dijonyummymy cursor turned into a dotted vertical line, happens sometimes, how to fix it, besides loging out / in00:17
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sithlord48dijonyummy:  shut off desktop effects perhaps (crtl+alt F12 will suspend them)00:32
sithlord48dijonyummy: NOT THAT KEY COMBO00:32
sithlord48dijonyummy:  its ALT+Shift +F1200:33
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designbybeckSo what is everyones take on Ubuntu stopping funding for Kubuntu? I'm trying to have a better understanding of the Kubuntu Ecosystem00:51
ironfroggydesignbybeck: what is that abuot? do you have a link?00:52
designbybeckthought everyone saw that ironfroggy let me find it00:53
designbybeckwe'll start here: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/02/canonical-withdraw-financial-support-from-kubuntu/ ironfroggy00:53
ironfroggyhonestly i dont get it. i dont even know how ubuntu makes any money in the first place, let alone how kubuntu does or doesn't meet those goals.00:58
DaemonFCI wonder if there's a decent way to kill kio_magnet with fire and have KDE forward magnet links directly to the client01:05
DaemonFCkio_magnet makes dealing with magnet links frustrating and confusing01:06
designbybecklol ironfroggy... Ubuntu doesn't...Canonical does01:08
DaemonFCI wonder who thought the flow of "User clicks magnet > Notifications lists a never ending "job" > Ktorrent loads and starts downloading everything without asking the user what to do > User notices his downloads are not in Downloads, but rather in ~/.kde/share/apps/kio_magnet", provided it doesn't just stall and never launch Ktorrent01:10
ironfroggydesignbybeck: i mean ubuntu as a product, not an entity.01:12
designbybeckwell they get money of OEM stuff i believe01:13
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rtdoswhen running 'glxinfo' i get the following error: http://pastebin.kde.org/426770/02:53
rtdoswhen running 'glxinfo' i get the following error: http://pastebin.kde.org/426770/03:22
mikeaIs there a PPA or something to get a newer KDE with network manager 0.9 so I can use the OpenConnect VPN client?04:04
bazhangmikea, care to answer my question?04:07
mikeabazhang, 4.8 would do the trick, I think04:17
bazhangmikea, check the link in the topic here04:18
mikeahere goes nothin'04:20
Whiskey`Wonkahas that bug where apt-get, aptitude, and kpackagemanager/muon are out of sync been fixed?05:13
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bazhangWhiskey`Wonka, bug link?05:14
Whiskey`Wonkabazhang: if i remembered the tracker number i wouldnt be asking05:14
Whiskey`Wonkait was back in Dec/Jan05:15
Whiskey`Wonkathat /i/ noticed it, and someone here linked it, but i seam to have failed to bookmark it (thought i did)05:15
bazhangI recall a muon issue a short while back, was this related to hash sum mismatches, by chance?05:16
Whiskey`Wonkauhm, could be, i will look that up05:17
bazhangif so, that one still exists05:17
Whiskey`Wonkawhat i remember is that i could /only/ use apt-get via cli for packages, anything else and blam, in a depends hell that is not resolvable05:17
bazhangor if it's two, they both are still an issue05:17
Whiskey`Wonkathats the one?05:18
bazhangfor kde it was Muon05:18
bazhangand usc for gnome05:18
Whiskey`Wonkaok, so what do i do to upgrade/update?05:18
Whiskey`Wonkacausedoing it from apt will still borke the system05:18
bazhangjust checking if I have still have it via console05:19
sparrhow should I upgrade my nvidia drivers on an ubuntu machine running KDE?05:20
bazhang!find jockey05:20
ubottuFound: jockey-common, jockey-gtk, jockey-kde05:20
bazhang!info jockey-kde05:20
ubottujockey-kde (source: jockey): KDE user interface and desktop integration for driver management. In component main, is optional. Version 0.9.4-0ubuntu10 (oneiric), package size 9 kB, installed size 136 kB05:20
bazhangyes, I have the hash sum mismatch i ssue05:21
bazhangiirc removing the partial files via nautilus/dolphin/whathaveyou fixed it05:22
Whiskey`Wonkawell googles not finding much with 'kubuntu apt-get muon hash bug'05:23
Whiskey`Wonkawell /what/ partial files? im very behind the 8 ball on what the bug is and how to resolve it or work around it /other/ then just sticking to apt-get05:24
Whiskey`Wonkamind you, i dont mind apt-get and use it for just about everything.05:24
bazhangwell thats the problem, at least here. everything, including apt-get, is stuffed05:25
Whiskey`Wonkait works fine as long as i /only/ use it, and ive not tried a dist update/upgrade05:25
Whiskey`Wonkaso ill stick with my crappy wifi drivers for now05:26
bazhangsounds like the muon issue is different then05:26
Whiskey`Wonkait sounds right on to me. as long as you only apt-get install XXX and do not do /anything/ else, it works ok05:27
Whiskey`Wonkabut if you remove a package or update one, your boned05:27
kelroyanyone else have problems with muon software center being broken out of the box with 64x?05:53
zlfDoes anybody update the kde to version 4.8?06:40
mansoorHello all08:42
