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technovikingjcastro: I pinged on the RT? Have a meeting and one class tomorrow, but free other than that03:08
bkerensagood evening07:33
jononight all!07:40
bkerensaso sad Apache 2.4 won't be in 12.0407:56
jussibkerensa: stop trolling :P :P :P07:57
* jussi hugs bkerensa07:57
bkerensajussi: Its ok I will make a PPA07:58
dholbachgood morning08:10
jussimorning dholbach08:10
dholbachhey jussi08:11
dholbachin the apartment next door I think they are breaking down walls, burning down the wallpapers, slaughtering virgins and building bombs09:23
dholbachI think I'll go and work from somewhere else in a bit09:24
bkerensadholbach: Heh... There are solutions for such issues :)09:26
bkerensaVery loud speakers... a nice subwoofer and amp09:26
dholbachno, I think I'm going to take the dog for a walk and pay my friends a visit in the old office where I used to work before :)09:27
bkerensadholbach: Good Stuff :)09:30
dholbachalright, packing my stuff - see you in a bit :)10:01
bkerensadholbach: You back around?11:18
dholbachbkerensa, yes11:18
dholbachoh, thanks for the mail you sent11:18
bkerensadholbach: Do you know why Unity3D would suddenly stop working but Unity2D is fine?11:18
dholbachno idea11:19
dholbachanything interesting in ~/.xsession-errors or /var/log/Xorg/*.log?11:19
dholbachif you find anything in there you could ask in #ubuntu-desktop11:19
mainerrorIs there an Ubuntu Android thingy channel?11:20
jussimainerror: I guess you could try #ubuntu-phone, but other than that no idea11:21
mainerrorThanks. :)11:22
czajkowskiadding the ppa recommend in this bug has stopped compiz crashing11:22
ubot2`Launchpad bug 926379 in unity "compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in intel_miptree_release()" [High,Confirmed]11:22
bkerensadholbach: Nothing tasty in either... Unity3D just wont load at all when I login through the Ubuntu profile but Unity 2D works fine... Hmmm11:23
dholbachbest ask in #ubuntu-desktop11:23
dakeri can't sign the agreement https://forms.canonical.com/contributor/ :/12:33
cprofittdaker: meaning the form does not work... or you are unwilling?12:42
mhall119good morning12:52
bkerensaI am 100% under the belief now that ranting at businesses over twitter provides immediate results13:14
bkerensaI couldn't get my power bill after 3 days of calling and one simple tweet got it sorted :D13:14
sense_Yay for public accountability!13:18
cprofittbkerensa: woah13:22
cprofittthat is impressive13:22
mhall119bkerensa: my wife has started doing that with our cable company13:30
mhall119their DVRs have formed a habit of dying after 2 or 3 months13:30
mhall119it used to be she sat on hold for hours with tech support, now she just tweets about it and we have a replacement on the way13:30
bkerensamhall119: Heh comcast?13:31
mhall119bkerensa: Brighthouse13:31
bkerensaYeah well... I have used Twitter to get fast results for a number of things13:31
bkerensaIt was still frustrating dealing with this power company because I just wanted to give them money and they wouldnt tell me how much :D13:32
jcastrosnap-l: heya13:48
jcastrowanna do that interview today?13:48
mhall119bkerensa: it's absurd when companies make it difficult for you to give them your money13:50
bkerensamhall119: ikr13:50
bkerensamhall119: I guess the good news is that my bill was $162 less then the people who previously lived here13:51
snap-ljcastro: What time would you like to do the interview?13:51
jcastrowhat's good for you?13:51
snap-lAround noon?13:52
snap-lPhone, skype, whatever.13:52
* jcastro will figure out how to record13:52
snap-lI have Skype Call Recorder13:52
jcastrooh perfect13:52
jcastromy wife has that but it's on her laptop and not here13:52
jcastroso if you could record it that would be <3 so I can transcribe it13:53
snap-lSure thing13:53
jcastroit shouldn't take us more than 10minutes13:53
snap-lOn my calendar.13:53
jcastrodholbach: dpm: balloons: mhall119: remember guys to ask if today's thing is in IRC or G+14:00
