open source list in a text editor15:38
mneptoksavid: do an ls of the UEFI FAT32 partition. is an Ubuntu bootstub there?15:38
=== tvoss|afk is now known as tvoss
savidmneptok, I've booted back into a lived now.   Gparted shows exlamation marks over all partitions15:38
NyLeswaht is GLib?15:38
mneptokNyLes: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glib15:39
mneptoksavid: have you ensured your downloaded disc image is alright with an md5sum?15:40
mneptoksavid: just to be sure15:40
Lintsidney_, open source what?15:40
savidmneptok, yes15:40
mneptoksavid: OK, so mount the small UEFI partition and make sure the Ubuntu bootstub is there/15:40
savidmneptok, when trying to mount, it says special device /dev/sda1 does not exist.15:40
bazhangsidney_, sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list15:41
savidI think the alternate installer screwed up my partition tables.   Ugh.15:41
mneptoksavid: try repartitioning completely during a clean reinstall.15:41
ZerpexHi guys, do you know how I can make the default LAMP install in ubuntu, run the files as 'current owner' of the file?15:41
mneptoksavid: the FAT32 UEFI partition only needs to be ~100MB15:42
mdgeorgeEverytime I click on the automatic update window, gnome-shell crashes15:42
savidmneptok, OK, so ubuntu will create it's own efi partition if I do that?15:42
mdgeorgeany suggestions?15:42
mneptoksavid: Ubuntu creates no partitions automatically15:43
mneptoksavid: you'll need to tell the installer to create a 100MB partition at the beginning of the disk, format it FAT32, and mount it at /boot/efi15:43
savidmneptok, hmm..  OK.   Will i15:44
savidUgh tabket15:44
igneriousmy eclipse is not starting15:46
NyLeshow to delete a file using terminal?15:46
savidmneptok will the installer then know what to do with that partition?15:46
savidWith regard to the efi "payload"15:46
mneptoksavid: it should, but if it does not, the steps can be done manually after reinstallation.15:46
savidOk.   I'll try that. Thanks.15:47
igneriousmy eclipse is not starting15:47
mneptoksavid: FWIW, i use UEFI on my Thinkpad here. so i have actually done this. i'm not 100% certain that this is your problem, but as far as EFI goes, i have *some* experience.15:48
mneptoksavid: and this will be a 100% Linux laptop?15:48
RawProduceI'm trying to use SQLite with PHP and have installed the relevant packages - phpinfo() shows an sqlite3 section15:48
igneriousit is showing its startup screen but then it goes away15:48
savidmneptok, yes15:49
mneptoksavid: may i PM?15:49
rypervencheNyLes: rm15:49
RawProduceyet when I run sqlite_open I get the error "PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined function sqlite_open()"15:49
RawProducewhat's the deal?15:49
NyLesrypervenche: yeah thanks..15:49
savidmneptok, yes go ahead15:49
rypervencheNyLes: Read this, http://www.linuxcommand.org/tlcl.php15:49
igneriousmy eclipse is not starting15:50
igneriousit is showing its startup screen but then it goes away15:50
NyLesrypervenche: thanks man..15:50
igneriouswhat should i do15:50
LukeNukemsw0rdfish, wtf you doin here nigguh15:51
sidney_to edit or add repositories do i over wright what is there or add to it15:52
bazhangLukeNukem, watch the language and stay on topic15:52
sw0rdfishis there a ubuntu community/off-topic channel?15:52
LukeNukemdang, forgot which channel i was in lol15:52
ikoniaLukeNukem: sw0rdfish language please15:52
ikonia!guidelines > LukeNukem15:52
ikonia!guidelines > sw0rdfish15:52
ikoniasw0rdfish: #ubuntu-offtopic15:52
Ownerhalp, i was making gay with a girl and i peed inside her, now she wont talk to me15:52
bazhangLukeNukem, thats enough15:53
adrthin which file should I tune my PATH variable?15:53
sw0rdfishwow lol whata heck was dat15:53
igneriousplease help15:53
ubottusw0rdfish, please see my private message15:53
sw0rdfish:o ikonia ubottu is being slow, aye?15:53
adrthI changed /etc/environment, but '15:54
ikoniasw0rdfish: it had quit, it just rejoined15:54
adrthI changed /etc/environment, but 'export' says that it hasn't been evaluated15:54
TesseractBi have a question15:54
adrtheven after I restarted the shell15:54
igneriousplease help15:54
igneriousplease help15:54
sw0rdfishikonia, oh ok15:54
igneriousplease help15:54
FloodBot1ignerious: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:55
sandraG'day my fellow Ubuntu inmates15:55
TesseractBHas anyone accomplished hardware acceleration with ati hd 2400 for mkv and mp4 videos?15:55
adrthin which channel people go to answer questions?15:56
Lintignerious, you may try to rename its profile15:56
zykotic10TesseractB: does ati support accelerated video now?15:56
=== Bladerunner is now known as Guest1033
adrthI mean, I could try doing that15:56
TesseractBzykotic10: of course!15:56
zykotic10TesseractB: they didn't a little while ago, thus my asking15:57
zykotic10TesseractB: do you know what it's called?  like nvidia uses vdpau, what's it called for ati?15:57
TesseractBzykotic10: It is called DXVA15:58
zykotic10TesseractB: thanks15:58
TesseractBzykotic10: you are wellcome!15:58
TesseractBHas anyone accomplished hardware acceleration with ati hd 2400 for mkv and mp4 videos?15:59
zykotic10TesseractB: DxVA Direct X Video Acceleration (why would AMD/ATI use a MS Windows technology name?)16:00
Zerpexhmm, my suexec isn't working.. it doesn't run the php files as their 'owner' it runs them as www-data16:00
TesseractBzykotic10: yes, sorry16:00
TesseractBzykotic10: i forgot the linux name!16:01
zykotic10TesseractB: that appears to be the gnu/linux name16:01
gr33n7007hjust bought an alienware m11x with nvidia 540m graphics installed ubuntu 10.04 download nvidia driver binary but won't let you run the binery in X how do get to text only mode??16:01
micutuany roumanian here?:|16:02
TesseractBzykotic10: in linux called VAAPı, i think16:02
gr33n7007hctrl + Alt + F1 is not working for some strange reason16:02
zykotic10gr33n7007h: manually installing nvidia.com's driver is a bad idea (but "might" be required) - ctrl+alt+f1 then "sudo service gdm stop"16:02
