Tronicjtaylor: I've got a laptop.00:17
TronicAnd also proper faked DPI on desktop now.00:17
Fudgeany known problems with mouse not focussing correctly in yesterdays daily precise, click a menu and the menu appears about 4 inches away and cant click on things00:20
Fudgewill create a new user see if it does it00:22
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oconnoreI can't report a bug on launchpad for this (yellow exclamation point?), but nm-applet version in ubuntu 12.04 on amd64 has issues. It had the cpu pegged at 100% and had used 1.5GB of res. Memory leak/infinite loop?01:50
oconnoreHopefully this finds the right person... launchpad is being difficult and i have to get back to work.01:51
oconnoreI have had to restart the process several times in the last few days.01:52
trismoconnore: did you update recently? this is supposed to be fixed according to bug 93049101:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 930491 in network-manager-applet (Ubuntu Precise) "Large memory leak in nm-applet" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93049101:54
oconnoretrism: Oh, awesome. I upgraded ~18 hours ago, but it looks like the patch went out 11 hours ago. I have a bunch of networking related upgrades queued so I bet that's the fix.01:57
oconnoreThings move fast in alpha... :)01:57
Fudgeany known probs with macbook suspend02:04
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fuhewkfI have noticed amavisd-new-postfix setup script is broken, I could use some pointers on finding the cause09:59
ikoniahow is it broken ?10:00
fuhewkf'invoke-rc.d: initscript amavis, action "restart" failed.'10:00
fuhewkfbecause: Stopping amavisd: (not running).10:00
ikoniaok, that just means it's not started it, that could be because you've not configured it10:00
ikoniathat doesn't mean it's broke10:00
fuhewkfStarting amavisd: The amavisd daemon is already running, PID: [1070] (failed).10:00
ikoniathat's like trying to stop something that isn't running,10:01
ikoniafuhewkf: look at pid 1070 see what that is10:01
fuhewkf'amavisd (master)'  run by user 'amavis'10:02
ikoniaok, so the process is running, try to stop it now10:02
fuhewkfdone, that fixed it10:03
fuhewkfthanks, no more errors when running apt, I feel a but stupid now10:03
fuhewkfbut 'sudo service amavis restart' still fails10:04
ikoniait won't "restart" as it's not running10:04
fuhewkfbut that appears to have been reported in launchpad already10:04
fuhewkfbut it is running:10:04
fuhewkfStopping amavisd: (not running). Starting amavisd: The amavisd daemon is already running, PID: [27136] (failed).10:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 930916 in amavisd-new (Ubuntu) "amavis start-stop script fails to stop amavisd" [Undecided,New]10:05
ikoniaok, so the bug is already logged, what's the problem ?10:05
fuhewkfWell I'd like to help fix the script10:05
ikoniaok, fix it10:06
ikoniawhat's stopping you10:06
fuhewkfI can't get a new package into the repository, I'd say the approach Debian took would do (http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=652026)10:07
ubottuDebian bug 652026 in amavisd-new "perl 5.14 broke use of s-s-d --name on initscript" [Important,Fixed]10:07
ikoniafuhewkf you can submit a fix and it will get patched and the package will get updated10:07
fuhewkfOK, I'll take a look. Would I need to fix the current version (2.6.5) or could I use 2.7.0 (where the work already has been done for me)10:10
fuhewkf2.7.0 is stable of course10:10
fuhewkfbut I don't know if the jump from 2.6 to 2.7 is allowed for 12.0410:11
fuhewkfmaybe 2.6.6 fies things as well of course, will check the reports for amavis10:12
zzecoolfuhewkf:  may i ask what exactly amavis is about ?10:15
fuhewkfchecking mail fot spam etc10:17
zzecoolfuhewkf: nevermind i got it10:17
zzecoolyeah yeah ty :)10:17
zzecoolman in the middle for mail <-----> antivirus spam etc10:18
zzecoolthe negotiator ;p10:18
