brycehrickspencer's hitting a synaptics crash too - lp #93769500:09
ubot2`Launchpad bug 937695 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "Display Lockup" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93769500:09
RAOFIt's not clear that's actually a synaptics crash, though?00:16
brycehRAOF, [ 8161.471] 8: /usr/lib/xorg/modules/input/synaptics_drv.so (0x7fb8190c3000+0x4d9b) [0x7fb8190c7d9b]00:16
brycehit's something in pointer event handling code00:17
RAOFOh, it's in the signal handler, which is why there's intel above it in the stack.00:18
thumperbryceh: ah.. I think greyback hit the x freeze too00:18
SpamapShrm.. minimize then unminimize in latest unity results in an all white window00:26
SpamapSknown issue?00:26
RAOFIt doesn't here.00:26
SpamapSI have an nvidia chipset with twinview..00:27
SpamapSits only doing it in terminal00:27
SpamapSand terminator00:28
DBORAOF, any progress on the recent nvidia issue?00:28
Sarvattnot doing it here either, just checked with gnome-terminal, please file a bug against xorg and we'll reassign to nvidia or compiz as appropriate00:29
RAOFDBO: Yup - it's mostly fixed, but the barrier behaviour on the screen edge is still slightly different.  I'm hunting down wh.00:30
SpamapSSarvatt: will do00:30
SarvattDBO: nvidia issue? are you on the nvidia calls? it might make sense for you to join them if not, usually we cant fix actual bugs with the drivers00:30
Sarvattoh barrier problem yeah thats RAOF00:30
DBORAOF, disabling it all together makes it act identical here00:31
SpamapSAlso since rebooting into the latest, the dock isn't auto-hiding.. that seems weird00:31
DBORAOF, can we just disable it00:31
DBOSarvatt, Im not interested in getting in touch with nvidia, I'll let the business people do that00:32
RAOFDBO: We can, but it's entirely possible that other things will break this in the same way.00:32
RAOFDBO: So we might as well fix it properly now.00:32
RAOF(For sufficiently ugly versions of “properly”, due to ABI stability requirements)00:33
DBORAOF, so long as a proper fix hits distro sooner rather than later00:33
DBOcurrently we have every single nvidia user unable to reveal their launcher00:33
RAOFDBO: If it's not today we can futz with the xorg.conf settings.00:33
DBORAOF, thanks, I know it sucks but it needs to happen that way00:33
SarvattRAOF: alberto can change jockey to apply xorg.conf options to nvidia globally if that helps00:35
Sarvatttheres also disabling the barrier stuff globally if making binary drivers we cant change work is a priority00:36
RAOFWell, the problem is in the barrier implementation.  The binary drivers are well within their rights to do what they're doing.00:38
DBORAOF, the driver is allowed to constrain cursor motion?00:41
DBOdoesn't that seem like a broken abstraction to you?00:41
RAOFWell, yes.  But it's not a terribly unreasonable thing for the driver to want to do.00:41
DBORAOF, okay, well, whatevs :)00:43
RAOFBecause (in this case) the driver is the only thing which knows where the CRTC boundaries are, and clamping the cursor to the CRTC boundaries is a perfectly reasonable thing to want to do :)00:43
RAOFAh.  Of course.  My old friend, floating point rounding.00:43
SpamapSFurther info on the terminal thing..00:44
SpamapSit only happens if gnome-terminal or terminator are *maximized*00:44
SpamapSIs there any way to turn off this *weird* thing where the mouse pointer gets stuck in the middle of the screen on dual-monitor btw?00:46
SarvattRAOF: more barrier issues ^^ :)00:46
SpamapSsame thing?00:46
RAOFSpamapS: No, different thing.  In what way stuck?00:48
bjsniderDBO, is the launcher problem new to the 295.20 driver?00:48
RAOFWell, similar thing.00:48
RAOFbjsnider: Yup.00:48
bjsniderso unity and gnome-shell are both broken by that driver00:49
bjsnideri thought it was only gnome-shell00:49
RAOFIn what way is gnome-shell broken?00:50
bjsnideramazing that so many problems happened to a driver they marked as long-lived support00:50
DBORAOF, last I heard its a weee bit crashy00:50
DBObjsnider, you can tweak your xorg.conf to fix the issue00:51
DBOif you want00:51
bjsnidergnome-shell crashes when trying to type in the search box in overview00:51
DBObjsnider, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1928096&page=2 I posted a fix in there00:51
SpamapSRAOF: as I'm moving the mouse from right screen to left screen, the mouse stops briefly at the left edge of the right screen.00:51
SpamapSRAOF: it does not happen if the mouse is moving fast00:52
DBOSpamapS, thats normal00:52
RAOFSpamapS: Ok, that's by designish.00:52
SpamapSits *horrible*00:52
SpamapScan I turn it off or at least configure the delay to be shorter?00:52
DBOSpamapS, there is a responsiveness slider in the appearance preferences for the launcher reveal00:53
DBOtweaking the slider might give you results you prefer00:53
SpamapSIts like somebody just came and stood right in the middle of desk between my monitors and started humming Old MacDonald. Very distracting.00:53
DBOSpamapS, its so you can reveal the launcher on the left edge of the right hand screen00:54
DBOif you have launchers not-hiding00:54
DBOits so you can half-maximize windows00:54
SpamapSIt needs some tuning. :)00:55
RAOFThat is true.00:55
lifelessbeing able to reveal the  launcher of the left edge of the left screen would be nice00:55
SpamapSDBO: thanks the slider helped a tiny bit, at least the launcher does not pop up immediately, but it still stops the mouse from moving.00:56
DBOSpamapS, where did you move it to00:56
RAOFlifeless: nvidia?  I'm fixing that right now.00:56
DBOout of curiosity00:56
SpamapSDBO: lowest sensitivity00:56
lifelessRAOF: yes00:57
SpamapSno.. its still annoying no matter where I slide it to00:57
DBOSpamapS, its always going to stop your mouse00:58
SpamapSyeah, thats my main gripe00:58
DBOthe further right you move it, the more it will respond to fast movement00:58
lifelessit doesn't stop mine00:58
SpamapSI'd like it to not ever stop my mouse.00:58
lifelessunless I'm moving it slowly00:58
SpamapSI'll just get used to fast moving I guess00:58
DBOSpamapS, there is a way you can turn it off, but only in ccsm00:59
SpamapSI think I'd be happier if it simply required slower movements.00:59
DBOand I cant ensure someone wont remove that feature or make me remove it in the future00:59
SpamapSDBO: I swore an oath that I would never kill again... the day I apt-get purged ccsm. ;)00:59
DBOI was hoping you would say that :)00:59
DBOSpamapS, if you present your case clearly, well articulated, and without any form of vitriol in a bug report01:00
SpamapSReally, I just think its requiring slightly too fast a movement to work in the intended way.01:00
DBOyou might get listened to01:00
lifelesswow, now thats a confident statement :)01:00
RAOFSpamapS: What's your input device?01:00
DBOI can't speak for others lifeless :)01:00
SpamapSDBO: vitriol is the liquid schwartz of the internet...01:00
SpamapSRAOF: an optical mouse01:01
DBO SpamapS, yeah but vitriol is a quick way into the bin with your bug report01:01
RAOFAh.  One of those ones which very conveniently claims it resolution is 1/meter01:01
DBOI ignore all bugs, no matter how critical, reported by cocks01:01
RAOFDBO: Hm.  How much do we care about receiving events with very low velocity on the barrier?01:02
DBORAOF, define very low01:02
* SpamapS runs a few seds on his bug report .. s/a....le/kind sir/;s/f...ing/fine/;01:03
RAOFDBO: Small enough that the pointer would move less than a pixel if it were allowed to.01:03
DBORAOF, yeah we dont care about those01:03
DBOthe velocity calculation would always be minimal right?01:04
SpamapSIf I move with ninja-like precision it works.. but my usual lazy wandering mouse pointer is trapped in its current screen..01:04
DBOyeah those have a negligible effect on the end result01:04
RAOFGood, because we don't generate them on the right hand barrier because we trunc() the thingy.01:04
DBOSpamapS, is your mouse sensativity very low01:05
DBORAOF, you mean left hand barrier?01:05
RAOFI mean the right hand barrier.01:05
SpamapSlet me look01:05
RAOFAs in: the barrier on the left hand of the right screen.01:05
SpamapSDBO: as low as it can go01:05
SpamapSand acceleration is all the way Low too01:06
DBORAOF, oh, okay01:06
DBOSpamapS, thats probably why its so hard for you01:07
SpamapSDBO: that and the numerous head injuries ;)01:07
* DBO is glad you took that innuendo that way01:07
SpamapSDBO: putting it in the middle (which now makes using the mouse very annoying in general) doesn't really make it any better though..01:08
DBOah yeah actually mine seem to be all the way down too01:08
DBOI retract my original statement01:08
SpamapSwell I'm already getting used to sort of "chopping" to get to the other side of the screen..01:09
SpamapSits not exactly intuitive, but it is a quick muscle memory change01:10
DBOyou should be able to use a even smooth slow push01:10
DBOit should let you through01:10
SpamapSDBO: right but I don't even want to get stuck there so I just accelerate over it01:11
SpamapSDBO: I think perhaps if the pause were smaller, or the speed required to skip the pause just a little bit slower.. I would love the new feature01:13
DBOSpamapS, there is a bit of a tradeoff to be had01:14
DBOso you have 2 monitors yes01:14
DBOwhich one do you consider the "primary" monitor?01:14
SpamapSwhich I actually look at and use a lot less than the secondary. ;)01:14
DBOI use the right hand monitor as my main monitor01:14
DBOwhen I say primary I dont mean whatever X considers the primary01:15
DBOwhatever *you* do01:15
SpamapSMy left monitor is actually my laptop screen01:15
SpamapSand nvidia is very unhappy with me if I change the primary01:15
DBOokay so we use the same setup actually01:15
DBOhaving a heavier barrier allows me to much more easily access the hidden launcher on the right hand monitor01:15
DBOthe fact that you dont use hidden launchers probably has a lot to do with the difference01:15
SpamapSI do use hidden01:15
SpamapSactually on upgrade they went to fixed01:16
DBOyou can turn hidden back on01:16
SpamapSYeah I did that01:16
SpamapSDBO: true, I may find that after a day or two, I'm not even traversing screens anymore because thats the main reason I click. Not sure.01:17
brycehSpamapS, or you may find RSI ;-)01:18
SpamapSright now I'm finding that with default settings restored.. its not showing me the launcher...01:19
SpamapSahh if I approach slowly, no show01:19
SpamapSwhich I like actually01:21
RAOFYeah.  The barrier stuff *does* make the autohidden launcher much more usable.01:22
SpamapSStill ... when I *do* want to go from screen to screen... I have to drag *a lot*01:23
DBOSpamapS, its about an inch of mouse movement here01:24
SpamapSmore like 6 for me01:24
SpamapSjust was measuring it actually01:24
lifelessSpamapS: get a higher res mouse ;)01:24
SpamapSIts almost the entire width of my ubuntu mousepad01:24
SpamapSI admit, this *is* a crappy mouse01:25
SpamapSbut that has never mattered to me. :)01:25
RAOFI wish mice gave us useful information about their capabilities in this regard.01:25
brycehit's fun with a trackpad and a projector attached01:25
SpamapSif I use my trackpad.. which is *really* big (macbook pro 5,1) .. I have to start on the very edge of it, and it just flips on the other side01:26
DBOtrackpads from apple currently have a known issue with this :/01:26
DBOit still shouldn't be that hard01:26
DBOtry moving the mouse a little faster?01:27
asacRAOF: help ... my -intel is crashing like crazy :/ didnt upgrade today (2 days ago).01:27
RAOF*Trackpads* we can do something about; they generally give actual information about their stuff.01:27