dpmjcastro, of course14:00
jcastrohey dpm14:00
dpmwhat!!? Are we having a meeting?14:00
jcastroso I want to have a charm contest, and I stole your app contest application thing14:00
dpmjcastro, no worries, I hope it's useful14:01
jcastroshould I have a clause for employees?14:01
jcastrolike, if someone got paid to do a charm and does one on their own time, that's good I guess.14:01
jcastrobut it still feels kind of unfair14:01
mhall119jcastro: it's G+ as far as I know14:01
jcastromhall119: I know it's  G+, I am saying, as soon as bacon joins14:01
dpmjcastro, good point. I'm jumping into a call, so I cannot discuss it right now, but yeah, that's something to bear in mind14:02
jcastromhall119: hah this guy on omg is awesome14:22
jcastrolenses are worthless, what we need is a new icon theme!14:22
jcastromhall119: for the recipes14:23
mhall119jcastro: haters gotta hate14:23
mhall119jcastro: that's a nice lens though isn't it?14:23
jcastroan interesting use case would be search for "arroz con pollo"14:23
jcastroget the recipe14:23
mhall119I especially like how it has time and difficulty in the description14:23
jcastrothen use the askubuntu lens to search cooking.stackexchange while you are making it14:23
jcastrosort of like, a multistep workflow14:23
mhall119hmmm, the dash isn't so great at that14:24
jcastrowell, your recipe would be open in the browser already14:24
jcastroso it's like, open, search, close14:24
jcastroread for a while14:24
jcastroopen, search, close again14:24
mhall119evidently the recipe website actually made some changes on their end for this lens' author14:25
mhall119which I thought was pretty cool14:25
jcastrowow, that's great14:25
mhall119sweet! Someone's already contributed a quicklist for totem14:26
jcastroI saw14:28
jcastroI had James Gifford do a partial collection back in the day14:29
jcastrothat might be worth investigating ^14:29
mhall119dholbach: ping14:32
dholbachmhall119, pong14:32
mhall119dholbach: I was warned yesterday that when people follow my blog and submit merge proposals with just their changes, that sponsors may ask them to use quilt to make deb patches14:33
mhall119I have no idea how that stuff works, so would you be able to help shephard contributors through that process?14:33
mhall119this Nekhelesh guy is kicking quicklist butt!14:34
dholbachsponsors will usually tell them what to do - I'd suggest to recommend http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/udd-patchsys.html#edit-patch14:34
mhall119dholbach: I tried to follow that, and must have done something wrong because it didn't seem to work right...14:35
dholbachok - do you have the example still at hand?14:35
dholbachI mean - sure, I can answer questions, but it might be better to improve the docs so people know what to do - I don't scale very well :)14:35
mhall119maybe it's because it was 10pm, I'll try again with more coffee and fresher eyes14:35
dholbachsure, let me know how it goes14:35
jcastromhall119: can we G+ for a few minutes before the team chat?14:44
mhall119jcastro: give me 15 minutes?14:45
dholbachhow could we name a weekly Friday event where folks can come ask development questions and where we fix bugs together?15:01
dholbachFriday Bug-Fixing Drive? Anything more exciting and interesting? :)15:01
jcastroFixit Fridays15:05
dholbachmhall119, if you want a quick run through how I'd go about fixing/changing geany, I can let you know15:05
dholbachI like Fixit Friday15:06
mhall119jcastro: ready when you are15:08
mhall119dholbach: I'd like that, I want to add more to the quicklist, but it'll  take code changes15:08
mhall119+1 on Fixit Friday15:08
dholbachmhall119, I'll have a look at it15:09
jcastromhall119: ok firing it up!15:10
dholbachmhall119, http://paste.ubuntu.com/852781/ - sorry, there's a bit of German in there :)15:15
dholbachmhall119, the good thing about edit-patch is that it fires up 'dch' for you as well, so you get a nice changelog entry15:16