fuhewkfI have found another approach to fix it: not checking the processes owner: http://www.cgellings.nl/?p=84&lang=en, another thing would be to change DAEMONNAME=amavisd-new to DAEMONNAME=amavisd in the init script, but i would not know the implications10:23
Name141Is there any word of what the next release will use in terms of the look? Unity ?10:23
fuhewkfchanging DAEMONNAMEs does not work...10:26
fuhewkfIs it bad practice to not check the process user name as is proposed in http://www.cgellings.nl/?p=84&lang=en ?10:28
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glosoli"Adobe will no longer provide new releases of Flash Player for Linux after version 11.2, the company has today announced."14:13
zzecooli saw14:13
zzecoolrip flash14:13
zzecooli dont even care14:13
zzecoolhtml5 is the future14:13
glosolizzecool: well yes, but for some it's needed, coz youtube still doesn't support some videos using HTML514:16
zzecoolyou will have the current version14:16
zzecoolfor the time14:16
zzecoolor just use chrome14:16
zzecoolafter all its way better than firefox14:17
glosolizzecool: in btw, it will be supported from chrome, with Pepper Engine14:22
coz_hey guys, recent updates have left home folder/ nautilus not working..any solutons?15:07
ikoniacoz_: could you expand on "not working"15:10
coz_ikonia,   yeah.. first reboot reported libdbus and dbus needed to be update,, at that point no desktop icons and home folder not accessible,, dist-upgrade did indeed update both of those,, on second restart same issue,, no pop up report however15:11
ikoniacoz_: so in essence visting /home in nautilus does nothing /15:12
coz_ikonia,  correct15:12
coz_ikonia,  all applications are accessible and working however15:13
ikoniacoz_: to be honest, I'd log a bug, that sounds like a bug not a configuration issue15:13
coz_ikonia,  I am sure it is  :)  and I will do that thanks15:13
ikoniacoz_: no point trying to hack around what seems like a genuine bug,15:14
coz_ikonia,  agreed, i was hoping someone had a solution or had experienced similar issue after current updates15:14
ikoniacoz_: checking with other users to verify the bug seems a good approach too15:15
ikoniadon't let me stop you doing that15:15
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roastedwhat is the default browser listed for 12.04?15:32
coz_firefox I believe15:32
coz_you c ould always in stall chromium-browser15:33
roastedoh I know15:33
roastedwe were just discussing our 12.04 rollout here at work15:33
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coz_ah ok15:33
roastedwe just moved to chrome as default and the linux flash chrome thing this morning caught our eye15:33
tsimpsonroasted: you have 5 years to react to that15:35
roastedtsimpson: oh I know. It's not even an issue. We just got to talking about it and we all realized none of us knew what the default browser was for 12.04. :P15:36
tsimpsonI don't see Ubuntu moving away from FF for a long time yet. and it'd likely be big news if it did15:37
coz_real big newws :)15:37
tsimpsonI bet Ubuntu is responsible for a large share of it's user base15:37
roastedtsimpson: I hear ya.15:38
roastedI was surprised they went back to rhythmbox. I thought rhythmbox development stalled?15:38
coz_I was going to say "apparently  not"  but I really havent been keeping tract of that15:39
roastedcoz_: that was the argument I read about when banshee came into the picture... it was due to banshee being the other "big wig" media player but with active development, something r-box was lacking. I wonder if Ubuntu picked up support or if the devs came back from hiatus?15:40
coz_roasted,  i wouldnt mind knowing that myself.. I do like rbox better15:41
roastedcoz_: I do as well.15:41
roastedcoz_: I still use clementine as my default though. Something about that app is pure <3.15:41
coz_roasted,  yeah.. i also like clementine as well  ,, nice looking also :)15:41
roastedcoz_: mhm. do you know if r-box has album art fetching?15:42
coz_mm let me see if I can find out15:42