SpamapSDBO: yeah, I bumped up my sensitivity a tiny bit, and move a little faster, it seems to work better.01:27
asacRAOF: i was told that precise is production quality... now i am unhappy :) lol01:27
RAOFasac: Do you have an Xorg.0.log.old available for debugging?01:27
asacRAOF: this happens with unity 2d and unit 3d01:27
asacRAOF: i have filed a bug01:28
asacone sec01:28
asacRAOF: not sure if its always the same, seems that apport was a bit buggy and failed to submit 5 times... so this one i got in: bug 93776201:28
SpamapSDBO: seems like there's a time component here. If somebody is moving in the same direction for 3 seconds... perhaps they don't mean to stop. :)01:28
asacRAOF: opened it up now01:28
DBOSpamapS, predicting user intention is difficult01:29
brycehyep, another input crash01:29
DBOSpamapS, predictable behavior is WAY better than smart but unpredictable behavior01:29
asacinput crash? yes, i think it gives me a correlated feeling to typing01:29
RAOFasac: Updating now should stop that.01:29
asacbyt i am typing so fast :)01:29
asacso i cant tell ... because i am always typing so chances for typing while crashing are high :)01:29
asacRAOF: cool. very bood01:30
asaci will check... see i get something xorg'ish right now01:30
asacinput synaptics i got01:30
RAOFxserver-xorg-input-synaptics 1.5.99~git20120220-0ubuntu3 has the fix.01:30
asacRAOF: guess relogin?01:30
DBORAOF, I need these events for barriers to eventually send down mouse button state01:30
asaclet me relog in again01:30
asaccu in a bit01:30
RAOFDBO: Really?01:30
DBObut I'd like it01:31
DBOotherwise I have to query the server01:31
asacbryceh: RAOF: great. i am back :) ... so lets see01:31
* asac goes on a typing rampage01:31
asacoh ...01:31
RAOFasac: The trigger would be the transition between typing and touching the touchpad.01:32
asacseb128: ... why did you remove alt-F10 keyboard shortcut to maximize my gnome-terminal in unity?01:32
asacRAOF: interesting :) ... guess i didnt see it before then as i just reenabled it two days ago :)01:32
asace.g. the touchpad01:32
RAOFDBO: Please query the server :)01:32
asaci cant remember why i enabled it ... ah i know...  someone claimed it might have automatic multitouch here :)01:32
seb128asac, it's not me but there is a bug open about it I think, didrocks might know better, ping him tomorrow01:32
asacseb128: ouch thought you were sleepig01:33
seb128asac, lol, if IRC is running I'm not sleeping :p01:33
seb128I don't let IRC running during night01:33
asacseb128: now i remember01:33
seb128but I'm about to go, it's late here!01:34
RAOFDBO: I obviously *could* send you button state in the events, but this protocol wants to be generically useful; adding random other bits of state that you happen to want is probably out-of-scope :)01:35
asacseb128: i know. sleep well01:35
seb128thanks ;-)01:35
DBORAOF, understood01:36
RAOFDBO: So unless it's going to be a lot of overhead, you need atomic updates, or it's to do with pointer motion, I'll be pushing back on adding additional data to the events :)01:40
DBORAOF, hey so long as you know Im always going to ask for whatever seems to be the most convenient thing01:41
DBOwe are in a good state01:41
DBOyou protect the protocol, I will advocate Unity's interests01:41
RAOFThis sounds fine :)01:43
RAOFYou know what's not a great use of space?  Shown-by-default launcher on this netbook.01:44
RAOFDBO: Did you write some XTest-using tests for the barrier stuff?01:47
DBORAOF, yes01:47
RAOFWhere are they?01:47
DBOuhm we dont know if they work on all machines really01:47
DBOconsistency is still a problem01:47
DBObut they are in the autopilot test suite01:48
RAOFWhere's the source?  Ideally I'd get a bunch of them run as a part of the xserver build.01:48
DBORAOF, well you would be depping on unity to use my tests01:49
DBOall we are doing is using relative motion events with xtest to cause the launcher to reveal01:49
DBOand testing that it is in fact revealed01:49
RAOFI was rather more thinking of stealing your code and wrapping it up in a shiny new xorg-gtest wrapper.01:51
DBORAOF, its written in python02:03
RAOFCurses.  Oh, well.02:04
RAOFDBO: What do you need for a bamf bug where it consistently fails to believe that chromium is, in fact, on *this* workspace?02:07
RAOFUntil I switch workspace away and back again.02:07
DBO2 things02:07
DBOfirst if you are experiencing the bug now02:07
DBOlets skype02:07
DBOif you have a way to cause the bug02:08
DBOlet me know02:08
DBOIm experiencing it right now02:09
DBOhold on02:09
DBORAOF, I think I found the bug02:16
RAOFDo you need some testing?02:18
DBORAOF, https://code.launchpad.net/~jassmith/unity/unity.fix-monitor-tracking/+merge/9407802:19
* RAOF pulls, builds, and installs.02:22
DBORAOF, so just to be sure, by the time I wake up tomorrow, one way or another this nvidia reveal issue will be a thing of the past02:35
RAOFDBO: Yes.02:35
RAOFIn fact, it should be in a couple of hours.02:35
RAOFOh, arse.02:36
RAOFDBO: How much do you want testing of that branch?  It would appear to need a newer nux.02:36
smspillazDBO: err, whoops, accidentally globally approved your branch02:36
DBORAOF, im relatively certain it works02:36
smspillazI un approved, it, hope that the merge bot didn't see that :/02:37
DBOwe're good Im sure02:37
RAOFDBO: There you go.  One nvidia fix.03:08
SarvattRAOF: bah you fixed your already obsolete patch? :P03:13
RAOFYes :)03:13
Sarvattpush to git plz!03:14
Sarvattneed to refresh it for xserver master03:15
Sarvattnot tonight though, sorry to hound you minutes after you uploaded03:15
brycehhurm, -synaptics is still on the ubuntu+1 branch03:17
RAOFbryceh: And cnd hasn't pushed his latest changes, either.03:18
RAOFSarvatt: Done!03:18
thumperwhy can't I install skype on my laptop?03:34
thumperI have the partner repo checked03:34
thumperrunning 64 bit03:34
RAOFIs skype actually in the Precise parter repo?03:35
RAOFNo, it isn't. :)03:36
RAOFthumper: sudoedit /etc/apt/sources.list; change the partner distro from precise to oneiric.  Tada!  skype.03:38
thumperRAOF: really?03:42
RAOFPartner's kinda weird.  I'm not sure if there's anything in there for precise yet.03:43
micahgflash is there03:43
* thumper does it03:43
RAOFmicahg: Is it?  It's not flashplugin-nonfree in multiverse?  Which, true, downloads from partner or something, but the package itself is in the main archive.03:48
micahgRAOF: adobe-flashplugin03:48
RAOFHo, hey!  Wow!03:48
RAOFWe have too many ways to install flash ;)03:49
micahgpull flash out of the installer and we'll happily drop it from multiverse ;)03:49
broderthe package in multiverse slurps down a hard-coded url on archive.canonical.c, right?03:52
broder(i just got bitten by that - i have a deliberately frozen apt mirror, and the version of flash it's trying to fetch isn't on archive.c.c anymore)03:52
thumperRAOF: thanks, installing skype again03:52
micahgbroder: well, it pulls the .orig.tar.gz which changes "location" with each version and verifies the sum on it03:56
RAOFYou know, gnome-online-accounts would be more useful if any of its features worked.04:01
DBORAOF, is it possible this update has changed the velocity values?04:39
DBOthings feel a little more twitchy than before04:39
pittiGood morning04:41
DBOmorning pitti04:42
TheMusoMorning pitti.04:42
RAOFDBO: It will have changed velocity values, but only by a small amount; < 1 px/dt.04:55
=== m_conley is now known as m_conley_away
DBORAOF, probably me being overly sensitive then04:56
RAOFI did check that the values coming out were comparable to before (except on the edges on nvidia, obviously).04:57
RAOFAnd, actually, it should only change the values on the left-most edge.04:57
RAOFSince dt ~10^-3, that means velocities may be different by up to about a hundred, mostly less.04:58
pittiSweetshark: not uploading the new LibO; armel and armhf failed on "debug output level 11 is too high", too05:01
pittiargh, someone binNEWed the new LibO on i386/amd6405:02
pittioh well05:02
lifelessis it deliberate that the time remaining on battery isn't shown anymore ?05:18
lifeless(and that my battery just shows 'charged' after 2 hours on it ?05:18
pittihm, it worked fine for me over the weekend05:18
achiangpitti: hi, does LibO build successfully on armhf, modulo the most recent FTBFS you mention?05:27
pittiachiang: only thing I can say is that it failed with the same error on armel and powerpc, so that "debug output level 11" breakage is not armhf specific05:28
pittiachiang: it does have janimo's armhf patches, so it ought to build otherwise05:28
achiangpitti: ok, thanks.05:28
jbichathe new color chooser looks nice, there's some screenshots at http://iloveubuntu.net/new-redesigned-color-chooser-dialog-landed-precise-pangolin05:40
pittihey jbicha05:42
SpamapSwow I never realized how much I move back and forth between screens on my multi-monitor setup until this new reveal pause thing started making it awkward06:07
DBORAOF, any word on the "press against screen edge to bypass barrier" issue we chatted about a week or so ago?06:16
* SpamapS installs new xorg to get back the launcher on the left side06:16
RAOFDBO: Which one?  The one where some people have barrier ids that increase?06:16
DBOthe one where if you push on the top edge of the screen06:17
RAOFOh, that one.06:17
DBOyou can move past the barrier without it stopping you06:17
RAOFI thought that you didn't care, because you're not defining a full-height barrier anyway.06:17
RAOF(And, yes.  I tried to get my head around the algorithm that's used to calculate barrier hitting, and it's madness.  It's the perfect example of something that should have copious comments)06:18
DBORAOF, no we care now because the barrier has to go to the panel06:18
DBOfor the case of corner reveal06:18
RAOFOk.  I'll bump up the priority of fixing it then.06:19
SpamapSDBO: I know I asked before, but there's no way to turn off the thing that stops the mouse in the middle right? 3 hours of trying to build new habits and I'm about ready to set my mouse on fire. :-/06:20
DBOSpamapS, there are some minor changes in the latest update06:21
DBOxorg update06:21
DBOpull them down06:21
DBOand see if its still driving you up a wall06:21
SpamapSjust installed06:21
SpamapSwill try it out06:21
DBOdid you log out and back in?06:21
SpamapSno I literally just installed it 60 seconds ago :)06:21
didrocksgood morning06:28
DBOmorning didrocks06:28
pittibonjour didrocks, ca va?06:28
didrockshey DBO, guten morgen pitti, I'm fine thanks (and got the repaired heater after a month in the store \o/)! Wie geht's?06:29
pittididrocks: wow, just after the days of -15 degrees are over ;)06:29
pittididrocks: gut, danke!06:29
didrockspitti: yeah, I know, this is really the bad timing :)06:30
smspillazmorning didrocks :)06:35
jasoncwarner_morning didrocks and pitti !06:40
pittihey jasoncwarner_06:40
pittijasoncwarner_: I thought you were on holidays?06:40
jasoncwarner_pitti: next week, this week i'm trying to get through all my admin, taleo and other stuff...need to poke Laney about his application ;)06:40
didrockshey smspillaz, jasoncwarner_06:41
pittididrocks: is it possible somehow to get back intellihide?06:45
pitti(gsettings, etc.)06:45
SpamapSDBO: for the record, the new X did re-enable my left-side-revealing for the main display. But the overall experience still inspires musicide (the act of killing a mouse)06:46
didrockspitti: no, the code has been completely removed06:46
didrockspitti: executive decision06:46
pittiah, too bad; thanks06:46
SpamapSDBO: what package should I report a bug in?06:47
DBOSpamapS, unity06:47
DBOpitti, prepare for lots more options to die06:47
