limescouthey, just installed the latest version of xubuntu on my laptop, it's going good so far00:02
godmachine-e350whats the deal with grub not being displayed at boot and the monitor being shut off after POST until the display manager initializes X ?00:07
godmachine-e350i've installed 3 xubuntu installs (2 of them 11.10, 1 of them 12.04) all of them don't give me a grub menu at boot, and the display doesn't come up until after the X session starts00:08
godmachine-e350i know its not just the "quiet" or "nosplash" kernel lines, because grub doesn't even display the menu at all.  i tried to mess with it with grub-customizer + startupmanager and couldn't figure out what the deal was.00:09
holsteinstarn: the performance of the windows driver on that hardware is irrelavant... the *entire* device, including *all* jacks is what you are entering there00:32
starnholstein: ok.. and what if the ubuntu drivers don't see all the jacks? i would assume something is configured wrongly.. i been readin http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=158504700:33
starnbe right back.00:36
starnholstein: hey i got it to detect more than one device... kinda.. it's actually detecting sub device now..00:47
user1_guys, anyone got a background with the plymouth SOLAR THEME in 1366x768 res??01:08
user1_I want to make the login bg the same as the splash01:10
user1_having difficulties doing it01:10
holsteinstarn: not really though.. if you only have the one device..01:50
holsteinstarn: whats really going to make a difference is either the kernel or the ALSA version.. thats why i suggested live CD, since that is an easy way to try different versions and not break something01:56
popschwhich command line utility can play wav files?02:07
popschthe answer is vlc with the dummy interface: vlc -I dummy %s02:14
starnhow do i find my alsa verion holstein ?02:50
hackviewI am currently running the latest version of ubuntu from the ubuntu site not xubuntu. I am not a big fan of the changes made to the interface (unity?). My Q: Is there an easy upgrade/package I can install in ubuntu to transform ubuntu into xubuntu?04:11
hackviewreinstalls suck when you have everything setup the way you like it, minus the interesting new interface w/ the latest version of ubuntu, might be switching to xubuntu =)04:12
hackviewno ideas? I'm running out of PC's and partitions for all my endeavors. I will lurk for a moment and see if someone answers :) thanks04:14
holsteinhackview: xubuntu-desktop04:43
holsteinor just XFCE...04:43
Unit193!purexfce |or if you wish this04:44
ubottuor if you wish this: If you want to remove all !KDE and !Gnome packages and have a default !Xubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce »04:44
xchrisxhey guys, i'm having trouble installing xubuntu.. i can run the livecd just fine but when i try to install and restart my comp, the system hangs05:32
xchrisxwhere should i start for debugging?05:33
nicofswhat is the/a recommended alternative to cheese? I just want to take pictures with my webcam...08:10
nicofscheese and all the files needed would take up 75MB of hdd space... that's just too much...08:11
Marzataand your hdd is 20 MB?08:13
nicofsMarzata, my dl allowance is limited08:13
nicofshdd is 4GB08:13
Marzataflash drives are even more08:14
nicofsMarzata, my hdd is an eMMC and thus more or less a flash drive...08:14
gourtoday i'm going to put latest xubuntu on my friend's netbook and wonder whether images can be used with usb stick?10:01
Myrttithey should work fine10:04
mongygour: if you mean booting the iso itself, then yes.10:05
mongygour: well, either way, you can put it to usb stick like 3 different ways.10:06
gourmongy: excuse me, was afk...10:54
gourmongy: so, i can just dd iso to the stick?10:56
mongygour: yup11:09
gourmongy: thanks..already doing it11:11
mongyI just a stick with grub2 on then it's a matter of copying a file over anytime I wanna put something differnet on11:11
