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sagacihttp://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=gUXUjjg9qQ0 -- Want. So Bad.00:38
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sagacihead_victim, so at the install fest, did you repo work as intended?08:05
head_victimsagaci: yep appeared to09:31
head_victimThe only issue was the livecd used archive.ubuntu.com and when you install it the installer sets the new pc up to point to au.archive.ubuntu.com09:32
head_victimSo I didn't have the au.archive bit set up beforehand.09:32
sagacihead_victim: ah righteo then... I was thinking about doing a similar event in sydney, if I get a hold of a router and somehow block all connections except aarnet/pub/ubuntu or aarnet/pub, 4G download speed should suffice in one of the bigger public libraries, as long as electricity is available10:25
head_victimWe just used a laptop as the DNS, DHCP, file & HTTP server.10:27
head_victimThen hooked up a switch and wireless access point.10:27
head_victimDid some dns magic and only connected a 400MB internet plan to it for "just in case".10:28
head_victimBasically most people have their own 3G and mobiles to use for actual data usage these days I found. 10:28
head_victimThat way we had a functioning CD Image mirror as well as archive mirror.10:29
sagaciyep, but being a 4G bigpond plan the aarnet mirror is unmetered, thus downloading is probably as quick/easy than setting up what you did10:30
sagaciand if it's aarnet/pub it could also extend to fedora, arch, etc10:30
head_victimTrue, you could just null route everything else.10:30
sagaciI mean if 50 people showed up, 4G won't go too far but I'm guessing that a handful that do show up don't have cool quotas/unmetered access..10:31
head_victimYep, I did it half as "I have no idea how many people are showing up" and half as "I need to learn some stuff"10:33
sagaciso what kind of leech speed were you getting10:37
head_victimI believe the network went as quick as the switch would allow, so 100mb.10:38
head_victimAt home I was getting it as quick as the HDD would allow as I use gigabit network stuff here.10:38
head_victimBasically it meant the downloading of data was a blip, the actual install part was the only bit that took time.10:39
head_victimI gotta run, but feel free to leave some questions I can ask later if you were wondering how anything went. Basically it was fun to set up :)10:40
head_victimLet me know if you do organise something and I'll make sure you have some tablerunners or banners or something as well10:40
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