Atlantic777I've tried to make simple app with quickly, and it works on my machine but others say that it doesn't work. Something with gobject, i'll post traceback. Here are packages (without license, my name etc so it's "poor quality")17:10
Atlantic777http://atlantic777.lugons.org/fizicko_0.1_all.deb http://atlantic777.lugons.org/fizicko_0.1.tar.gz17:10
Atlantic777and traceback: http://paste.ubuntu.com/848980/17:12
JanC_Atlantic777: the way to use Gtk from Python has changed (or is currently being changed), and AFAIK currently Quickly only supports the old way, while your testers might have a newer Python, GObject & Gtk...  :-/18:17
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Atlantic777JanC: erm... ok. I'll see with quickly folks what can I do. :) thanks18:23
Atlantic777But, we had the same version both me and few guys who tested it. We were all on 11.04.18:24
Atlantic777I'm upgrading to 11.10, maybe something changed.18:24
JanCmaybe it depends on what packages are installed too18:24
Atlantic777The interesting thing for me was that it worked on my machine.18:25
dpmhi Atlantic777, if no one can answer it right now on IRC, you might want to send an e-mail to the app developers list - https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-app-devel18:27
dpmif you could also point to your code, that'd be really helpful in trying to find out what the issue is and to be more effective in giving you a hand18:28
Atlantic777dpm: this archive would be ok for showing code? http://atlantic777.lugons.org/fizicko_0.1.tar.gz18:29
dpmAtlantic777, yes, it's ok, but it's even better if you point people to a url where they can look at the code online or download it, apply changes, and give them back. Have you tried hosting your code on a bzr branch in Launchpad?18:30
dpmthis might help: https://help.launchpad.net/Code18:31
Atlantic777dpm: nope, but I was about to post it there.18:31

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