mansoorAnyone know why my graphics card sucks on linux when it rocks on widnows? and how to fix it? Ihave an NVidia gtx 250 and I have restricted drivers enabled and installed but for a WebGl  application on windows i get 60 FPS on linux I get 20 if I'm lucky :((08:43
stephans_Q: how do you get gnome apps to use a given gnome theme in KDE? I have selected the theme I want in the control panel but nothing happens.08:45
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jmichaelxstephans_:  your GTK theming should still work on GTK2 apps...it is with the new GTK3 apps that you are having this problem. i do not know what the solution is for those.08:57
hateballjmichaelx, stephans_: that is added in KDE 4.808:58
hateballGTK3 theming that is08:58
jmichaelxhateball: ty, i was not aware of that08:59
hateballjmichaelx: may be offtopic, but here if you're interested http://hugo-kde.blogspot.com/2012/01/oxygen-gtk3-10-is-out.html09:01
stephans_OK thank you09:37
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ocsjoin #bash10:48
xiexiaodongHELLO EVERY11:46
xiexiaodonghello every!!!!!!11:47
maniXHello kubuntu, is someone familiar with quassel? I wanted to know of how to configure my system proxy to quasse12:32
bazhangmaniX, tried #quassel ?12:34
lightstarmaniX: You want to direct your traffic through a proxy? You can check the settings in Settings -> Configure Quassel -> Networks, edit the server of your choice and you will find the option12:35
maniXlemme try12:35
maniXlightstar: It didnt worked: what i did was quassel>configure quassel >in irc network> there in network details> servers >edit> advanced> ticked use proxy> selected SOCKS5 and entered proxy12:48
maniXlightstar: but it didnt seemed to work12:49
viKtor__Can someone tell me how to use spell checking in every app like web browser, quassel and so on?12:49
lightstarmaniX: hmm...can the socks work for other apps i.e. firefox, rekonq?12:50
bazhangviKtor__, that would be in the settings of each app12:50
viKtor__bazhang: calligra and telepathy work with aspell and libreoffice with huspell12:51
viKtor__but no chances with others apps :S12:51
maniXlightstar: in firefox, i had the option to set the proxy for all http, https, ssl,socks12:52
lightstarmaniX: what version of quassel are you using?12:53
maniXand it is working12:53
lightstarsame version..hang on, lemme test it out on another machine12:54
stephans_has anyone here heard of the venus project?12:54
lightstarmaniX: it seems to work on my SOCKS5 proxy12:57
lightstarmaniX: how did you set up the SOCKS if you don't mind me asking12:57
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maniXNo problem at all lightstar12:58
lightstarmaniX: i checked it out on version 0.7.1 and it works as well12:59
maniXwait a sec12:59
maniXSorry lightstar its http proxy, not socks5. But when i try connecting via http, i get this error "Connection failure: Proxy denied connection"13:03
lightstarmaniX: eh? is the proxy yours? you might need to check out the config to check if there are any restrictions13:04
lightstarmaniX: wait, if you're using a http proxy, in quassel did you select http instead of socks?13:05
maniXActually i am in my university; so i am on university wifi13:05
maniXi have it double checked13:05
lightstarmaniX: ahhh...hmm, they might be blocking some things on the proxy. Just a guess13:06
maniXlightstar: but i am using my browser to chat on irc on same net13:07
lightstarmaniX: maybe the proxy checks for identification sent from the client. If the client sends an identification that the proxy doesn't recognize, it probably will block it.13:08
maniXlightstar: i am a newbie here man. can u suggest me what needs to be done here?13:14
lightstarmaniX: its ok :)13:15
lightstarmaniX: really coming up blank..haha13:16
maniXlightstar: dude its been just 3 months since i started using linux on regular basis. it is fun but takes like tons of time to get hold13:17
maniXlightstar: in this time i learnt things i never even imagined existed13:18
lightstarmaniX: you might need to visit #quassel to see if they can help. But I seriously think there is some kinda filter on the proxy limiting the user agents.13:18
lightstarmaniX: Welcome to the wonderful world of Linux. Don't worry. I feel your pain. I went through it 10 years ago..hehe13:18
maniXit is possible.. But what confuses me is, if chromium can run webchat.freenode.net; then why cant quassel work13:19
maniXlightstar: hmm... But i can guarantee your pain was much more then mine... There is much more support these days13:20
lightstarmaniX: well its like this. Your browser sends something called a user-agent to identify itself13:21
lightstarmaniX: some proxies are configured to only allow certain types of browsers to pass through (like in most organizations)13:21
lightstarmaniX: you got that right, in those days there were lots of RTFM moments and compilation (well at least on Slackware)13:22
maniXlightstar: and that goes straight off my head13:22
lightstarmaniX:  lol, in time you'll figure it out :)13:23
maniXwhats RTFM?13:23