gourheh, on arch i use syslinux as loader11:13
gourbut maybe using (default) grub2 is more shining which is important for my (she) friend :-)11:15
mongynothing shiny about it, unless you set it up to be11:15
mongymeh, hilights script is not doing what it's supposed to.  not showing me mentions/pm11:17
gourwhich client?11:17
gourmy weechat script is also complaining sometime, but i get hilight11:21
gourlet me try if usb stick boots11:21
hobgoblinmongy: working now?11:22
mongyhobgoblin: apparently not :(11:23
hobgoblinI would help - but I ran away screaming from weechat11:24
mongylet me try again.11:25
hobgoblinmongy: working now perhaps?11:29
hobgoblinbut I gtg11:29
* gour is installing alternate version under vbox11:38
duelleHi, sometimes my system doesn't boot up to the window manager. After switching to a tty and manually starting lightdm everything works as intended. In my Xorg log there is a line that said: "fatal error: no screens found"11:44
duelle Hi, recently my system (Xubuntu 11.10) sometimes doesn't boot to the window manager and stops somewhere in the boot process. By switching to TTY and starting my window manager service (lightdm)  manually, it starts up correctly and seems to work. Here you can find log outputs that could be helpful: http://pastebin.com/LHVFwMqG12:12
duelle Hi, recently my system (Xubuntu 11.10) sometimes doesn't boot to the window manager and stops somewhere in the boot process. By switching to TTY and starting my window manager service (lightdm)  manually, it starts up correctly and seems to work. Here you can find log outputs that could be helpful: http://pastebin.com/LHVFwMqG (and here my xorg.conf)12:18
bazhangwhat about using nomodeset12:23
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter12:23
duellebazhang, The thing is, that this problem occurs just in about 1 of 3 boots and not every time. So the driver and the config should be ok? Or is there anything that changes every time?12:26
bazhangduelle, what graphics card and what driver12:27
duellenvidia GeForce GTS450 and the xubuntu recommended driver version 280.13 (from "additional drivers")12:27
bazhanghmm thats odd12:28
duelleAnd this problem occured  the first time just 1 or 2 days ago. I didn't change anything graphic-driver related. The only "system" changes i made were the recommended updates by update manager ..12:29
ThePendulumHow do I find out the MAC address in (X)Ubuntu?12:32
ThePendulumWait. ifconfig > HWaddr?12:32
duelleyes ;)12:33
ThePendulumThanks :)12:33
ThePendulumIs there anything I need to set within (X)Ubuntu for Wake-on-LAN to work?12:33
duelleThePendulum, didn't ever try that, but found http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=234588 and http://www.blog.highub.com/php/php-core/set-ubuntu-up-for-wake-on-lan/ perhaps that helps?12:36
ThePendulumThanks, I'll read that then :)12:37
ThePendulumHaha, 'dialup friendly', haven't seen that in a while12:38
duelle:D I can't tell you anymore about that .. as I said .. didn't ever try it ..12:40
duelleGood luck12:40
ThePendulumThanks :)12:41
ThePendulumI think it's going to be quite neat to be able to start and control my computer using just my phone, lol12:41
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=== duelle_ is now known as duelle
xubuntu648any one here12:54
xubuntu648my mouse is not working help please?12:55
ThePendulumHave you tried another mouse, to be sure it's not a hardware failure?12:57
xubuntu648yup i have windows and its working there?12:57
ThePendulumThat's rather strange12:57
ThePendulumYou're on Windows now?12:57
ThePendulumOr another system?12:57
xubuntu648its just a fresh install of x 11.1012:58
ThePendulumI mean right now12:58
ThePendulumAre you using Xubuntu without a cursor at this moment?12:58
ThePendulumKudos to you in the first place, lol12:58
ThePendulumIs the cursor stuck somewhere, or just completely invisible?12:59
xubuntu648in the middle12:59
