nixternalanyone ever just do a dist-upgrade from an EOL release to something recent?00:06
nixternali got a new client today that is using Kubuntu for a server :/  don't ask, it seems his old IT guy used it because he liked it, but it is edgy 6.10. All I can do, other than spending hours do a fresh install, which I just might end up doing, it try a dist-upgrade, but I am kind of scared of potential issues I will have to deal with00:07
ScottKdebfx: What would you think about switching the quassel core apparmor profile to enforcing?00:48
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debfxScottK: sounds good but I haven't tested it with quassel 0.811:08
Riddellapol: ubuntu-sso-client-qt is in the archives12:41
apolRiddell: what does that exactly mean? it's already in kubuntu?12:41
yofel!info ubuntu-sso-client-qt precise | apol12:42
ubottuapol: ubuntu-sso-client-qt (source: ubuntu-sso-client): Ubuntu Single Sign-On client - Qt frontend. In component main, is extra. Version 2.99.4-0ubuntu2 (precise), package size 33 kB, installed size 322 kB12:42
Riddellapol: no it's in the archives and available to install, I yet know if it works12:42
yofelwhich reminds me I never finished ksecrets12:42
* yofel takes another look at that12:42
apolRiddell: ok, since it's not going to happen until 12.10 we'll have the time to figure something out12:43
Riddellapol: it is going to happen to ubuntu desktop12:44
Riddellkubuntu is a complete unknown12:44
apolRiddell: well I guess that if I make muon to use it, we can pull it, no? at least optionally12:45
Riddellapol: yes12:45
yofelapol: it's in main, so feel free to use it12:45
Riddellfor kubuntu beware of disk size on kubuntu for 12.04, for 12.10 it won't matter12:45
Riddelland I haven't got it to work yet so beware of it needing unknown gtk bits to actually work12:45
apolRiddell: well, I discussed about it with #ubuntuone people (they turned out to be good people in the end, as always :D)12:48
apolRiddell: apparently it won't pull ugly gnome stuff in the future12:48
apollike keyring (they use secret service api)12:49
apolit's still using python a lot, but I think kubuntu already uses that, right12:49
Riddellwe do like our python (well I do)12:52
Riddelland we do need to package ksecretservice12:52
yofelI'm just trying to rebuild kdelibs again, for some reason amd64 always had dep-issues in my other ppa https://launchpad.net/~yofel/+archive/staging/+packages12:54
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* bulldog98 just noticed, that we need activeAir theme for ksplash, if we want to use startactive13:34
Riddellbulldog98: put it in the seeds then?13:35
bulldog98Riddell: do we have that somewere?13:35
ScottKdebfx: I don't think 0.8 changed anything relevant to apparmor profiles.13:36
ScottKRiddell: It's not clear what's going on with Ubuntu and ubuntuone.  The initial proposal for splitting PyQt4 wasn't adequate and I don't know if dobey will have time to work on it some more.13:38
rbelembulldog98, it is in kde-artwork-active13:40
bulldog98rbelem: kool I’ll add that to the seed13:41
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bulldog98following error ocurs: http://paste.kde.org/42689013:59
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RiddellScottK: what was wrong with the PyQt4 split proposal?14:00
Riddellif dobey doesn't have time to work on it then everything else on the client side of ubuntu one for this cycle will go to waste, bad planning somewhere14:00
ScottKIt would have broken packages that depend on python-qt4 and use some of the modules he split out into seperate packages.14:01
ScottKEven with the split it's not clear they have room.14:01
bulldog98Riddell: ^14:01
ScottKThey may ship just an Ubuntu One installers.14:01
bulldog98rbelem: can you tell me what’s happening here? http://paste.kde.org/42689014:13
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markeyhey all15:13
markeyon dist-upgrade from 10.04 to 10.10 I'm stuck with this error:15:13
markeyE: Internal Error, Could not early remove libcups215:13
markeyany ideas how to get out of this?15:14
Riddelldist-upgrade isn't a supported way to do release updates, only the upgrade tool is15:16
Riddellwhich is another way of saying, sorry I don't know15:16
markeynow I'm stuck with a half upgraded system15:16