lightstarmaniX: Read The F*****G Manual13:23
bazhangsomething quite rude13:23
bazhangthe equivalent of google it13:23
lightstartotally, it was after Ubuntu came along that the community got nicer13:23
lightstarand in those days, documentations weren't actually top of the line like it is now13:24
maniXlightstar: i really like ubuntu, it is much simpler as compared to other linux distros13:24
lightstarmaniX: I have to agree. Well, cept for Unity which I hate with a passion :P13:25
maniXlightstar: Ahh.. you got that right.. i replace my unity environment with gnome shell to get rid of it..:D (just loved the fedora feel with ubuntu on)13:26
lightstarmaniX: I used to be an XFCE user. Switched to KDE only a few months ago but I LOVE the apps and integration13:27
maniXlightstar: now this sounds intrestin; how is xfce? i have never used it13:28
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Haakon_der_WikinHi, how can I change the size of the letters of the Menus in the Windows?13:52
Haakon_der_WikinOften, eg. Firefox, this Menutext is written in Mini-Letter-Size, so that it is unreadable.13:52
Haakon_der_WikinI work with HDMI-Konnections.13:53
Haakon_der_WikinCan you help please?13:53
tsimpsonHaakon_der_Wikin: in System Settings -> Application Appearance -> Fonts and System Settings -> Application Appearance -> GTK+ Appearance13:54
Haakon_der_WikinThanks, will try it.13:55
tsimpsonyou may need to logout and back in again to see the changes13:55
Haakon_der_WikinI see, it affects Kontact immediately, but not firefox13:57
Haakon_der_WikinI will log out, mom13:57
Haakon_der_WikinHi, Kontact was changed, Rawstudio and Firefox not  :(14:00
tsimpsonmy firefox seems to use the same font as my other applications, which is how it's set in system settings14:01
BluesKajHaakon_der_Wikin,  perhaps if you open system settings with root permissions (alt+F2 , kdesudo systemsettings) , and reset the fonts there as well.14:07
Haakon_der_WikinHi, found out: It was GTX+  ;-)14:07
Haakon_der_WikinWas set to "Eine andere Schriftart verwenden" (Use a different fonttype) and that was very smal14:09
Haakon_der_WikinThanks a lot. Your hint leads me to the right direction.14:10
tsimpsonyou're welcome :)14:11
shashikhii i am having trouble with muon software centre, can anyone help me,..14:32
shashikit is crashing a lot, not even able to open it14:33
BluesKajshashik,  yes muon has soome problems , is it still open ?14:34
shashiknope, just after i updated the package lists, it is not able to open,14:35
shashikjust open's for some miniseconds , i guess,14:35
shashikgetting a segmentation fault (11)14:35
BluesKajshashik,  open a terminal , sudo apt-get update , then if there are any updates to install , suso apt-get upgrade ... there are updates/upgrades in the repos to fix muon , but the best method is use the terminal to fix that issue14:37
BluesKajsudo apt-get upgrade14:38
shashikokay, thanks14:39
BluesKajuse real english please14:42
ubottuPlease don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.14:43
Haakon_der_WikinI think, markus is german, and that was only a greeting.14:44
BluesKajno matter , that doesn't mean that ppl should use slang14:45
BluesKajppl is acceptable short form14:46
rav1084hi. i've been using fedora for 3 months and i don't like it. i want to switch back to kubuntu, would there be problems if i back up my entire /home with duplicity and then restore it in a fresh install?15:01
lightstarrav1084: You shouldn't have any issues with your personal files (docs, pics, etc) but some of the config files will be affected probably.15:02
rav1084lightstar: duplicity does work on kubuntu?15:03
lightstarrav1084: I've never used duplicity personally but yes the package does exist on *Ubuntu. You might want to try it out on a virtual machine just in case though15:04
lightstarrav1084: Though I don't see any reason why it shouldn't work. But never hurts to check it out before doing a complete wipe.15:05
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rav1084lightstar: thanks :)15:08
lightstarrav1084: you're welcome :)15:08
rav1084i don't like duplicity, but fedora doesn't have backup2l...15:08
lightstarrav1084: I personally use rsnapshot but I've heard lots of good things about unison though15:09
lightstarrav1084: I'll have to check out backup2 :D15:09
yurikoleshi all, i just created project for kde sc upstream15:49
tsimpsonyurikoles: we already have one15:50
yurikolesOH SHI~15:51
yurikolesgive me a link15:51
tsimpsonyurikoles: https://launchpad.net/kde15:51
phoenix_firebrdSince adobe is going to abandon flash for linux, apart form google's support for flash through pepper api and html5, what are the other solutions.15:52
tsimpsonwait 5 years, when it'll actually be an issue15:53
phoenix_firebrdtsimpson: talking to me?15:53
tsimpsonphoenix_firebrd: yes15:53
phoenix_firebrdtsimpson: 5 years ? why so?15:54
tsimpsonAdobe will still be providing updates to the current flash for 5 years yet15:54
phoenix_firebrdtsimpson: oh15:54
tsimpsonwell, security updates that is15:54