ThePendulumIs your mouse wireless or wired?13:00
xubuntu648wired mouse of hp13:00
ThePendulumThey make mouses now?13:00
ThePendulumAnyway, I assume you have tried to replug it?13:01
xubuntu648nope not yet :P13:01
ThePendulumWell, get your ass of that chair and try it! :P13:01
xubuntu648nope not worked xD13:02
duelleWhats the exact name of that mouse? Perhaps there are any known issues on the net?13:03
=== duelle_ is now known as duelle
xubuntu648idk its 5 years old and its sticker is faded13:04
duellexubuntu648, so it doesn't have any futuristic features that could be the cause for the missing support or anything like that ;)13:05
TheSheepxubuntu648: is that an usb mouse or a com mouse?13:05
xubuntu648nope its working perfectly in ubuntu 11.0413:05
xubuntu648but a wired fuck has happed13:05
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.13:06
xubuntu648com mouse13:06
TheSheepxubuntu648: com mouse won't work out of the box, you need to configure them in xorg.conf13:06
xubuntu648ok i will try thanx for help13:08
duelleGood luck13:09
ThePendulumAlright, my PC is able to wake up from Hibernation now13:18
ThePendulumPity I can't wake it up from complete off13:18
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.13:18
sandraG'day my fellow Xubuntu inmates :-)16:00
sandraI trust you are all doing well today :-)16:01
sandraI was hoping that someone here could be kind of enough to tell me how I get Xfce speaker icon in the tool bar to act like the Ubuntu speaker icon which works well with Pulseaudio and can perform simple tasks such as switching from my built in mic and speakers to my wireless USB headset.16:05
sandraI truly enjoy what I am seeing in Xubuntu but that nagging inability to make the switch from laptops internal speakers and mic to my wireless usb headset and not work is very annoying. Thank you for your thoughtful answers in advance :-)16:07
holsteinsandra: i use pavucontrol16:09
sandraholstein, Thank you so much for your help. But is there no way to use the gnome sound applet found in Ubuntu and use it in Xubuntu ? There was a ubuntu based Xfce distro that achieved it but is no longer active. I thought if they could do it why not Xubuntu ?16:18
sandraholstein, I think it would make Xubuntu more user friendly for basic sound tasks.16:21
Marzataxubuntu LTS is based on debian testing?16:27
sandraI hope Xubuntu considers using the Ubuntu sound applet to make audio switching tasks that much easier until Xfce can create comparable audio program.16:27
sandraMarzata, Yes it is16:28
sandraMarzata, But Ubuntu has it's own customizations that it add's to the Debian Testing kernel.16:29
Marzataand regular versions are based on debian unstable?16:30
sandraMarzata, ubuntu does use it yes16:31
Marzataso LTS are based on different debian?16:33
sandraMarzata, For Ubuntu's customized use yes.16:34
Marzatawhat ubuntu customizations are added to debian tested?16:35
sandraMarzata, I have no idea specifically what those customizations may be unfortunately.16:43
sandraBut got to love Google :-)16:43
Marzatalove machines?16:43
gourany advice how big root (lvm) partition to use for x86_64 install?16:56
gourputting xubuntu on my friend's netbook and want to partition disk Small /boot, root & home16:57
gouranother question, how big swap for netbook with 4GB memory?16:57
Marzata10 GB is OK16:59
Marzataswap min like the mem16:59
gourok, thanks16:59
Unit193An example "High RAM and high disk space With 2 GiB RAM and 100 GB hard disk, use 2 GiB for swap since hard disk space is plentiful."17:00
goursince we us lvm, we acan always shrink/extend later...17:01
hobgoblingour: I got 3Gb RAM 2Gb of swap - used perhaps 100Kb of it once - but it depends what you want to do - if you hibernate I would have RAM=SWAP17:02
gourgood, thanks17:02
hobgoblinor suspend - can never remember which without looking - /me is getting to old to remember17:03