roastedI'm on a blasted mac right now or I'd fire it up and see for myself :(15:42
coz_roasted,  I am reading there is an r-box plugin for album art15:43
coz_roasted,    http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/10/albumartsreach-plugin-rhythmbox/15:43
roastedcoz_: very nice.15:48
roastedmaybe i'll give it a go when I get done building my setup later15:48
roastedcomputer is currently in pieces :(15:48
roastedsurgical implanation of better proc and SSD is underway15:48
coz_roasted,  I cant test it here on 12.04.. nautilus is not working right now15:48
roastedcoz_: all good. knowing it exists is more than enough. :)15:49
coz_roasted,  for sure,, although I also cant find .gnome2.rhythmbox :(15:49
coz_test another time I guess15:50
oconnoreahhh, using alt to popup a search menu is so retarded. How do I turn this off so I can use emacs/any program that uses modifier keys?17:36
zzecooloconnore: do you have ccsm installed?17:41
oconnoreccsm? apt-cache show ccsm -> no package found17:42
oconnorezzecool: why is that relevant?17:42
zzecooloconnore: ccsm is compizconfig-settings-manager17:44
zzecoolits the tool to modify and control all the compiz plugins17:44
zzecoolactually is the gui for gconf17:45
zzecoolsomething like that17:45
zzecoolinstall it17:45
zzecooland come back to me17:45
zzecoolill guide you its easy17:45
zzecool 1 2 3 clicks and you are done17:45
zzecoolUnity is nonithing more than a Compiz plugin so we have total control through CCSM17:46
oconnoreI can't believe that ubuntu makes you install a package just to have a usable interface. Anyways, it's not your fault, thanks for your help.17:47
oconnoreinstalling now17:47
oconnoreIf I didn't have irc I would be reinstalling windows 7 right now.17:48
zzecooloconnore: i dont beleive that you are serious17:48
zzecoolyou are using a beta version17:48
zzecooland there are allrdy bug report for alt17:49
zzecoolthat will make it working only on ALT RELEASE17:49
zzecoolthat gonna fix almost every problem17:49
zzecoolso be petient17:49
zzecooland help by report bugs like that17:49
zzecoolor check if it is alrdy reported17:49
oconnorezzecool: ok, I thought that was going to go through into the actual release.17:49
oconnoresorry for my frustration17:50
zzecooli had the same prob17:50
oconnoreanyways, i have ccsm up now17:50
zzecooli have it disabled for the time17:50
zzecoolrun it17:50
zzecoolon the right find unity plugin17:50
zzecoolor use the filter17:50
zzecoolto type unity17:50
oconnoregot it17:51
zzecoolopen it17:51
zzecoolits the first option on the first tab17:51
zzecoolpress on alt17:51
zzecooldisable it or change it tosomething else17:51
zzecoolif you wanna revert back press the arrow on the right17:51
zzecoolit gonna reset to the default value agian17:51
oconnorezzecool: will this persist on reboot?17:52
zzecoolBe very carefull with CCSM if you dont know what you are doing it can brick your desktop17:52
zzecoolevery change is permanent here17:52
zzecoolunless you chnge it back17:52
zzecoolthats why you can brick your desktop17:52
zzecooljust be carefull17:53
oconnorezzecool: understood. It was really just alt. thanks for your help17:53
Daekdroomoconnore, zzecool: 'unity --reset' changes everything there to default, and some Unity updates will forcefully overwrite the options there, but it's not everytime.17:53
zzecoolnice advice Daekdroom17:53
zzecooli forgot it :)17:53
Daekdroom'unity --reset' is also how you fix it after you mess things up with ccsm17:54
DaekdroomBut I guess not enough people know that, so we have a nice warning.17:54
zzecoolbest way is to delete the folder in your settings form the home folder17:55
zzecoolif you are totaly bricked17:55
zzecoolbut unity --reset works most of the times good17:55
zzecoolyour settins folder*17:55
zzecoolomg my typos .......17:55
oconnoreon a more positive note, this has been my only real problem with 12.04 :)17:56
zzecooloconnore: its quite stable17:56
zzecoolits was quie stable since alpha17:56