jonodholbach, dpm, jcastro, balloons, mhall119 going to be a few mins late, feel free to start hanging out and just invite me16:00
dpmjono, not sure about inviting you, but we'll start the hangout ;)16:00
jcastrohey are we on IRC or g+?16:00
dholbachjcastro, yeah, good question16:01
jcastrook who is making the hang out16:02
dpmsent invite16:02
dholbachdpm, I guess you didn't only forget Jono but me as well? :-P16:04
dholbachah no, it's just slow16:04
balloonshey.. filing some unity bugs atm.. I'll join your hngout dpm16:06
dpmballoons, no worries, just "hanging out" right now really16:07
jonoall set?17:01
snap-ljcastro: ping17:02
jcastrosnap-l: let's do dis17:02
jonoballoons, so did didrocks say grabbing the names from the test results is doable, so we can generate the web page?17:20
balloonsjono, I didn't mention specifics to him.. just made sure he could help get the data out of launchpad17:21
balloonshe said yes17:21
jcastro<--- lunch! bbi 20.17:21
jonoballoons, ok, I think you might want to drive down to some specifics so we can plan the work out this week17:21
jonoballoons, in the meantime can you start pulling together all the tests into a checkbox17:22
balloonsyes, I am going to chat with kate about how to get it on the iso17:23
balloonsthat will move forward with the plan of how we're going to package the tests17:23
balloonsi'll be chatting with the checkbox guys on that as well I'd imagine17:24
jonoballoons, cool, could you flesh out the work items needed to deliver this in a Google Doc17:27
jonothen we can make sure out the work is assigned to people17:27
jonoas we are on a tight deadline17:27
balloonsyes, I will do that after my talk with kate and have you take a look17:27
jonothe good thing is that we laying down the foundations for beta2 testing too17:27
jonothanks balloons! :-)17:27
jonothis is going to be ROCKING17:27
balloonsmake sure i'm not missing anything and get help on who to grab for the work :-)17:27
jonodpm, all set?17:27
jonoballoons, indeed :-)17:28
dpmjono, yep!17:28
dholbachjcastro, are you sure https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/PowerManagementRC6 is enabled by default?17:30
dholbachor do I need to enable it manually still?17:30
dholbachok, it actually might be17:33
balloonsdholbach, should be on by default afaik17:34
dholbachcool :)17:34
dholbachalrightie - I think I'm going to call it a day now and chat a bit with my old office mates17:35
balloonspowertop show any difference in wattage?17:35
dholbachsee you all tomorrow17:35
balloonsbye dholbach .. enjoy!17:35
dholbachballoons, no scientific tests, but since I rebooted it looks a lot better17:35
dholbachsee you all tomorrow :)17:35
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jcastromhall119: heya18:38
mhall119jcastro: heyo18:38
jcastroprobably a good round 2 or three18:38
jcastrobut if this goes awesome we could probably use a round for these guys: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=11705677&postcount=1618:39
jcastrooops sorry, mispaste18:39
jcastrobasically like the quicklists, but for indicators, though these will be more complicated18:39
jcastroit'd be cool to get those guys maybe submitting the indicators to USC?18:39
mhall119jcastro: yeah, a but a good topic still, I'll write it up18:40
jcastroanyway since you blogged a big list I remembered this other list, heh18:40
jcastrothough the barrier will be higher18:40
jcastroI wonder how many of these we can just ping the author "yo, here's developer.ubuntu.com, go get some."18:40
mhall119jcastro: I may blog the list, then ping the developer18:41
mhall119or the other way around...18:41
jcastroIf I see Cas around I'll ping him18:41
jcastrohe maintains the list, I wonder if he'd be willing to weed out the junky ones that don't work, etc.18:41
davidcallejcastro, ping19:02
jcastrohi dude!19:02
davidcallejcastro, as an upstream, I need to have access to private bugs filed on my package and hggdh told me to ping you about it.19:03