SpamapSDBO: ok. Actually it does seem like the mouse moves a little sooner between the two screens.06:48
DBObasically every option thats not in the gcc applet06:48
DBOis going to die this week06:48
SpamapSDBO: especially going left -> right06:48
pittiDBO: still too bad; intellihide was the one that by far made most sense :(06:48
pittias long as nobody kills FFM :)06:49
jasoncwarner_smspillaz: any luck with my https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/936818 ?06:49
ubot2`Launchpad bug 936818 in compiz "Visual Corruption on Desktop" [High,New]06:49
pittiDBO: btw, did you get complaints about the new "push harder" behaviour to reveal the launcher? with a touchpad it's really hard work to make it appear06:50
RAOFdidrocks: Have you been able to play with barrier-test?06:50
DBOpitti, FFM?06:50
pittiDBO: focus follows mouse (not an unity setting, it's a compiz one)06:50
DBOpitti, touchpad is going to improve06:50
DBOpitti, ah yeah you can keep that06:50
pittiDBO: ah, nice06:50
didrocksRAOF: unfortunatly, I only work 12 hours a day, I hope to have time this week though :)06:50
RAOFdidrocks: :)06:51
didrocksRAOF: I need first to see why I can't upgrade my nvidia06:51
* RAOF starts preparing dinner; back later.06:51
didrocksas I think I can't rebuild the previous working package for ever :)06:51
smspillazjasoncwarner_: I thought you said you still got that on unity-2d and gnome-shell ?06:51
jasoncwarner_two different bugs06:52
jasoncwarner_smspillaz: one was before desktop06:52
jasoncwarner_smspillaz: one was on desktop06:52
jasoncwarner_smspillaz: this is on the desktop (see screenshots)06:52
smspillazjasoncwarner_: what happens if you disable unity ?06:53
jasoncwarner_smspillaz: don't know, I'll test that in a bit (just finishing up some work)06:54
jasoncwarner_smspillaz: I'm trying out classic with effects so I'll let you know...it takes some time for it to appear06:58
jasoncwarner_OMG classic feels soooooo old after Unity...like, seriously...where is dash? where is my launcher?07:00
smspillazjasoncwarner_: it sounds like you have an overheating gpu07:00
smspillazjasoncwarner_: my old gpu used to overhead a lot and it wouldn't be uncommon for me to get artifacts like that one07:01
smspillazjasoncwarner_: I could be wrong though, it could just be a bug in nux07:01
smspillazor worse, compiz07:01
smspillaz(though, I highly doubt the latter as we don't do anything particularly complex or ... make any primitives of that size07:01
DBOjasoncwarner_, what GPU do you use?07:02
rickspencer3bryceh, good evening07:03
jasoncwarner_DBO: $ lspci |grep VGA07:03
jasoncwarner_02:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation C79 [GeForce 9400] (rev b1)07:03
jasoncwarner_smspillaz: if not compiz, unity or nux?07:04
DBOjasoncwarner_, are you on the 295.20 drivers now?07:04
jasoncwarner_heya rickspencer307:04
DBOI was getting this same thing with the 290.1007:04
DBObut don't get them with 295.20 now07:04
jasoncwarner_DBO: let me check07:04
rickspencer3heya jasoncwarner_07:04
smspillazDBO: ORLY ?07:04
DBOjasoncwarner_, for reference, the 295.20 came out saturday07:04
smspillazsee this is why the world should use nouveau07:04
rickspencer3jasoncwarner_, sometimes all my apps don't show up in my alt-tab switcher unless I change workspaces and then change back again, should I log a bug?07:05
DBOsmspillaz, when I use nouveau everything is purple07:05
DBOso no07:05
* smspillaz runs away upon seeing a graphical rendering error in nouveau07:05
DBOno nouveau07:05
jasoncwarner_rickspencer3: yeah, please do07:05
smspillazDBO: every so often07:05
smspillazDBO: nouveau just decides "I'm out of memory"07:05
jasoncwarner_DBO: 295.2007:05
smspillazand starts overwriting system memory07:05
smspillazkind of fun to watch07:05
DBOjasoncwarner_, when was the last time you saw the error, when did you get the new driver installed? have you rebooted since installing it? what is your mothers maiden name?07:05
didrocksRAOF: please, separate the "nvidia bug" with the edge reveal one (and remove the dx comment as well), as it's another issue07:06
smspillazDBO: like just now07:06
jasoncwarner_DBO: yeah, I reboot once a day and I have gotten it each day. though, now using classic I don't have it...I would have expected to get it in maybe 10 minutes, which I haven't yet07:06
smspillazDBO: whoops07:06
smspillazDBO: kernel panic07:06
DBOjasoncwarner_, so you have seen it whilest using the 295.20 driver?07:07
jasoncwarner_yeah, just today07:07
DBOjasoncwarner_, okay good news bad news time07:07
DBOwhich do you want firsT?07:07
jasoncwarner_good news?07:07
DBOits not a bug in unity07:08
brycehrickspencer3, hi07:08
jasoncwarner_hmm... smspillaz says GPU overheating... dbo, you going with driver? ;)07:08
DBOjasoncwarner_, I see the same bug07:08
DBOthe 295.20 fixed it for me07:08
rickspencer3hey bryceh I'll install chase's xserver later today and see if I can repro my bug07:08
DBOif it didn't fix it for you, well thats unfortunate07:08
DBOjasoncwarner_, also the 9400 isn't exactly a high power card, I would not expect to see that card overheat07:09
RAOFdidrocks: The nvidia edge-reveal bug has been fixed already.07:09
rickspencer3you assumption makes sense, as I was on a laptop with a mouse connected, and sometimes use the mouse, sometimes the trackpad ... however, I worked for 5 hours without a crash after my report07:09
jasoncwarner_dbo... as I mentioned, I'm not getting it in classic, though. I'm about to reboot back into Unity to give it a go again07:09
didrocksRAOF: ah, so I can remove this part from the bug07:09
DBOjasoncwarner_, the bug seems to corrupt FBO contents07:09
brycehrickspencer3, ok07:09
DBOand eventually leads to a crash in the nvidia glx implementation (takes down the whole xserver)07:10
brycehrickspencer3, actually you want to install the updated -synaptics driver, which was uploaded to precise Tuesday, so just updating ubuntu and restarting X should do the trick07:10
rickspencer3bryceh, sweet07:11
rickspencer3bryceh, I updated yesterday morning, so I guess I just missed that update07:11
didrocksrickspencer3: for bug #938458, you don't move your cursor between monitors, isn't it?07:25
ubot2`Launchpad bug 938458 in unity "Alt Tab Switcher does not always show all apps" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93845807:25
didrocks(and stay on the same ws when it happens?)07:26
rickspencer3didrocks, I'm on my netbook07:28
rickspencer3no multi-mon07:28
DBOdidrocks, found the move the mouse between monitor ones right now07:31
DBOand the reason if very shameful...07:31
DBOdidrocks, https://code.launchpad.net/~jassmith/unity/unity.alt-tab-workspaces/+merge/9409707:49
didrocksDBO: ok, let's see if other reviews, but the lack of test is clearly a blocker for the next release (I think we need to invest on autopilot on multimonitor)07:50
DBOdidrocks, im fine with it being blocked07:50
didrocksDBO: just warning about it ;)07:50
didrocksbut thanks for looking at it!07:51
DBOits a bit asinine that we block a code fix that is fixing something that is passing the wrong type because it doesn't have tests07:51
DBOI mean honestly, its doing something that is demonstrably wrong and unsafe07:51
didrocksDBO: we don't want to retrieve the same behavior again07:51
didrocksin a later "other bug"07:51
DBOdidrocks, and this is why unity-fixes exists :/07:52
didrocksI don't want to get pinged again by rickspencer3 about that issue, that's why I think tests are needed07:52
DBOtrunk + fixes that dont have tests so are blocked on merge07:52
didrockswho is doing that?07:52
didrocksthat's silly, sorry, but it's silly07:52
didrocksall your latest merges are "we don't have the infra to test launcher"07:53
didrockswell, investigate in making that doable07:53
DBOthats going to be the rest of my week07:53
didrocksthat's enough time then before next release :)07:53
* didrocks doesn't want that list to get longer: https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/document/d/1kiVPg0U7VJpHt21y-Qm9VtnLxsTmKHfBmA2B16yLGzc/edit07:54
DBOdidrocks, that list will continue to grow when time to write tests == 200x time to write fix07:55
DBOfor example07:56
DBOall that branch does is delete 5 characters07:56
didrocksDBO: well, it shouldn't, the list is only on "merged" branch07:56
DBOoh fine07:56
DBOim okay with it not getting longer then07:56
didrockswell, other people on the dx team write tests07:57
didrocksand writing tests to catch regression avoid stuff like "no more lazy load on the lenses"07:57
didrockswhich happened in:07:57
didrocksnatty, oneiric and precise07:57
didrocksfixing it 3 times took obviously longer that catching the regression07:57
DBOdidrocks, sure, and I do write tests, a large percentage of the autopilot tests are mine07:58
DBOwhen I dont its because the payoff isn't that large07:58
DBOor because the investment is huge compared to the bug fix07:58
didrocksso, let's continue on that way, fixing branches that are on that last time07:58
didrocksDBO: well, if you write tests for alt -tab07:58
didrockswe won't get that multimonitor issue07:58
didrocksor the one rickspencer3 is seeing above07:58
didrocksor if we get, we can catch the bad branch before it enters trunk07:59
pittididrocks: before I waste work, has it ever been tried to build unity-lens-applications against libgnome-menu-3-0 instead of the old libgnome-menu2?08:48
didrockspitti: no, I didn't, but I can have a look at it if you want08:49
pittididrocks: that's fine, I'll try08:49
didrockspitti: as I have a recent build folder :)08:49
didrocksok ;)08:49
didrocksthanks pitti08:49
pittididrocks: hmm, and while I'm at it, libdb5.1 instead of 4.808:51
didrockspitti: 4.8 is the minimal from upstream, but yeah, worth a try with 5.108:52
pittiit doesn't use on-disk transactions08:52
pittino transactions at all, in fact08:52
pittiso it should be compatible08:52
ricotzpitti, hello08:53
pittihey rickspencer308:53
pittiricotz: good morning08:53
ricotzpitti, is it still possible to sync a new source package http://packages.debian.org/source/sid/libexttextcat ?08:53
rickspencer3hi pitti08:54
pittiricotz: needs a FFE, but otherwise yes08:54
ricotzpitti, alright, i will ffe sync request it then08:54
pitti#error "unity-lens-applications only compiles and works against libdb-4.8. Please install the package libdb4.8-dev08:55
pittididrocks: ^ meh, #(*$# picky08:55
* pitti checks out upstream and will do a MP08:55
didrocksahah :-)08:55
didrockspitti: when I told you kamstrup and mhr3 are mean persons :)08:56
kamstrupfor the record, I am not mean, I am just evil08:56
pittikamstrup: do you know what it actually means when it says "need to have the same libdb version as the software-center"?08:57
didrockskamstrup: oh true! :)08:57
pittikamstrup: s-c, nor xapian use libdb08:57
kamstruppitti: it means what it says on the tin :-)08:57
kamstruppitti: does to!08:57
pittikamstrup: it doesn't use on-disk or in-memory transactions, so the formats are compatible08:57
kamstruppitti: s-c should dump a ratings db for u-l-a to pick up08:57
kamstruppitti: if you are willing to take the fallout I can accept the patch ;-)08:58
kamstruppitti: I think I addded that check because I got errors with 4.6 vs 4.808:58
pittikamstrup: well, if it's using the python db module, then 4.8 is specifically _not_ what s-c is using08:58
pittikamstrup: python2.7 uses 5.108:59
kamstruppitti: not in O08:59
pittikamstrup: in fact, I'm interested in making everything using the same db version08:59
kamstruppitti: noble and just cause. you have my support08:59
pittinot only to get rid of duplicate libs, but also to avoid compatibility problems08:59