zzecoolit was*17:56
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yurikoleshow to install skype&18:06
zzecoolyurikoles: http://www.skype.com/intl/en/get-skype/on-your-computer/linux/18:15
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yurikoleszzecool: try to install libqtcore4:i38618:18
yurikoleson amd6418:18
zzecoolsec im on phone18:18
zzecoolyurikoles: yes18:21
zzecooli advice you to install  "ia32libs"18:22
zzecoolto have multiarch suport18:22
zzecooland then install every other dependency skype will ask18:22
yurikolesia32libs is transitional package18:22
zzecoolits ok18:22
zzecoolits a meta it is going to install 32bit libs18:22
zzecoolso you can run some 32bit apps in 64bit system18:22
yurikoleshe following packages have unmet dependencies:18:23
yurikoles ia32-libs : Depends: ia32-libs-multiarch18:23
yurikolesE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.18:23
zzecoollike skype the deb is 64bit but the app is 32 bit18:23
zzecoolpseudo 64bit18:23
yurikolesThe following packages have unmet dependencies:18:23
yurikoles ia32-libs-multiarch:i386 : Depends: libqt4-dbus:i386 but it is not going to be installed18:23
yurikoles                            Depends: libqt4-network:i386 but it is not going to be installed18:23
yurikoles                            Depends: libqt4-opengl:i386 but it is not going to be installed18:23
yurikoles                            Depends: libqt4-qt3support:i386 but it is not going to be installed18:23
yurikoles                            Depends: libqt4-script:i386 but it is not going to be installed18:23
yurikoles                            Depends: libqt4-scripttools:i386 but it is not going to be installed18:23
yurikoles                            Depends: libqt4-sql:i386 but it is not going to be installed18:23
yurikoles                            Depends: libqt4-svg:i386 but it is not going to be installed18:23
yurikoles                            Depends: libqt4-test:i386 but it is not going to be installed18:23
yurikoles                            Depends: libqt4-xml:i386 but it is not going to be installed18:23
yurikoles                            Depends: libqt4-xmlpatterns:i386 but it is not going to be installed18:23
yurikoles                            Depends: libqtcore4:i386 but it is not going to be installed18:24
yurikoles                            Depends: libqtgui4:i386 but it is not going to be installed18:24
glosoliyurikoles: USE PASTEBIN!!!! I MEAN IT18:24
yurikoles                            Depends: libqtwebkit4:i386 but it is not going to be installed18:24
yurikolesE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.18:24
zzecoolyurikoles: make sure that you are using the main source server18:25
zzecooland do a refresh18:25
zzecoolthen try again18:25
yurikolesyou mean archive.ubuntu.com ?18:25
glosolizzecool: make sure to use pastebin18:25
zzecoolyurikoles: yes18:25
zzecoolyurikoles: and as glosoli said use pastebin for cli output18:26
zzecoolglosoli: any new bug ?18:28
zzecoolglosoli:  ?18:29
yurikolesversion difference18:30
glosolizzecool: yeah, there are couple18:37
glosolizzecool: When you press sound indicator, and some music is playing, album cover icon seems to be washed out to the right that much, that I can barely see it. And other problems are just from ATI :)18:39
glosolizzecool: and to remind, Google Chrome with Adobe will support Flash for Linux ;D18:40
glosoliif you didin't saw my previous post18:40
zzecoolyou didnt saw mine ;p18:42
zzecooli alrdy told ya18:42
glosolisorry :/18:42
zzecoolglosoli: tell me somthing in private18:43
zzecoolwanna check something18:43
yurikolesi fixed my proble.18:48
yurikolesso main archive server is a must for ubuntu +1?18:48
glosoliyurikoles: nah18:49
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jo-erlendshould I be able to install using ubiquity now? The last few times I've tried, in a guest vm, my desktop or laptop, it's crashed.19:23