zykotic10TesseractB: updating search terms ;)16:03
gr33n7007hzykotic10, is there any other way than Ctrl +alt +f1 ?16:03
micutucan anyone help me? i have a problem booting from xubuntu10.10 cd16:03
micutuit is bootable but does not working16:04
zykotic10gr33n7007h: if you just ran "sudo service gdm stop" from the gui it will stop and spit you out at a VT (ctrl+alt+f1) - but if that doesn't work, you've got a problem16:04
TesseractBHas anyone accomplished hardware acceleration with ati hd 2400 for mkv and mp4 videos?16:04
shade34331is it possible when installing ubuntu you use NIS for login instead of making an account?16:04
gr33n7007hzykotic10, ok ill try now thanks! ;)16:04
ikoniashade34331: sure16:04
ikoniashade34331: there is (I think) a network login button when you have to create an account16:05
ikoniashade34331: I think you have to create one local admin account though to finish the install16:05
kubancany idea what is error kernel_thread_helper+0x6 0x1016:05
shade34331ikonia: hey:), ok16:05
Yaahhey I have a question where can I download AIM for linux other then pidgin16:05
micutuubuntu sofware download yaah16:06
gr33n7007hzykotic10, unrecognized service ?16:06
zykotic10gr33n7007h: you did say 10.04 right?16:06
gr33n7007hzykotic10, 1 sec i'll just check16:06
zykotic10gr33n7007h: "lsb_release -a" if you aren't sure16:07
shaneoany google chrome ubuntu 11.10 unity 5.0 users in here16:07
viktorYaah: search in ubuntu download center16:07
shaneogoogle chrome is leaving blank spots in my launcher and i cant close them16:07
gr33n7007hzykotic10, Description:Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS Release:10.04Codename:lucid16:07
Yaahwhere can I download AIM for linux16:08
zykotic10gr33n7007h: did you install using a mini cd or something?  "sudo service gdm stop" is what you are running?16:08
viktorYaah: did you even try searching in ubuntu download center before asking again?16:08
Yaahyeah all I could get was pidgin which didn't work16:08
gr33n7007hzykotic10, standard dvd what could be the problem?16:09
viktorYaah: two seconds searching gave "kopete" and "empathy" for example. b16:09
viktorYaah: also16:09
exarkunHow does one turn off the Unity dash?16:10
shaneoaim isnt coming to Linux16:10
gr33n7007hzykotic10, gdm not showing in service --status-all16:10
zykotic10gr33n7007h: are you using KDE (KDM) perhaps?16:10
sidney_I want to open my repo source list not in the terminal but a text editor please16:10
Oergr33n7007h, 540m optimus ?16:10
gr33n7007hzykotic10, no gnome16:10
bazhangsidney_, gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list16:11
gr33n7007hOer, no not optimus16:11
Guest30328does anyone know where keyrings are stored?16:11
ikoniashaneo: why are you posting that to me ?16:11
zykotic10gr33n7007h: sorry i don't know what your issue (with *DM is).  Guess i can't help, Good luck.16:11
gr33n7007hzykotic10, ok thanks for your help16:12
Guest30328does anyone know where keyrings are stored?16:12
=== Guest30328 is now known as graingert
gr33n7007hit's giving me a headache !16:12
graingertsorry about the double post16:12
sidney_gksudo gedit /etc/apt/source.list gave me this error GLib-CRITICAL **: g_str_has_prefix: assertion `str != NULL' failed16:14
bazhangsidney_, sources.list    with an 's'16:14
Oergraingert, open bash: seahorse (passwords & keys)16:15
graingertOer: I want the directory16:15
=== Evil_DuDe_ is now known as Evil_DuDe
Oergraingert, don't mess with the ~/.gnome2/keyrings you micht lock yourself out16:16
gr33n7007hgot it to work, have to hold down special key for Function keys on alienware, Thanks16:16
graingertI'm having issues with multiple keyrings being generated16:17
graingertwhat permissions should this files have Oer?16:17
sidney_gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list is this correct?16:17
Hamedi have ubuntu 11.10 on my laptop and connect to Internet by wifi and have computer win7 connect to internet by cable how can i make a workgroup (network) between them16:17
sidney_I still get an error16:17
graingertHamed: what do you wish to do with this workgroup? Share files16:18
graingertSamba is fairly complex - it might be easier to use SFTP16:18
bazhangsidney_, are you using gnome? xfce4? kde4? or what16:18
zykotic10sidney_: from terminal, do you see the files contents with "cat /etc/apt/source.list"16:18
tomodoubuntu has been really good for ages, but today my computer has turned itself off twice in a row.. overheating? could flash be the problem?16:18
bazhangzykotic10, sources.list is it not?16:19
zykotic10sidney_: typo on my paste!16:19
ikoniatomodo: doubtful16:19
zykotic10bazhang: yes - sorry16:19
* zykotic10 should be more careful with copy/paste16:19
bazhangsidney_, so cat /etc/apt/sources.list16:19
tomodoare there any tutorials on how to debug crashes like this, I'd love to have a more stable system16:20
bazhangsidney_, ?16:20
=== Rango_ is now known as Rango
rcmaehlI have a problem16:20
rcmaehlI have a really old graphics card16:20
bazhangrcmaehl, with what16:20
sidney_zykotic10, No such file or directory16:21
sidney_ with and without the s16:21
bazhangsidney_, are you using ubuntu ?16:21
rcmaehlIt's an nvidia geforce AGP card16:21
zykotic10rcmaehl: from terminal "lspci | grep -i vga"16:21
rcmaehlhowever if I install nvidia-current-updates and then do nvidia-xconfig it will no longer load X16:22
zykotic10rcmaehl: nvidia-current is only for the newest nvidia cards16:22
rcmaehlzykotic10: Its module isn't loaded16:22
bazhangsidney_, whats the output of lsb_release -a in the terminal16:23
rcmaehlzykotic10: so which package?16:23
zykotic10rcmaehl: if it doesn't find any supported hardware (ie an old card) that might make sense16:23
zykotic10rcmaehl: from terminal "lspci | grep -i vga"16:23
rcmaehlzykotic10: it doesn't detect it because it's on intergrated graphics right now as it's set to intergrated on the motherboard in the BIOS16:23
zykotic10rcmaehl: i see.  that does make sense, but ok.  I can't help then.  good luck.16:24
igneriousmy eclipse is not starting16:24
sahil_how to recover data from an external hdd??16:24
