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JamesTaitHappy Pancake Day! :D09:38
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czajkowskihas the add a device to U1 gone hiding on oneiric ?10:28
czajkowskitrying to add a computer but cannot see the add a device anywwhere :/10:29
czajkowskitwitpic.com/8mqze8  every time I click I've already have an ac it goes grey10:32
mandelczajkowski, let me check10:45
mandelczajkowski, have you joined?10:46
mandelczajkowski, in the image, you have to provide your creds10:46
czajkowskiyeah so i click on the I've an ac10:46
czajkowskibut it keeps going grey10:46
czajkowskibut the U1 folder on my desktop says it's syning10:47
mandelhm.. funny10:47
mandelczajkowski, do the following, go to the keyring and remove the Ubuntu One creds key10:47
czajkowskifunny isn';t the word I'd use , but possibly the politest :)10:48
mandelczajkowski, without the creds it sso will ask for them and you will be able to re-add the machine, then you should be ready to go10:48
czajkowskimandel: cheers10:49
mandelczajkowski, no problem, let me know if everything works ok10:50
rye  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/ubuntuone-control-panel/ubuntuone/controlpanel/gui/qt/filesyncstatus.py", line 73, in <module>11:05
rye    {'msg': WARNING_MARKUP % FILE_SYNC_ERROR, 'action': FILE_SYNC_RESTART,11:05
ryeUnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xc3 in position 24: ordinal not in range(128)11:05
* rye wants contrl panel11:06
ryealso, i want the reactor to stop when u1sdtool finishes11:06
mandelrye, cute!11:42
mandelrye, gatox is going to love that we still have unicode errors ;)11:42
ryemandel, my locale is es_ES though11:47
mandelrye, even more fun :P11:48
czajkowskimandel: thanks that fixed it I think, I had to add my new address to it which could have been the issue as my sso changed.  But files on old computer say they are updates to u1 but checking them on other machine U1 isn;t showing them still11:54
mandelczajkowski, give it some time, if after lunch you have issues we can take a look at the logs11:55
czajkowskisure thanks11:57
mandelok, early lunch for me12:05
* mandel early lunch12:05
gordhey peeps, the ubuntuone plugin in rhythmbox is manually  adding ~/.ubuntuone/Purchased from Ubuntu One and ~/.local/share/ubuntuone/Purchased from Ubuntu One/ - causing all my music to get indexed twice. any way i can get it to stop doing that? its rather annoying12:41
ryegord, is the last one a symlink to the first one?12:50
gordrye, yeah, i assume it was created by u1 at some point, no idea if it still uses it12:50
ryeaquarius, ^ do you recall?12:51
aquariusgord, it's created by the Rhythmbox plugin; it's there because people requested that music was placed in an XDG folder, and the symlink was a compromise to do that.12:52
gordaquarius, can we get the rb plugin to only index from one of them not both then? it actually only adds weird thing is, the plugin only adds ~/.ubuntuone/Purchased from Ubuntu One/ to the rhythmbox library gsettings key, doesn't add the other one, no idea how its even getting the library to update from there12:53
aquariusgord, RB shouldn't be indexing the .local folder12:54
aquariusgord, if it is... it's not supposed to be.12:54
gordi agree ;) if i remove the u1 plugin it stops indexing that folder though12:54
aquariusgord, davmor2 and repete seemed to have this problem too. dobey, ping about this; why would RB be indexing music in .local/share if it's not in the library gsettings key to do so?12:55
gordaquarius, dobey, looks like MusicStoreWidget.py manually adds your library from the XDG directory where-as ubuntuone.py adds the .ubuntuone/Purcha.. directory to your gsettings key13:02
aquariusso that sounds like we're doing both and shouldn't be. dobey, ^13:02
* mandel back13:42
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alecuhello all!13:46
ralsinahello alecu!13:46
ralsinarestarting session because this is not working :-/13:47
ralsinaGrmbl, for some reason my dbus system bus is crashing and things go awesomely bad13:49
mandelalecu, ralsina hello!13:55
alecuhola mandel!13:55
mandelalecu, we have ssl dialog! I need to clena the code and will ask for reviews :)13:55
mandelalecu, how did the long weekend go?13:56
alecumandel, it's still going on... I had to cut it short, because I'll probably be taking this friday off.13:57
alecumandel, everybody is sleeping at my home... it's a very quiet day.13:57
mandelalecu, ah, well better on a friday hehe13:57