jcastroI can put you in bug control19:04
jcastrowhat's your lpid?19:04
davidcalleThanks Jorge! :)19:04
hggdhdavidcalle: welcome to Bug Control! :-)19:04
* jcastro does the "great power, great responsibility" speech19:04
* hggdh endorses the speech19:05
jcastrohggdh: hey so, this is mhall119's domain now, can you add him as admin and I can show him how to do it?19:05
* davidcalle is impressed by the speech.19:05
hggdhjcastro: certainly19:05
jcastrodavidcalle: I trust you already to not go triaging libc6 bugs or something. :)19:05
davidcallejcastro, evertyhing on Launchpad for more than two months should be marked as Fix Released, right?19:06
jcastroif only. :)19:07
davidcalleHehe :)19:08
hggdhmhall119: you are now an admin on Bug Control. I repeat, in full, all of jcastro's speech on "Great Power, etc, etc"19:09
jcastromhall119: I'll just chat with you on G+ on what that means, it's like, once a month you need to do it19:10
hggdhjcastro: so I understand that in the future we will bother mhall119, not you, re. upstreamers. Also, could you please update the wiki?19:11
jcastroyeah, the only reason I haven't is it hasn't come up yet, I'll update the wiki as soon as I explain to him what to do19:11
hggdhroj, thank you, dear sir19:12
jonojcastro, would you mind testing the accomp stuff?19:17
jonowant to see if it works for you on Precise19:17
jonoif anyone else on Precise wants to test Ubuntu Accomplishments, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Accomplishments/Installing19:19
jcastrojono: I have to close off this legal stuff with amanda before she EODs19:21
jcastrojono: 30 min ok?19:21
jcastroshe's almost done19:21
jcastrothis isn't so bad, it's just adding a bunch of lawyer stuff to the rules19:22
jcastro"oh and if this charm makes your computer explode you won't sue Canonical Ltd."19:22
mhall119hggdh: did you just give me spidey-powers?19:23
hggdhmhall119: the power to control bugcontrol...19:26
hggdhso not really spidey-powers, but near19:26
mhall119hggdh: so I can't cling to the walls of buildings?19:27
hggdhmhall119: well, you can try :-)19:27
* hggdh is not responsible for any (un)expected results19:28
hggdhbut I will sit down, with popcorn, and watch19:28
jonobrb rebooting19:34
czajkowskiwhat is the command to uninstall a ppa ?19:53
jonoczajkowski, http://bigbrovar.aoizora.org/index.php/2010/01/10/how-to-safely-remove-ppa-repository-from-ubuntu/19:55
czajkowskijono: thanks19:55
jonolunch, brb19:55
MrChrisDruifjono; ppa-purge?19:58
czajkowskiso need sleep :/19:58
MrChrisDruifI'd say "add-apt-repository -r"19:58
mhall119ppa-purge will uninstall any packages you installed from the ppa, or revert any packages that were upgraded from it20:07
jcastroppa purge can be wonky too20:12
jcastrosometimes it messed up20:12
jcastrosnap-l: can you PM me that dropbox URL with the audio?20:13
jcastroI had it in my copy paste buffer, which in linux is like, russian roulette20:13
jonoballoons, doc looks good20:16
jononow break down the steps into work items with assignmentsa20:16
jonoand then we can put deadlines on the work items20:16
jonoand everything should fall in place20:16
balloonsyes.. talking with kate again20:16
jcastrojono: ok so after I add my lp address20:24
jcastroit should figure out my stuff, and then award me some trophies right away right?20:24
jonojcastro, yep20:25
jcastroI like how the trophies have project logos on them20:25
jcastrothat will enable other projects to just dive in20:25
jcastrozeitgeist, etc.20:25
jcastrook it appears to be running and then I got an U1 thing that it is syncing20:25
jonook maybe my server is not syncing, let me check20:26
jcastrohah cute, the U1 notification basically lets me cheat, it tells me "fridge-editor.trophy" is being uploaded before the trophy app itself tells me20:26
jonojcastro, yeah, I want to surpress them20:27
jonoI have a bug open about it20:27
jonook keep it open jcastro20:27
jonolooks like U1 is slow on the server20:27