igneriousit is showing its startup screen but then it goes away16:24
igneriousplease help16:24
rcmaehlzykotic10: I can open the case and see if the card has the model easily readable real quick. it is an old card so it might now16:25
Lintin which file I should put the floppy module for authomatic probing?16:25
zykotic10sahil_: testdisk/photorec or there is a ddrecover (haven't used the latter, but seen it recommened in this channel several times)16:25
bazhangignerious, patience16:25
rcmaehlLint: /etc/modules I think16:25
EvilResistanceignerious, you mean the Eclipse IDE?16:25
sahil_okey...so is it available in usc?16:25
Cajun_Lan_ManHello everyone.  I'm looking for any ideas on an odd issue I can't seem to track down.  I've tried running Ubuntu 11.10 on two completely different computers.  One Dell, and one HP.  BOTH of these computers tend to lock up after running nonstop for about a week. But when they lock up, the mouse still moves on the screen. I just can't click anything, nor get any keyboard commands to work. I typically just powercycle the machine to get it working again.16:25
EvilResistanceignerious, run it from terminal.  open up the terminal, type eclipse (or whatever it is)16:26
=== DaZ_ is now known as DaZ
EvilResistance!privmsg | ignerious16:26
bazhanggmannn, you are here already, unless you mean #freenode16:26
ubottuignerious: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.16:26
gmannnIs this a channel or a server?16:26
bazhanggmannn, channel #ubuntu16:26
EvilResistanceignerious, also, i can read, dont privmsg me directly please16:26
zykotic10rcmaehl: if lscpi doesn't find it, you have a bigger issue.16:26
=== JeanInde is now known as athanase
gmannnOk, how do I get in the lubuntu channel?16:26
EvilResistanceignerious, run eclipse from terminal, any errors at runtime will be described in terminal16:26
Lintis there a command for listing all available modules, loaded or not?16:26
rcmaehlzykotic10: it finds it when it boots from the graphics card just not when I do nvidia-xconfig16:26
t1t4ni want change my runlevel, i want mount my /home after that i get ip **16:27
bazhanggmannn, /join #lubuntu16:27
iceroot!runlevel | t1t4n16:27
ubottut1t4n: In Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.16:27
igneriousi have recentely installed many pluguns16:27
gmannnthanks mate16:27
igneriousafter that restart it happens16:27
EvilResistanceignerious, it might be the plugins then.  you may want to purge your eclipse folder and start over.16:28
igneriousbut it is important16:28
sahil_well how to use testdisk?16:28
rcmaehlzykotic10: nvidia geforce 2 mx16:28
igneriouswhat should i do16:28
zykotic10sahil_: testdisk recovers partitions, photorec recovers files16:28
Lintignerious, contact your administrator?16:28
sahil_zykotic10, how to operate?i dont see it having any gui..so must be cli riight?16:29
kpas_has anyone been having issue with dropbox and 11.1016:29
igneriouswho is the administrator16:29
zykotic10sahil_: yes, it's command line only16:29
sahil_zykotic10, can ya gimme few basic commands? rest i will google it up16:30
t1t4nubottu: yes man, but i don't find where networking stay on /etc/rcS.d/16:30
ubottut1t4n: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:30
RenatoSilvawhat's the best way to make my ntfs partitions automatically mounted on starting in oneiric? is it sudo udisks --mount /dev/sda* the only option?16:30
zykotic10rcmaehl: from my quick search it appears you need to be using the 96 nvidia driver instead of current16:30
rcmaehlzykotic10: ok thanks16:30
zykotic10sahil_: sorry, off the top of my head no.  I haven't had to use it in years.16:31
sahil_okey nvr mind...16:31
jostRenatoSilva, how about putting the partitions into your fstab?16:31
zykotic10rcmaehl: i've personally had a lot of issues getting the 96 driver to work, i hope you have better luck then me.16:31
SupremeI just installed ubuntu, how do i use it?16:32
shadowh511Supreme: are you in it now?16:32
ikoniaSupreme: https://help.ubuntu.com16:32
bazhang!manual | Supreme have a read16:32
ubottuSupreme have a read: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/16:32
RenatoSilvajost: non-go because mount point should be determined dynamically according the partition label16:32
zykotic10RenatoSilva: fstab16:33
RenatoSilvazykotic10: read my last message16:33
zykotic10RenatoSilva: read my last message ;)  good luck.16:34
MetalAdamTRselam millet16:34
RenatoSilvazykotic10: stop being retarded please16:35
bazhangRenatoSilva, no name calling here16:35
rcmaehlRenatoSilva: ^16:35
RenatoSilvabazhang: how to report that to operators then?16:35
MetalAdamTRbu sayfalardaki menü çubuğunu nasıl aktif hale getiriyoruz16:35
himsinhello I was installing wine and suddenly this came up ttf-mscorefonts-installer and it wanst me to accept an aggrement but the <ok> is not working. Is there any way to get past it?16:35
ubottuTurk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için /join #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.16:35
Cajun_Lan_ManHello everyone.  I'm looking for any ideas on an odd issue I can't seem to track down.  I've tried running Ubuntu 11.10 on two completely different computers.  One Dell, and one HP.  BOTH of these computers tend to lock up after running nonstop for a couple of days. But when they lock up, the mouse still moves on the screen. I just can't click anything, nor get any keyboard commands to work. I typically just powercycle the machine to get it working ag16:36
bazhangRenatoSilva, we are volunteers, please follow the guidelines and be civil16:36
RenatoSilvaLint: oh it works without sudo man16:36
zykotic10himsin: try TAB16:36
rcmaehlzykotic10: I'm attempting a reboot. If the 96 drivers don't work I'm coming after you. LOL jk jk wish me luck16:36
himsinzykotic10, thanks it worked :)16:36
RenatoSilvabazhang: tell that to zykotic10?16:36
bazhangRenatoSilva, lets move on16:37
RenatoSilvabazhang: what do you call this: 'read my last message   good luck.'16:37