alecumandel, I'm looking at your osx porting notes, and looking at the inotify docs... and I just realized this:14:01
alecucat /proc/sys/fs/inotify/max_user_watches -> 819214:01
mandelalecu, la puta!14:02
alecumandel, that means that syncdaemon on linux can handle a maximum of 8192 folders, total.14:02
ralsinaalecu, mandel: BTW we have a bug about noticing when we run out of watches and telling the user about it14:02
alecumandel, (probably a bit less if other apps are using watches too)14:02
ralsinaalecu, mandel: and that is better done using syctl so it's persistent14:03
mandelI love how we hit some many doggy things.. who wants to invest in alecu practicing kernel programming? raise your hand o/14:03
alecumandel, I'll just make a patch to increase that number... say... tenfold14:04
mandelalecu, lol that is cheating!14:04
dobeyaquarius, gord: there should be a bug filed about duplicate entries already14:11
aquariusdobey, I thought you already knew about this, indeed14:12
ryemandel, ralsina please pass this to gatox - bug #93780914:15
ryebug 937809 ?14:15
mandelubuntulog, you son of a ...14:15
mandelputo, responde!14:15
mandelubuntulog, Y U NO ANSWER!14:15
ryeubuntuone-control-panel-qt crashed with UnicodeDecodeError in /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/ubuntuone-control-panel/ubuntuone/controlpanel/gui/qt/filesyncstatus.py: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xc3 in position 24: ordinal not in range(128)14:15
ralsinarye: hahahaha gatox is going to go insane ;-)14:16
ralsinarye: I will buy him cake for his 100th unicode bug though14:16
elopiormcbride: hi. Are you working today?14:37
rmcbrideelopio: yes I am.14:38
elopiormcbride: great. Can you meet with me at 16:00 UTC?14:38
rmcbrideelopio: I have to do the time conversion to know when that is, but sure :)14:39
elopiojoshuahoover is sick today, and pfibiger will not be available, so this week will be just the two of us.14:40
rmcbrideelopio: OK, and I have the time marked now14:40
dobeymandel: ubuntulog isn't the bugs bot14:47
mandeldobey, I just need to yell at someone :P14:48
dobeythe bot is missing14:48
mandeldobey, give me the right target!14:48
dobeybut that bug is private so it wouldn't have helped anyway14:48
* dobey wonders which bot it was14:48
* dobey reboots real quick14:49
ryeno longer private14:52
dobeyugh now there is an ugly triangle in the bottom corner of my windows14:54
mandeldobey, does the triangle move when you move the mouse?15:00
dobeymandel: it's the resize thing yes15:01
mandeldobey, ralsina, alecu no stand up, right?15:03
ralsinaI am on a call, so standup if you have notes,or not15:03
ralsinaBut tomorrow, we have one!15:04
mandelthen tom, right alecu dobey ?15:04
dobeyalecu: aren't you on holiday?15:04
urbanapedo we do standup in Mumble or just here?15:05
ralsinaurbanape: it's here15:05
ralsinaurbanape: are you already on desktop? I thought you switched next week! :-)15:06
urbanapeyou said monday!15:06
urbanapeif you don't need me until next week, that's okay, too.15:06
ralsinaurbanape: well, next week has a monday too. You said you needed two weeks for iOS :-)15:06
dobeyurbanape is switching?15:06
ralsinadobey: on a loan15:06
urbanapewe've always got polishing on iOS stuff to do15:06
urbanapeokay, cool. See you all next week!15:07
ralsinaurbanape: hahaha, interesting problem we are having. See you next week :-)15:07
mandelif only there was a day we could identify days by ids.. a way the will never repeat and would be exact..15:07
ralsinaurbanape: we still need to talk a little about how we are going to do it. Want to have a conversation with you, alecu and mandel tomorrow if that's ok for you both15:08
urbanapesure thing15:08
mandelI know, I'm going to write a standard for it.. maybe something like dividing the year in sectors and those sectors in days and then add an id for each and combine them...15:08
alecudobey, I'm on a swap from the long holiday15:08
mandelI'm going to call it calendar!! CALENDAR buahauhauhaauha15:08
ralsinamandel: ha! you are so subtle.15:08
mandelralsina, hehe15:09
mandelralsina, I'm in for the chat15:09
ralsinamandel: can you schedule that call tomorrow? As early as possible for all.15:09
mandelralsina, you know my sense of humor hehe it was a parallel conversation :)15:09
dobeymandel: does each day have a UUID?15:09
mandeldobey, I think is the best way.. how else?15:09
dobeyToday is Boomtime, the 52nd day of Chaos in the YOLD 317815:10
dobeyi prefer that calendar :)15:10