yurikoleshow to update info on https://launchpad.net/kde15:54
tsimpsonstill, that gives us plenty of time to get a solution15:54
tsimpsonyurikoles: what's wrong with it?15:55
yurikolesno link to wiki, old logo, etc15:55
tsimpsonyurikoles: you should probably poke Riddell then15:56
yurikolesi just created another project because i don't saw upstream for kde-meta15:56
tsimpsonthough those things aren't that important, it's really just a container project for other KDE components15:56
phoenix_firebrdyurikoles: try #ubuntu-devel15:56
Riddellyurikoles: I have no idea how those pages are updated, you'd need to ask on launchpad dev channels or mailing lists to find out15:57
yurikolesWTF? https://launchpad.net/kde/+announcements15:57
Riddellshrug, either spam or a nonsense project someone registered15:57
yurikolesi thunk someone made gazungaos part of kde16:00
lovrehi all16:02
lovrejust a quick question, how do i update my KDE version? Is it available for kubuntu only on new release, or does it update on KDE realeases?ž16:03
BluesKajlovre,  sudo apt-add-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports , then update / upgrade and dist-upgrade16:05
tsimpsonif you're on 11.1016:06
BluesKajlovre,  yes as tsimpson says , if on 11.1016:07
lovrei see. i am on 11.10, trying as we speak16:07
BluesKajlovre,  upgrading to kde 4.8 ?16:07
lovreBluesKaj: yes16:07
lovreBluesKaj: yes16:08
BluesKajok , you should be fine , lovre16:08
lovreshould i not do that16:08
lovreBluesKaj: ok, thanks16:08
tsimpsonor you could wait a couple of months and upgrade to 12.04 ;)16:08
lovretsimpson: sure. thanks16:09
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Guest756 .16:18
Riddellyurikoles: added (I think)16:19
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bodeconnect #yalta.recruit16:25
sickanyone ?16:31
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tsimpsondo you have a question?16:31
sick-.- first time run this software in kubuntu. this is a chat room ?16:33
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macosick: yes, this is a tech support room for kubuntu16:33
tsimpsonthis is the Kubuntu technical support chat room16:33
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dysocowhy Google is in Arabic ? :S17:05
dysoco^I just installed Kubuntu 11.10, using Rekonq at the moment17:05
macothe logo?17:06
macoi think that's supposed to be a sound wave for the google doodle17:06
dysocomaco: nope17:06
dysocoeverything is in Arabic17:06
macodo you have a .sa ip address?17:06
dysocomaco: I don't think so17:06
dysocoanyway, I'll try with Firefox17:07
ikoniadysoco: you're on an arabic ISP17:07
ikoniadysoco: host198.190-229-68.telecom.net.ar17:07
ikoniathat is your host, that's why google is going to the Arabic site17:08
dysocoreally ? That's from Argentina :S17:08
ikoniaoooh is .ar agentina ?17:08
ikoniaI that that was ag17:08
macoi wonder if google thought the same thing :P17:08
ikoniain that case....ignore that17:08
dysocoOK then :P17:09
ikoniadysoco: what url are you using on google ?17:09
ikoniagoogle.com ?17:09
dysocoBTW; Google.com ; Google.es ... they are all the same17:09
ikoniagoogle.com is a redirector, eg: if I visit google.com it goes to google.es17:09
ikoniadysoco: can you take a screenshot please ?17:09
dysocoBTW: I remember an application that let you modify the grub easily, what whas his name ?17:10
dysocowait, i'll install Firefox and see if it works properly now17:10
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yofeldysoco: install the kde-config-grub2 package, then you'll find it in system settings -> startup and shutdown -> grub2 bootloader17:14
dysocoyofel: I installed it but it's not there17:15
dysocoOh, OK, it is now17:16
dysocoOK. Firefox goes to normal Google, that was a Reqonk bug then :P17:20
raveendra_how to use vgaswitchroo in kubuntu11.10 on a system with ATI HD5470 GPU and intel GPU? please if u give the link to the shell script for the same, that would be helpful17:22
ubuntuI was installing recordmypc (or whatever it's called) and the ubuntu tutorial website advised me to install MENCODER... no problem. Installed it and it uninstalled a bunch of Gnome3 (yes, i know this is a kubuntu forum, but the problem is larger than UI)... now, after a reset, I had some red error-text that flashed by faster than I could see. Now the UBUNTU heading, with the five dots beneath, has been sitting, loading, overnight. and there it remains.17:42
ubuntuideas? help? prayers? I've got a paper that I need to finish on that machine. :(17:42
ubuntuon my netbook as it happens... at the same desk as the deceased.17:42
BluesKajubuntu,  installing recordmypc should cause your symptoms unless it removed your graphics settings and driver ...have you tried a hard reboot ?17:47
BluesKajshould NOT17:47
ubuntuthe computer has been turned off until it was cold, then restarted... nothing. :( that's when the panic set in17:48
BluesKajdoes it boot into grub , if so try the recovery kernel17:49