RenatoSilvabazhang: if you wanted to move on you would not encourage trolling like that16:37
zykotic10bazhang: i'm sorry for causing ^^^  i still stick to my fstab is best way to mount things on boot advice though16:39
gr33n7007hzykotic10, how do you fill a flash drive full off random data ??16:39
ikoniazykotic10: that is the correct way to do it16:39
uictamaledoes anyone here know how to get nomachine working with ubuntu 11.10 ?16:39
zykotic10gr33n7007h: not 100% sure actually, "cat /dev/random > /dev/USBDEVICE" might work?16:40
whoami@a111 hi16:40
croffeHello - I can't use my NIC, BCM57780 on 11.10 64-bit - it is recognized but does not connect.  Where can I find information on using this NIC with Ubuntu?16:40
gr33n7007hzykotic10, cheers i'll try that way ;)16:41
zykotic10gr33n7007h: that's just a guess remember, and be careful to get the device correct16:41
gr33n7007hzykotic10, ok thanks16:42
tomodohow can I monitor my CPU temperatures and relaetd things?16:42
tomodoI have system monitor which is great for CPU % and network use, but it doesn't have temperature16:43
jMCgHey folks, I'm failing to build the latest qemu-kvm package (deb-src from precise) on oneiric: http://dpaste.com/706381/ -- anyone know a good reason why this is failing -- or the right channel to ask this?16:43
zykotic10!sensors | tomodo16:43
ubottutomodo: To access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.16:43
hylianis there a way to bring all my plasma widgets to the main desktop, I have some running I want to close, but cannot.16:43
OU818< zykotick9> OU818: what orange is the best orange? - what do you mean?16:44
zykotic10OU818: you asked "what ubuntu is the best ubuntu" that was my attempt to show your question didn't make sense (to me)16:44
rcmaehltomodo: would you like fan speed control as well?16:44
UrBgood (or any) ideas how to find out whether my bluetooth chip on laptop has gone pining the fjords or are the problems on softaware side16:44
leomaryciao a tutti16:46
tomodorcmaehl: sure I just want to be able to monitor things that might be causing my machine to shut itself down16:46
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:46
zykotic10!it | leomary16:46
ubottuleomary: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)16:46
tomodois there a simple GUI program?16:47
OU818zykotic10: manderine, blood, navel?  best orange is the Moro Orange, whats the best ubuntu?16:47
tomodolike system monitor16:47
zykotic10OU818: in my opinion (ONLY) 10.04LTS - but MOST would disagree.  Opinions are a personal matter, and when you ask for "best" you get opinions.  See "/msg ubottu best" for the official factoid on the subject ;)16:48
RenatoSilvaLint: simple solution :) http://i.imgur.com/WqblZ.png16:48
elliotbekeni agree 10.04 i like / works and easy and still supported16:49
elliotbekenmy servers are 10.0416:49
hylianhello luxpaparazzi16:50
Cajun_Lan_ManHello everyone.  I'm looking for any ideas on an odd issue I can't seem to track down.  I've tried running Ubuntu 11.10 on two completely different computers.  One Dell, and one HP.  BOTH of these computers tend to lock up after running nonstop for a couple of days. But when they lock up, the mouse still moves on the screen. I just can't click anything, nor get any keyboard commands to work. I typically just powercycle the machine to get it working ag16:50
delkinI am running: 'sudo modprobe fuse', but then 'lsmod | grep fuse' returns nothing... What might be wrong?16:50
=== RenatoSilva is now known as Pikkachu
luxpaparazzii actually can't write to my usb disks anymore ... they seem to be mounted read-only, any ideas?16:51
hylianluxpaparazzi, i had this same problem. I solved it the hard way, i fired up gparted and formatted it. I am sure there is a better way...16:52
zykotic10!es | buscohombre16:53
ubottubuscohombre: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.16:53
luxpaparazzihylian, i have the same problem with 3 disks at once :-/16:54
razor85In ubuntu 10.04, how do you display command output _even_ though it's being written to a file?16:54
hylianluxpaparazzi, how strange16:54
luxpaparazzirazor85: have you tried   "command > file"?16:55
razor85disregard my question.. it worked out for me16:55
zykotic10luxpaparazzi: that won't display the output though16:55
luxpaparazziapl@apl-Amilo-Desktop-Pi3645A:~$ sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/sdg1 "/media/test" -o rw16:56
luxpaparazzimount: warning: /media/test seems to be mounted read-only.16:56
zykotic10luxpaparazzi: NTFS/FAT paritions require additional parameters to be read/write (ie the -o rw is not sufficient)16:56
=== snake_ is now known as [snake]
leomaryciao a tutti16:57
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zykotic10!it | leomary16:57
ubottuleomary: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)16:57
[snake]is there a way to play audio in terminal with mplayer without showing the interface while playing it(just getting back to the command line without anymore output from mplayer besides music)16:58
luxpaparazzizykotic10 i just checked the man-page, but can't find other options suiting ntfs ...16:59
tomodoE: Package 'ksensors' has no installation candidate16:59
[snake]does my question above require any further explaining? because it is hard for me to word.17:01
=== iqpi|on is now known as iqpi|afk
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».17:01
=== niftylettuce_ is now known as niftylettuce
trever420[snake] yes it is possible17:02
trever420i hink17:02
tomodoxsenors has two tabs.. acpitz and coretemp17:02
tomodois that right? what should I be looking at?17:03
=== CoilDoma_ is now known as CoilDomain
[snake]trever420, I tried doing this: (mplayer file.mp3 &) but it continued outputing-- okay what's going on with all the timeouts and stuff?17:03
trever420netsplit [snake]17:04
cloudgeekhow to autocomplete in openoffice17:05
sacarlson[snake]: does it have to be mplayer?  just play musicfile.mp3 can be used to play music17:05
sacarlson[snake]: other option I"m not sure if it's mpris interface for mplayer then there are other options to play with that method17:05