jcastrook so my trophies are all correct and were awarded correctly in my .local/share/accomplishments/trophies20:27
jcastrothe gui just hasn't caught up yet20:27
jonothey are not awarded yet20:27
jonothey havent been validated20:27
jcastrooh ok20:28
jcastroso that's like "things we think jorge has earned, let me go check."?20:28
jonohang fire20:28
* jcastro nods20:28
jcastrohmm, we need trophy titles, that's what makes them so funny on the xbox20:29
jonoU1 woke up :-)20:29
jonohang fire for a sec jcastro20:30
jonoyou should see your trophies coming20:30
jcastrohah, I went to the bathroom20:30
jcastroand blam, they started coming in20:30
jcastroI got my 3!20:30
jonowhich ones?20:30
jcastrothe ones I am supposed to have, member, fridge editor, launchpad20:30
jonowell some others are unlocked now20:31
jcastrowhich is a funny one, since you need to be registered on launchpad to use the thing20:31
jcastroI guess that's the freebie20:31
jonoso on the next check you should get the filed bug one20:31
jcastroI see it20:31
jcastrook so it should sync again20:31
jonoit checks every two mins20:31
jcastroand then realize I've done that, and I should get it in 2 minutes20:31
jonogive it another min or so20:31
* jcastro nods20:31
jcastrohah, freaking cool man20:31
jononow all I need you to do is learn launchpadlib and contribute some accomplishments :-)20:32
mhall119there be dragons20:32
jcastrojono: and there it is, nice!20:33
mhall119actually there be lazr.restful, which is worse than dragons20:33
jcastrowe just need to fix these example ones to not be so spammy20:33
jcastro"filed first bug" is just asking for trouble20:33
jcastroI think just narrowing it down would be  useful20:34
mhall119we need a way to revoke trophies "Filed a useless bug, we're not going to move the window controls"20:34
jcastro"submitted first bug crash" would be more useful because the person would be submitting something useful20:34
mhall119or maybe just auto-award troll-phies20:34
jcastrothe one I want to see20:35
jonojcastro, did you get the Juju one?20:35
jcastrois "sabdfl'ed: One of your bug reports has been marked Opinion by Mark Shuttleworth".20:35
jcastrojono: my charm isn't official yet so I should not have gotten it (and I didn't)20:35
jonojcastro, cool20:36
jcastrotheoretically I should receive it as soon as the upstream releases what I need to make it into the store"20:36
jonoit checks if you are in the team20:36
jonojcastro, well not really20:36
jonoit checks for team membership20:36
jonowe another another accomp if it is in the store20:36
jonojcastro, so wanna write some?20:36
jcastrohmmm, ok I think I found a bug20:36
jcastroI am in the team20:37
jonowhich team?20:37
jonono trophy yet?20:37
jonoit just hasnt synced down yet20:37
jonoI see the trophy was created and signed20:37
jonofor both -contributor and -reviewer20:38
jcastroshouldn't it have synced down with the 2nd time it synced?20:38
jonoyeah, but U1 may be being a little slow20:38
jonoI see it in the share, so it should sync soon20:38
jcastroah ok20:38
jcastroI don't think being realtime is important anyway20:38
mhall119I don't understand why it would be slow, running on that big iron20:38
jonoparticularly as it happens in the background20:38
jcastroactually, you might want to artifically make it so you can't get like 3 of them at once20:38
jcastrolike on the xbox it spaces them out even if you win them at once20:39
jcastrothat way it's not like "OH I AM AWESOME" one minute, and then you spend 3 weeks with nothing.20:39
jonojcastro, maybe20:39
jonoI think people just need to deal with their insecurities instead20:40
jonobut good idea20:40
jonothere are tonnes of refinements we can make to it20:40
jcastrothese are totally killer for the human mind20:40
jcastroI used to rent games20:40
jonojcastro, glad it works for you20:40
jcastroplay them just for accomplishments20:40
jcastroand then return it20:40
jcastroI wouldn't even bother to finish the game20:40
jcastroI just wanted the trophies20:40