BluesKajmarkey,  upgrading to the next release is now done with  sudo do-release-upgrade15:17
Quintasanmarkey: Theoretically you could force remove it via dpkg, try upgrading and then installing it and pray nothing breaks meantime15:17
markeyQuintasan: thanks I think I'll try that15:17
Quintasanmarkey: I'm not held responsible for any dead kittens15:18
markeyyeah I guess it can't get much worse though15:18
markeyQuintasan: do you know the syntax for this force remove?15:26
markeythe man page is kinda confusing15:26
yofelmarkey: dpkg -r<package>15:27
yofeladd --force-depends if it doesn't want  to remove it due to dependencies15:27
yofel*-r <package>15:27
Quintasanthanks yofel15:28
markeyyiikes, now the same thing happens with libaudio215:30
markeyI'm getting the feeling this system is hosed15:30
markeyoh wow, now it's continuing15:31
markeymaybe, just maybe, I'm lucky15:31
Quintasanrepeat until $(works)15:31
markeywhy I didn't upgrade with KPackageKikt: It didn't offer to upgrade. I've ignored the upgrade notification for ages. today I finally wanted to upgrade, but it wasn't offered15:33
bulldog98Riddell: why have I no commit rights to kubuntu-dev?15:39
yofelbulldog98: because you are no kubuntu-dev?15:39
Riddellit has a process similar to kubuntu-members15:40
yofelkubuntu-members have commit rights to ~kubuntu-packagers only15:40
Riddellbut don't let that put you off15:40
bulldog98so I need to work a bit15:40
bulldog98no problem15:40
yofelfile a merge request and poke one of us15:40
Riddellyou neeed to organise a meeting with the rest of the ~kubuntu-dev members and convince us you're competant (which won't be hard)15:40
bulldog98yofel: ok15:41
yofelor apply for kubuntu-dev ;)15:41
schnelle_yofel: what is the status of new version of kmess? is it packaged for precise? 15:41
yofelschnelle_: not yet, did they publish it?15:42
schnelle_not yet on their official site15:42
schnelle_tagging in git is not enough?15:42
yofelIt's better to have the official tarball15:43
schnelle_well one of devs said: 15:44
schnelle_<ruben> I don't have the full access to the sourceforge account15:44
schnelle_<ruben> so can't upload the tarbal myself15:44
schnelle_so they are probably waiting so dev eith upload rights15:44
schnelle_to upload it...15:44
schnelle_I will poke them again :)15:44
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bulldog98yofel: https://code.launchpad.net/~bulldog98/ubuntu-seeds/kubuntu-active.precise/+merge/9420515:55
Riddellbulldog98: I'll do it16:01
markeyyofel: Quintasan: it seems I was lucky after all, the upgrade worked. but now I'm still missing libcups2 and libaudio2, which I had force-removed earlier. apt-get install says "can't find file". how could I get them back?16:18
markey(I don't have any sound now)16:18
yofelhm, that can't find file sounds familiar....16:19
Quintasanmarkey: look in /etc/apt/sources.list for oneiric entries and change them to precise16:19
Quintasanapt-get update16:19
markeyapt-get install claims it's already installed. but --reinstall gives this error16:19
Quintasanthen try cleaning the /var/cache/apt/16:19
Quintasani.e remove all debs from that directory16:20
yofelQuintasan: wrong release16:20
Quintasanyofel: Oh16:20
yofelmarkey: maverick16:20
yofelhm, he said 10.1016:20
markeyerm, 11.1016:20
yofelah, oneiric then16:20
markeyit's oneiric now16:20
* Quintasan wonder why amarok crashes on windows for him16:21
markeyshould I simply rm -f /var/cache/apt?16:21
Quintasanit worked16:21
Quintasanmarkey: rm -r *.deb /var/cache/apt16:22
Quintasanbleh bleh16:22
Quintasandon't issue that16:22
Quintasan rm -r *.deb /var/cache/apt/*.deb16:22
Quintasanmore like that16:22
markeyno that doesn't work16:24
yofelwrong again, rm /var/cache/apt/archives/*16:24
yofeland rm /var/cache/apt/archives/partial/*16:24
markeyno dice, same error16:26
markey0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 1 reinstalled, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.16:26
markeyNeed to get 0 B/173 kB of archives.16:26
markeyAfter this operation, 0 B of additional disk space will be used.16:26
markeyE: Internal Error, No file name for libcups216:26
bulldog98markey: have you tried passing -f ?16:28
markeyyeah, doesn't change anything16:28
tsimpsonmarkey: have you tried issuing "sudo apt-get clean"?16:29
markeylet's see16:29
markeyno dice16:30
Quintasanmarkey: try aptitude16:30