rmcbridewow. I haven't played KoL in forever dobey15:15
ryedear software, please stop fixing itself when I am debugging you15:16
ryealso, does anybody have a working qt control panel now (not with nightlies)15:16
ryeoh, ralsina btw15:16
ryeralsina, u1sdtool hangs (and jono filed a bug) - is it going to work/working in nightlies?15:17
dobeyrye: it is a known problem15:17
dobeyugh. the weather, it hurts.15:29
dobeylunch and errands here. bbiab15:58
mandelralsina, ping?16:04
mandelalecu, ralsina can I have reviews for https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/ssl-dialog/+merge/9401216:15
mandelalecu, ralsina if that branch lands we made the UI freeze deadline, right?16:15
alecumandel, probably not. Branches are supposed to land on friday in order to be packaged today, so they get some test in nightlies.16:19
mandelalecu, :(16:19
mandelalecu, ralsina also, a very simple one: https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/fix-credentials-text/+merge/9401616:27
mandeldoes the qt control panel ask for credentials every single time?16:31
mandelit seems so in my machine16:31
beunodobey, heya. Any idea what package I can be missing if I no longer have u1 nautilus integration?16:56
apol_hi, I need to get an Ubuntu SSO token to do some client operations (to ubuntu rnr service)16:57
apol_does anybody know if there's any code I can look into?16:57
mandelapol_, what exactly do you need to do?16:59
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mandelapol_, sorry system went bananas17:04
apol_mandel: well, login to get a token then issue some requests to the rnr API17:04
ralsinamandel: pong17:05
mandelapol_, take a look at the lp:ubuntu-sso-client code17:05
ralsinamandel: we arenot supposed to land anything today17:05
mandelapol_, although you can also use the ubuntu sso client dbus api to do that if you are not in a headless server or something17:05
mandelralsina, ok, no reviews then?17:05
ralsinamandel: you are free to convince nessita about it. Let's have the reviews done just in case17:06
apol_mandel: no, it's for muon, KDE/Kubuntu's software center17:06
mandelralsina, well, it can be blocked, I'll keep moving in my pipeline17:06
mandelapol_, well, here is the things, there is a ubuntu sso client ui done in qt and we are working on making that the default17:06
apol_mandel: what package provides this API?17:07
mandelapol_, so using the dbus api sounds like a more reasonable approach, right?17:07
mandelapol_, let me get the package name17:07
apol_mandel: well, it's a possibility, haven't made up my mind yet. It also depends on the dependencies it pulls17:07
mandelapol_, ubuntu-sso-client17:07
mandelapol_, it should just pull qt, which is there and the correct code to perform the calls17:08
ralsinamandel, alecu,dobey: I forgot to mention, but brian is onjury duty, supposed to come back tomorrow, but you never knoe17:08
mandelralsina, hahaha that's so american :)17:08
apol_mandel: it depends on a lot of python and gtk stuff :)17:09
ralsinamandel: yes, if he lived in Valencia, his contribution to the legal system would be a dentist appointment instead ;-)17:09
apol_(in 11.10)17:09
mandelapol_, atm yes, that is why you should look at lp:ubuntu-sso-client17:09
mandelapol_, take a look at the nightlies17:10
apol_mandel: ok, I will17:10
mandelralsina, yes, and he will get money so that the politician did not get in jail :)17:10
ralsinamandel: indeed. Win win! ;-)17:10
mandelapol_, if you have any questions feel free to ask me, ralsina, gatos or nessita17:10
apol_ok, thank you :)17:11
mandelapol_, no problem, here to help :)17:13
apol_apparently you're all spanish in this group no? :P (just saw the names in lp)17:13
apol_(i'm from barcelona)17:13
mandelapol_, most of them are argentian.. so I keep listening to bad pronunciation hehe17:14
mandelapol_, I'm from mallorca17:15
apol_nice :)17:15
mandelWTF: http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/android17:17
mandelso we run on 'some' arm phones :P17:18
mandelok, EOD for me, got rugby and I need to walk the dog17:21
* mandel away17:21
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dobeybeuno: ubuntuone-client-gnome ?17:40
beunodobey, indeed, thanks17:41
dobeyapol_: you can use ubuntu-sso-client. there is a qt front-end for it now. look at how ubuntu-software-center uses it, and you should probably just make similar requests17:42
apol_dobey: ubuntu-software-center uses a qt client? what would this look like? a library?17:46
