jierostill lubuntu have crap default component  - gnumeric ...02:51
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gameover1anyone here?08:20
gameover1no human?08:20
gameover1this is all a lie?08:20
gameover1a lie?08:20
gameover1really a lie???!!!08:20
gameover1actually no one is here??!!08:20
gameover1and those name is a lie??!!08:21
gameover1only me???!!!08:21
doda-i'm here08:21
doda-but i'm a newbie to lubuntu08:21
gameover1you were late08:22
doda-but shoot, i may know something :D08:22
gameover1how much RAM is needed to use lubuntu08:22
gameover1in 508:22
gameover1I'm gonna leave....08:22
doda-128 mb08:22
gameover1you just guessed?08:23
doda-for like only plain desktop08:23
doda-lol, no, i use it now08:23
doda-don't be a smartass08:23
Unit193!guidelines | gameover108:23
ubottugameover1: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines08:23
gameover1why is my nick gameover1?08:23
gameover1I typed gameover08:24
gameover1I have a clone08:24
doda-TELEPORTER MALFUNCTION, evil twin, do you have a beard?08:24
gameover1unit192: who are you and what are you doing here?08:27
gameover1unit193: who are you and what are you doing here?08:27
Unit193gameover1: Please read the guidelines so you know better how to act in Ubuntu channels, thanks.08:27
Myrtti!guidelines > gameover108:30
ubottugameover1, please see my private message08:30
gameover1oh yes, I was wondering, why is no one answering me yesterday?08:31
Myrttibecause people have other lives, this channel is not solely for your use, timezones, or anyone didn't know the answer to your question.08:31
Myrttitake a pick.08:31
gameover1oh my, you're so harsh myrtti08:33
gameover1are you Steve Jobst?08:33
doda-plus lubuntu is a small channel, go troll somewhere else08:33
doda-anyway, i wrote a message to the mailing list, seems like it didn't get senr08:35
doda-*sent, its not in the archive08:35
Unit193Bah, I should be sleeping already... How did you send it? Were you subscribed to the mailing list? If you can say the address, but adding NO_SPAM in the middle would be handy too.08:37
doda-i subscribed, but for some reason the remind password option didn't send me a mail yet08:40
doda-good night, will check that08:40
Unit193Alright, the active one is at lists.ubuntu.com, don't exactly remmeber the direct link though.08:41
Unit193Also, reminder that you'll have to send from the same email address (trust me, easy to mix up : P )08:42
MayazcherquoiHey guys. What would be the way to go about installing Lubuntu on a netbook (no CD drive), when you only have a USB that holds 188mb?09:51
head_victimMayazcherquoi: mini cd09:52
MayazcherquoiAnd I can not connect via ethernet.09:52
MayazcherquoiI was thinking downloading the mirrors to my HDD (2TB) and interface with that, then just use a local dir, but I don't know where the mirrors list is and if there are quite a few files? :S09:52
MayazcherquoiOr even if Lubuntu will recognise the drive.09:53
head_victimThe whole Ubuntu mirror including the CD mirror is only around 600GB.09:53
head_victimI have a local copy ;)09:53
MayazcherquoiI just want what is needed on a desktop install :-/09:54
head_victimWell, you could use the mini CD to install off, it's getting the other packages that will be harder to do if you're without the internet at all (no wireless even?)09:55
MayazcherquoiI mean, I could easily do it when installing Gentoo, but idk how with Lubuntu :-/09:55
MayazcherquoiI have wireless.09:56
MayazcherquoiJust that IIRC Linux sucks out of the box with wireless drivers :p09:56
Mayazcherquoi(it's been a while)09:56
Myrttiuse the mini.iso, use command line magic to connect to wifi, rock and roll on apt-get09:56
head_victimWell then use the mini iso to install and then see if it works.09:56
head_victimIf it doesn you can then install drivers you need off the usb you can reuse after installing09:56
MayazcherquoiLol, screw this, I have another idea :P10:17
thor_lubuntu 12.04. LSC (BUG) try to install libreoffice write, it dos not show in apps basket. Get this in terminal http://pastebin.com/MDFSHNqJ11:28
Pitmasterhello there12:37
smilehi :)12:37
smilequestions? :p12:37
PitmasterAnd I hope this is a nice place to return to without questions12:38
smilePitmaster: cool :)12:39
smilego ahead :)12:39
PitmasterI want to install xbmc12:39
smilePitmaster: okay :D12:40
