highvoltage(I don't understand spanish though)02:48
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highvoltagehey alkisg15:36
alkisghigh highvoltage :)15:36
highvoltagealkisg: we still have an iTalc slide on http://people.ubuntu.com/~jonathan/files/precise/edubuntu-ubiquity-slideshow/15:37
highvoltagealkisg: would you be able to come up with some new text we can put in there for epoptes?15:38
alkisghighvoltage: well at first glance we can keep the existing message there, epoptes can do all the stuff italc does15:38
alkisgBut if we need something more ... hm...15:38
highvoltageheh, ok. I'll just rename it and replace the screenshot15:39
alkisgSome features that epoptes has, that italc doesn't... dynamic client detection, ltsp integration, ...most stuff actually works (e.g. not even logout worked in italc/linux), execute custom commands on the clients, and some minor features like broadcasting in a window or sound muting15:42
* highvoltage adds that15:45
highvoltageInstallation de udev...16:08
highvoltageMise à jour du serveur virtuel...16:08
highvoltageERREUR: L'exécution du script '/etc/vsmanage/models/base/all/post.d/05upgrade.sh' a échoué (retour d'un code de sortie différent de zéro).16:08
highvoltageVoir /var/log/vsmanage/vsmanage.log pour plus de détails.16:08
highvoltage(sorry, totally wrong channel)16:08
alkisgstgraber: can we move ./ltsp-trunk/server/scripts/debian/policy-rc.d.ltsp to ltsp-client, and dpkg-divert it on ltsp-client.postinst, and also symlink it to /etc/grub.d/00-avoid-grub-update?16:13
stgraberalkisg: not sure I follow, policy-rc.d should only be done from ltsp-build-client as otherwise, installing ltsp-client on a non-LTSP machine will prevent all init scripts from starting (I know it's not possible yet, but it's the long term goal still)16:15
alkisgstgraber: once use case is to be able to build clients on regular machines but still be able to transfer them to the server and maintain them with chroot afterwards16:16
alkisgThat policy wrapper doesn't do harm on regular machines16:16
alkisg(otherwise ltsp clients wouldn't even boot)16:16
* stgraber needs to read the script16:16
alkisgstgraber: in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ltsp/+bug/936810 I have a list of things to do, most of them are packaging tasks16:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 936810 in ltsp (Ubuntu) "Make ltsp-client package installable on regular machines" [Wishlist,In progress]16:17
stgraberright, it checks the environment16:17
alkisgI can send a debdiff + test them. I don't think we can do it in sync with vagrantc as we're too diverted with debian on that16:17
stgraberdpkg-divert is generally considered evil, so the least we have to do it, the better really16:17
alkisgSo when we're done he can check the diff + sync what he wants16:17
alkisgIndeed, we only do it for the chroot maintainance16:18
alkisgWe don't need it for maintaining or booting ltsp in regular machines16:18
alkisgAnd I think it's documented that for chroots that's the appropriate method16:18
stgraberI'd prefer we ship a separate file as /etc/grub.d/00-avoid-grub-update that exits "1" instead of "101" and tells the user why it's exitting16:18
alkisgYes, that'd be better16:19
stgrabercan't we make ltsp-chroot write and remove the policy-rc.d file instead?16:19
alkisg...sure why not!16:19
stgraberI think it'd make sense to move that kind of chroot maintenance stuff to ltsp-chroot and maybe have ltsp-build-client call ltsp-chroot16:19
alkisgIn the same sense, ltsp-chroot can also install the grub-update diversion16:21
alkisgDo you want us to go through the packaging stuff together whenever you have time? Would you like me to prepare a .debdiff instead?16:23
stgraberindeed grub should be done by ltsp-chroot too (writting and removing the file)16:26
stgraberfor the packaging, it'd be great if you could commit your changes by small chunks to a branch of ubuntu:ltsp, then send a merge proposal16:26
stgraberthat way I can see the different commits and it's much easier to review16:26
alkisgSure, will do the same for ltspfs too16:26
alkisg(if it's a different packaging, haven't looked)16:27
stgraberltspfs is maintained directly in Debian, so ideally, send your changes to vagrant16:27
stgraberand if we need them in Ubuntu 12.04, we'll need to do some paperwork ;)16:27
alkisgNah for ltspfs it's just a small bugfix :D16:28
alkisgFor ltsp, yes I think we'll need it :)16:28
alkisgAh stgraber can I upload a new version of epoptes with modified UI, no additional features?16:29
alkisgUI freeze is tomorrow, right?16:29
alkisgOr do I need to get it to debian first, and sync later? (which will get me past uif...)16:29
stgraberalkisg: upload it as <version>-0ubuntu1 to Ubuntu directly, then have vagrant upload <version>-1 and sync it to Ubuntu16:30
stgraberthat way we have the new UI before UI freeze and then we're back in sync with Debian16:30
highvoltagealkisg: I updated the slide for epoptes on http://people.ubuntu.com/~jonathan/files/precise/edubuntu-ubiquity-slideshow/ - let me know if I should change anything further16:35
stgraberhighvoltage: the Edubuntu grey looks a bit weird on the blue background, did you try in white instead?17:52
highvoltageI could do that18:02
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alkisgstgraber: bit of help? epoptes/trunk$ debuild -S -sa21:22
alkisg...dpkg-source: error: can't build with source format '3.0 (quilt)': no upstream tarball found at ../epoptes_0.4.3.orig.tar.{bz2,gz,lzma,xz}21:22
stgraberwell, you're obviously missing a .orig.tar.gz tarball ;)21:23
alkisg:) some magic to tell debuild to create one?21:23
stgrabernot really, it's not debuild's job21:24
stgraberlet me have a look at the branch, I'm not familiar with epoptes' trunk21:24
stgraberoh, you have a debian directory in your trunk, interesting ...21:25
alkisgIt's easier for maintainance...21:25
alkisgI also had a native package at first but vagrantc changed it21:26
alkisgLet me push the changelog btw21:26
stgraberyeah, and it looks like vagrant has been repacking your tarball too21:26
alkisgOK, pushed, that's what I want to upload21:26
stgraberso in theory:21:27
alkisgSo, am I supposed to manually generated a tar.gz before running debuild?!21:27
stgraber- bzr export ../epoptes-0.4.321:27
stgraber- cd ../epoptes-0.4.321:27
stgraber- rm -Rf debian/21:27
stgraber- cd ..21:27
stgraber- tar -zcf epoptes_0.4.3.orig.tar.gz epoptes-0.4.3/21:27
stgraber- cp -R trunk/debian epoptes-0.4.3/21:27
stgraber- cd epoptes-0.4.3/21:27
stgraber- debuild -S -sa21:27
alkisgGotcha, thanks, trying...21:28
stgraberthat should give you: epoptes_0.4.3.orig.tar.gz (without debian/) + epoptes_0.4.3-0ubuntu1.debian.tar.gz (with only debian/)21:28
stgraberput them somewhere before you upload so I can make sure it's indeed clean and vagrant won't have an heart attack when seeing them ;)21:28
alkisgstgraber: epoptes_0.4.3.orig.tar.gz contains an epoptes-0.4.3 folder, while epoptes_0.4.3-0ubuntu1.debian.tar.gz contains debian/ without any parent folders, is this ok?21:31
alkisg(other than that all seem fine, uploading...)21:31
alkisg(to an ftp dir... :))21:31
stgraberlooking now21:35
stgraberyep, looks all good21:36
alkisgMany thanks! :)21:36
alkisgUploaded, /me crosses fingers...21:37

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