pittikamstrup: ok, thanks :)08:59
pittikamstrup: I'll build/test it against db5.108:59
kamstrupafaik the db format is explicitly not stable across libdb versions08:59
pittikamstrup: and then try to move it to gnome-menus-309:00
pittikamstrup: the on-disk data format has been mostly stable09:00
pittikamstrup: what chagnes in pretty much every version is the on-disk transaction format09:00
kamstrupwe use libdb in "concurrent mode" which may have some implications09:00
kamstrup(in order to ensure that s-c can write while ula reads)09:01
kamstrupthat may or may not triggers some implicit transactions... I don't know libdb well enough09:01
pittikamstrup: yes, but they'd only be in-memory09:02
kamstruppitti: if you say so :-)09:02
pittikamstrup: and if anything, it should work better if s-c and the lens use the same db09:02
pittihey seb12809:02
seb128hey pitti09:02
* seb128 hugs pitti for the update rampage09:02
* pitti hugs back seb12809:02
pittiseb128: FYI, some fallout:09:03
pittignome-settings-daemon -> we don't need the .1 (systemd only)09:03
pittiempathy -> 3.3.90 pulls in clutter09:03
didrockssalut seb12809:03
pittilibgnomekbd -> fails to build, no interesting changes09:03
seb128pitti, g-s-d -> great09:03
pittignoem-keyring> we decided to stay09:03
seb128pitti, empathy: not new, I though kenvandine make a new binary for the new call ui using clutter?09:04
pittie-d-s -> leaving for cyphermox09:04
pittiseb128: configure.ac introduces them as build depends now, though09:04
pittiI already updated all the patches, but stopped when diffing configure.ac09:04
pittiseb128: we may still be able to crowbar it, but I didn't continue at that point09:04
seb128pitti, well I think it was already the case for clutter but let's check with kenvandine09:05
seb128pitti, thanks a lot for all the updates09:05
seb128I finished late yesterday and was not looking forward another day doing updates only, you made my day ;-)09:06
pittiseb128: I didn't touch gst yet09:06
pitti-base is a sync, but -good a complex merge; and I assume they both should have the same version?09:06
seb128pitti, it's in Debian09:06
pittiseb128: de rien :)09:06
seb128pitti, tjaalton is our new gst maintainer09:06
pittiseb128: so if we merge -good, we could sync -base and gst09:06
seb128well it seems he needs it and has been working on it, he said he was fine doing the good merges and updates09:06
pittithe new telepathy packages are in debian experimental, thus I didn't merge them yet09:07
seb128pitti, well, we have pre-version, so I would say sync base and gst and let tjaalton do the good update if he has time09:07
seb128pitti, you can probably let telepathy for kenvandine09:07
pittiseb128: the telepathy merges are easy, but I wonder why they are in experimental09:07
pittitjaalton: ^ are you fine with merging gst-good?09:08
seb128pitti, yeah, I usually let ken handle those since he has regular contact with the colabora guys and usually know what version we want09:08
seb128telepathy that is09:08
tjaaltonpitti: how quick should it be done?09:08
seb128pitti, most of desktop is a shared set but some are domain expert pack, I tend to let them ;-)09:09
pittikamstrup: heh, I have reviews.ubuntu.com_reviews_api_1.0_review-stats-pkgnames.p__4.8.db and reviews.ubuntu.com_reviews_api_1.0_review-stats-pkgnames.p__5.1.db :)09:09
pittikamstrup: so we are using an outdated db09:10
Sweetsharkpitti: that debug level error is weird, i have seen it before, but cant remember the details09:10
kamstruppitti: ah... so s-c dumps the 5.1 db and ula reads the old 4.8 one..?09:11
pittikamstrup: yes, apparently09:11
kamstrupdoh :-)09:11
pittiI don't think it's a very good idea to add the db version to teh .db name09:11
pittiit'll change with every release09:12
pittiwell, it's a cache only09:12
pittibut the old files are piling up and nothign is cleaning them09:12
kamstruppitti: the reason was because of the 4.6 and 4.8 compat issues09:13
kamstrupor was it 4.8 and 5.1... can't recall, but we definitely had some compat issues09:13
kamstrupmaybe just the major version in the filename is better09:14
pittikamstrup: https://code.launchpad.net/~pitti/unity-lens-applications/db5.1/+merge/94107 for your review pleasure09:17
kamstruppitti: thanks, on it09:17
pittineeds a while to get diffy09:17
pittiurgh, srsly? vala-0.16 still only has a gnome-menu2 vapi09:20
pittiok, we'll need to keep that then for now09:20
pittiat least it helped to discover the db mismatch09:21
BigWhaleNew greeter is sexy!09:21
pittinice, dropping libdb4.8 will save us almost .7 MB of CD space09:22
seb128BigWhale, indeed09:24
tjaaltonpitti: I'm basically away the rest of the week, and the merge might take some hours to complete (if there's a new -bad to import the drivers from)09:26
Sweetsharkpitti: well, "solution" to this is for now to not run checks on armel/armhf. that was why it worked before.09:26
pittiSweetshark: and powerpc as well then?09:27
pittiSweetshark: good enough for me09:27
Sweetsharkpitti: yes09:27
pittiit's better to have _something_ that builds on armhf than a perfect one that will still take weeks :)09:27
tjaaltonhuh, only changelog conflicted, so -good merge was easy09:28
Sweetsharkpitti: http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=pkg-openoffice/libreoffice.git;a=blob;f=rules;h=caec2e4d69bca157c5b5ea1d0cf2e0c7693b8078;hb=f343f37a085fc7d5a821a7b6dedf351a835f4c86#l449 <- theres the exception that was in still on the last upload09:29
didrockstjaalton: I'll try the new nvidia driver, I couldn't get any acceleration with previous one, so be prepared to be pinged :)09:29
tjaaltondidrocks: ping tseliot then ;)09:29
didrockstseliot: sorry, I meant tseliot ^09:29
didrockstjaalton: yeah, bad completion, sorry for the noise, you're safe :)09:29
tjaaltonFSVO safe..09:29
seb128oh tjaalton09:30
seb128the man I was looking for!09:30
seb128tjaalton, ;-)09:30
seb128(just joking, don't worry)09:31
tjaaltonI could merge the new farsight et al drivers from -bad later, and push the simple merge of -good now?09:32
pittitjaalton: sounds good09:33
pittitjaalton: then we'll sync gst and -base09:34
tjaaltonpitti: ok, test building it and uploading then09:34
pittitjaalton: cheers09:34
tjaaltonah, needs newer -dev09:36
pittitjaalton: synced gstreamer0.10 (0.10.36-1)09:36
seb128hate you launchpad09:37
pittiseb128: wassup?09:37
seb128pitti, just launchpad sucking, trying to reassign a bug where I put a valid source and assigned (triple checked the values) it sends me to a page saying one of the field value is incorrect and of course it doesn't tell me which one09:38
seb128I dropped the assigned and kept the source09:38
seb128it reassigning to "ubuntu" ignoring the source I put09:39
seb128well anyway, just workflow glitches, it's fine most of the time ;-)09:40
seb128it's not the first time I do that, I'm pretty sure sometimes it ignores the source field without telling you09:42
seb128which leads to bugs reassigned to "ubuntu"09:42
tseliotdidrocks: what's up?09:43
seb128oh, and the other hate things, not sure if that's a firefox or launchpad bug, but editing titles is buggy09:45
seb128half of the time it displays only one line which half the title and doesn't let me see the other half, makes editing really hard09:45
seb128like the other day it took me 5 tries to get the title I wanted, next time I will copy to gedit edit and ctrl-v back :p09:45
didrockstseliot: I had some issues with the 290.10 driver on my machine, I had to recompile 285.05.09 to make it working again (I had a very slow computer, no more multimonitor support, no acceleration and a lot of graphical glitches)09:46
didrockstseliot: I hold the package then, I'll try now with 295 and cross fingers09:46
tseliotdidrocks: yes, let me know how it goes09:49
didrockstseliot: in case I didn't get any ui, what do you need as debug info?09:50
seb128didrocks, btw I think your gconf-editor issues your mentioned yesterday are https://bugs.launchpad.net/gconf-editor/+bug/91211609:52
ubot2`Launchpad bug 912116 in gconf-editor "gconf-editor hits g_assertion_message in gconf_client_lookup: last_slash != NULL" [High,Triaged]09:52
jasoncwarner_hey RAOF and bryceh dbo said my compiz bug I have here is likely a driver issue with nvidia https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/936818 could either of you talk to tseliot about that?09:53
ubot2`Launchpad bug 936818 in compiz "Visual Corruption on Desktop" [High,New]09:53
didrocksseb128: indeed, that should be that one09:54
tseliotdidrocks: dmesg and Xorg.0.log should be enough09:54
tseliotjasoncwarner_: let me check09:54
didrockstseliot: ok, thanks :)09:54
DBOtseliot, it *looks* like FBO corruption but I honest to god cant say I have a reason to blame nvidia other than "it works on everything else fine"09:55
tseliotDBO: yes, FBO corruption was my first thought too09:56
BigWhaleWow! Kazam Screencaster was accepted to Universe. Thank you everyone for baring with me and thanks for all the help. You guys are awesome!09:56
chrisccoulsonhi seb128. complaining about firefox? ;)09:56
Sweetsharkpitti: new source package is building09:57
tseliotDBO: oh, wait so it only happens with Unity 3D10:01
Laneyjasoncwarner_: that counts as a poke. today :-P10:02
DBOtseliot, only unity3d uses FBO's10:02
tseliotDBO: right I misread Tim's comment about being able to reproduce the problem with Unity 2D and lightdm10:02
DBOtseliot, ah10:02
DBOtseliot, yeah its almost certainly FBO corruption10:03
DBOI was seeing it on 290.1010:03
DBObut have yet to see it on 295.2010:03
Sweetsharkpitti: uploaded with "dont run checks on armel armhf ppc" to chinstrap10:06
pittiSweetshark: cheers! uploaded10:07
pitticyphermox: FYI, merging bluez, and cleaning up some cruft; I need -2 to fix C++ builds10:08
pitticyphermox: (also, can never hurt to clean up the package delta :) )10:08
pittididrocks: do you have an idea about https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/automerge-unity-lens-applications/17/console ?10:09
didrockspitti: looking10:09
pittididrocks: it apparently tries to install libdb4.810:09
pittididrocks: but the very point of that merge was to use libdb5.1-dev10:10
pittididrocks: the packaging doesn't have the updated build dep yet (libdb-dev)10:10
didrockspitti: did you change the packaging?10:10
didrockspitti: yeah, the packaging need to be changed10:10
pittididrocks: as I am kind of waiting for this to get merged upstream before I can change the packaging10:10
pittididrocks: can/should I merge it before this gets accepted?10:10
didrocksno, it's the other way with the automerger :)10:10
seb128pitti, version list a remmina-plugins which is in debian and not on ubuntu, do you know if that should be sync, or is deprecated and should be dropped from version?10:10
pittiseb128: I removed it from Ubuntu, it's obsolete10:10
pittiit should also be removed from Debian10:10
didrockspitti: the merger is using the official packaging, so we need to add build-dep before10:10
seb128pitti, ok, thanks10:10
pittididrocks: ack; is it enough to commit it to the packaging branch?10:11
didrockspitti: then, just approve again the branch (or get it approved) and it will pick the latest and greatest10:11
didrockspitti: it's enough, yeah :)10:11
seb128pitti, version hints debian a .1 from libxklavier over us, do you know if we should sync that one?10:11
pittididrocks: ok, committed10:12
didrocksthanks pitti for looking at that! Now, just get the branch approved again (as it was rejected)10:12
pittikamstrup: can you please re-approve https://code.launchpad.net/~pitti/unity-lens-applications/db5.1/+merge/94107 ?10:12