Pitmasterbut the only repository is for ubuntu12:40
smilethat's fine, ubuntu packages are also for lubuntu :)12:41
smilebrb :)12:41
PitmasterMaybe other people can look into it12:41
Pitmasterapt doesn't want to install xbmc-data12:42
PitmasterIt's a bit difficult because I use the dutch version of Lubuntu and the output is Dutch.12:43
smilePitmaster: i'm belgian :)12:46
PitmasterThat's nice, Fr or Nl12:46
smileNL :)12:46
smilewhat's the error message? :p12:46
JadedJacobGood evening lubuntu13:33
valdur55JadedJacob, good evening :)13:58
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pmatuliswhere can i get the latest iso for testing?17:44
EvilResistancepmatulis, you mean of 12.04?17:44
pmatulisEvilResistance: you got it baby17:44
EvilResistancedont do that :P17:45
pmatulishe he17:46
pmatulisok, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/daily/current/17:53
kubanchow do i add application shortcuts to menu?18:02
holsteinkubanc: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/FAQ/Guides#I_don.27t_know_how_to_make.2BAC8-add_a_application_to_.22start.22_menu.18:04
david_j_rAnyone able to say if there's a Lubuntu meeting later today (like in just under a couple hours)?18:22
smiledavid_j_r: it's on the wiki, i think. :p18:24
david_j_rThanks - couldn't find it! Still can't. :) Got a link for agenda? (Lame, I know!)18:25
david_j_rhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/IRC%20Meetings/Agenda - got it!18:26
david_j_rbye for now18:26
smiledavid_j_r: great. bye :)18:27
Unit193That wasn't, I wouldn't think.19:35
Unit193...And that went to the wrong channel, sorry.19:38
guntbertwhere can I set what shall happen when closing the laptop's lid?19:50
CTtechguyyou can right click on the power icon and set it under preferences19:55
guntbertCTtechguy: no power/battery icon is visible20:01
vlad9001from where do i set the prop for laptop lid ?! pls help20:09
guntbertvlad9001: if you have a power/battery icon: right click on that, select preferences20:10
vlad9001guntbert: no icon there... :)20:10
CTtechguyguntbert: can you add it to the taskbar?20:12
guntbertvlad9001: so you are in the same situation as I am :-))   please have a look at http://askubuntu.com/questions/71033/closing-the-lid-isnt-toggeling-standby-anymore-after-update-in-lubuntu-how-can   (didn't help me, but...)20:12
wxlguntbert: i don't see you refuting the answers provided there. are you saying they don't work?20:13
guntbertCTtechguy: I am trying (I installed lubuntu-desktop on a (more-or-less standard ubuntu)20:13
guntbertwxl: they don't work for *me*, because I don't have /usr/share/applications/xfce4-power-manager-settings.desktop ...20:14
vlad9001thank you20:14
vlad9001i'll try20:14
wxlguntbert: have you filed a bug?20:15
wxl(i believe that if it requires further software, it's a bug, whether or not that further software makes it work)20:15
guntbertwxl: not yet, against what package would I file it?20:16
CTtechguyguntbert: how about ->  sudo /usr/bin/xfce4-power-manager-settings20:16
guntbertCTtechguy: not here, apparently lubuntu-desktop doesn't pull in everything...20:17
CTtechguycan you install it from the repo?20:18
guntbertCTtechguy: if it is xfce4-power-manager, yes just installing20:21
CTtechguylet me know if that works20:23
guntbertCTtechguy: hm .. that gives "xfce4-power-manager is not running. Do you want to start it?", on affirmative answer it said something about dbus..., now it started20:24
CTtechguycan you now launch it?20:25
guntbertCTtechguy: yes, I launched it, made the appropriate settings and will test them - if it work I will be back in a minute - if not i will stay :-))20:26
CTtechguygreat glad you have it running!20:26
guntbertCTtechguy: hey, it worked but I was offline so shortly that I was not disconnected :-)20:28
guntbertCTtechguy: can you confirm that xfce4-power-manager is part of the standard lubuntu installation?20:29
wxlguntbert: you'd file the bug against lxpanel as /usr/lib/lxpanel/plugins/batt.so is included with that package20:29
wxlsorry for the delay had a couple things going on20:29
CTtechguyyes it is a package in the standard install20:30
wxlyep it is actually20:31
wxlxfce4-power-manager: Installed: 1.0.10-5ubuntu120:31
guntbertwxl: if you read back you will see why it could not be there - so that might be a different bug - probably against lubuntu-desktop20:31