ubuntuonce it finishes post, the screen goes black for 10-15 seconds, then the ubuntu loading icon shows, with three underscore dots that turn white to orange, know the ones i mean? that's where it hung... for 12 hours... and here i am17:50
ubuntui assume there's a verbose boot-up sequence17:50
ubuntu(i'm not green, just not quite your levels yet.)17:51
EvilResistanceubuntu: i know i cant force you to, but could you change your nick off of "ubuntu" please?  its a nick owned by the IRC Council so... :/17:51
ubunturunning off the live-boot install. it was the default nick... i'm searching for how to fix it myself... no worries. :)17:52
ubuntui have no desire to make waves, you guys have been so good to me over the past few years17:52
ubuntu(supposed to say "LoreCaster"17:53
ubuntulemme log-out and log backin.17:55
LoreCasterThere we go!17:56
LoreCaster:D now, with one success under our proverbial belts, let's lick this fussy boot-up :D17:57
CombatjuanIs there a way to flag a window to be visible on desktops 1 and 2 but not 3?  As I recall, the boxes in the "To Desktop->" link used to be checkboxes instead of option boxes.17:58
CombatjuanI might be remembering KDE 3 though...17:59
CombatjuanIn my ideal interface selecting the box portion in the To Desktop menu would check the box whereas selecting the word portion would check that box and uncheck all others.18:00
CombatjuanI'll bet that pees all over the HIG though.18:00
LoreCaster(it's me, the user formally known as UBUNTU)18:04
LoreCasterwith the boot-up after POST problem?18:04
BluesKaji asked earlier LoreCaster, do you see a grub menu ?18:05
LoreCasternever get there.18:05
LoreCasteri described the UBUNTU logo with those 5 or 6 dots that change colour? the loading screen?18:05
LoreCasterGRUB should follow immediately, as I recall. If i had grub, i'd go into safemode and go from there... :(18:06
BluesKajso you don't have autologin enabled ?18:06
LoreCasternope, every restart I have to click on the user18:06
BluesKajif you run ubuntu then it could be a unity problem18:07
LoreCasteri was running GNOME3, i despise unity :P18:07
BluesKajok gnome 3 then ...maybe you should  ask in #ubuntu18:08
LoreCasteri remember when I was installing Mencoder... it removed a bunch of packages... some of them had GNOME in the title. it struck me as odd... then during a regular reset after an update, i saw red text in a verbose shutdown18:08
LoreCasterbut what I mean is it happens before i even get to choose the shell18:08
yofelLoreCaster: wait, you see the boot splash with the dots? Then you're already past grub18:09
yofelgrub is invisible by default18:09
LoreCasteralrighty. that info helps me... i already know something changed.18:09
BluesKajthat's what I found confusing18:09
LoreCastermy appologies.18:09
qw-Russianhelp me please18:09
qw-Russiani would like install Windows XP for Ubuntu 10.4 but i would like unistall VirtualBox and reinstall VirtualBox I don't know as me it to make and establish then through VirtualBox Windows XP18:09
yofelI think the key to make it visible was holding the left shift key after the bios screen18:10
BluesKajLoreCaster,  after the bios scrn hold down shift until grub appears18:10
BluesKajyofel,  :)18:10
LoreCastershift, you got it. booting now :D18:10
LoreCastergrub loading18:11
LoreCasterblack screen atm18:11
LoreCasterand back to the ubuntu logo with dots18:12
yofeldid grub show up?18:12
BluesKajLoreCaster, try the recobery kernel in grub18:12
LoreCasterit said "grub loading..." screen went black, and then the ubuntu logo came up. no options and no grub. :S18:13
BluesKajhold the shift key 'til grub menu shows up18:13
LoreCasterahh, there we go18:13
LoreCasterrecovery mode?18:14
qw-Russianhelp me18:14
LoreCasterin verbose mode now18:14
LoreCaster(I REALLY appreciate this, ladies and gents)18:14
qw-Russianin the screen i see next message: No bootable medium found! System halted18:14
LoreCasterokay... 4 recovery mode options. resume, fsck, remount and root :)18:14
BluesKaj!ru | qw-Russian18:15
ubottuqw-Russian: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.18:15
BluesKajyour transltor isn't working very well , qw-Russian ^^18:15
BluesKajheh translator18:16
qw-Russianwhat to me to do ?18:17
LoreCaster(not being impatient, just proactive) shall I "fsck"? Check all file systems? or shall I "root" and drop into root shell and wait for more instructions?18:17
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BluesKajLoreCaster,  root , then update and upgrade18:20
LoreCasterwhat commands, specifically? (so i can't screw this up) I would assume "sudo apt-get install update"18:22
BluesKajsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade , LoreCaster18:22
LoreCasterwait... what?! When the "recovery menu" comes up, the keyboard stops working. i can't scroll, type, even restart. :S numlock won't even engage/disengage18:23
LoreCasterrebooted, tried it again, same result18:23
BluesKajlooks like a HW problem18:23
LoreCasterbut now... the function key (multimedia keyboard) light will flash if i tap the button, but caps won't, and num won't. this is terribly frustrating. i got INTO the menu with "shift"...18:24