Pikkachuwhat's the best way to share configurations among users where each one has write access to change them?17:05
Lintcloudgeek, Enter key17:05
trever420sacarlson, thats what i was gonna say17:05
sacarlsontrever420: well don't hold your breath speak up17:06
jonsainthi all. i need to make a backup of my dvds because my kids are killing the originals. what can i use?17:06
croffeAny tips on getting the BCM57780 NIC to work? It registers but does not connect on 11.04 64-bit17:07
tomodosystem monitor shows 4 CPUs, but xsensors only dispalys 217:07
trever420jonsaint: handbrake17:07
[snake]sacarlson, no it can be anything... is that the command play? I've never even knew that existed17:07
Oerjonsaint, brasero, i prefer K3B17:07
dr_willisk9copy  jonsaint17:07
jonsainttrever420, looked for it in software centre but not thee17:07
=== ReTFEF is now known as TheTFEF
trever420jonsaint it may not be17:07
sacarlson[snake]: yes play command I think is a part of alsa so should be installed by default17:07
trever420u may need to download it from handbrake's website17:07
bj0rn2I've got a usb wifi adapter with chipset Intersil ISL3887 and no luck in getting it to work with ubuntu server 11.10... anyone having success with that or a similar device?17:08
trever420but you can also use dvdrip (which is in the repos)17:08
trever420or acidrip17:08
jonsainttrever420,  you got the web addy?17:08
trever420jonsaint... nvm it is in the repo17:08
trever420sudo apt-get install handbrake-gtk17:08
tomodoE: Unable to locate package sensors-applet17:08
tomodowhy :(17:08
dr_willisjonsaint:  it also depends on   if you want to rip to file or keep on dvd disk17:08
trever420tho i dunno how it handles copy protection17:08
prashantcan somebody tell me what linux user id? how one can get it?17:08
trever420handbrake will let you encode the file to another format to make it smaller to store17:09
doc|workI come in to work today and get an update notification that the following packages would be from unauthenticated sources: libvorbis0a libvorbisenc2 libvorbisfile3. Anyone know why? Is it related to Independent being the selected sources on the "Other Software" tab?17:09
trever420otherwise you'll  be storing raw DVD images uncompressed17:09
dr_willisk9copy can convert to a 4gb dvd iso. decrypting it17:10
trever420jonsaint: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/linux-dvd-ripper-software.html17:10
Lintprashant, it's a long-dead census project17:10
sacarlsonprashant: you can look at the file /etc/password to find the user id number but there is probly a command that also provides this info17:10
trever420apparently VLC can also rip DVDs17:10
jonsainttrever420, many thanks for that17:11
croffeHello - I can't use my NIC, BCM57780 on 11.10 64-bit - it is recognized but does not connect.  Where can I find information on using this NIC with Ubuntu?17:12
trever420prashant, i think you can use "id -u USERNAME"17:12
gandhijee_hey, how can i get my ubuntu 11.10 to look like my 10.04 install?17:13
trever420croffe: is that a wireless card?17:13
gandhijee_i hate this unity thing, and i am not a fan of the new classic layout.17:13
croffeit's a wired Broadcom17:13
prashantsacarlson, no not that one. i mean the linux user id which people mention while posting in various blogs,answers17:13
dr_willistweak gnome shell then. or use some other desktop gandhijee_17:13
LintI think he means "Linux user # 9001" userbar17:14
Fireboltgandhijee_, sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback17:14
=== Guest36197 is now known as Bry8Star{EB
prashantLint, ya17:14
trever420croffe: did it work from the ubuntu live CD?17:14
gandhijee_Firebolt, i think i already have that installed... i can't seem to add/remove gnome panels17:14
=== Bry8Star{EB is now known as Guest37459
[snake]sacarlson, I do  not have that command. I'm on ubutnu 10.10 x86_64 if that makes a difference17:14
sacarlsonprashant: user id like user name?  all info other than the passwork in in that file of your system17:14
croffetrever420 - I didn't test from the livecd. are you suggesting I test from the livecd to see if it's supported on 32-bit image instead of 64-bit?17:15
=== Guest37459 is now known as Bry8Star{EB
trever420no try the live CD for the 64-bit and see if it works17:15
croffewill do thanks17:15
widderHi, I have installed ubuntu 11.10. But when I start. It logs me into shell and no gnome gui is there. How can I start it17:16
tomodoI'm trying to compile sensors-applet, but it says "No package 'libpanelapplet-4.0' found". Do you know how to fix that?17:16
Fireboltgandhijee_, yeah, I don't think you can with that17:16
sacarlson[snake]: you can type id to display your own id17:16
gandhijee_Firebolt, you maybe happen to know of anyway to get that stuff back?17:16
Fireboltwidder, you didn't install the server version, did you?17:16
prashantsacarlson, no not like that, i mean like Lint has said now17:17
widderFirebolt: no17:17
Fireboltgandhijee_, I don't, sorry. Perhaps google can help17:17
razor85On ubuntu 10.04, what's the default group type when doing "groupadd"?. And how to change that group type to Normal users?17:17
dharriwidder type startx17:17
[snake]sacarlson, no the play command and mplayer issue- remember?17:17
prashantLint, do you know how to get that Linux user #.....?17:18
gandhijee_Firebolt, been down that route =)  thanks for the help though17:18
Lintprashant, sorry, I don't remember17:18
tomodoI got it, -dev17:18
Oer!nounity > gandhijee17:18
ubottugandhijee, please see my private message17:18
widderdharri: It said, package is not installed. I am installing xinit now17:18
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mileonhi @all, i have a question about synaptic. how can i hide libraries or i386 packages17:19
[snake]Is there a way to play a music file in terminal (mplayer or else another command) without the output text showing details on the file and time and volume?17:19
sacarlson[snake]: I think play is part of an alsa package17:19
