slaskiswhen a script fails to start, can i get a log somewhere on what failed?13:22
SpamapSslaskis: the latest version of upstart, 1.4, has automatic logging of job output built in14:57
slaskisSpamapS: great, i'm working on upgrading my ubuntu now to get a newer upstart...14:57
SpamapSslaskis: prior versions, you'll need to pipe output to something like logger, or to a file14:57
SpamapSslaskis: heh.. precise is the only version that has this.. so be aware that you are upgrading to an alpha version of ubuntu. :)14:59
slaskisSpamapS: i wasn't aware that precise existed until it upgraded to it14:59
slaskisand being alpha explains why it doesn't start ;/14:59
SpamapSslaskis: typically the best wway to do upgrades is 'do-release-upgrade', I presume you dist-upgraded after changing sources.list ?15:02
slaskisi did do-release-upgrade15:02
SpamapSand you're getting a fail to boot?15:02
slaskisyeah, well unfortunately i followed this http://wiki.slicehost.com/doku.php?id=upgrade_ubuntu-server_lts_to_lts and since i kept getting "no new release" (although I knew that 10.04 was not the latest) i used --devel-release and got the alpha oneā€¦it's not the end of the world as i'm playing with a vm but still15:04
SpamapSslaskis: would be very interested to hear how it is failing to boot.. now is the time to fix those bugs15:30
slaskisSpamapS: it's this issue: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/upstart/+bug/93666715:30
slaskisyou don't happen to know how i can "add --no-log as a kernel option" ?15:31
SpamapSslaskis: what kind of VM is this? on physical systems you add it at grub boot time15:32
slaskisit's a linode instance15:32
slaskisso, i guess kvm?15:32
slaskisi managed to boot with "init=/bin/bash" 15:34
slaskiswhere i don't get those logs 15:34
SpamapSslaskis: ah, you can probably manually bring up the network and install an earlier version of upstart that doesn't have logging enabled15:34
SpamapSslaskis: wait, if you can say 'init=/bin/bash' you can say, in the same place, --no-log15:35
slaskisSpamapS: unfortunately not :/ it's a simple radio select in a web interface15:35
slaskisoptions are "default run level", "single user mode" and "init=/bin/bash"15:36
SpamapSslaskis: hrm.. you need upstart 1.4-0ubuntu615:38
slaskisSpamapS: ah, I have 1.4.0ubuntu8 now15:45
slaskishow would i install an older version, doesn't seem like apt-get is usable in this console15:49
slaskis"Unable to write to /var/cache/apt/" 15:49
SpamapSslaskis: mount / -o remount,rw15:50
SpamapSslaskis: make sure, before you exit your shell, that you 'mount / -o remount,ro'15:51
slaskisSpamapS: ooh, it only mounts read only15:51
slaskisok, another noob question then :P how do i make apt-get find an older package? "apt-get install upstart=1.4.0ubuntu6" doesn't find that version (because it's not in the cache?)15:52
kklimondaJanC: thanks, it looks like that I'be been looking for17:02

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