guntbertCTtechguy: thx20:31
wxlahhh i see20:32
wxlthe power manager isn't running20:32
guntbertwxl: not only not running but not even installed20:32
wxlthat's certainly strange20:32
guntbertwxl: I installed lubuntu-desktop on a (more-or-less standard) ubuntu20:33
guntbertwxl: maybe worth looking what else is missing (from the important packages :-))20:35
wxlguntbert: well i will say this-- i've found that lubuntu on ubuntu != lubuntu20:35
guntbertwxl: true, but I say: lets file bugs to get the funcionality users may expect20:37
wxlguntbert: what ubuntu u on?20:37
guntbertwxl: oneiric20:38
wxlguntbert: if you installed lubuntu-desktop without recommends you would not get xfce4-power-manager http://packages.ubuntu.com/oneiric/lubuntu-desktop20:39
guntbertwxl: true - now one can argue if it really should be in the same class as abiword and ace-of penguins :-)20:42
wxlguntbert: well, think about it this way-- not EVERYONE has a laptop. in fact, it's more likely people will use abiword.20:50
guntbertwxl: I concede in regard to abiword, but ace-of-penguins?  But I don't want to fence words here - I will file a bug against lubuntu-desktop to depend on  xfce4-power-manager and not only recommend it20:52
sereanyone have experience gettingthe iphone4 to work21:31
Unit193sere: This isn't quite the channel for iPhone (unless you want sync with Lubuntu), ##iphone may be better, or find even better one with /msg alis list *iphone*21:35
Flazerhow would i remove a package update from appearing?21:35
Flazerexample...i don't want to install the firefox/mozilla package updates since i uninstalled firefox21:36
Unit193If it's uninstalled, it doesn't tell you about them. You may have missed a package, try dpkg -l |grep -i firefox  or sudo apt-get autoremove21:37
Flazerthx, will try21:38
serewhen i try to sync my iphone4 i got an error saying "Unhandled Lockdown error (-4)"21:38
she-rahow do i generate an xorg.conf file? I think I know how but i'm supposed to stop the gdm or lightdm service first but those arent in lubuntu apparently or something22:30
she-raok thx22:30
ubottuThe /etc/X11/xorg.conf file is deprecated, but sometimes may still be needed to pass values to specific drivers. Generic xorg.conf generation: http://ubottu.com/y/xorgconf - ATI/AMD ( fglrx driver ) specific: http://ubottu.com/y/atiamd - NVidia ( nvidia driver )specific: http://ubottu.com/y/nvidia man xorg.conf for file structure and syntax.22:30
DrPenguinhey there.. I just installed lubuntu..   but im noticing the application launcher does not raise to the top when I open it with other apps running ona  workspace. where do I go to make it actually raise to the top?22:53
Unit193Bug 769644 bug 889414 bug 88417022:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 769644 in lxpanel (Ubuntu) "Alt-F2 (or "lxpanelctl run") doesn't work" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/76964422:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 889414 in lxpanel (Ubuntu) "Run dialog opens up in the background" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88941422:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 769644 in lxpanel (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #884170 Alt-F2 (or "lxpanelctl run") doesn't work" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/76964422:57
Unit193Take your pick. ;)22:57
DrPenguini may just opt for another application launcher then..22:58
Unit193gmrun is a bit different, but still nice.22:58
DrPenguinI like bashrun22:59
Unit193Those are all the same bug, just reported many times.22:59
DrPenguinOh I assumed so22:59
DrPenguinoh! gmrun! thats what crunchbang uses23:00
Unit193There are many to choose from, just lxpanel has that by default, and comes with Lubuntu. You will have to edit .openbox/lubuntu-rc too (something like that, tab will help you find it)23:01
wxlUnit193: you mean ~/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml ?23:02
DrPenguinis that in /etc/xdg?23:02
Unit193DrPenguin: That's in your homedir.23:02
DrPenguinfraid not, there is no openbox folder in !23:03
Unit193wxl: I knew it had openbox, lubuntu and rc in there.23:03
Unit193DrPenguin: wxl has the correct location.23:03
wxlDrPenguin: ~/.config/openbox/…23:03
DrPenguinthat would be correct23:03

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