markeydoh, same thing16:32
markeyI guess there must be a solution16:33
yofelmarkey: can you try: rm /var/lib/apt/lists/*16:35
yofelrun apt-get update and try again?16:35
markeynothing is in /lists16:36
markeyonly an empty /partial folder16:36
yofelrunning 'apt-get update' doesn't put anything there?16:37
markeyah yes, now there is a lot in thre16:38
markeyhah, figured it out after googling16:41
markey"sudo apt-get install --reinstall libcups2:amd64 libcups2:i386"16:41
markeythis does the trick16:41
yofeljust great -.-16:42
markeyyep.... I would never have guessed the solution16:42
yofelmind filing a bug about apt giving nonsense error messages?16:42
yofelor incomplete ones at least16:43
ScottKI think it's known.16:43
yofelk then16:43
markeyone more reboot, maybe then the sound will work again16:45
markeyhmm nope, no sound16:53
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markeygot it working. just some phonon settings misconfigured16:57
markeythanks all for the help :)16:57
ronnocDarkwing: Ping17:21
markeyback at home17:53
markeythis multiarch thing was really a bitch17:54
markeyare all packages like this now?17:54
shadeslayermarkey: most, yes18:01
shadeslayermarkey: they got rid of ia32-libs iirc18:01
shadeslayerit's a better solution than those libs I believe18:01
shadeslayeror so I'm told18:01
markeywould be nice if --reinstall could detect this, and use the correct syntax for multiarch18:02
yofelwell, it's the right way to do it, just the implementation in dpkg and apt is buggy18:02
shadeslayerPrime got a boot unlocker tool18:02
markeyI mean, you need deep insider knowledge for coming up with this (unless you are lucky with google, like I was)18:04
shadeslayermarkey: then again, you were doing it wrong :P18:07
markeythat's what I wanted to add: despite me screwing up badly, everything went fine in the end. shows how good the packaging system is18:08
shadeslayeryeah, dpkg is quite robust18:09
markeyI was using Arch for a while. the packaging just does not compare18:09
shadeslayerI had some issues with libc6 itslef, still let me fix up my system18:09
markeyfeels like the packages hold together with glue and saliva18:09
shadeslayerhaha ^^18:10
* shadeslayer drinks some more cough syrum18:10
markeyit's far easier to create Arch packages I hear, but it comes at a price :)18:10
kubotushadeslayer meant: "drinks some more cough syrup"18:10
shadeslayerI tried arch once18:11
shadeslayernearly destroyed everything on my HD trying to install it18:11
shadeslayerthen again, I was naive ...18:11
markeymy experience was fairly positive in the beginning, until I wanted to install some lesser popular packages18:12
markeyback then they also didn't have any dbg packages, that sucked a lot18:13
shadeslayerthey also don't have -dev packages18:13
markeyI think -dev is always included like in Gentoo?18:14
yofelIIRC it was gentoo based, so I would assume they are18:14
markeyhm yes18:14
* yofel only used gentoo for a bit, never arch18:14
shadeslayeridk I was told they had no -dev packages, lemme recheck18:14
markeyhey, honest question: what do you guys think of RPM these days (with zypper and all that jazz)18:15
markeyis it on par with dpkg/apt?18:15
ScottKMy last experience with it was in 2006 with opensuse 10.1.  It was enough of a disaster for me to say never again.18:16
shadeslayeryes, seems like the guy who I was talking to made a typo and my brain just registered -dev ... :P18:16
markeyScottK: same here. but it has improved tons to be fair. I just don't know if it's as good as dpkg now18:16
shadeslayerI became too comfy with apt/dpkg and everything else just seems pointless now18:16
markeywe use SUSE for some special cases at work (but Kubuntu on our devel machines)18:17
ScottKI don't actually know, but when I look in rpm spec files they seem to be missing a lot of stuff we can do in /debian.18:17
macomarkey: zypper is a big improvement over yast omg18:17
markeyomg yast18:17
BluesKajdpkg does all the work , apt just relays the message18:17
* yofel has opensuse and fedora VM's, but never looked closely at rpm18:17
markeythe stuff of my nightmares18:17
macomarkey: though i dont know.... is it possible to batch import a bunch of repos in suse AND THEN refresh the available package list yet?18:17
shadeslayerI tried out opensuse once, worked good for 10 minutes before slowing down and asking me accept a bunch of licenses18:18
markeymaco: I wouldn't know...18:18
macowhen i tried to use yast in 2007, you added a repo...then it refreshed..then you added a repo...then it refreshed...18:18
markeyI've written a couple of .spec files, the format is fairly sane18:18
macoit took like a half hour to get repos set up so i could fix the broken graphics drivers18:18
yofelfrom what I see it's rather easy to add patches to a package in opensuse18:18
macospec files make sense, they're just annoying in their monolithicness18:18
yofelwith quilt it's not too hard for us too18:18
yofelnow it would be cool if you could do that from the launchpad UI18:19
ScottKIronically Libzypp is the disaster that caused me to leave opensuse.18:19
markeymaco: how do you mean monolithic? as opposed to what?18:19
shadeslayeryofel: right after they fix the timeout issues when copying entire repo's18:19
ScottKmarkey: One big file instead of a number of files in a directory.18:19
markeyah yes18:19
macomarkey: in debian packages, you can have a file for each binary package generated, listing what goes in it. in spec files you just make a bajillion lines of text in one file18:20
macolots of scrolling, no side-by-side compare... 18:20
yofelshadeslayer: well, that's only really doable by disabling timeouts for copying, matching the backend workload18:20
markeythat's not a huge issue though, usually you separate sections with comment lines18:20
markeyin practice that's ok18:20
shadeslayeryofel: what I would really like would be some sort of CI system that integrates with LP18:21
kubotushadeslayer meant: "yofel: what I would really like would be some sort of CI system that integrates with bzr"18:21
shadeslayerContinuous Integration ... or rather Continious Packaging in our case18:22
markeynext level: Continuous Delivery18:22
shadeslayerand not just for PPA's, I mean for archive18:22
yofelwell, handling bzr and quilt conflicts is the more pressing issue18:23
markeyI guess that would translate to Rolling Releases for distros ;)18:23
shadeslayerwell, afaik you can handle that easily as well18:23
shadeslayeras long as the patches are well documented18:24
shadeslayerthe first few lines usually have the git commit hash ( of a upstream'd patch )18:24
shadeslayerso you just convert that hash to a bzr rev using the bzr-git plugin and compare it with the code branch18:24
shadeslayer\end dream18:25
markeyis BZR usable when you are used to Git?18:25
markeyI always wondered why you don't use Git18:25
shadeslayermarkey: you get used to it18:25
shadeslayerI mean, I know the basics18:25
yofelmarkey: it tries to behave like a mix between git and svn, so takes a bit getting used to, but it's usable18:25
shadeslayerunlike git, where I can do all sorts of stuff now18:25
yofelmarkey: launchpad doesn't support git <end of reason>18:26
markeyhehe yeah, not your decision I guess18:26
shadeslayeryeah, unless somehow we gain access to production servers <evil laugh>18:26
markeyI guess BZR is meant to be easier to use?18:28
shadeslayeryeah, that's the idea I think18:29
shadeslayerAnyone up for packaging KDevelop? I'm going to be AWOL starting tomorrow18:30
yofelI like that it behaves synchronized like svn if I want it to (and that's how I usually want it to behave)18:30
shadeslayer^ I'm not in favor of that behavior18:30
shadeslayergit gives you *alot* more flexibility in that scenario18:31
yofelI committed something to git more than once only to forget to push and later wondering where that commit is18:31
shadeslayermade a faulty commit and/or want to add more stuff your commit? git rebase -i HEAD~118:31
yofelI do sometimes use bzr like the DVCS that it really is, but it's nice that it can work both ways18:31
shadeslayergit gets hard to track sometimes tho18:32
shadeslayerwhen you have a bazillion branches ....18:32
yofelnow there I prefer git over bzr18:32
yofelbzr essentially does branching the svn way....18:32
yofel(fs-layout wise)18:32
yofelonly that merging is much easier18:33
shadeslayerI just mean that managing branches can be a bit tedious with git, I've never tried out branching with bzr18:37
shadeslayeror SVN for that matter18:37
yofelshadeslayer: the moment you make a diconnected checkout with bzr you have a branch. You really can't do anything else but branching there18:38