jonothis is why the choice of accomplishments needs to be carefully considere20:40
* jcastro nods20:41
jonoI want to reduce people gaming thew system20:41
jcastrowell, people will game it, I think the trick is, to make it so that even if people game it they end up doing something that is useful to the project.20:41
jcastrolet's say I game "reported a crasher". It's still a useful dump.20:41
jonoand it is all about new experiences20:41
jononot traffic20:41
* jcastro nods20:41
jono50 bug comments = not useful20:41
jonofirst bug report = useful20:42
jonoas they actually filed a bug20:42
jonoand now know how to do it20:42
jcastroI would say first confirmed bug, but I am just bikeshedding20:42
jcastrojono: fyi when you click on a trophy the highlight is orange and the trophy is orange, so it gets all invisible20:43
jonoI see how you carefully avoided my questions about if you will write some Juju accomplishments ;-)20:43
jonojcastro, yup, I saw that20:43
jonoI will file a bug20:43
jcastroI will certainly improve my descriptions now that I realize you asked for one thing and not the other20:43
jcastroand I will evade the accomplishments writing by saying I will have a guy look at doing it, but once he's done with some charms.20:44
jonothe main thing I need now are more accomplishments20:44
jonolol, that's right, shovel it onto some poor soul20:44
jcastrothat won't be a problem, I am kind of maxed out on people doing things for juju though20:44
jonolearning a bit of launchpadlib might be useful20:44
jonoit is really handy20:44
jcastrowell, popey and I signed up for this "learn how to code" thing20:45
jcastrowhich is useful, but not enough where I can dive in20:45
jcastroof course the onus is on me to find other ways to contribute to it, I've just been kind of slammed with work20:45
jcastroI mean, I want to help you more, but my boss is always on me about work stuff20:45
jcastromaybe you can help me out?20:45
jonoexcuses excuses20:46
jcastrohave you thought about hidden trophies?20:46
jcastrolike, "accidental ones"20:46
jcastrohmm, this is one thing that would be hard with OSS20:47
jcastroso on some games they don't tell you what the achievements all are20:47
jcastroso you earn like "10 out of 25"20:47
jcastroand the manual tells you the 1020:47
jonocould be an interesting option in the future20:47
jcastroand then you have to go figure out what the other 15 are.20:47
jcastroit drives me crazy20:48
akgranerjono and jcastro you two make me laugh and totally make me miss being active in this channel :-P20:50
jcastrolinaro got you busy?20:51
balloonsyay for rain! finally, so so dry here20:56
jcastrojono: call in 3?20:57
jonoakgraner, :-)20:58
jonojcastro, yup20:58
akgranerjcastro, yep20:58
jcastroakgraner: hey alright!20:58
akgranerjcastro, it's totally awesome20:59
akgraner(but shhh don't tell your boss but it makes me respect him more)20:59
akgranerthis community building stuff isn't as easy as you all make it look - but it's freakin fun and exciting :-)21:00
jonoakgraner, :-)21:00
* akgraner goes back to work now... just popping in to say hi!21:01
jonojcastro, sending invite now21:02
* MrChrisDruif still need to look at jono's youtube upload ^_^21:07
* balloons waves at akgraner 21:14
akgranerhey balloons so I'm getting a new iso from today b/c yesterday's build ubiquity segfaulted on me21:15
akgranerand when I updated my main machine I had to re-install the ubuntu desktop with ^ b/c I couldn't get the hud to install (all b/c I had removed qwibber)21:17
mhall119jcastro: rebooted, but no significant drop in power usage21:17
mhall119I have a core 2 duo though, so maybe too old to benefit21:18
akgranermhall119, I'm following Michelle's bug filing technique atm :-)21:21
balloonsakgraner, if you reinstall21:21
balloonshud and unity 5.4 are in the archive..21:21
mhall119akgraner: modified to fit your household I hope21:22
* mhall119 has enough bugs to file21:22
balloonsso by default you should get uunity 5.4 that includes hud.. no need for ppa's atm fyi21:22