doc|workhey, I come in to work today and get an update notification that the following packages would be from unauthenticated sources: libvorbis0a libvorbisenc2 libvorbisfile3. Anyone know why? Is it related to Independent being the selected sources on the "Other Software" tab17:03
doc|workoops, just realised I'm using xubuntu at home and ubuntu at work. Sorry. Will ask in the appropriate channel. It's early :)17:08
xubuntu652i got a question18:29
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:31
xubuntu652ok, I've just finished up install Xubuntu 11.10, and the bottom of the window is cut off, my netbook is 1024x60018:32
knomexubuntu652, alt+drag18:34
xubuntu652omg thats such a dumb ques...thanks so much thats done the trick.18:35
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recon_laphi, unity refugee here, how's everything in xubuntu land?18:53
likemindeadBrilliant! :D18:55
Marzataxubuntu is the best distro18:57
recon_lapgood to hear, been look at alternatives and think xfce is the place for me :)18:57
Marzataand the most stylish one18:57
recon_lapwell, feck stylish, i want a light weight desktop with maximum functionality and configuration, and i don't care if i can impress smart phone users with wobbly windows or other nonsense :)19:02
magerquarkrecon_lap, xubuntu is the version to go for19:04
magerquarkrecon_lap, or lubuntu19:05
recon_lapyes, but i'm wondering if sticking with ubuntu is the way to go considering their recent lack of judgement.19:06
Marzatalubuntu is amateurish19:06
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magerquarkMarzata, why? my nieces use it in an old computer and it runs real smooth19:08
Guest83971if i want to install xubuntu on a new machien sometime this week, am i better off with 12.04 alpha 2 or 11.10?  that is, will alpha 2 updates get to release more easily than 11.10 upgrade?19:08
pleia2Guest83971: you don't want to use alpha releases on production machines you depend upon, there will be bugs19:09
magerquarkGuest83971, use 11.10 and mount you home-directory on a different partition, as soon as 12.04 is a few months old i would install a fresh 12.0419:10
pleia2you can upgrade from 11.10 to 12.04 (I always do the upgrades)19:10
pleia2no need for a fresh install19:11
recon_lapGuest83971: I generaly will wait a month or more before upgrading to any new release, gives time for bugs to be sorted out so i dont have to deal with them19:11
Guest83971pleia2: it is my personal laptop.  i just know that funny things often happen during update.  if i do what you suggest then during the install i still select /home but don't format it and it'll associated the new account with the existing /home/user directory?19:11
magerquarka would also wait one or two months before switching to a new version, also i would always do a clean install19:12
pleia2Guest83971: I've never had problems with the upgrades, I don't know about the fresh install method with separate home that magerquark is suggesting19:12
recon_lapGuest83971: I always put my home on it's own partition, it's just so handy19:12
Guest83971recon_lap: i plan to put home on its own partition.  just wasn't sure how to gracefully install and associate the account again19:13
magerquarki had a few issues with upgrades, so i recommend a new installation, just from my experience19:14
recon_lapGuest83971: normally it works very well. but past performance is no guarantee of future outcomes19:15
recon_lapGuest83971: i'v also had issues with upgrades, but not for a few years, but i stick to LST releases19:16
Guest83971so this is why i was asking.  all of the potential problems with upgrading and recommending fresh installs.  so if i was doing fresh install today, you think it is any safer to fresh install latest precise (alpha2, not nightly) and get the updates vs fresh install 11.10 and then wait 4 months (release + 2) and then fresh install 12.0419:18
