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dholbachgood morning08:10
highvoltagegood morning14:05
wendaris anyone else working on Dino, before I dive into packaging changes in a branch?20:56
wendarhighvoltage, ajmitch: I'm avoiding the older packages that you mentioned you were working on, but if you want to "unclaim" any of them, let me know20:57
ajmitchwendar: ok :)21:00
ajmitchsorry I haven't spent much time on this over the last couple of weeks21:00
wendardino is ~4k lines of .cpp, but it's mostly just essential Qt boiler-plate21:00
ajmitchthat's the file manager app?21:01
wendarnot overly complex, so I'm inclined to take it as satisfying the "simple app" side21:01
wendarajmitch: yeah, the file  manager21:01
wendarajmitch: no worries on time21:02
wendarajmitch: I happen to have a few weeks of paid time off, so I figure it's a good time to help us catch up21:02
wendarajmitch: the influx of new apps is easy enough to keep up with21:02
ajmitchah, you did decide to take some time off?21:02
wendarajmitch: it's just the backlog that's hurting us21:03
ajmitchthanks for keeping up with them & responding as they've come in21:03
ajmitchI really want to see what apps are waiting in the needs info state21:03
wendarajmitch: we have a bug for that feature?21:03
* ajmitch filed a bug about it but it's had no response21:03
wendarajmitch: I'm sure they'd be willing to give us a one-off dump, even before a full feature is added21:04
ajmitchI'm worried that we're missing feedback from authors21:04
ajmitchhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/developer-portal/+bug/915902 for the "can't see them"21:04
wendarajmitch: shouldn't they pop up again as soon as the author says anything?21:04
ajmitchthat's https://bugs.launchpad.net/developer-portal/+bug/92758821:05
ajmitchdo you know who to ask about these bugs?21:06
wendargenerally achuni (Anthony Lenton), but John Pugh can be quite helpful too21:07
wendarlooks like achuni is hanging out on ubuntu-app-devel21:07
wendarthough, he's probably away for the day now21:07
ajmitchyeah, I live in the wrong timezone :)21:08
wendarme too :)21:08
wendarI got into the habit of running through my "who do I need to talk to in Europe" list early in the morning each day21:08
ajmitchjono connected me with david pitkin by email, I might talk to him21:09
ajmitchare there any other important bugs that come to mind?21:10
highvoltagewendar: ok21:10
wendarajmitch: yes, david pitkin is good, he's the manager of the whole team and will be able to make sure the work needed gets scheduled and completed21:17
wendarajmitch: also, he's US-based, so on a good timezone21:18

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