akgraner:-)  yep re-installing my test machine now21:22
balloonsi have another unity bug to file too21:22
balloonsso many today21:22
czajkowskiprecise was oh so stable till last week21:25
czajkowskifriday evening lost my dekstop21:25
czajkowskitoday everything is slow to redraw and freezing21:25
czajkowskifeature freeze = broken machine :/21:25
balloonsgotta push the last of it in21:26
balloonsyou know that :-)21:26
czajkowskiyeah wish some testing had been done before landing :/21:26
czajkowskihaving no desktop and having to wait 4 hrs for a fix is a bit a pita :/21:26
* balloons shamefully lowers his head21:26
balloonsczajkowski, we actually did test.. alot in fact21:27
balloonsso.. it could have been worse? I guess that's conselation?21:27
czajkowskiballoons: aye you cant test for all test cases I'm fully aware21:27
czajkowskijust seems since feature freeze a lotta stuff is very broken which was fine till now21:27
balloonswe'll get better.. we've got good stuff planned moving forward21:27
czajkowskiyup everything always improves21:28
czajkowskiit's all good even if a little bit frustating but thats why I test unstable :)21:28
balloonswe want to show <3 to anyone brave enough to run the development version.. We need the active feedback21:28
czajkowskiyup filing the bugs and working on them with devs21:28
czajkowskiworking on my redraw and compiz today with bryceh21:29
jonoballoons, all set?21:31
jonomhall119, btw, cool how you are updating the post with saying things are done21:31
jonobut the bugs linked in the post that are done dont seem to be updated or have links to branches21:32
akgranerlooks like a successful re-install :-)21:32
jonoballoons, sending an invite21:33
mhall119jono: yeah, I didn't have them using --fixes lp:12345 on their commit, so I've been manually linking branches to bugs21:34
jonomhall119, gotcha21:35
AlanBellballoons: you just achieved the sabdfl'ed accomplishment22:19
balloonsyes indeed22:20
AlanBellor close to it anyhow :)22:20
balloonspretty epic22:20
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bkerensajono how do I install accomplishments?22:25
ahayzenbkerensa: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Accomplishments/Installing22:28
jonobkerensa, just read my blog entry it explains how22:29
bkerensajono: When are we going to have  joint list for regional Canonical workers and LoCo's22:36
jonobkerensa, a what?22:36
bkerensajono: a list I can ping when we have events that local Canonical employees see22:36
jonobkerensa, that Canonical employees see?22:37
AlanBellthat isn't the right way to approach that issue22:37
AlanBell"how can we encourage all canonical employees to sign up to their LoCo mailing lists?" would be a better question22:37
bkerensamy POC stopped working for Canonical at least temporarily so I don't know if that person still has access to the local Canonical mailing list to ping the locals22:37
jonoAlanBell, agreed22:38
bkerensaAlanBell: That would be nice but I think what has happened at least locally is that the folks out here are on so many mailing list and channels even that if they can skip one more e-mail it makes their day much easier22:39
bkerensaI have generally just sent event announcements upstream through a Canonical POC22:39
jonobkerensa, if Canonical people dont want to attend, there isnt much we can do about it22:39
jonoand Canonical people should be treated no differently to any other people22:39
jonoeither in a good or bad way :-)22:39
jonowell, maybe a good way22:40
bkerensajono: Its not about not wanting to attend more about them not wanting to subscribe to ML :D22:40
bkerensajono: Oh no mistreating the Canonical folks eh? :P22:40
czajkowskiballoons: some loco ml are rather noisy22:40
jonobkerensa, right, but we shouldnt force them to22:40
jonothey should want to22:40
* AlanBell suspects there are more than 8 canonical people in the UK22:40
czajkowskiballoons: they could already be on enough ml tbh22:40