magerquarkGuest83971, pleia2 suggest to install 11.10 and with a later upgrade to 12.04, i suggest 11.10 and a later new installation of 12.0419:25
recon_lapGuest83971: cant answer that, I don't like unity, feel that gnome-shell is not ready for release to a large user base. currently I'm on 10.04 and will be staying there for a while yet, I've still got a year of support.19:25
recon_lapGuest83971: been a happy ubuntu user for years but stating to feel that conical is losing it's way.19:26
recon_lapso i have a dilemma =-O19:28
Guest83971i moved to xubuntu because of unity and gnome319:30
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recon_lapGuest83971: My worry is that the core ideals of ubuntu are changing and don't match what I want for an OS. and that this goes farther that unity, there is a lot of sloppiness in Ubuntu lately, sound-juicer and multi disc ripping is a example of what I mean, bug is 6 months old, a fix has been created, but it still has not been pushed into the repos.19:35
Guest83971recon_lap: do you plan to hop to another distro?19:36
recon_lapGuest83971: the more i think about it the more it seem the best course, I just what a OS that does what i want and is stable and well maintained, I don't want to spend time messing about with my OS. Big decision, but i'v been trying out different distros on my media rig to see what I will do.19:39
pleia2can you guys bring this over to #xubuntu-offtopic?19:40
pleia2(it's getting quite off-topic for support :))19:40
recon_lapsure sorry19:40
inkognitowhy is the xscreensaver logon window so damn ugly?19:45
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cutgahi just typed in: sudo apt-get install update (which i hadn't done in a long time) and all of a sudden i can't watch live streams in firefox. What do? :I20:09
=== recon_lap is now known as recon_afk
youcefsalut tous le monde21:00
youcefqui a une idée sur la raison pour laquelle j'obtiens ça: http://img842.imageshack.us/img842/6426/rosehzo.jpg21:01
knome!fr | youcef21:01
ubottuyoucef: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.21:01
youcefah my bad21:01
youcefhello everybody21:01
youcefwho might have an Idea about the cause of this problem: http://img842.imageshack.us/img842/6426/rosehzo.jpg21:02
holsteinyoucef: whats the issue?21:02
youcefthe header doesn't appear21:03
youcefit should be blue with the word "welcome" on it21:03
youcef(or it's translation to the used language)21:04
holsteinyou could poke around for a bug report about it... i wouldnt lose sleep over it though21:04
youcefbtw it's on a live CD which I'm tryin to costumize21:04
holsteinmaybe something you have done has broken the welcome banner or whatever.. again, that wouldnt be a deal breaker for me21:05
youcefI didn't touch ubiquity21:05
youcefI just installed some software21:05
holsteincool.... id still say its probably safe to say in something in your config or whatever21:06
youcefthat's why I don't want to post a bug21:06
youcefI think it's some frontend-gtk related21:06
knomeafaik that only happens with ubiquity21:30
knome(i noticed he left, but anyway)21:30
Marzatawhy use any other lang than EN for interfaces?21:32
knomebecause not all of us are as good in english21:32
Marzatayou in Finland? cmon...21:35
Marzatalinux, irc, ... all comes from .fi21:36
ThePendulumDoes anyone know if it's possible to extract files out of their folders?21:36
Marzataeven Rovaniemi ... :)21:38
TheSheepThePendulum: what do you mean?21:41
knomeMarzata, yes, hki21:42
ThePendulumWell, I got a bunch of video files, and each file has its own folder21:43
ThePendulumHowever, I'd like to have all those files in 1 folder, rather than split up in their own folders21:44
ThePendulumMain folder > folder 1 > file 121:44
ThePendulum..................> folder 2 > file 221:44
ThePendulum..................> folder 3 > file 321:44
TheSheepThePendulum: just drag them to the directory you want them in21:44
ThePendulumYeah... but that's going to take quite a while21:44