pittikamstrup: I fixed the packaging branch, shoudl work now10:13
pittididrocks: thanks for the hand-holding10:13
didrockspitti: yw ;)10:13
pittididrocks: nice to see how this works!10:14
* pitti likes tests being picky10:14
=== mandel is now known as p
=== p is now known as Guest63379
pittididrocks: are you able to re-approve https://code.launchpad.net/~pitti/unity-lens-applications/db5.1/+merge/94107 ?10:29
didrockspitti: sure10:29
dpmhi pitti, good morning!, you might have seen it already, but the full precise langpack export is now available: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+language-packs10:30
pittiseb128: xklavier> looking10:30
pittidpm: nice, thanks!10:30
pittiseb128: ah, 5.2.1 was just the build fix which I already had backported10:31
pittiseb128: but the Debian package does a nice symbol cleanup, syncing10:32
seb128pitti, ;-)10:32
pittiseb128: did we explicitly decide to stay with g-bluetooth 3.2?10:32
pittior should I have a look at 3.3.4?10:33
pitticyphermox: ^10:33
seb128pitti, they moved the bluetooth panel to gnome-control-center source so we needed the new g-c-c first10:34
seb128pitti, btw do you look at the etherpad? jbicha wrote is name next to it there, so I think he started looking at it10:34
pittioh, haven't for some time10:34
seb128pitti, and I had gnome-desktop3 as 'claimed' there as well since yesterday, but I didn't actually start on it so no worry10:34
pittiseb128: argh, my bad; completely forgot about this10:35
* pitti updates10:35
seb128pitti, just pointing it as a reminder to avoid duplicating work10:35
pittiseb128: pl-parser can't go into Debian FYI, needs glib 2.3110:35
seb128pitti, so gnome-bluetooth...unsure if we should take the new one10:36
seb128I will see with jbicha when he's around10:36
pittileaving to jbicha for now10:36
pittiseb128: yelp-tools isn't on versions?10:38
* pitti grabs10:38
seb128pitti, it is, but on the "extra" list for some reason, i.e you need to click on the "+" next to the package header10:39
seb128need to debug that10:39
seb128pitti, note that most of GNOME 3.4 items are in light green10:39
seb128we should maybe swich to track 3.4 rather than 3.2 in version10:39
pittiyes, I noticed10:40
seb128we are mostly on it anyway :p10:40
pittiyes, I agree10:40
pittiand then tag the bits we want to keep (session, keyring, etc.)10:40
seb128we would update session I guess but it's not really having anything worth it10:40
seb128they mostly added systemd optional support to it10:40
pittioh, I thought g-session was too complicated/risky to update10:40
pittias we have tons of mods10:41
seb128well it's rather that it doesn't bring anything10:41
seb128they just did systemd stuff10:41
seb128so it's basically work for no return10:41
seb128(out of being current)10:41
pittiso, +1 for staying on 3.210:42
pittican we mark the bits in version which we want to keep at 3.2?10:42
pittididrocks: thanks, it got merged now \o/10:42
didrockspitti: yeah, seeing that :) (I'm tracking all merges :p)10:43
* pitti envisions didrocks with a 3 m high monitor wall watching all commits, merges, builds, and pee breaks in realtime10:43
didrocksahah, I should definitively do that :-)10:44
pittiseb128: "gnome-background"?10:47
pittiseb128: oh, nevermind; +s10:47
seb128pitti, yes, I will do the versions tweaks today10:49
* pitti hugs seb12810:49
seb128pitti, we basically have watch stable with a whitelist of "track unstable"10:49
seb128I will reverse it to "watch unstabe" with a list of "track stable"10:49
* seb128 hugs pitti10:49
pittiI tried the GNOME classic session earlier today10:50
pittiI really think we should revert to the upstream layout and drop indicators10:50
pittithis is anything but a GNOME upstream sesion10:50
pittior introduce a real gnome sesion10:50
didrocksit's not possible to have different gnome-panel layout depending on session10:51
didrocksthat's what I did for UNE, the only way was to make some mandatory gconf keys10:51
seb128no opinion on that, I let jbicha and ricotz handle "classic"10:51
didrocksor patching gnome-panel heavily10:52
seb128didrocks, btw, want to do the metacity update? there is also still the lim merge request on version that you told you would drop last time ;-)10:52
seb128didrocks, it's a10:52
seb128didrocks, it's a .1 update, not a new serie10:52
didrocksseb128: yeah, I won't drop the lim patch yet though (the 2d guys are still modifying it)10:53
seb128didrocks, I need to look how to get it out of the version sponsoring queue if it's not ready to be uploaded :p10:53
didrocksseb128: that would be nice! I'll handle the update10:53
seb128didrocks, they did some gsettings work in the update it seems so maybe not worth updating10:53
didrocksI have the shortcuts update to do anyway :)10:53
seb128well, depends if there is keybinding work there10:53
seb128didrocks, thanks10:54
didrocksyw :)10:55
seb128didrocks, speaking about keybinding do you track bug #830709 ?10:55
ubot2`Launchpad bug 830709 in unity "Keyboard shortcut - Unity should also use Super-L to lock screen by default" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83070910:55
didrocksseb128: it's part of all the tabs that are opened for my current work, yeah :)10:55
didrocksseb128: quite difficult, a lot of info on different bugs, sometimes contradictory10:55
seb128didrocks, ok, great, I was just mentioning it in case it slipped from your list ;-)10:55
didrocksand a google doc as well10:55
pittiah, eog-plugins needs newer clutter, blocked10:56
didrocksthis is my afternoon basically, now that the Ctrl/primary fix is here :)10:56
seb128didrocks, good luck ;-)10:57
didrocksok, now let's try to restart once or twice on the new nvidia stack first :)10:57
didrocksseb128: thanks :)10:57
seb128pitti, does bug #740988 makes sense to you?11:01
ubot2`Launchpad bug 740988 in gnome-settings-daemon "MediaKeys key press doesn't generate DBus signal" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74098811:01
seb128pitti, that user multimedia keys sometimes stop working and he states that "sudo hald" fixes it?!11:01
pittiseb128: hal is dead..11:02
pitti-> "Invalid"11:02
seb128pitti, right, well he's on 11.10 and fixes it this way11:02
pittiI'll respond11:02
seb128pitti, thanks, I sort of wrote a comment stating that yesterday ;-)11:02
pittiseb128: the lpi patch in gnome-nettool seems broken; do you think anyone would seriously miss it?11:05
* pitti currently merges some changes to Debian, and will then update11:05
seb128pitti, I doubt so11:06
seb128pitti, how broken?11:07
pittiwell, the Help menu doesn't have any of the lpi entries11:07
seb128pitti, is that the only diff we have with debian?11:07
pittino, there's some more11:07
pittibut that's the largest11:07
seb128let me look if it's easy to fix11:07
pittiseb128: I suppose we can drop that, too11:08
pittithen our only remaining delta is traceroute -> tracepath11:08
seb128those categories changes made sense at a time where we were trying to give sanity to the gnome-panel menus11:08
pittiand then the new version (but I'd like to merge first)11:08
pittiseb128: yes, that's what I figured11:08
Guest63379hello, I just updated my machine and I cannot longer log in, lightdm gets by creds and when it tries to load the session it gets back to the loging screen, any ideas?11:10
seb128pitti, the lpi fix is11:12
seb128-+launchpad_integration_add_ui (ui, "/ui/menubar1/help1/LaunchpadItems");11:12
seb128pitti, well that line in the lpi patch, change "help1" to "help"11:12
seb128pitti, i.e drop the 111:12
pitti. o O { I hate these }11:12
seb128pitti, if we have a diff we can as well keep the lpi patch I think...11:13
seb128it's not like it's big or hard to maintain11:13
seb128and yeah, me as well...11:13
=== Guest63379 is now known as mandel
didrockstseliot: sweet, the new nvidia driver worked!11:15
* didrocks flushes his own rebuild for the old driver + latest xorg11:15
chrisccoulson_hmmm, http://blogs.adobe.com/flashplayer/2012/02/adobe-and-google-partnering-for-flash-player-on-linux.html11:19
chrisccoulson_goodbye flash ;)11:19
=== chrisccoulson_ is now known as chrisccoulson
Sweetshark^^ is that a Ubuntu sticker on the "how I really work" notebook?11:22
bkerensaAny suggestions for troubleshooting Unity3D not loading yet Unity2D working fine?11:24
nessitahello everyone!11:26
nessitaanyone familiar with the error "RuntimeError: Gdk couldn't be initialized" when using Gtk/Gdk gi bindings from python?11:27
pittinessita: no $DISPLAY ?11:28
nessitapitti: hola! I'm not sure, but I've seen several reports pass by these couple of days, see bug #93780911:29
ubot2`Launchpad bug 937809 in ubuntuone-control-panel "ubuntuone-control-panel-qt crashed with UnicodeDecodeError in /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/ubuntuone-control-panel/ubuntuone/controlpanel/gui/qt/filesyncstatus.py: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xc3 in position 24: ordinal not in range(128)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93780911:29
nessitapitti: wrong link! sorry11:29
pittithese are usually due to translations using non-ASCII characters11:29
pittithe joy of python 211:29
bkerensapitti: save me :)11:29
nessitathois are correct bug #93713211:29
nessitathis is* the correct bug (/me needs to wake up)11:29
seb128hey nessita11:29
nessitahola seb12811:29
nessitahow is it going? :-)11:30
pittibkerensa: I think DBO or njpatel will know much better how to debug unity 3D11:30
bkerensapitti: Ok11:30
seb128nessita, good I think, a bit tired though. what about you?11:31
nessitaseb128: not tired, I just got back to work after a two days holiday :-)11:31
seb128bkerensa, can you pastebin your .xsession-errors after trying to start unity3d?11:31
seb128nessita, lucky you! ;-)11:31
bkerensaseb128: http://paste.ubuntu.com/852526/11:33
nessitapitti: regarding the "RuntimeError: Gdk couldn't be initialized", I pasted the wrong bug link before, not sure if you got the (correct) second one11:33
bkerensaseb128: I believe the problem started when I installed openbox/tint2 but I removed both and still something is ehh borked11:33
seb128bkerensa, that's an unity-2d session11:33
bkerensaseb128: Hmm?11:33
bkerensaseb128: Yes but I logged into Unity3D beforehand11:34
pittinessita: as I said: usually you don't have a valid $DISPLAY there11:34
nessitapitti: can I help the affected users debug somehow? sounds odd that they are running ubuntu-sso-client without a $DISPLAY11:34
seb128bkerensa, can you do echo $DESKTOP_SESSION?11:35
pittinessita: perhaps it gets spawned by d-bus or so?11:35
pittinessita: I guess you need to ask how to reproduce this11:35
bkerensaseb128: unity-2d11:35
seb128nessita, pitti: sometime such bugs are session closing issues11:35
seb128bkerensa, are you sure you picked "ubuntu" is the login screen session selector?11:35
seb128bkerensa, and not 2d?11:36
bkerensaseb128: No no I'm not logged in "ubuntu" currently because if I log into "ubuntu" I have a bare desktop and cannot even access terminal let alone launch xchat thus I could not be here...11:36
bkerensathe only thing I get in "ubuntu" is vterm if I CTRL-ALT-F611:37
seb128bkerensa, well, what I need is the .xsession-errors of one of those broken login11:37
bkerensaseb128: How could I do this? :)11:37
seb128bkerensa, you can switch user and pick guest session if you don't want to log out11:37
bkerensaseb128: Yes but how will I switch user if there is no GUI or access to terminal from broken login?11:38
seb128bkerensa, well usually log in, get the broken desktop, go to a vt (i.e ctrl-alt-f1), log in there, cp .xsession-errors somewhere11:38
seb128bkerensa, then restart11:38
seb128bkerensa, or try to ctrl-alt-t11:38