hacked_kernelin Ubuntu 12.04, why port 53 tcp is opened?19:41
penguin42that's DNS isn't it?19:42
hacked_kernelwell, whats new in this version, it doesn't exists before19:43
penguin42when you say opened what do you mean - is it listening on port 53 or making requests on 53?19:44
hacked_kernellistening on port 5319:45
hacked_kernelnmap 53/tcp open  domain19:45
penguin42hacked_kernel: So   sudo netstat -anp  and see what's listening on :5319:46
ironhalikhmm, is there a way to speed up apt updating repos?19:49
hacked_kernel127.0.0.1:53  *               LISTEN      -19:50
ironhalikhmm, anyone noticed clipboard acting funny?19:51
ironhalikI loose clipboard content when I close the app that I copied from19:52
penguin42hacked_kernel: So that's just listening on the local interface anyway - nothing external; if you do that as root and with the p option it'll show you the program19:53
hacked_kernel  penguin42 its dnsmasq19:54
hacked_kernelis fine to just uninstall dnsmasq?19:54
penguin42not sure whether anything's dependent on it - I think Network Manager will set it up when you have connection sharing or if you're using kvm19:56
zzecoolhacked_kernel:  i can answer you19:57
zzecoolhacked_kernel: in precise together with network manager they installed by default a dns server cache19:57
zzecoolhacked_kernel: dnsmasq19:58
zzecooland by default it collects  dns request so you have a faster experience19:58
penguin42oh, ah that would explain it - if it's just listening on loopback there's nothing to worry about19:58
Adyswhy is libxrandr-dev:i386 conflicting with libxrandr-dev ?19:59
zzecoolit is listening on by defualt19:59
hacked_kerneli see19:59
hacked_kernelalso i'm experiencing very slow connection19:59
zzecoolhacked_kernel: nothing to worry aout19:59
zzecoolnothing to do with that19:59
zzecoolsomething else is your problem19:59
zzecooldnsmasq just keeps a local cache instead of ramming your ISP dns servers :p20:00
hacked_kernelhow can i fix DNS server IPs permanenly ?20:00
hacked_kernelin resolve.conf20:00
zzecoolits will not work20:00
zzecoollike this because it will autochange to where dnsmasq listens20:01
hacked_kernelso can i add the dns servers in dnsmasq conf?20:01
zzecoolno need add them to the network manager20:01
zzecooland they gonna work20:01
zzecooldnsmasq will handle it20:01
hacked_kernelzzecool, how often dnsmasq updates its entries?20:12
zzecoolas soon as you right click disconnect and reconnect20:13
zzecoolit has to do with network managet not dnsmaq20:13
zzecoolmanager* ffs my typos20:13
zzecooland its actually left click whatever...20:14
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ironhalikzzecool: uh, so if I had bind9 for dns caching, I now have two?20:26
cheakois thee any documentation for overlayfs?20:53
zzecoolironhalik: yes21:00
zzecoolironhalik: and if they both listening to the same  ip port the you have a problem - confict21:01
ironhalikzzecool: dnsmasq runs as a service?21:02
ironhalikah, here it is21:03
ironhalikdnsmasq wasnt installed for some reason21:03
ironhalikafter installation it tried to start at port 53 and failed21:03
zzecoolironhalik: ill be with you in 5 min :)21:05
ironhaliknah, dont bother :)21:05
ironhalikfor some reason the upgrade didnt install dnsmasq21:05
ironhalikmaybe because I already had bind921:06
ironhalikeither way, Ive got a dns cache working21:06
zzecooli found about dnsmasq when tried to install DNSCrypt   ( ecryption for opendns )21:07
zzecooland failed....21:07
zzecoolbecause was listening on the same prto21:07
ironhalikis it possible that slashdot has some resolving lag with dns cache? :>21:11
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zzecoolironhalik: i dont think it depents on your dns21:23
mikeconceptswould like to test 12.04 but nm-applet crashes every time I try to connect... Dell D410 laptop, ideas to try?21:38
mikeconceptsthis is from the daily build today live cd21:39
ironhalik_a bit off-topic21:40
ironhalik_but how are you doing with Ubuntu 12 and D410?21:40