mongyuse find and xargs?21:45
TheSheepor a for loop21:45
TheSheepbut that's quite advanced21:45
mongymy shell-fu isn't so advanced.  basics get me by21:46
well_laid_lawnThePendulum: http://www.howtogeek.com/wiki/Move_Files_Into_One_Directory_in_Linux_With_Find21:49
xubuntu738Good Day22:01
xubuntu738anybody? How can i change screen resolution in Xubuntu?22:02
mongysettings > Display ?22:05
mongyThePendulum, is this yours?  http://askubuntu.com/q/61780/2619822:17
ThePendulumHaha, nope, I never posted something there before22:17
ThePendulumSame issue though22:17
mongyjust saw it and thought, hmm..22:17
ThePendulumNope, sorry :p22:19
mongyugh, never looked at the date it was asked.  wasn't you then unless you been stuck with the issue for 5months.22:19
ThePendulumWelll that date is rather hard to see22:19
Phips-I have a Question to xubuntu22:20
ThePendulumYou are allowed to ask that Question, sir!22:21
Phips-my Computer has a RAM with 512 MB, at the moment is there installed XP22:21
Phips-:D ^^22:21
ThePendulumOoooooh 512MB and XP, good ol' days22:21
Phips-jep right ^^ :)22:21
ThePendulumSo, what's the Question? :o22:21
ThePendulumI'm getting nervous!22:22
Phips-I want to install Xubuntu on this Computer, what things I should prepare ?22:22
Phips-ok, the Backup  I thing first22:23
ThePendulumWell, you need to back-up whatever you'd like to keep and you need to create an installation disk/usb22:23
Phips-so, download the files from Internet or buy a CD for booting22:23
ThePendulumI'd recommend downloading them, unless you want to waste money22:24
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate22:24
ThePendulumI am willing to assist you22:24
mongyPhips-, you'd best try it out in a vm first maybe if your experience is limited.22:24
ThePendulumJust make sure you have a working copy of Windows around in case something goes wrong22:25
ThePendulumAnd make sure everything's backed up22:25
ThePendulumDo you have a USB stick lying around?22:25
Phips-can I make a CD of XP or is that not allowed / not availaible22:26
Phips-yes USB oc22:26
ThePendulumThat's an illegal practise, as XP is licensed software that should be paid for22:26
Phips-I thought that, ok ^^22:26
ThePendulumHowever, making an XP CD is more likely to go wrong than an Ubuntu CD22:27
Phips-The comp. is my father´s, he only uses the functions like writing texts or sending mails ...22:27
ThePendulumIf the PC has a working optical drive and you've got an empty disc, there isn't much that could go wrong22:28
ThePendulumDo you have another PC available?22:28
ThePendulumIn case something DOES go wrong, you could ask (us) for assistance?22:28
Phips-so, the Comp is IMO to weak for the XP22:28
Phips-yes, I´m sitting here at another Comp22:28
ThePendulumStrange, 512MB should be fine. However, it's vulnerable for viruses ofcourse22:28
ThePendulumJust download Xubuntu 11.10 and burn it to a disk :)22:29
ThePendulumThe ISO that is22:29
Phips-the 512MB are ok, but he´s very slow, and makes too much in the background, my father don´t need22:29
ThePendulumIf you click the file, Windows will most likely assume you want to burn it22:29
ThePendulumBut Xubuntu is a great alternative22:30
ThePendulumIt should indeed run a tad quicker than XP22:30
Phips-Yes, I think, that my new netbook gets the Ubuntu Reamix22:31
Phips-It´s great, but I want the GNOME DE and not the Unity -.-22:32
ThePendulumGnome 2.0?22:33
Phips-I don´t know it exactly, the GNOME you´re getting with the netbook reamix of ubuntu22:33
ThePendulumWhat do you dislike about Unity, the way it works or its stability?22:33
mongyxfce is as close to gnome2 as you need22:33
ThePendulumI was about to take the longer route of saying what mongy did more quickly.22:34
mongynetbook remix is 10.0422:34
Phips-xfce is the DE with Xubuntu afaik22:34
Phips-yes, 10.04 or 10.10 my classteacher told me :)22:34
mongyubuntu 10.04 that is and hence gnome222:34
ThePendulumXubuntu == Ubuntu22:35