[snake]sacarlson, I do not have the command and it cannot be found, let's move on.17:20
[snake]sacarlson, actually17:21
ozzloywhen i ctl-z emacs and then alt+tab back to it, its contents stop updating until i resize the window.  it's still responding to input though.  i can type into the file and save and see the updated contents with cat.  why does backgrounding then foregrounding gui emacs stop the emacs window from updating?17:21
sacarlson[snake]: I see aplay  that is part of alsa-util package but I'm not sure where my command play came from17:21
[snake]sacarlson, sudo apt-get install sox has play in it17:21
sacarlson[snake]: that might be the play I run I'm not sure17:21
ozzloymore importantly, how do i get it to just update when i alt+tab back to it?  it used to17:22
zykotick9sacarlson: if you wanted to find out, "whereis play" then "dpkg -S /path/to/play" will show the package17:22
[snake]sacarlson, well I installed it didn't work and aplay is just giving really loud static. :P17:22
sahil_ makin marlin default file manager?is it possible?17:23
Migshi james17:24
Oermileon, maybe answer #2 is any help > http://askubuntu.com/questions/61337/why-is-synaptic-downloading-packages-for-both-amd64-and-i386 but 11.10 is multi-arch, both packages should work i386 + x86-6417:24
[snake]if there was possibly a flag in mplayer that just didn't show any information on the terminal that would be fine17:24
mileon[snake] try mpg123 and mpg32117:24
sacarlsonzykotick9: [snake] you were correct sox: /usr/bin/play17:24
mileonOer, thank you17:24
=== iqpi|afk is now known as iqpi|on
mileonOer, yea nice. good link17:25
zykotick9[snake]: have you tried ".. -quiet .."17:27
angel282urgent - Not related to Ubuntu :  I would like to ask what is the rule in chess (game) when pawn can eat other pawn but he choose to move forward? is the legal?17:28
zykotick9[snake]: there is also -really-quiet ;)17:28
sacarlsonlint: how do you get this linux user id?  where do they keep the info?17:28
doc|workangel282: yes, absolutely17:28
Lintsacarlson, I forgot what that site was17:28
razor85On my Ubuntu 10.04 server, I need to have a user totally limited. The user can only run a python script. Not view /etc/passwd or anything like it. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to totally limit the user I have created for this purpose? The user is currently Administrator which I am unable to change in System > Administration > User & Groups17:28
zykotick9angel282: <OT> en passant perhaps?17:29
sacarlsonlint: so it's a website that keeps some random number for linux users or maybe just ubuntu?  like maybe ubuntuone?17:29
Lintsacarlson, yes, basically17:29
Lintlike dudalibre failure17:30
sacarlsonlint: prashant: sorry I'm clueless on that user id thing17:30
mileonrazor85, try limited shell17:30
cormynanyone in here have experience with ati drivers? I'm curious if I should install the proprietary drivers and then the restricted drivers, or the other way around. Currently in 11.10, fresh install.17:30
mileonrazor85, http://lshell.ghantoos.org17:30
razor85mileon: thanks, I will look into it.17:30
razor85mileon: Once I get lshell, does the user group matter?17:31
zykotick9razor85: all uses MUST be able to view /etc/passwd...17:31
razor85zykotick9: I didn17:32
widderI just installed ubuntu 11.10, there was no gui so I installed xinit. But now when I do startx, there is a terminal with a white blackground. Everything else is black on the screem17:32
razor85zykotick9: I didn't know that. I thought it could have an influence on security.17:32
zykotick9razor85: in order to log in - that's a requirement17:32
[snake]zykotick9, THANKS :) it worked! that's exactly what I was looking for!17:33
=== eric is now known as Guest77268
razor85zykotick9: Ok, I see. Will try lshell as mileon recommended.17:33
zykotick9[snake]: man mplayer FTW17:33
mileonrazor85, i dont know. but the passwd file has now password17:33
id_Sorry, xchat crashed ... weird. Anyone in here have experience with ati drivers? I'm curious if I should install the proprietary drivers and then the restricted drivers, or the other way around. Currently in 11.10, fresh install.17:33
Lintwidder, that what xinit does17:33
mileonrazor85, take shadow passwords17:33
=== marius is now known as Guest46335
dr_williswidder:  install a desktop or windowmanager17:33
[snake]zykotick9, lol I'll remember to look up man pages better next time17:33
sarythid_: Does 'Additional Hardware' Still exist?17:33
Pikkachuwhat's a clean way to share configurations among users where each one has write access to change them?17:34
razor85mileon: shadow file is blocked. But I will still look into lshell and get back here if I need any help.17:34
mileonrazor85, yea ok17:34
dr_willisPikkachu: what kind of configs ?17:34
bc81hey guys, is the Download Album Art" plugin in Ex Falso broken?  i can't seem to get it working17:34
widderdr_willis: what packages do I need to install for them ?17:34
bc81ubuntu 10.1017:34
id_saryth, it tells me I can use proprietary drivers, if that's what you mean. Neither of the prop. drivers are active yet. Wanted to ask before I installed anything17:34
Pikkachualso, how to make default media folders in ~ (music, video etc) into links to other folder without losing the folder icons? I can't find them in /usr/share/pixmaps|icons17:35
sarythid_: You should just download one17:35
id_there's an ATI driver, then a "post-release" driver, in the "restricted drivers" list17:35
id_yeah, I downloaded the driver direct from ATI, but I had read something a week ago about installing one of these, and then the other17:35
Pikkachuwhat's a clean way to share home configurations among users where each one has write access to change them?17:35
id_if all I need is the downloaded version, then that answers my question17:36
zykotick9Pikkachu: my recommendation - don't17:36
sarythid_: You only need one17:36
id_saryth, cool thanks very much17:36
sarythid_: No problem.17:36
