dscasselSince our treasurer resigns the week before and we need to collect dues and pay rent the week after.00:35
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dscasselMeeting in 5!00:55
dscasselMass call! cyphermox johanbr khoover pangolin DarwinSurvivor FiReSTaRT Kaldor KombuchaKip txwikinger bregma dougdastew jaguar- Kamondelious CPhoenix Drone4four james_w kavurt mars willwh crond Drossel Jeruvy kenjy mimcpher zul01:00
dscasselMeeting time!01:00
KombuchaKipdscassel: Yo01:00
dscasselAgenda here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CanadianTeam/Meetings/2012-02-2101:00
dscasselFeel free to introduce yourselves. Who are you? Whare are you? What do you do with/on/for Ubuntu?01:00
KombuchaKipMy name's Kip. I'm the project lead behind the Avaneya project and the Avaneya: Viking Lander Remastered project. www.avaneya.com01:01
dscasselI'm Darcy, in Kitchener-Waterloo, and I'd normally be chairing this meeting, but as there's lots of nonsense going on at kwartzlab, I might get distracted.01:01
Fo2adZzMy name is Fouad, I'm from St. John's, NL and I'm a 4th year Computer Engineering Student at Memorial University01:02
dscasselHey, guys. :D01:03
Drone4fourMy name is Daniel.  I tinker with Ubuntu as a hobby.  I live in Toronto.01:03
cyphermoxI'm Matt, Ubuntu developer on the Desktop team at Canonical, I'm from Montreal and very active in Ubuntu-QC :)01:03
khoover-ahem- sorry about that. The name's Ken Hoover, from Markham, ON. Still in high school, have offers from Waterloo and Toronto's Comp Sci programs. Mostly an ubuntu user atm.01:03
KaldorI'm a student in Newfoundland. I'm studying web development and I am somewhat involved with testing the Ubuntu development releases.01:03
zulmy name is chuck and i work on the server team at canonical in ottawa01:04
dscasselKaldor: Fo2adZz was saying something about running a Global Jam in St Johns. You guys should get together. :D01:04
Kaldorgood to see I'm not the only Ubuntu user on the island :)01:05
Fo2adZzhahaha true, same here01:05
marsI'm Mars, a long-time Linux user and Python hacker working at Canonical.  I'm based in London, ON.01:05
dougdastewDoug From London Ont. Ubuntu user Octave developer, Retired Peg. Electrical01:05
dscasselmars: Awesome. We're starting up a python group in KW. Interested in giving a talk sometime? :)01:06
dscassel(I'm trying to insinuate as much ubuntu stuff as possible into the python group... :)01:06
m4burnsthere is a meeting here?01:07
sharveym4burns: just started it seems01:07
sharveyI think there seems to be a round of introductions01:07
dscasselm4burns: Absolutely! :D01:07
marsdscassel, yep, would be cool.  But first, I have to make it to some more IRL meetings :)01:07
m4burnshi, i'm Marc, with the UW Computer Science Club.01:08
dscasselmars: Sure!01:08
m4burnsmirror.csclub.uwaterloo.ca is down today, because the RAID array is broken (in case anyone cares)01:08
dscasselFor those just showing up, agenda here:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CanadianTeam/Meetings/2012-02-2101:09
* amstan_ hopes that i can still attend this meeting even though i use arch now01:11
* KombuchaKip gets back to work. Peace out.01:12
dscasselamstan_: Yes! Ubuntu community (AFAIC) is inclusive.01:13
Fo2adZzI was wondering about running a jam in St. John's, any tips or information can be helpfull01:13
dscasselFo2adZz: Yeah, that's pretty much the point of this meeting (agenda aside...)01:13
dscasselSo let's go there...01:14
dscasselGLOBAL JAM!01:14
dscasselIs March 2-401:14
dscasselThe only registered Canadian event is in Kitchener (where I am right now)01:15
dscassel(Actually literally in the same room I am right now)01:15
Fo2adZzI'm going to try my best to bring ubuntu events to my city01:16
dscasselRegistering your event (should be) pretty simple. Just go to that loco.ubuntu.com link above and click "add team event" at the top.01:17
dscasselIf you're a member of the Ubuntu Canada team on launchpad, you'll get your event registered as a ubuntu-ca event.01:17
dscasselFo2adZz: Awesome!01:17
dscasselHold on.  I got stuff to do... 9_901:17
KaldorFo2adZz, any others around St. John's who are interested in it?01:19
Fo2adZzI have 5 or 6 classmates who are interested in it too01:19
Kaldorah, right on :)01:20
Fo2adZzany other people are interested in the surrounding of where u live?01:20
Kaldorvery doubtful01:21
Kaldorliving in a relatively small area (around the bay roberts area)01:21
dscasselAny questions about running Ubuntu Jams? Fo2adZz You saw the email I sent to the list, right?01:22
Fo2adZzoh maybe sometime u can visit st johns, and then we can meet and have an ubuntu hour or somethign01:22
Fo2adZzyes i did01:22
Kaldoryeah could be good01:22
Fo2adZzim going to register the event for st. john's01:22
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dougdastewmars: Did we meet at fanshawe  Doug Stewart here01:24
marsdougdastew, we did, I remember you asking about packaging nightlies for Octave :)01:26
dougdastewOk HI01:27
dscasselLondon needs Ubuntu events too. Just sayin. :D01:29
khooverToronto, anyone?01:30
dscasselkhoover: I can send you the email for Sammy Lao at Free Geek.01:30
dscasselkhoover: They have people who are interested in joining in.01:31
dscasselThey were talkinga bout hosting a Jam, but they seem busy.01:31
dscasselkhoover: Linuxcaffe would be a great venue. :D01:31
* johanbr was not at his computer01:31
khooverFree Geek? and sounds good01:31
johanbrI'm Johan, live in Montreal, haven't had that much time for Ubuntu lately but mostly file bugs and help people on IRC01:32
dscasselkhoover: http://freegeektoronto.org/01:32
dscasselHi johanbr: Do you know if ubuntu Quebec is running a Montreal jam?01:32
johanbrI don't I'm afraid... I'm pretty new to Montreal and haven't been to any local events yet01:33
dscasseljohanbr: I know last time they did it at the Canonical offices. And it sounded pretty hardcore...01:34
dscasselThe Kitchener Jam will be at Kwartzlab starting at 4pm. http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-ca/1498/detail/01:38
dscasselon March 3rd, the Saturday01:38
johanbrdscassel, oh, that does sound like fun01:39
BobJonkmanMeeting still on?01:43
dscasselYup. I'm up and down. I can answer any questions, if anyone has any.01:43
BobJonkmanI should catch up in the logs01:44
BobJonkmanLogs haven't caught up with reality yet01:47
dscasselBobJonkman: Summary: some talk about global jam.01:48
dscasselShould probably wrap up.01:53
dscasselHope to see lots more jams! :D01:54
cyphermoxjohanbr: to answer your question, yes it was an the Canonical offices01:55
cyphermoxwe'll be doing one again, possibly there01:55
cyphermox(sorry, I was in a car, so obviously without access to my IRC)01:56
cyphermoxI've sent a call for volunteers on the ubuntu-qc mailing list at the begining of the week, hopefully I've got some answers (haven't really checked) and will start to get this approved and such01:57
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BobJonkmanMeeting Minutes from last night  are now available: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CanadianTeam/Meetings/2012-02-21#Minutes21:10
BobJonkmanAnd I've scheduled the next meeting: Tuesday, 13 March 2012 at 8:00pm EDT or 5:00pm PDT: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-ca/1565/detail/21:12
dscasselThanks, bjonkman :)22:31
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