LoreCasterpulled the usb keyb out of the hub and right into the front bus of the tower, see if that helps18:27
LoreCasterno change. still no way to select any options. "enter" won't even work18:27
LoreCasterctrl+alt+del either :S18:28
BluesKajthese symptoms are entirely new to me18:28
LoreCasterimagine how i feel.18:29
BluesKajdo you have a /home partition ?18:29
LoreCasterand while it superficially sounds like a hardware failure, the failure only occurs at this screen... and works otherwise. sounds software.18:30
LoreCasteri didn't play with partitions at all after the base install from a clean drive.18:30
LoreCastershould be default settings as far as that is concerned18:30
BluesKajit's not hardware failure as such , it's software unable to communicate with HW18:30
LoreCasterthat's what i mean... :)18:31
BluesKajis what I meant18:31
BluesKajthere is one method that might work .... reinstall without formatting , this will save your data but reinstall the OS18:32
LoreCasterand all program settings? files saved to desktop?18:32
BluesKajwell, I haven't done in a while , not since 10.10 , but it should yes18:33
LoreCasteroh, nice!18:34
LoreCasterhow would I go about that without installing a side-by-side?18:34
BluesKajsde by side ...what exactly do you mean?18:38
LoreCasterI've done that sort of install before, and i had the option between two independent OS18:40
LoreCasters... sort of like installing linux and Win7 on the same system on the same drive.18:40
LoreCasterunless the install system has dramatically changed...18:40
BluesKajLoreCaster,  the reinstall method i used was with the alternate install live cd...and manual partitoning , make sure you don't reformat18:48
LoreCasterI'm using the live "CD" (SD) for this session on my netbook. anything special for the partitioning? I think i'll boot the OS fully first, and backup my data, just in case :P18:49
BluesKajabsolutely ..always backup18:53
BluesKajLoreCaster,  no you need the alternate install cd18:54
ubottuThe Alternate CD is a classical text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate checkbox on the Kubuntu download page - See also !minimal18:54
shashikhelp me, i am unable to save my ssh keys on the launchpad18:55
shashikit just says Invalid public key18:56
rosco_yWhat is the apt-get command to install java?18:56
tsimpsonshashik: you should ask in #launchpad18:56
BluesKajBBL ...stuff to do18:56
shashikook tsimpson ,18:56
tsimpsonrosco_y: just install default-jre18:57
DaemonFCOracle's proprietary Java has been removed from the Ubuntu repositories because Oracle changed their distributor agreement to disallow distributions to distribute it18:57
tsimpsonrosco_y: or just "icedtea-plugin" for the browser plugin18:57
rosco_ytsimpson: ty, I tried downloading and installing from http://java.com/en/download/manual.jsp?locale=en, but it isn't working in my browser18:57
DaemonFCit's recommended to use OpenJDK, an open source Java compatible runtime18:57
rosco_yI'll install the default-jre once, and see what happends :)18:58
DaemonFCdefault-jre points to OpenJDK 6, if you want browser applet support then you need icedtea-6-plugin18:59
rosco_yit tells me I have the latest version installed18:59
rosco_yDaemonFC: ty, I think that's my trouble18:59
DaemonFCthere's icedtea-netx for Java Web Start18:59
DaemonFCif you need that too18:59
LoreCasterback again... running the live-boot off my SD card.19:01
rosco_ythe icedtea-plugin took care of the problem for me--thank everybody :)19:01
LoreCasteryou wanted me to run the install software?19:02
LoreCasterokay... home folder backed up...19:08
LoreCasterI have the option to "Upgrade 11.10 to 11,10" would that be a good way to allow the computer to do the install?19:11
BluesKajLoreCaster,  yes aslong as it doesn't auto format , otherwise it's a brand new install19:13
LoreCaster"documents, music, and toher personal files will be kept. installed software will be kept, where possibile. system-wide settings will be cleared."19:14
DasKreechWhat version are you running now?19:15
LoreCaster11.10... but had a huge error during a reboot. there are even problems during GRUB... so an upgrade might fix the problem19:16
BluesKajLoreCaster,  well if you don't mind resetting system settings , fonts. wallpaper, themes etc then go ahead19:16
LoreCasterperfect. I'll go with that... :D19:16
BluesKajok , good luck19:17
LoreCasterI just want you guys to know, you're all amazing. This service, your patience and your very reason to help people like myself are the reason why Linux is gaining the popularity it has today. Goddess bless you all :)19:17
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BluesKajLoreCaster,  well thanks for the vote of confidence beforehand . it's appreciated :)19:19
LoreCasterin my experience, the universe rewards evidence, and designs results.19:20
LoreCasteroh!! one more thing... if i could bother you with it.19:20