seb128bkerensa, you might get a command line in your xsession this way11:39
seb128if g-s-d is running11:39
nessitapitti, seb128: thanks, I'll ask how to reproduce11:40
bkerensaseb128: http://paste.ubuntu.com/852532/11:41
bkerensaseb128: Sorry about the n00b moment :) I didnt think of ctrl-alt-t (I'm in the broken session now)11:41
bkerensaits 4am here so I'm a bit tired :)11:41
seb128bkerensa, is that the full log?11:42
bkerensaseb128: yes11:42
seb128bkerensa, dpkg -l unity | grep unity?11:43
bkerensaseb128: http://paste.ubuntu.com/852536/11:43
seb128bkerensa, what happens if you run unity --reset on your command line?11:44
bkerensaseb128: Why then Unity is fixed11:45
bkerensaafter a bit of flickering and compiz errors of course11:45
seb128bkerensa, not sure, did you play with ccsm?11:45
bkerensaseb128: no11:45
seb128ok, dunno then sorry11:45
bkerensathats just asking for trouble11:45
bkerensaseb128: I had installed Openbox11:46
seb128seems your config was in a weird state11:46
bkerensamaybe that broke compiz's back11:46
bkerensaseb128: k11:46
seb128bkerensa, nautilus-openbox breaks nautilus with the current glib11:46
seb128that's a known issue11:46
seb128that's what you get for not using u1 ;-)11:46
pittiRAOF, bryce: do you plan another mesa merge with Debian this cycle? (we have ~rc2, Debian has 8.0-2)11:50
Sweetsharkpitti: anything still missing from bug 932061, bug 932063 and bug 938582?11:50
ubot2`Launchpad bug 932061 in sacjava "[MIR] sacjava" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93206111:50
ubot2`Launchpad bug 932063 in libbase "[MIR] libbase" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93206311:50
ubot2`Launchpad bug 938582 in libexttextcat "[MIR] libexttextcat" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93858211:50
tseliotdidrocks: excellent!11:50
pittiSweetshark: for libexttextcat, it was just synced into precise11:51
pittiSweetshark: MIR team needs to review it11:51
pittiSweetshark: for the others, LibO needs to start using them; we won't promote them before something pulls it into main, they will just fall out again11:51
Sweetsharkpitti: yes, but into universe ;)11:51
pittiright, needs ~ubuntu-mir review11:51
pittiSweetshark: I binNEWed it now, so in < 1 h you can start using them for local builds11:52
* pitti lunch &11:53
Sweetsharkpitti: ok, so I should prepare an upload using those and _then_ they will get mired? Seems kinda odd to me, but ok.11:53
pittiSweetshark: why odd?11:53
pittipoint 8 on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MainInclusionProcess11:54
Sweetsharkpitti: well, at least for LO I am a bit uncomfortable to have all MIRs/sync work out otherwise the whole package fails.12:00
pittiSweetshark: the ones which are fix committed will be promoted at once12:00
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dpmpitti, we've noticed that the indicator-printers .pot template hasn't been imported into LP - do you think it might have to do that it was promoted from universe to main? If so, I believe the template should be imported in the next upload, right? -> https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-printers/+publishinghistory12:06
pittidpm: yes, sounds like it'll need a rebuild12:09
dpmok, thanks for confirming12:09
seb128dpm, pitti: I can do a rebuild upload, will check with lars if he has any upload coming12:10
dpmcool, thanks seb12812:12
nessitaanyone else sees the notifications in a ugly blue surrounded by black like I do? screenshot: http://ubuntuone.com/78we2EOQcWPtU62JM7oVo712:17
seb128nessita, yes12:25
nessitaseb128: you too? do we know what's causing that?12:26
seb128nessita, bug #93442512:26
ubot2`Launchpad bug 934425 in notify-osd "Notifications appear bright blue instead of cameleonic like the launcher" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93442512:26
seb128nessita, your background12:26
seb128nessita, well a bug in notify-osd combined to your background12:26
nessitaseb128: subscribing to the bug, thanks!12:26
seb128nessita, do you use unity?12:26
nessitaseb128: yes, 2d12:27
seb128nessita, ok, so yeah, that bug12:27
seb128nessita, notify-osd is supposed to use a color which is the background average12:27
seb128nessita, unity computes the color (it's also what they use for the dash, etc) and write to a key that notify-osd reads12:28
Riddellooh nessita, where can I get a sneaky preview of the ubuntu one qt clients?12:28
seb128nessita, but it seems the code is buggy and the color value got wrong in 2d and for some backgrounds12:28
nessitaRiddell: hola! you can install ubuntuone-control-panel-qt ubuntu package, or I can point you to the repo and give a command line to run from there :-)12:29
nessitaseb128: crystal clear, thanks!12:29
seb128nessita, yw12:29
Riddellnessita: uh oh http://starsky.19inch.net/~jr/tmp/ubuntuone-qt.png12:36
nessitaRiddell: you running ubuntu or kubuntu? was u1client working for you before?12:37
Riddellkubuntu, I haven't used u1client recently12:37
Riddellsomething more i need installed maybe?12:37
chrisccoulsonnessita, so, you've got the key to break precise now? ;)12:37
nessitaRiddell: yes, you need ubuntu-sso-client-qt, at least, and all the ubuntuone-client stack12:39
nessitachrisccoulson: do I? :-D12:39
seb128hum, already that time, I should get a bite13:09
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czajkowskibryceh: ping13:14
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
Riddellnessita: yay, got it working after just installing ubuntu-desktop and rebooting13:37
Riddellnessita: who's your packager?  they need a bug to hunt down that issue13:37
seb128Riddell, she's her own packager13:37
seb128Riddell, she got ppu rights for the stack she works on13:38
Riddellthen bug yourself nessita :)13:38
seb128Riddell, what binary was missing?13:38
* nessita bugs herself13:38
Riddellseb128: I don't know, I just installed all of ubuntu-desktop13:38
seb128Riddell, what binaries with sso in the name did that install?13:38
seb128or ubuntuone13:39
nessitaRiddell: weird, I have checked this in a clean VM when I did the split... perhaps I miss something since I already had ubuntu-desktop installed13:39
seb128Riddell, that's not a bug, on kubuntu you should use -qt13:39
seb128well not a depends bug13:40
seb128i.e you shouldn't need -gtk13:40
Riddellseb128: right but that was installed too13:40
nessitaRiddell, seb128: besides, u1cp-qt does not use (for now) any SSO UI13:40
Riddelland the -client-qt should just install the right things13:40
Riddellnessita: test it in a chroot or from a kubuntu VM or live USB to track it down13:41
seb128Riddell, does it bug again if you uninstall -gtk? was there any other ubuntuone binary installed?13:41
=== jincreator1 is now known as jincreator
seb128hum, I'm getting increasingly annoying a tb13:43
Riddellseb128: removeing ubuntu-sso-client-gtk doesn't seem to affect it13:43
seb128or "annoyed" rather :p13:43
seb128Riddell, can you pastebin you dpkg.log or a list of what got installed with ubuntu-desktop?13:43
seb128chrisccoulson, it's your fault!13:43
nessitaRiddell: would you please also paste the content of ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/controlpanel.log?13:43
chrisccoulsonit's always my fault!13:43
seb128chrisccoulson, is it me or tb used to handle different unread counts and prefetching? like now it updates count, I see that I got 15 emails unread email in my lauchpad box, so I click on it, and it starts refreshing then, which takes like 5 seconds, it's pretty annoying to have to wait for seconds in each folder you browser to see the new emails13:45
seb128chrisccoulson, it's so slow nowadays that I don't wait for it to refresh the folder and click on another one from frustration13:45
Riddellseb128: http://people.canonical.com/~jriddell/tmp/dpkg.log  (startig with the control-panel-qt install I think)13:45
Riddellseb128: ooh beasties http://people.canonical.com/~jriddell/tmp/controlpanel.log13:47
seb1282012-02-22 12:41:54 install libsyncdaemon-1.0-1 <none> 2.99.4-0ubuntu213:47
seb128nessita, ^ do you need the syncdaemon lib?13:47
nessitaseb128: not at all13:47
nessitaseb128: libsyncdaemon is the C lib, controlpanel is all python and uses the syncdaemon DBus API (thru python-dbus)13:47
seb128nessita, Riddell: the gnome-keyring got pulled in by those installs13:48
seb128which seems to be the issue13:48
seb128gnome-keyring as well13:48
seb128nessita, you should probably depends on some of the keyring binaries13:48
nessitaseb128: strictly speaking, controlpanel does not depend on gnome-keyring, just on ubuntu-sso-client. If ussoc stops depending on gnome-keyring, then controlpanel should not depend on that. And gnome-keyring is a bin dep for ussoc13:49
nessitaseb128: I mean that controlpanel never tries to access the keyring directly, it always asks credentials to sso13:49
nessitaseb128: so perhaps ussoc was not properly installed in Riddell's box?13:50
seb128nessita, no it doesn't13:51
* nessita checks13:51
seb128nessita, there is no mention of keyring in ubuntu-sso-client's control13:51
seb128Depends: ${misc:Depends},13:51
seb128 ${python:Depends},13:51
seb128 python,13:51
seb128 python-ubuntu-sso-client (= ${binary:Version}),13:51
seb128none of the binary bring any of the keyring in13:52
nessitaseb128: then that's certainly a bug, but I'm almost sure if was reported and fixed some time ago. Let me do some digging13:52
nessita(python-ubuntu-sso-client should depend on the package that provides the freedesktop secrets service)13:53
seb128nessita, you probably dropped the fix which redoing the binaries for common gtk qt13:53
nessitaseb128: will check13:53
seb128nessita, thanks13:53
seb128Riddell, thanks for the bug report ;-)13:53
nessitathank you! anyways, will fix with today's upload13:53
nessitaRiddell: would you please file a bug for this (in ubuntu-sso-client package)?13:53
nessitaseb128: you're right, I dropped it (used the control we already had running in our nightlies PPA and seems like we're missing gnome-keyring there as well)13:55
Riddellbug 93869313:57
ubot2`Launchpad bug 938693 in ubuntu-sso-client "incorrect dependencies when installing -qt on without ubuntu desktop" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93869313:57
nessitaRiddell: thanks a lot!13:58
nessitaseb128: is there a virtual package to depend on for xorg freedesktop secrets service?13:58
nessitaso I don't force the dep on gnome-keyring but just suggest it with: gnome-keyring |  the-virtual-package-for-secretes13:59
seb128nessita, xorg -> freedeskto,xdg13:59
seb128nessita, and no, I'm not sure anything else provide the interface13:59
=== greyback|lunch is now known as greyback
seb128Riddell, do you know if anything in kde provides org.freedesktop.secrets?13:59
nessitaseb128: I thought that kwallet did...13:59
seb128nessita, well, Riddell wouldn't have hit this error if it did I guess14:00
seb128he probably has kwallet installed14:00
nessitaseb128: True.14:00
Riddellseb128: ksecretsevice which is on my TODO for packaging14:00
seb128Riddell, thanks14:01
Riddellit's been released but without a user I haven't had a reason to get round to packaging it, maybe that's changed now :)14:01
seb128nessita, well I guess for now it's gnome-keyring14:01
seb128you can add a | ksecretservice later14:01
seb128or we can figure a virtual fdo-secret14:02
seb128but the virtual would be better to get in Debian14:02
cyphermoxpitti: if we take the new gnome-bluetooth there's probably going to be a lot of work porting indicator changes to the new code (and moving some of it to g-c-c, re show/hide the applet)14:12
pitticyphermox: good morning14:12
cyphermoxI have no opinion on it though14:12
