ochosimorning everyone08:51
baizonhi hi08:52
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micahgochosi: are those 2 bugs it for backports for gmb?09:18
ochosimicahg: yes09:19
ochosimicahg: sorry, haven't gotten round to adding the third test-case for the sound-menu09:19
micahgok, I guess you're leaving me to do the debdiffs?09:19
ochosino, i thought i'd do that after adding the third bug09:19
micahgoh, so, there is a 3rd bug09:19
ochosibut if you wanna do the debdiffs, i'm not holding you back :)09:19
ochosithing is that i have to get a hold of the developer again09:20
ochosii'm not 100% sure what each commit does and what all the problems with mpris2 were09:20
micahgochosi: about the overlay scrollbars bug, will this break on non-overlay scrollbar enabled systems?  I was going to upload to natty and oneiric since they have the same upstream version09:20
ochosii'm using the version from my ppa mostly (which is pretty much git)09:20
ochosino, it won't break that. i'm not using overlay scrollbars and the patches didn't break my system/gmusicbrowser09:21
ochosiyeah, natty and oneiric would be cool09:21
micahgokay, both patches look sane, I'll open tasks for you09:22
ochosimicahg: would you wanna wait for the third bugreport for the backport or do these two first?09:23
ochosihi j1mc 09:23
micahgdoesn't matter to me, it's just a week in -proposed in between uploads09:23
ochosiin that case i'd say let's go forward with these two first09:24
ochosibecause i'll be on holidays from thursday on for a week09:24
ochosiand really off irc09:24
micahgI'll be piloting for the next half hour or so if you want to create the debdiffs09:24
ochosiok, i'll first have to read up on how to really do that :p09:24
ochosimicahg: quick question, i'm generally following this guide now https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Recipes/Debdiff, do i have to add stuff to the changelog as well for the debdiff?09:33
micahgyou'll need a new entry versioned properly (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/UpdatePreparation#Update_the_packaging)09:34
ochosiok, who do i put as maintainer/committer? you? upstream?09:34
micahgyou go on the maintainer line in debian/changelog as it's your upload09:34
micahgBTW, that's set with the DEBEMAIL and DEBFULLNAME env vars09:35
ochosithanks, i'm not really into the packaging stuff yet :)09:35
ochosimicahg: hm, put me just in debian/changelog or change the maintainer stuff in debian/control also?09:38
micahgochosi: run update-maintainer for debian/control09:39
j1mchey ochosi 09:40
j1mci got your email. lunch tomorrow sounds good.09:41
astraljavaWho's buying? I'm in. :D09:41
ochosiok, good09:42
ochosimicahg: thanks. one more question. so the correct version number to use would be 1.1.7-2ubuntu1, since it's a backported fix? or would it rather be 1.1.7-3 ?09:43
micahgdid you see the security wiki page?09:44
ochosiyes, read, maybe not 100% understood09:44
micahgnatty and oneiric have the same version :)09:44
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ochosierrm, so which version number is it then? :)09:46
micahg2.0-2 in two releases         2.0-2ubuntu0.5.04.1 and 2.0-2ubuntu0.5.10.1 is the hint line09:46
ochosiso it'd have to be 2.0-2ubuntu0.11.04.1 and 2.0-2ubuntu0.11.10.1 ?09:48
micahgwell, if you've got the right idea, you just need to use the gmb Debian version instead of the example :)09:49
ochosibut in debian/changelog i can only put one number09:49
ochosiyup, 1.1.7-2ubuntu0.11.04.109:50
micahgyep, looks good09:50
ochosicurrently there's "unstable" (i guess from debian), do we keep that?09:50
micahgyou'll do one for natty, then change the debdiff to reflect oneiric s/11.04/11.10/ s/natty/oneiric/09:50
ochosioh ok, so two debdiffs09:51
micahgyou targer natty-proposed09:51
micahgand oneiric-proposed09:51
ochosiok, i think i get it now09:51
ochosimeh: update-maintainer: Error: Unsupported additional parameters specified: debian/control09:53
ochosimicahg: ^09:54
micahgdid you add a new changelog entry yet?09:55
micahgdid you modify anything in debian/control?09:55
ochosii'm pretty sure i didn't09:55
ochosibut i can quickly get a clean version of it09:56
ochosino, still the same error09:56
micahgcan you pastebin the file?09:56
micahgare you on precise?09:57
ochosino, oneiric09:57
micahghmm, still should work :)09:57
ochosibut i started with the changelog/debdiff for natty09:57
ochosiso do you want changelog or control?09:58
ochosimicahg: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/851139/09:59
micahgnothing unusual09:59
ochosiit's the clean file from the package anyway10:00
ochosii'd be surprised if that were borked10:00
ochosiwanna see the changelog?10:00
ochosimaybe there's a problem there10:00
micahgsure, just | head should be fine10:00
micahgas long as it includes the maintainer line10:00
ochosimicahg: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/851142/10:01
mr_pouitsimply move manually Maintainer: to XSBC-Original-Maintainer:, and set the new maintainer as Xubuntu Developers <xubuntu-devel@lists.ubuntu.com> :P10:02
ochosihey lionel10:02
micahgwfm in an oneiric chroot :)10:04
ochosimicahg: lost in chroot? :)11:19
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micahgochosi: no, just various issues19:05
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