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duanedesignhello malev12:58
duanedesignmalev: hope you have been good. Up to anyhthing exciting or interesting lately?12:59
malevhello duanedesign!!12:59
malevI'm still with pomodoro-indicator, I could not create the deb file, it's quite frustrating13:00
duanedesignmalev: ugh. yes packaging a project is either easy or hard. No inbetween :)13:01
malevye sbut I had problems with the packing tools ubuntu's provide, for instance is lacking on ppa-create-something (don't remember)13:02
duanedesignmalev: have you tried CLI companion lately?  It has some neat new features.13:02
malevno I haven't but I'll check it soon13:02
duanedesignone neat feature is integration with commandlinefu13:02
duanedesignmalev: let me know what you think13:03
malevand how are things at work?13:03
duanedesignmalev: hmm. I need to look at the pomodoro technique13:04
duanedesignI have been trying out lots of time managment tools lately. Evernote, toodeldo, Remember The milk, etc. I have been using a system similar to 'Getting Things Done'.13:05
duanedesignmalev: Work is going good. Stayinh busy. have not had as much time as i wish to do more coding13:06
malevduanedesign: as a todo list I use: wunderlist13:11
malevfor syncing notes I'm not using anything, I don't like evernote at all.13:12
duanedesignmalev: i use Google Calendar a lot so using google Tasks has the advantage of being in the same interface, though it is a bit simple. I have been liking Remember The Milk...so far.13:14
duanedesignI will check out Wunderlist13:14
duanedesignmalev: also I want to check out pomodoro-indicator. Reading about the pomodoro technique I think their are some things I can integrate into my system13:15
malevhaha I like pomodoro and I wish pomodoro-indicator could be packaged :)13:17
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