pitticyphermox: ah, I see14:12
cyphermoxgood morning :)14:12
pitticyphermox: I was just wondering if it was discussed already14:13
seb128cyphermox, not sure "lot", I didn't look at it14:13
seb128cyphermox, they kept the applet in gnome-bluetooth, I doubt they changed that a lot14:14
cyphermoxseb128: ah, yeah, maybe not "lot" :)14:14
seb128cyphermox, they moved the panel to g-c-c and we just add a checkbox to that14:14
cyphermoxseb128: yup, it's not that hard14:14
seb128cyphermox, hey btw, how are you? ;-)14:14
cyphermoxI could have slept more14:14
seb128cyphermox, could you check that I didn't break you g-c-c patch from yesterday?14:14
seb128cyphermox, the g-c-c update took me like over 3 hours yesterday and then I hit rebasing patches uploaded during the day which didn't apply, I finished like at 10pm and uploaded with minimal testing14:15
seb128that's ok14:15
jbichacyphermox: I took a look at the gnome-bluetooth stuff already and it didn't seem that bad14:15
cyphermoxmine was simple enough, I don't think it would have gotten broken14:16
seb128but I wanted it upload and it was late so I didn't bother much about ui, pading, and similar14:16
cyphermoxjbicha: cool. then my opinion is "why not" :)14:16
jbichaexcept I haven't figured out the -Bsymbolic part yet14:16
seb128cyphermox, they dropped the unlock button in the update14:16
cyphermoxoh, sweet14:17
seb128cyphermox, which made the diff not apply at all since your change were next to it14:17
seb128gtkbuilder editing fun :p14:17
cyphermoxwell, you're seb128, why would the patch have broken?14:18
cyphermoxok. padding is indeed a little off, but I guess it should be pretty easy to fix14:18
seb128cyphermox, ;-)14:19
seb128cyphermox, if you have any tweak please stack in the vcs14:19
seb128I will do an end of day upload14:19
cyphermoxoh ok14:19
cyphermoxI was going to pastebin it :)14:19
seb128several people do g-c-c tweaks daily nowadays, no need to do 5 upload a day14:19
seb128we got 3 people uploading it yesterday :p14:20
dobeyhi pitti14:20
pittihello dobey, how are you?14:24
dobeypitti: good. you?14:25
pittiquite fine, thanks!14:25
kenvandineour daily team upload of g-c-c :-D14:27
dobeypitti: so, to do the pyqt4 split, it will require a fair bit more work than i was hoping. is there any way to get a definite yes or no answer on whether we will end up on the CD if that work gets done?14:27
pittidobey: I think "on the cd" == "dependencies get smaller than 6 MB" && "python3 gets off the CD"14:28
pittiI'm not fully clear how much space we have on the CD after a fresh langpack build, we'll find out on Friday14:29
didrocksxorg crashing on too much writing, not fun :(14:32
dobeypitti: and that's assuming we lose 14M by Friday then?14:34
pittiprobably more like 6 or so14:34
pitti11 on the alternates14:34
pittithe desktops don't have duplicate files, I don't think the langpack rebuild will affect them as much14:34
dobeydaily-live/current/ looks like the i386 iso is 11M over right now14:35
pittibut I don't know for sure how squashfs works there14:35
pittiI'm still placing some bets on chrisccoulson to figure out how to shrink ffox and tbird again14:38
pittithey grew by more than 5 MB since oneiric, due to including dictionaries or so14:39
pittiseb128: did you ever happen to see a build failure like this? https://launchpadlibrarian.net/93750190/buildlog_ubuntu-precise-i386.gnome-nettool_3.1.1-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz14:41
pittiseb128: it built fine locally14:41
pittiseb128: if not, don't worry, I'll examine it14:41
dobeysplitting pyqt4 doesn't really help the size issue much, but keeps the qtwebkit lib off the CD is all. the really big bits in pyqt4 are the ones we need anyway :-/14:42
seb128pitti, hum, my bet is that you dh_autoreconf but need to build-depends on gnome-common for that and didn't do it14:42
pittiseb128: sounds very plausible, thanks!14:42
skaethmm,  trying to do my daily upgrade this morning has it refusing due to skype - is this a known issue?14:43
dobeyparticularly, the QtGui.so is 6.9M; so the package would still be almost 3M. and libqt4-designer is about 3.5M14:43
pittiskaet: I bet it's i386 vs. amd64 buildd desync due to new glib or so14:43
dobeyerr, 3.7 even14:43
skaetpitti,  thanks.   ok I'll try in a while.14:43
dobeyso 2.7+3.7 > 614:43
pittiI think python3 will free about 4.514:43
pittiI can give more definitive numbers on Friday14:44
cyphermoxseb128: updated. I don't expect to have to touch g-c-c again14:44
dobeyok, though it looks like the answer is no either way; so i'll not work on pyqt4 splitting again, unless it becomes a definite yes.14:46
seb128cyphermox, thanks14:46
chrisccoulsonpitti - yes. so, the issue is that the html lang attribute only represents iso639 language codes, and these don't map to the filenames of our hyphenation patters14:47
seb128chrisccoulson, oh, you are still there, thanks for ignoring my question :p14:47
dobeychrisccoulson: is that why the spell checker thinks i'm using british?14:48
seb128chrisccoulson, rant aside is that a known issue?14:48
pittichrisccoulson: mapping 639-3 to 639 with 2 letters is easy, though14:48
chrisccoulsonseb128, i'm not sure atm :)14:48
pittichrisccoulson: I can help you generate a mapping from /usr/share/xml/iso-codes/iso_639.xml if you need14:48
chrisccoulsonsorry, i wasn't ignoring you ;)14:48
chrisccoulsonpitti - oh, but we also add a ISO3166 country code to the filename too, which seems to be the problem14:51
chrisccoulsoneg, "hyph_de_DE.dic" rather than "hyph_de.dic", which firefox expects14:51
chrisccoulsoni'm not sure whether i should just override that in firefox (i seem to be able to override the mappings)14:52
pittichrisccoulson: well, we have a number of variants14:53
pittichrisccoulson: there's also hyph_de_CH.dic and so on14:53
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, they're all symlinked to the same file already14:53
chrisccoulsonhmmm, one second. i'm getting a bit confused here14:55
chrisccoulsoni need to have another look at how this is meant to work ;)14:55
pittichrisccoulson: at worst, we could ship a static set of symlinks?14:55
pitti/usr/lib/firefox/hyphen/hyph_de.dic -> /usr/share/hyphen/hyph_de_DE.dic or so14:56
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, i guess that's one solution. the other way might be for me to change the mappings in firefox, which i think i can override by changing some preferences14:56
chrisccoulsoni need to actually try that though14:56
Sweetsharkpitti: Why does, when I do a "echo 'deb http://...ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise universe" >> /etc/apt/sources.list && apt-get update (which does update from universe), my following apt-get install -y libexttextcat-dev still claim 'unable to locate' ?15:06
pitti$ rmadison -s precise libexttextcat-dev15:06
pittilibexttextcat-dev |    3.2.0-1 | precise/universe | amd64, armel, armhf, i386, powerpc15:06
pittiSweetshark: perhaps your mirror is out of date?15:07
pittiSweetshark: try "archive"?15:07
Sweetsharkhmm, I had http://de.archive.ubuntu.com -- removing the de. helps ... a bit15:11
Sweetsharklibxml-java is still not found although launchpad says there is a package in precise ...15:11
Sweetshark... even in main15:12
pitti$ rmadison -s precise -S libxml-java15:12
pittilibxml-java | 1.1.6.dfsg-3 |       precise | source15:12
pittiapparently not built?15:12
Sweetsharkah, depwait15:12
pittiah, the source libxml-java is in main15:12
pittiand libbase-java is in universe15:12
Sweetsharksame for liblayout15:13
pittihttp://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches.txt wants the sources to go to universe anyway15:14
pittiI'll demote them, let them build, and then we'll re-promote when necessary15:14
czajkowskibryceh: when you get a chance  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/93865315:14
ubot2`Launchpad bug 938653 in xorg "applications fail to redraw" [Undecided,New]15:14
Sweetsharksame for liblayout, libformula, librepository, libfonts-java and pentaho-reporting-flow-engine15:17
Sweetsharkpitti: ^^15:18
Sweetsharkall in depwait15:18
pittiSweetshark: yep, I'll retry them all in ~ 45 mins after the next publisher15:18
Sweetsharkpitti: thx alot! you => awesome!15:19
pittiheh, np15:19
pittisorry for the hassle15:19
kklimondaI wonder, has the idea of "core desktop libraries" (like Glib, Gtk+ or Qt) has ever been discussed? System would make it very hard to replace them with versions found in some random repositories?15:36
kklimondaA lot of support requests I get can be traced back to users replacing stuff like gtk+ with unstable versions, and then they have no idea how to restore them15:37
pittiwe can't prevent users from shooting themselves in the foot15:38
pittiif someone who doesn't know what they are doing just blindly follows recipes, those recipes can contain any workaround against such measures15:39
pittiit would ceratinly be nice if it wouldn't be possible to install any random PPA with just a single click, though (when it ships libraries, not just apps)15:39
kklimondapitti: we do try to do that sometimes, nvidia-common still ships.. oh wait, it actually never really stopped anyone from just removing the package :(15:40
pittikklimonda: I don't think it's been discussed in depth15:40
dobeyi don't see any value to that15:42
m4n1shdidrocks: ping15:42
didrocksm4n1sh: hey15:45
m4n1shhow many more hours are you going to be online?15:46
kklimondadobey: random libraries make supporting users who have problems harder15:46
dobeykklimonda: users make supporting users who have problems, harder :)15:46
dobeykklimonda: you can't protect people from themselves. and turning into a totally locked down platform is not the way to go, i think15:47
kklimonda(currently I just ask users to downgrade all packages to supported versions before helping them but it can as well destroy their system ;))15:47
didrocksm4n1sh: I think I'll EOD in 2 hours and half, why?15:48
m4n1shalm release15:48
m4n1shseif is working with nuthinking15:48
kklimondadobey: it's not about creating a totally locked down platform, but maybe turning some safety checks on - making it harder to add random PPAs that replace libraries, or maybe make them distinguishable from app-centric ones..15:48
m4n1shon some UI changes15:48
dobeykklimonda: you get similar issuse when someone installs an ubuntu derivitive, and then later wants to upgrade to ubuntu proper, as well.15:48
m4n1shonce he is done, then will release it15:48
m4n1shIn case you go offline, will send you a mail15:48
pittididrocks: who would be an appropriate assignee for bug 934466?15:48
ubot2`Launchpad bug 934466 in unity-lens-video "unity-lens-video crashed with GError in function(): Error when getting information for file '/home/username/.cache/unity-lens-video/videos.db.QgyrMS': No such file or directory" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93446615:48
dobeykklimonda: apport already complains if the user has unsupported packages15:48
dobeykklimonda: improving apport, and having it always enabled, during stable releases, i think would help a lot15:49
davidcallepitti, should be fixed in trunk.15:49
pittidavidcalle: ah, thanks15:49
kklimondadobey: most users don't use LP when asking for help15:49
kklimondadobey: bah, most users don't use LP period. :)15:50
pittidavidcalle: it's not linked to a branch or marked as committed?15:50
didrockspitti: and you have your answer for next time. Harass david :)15:50
didrocksm4n1sh: yeah, sending me an email is fine :)15:50
dobeykklimonda: which goes back to pitti's point of people will just find a workaround that works, and then tell everyone to do exactly that15:50