LoreCastermy webcam is working, at this very second, during install. but when install is finished, it won't work... it'll be recognizes in fstub (i think that's what it's called) and in the media settings... but will only show a black screen in CHEESE and Skype... but it works at install.19:21
DasKreechLoreCaster: We can look at that when it comes back up. Working now is a good sign19:25
LoreCasterit was like that before :P but yeah, after the 'upgrade'19:27
LoreCasterdoing language packs now19:37
BluesKajhighnz,  test what19:47
stephans_i am tunning Ubuntu 11.4 and installed KDE since the new Gnome 3 setup was unstable in my case. i installed the kde minimal metapackage. There is only one thing missing, the volume control icon in the system tray. what did I miss?19:59
DasKreechstephans_: why the kde-minimal ?20:05
DasKreechAlso which Gnome3 setup?20:08
stephans_DasKreech, I wanted the plasma shell but not neccesarily all the KDE programs... like the KDE office suite.20:08
DasKreechthe KDE office suite isn't installed in Kubuntu unless you ask for it20:09
stephans_Gnome 3, meaning the Ubuntu Unity20:09
DasKreech!info plasma-desktop20:09
ubottuplasma-desktop (source: kde-workspace): KDE Plasma workspace for desktop and laptop computers. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.7.4-0ubuntu0.1 (oneiric), package size 788 kB, installed size 2616 kB20:09
DasKreechIf all you want is the shell that's all you have to install20:09
DasKreechSo you want the KDE Shell but all the Gnome applications is taht correct?20:10
stephans_DasKreech, I like the basic setup, with file manager basically... and the desktop widgets (plasmoids?)20:11
stephans_I use the other apps from Ubuntu along with chrome.20:12
stephans_Like Xchat for example.20:12
stephans_I also like how in KDE the 3D effects work.20:12
stephans_Better than Unity for me20:13
DasKreechstephans_: Alright so what are you missing?20:13
stephans_I am not sure if there are so many good apps written for KDE other than K3B... and some others...20:14
stephans_I am missing the volume control20:14
stephans_the speaker in the lower right20:14
DasKreechstephans_: Okular20:14
stephans_that you can control the volume with...20:14
DasKreechA good KDE app :)20:15
stephans_What does it do?20:15
DasKreech!info kmix20:15
ubottukmix (source: kdemultimedia): volume control and mixer. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.7.4-0ubuntu0.1 (oneiric), package size 366 kB, installed size 1504 kB20:15
DasKreech!info okular20:15
ubottuokular (source: okular): universal document viewer. In component main, is extra. Version 4:4.7.4-0ubuntu0.1 (oneiric), package size 974 kB, installed size 3180 kB20:15
stephans_OK, I see that the volume control kmix is optional in the main? Hm... odd...20:16
DasKreechstephans_: opens documents. Pdfs etc20:16
stephans_i will give okular a try...20:16
stephans_so its a viewer then?20:16
DasKreechdoes CBR20:16
* DasKreech hugs okular20:16
DasKreechComic Book20:18
DasKreechstephans_: better?20:26
LoreCasterit's me again...20:29
LoreCasterthe install was in it's last seconds and it crashed. i have a black screen with white text... and a circular (ubuntu) icon. it says... "kernal panic - not syncing: attemped to kill init"20:30
DasKreechhi LoreCaster20:30
LoreCasterhello again, DasKreech20:31
DasKreechLoreCaster: that's odd. I presume you tried to reboot ?20:31
DasKreechAre you on the machine now or this is a different machine?20:31
LoreCasteri am sitting at the desk, on my netbook. my desktop is the one flipping out. the system froze solid here, i didn't want to lose nay valuable code20:32
LoreCasteri can restart it now, if you like... the mouse won't even move. haha20:32
stephans_DasKreech, yes now it is there. Thanks lots.20:32
LoreCasterthe last line of code on the screen reads "panic occurred, switching back to text console"20:33
LoreCasterdays like this I almost consider abandoning the path that life has chosen for me... to live in a luddite monestary in the woods -tear-20:34
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BluesKajLoreCaster,  do you have a prompt , if you do ctl+alt +f1 ?20:36
DasKreechLoreCaster: :)20:38
DasKreechstephans_: Ok :)20:38
DasKreechLoreCaster: how's reboot going?20:38
LoreCaster-frustration- no prompt... the screen is completely frozen.20:49
LoreCastershall I reboot back into the live-boot, or try to go into the HDD install?20:49
LoreCasteron reboot, if i let grub load, i get huge distortion in the screen and another lockup. no ctrl-alt-delete response, horizontal bars and no legible text20:55
LoreCasterrebooted again into grub and trying to enter recovery mode20:55
LoreCastersame problem in grub recov as before20:56
LoreCasternext reboot went into grub automatically... hit first option ( i assumed it was to resume normally) and now i have a underscore cursor blinking in the top left of the screen, no text, no mouse, no progression20:58
LoreCasteri'm losing my mind. I may just blow away the partitions and start from a fresh install.21:01
DasKreechLoreCaster: Are you sure the drive is ok?21:05
DasKreecha kernel panic on a new install from recovery mode is not normal21:05