dobeyapol_: no. ubuntu-software-center uses ubuntu-sso-client17:51
dobeyapol_: ubuntu-sso-client now has a qt front-end as well as a gtk+ front end, in 12.04 (ubuntu-sso-client-qt vs. ubuntu-sso-client-qt)17:51
dobeyone of those is gtk17:51
apol_ok :)17:52
elopiodobey: do you have time to give me a hand?17:52
dobeyelopio: i never have time for anything, but what's up? :)17:53
elopioI need to start the qt control panel with the qt -testability option.17:53
elopiodobey: I know. The question was a formality, I was going to ask for your help anyway ;)17:53
dobeyelopio: i don't know what the "qt -testability option" is17:54
apol_dobey: would you be open to external contributions? like supporting fdo's secretservice instead of gnome keyring?17:54
elopiodobey: there's a qt testability driver that allows a testing framework to inspect the UI objects.17:54
elopioon the documentation, it says:17:54
elopioIf your application is a standard Qt application, use the "-testability" argument:17:55
elopiomyapp -testability17:55
dobeyapol_: ubuntu-sso-client already uses the fdo secrets dbus api17:55
apol_:) sorry dobey17:55
elopiodobey: but if I do that, I get: ubuntuone-control-panel-qt: error: no such option: -t17:55
apol_i'll have to take a look into the new version then17:55
dobeyapol_: if the packages currently in ubuntu depend on gnome-keyring specifically, it's likely to work around some other packaging issues or issues in the keyring itself :)17:56
dobeyelopio: i think you'll have to ask ralsina or nessita probably. i guess control panel is doing its own options thing instead of using the qt API, and breaking that.17:57
elopiodobey: so, I guess that I can hardcode the -testability argument where the qt control panel is started. But I don't know where it is.17:57
elopiodobey: ok. I'll ask them when they return.17:58
apol_dobey: is it documented anywhere how to use this ubuntu-sso-client?17:58
dobeyapol_: i really don't know. i always just look at the code regardless of whether there is documentation or not for something, if i can. i guess it's a bit of a habit developed from being used to having no/poor/broken documentation :)18:02
dobeyhrmm, i don't see it on http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/platform/api/ though18:03
dobeyaquarius: ^^ do you know?18:03
aquariusthe sso-client desktop software isn't documented yet, I'm afraid :(18:03
apol_dobey: so what code should I look in? lp:software-center?18:04
aquariusapol_, bear with me, because I'm not quite following what you want, so could I get you to explain again? Sorry18:05
aquariusapol_, you need an Ubuntu One oauth token in order to do something, yes?18:05
apol_aquarius: i'm working on Kubuntu's software-center thing. AFAIU, I need ubuntuone oauth token to ask for stuff18:06
apol_i've been suggested to look into this ubuntu-sso-client18:06
apol_aquarius: I'm trying to figure out if it's a solution18:06
aquariusapol_, ah, right, the token is for doing ratings and reviews and so on, got it. In that example, you're dealing purly with Ubuntu SSO -- that's not Ubuntu One, so don't be confused by things talking about Ubuntu One tokens.18:07
aquariusapol_, yes, the best place to look right now is software-center.18:07
dobeyaquarius: he wants to do exatly what software-center is doing, but in kde instead :)18:07
apol_dobey: yes, basically18:08
aquariusdobey, right, and that's a good thing -- the point is that that's not an Ubuntu One token, so don't be confused by all of U1's token stuff because that's not connected. :)18:08
dobeyapol_: so yeah, look at software-center code that does the authorization stuff.18:08
dobeyaquarius: right. i don't think there is any confusion about that. nobody ever mentioned any u1 tokens in the discussion until you did just now :)18:09
apol_well then is this the right channel? i was told it was connected somehow (yep, my ubuntu knowledge isn't the best)18:09
aquariusthat's why I said I was confused ;)18:09
dobeyapol_: we developed ubuntu-sso-client yes18:09
apol_aquarius, dobey: so what's this ubuntu-sso-client about?18:09
apol_or, how can I use it?18:10
dobeyapol_: it's the client software for talking to the ubuntu sso server and doing authorization for your application18:10
ralsinaapol_: should not be a lot of code, either. Look for Credentials. ubuntu-sso-client is a way for desktop apps to authenticate to anything that uses login.ubuntu.com18:10
apol_well then it's a daemon right18:11