ThePendulumIt's just Ubuntu + Xfce, rather than Ubuntu + Unity/Gnome 3.222:35
ThePendulumSo if you like the Gnome 2.x look, I'd recommend Xubuntu ^^22:35
Phips-Xubuntu is for old and new comps IMO a great OS for people, who haven´t got THIS big reqirements22:36
Phips-*requirements :)22:37
mongyI have 8gigasquats of ram and an i7 and an ati 1gb22:37
Phips-- - -22:37
mongyand  I use it :)  prefer it.22:38
Phips-I have an dualcore with 2,2GHz and 3GB RAM, using f***ing Vista *sry*22:38
ThePendulumAMD Phenom II X6 1090T, 8GB RAM and Radeon 6850 graphics card... still Xubuntu for me :P22:39
Phips-*jealous* ;)22:39
ThePendulumAMD graphics: never again!22:39
ThePendulumVista? D:22:39
ThePendulumAt least get yourself Windows 722:39
ThePendulumOr just (X)Ubuntu :p22:40
Phips-The comp is 4 1/2 years old, if he isn´t the "nokia" from the Labbies, he will die soon22:40
mongy7 is an improvement but still aint all great22:40
ThePendulumWell, it's a lot better than Vista22:41
ThePendulumUse either XP or 7 if you're Windowsy22:41
Phips-win 7: ooookeee, Vista: noooooooooo, XP Home: oookeee, XP Professional: yyyyessss :)22:42
ThePendulumLinux: I am ze boss.22:42
Phips-Linux: great :d22:42
ThePendulum4½ computer doesn't nessecarily have to die22:42
Phips-but I think my next big Laptop is going to be an MacAir ...22:42
ThePendulumMy ol' Acer is doing great, it's 5 years old now22:42
ThePendulumMac? D:22:43
Phips-no, oc not, but he´s runnig sometimes 2 weeks through ...22:43
ThePendulum2 weeks?22:43
Phips-Mac: sth other a time ...22:43
Phips-father´s comp we´ve talked about is now 7 1/2 years ...22:44
Phips-one good old HP22:44
Phips-ok guys, I´m going to bed22:44
ThePendulumI'd rather buy a good yet cheaper laptop and be able to put Windows, Linux and OS X on it, than a Mac with only the ability to put OS X on it22:44
knomeguys, #xubuntu-offtopic22:44
Phips-wish you good night, thx for help :)22:44
ThePendulum'night Phips-22:44
knomeThePendulum, this channel is for support22:44
Phips-night, will see us soon ...22:45
ThePendulumWell, this guy wants to know if Xubuntu is the right choice for his dads' system22:45
ThePendulumAnd there's no one else in here dying for help22:45
knomethat's no excuse  to fill the chan with win talk22:46
ThePendulumI think those rules are there to prevent rubbishtalk being more significant than actual questions. I see no need in moving the conversation elsewhere if we are basically the only active people in this channel, and are having a rather relevant discussion.22:48
ThePendulumThere isn't a constant stream of questions. That means, if discussion isn't allowed besides discussion 100% relevant to Xubuntu, the channel will be completely inactive in no time, for no one will await questions for multiple hours straight.22:49
knomei understand your point, but there can't be exceptions for rules22:50
mongyThePendulum, best not irritate the ops :)22:50
knomeThePendulum, don't take it personally. i'm not whistling the game off from the first ot comment, just making sure we can keep the channel open for support22:51
mongyI see a lot of xubuntu questions in #ubuntu, which possibly explains things..22:51
ThePendulumI allow anyone to come here and ask a question, and I will stop any conversation I was having and focus on the question22:51
ThePendulumBut what's wrong with maintaining the activity in a channel so people who actually want to ask a question, have some people available to help them?22:52
knomeThePendulum, the people can be available even if they didn't post anything to the channel22:53
knome(until a support question)22:53
Myrttimany people are intimitated from asking their question if there is an ongoing discussion going on that they don't understand22:54
knomeThePendulum, but really, those are the channel rules which you have agreed upon when joining, so please follow them22:54
ThePendulumTrue, but eventually, most people won't even care to visit the channel if nothing's going on anyway22:54