Pikkachuwhat's a clean way to share some specific home configurations among users where each one has write access to change them? I'm thinking of links but not sure on how to put the central configs and whether this is the cleanest solution17:37
=== Mike_ is now known as Guest77618
Pikkachufor example, gedit and gnome-terminal configurations17:37
sacarlsonPikkachu: maybe just ssh the files to each?17:38
sarythPikkachu: From the creation of the user?17:38
sacarlsonPikkachu: or like rsync that also uses ssh17:38
sarythPikkachu: If you are going to create the user now, copy the home directory contents to /etc/skel/17:39
Pikkachusacarlson: it's the same pc, my personal PC, firstly I want to share gedit and gnome-terminal confs between root and me17:39
sacarlsonPikkachu: just symbolic link the files between if it's the same system17:40
sacarlsonPikkachu: ln -s17:40
brett__hi people , how can I set vlc as default player, im using gnome classic and when I right click in nautilus it gives me the open with another application but it dosnt give me the option to select always use this application :( please help17:40
Pikkachusaryth: preferably but not necessarily. But note I want configs to point to the same place so that if I change one config, it changes to all users pointing to them17:40
Pikkachusaryth: where each one has write access to change them -- so no /etc/skel17:41
sacarlsonPikkachu: again symbolic link the same file to all the users directory files17:41
sarythPikkachu: Use a symb. link, as sacarlson said. The only problem with this method is that one user doesn't get write.17:41
sacarlsonPikkachu: you can have more than one sybolic link to one file17:41
Pikkachusacarlson: do you think it's the cleanest solution? what place you'd suggest to keep the configs? /etc/skel itself?17:41
kk23which software is best to make clone a disk with linux and windows?17:42
Pikkachusacarlson: oh sorry no write access, so not /etc/skel17:42
sarythkk23: You can use dd17:42
sacarlsonPikkachu: ya then even newly created users will have the same config17:42
kk23saryth dd i read an article took long time17:43
sacarlsonPikkachu: sorry I'm not very security minded17:43
Pikkachusacarlson: but /etc is not writable for regular users, so it's a non-go17:43
kk23i though to use Gddrescue17:43
sacarlsonPikkachu: you can change a single file in /etc to be 777 if you want17:43
hashashinkk23, clonezilla livecd can make the job i guest17:43
Pikkachusaryth: not if you give write access, and that's required since apps does not only read configs17:44
kk23i try with clonezilla but nothing17:44
kk23disk not boot17:44
thedudeabidesi'm running precise pangolin and the latest nvidia-current is crashing unity when running webgl on firefox17:44
sacarlsonPikkachu: chmod 777 /etc/skel ; I mean17:44
kk23now i try with norton ghost 4 linux17:44
sarythsacarlson: Does the num system work with chmod?17:44
memikemsacarlson, do not chmod 77717:45
kk23the problem is grub17:45
Pikkachusacarlson: hmm I can't recall if you need write access through the whole path to write to a file, do you need?17:45
kk23when clone didn't load17:45
Pikkachusacarlson: I'd chmod only specific files not the whole skel dir I think17:45
tomodoxfce sensors thing is not verygood17:45
tomodothe bars show up as red17:45
sacarlsonmemikem: I told them I wasn't security minded you could disable executable if you want or total bad idea like memikem said17:45
zykotick9thedudeabides: try reasking in #ubuntu+117:45
croffetrever420: I did try my BCM57780 wired NIC with 64-bit 11.10 LiveUSB stick, with no luck. any suggestions on what to try next to get a Broadcom card to work?17:46
Pikkachusaryth: yes17:46
thedudeabideszykotick9: thanks17:46
goddardhow can i speed test a server ?17:46
sarythcroffe: Can you get windows drivers?17:46
goddardbandwidth speed17:46
Cajun_Lan_ManHello all.  I'm having an issue with Ubuntu 11.10, which is happening on multiple computers.  At times the computer will lock up, but the mouse continues to move.  Mouse clicks do not register, nor to keyboard commands. The only thing I can seem to do is reboot.  This is happening on a 4 year old Dell, and a 2 year old HP. Any ideas?17:46
croffesaryth: yes, there are Windows drivers, also in the Broadcom site they do have a tgz with rpm files for Linux drivers.17:47
PikkachuCajun_Lan_Man: yes, reinstall from scratch17:47
sarythcroffe: I recommend downloading the windows drivers and using ndiswrapper17:47
Cajun_Lan_ManPikkachu: This is happening on a clean install, as of 2 days ago.17:47
kokozaursA bit non ubuntu related question, is there any way to download attachment from ipb forum without registration?17:47
PikkachuCajun_Lan_Man: I assume that years old includes dist-upgrades17:47
croffeIs ndiswrapper comparably fast/stable?17:48
PikkachuCajun_Lan_Man: ah ok sorry then17:48
mayurBlack screen is shown on startup.Can anyone help?17:48
=== michael is now known as Guest39336
sarythcroffe:When I used it, it worked fine17:48
Cajun_Lan_ManPikkachu: the age was referring to the hardware.  The installs are both clean.17:48
zykotick9!nomodeset | mayur17:48
ubottumayur: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter17:48
kokozaursOr in worst case17:48
kokozaursthere is an setting that admins need to17:48
kokozaursapprove people before they can download attachments, i need to download one from that specific forum17:48
mayuri tried that but the prblm persists17:48
kokozaursis there any way to find the path where the file is actually located? Invision power board17:49
sacarlsonPikkachu: I just verified you can read write files in /etc with a standard user if file is set to chmod 77717:49
trever420croffe: i'm not sure... but you might be able to use ndiswrapper on the Windows driver and see if it works17:49
Pikkachusaryth, sacarlson: thanks for the suggestions, I'll consider putting specfic settings onto /etc/skell then chmod g=rw them. However I have to greate a group, any name suggestions? Maybe 'sharedconf'? Maybe using an existing one, but which?17:50