LoreCastermy live-SD boot is up. i'll run a scan of the disk. any particular command you'd recommend? i'd just use a gpartd scan, personanally...21:06
LoreCasterdoing a gpart scan now... 500gb drive. finsihed without any blips.21:10
LoreCasteri guess i could blow away the entire drive, format it while isolating bad sectors... and reinstall from scratch?21:11
LoreCasterNo feedback?21:20
LynoureHow does one define which audio device actually outputs the sound? My Multimedia settings just show PulseAudio and I'd like to get my music out through the internal audio card by default instead of the hdmi21:21
Lynoure(Both are able to make sound, that has been tested)21:22
LynoureAny ideas?21:24
LoreCasteralrighty... you all take care, and thanks again. I know you have lives (those lovely things that i've heard so much about, but as a university student have not experienced first hand in abuot 3 years)21:29
LynoureDoes anyone here have multiple sound cards? E.g. internal one and display card capable of outputting audio via hdmi?21:35
LoreCasteryeah, it's me again. I tried the live-install and got "ubi-partman exit code 10"21:47
DasKreechLoreCaster: Did you do a CD check on the CD?21:52
LoreCasterSD card. how would I go about that?21:53
LoreCasteri'm just going to run a straight install to the disk, without the live-boot.21:57
LoreCasterreally sick of playing games with the kernal. :P21:57
DasKreechLoreCaster: Should have a check option on startup21:57
DasKreechLynoure: The Second tab of phonon config should allow you to choose soundcard21:58
DasKreechLoreCaster: You did a checksum on the image?21:58
deusrDoes anyone know how to lock the plasma for users unable to make changes?21:59
DasKreechdeusr: kiosk21:59
deusrDasKreech: for kde 4.722:00
LoreCasterit worked before, DasKreech, a number of times. anyway, running a from-scratch one now.22:00
LynoureDasKreech: the second tab lets me fiddle with the setting for each, and test if they work, but does not let me change where the music actually plays from22:00
deusrthe kiosk is for kde 3, no?22:01
LynoureDasKreech: I'm trying renaming ~/.kde/share/config/phonondevicesrc and restarting KDE tomorrow, and ask again tomorrow if that does not help22:01
DasKreechdeusr: Should still work for KDE 4.x. You can ask in #plasma if you want more specific instructions22:04
DasKreechLynoure: Alright22:04
DasKreechLoreCaster: Strange :-/22:04
LoreCasterno kidding. i'll grab a nap while this is installing... back in about an hour or so. depending how i'm feeling, I may tackle my WEBCAM... otherwise, it's been a pleasure. :)22:05
deusrDasKreech: thank's22:05
LynoureDasKreech: but if you know how one could neatly remove PulseAudio, I could maybe try that later.22:05
DasKreechLynoure: sudo apt-get remove pulseaudio ?22:10
Ezimwhy do you want to remove pulseaudio?22:10
LynoureDasKreech: and that is enough? Ok.22:11
* DasKreech introduces Ezim to Lynoure 's problem22:12
LynoureEzim: not sure if I want anymore... but with 4.7 I had knotify4 hogging massive resources, mostly memory, and I was told that PulseAudio is probably the real culprit22:12
LynoureEzim: but I have not seen that happen so with 4.8 anymore. But just in case...22:13
EzimLynoure, okey I understand. I have never had this issue.22:13
LynoureEzim: my current problem is that Phonon config only shows PulseAudio and I cannot find a way to configure exactly which device should be used22:14
LynoureEzim: and I prefer my real speakers massively over the monitor speakers (which seem to be now the default, somehow)22:14
EzimLynoure, okey. then I understand.22:14
LynoureEzim: if you know how to configure PulseAudio, that too could help.22:15
EzimLynoure, you can try pavucontrol.22:15
deusrThere is something for plasma? http://extragear.kde.org/apps/kiosktool/22:18
LynoureEzim: thanks, I'll try that too tomorrow :)22:20
Lynoure(past midnight here)22:20
EzimLynoure, you will find it in the repo.22:20
LynoureEzim: yup, installed already, just too tired for the rest of it now :)22:21
DasKreechdeusr: I know it's there but I haven't done a lasma lockdown myself. #plasma might help more22:23
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uglyoldbobcan i upgrade to kubuntu 11.10 from ubuntu-10.04 safely?23:27
=== DaemonFC` is now known as DaemonFC
gomiboyuglyoldbob: you have to upgrade to 10.10 and 11.04 first... or wait a couple of months and upgrade directly to 12.0423:37
uglyoldbobhow would i properly do a transition from ubuntu-10.04 to kubuntu-10.04?23:41
Slappy_i always thought that as linux progressed it would be easier to just plug in a old wireless card into an older laptop and boom everything works. guess i was wrong.23:45
Slappy_i've tried linux mint/ubuntu and now kubuntu with a linksys wpc54g pcmcia card with a dell 8500 laptop and still can't get it working.23:46
gomiboyuglyoldbob: install kubuntu-desktop and than: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purekdelucid23:47

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