yofelsvn branching was pretty much like svn tagging18:38
shadeslayerso essentially, no real branching18:38
yofelguess the rest18:39
shadeslayerI've not really had alot of experience with svn18:39
shadeslayermostly svn co, svn commit and svn log :P18:39
* shadeslayer is a child of the git generation18:39
yofelbe happy about it18:40
shadeslayerlol 18:40
* yofel is happy that he isn't a child of the cvs generation ^^18:40
shadeslayerInterestingly, KDE has seen all 3 ...18:42
BluesKajdo you guys remember the method to reinstall with alternate live cd , where just installing the OS without rteformatting would save the home dir data and desktop settings ?18:44
yofelI know the live disk can do that, but I've never tried that with d-i18:44
BluesKajwith just a / partition , no /home yofel18:45
shadeslayerJust don't format the disk? Shouldn't it install over the existing install and not mess with other stuff?18:45
BluesKajshadeslayer,  yeah , I recall doing so on 10.10 ...wondered if it still works18:46
shadeslayerBluesKaj: boot a live disk -> Back up data -> Reinstall ?18:47
yofelIIRC ubiquity will remove everything except /home (and tell you that) if you tell it to install on a partition that has an ubuntu install on it18:47
yofelneeds the manual partitioning way18:48
yofelI think18:48
shadeslayer^ Yeah, I'm not entirely sure either, so take a backup18:48
shadeslayerjust in case18:48
BluesKajshadeslayer,  I recall being very surprised that the data was still there , and the desktop settings ...didnt use ubiquity ...didnt reformat either18:50
BluesKajalternate install cd 18:52
shadeslayeryofel: where is the kopypackages script?19:01
* shadeslayer doesn't remember19:01
shadeslayerI'll try and hack on it a bit tonight to see if I can get it to copy entire repos ...19:02
yofeloh right, you wanted me to add copying all releases at one19:02
shadeslayerI'll try to do it tonight :P19:02
yofelshadeslayer: in the option settings at the bottom, every case has a match against == from_release. Feed the other part of that check to copy_package instead of to_release and find a good way to expose that to the user and you're done19:04
yofelwould justify adding a variable for that19:04
yofelthe release check should be a seperate method really19:07
yofelwould make things easier here19:07
shadeslayeryofel: I might have a easier way19:17
shadeslayerAfter:    if options.all: 19:17
shadeslayerif I add, if len(args) == 219:17
shadeslayerthen it simply means that the user did not specify the release19:17
shadeslayerI can then copy all releases19:18
shadeslayer( I need to check if the first/second arg is a PPA ofcourse ) 19:18
yofelhm yeah, that would work too19:18
yofelwhich makes specifying the target release easy actually19:20
yofelbut needs some overally fixes in the script19:21
yofelshadeslayer: I have another idea, give me a minute19:26
shadeslayerI'm just giving it a bit of structure as of now19:26
shadeslayerIt feels weird in python world19:27
shadeslayerI've gotten too used to using C/C++19:27
yofelnow I need something to test this on..19:29
shadeslayerwell I can do that19:29
shadeslayerI can just copy the tp packages from the official repo to my unoffical repo19:30
shadeslayeryofel: are you writing that functionality?19:34
yofelshadeslayer: well, essentially, yes ^^19:34
shadeslayerheh :P19:34
shadeslayerlet me know when its open for testing then :D19:35
shadeslayerRiddell: your ec2 script seems outdated as well19:38
yofelshadeslayer: committed19:39
yofeluse 'all' for the source and target release19:40
shadeslayerworks :)19:46
shadeslayeryofel: have you read this btw : http://shop.oreilly.com/product/9780596001674.do19:48
* shadeslayer is thinking of buying it19:49
DasKreechIs that a jackalope?19:49
shadeslayerDasKreech: looks like it :D19:49
shadeslayerthere's this as well : http://shop.oreilly.com/product/9780596158118.do?green=0793EC36-E771-5284-A742-0DCFF5606418&cmp=af-mybuy-9780596158118.IP19:50
shadeslayerWell, atleast this confirms my data is actually encrypted with google : http://wstaw.org/m/2012/02/22/plasma-desktopuo2537.png19:52
shadeslayerNight everyone19:59
rbelemshadeslayer, it is a good book20:14
rbelemshadeslayer, but not essential imho20:15
rbelembulldog98, no idea20:16
bulldog98rbelem: hm bad plasma-desktop doesn’t even start20:16
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