ironhalik_Ive got D420, with arch linux and gnome shell, because unita was too laggy :)21:40
zzecoolmore updates landed21:59
ironhalik_hmm, can I speed up the repo refresh process in apt?22:02
ironhalik_after you add some PPAs, it takes almost forever22:02
DaekdroomTry a mirror that's closer to you22:02
Daekdroom(but it'll take longer for you to get new packages)22:03
ironhalik_Im already on a local mirror22:03
yofelironhalik_: not really, apt downloads compressed list files from the servers, and only those that have changed since the last update22:03
ironhalik_actually, Im in the same city as :)22:03
ironhalik_hmm, yeah it ignores most of them22:04
ironhalik_ha, its the google repo22:04
ironhalik_cant do anything about it :/22:05
ironhalik_or I can switch to chromium :)22:05
zzecoolironhalik_: yes there is a ay22:06
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zzecooltry to google " apt-fast "  there are guides22:06
ironhalikhmm, yeah, Ive seen it22:06
zzecoolits actually a script using aria downloader with apt22:07
ironhalikbut it mostly uses multithreaded downloads for the large files22:07
ironhalikI tried it with axel22:07
zzecooli have it with aria22:07
zzecoolbut i only use it for big updates22:07
ironhalikI can saturate my dl link when downloading packages, its the repo refreshing that takes time22:08
ironhalikits not a big issue, just a bit annoying :)22:08
zzecooldo you have 3rd party repos ?22:08
ironhalikyeah, sure22:09
zzecool99% 3rd party is the culprit22:09
ironhalikwell, for me, the google repo, I use to update chrome now seems to lag22:10
zzecoolopen your terminal fullscreen and check where it take too much time22:10
zzecoolfor me the last days it takes too much time on the google chrome repo22:10
zzecoolits the repos prob22:10
ironhalikand since it lags every time, I thought apt downloads the manifest (or whatever its called) every time22:10
zzecoolnot your as you can see i have the same 2 days now22:10
zzecooli dont know how apt works22:11
zzecoolso we cant rly know22:11
zzecoolmaybe they use rsync or redownload  the whole index every time22:12
zzecooli dont rly know22:12
zzecooland i dont care ( it bad to care for everything you mind sooner or later will blow )22:12
DaekdroomApt checks if the index is the same as you have, and if it isn't, then it downloads the whole thing22:13
ironhalikwell, I like collect random knowledge ;>22:13
DaekdroomWhen there are no repo changes, you download only about 20kB22:13
DaekdroomMaybe less22:13
Daekdroom(I think my PPAs bloat that value)22:13
zzecoolahh ty Daekdroom22:17
zzecoolgood to know22:17
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alexdw369I'm new to Ubuntu and poking around on the new 12.04 alpha.  Having an issue with window background color vs font color contrast in settings dialogs as well as the Ubuntu software center.  Has anyone else seen this issue, and figured out how to solve it?23:10
ironhalikhmm, not here23:12
ironhalikwhote background, black fonts23:12
alexdw369yeah i have a super light grey background with white fonts.  nearly impossible to read23:12
alexdw369it didn't install this way a few hours ago...change occured after a reboot23:13
urfr332gOalexdw369, rto be honest being a new user and learning on the development is a bad idea.23:15
alexdw369well....i guess I'm not trying to LEARN Linux, per se, but rather familiarize myself with troubleshooting....if that makes any sense23:17
alexdw369I enjoy learning how to solve problems.  I'm not trying to use this as a daily driver23:18
urfr332gOalexdw369, sure but this channel and the development is for getting it going for release not your theory of how you want to learn. :)23:21
snadgedoes nx work with precise ?23:58
snadgei kinda used to rely on it.. and it kinda worked for a while.. but doesnt appear to anymore, or i cant figure out whats wrong.. it creates a session, but then just dies23:59

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