mbeierlquestion: I have a PPTP connection from one ubuntu box to another.  If I attempt to ssh using the pptp peer address, the connection handshake occurs but after about 2 seconds of inactivity (according to ssh -vv), the connection is terminated without any error or log on the server.  I know the keys/etc are all good17:50
sarythPikkachu: Create a new group, if you wish. You can add users to multiple groups17:51
Pikkachusacarlson: you don't +x a file unless you want to execute that file17:51
croffehmm ndiswrapper says it's for wireless drivers, whereas mine is wired :) will keep on reading though to see if it can be used with wired.17:51
Pikkachusaryth: I know the basics :P17:51
sacarlsonPikkachu: yes I just tested with chmod 666 /etc/filename and that works too17:51
sarythcroffe: Ndiswrapper can work with Ethernet17:51
sarythPikkachu: Just making sure ;317:51
zykotick9sacarlson: as a general rule, setting something to 777 is the wrong thing to do17:51
Pikkachusaryth: I think I'll take a look into existing groups, preferably those in which all users are included by default17:52
=== uurfr332gO is now known as urfr332gO
sacarlsonzykotick9: didn't I change it to 666 the so the devil has a part of it now17:52
zykotick9sacarlson: as a general rule, setting something to 666 is still the wrong thing to do ;)17:52
morphanyone running cinnamon on ubuntu?17:52
urfr332gOSo is vlc 2 in the Oneric repos now?17:52
sacarlsonzykotick9: so fix it17:53
Oerurfr332gO, no, not yet.17:53
zykotick9sacarlson: no.  i don't help people do things i don't agree with.17:54
aeon-ltdMaslo: passed17:54
urfr332gOOer, are you sure it has been in the 12.04 srepos ince the 18th?17:54
lucidguyDoes anyone know if there is a netdump package for Ubuntu.  My repos come back with nothing.17:54
sacarlsonzykotick9: when time is important at times people take risks that they shouldn't, I hope they find better solutions for the long run17:54
Oerurfr332gO, yes17:54
Pikkachuwould a dist-upgrade overwrite /etc/skell? also, how does config upgrade work? I've seen some diff dialogs in upgrades but I wonder how it works, is it package based? Is there any non-home config file which would not be added or managed (though scripts triggered on removal) by some package?17:55
sarythIs installing from PPA the only way of getting vlc 2 on ubuntu?17:56
urfr332gO!info | vlc17:56
ubottu'vlc' is not a valid distribution: hardy, hardy-backports, hardy-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, maverick, maverick-backports, maverick-proposed, medibuntu, natty, natty-backports, natty-proposed, oneiric, oneiric-backports, oneiric-proposed, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, unstable17:56
Pikkachusacarlson: if you mean about 777 or 666, they won't make the solution any faster to find out17:57
zykotick9morph: people have tried, and come in here asking for help (but it's not supported).  If you want cinnamon, use mint is easiest method.17:57
ubottuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs17:57
_Marcus!info vlc17:57
ubottuvlc (source: vlc): multimedia player and streamer. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.12-2~oneiric1 (oneiric), package size 1375 kB, installed size 3516 kB17:57
bellmanif you run Debian, you can simply apt-get install vlc to install the VLC media player.17:57
sacarlsonPikkachu: it's a solution that already works but with bad security as pointed out by zykotick917:57
urfr332gO_Marcus, thanks I was not sure of the bots syntax.17:57
_MarcusHello. I made a link to a directory(I used some mount command, I don't remember what it was) and I need to delete it. When I try to delete it or the folder that it links to it just says "rm: cannot remove `foldername': Device or resource is busy"17:58
_MarcusHow do I remove it?17:58
Pikkachusacarlson: you would rather suggest 66217:58
virungaHi, i want to know and see the interface of my network card object using gdbus but i don't know the object path, can you help me please?17:58
urfr332gOmorph, cinnamon is not supported here. :)17:59
zykotick9_Marcus: check output of "mount" it needs to be unmounted first (be sure your pwd isn't in that mount)17:59
sacarlsonPikkachu: I guess 660 then only the group allowed has read write with no executable might be closer but I"m not security minded17:59
_Marcuszykotick9: http://paste.ubuntu.com/851644/ It did say it twice.18:00
trismvirunga: install d-feet, it will be much easier to browse dbus and find what you need18:01
zykotick9_Marcus: "type none" what filesystem is this?18:01
sacarlsonPikkachu: then maybe you have something set so that new added users also are in that group?18:01
_Marcuszykotick9: Idk, it just followed what some tutorial online told me to do. It doesn't say how to remove it.18:01
zykotick9_Marcus: ummm, perhaps it's due to use of bind?18:01
llutzzykotick9: bind-mount "none (rw,bind)"18:01
_Marcuszykotick9: Yes! How do I unbind it?18:02
=== kokozaurs is now known as kokozaurz
llutz_Marcus: sudo umount /home/webmaster/name    twice18:03
zykotick9_Marcus: what happens if you run "sudo umount /home/webmaster/name"18:03
virungatrism, ok18:03
Pikkachusacarlson: that's achieved with 66x18:03
Pikkachusacarlson: as for the group I'll try to use one of those in which all users are included by default18:04
sacarlsonPikkachu: does chmod 66x /filename even work?  if it did sounds good18:04
Pikkachusacarlson: it's not very important the last bit, just though of o=r for convenience18:05
sacarlsonPikkachu: sound like a plan to me18:05
Pikkachusacarlson: are you human or a parser?18:05
bellmani have read that there is a new security exploit in sudo. how do you replace this feature with a safer form of root access.? i just want to be able to ssh -l root   or su -l18:05
sacarlsonPikkachu: what's a parser?  a robot?18:06
sarythbellman: su -c18:06
zykotick9!noroot | bellman18:06
ubottubellman: We do not support setting a root password. You're free to do it on your own machine, but please don't offer instructions on how to set a root password or ask for help with setting it. See !root and !wfm for more information.18:06
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants