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AlanBellcharles_: hi18:48
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AlanBellcharles_: needs help getting started with orca to test indicator strings18:48
* AlanBell will be back later but if someone else could help that would be great18:48
charlesheh :)18:48
charlesso, I'm adding (or, fixing) the accessible text for the power indicator, but have never used Orca before and was wondering if there is a Right Way to go about testing my work18:49
* charles idles18:59
AlanBellhi charles 19:54
* AlanBell is now full of chicken curry19:54
AlanBellI am just doing a bunch of precise updates, to get started with orca if you go to the system settings there is an option to turn on the screen reader19:55
AlanBellthat should start orca and tell you that you need to log out to turn on accessibilty, if you do that and log back in then at-spi should be running and orca should read stuff out to you as you navigate around the desktop19:56
AlanBellblind people don't have much use for a mouse so you will be using the keyboard (the mouse works with orca, but you are not testing properly if you are using it)19:57
AlanBellF10 should get you to the unity panel, then you can go right through the global menu to the indicators, or left to go straight to them19:57
AlanBellif you can't see them you are probably going to conceptualise the indicators are to the left and the menu is to the right and F10 puts you in the middle19:58
TheMusocharles: Indicator-power charles indicator-power is a system indicator, so you need to provide an implementation of get_accessible_desc for the indicator entry object, and whenever the power information updates, you need to trigger the UPDATE_ACCESSIBLE_DESC signal.21:33
charlesTheMuso: yes, that's what I'm doing. looks like I need to emit it for each of my entries21:34
TheMusocharles: Correct.21:34
TheMusocharles: As you know, there can be more than one indicator entry for each indicator object.21:34
charlesit looks like i-p currently has code to set the accessible string, but what's missing is pushing that string to the entries and emitting the signal21:35
charlesif you're interested, hold on and I'll push my patch to a temporary branch so that it's visible21:36
TheMusocharles: Right.21:36
TheMusocharles: Very much so, am happy to help test.21:36
TheMusoI was the one who initiated the accessible description work for indicators, so I have some experience with them.21:36
charlesTheMuso: thank you! :)21:37
charlesjust a sec then21:37
charlesTheMuso: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~charlesk/indicator-power/fix-891932/revision/13021:39
TheMusocharles: Thanks.21:41
TheMusocharles: Why does indicator-power have multiple entries, and what are they for?21:44
TheMusocharles: Oh hang on, you probably only have the 1, but you use indicator_object_Get_entries, just like other indicators, sorry don't mind me.21:45
charlesTheMuso: indicator-power doesn't currently have multiple entries21:46
charlesI suppose I just wrote it to futureproof the code21:47
TheMusocharles: Yeah tahts fine, I ended up having to do something similar when I implemented accessible descriptions for indicator-sound etc.21:47
charleswe don't really handle the case of initializing the accessiblity string when a new entry is added -- either in indicator-power or indicator-sound21:49
charlesbut it's probably not a situation that is going to happen21:49
TheMusoNo I'd say not, since system indicators generally only have one entry anyway, with the exception of indicator-session.21:53
charlesTheMuso: other than that, does the code look right?21:53
TheMusocharles: Looks ok to me, give me a bit and I'll build it and test.21:53
charlesvery nice, ty21:54
TheMusoHrm, the code looks right, but its not working... Orca is not giving me anything when I arrow over the indicator in the menu bar... I wonder if its because a signal hasn't yet been emitted such that the panel code hasn't requested the indicator yet.22:00
TheMusoWe had this problem with indicator-sound.22:00
* TheMuso sees if he can change the power state such that indicator-power picks it up.22:00
TheMusocharles: Yep, we still need an initial signal emitted at indicator startup, like is done with indicator-sound.22:01
TheMusoas per above.22:01
TheMusoChanging the pwoer state works fine, and I get info about the power state etc.22:01
charlesbut the initial is empty22:01
charlesyep yep22:02
charles...there are two events that matter here, one is the initial creation of the Entry, the other is when we get information from upower22:05
charlesif the Entry is created first, then the new information from upower will update the accessible string & emit the event as per that patch22:05
charlesif the upower information comes in first, the entry /should/ be initialized with the accessibility string...22:06
TheMusoTIs a race I fear.22:06
charlesso either way, the entry should get the accessibility string22:06
charlesI'm not sure that I understand what the missing piece is22:07
charlesbecause there's code to handle both of those cases22:08
TheMusoWell, when I logged in and checked the power indicator with Orca, I was not told anything about my notebook battery, which should be charged. I unplugged the notebook and plugged it back in again, and checked the indicator, and heard that my battery is charged.22:08
charlesI believe you, I just don't understand why it's happening :)22:08
TheMusoSo, on initial login, I get nothing form the indicator which mesans the panel was not able to get the accessible description.22:08
TheMusoYep olk.22:08
charlesso you experienced this in indicator-sound and solved it by emitting a signal on startup?22:09
TheMusoI'd need to find the exact commt where this was fixed, but something like that. Give me a sec.22:09
charlesmaybe panel doesn't query for the string until the signal's emitted...?22:10
TheMusoNo, it queries for the string when the atk object for the indicator is created, and connects to the signal to update the atk object when the signal is emitted.22:11
TheMusoOk, so indicator-sound emits the signal when it creates the volume slider widget, then updates the accessible desc whenever it receives volume change events from gnome-settings-daemon/pulseaudio, or whenever a user uses the slider widget to change the volume.22:16
TheMusoSo, you could emit the accessible_desc update signal when you create the primary power device menu item...22:17
charlesTheMuso: I need to be afk for a bit, will you be around in an hour?22:17
TheMusoIts worth giving it a try anyway.22:18
TheMusocharles: Yes I will, its on the relative beginning of my work day.22:18
charlesvery nice :)22:18
charlessee you in a bit, then22:18
TheMusoWill do, and thanks for your work.22:18
charlesTheMuso: I think I found the problem, do you want to re-test?23:40
TheMusocharles: Thanks.23:42
TheMusocharles: Yep that works.23:52
charlesTheMuso: great!23:55
charlesin that case...23:55
charleshttps://code.launchpad.net/~charlesk/indicator-power/fix-891932/+merge/94299 ;)23:55

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