ThePendulumI certainly will22:54
ThePendulumBut honestly, I don't feel like asking someone to leave just because he wants to discuss his needs for Xubuntu. I don't think that will convince anyone of using Xubuntu.22:54
knomeThePendulum, that discussion i fine. going to win/mac is offtopic.22:55
ThePendulumIt was a topic that lasted for 2 replies each...22:56
knomeThePendulum, maybe you should reread the code of conduct and guidelines if in doubt22:56
nikolaj_basherCan anyone tell my why it dosn't support danish language. I have installed it but I can activate it22:56
ThePendulumAnd as of the logs, it didn't really annoy anyone who was asking a question22:56
ThePendulumnikolaj_basher: Do you mean the OS in general, or a specific program? I have installed Xubuntu in Danish before, I think22:57
knomeThePendulum, #ubuntu-ops, if you really must continue arguing on channel rules.22:57
ThePendulumI wouldn't even have started the conversation if it was up to me, honestly22:57
knomeThePendulum, in that case in take it you have read the !coc and 1guidelines and will respect them22:58
ThePendulumnikolaj_basher: Can you see Danish is installed in the Language Support window?22:58
nikolaj_basherThePendulum, I can see it is installing the language, but I can't choose i after the installation23:03
ThePendulumnikolaj_basher: In what way can't you choose it? Is it greyed out, or does it simply not apply when you select it?23:03
ThePendulumWhere have you tried choosing it?23:04
ThePendulumDuring login, or afterwards in the Language Support window?23:04
nikolaj_basherThePendulum, grayed out23:04
nikolaj_basherLanguage support window23:05
ThePendulumHave you tried the "Install / Remove Languages..." and reinstalled Danish?23:05
nikolaj_basherdosn't mather23:06
ThePendulumI am now installing Danish myself, hoping to find the issue23:06
ThePendulumnikolaj_basher: 'Grab' Dansk, and move it above English or whatever languages that are installed23:07
ThePendulumThen click 'Apply System-Wide'23:07
ThePendulumHave you tried that?23:08
nikolaj_basherThePendulum, yes23:08
mongyand keyboard layout?23:09
nikolaj_basherThePendulum,  the problem is that it dosn't get gray-back as the installed language23:09
ThePendulumDansk is in the list shown at Language Support, right?23:09
nikolaj_basherThePendulum, yes23:10
ThePendulumAnd it's greyed out?23:10
ThePendulummongy: I'm not sure if he wants to change the keyboard layout23:10
nikolaj_basherAnd yes to "Apply System-wide23:10
ThePendulumIs it possible to take a screenshot of your Language Support window and upload it?23:11
ThePendulumOr do you perhaps have TeamViewer?23:11
nikolaj_basherYes do you where to past it23:11
ThePendulumnikolaj_basher: If you take a screenshot, it should show you the option to save23:11
nikolaj_basheryes but where do you get it23:12
ThePendulumWhere you saved it. Probably your Home folder, Home/Pictures folder, or Desktop.23:12
ThePendulumYou can upload it to, for example, Imgur (www.imgur.com)23:12
nikolaj_basherThePendulum, http://imgur.com/TN0ZK23:14
ThePendulumTry to click and hold (grab, drag) "Dansk (Danmark)"23:14
ThePendulumAnd move/drag it upwards23:14
ThePendulumUntil it snaps at the top23:15
ThePendulumI will take a few screenshots if that helps23:15
ThePendulumhttp://i.imgur.com/jSktI.jpg <-- drag "Dansk" into that position. (the relevant window is at the left)23:19
nikolaj_basherThePendulum, 2 sek23:24
ThePendulumIf you can't get it right, you could install TeamViewer and I will do it for you, if you like23:24
nikolaj_basherThePendulum, It turn the right coler Danish and English23:27
ThePendulumIs Danish on top23:27
ThePendulum+ ?23:27
nikolaj_basherI need to logout an in to see it works23:27
ThePendulumI'll see you in a minute23:32
nikolaj_basherThePendulum, It works thanks :-)23:33
ThePendulumGreat! No problem :)23:36

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