scientesGrueMaster, here: http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/android/features-and-specs00:00
scientessays chromium=default00:00
GrueMasterI really couldn't tell you.  There is a whole different team working on that stuff.00:04
scientesso x86 uses signed char?00:04
GrueMasterBut it is possibly due to chromium being already there for android.00:05
scientesahh, yes they said synced bookmarks and history00:05
scientesso yes that is it00:05
GrueMasterAs to the char issue, again I couldn't tell you.  I do know that the K&R C book (considered the C reference bible) does say that it could be either/or.  Proper coding standards recommend specifying the variable when creating it.00:09
GrueMasterI do remember this being an issue a long time ago between gcc and icc differences in behavior.00:10
GrueMasterThe key to remember is that if you want your code to work across multiple platforms, never assume a default behavior to be the same.00:15
infinityYeah, the signedness of char is very platform-specific (as in, arch + headers + moon phase)00:18
infinityDepending on it being either signed or unsigned is always a Very Bad Thing.00:19
infinity(And, really, treating chars as ints is deep voodoo and/or ignorance anyway, despite the underlying implementation of them as such)00:19
GrueMasteriirc, that was one of the first things covered in my C programming class.  And that was at a crap school.00:20
infinityjanimo`: Bad news, libreoffice failed on armel and armhf.  (The armel failure doesn't look arch-specific; same thing happened on powerpc, but the armhf failure is testsuite-related, and only armhf)00:55
steevtrying to build a kernel here, and i'm getting arm-linux-gnueabihf-ld command not found, and i can't seem to find the package that actually installs it (binutils *is* installed)01:03
steevthis is on precise alpha201:04
steevwhat i don't understand is that this is the armhf tarball, but it pretends like it's cross compiling01:04
infinityMaybe you need to sort out why it thinks it's cross-compiling, then.01:09
GrueMastersteev: What platform is this?  What image?01:11
steevGrueMaster:  precise-core-armhf.tar.gz (from alpha2)01:19
GrueMasterOk.  On an arm system I would assume?01:20
steevit's on an i.mx51 machine, (i AM chrooted via a m01:20
steevmmm... whatever the M release was01:20
GrueMasterok.  Should work.  I can try to reproduce it here if you can give me some quick steps (not something like Build LibreOffice).01:21
steevGrueMaster: <partitiion sd card, tar -xpf precise-core-armhf, apt-get update, apt-get install ubuntu minimal (watch it fail because of resolvconf), apt-get install git-core, git clone git://github.com/genesi/linux-legacy.git, <edit sources.list, add universe> apt-get update again, apt-get install kernel-package build-essential <setup locales>, cd linux-legacy, mv .git .dotgit (this may be un-neces01:24
steevsary, but on some versions of ubuntu it would add a + which would screw things up because of the .git dir), cp arch/arm/configs/mx51_efikamx_defconfig .config, make-kpkg --uc --us --initrd --subarch efikamx --rootcmd=fakeroot --revision 2012.02 binary01:24
twbWhat does "ubuntu for android" actually mean?  Presumably it's just the GUI fluff, and not important stuff e.g. busybox, initramfs-tools, dpkg, apt ?01:24
GrueMastertwb: Essentially it means that with this package, when you plug your android phone into a dock with keyboard/mouse/monitor, it will launch an ubuntu chroot environment and display it on the monitor.01:27
GrueMasterSimilar (but far more integrated) to the Motorola Atrix.01:27
twbAh, OK, so it's a chroot.  And you can install it via the android market?01:30
GrueMastertwb: If you read the info on ubuntu.com, then you know as much as I do at this point.  :D01:32
steevGrueMaster: oh i left off the chroot part, but i guess you'd know that much :)01:33
twbI read LWN's repost :P01:35
twbI was gonna read the whole subscriber-only article but I've lost my LWN pasword and ICBF digging it out01:35
scientestwb, yeah looks pretty cool doesn't it01:55
scientessaw it in ln too01:55
twbscientes: not really01:55
scienteswell, then why are you asking about it?01:55
scientesits pretty simple01:55
twbI have zero respect for android; this addition seems notably only in that you get a chroot without having to jailbreak.01:55
twbscientes: I'm asking to confirm that it's not actually any sexier than I guessed01:55
scientesthey did a little cool stuff like sync bookmarks and history01:55
GrueMasterI'm really not sure about this new product, but I would guess it is for integration in new devices and not generally publicly available.01:57
GrueMasterI.e, you have to buy a phone with this preloaded, or available in the market for that phone.01:57
twbGrueMaster: ah, so the idea is that Mr. Motorola or whoever goes "ubuntu is cool, this will add value to my upcoming WhizzBang 9000 device for little investment"01:57
GrueMasterBut the basic concept is not new.01:57
steevdebian/ruleset/arches doesn't have armhf in it04:17
lilstevietwb, from what I see it is just the same as webtop is on the motorola atrix04:23
twblilstevie: I'm not familiar with that, but GrueMaster et al explained it to me a bit.04:24
lilstevienot quite a chroot04:24
lilstevieand it gets given /dev/fb1 (the hdmi port)04:25
twbIt's interesting but I think I'd still prefer to just fuck off android completely, or at most dual-boot04:45
steevGrueMaster: i worked around it by adding in armhf by copying/editing the armel.mk (and making related entries into the other .mk files), no need to test05:26
GrueMastersteev: Excellent!  My wife had drug me off to dinner, I just got back (sorry).05:27
steevno worries05:27
steevi was playing WoW anyway05:27
lilstevieI am having shutdown problems, screen goes blank, nothing happens, logs don't reveal anything :/05:36
janimo`infinity, checking. I should have started a package build myself right after it was uploaded so I have a FTBFS locally when needed. Oh well05:52
janimo`infinity, there is hope for libo armhf. According to the Debian maintainer the workaround of not building Base needs to be instated for armhf as it is for armel09:06
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steevis there a way to force resolvconf to... configure?  since i'm in a chroot, it can't exactly start, and because of that it keeps throwing up errors18:29
ogra_steev, just copy /etc/resolv.conf from the host18:32
steevogra_: i have that, i'm trying to install the package resolvconf18:33
ogra_do you have /proc mounted etc ?18:33
steevand since it can't start in the chroot it doesn't install successfully (it's a dependency for ubuntu-minimal)18:33
infinityDoes 'initctl reload-configuration' help?18:33
steevogra_: yes18:33
infinityWell, 'initctl reload-configuration && dpkg --configure -a'18:34
infinity(Really, chroots should have a policy-rc.d that just denies starting services, though)18:34
steevill try when these packages finish installing, sdcards be slow18:35
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steevinfinity: start: Unknown job: resolvconf\ninvoke-rc.d initscript resolvconf, action start failed.\ndpkg: error processing resolvconf (--configure)19:50
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steevogra_: infinity: any other suggestions?21:28
steevinfinity: ah, someone explained the policy-rc.d to me, okay, have it installed, now i just need to get it booting, thanks for the pointer23:01

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