jonobkerensa, and not everyone is interested in LoCos22:40
AlanBellbut that is how many are signed up to the uk mailing list with a canonical.com address22:40
bkerensaAlanBell: Only 8? Wow... We have at least 8 in just Portland and one or two across the state22:41
popeyAlanBell: how many with an ubuntu.com address?22:41
AlanBellpopey: probably some more that way, but I do know that if I mail stuff to the mailing list I have to go poke people separately to get it circulated at millbank22:41
AlanBell13 @ubuntu.com addresses in total (one is jono)22:42
bkerensaThere are five ubuntu.com addresses on our list22:44
technovikingafternoon all22:44
bkerensatechnoviking: Ello22:45
AlanBellit isn't massively meaningful (I am subscribed with a gmail account), but I do know that if there are events and things we are doing in London Canonical folk don't get to hear about them unless I go to Millbank tower and print out a flyer and stick it on the fridge22:45
popey5 of the 13 work for canonical22:45
popeyI'm happy to forward mails to the millbank list22:46
AlanBellthat is great22:47
jcastrojono: ping22:47
jcastrojono: do you have a link to our graphs handy?22:48
jonojcastro, charms?22:48
jcastroI have kapil on G+ and I'd like to show him our team graphs22:48
jonojcastro, which graphs?22:48
jcastrono, the ones daniel and mhall use22:48
jonosure, one sec22:48
czajkowskiAlanBell: as can I :)22:50
jonoczajkowski, mhall119, cjohnston, daker, good to join the LoCo Call in 9?22:51
AlanBellyeah, the number of pokeable people is expanding all the time, but I still think there is a place for some more internal awareness of LoCo teams22:52
czajkowskijono: yup22:52
AlanBellnight all o/22:52
czajkowskiAlanBell: there could just be a lack of interest in locos22:52
jononight AlanBell!22:52
* AlanBell is in London tomorrow22:52
czajkowskiAlanBell: nn22:52
cjohnstonI'm out this week22:53
* czajkowski has been up since 6:3022:53
czajkowskithe wrong day to get up early22:53
jonoczajkowski, mhall119, daker creating hangout23:01
czajkowskijono: not seeing the notification23:03
czajkowskigot it23:04
jcastroAlanBell: around?23:23
mhall119jono: forgot about the hangout, is it still going on?23:28
jcastroman dude23:32
jcastrosnap-l: I have an awesome story23:32
jcastrojono: feel free to listen in and make fun of me23:33
jcastrohey so growing up "my" Maiden was like Somewhere in Time and things like 7th song, never really things like Killers and the old stuff23:33
jcastroso when I really got into Maiden was in the mp3 age23:33
jcastroso I've never actually listened to Killers in order23:33
jcastroalways in shuffle23:33
jcastroanyway, on Sirius they /always/ play Ides of March and Wrathchild as one song23:34
jcastronot like, the MP3's where it's separate songs.23:34
jcastroanyway, after hearing it, I feel like I missed the entire experience of having 2 songs being back to back like that.23:34
jcastroand that's my story23:34
jcastroactually, that story isn't awesome at all23:35
mhall119cool story bro23:36
jcastroactually, when Ides came on the radio my wife went "Ohh, Rush!", then it got all Maiden.23:37
jcastrosnap-l: agree with me here23:37
jcastromhall119: I don't think it's been made clear enough that post-work hours this channel is really #ubuntu-metal.23:38
jonomhall119, nope, we quit it23:47
jonojcastro, I know what you mean, man23:47
mhall119jono: sorry, I forgot we were starting them back up23:47
* mhall119 was reading to the kids23:47
jonomhall119, no worries23:47
snap-ljcastro: It's not until recently that I too got into Maiden23:54
snap-lbut I bought the CD23:54
snap-lbecause I rip FLAC. :)23:54
=== bkerensa_ is now known as bkerensa
snap-lalthough I have had some weird recommendations when people find out that I like Rush23:56
snap-lLIke at Holland CD, the owner recommended I check out Golden Earring23:56
snap-lPretty sure Radar Love is not the same as The Fountain of Lamneth23:57

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