ralsinaapol_: it provides a service via Dbus but it doesn't need to be running all the time18:11
apol_that exposes some API through dbus?18:11
dobeyapol_: look at the software-center code where they do the authorization and make the dbus calls to ubuntu-sso-client, then convert to whatever language you are deeloping in, and make the same calls with similar arguments18:11
ralsinaapol_: when the app needs it, it will start18:11
dobeyapol_: yes, it's a service, and the front-ends are separate processes now18:12
ralsinaapol_: but yes, you can act as if it were running all the time :)18:12
dobeyapol_: so you can request the gtk+ one or the qt one specifically now as well i think, but they should both look the same regardless18:12
apol_well, just grep'd ubuntu-sso-client through the software-center code and the only places I get are comments18:13
apol_or debian/changelog18:13
elopioralsina: do you have time to give me a hand? :D18:14
ralsinaelopio: sure!18:14
elopioralsina: I need to pass an -testability argument to the qt control panel.18:14
ralsinaelopio: we are not passing the apps to QApplication18:14
ralsinaelopio: that's a bug18:14
ralsinaYou can hardcode it though, to seeifit works. Look forQApplication and add it :-)18:15
elopioralsina: I thought of hard-coding it where the application is started, but I know where's that.18:15
ralsinaelopio: ok, let me find it for you18:15
ralsinaelopio: gonna take just 2' (need to checkout trunk)18:15
elopioralsina: the closest I got was ubuntuone/controlpanel/gui/qt/uniqueapp/linux.py18:16
elopiobut I don't know how to add the -testability argument there.18:16
ralsinaelopio: yes, that is very close. Give me 1' and I will give you a diff18:16
ralsinaelopio: change super(UniqueApplication, self).__init__(argv) to super(UniqueApplication, self).__init__(argv+"-testability")18:17
ralsinaelopio: that should do it18:17
dobeyapol_: well "ubuntu-sso-client" isn't a valid variable name, and isn't a valid dbus interface name, so you probably won't find much looking for that exact string. :)18:17
dobeyapol_: i'm sure the authorization is a contained module in the code though, so should be easy to find18:17
dobeyapol_: and "com.ubuntu.sso" i think is the dbus interface name, though is probably defined in a constant in the authorization code, and re-used18:18
* apol_ is diving through com.ubuntu.sso in qdbusviewer...18:18
elopioralsina: that would be super(UniqueApplication, self).__init__(argv+["-testability"])18:19
dobeyapol_: you can also ask in #ubuntu-desktop for more specific help about the software center. it's not part of the ubuntuone projects, so we don't really know much about it ourselves :)18:19
elopioralsina: it worked, thanks.18:19
apol_dobey: ok :)18:19
dobeyok, really need to make releases now18:23
ralsinaelopio: could you file a bug against u1cp about us respecting qt's command line options?18:25
apol_dobey: for what I see, the sso dbus interface exposes everything needed, why do you need a qt and gtk interface?18:29
elopioralsina: sure, I will.18:29
dobeyapol_: the ubuntu-sso-login service has to pop up UI for a user to log in or create an account. that UI can either be gtk+ or qt currently.18:30
apol_dobey: the login method asks for username, password and appname18:31
dobeyapol_: i think that one is deprecated. and well, you probably don't know the username and password already. and also, if auth fails, it will have to pop up a dialog again18:32
apol_deprecated :D great18:32
apol_dobey: well, thing is I can do that in the client too18:32
dobeyapol_: i think you are supposed to call login() on the CredentialsManagemenet interface18:35
dobeyapol_: the SSOLogin interface is what the UI uses to talk to the main sso login service (as they are separate processes)18:36
apol_dobey: if I use the login() method I get this error: "Unable to find method login on path /com/ubuntu/sso/credentials in interface com.ubuntu.sso.CredentialsManagement"18:36
dobeyapol_: with what arguments are you passing it?18:41
apol_dobey: it has no arguments18:41
dobeyapol_: the signature is 'sa{ss}'18:41
dobeyapol_: so you need to pass the app name, and a dict with help_text, ping_url, tc_url, and window_id if any of them are necessary18:43
apol_i found what was going on18:43
apol_I needed the com.ubuntu.sso.ApplicationCredentials::login_to_get_credentials method18:44
apol_dobey: well, got something to work somehow18:48
apol_thanks a lot for your help18:48
apol_(and others too :)18:48

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