davidcallepitti, for some reason I haven't been noticed of it.15:51
dobeykklimonda: and jorge has talked about this before as well, "harmful help" on forums and such15:51
kklimondadobey: bah, compared to Windows and OS X Linux on desktops is like a grenade without a pin.. I don't like it (I don't necessarily say I have an awesome solution, I'm just frustrated I guess :))15:57
kklimondaI know there has been some (very initial) discussion about marking PPAs as trusted, I've thought that maybe stuff like that was discussed some more.15:58
dobeyyes you are frustrated15:58
dobeyand apaprently haven't met many windows or osx users :)15:58
dobeythough osx on official mac hardware would have the least problems. it's still not without its share of users doing crazy things to the system15:59
kklimondadobey: it's much harder to replace parts of windows, especially with it locking all files in use ;)15:59
dobeykklimonda: it's actually not that hard15:59
dobeykklimonda: especially when you have viruses and trojans that replaces the files during reboot when they're not in use :)16:00
* ricotz acks that this is a problem where people just paste commands from various websites to add some new bits of software16:01
dobeytrusted PPAs might help, but people will probably just click through any warning anyway16:02
dobeyricotz: indeed16:02
dobeyyou don't need a PPA to post random debs on random web sites16:02
ricotzright, that is another really worrying part16:03
kklimondaso I guess consensus is "this stuff is hard, and users don't read anyway" ;)16:04
dobeykklimonda: basically. if someone is looking for help and they find answer that tells them to do something, they're going to do it.16:05
kklimondamaybe the problem is currently a lot of new Ubuntu users are "power users" from Windows - they know just enough to be dangerous to themselves :)16:06
ricotzexactly, if one need to contact bloggers to correct things after people sent emails crying about broken things -- it is sad :\16:06
dobeyand seeing as how i've had to put some "core libs" in a PPA before… :)16:06
kklimondaricotz: bloggers, forum administrators.. there should be an expiration date on all those helpful posts and hints16:07
ricotzkklimonda, yeah, many thing are outdated too much and people are still adding ppas in hope to get updates16:08
dobeywell, at least adding PPAs that have old packages only, probably won't hurt anything16:08
dobeyjust make apt-get update slower and possibly have a few failures16:08
chrisccoulsonpitti, ok, this should do it: http://paste.ubuntu.com/852869/16:27
chrisccoulsonnow i need to figure out a way to automate this :)16:27
pittichrisccoulson: oh, nice!16:28
pittichrisccoulson: it doesn't actually change that often, but perhaps you could generate it from Contents.gz?16:28
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, possibly16:28
* didrocks will only upload the keybindings change tomorrow morning16:40
didrocksotherwise, everyone will think over the night that I broke the keybindings "where is my ctrl + alt + arrows to switch ws???" :)16:41
pittigood night everyone!16:41
didrockshave a good evening pitti :)16:42
chrisccoulsonpitti, ok, committed now: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/firefox/firefox-trunk.head/revision/112716:55
Sweetshark.oO(voting galore on the first Board of Directors call of the Documentfoundation)16:56
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Sweetsharkjasoncwarner_: ping?17:26
seb128Sweetshark, it's 4am for him...17:27
Sweetsharkseb128: i dont mind the latency if I get a pong sometime in the evening ;)17:28
seb128Sweetshark, ping with content works better17:29
Sweetsharkseb128: content is classified17:29
seb128Sweetshark, /query is your friend then ;-)17:29
cyphermoxbrb, switching to gnome-shell17:38
dupondjeIs there support planned for Nvidia Optimus in 12.04 or ?17:55
jbichaseb128: what do you think about a new vte3/gnome-terminal? vte3 doesn't have a soname bump & the changes look relatively small17:55
jbichaI don't see a need for it either though as that accessibility themes issue was fixed a different way17:56
ricotzjbicha, seb128, works fine here17:56
jbichaI could push it from the gnome3 ppa to the desktop ppa if you want to try it17:57
ryedupondje, only unofficial, NVidia claimed it does not want to invest time in bringing this technology to linux at the moment17:58
jbicha<grabbing lunch>17:59
seb128jbicha, no opinion at all about it, it's sources I never want to step in18:01
seb128jbicha, your call ;-)18:01
* didrocks waves good evening18:05
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davidcalleI need to change the status of private bugs on the video lens I don't have access to (I only have access to some duplicates). How can I have access to them?18:43
s9iper1davidcalle:are you in ubuntu bug control ?18:45
davidcalleI'm not, i'm the maintainer of the project.18:46
s9iper1can you give me the link of single bug ?18:46
=== Ursinha is now known as Ursinha-lunch
davidcalles9iper1, https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/93443718:47
ubot2`davidcalle: Error: <Bugtracker.plugin.Launchpad instance at 0xa5ae8cc> bug 934437 not found18:47
davidcalles9iper1, linked from this duplicate https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-lens-video/+bug/93887418:47
ubot2`davidcalle: Error: <Bugtracker.plugin.Launchpad instance at 0xa5ae8cc> bug 938874 not found18:47
s9iper1i can see this one18:48
=== charles_ is now known as charles
s9iper1davidcalle: i marked as public now you can see18:49
davidcalles9iper1, thank you.18:50
dupondjerye: but what about nouveau ? :)18:58
brycehdupondje, not in 12.0418:59
chrisccoulsonSweetshark, who would look at something like bug 938838? :-)18:59
ubot2`Launchpad bug 938838 in openoffice.org-dictionaries "Please provide additional languages for hyphenation" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93883818:59
dupondjeto bad :) guess I need to stick with Bumblebee ppa then ... :(19:00
DBOpitti, the nvidia binary fbo issue is resolved now19:08
DBOso doing TTY switch for lock screen should be happier now19:08
jbichaseb128: ok, I'll need a sponsor for vte3 though19:11
jbichalooks like mterry & themuso were the last to touch it19:11
czajkowskibryceh: no more compiz crashing with that ppa installed today19:21
brycehczajkowski, excellent19:24
brycehczajkowski, I'm looking at your latest bug report19:24
brycehI don't think we changed anything in X yesterday, but checking19:24
czajkowskibryceh: ah yes my redrawing issue19:26
brycehczajkowski, there's been several redrawing bugs posted recently.  If you can make a screenshot or photo, might help identify whether it's the same problem.19:27
brycehoh wait, nevermind, you did already :-)19:27
czajkowskiI did :)19:28
czajkowskihad to find one where there wasn't too much private stuff going on to nab19:28
brycehhmm, looks a bit different than the others19:28
seb128jbicha, yeah, try with them, but ideally they should be in the desktop set19:34
brycehczajkowski, left some comments on the bug.  guessing it's the mesa ppa; see if it goes away without that installed.19:41
czajkowskibryceh: was happening before I installed the ppa19:43
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thumperhi people20:01
thumperthe sound system doesn't seem to be respecting the chosen device20:01
thumperI plug in my logitech headset20:01
thumpersound settings to select it20:01
thumpertest sound comes out laptop speakers20:01
thumpermakes mumble and skype very hard20:01
brycehczajkowski, ah rules that out then20:04
seb128jbicha, there?20:09
rickspencer3hey thumper20:09
thumperhi rickspencer320:09
seb128thumper, hey, talk to ronoc20:10
rickspencer3dang, I wish we caught that when we did the testing before we took that from upstream :/20:10
seb128he did the new sound setting stuff20:10
thumperseb128: isn't he in the UK?20:10
seb128thumper, well, he's still on IRC :p20:10
rickspencer3oh, nm, I assumed it was new pulse :P20:10
seb128rickspencer3, well "upstream" yes, it's the system team for a change, not always the unity team ;-)20:10
seb128still dx though :p20:11
rickspencer3seb128, yeah, I assumed it was pulse20:11
seb128could be ;-)20:11
rickspencer3not that pulse has ever gone awry on us20:11
ronocthumper, hmmm, if you double click on that usb headset on the output tab -  is it saying that the headset is the 'selected' device, the label text on top of the right column20:12
thumperronoc: otp right now, with you shortly20:13
=== Ursinha-lunch is now known as Ursinha
thumperronoc: ok, here now20:20
ronocseb128, kenvandine either of you would like a new i-sound ?20:20
thumperronoc: I have my headset plugged in20:20
thumperronoc: and it is showingin the sound settings20:20
ronocthumper,  hey20:20
ronocand when you select it20:20
ronocthe audio should swap to that device ?20:21
ronocno ?20:21
thumperI notice that it says "speakers"20:21
seb128kenvandine, can you take it, I'm doing unico and scrollbar and will be off for a bit20:21
ronocseb128, kenvandine https://launchpad.net/indicator-sound/fifth/
thumperdo we have an easy way to take and share snapshots?20:21
ronocmy 'unusual' versioning in play20:21
ronocthumper, weird20:22
thumperronoc: also, selecting the microphone for the headset still shows "Settings for Internal Microphone" on the RHS20:22
brycehrickspencer3, heh yeah so many packages got updated the past couple of weeks.  Lots of incoming bugs, and proving hard to sort out which of the many updates brought the regression.20:22
ronocit seems to me the audio system is finding it difficult to swap to that device20:22
ronocthumper, is this consistent ?20:22
ronocthere is something funny going on with usb audio and the new pulse20:22
thumperronoc: every time20:23
thumperronoc: my headset hasn't worked since yesterday's update20:23
ronoci have not had any other problems but i do see an incorrect 'device' related to my usb headset in the window20:23
ronocthumper, can you take a screenshot of the output tabe20:23
ronoctab even20:23
ronocstick on imgur or whatever20:23
thumperdo we have a pastebinit equivilant?20:24
thumperhow do I just take a shot of the active window?20:24
ronocuse the hud :)20:24
jbichaseb128: yes I'm still around, busy day :)20:24
seb128thumper, what is pastebinit?20:24
seb128jbicha, hey20:24
seb128jbicha, 2 things20:24
ronocthumper, you need gscreenshot20:24
ronocit will allow to set an delay in taking the shot20:25
seb128jbicha, 1 if you did any work on gnome-bluetooth can you push it somewhere (and drop me an email if I'm not around when you do), I might review it tomorrow20:25
jbichaI think Laney had said something before about the ubuntu-desktop packageset is somewhat automatic20:25
thumperseb128: really? that is how you get stuff to paste.ubuntu.com :)20:25
ronocdash -> screenshot20:25
seb128thumper, ronoc: just run gnome-screenshot in the dash20:26
ronocor screenshot will find it also20:26
seb128ronoc, sorry I though "gscreenshot" was a different program to install20:26
ronocseb128, now the fun begins with odd audio problems surfacing because of our simplified ui20:27
seb128jbicha, otherwise would you be interested to file a mir for gnome-contacts? the new empathy needs it20:27
seb128jbicha, just asking because everybody seems busy, in case you have time for it ;-)20:27
seb128ronoc, hehe, loving users ;-)20:27
thumperronoc: http://people.canonical.com/~tim/sound-input.png20:27
thumperronoc: http://people.canonical.com/~tim/sound-output.png20:27
ronocindeed seb128 :)20:27
ronocman spotify has worked since before xmas20:28
ronocflash apparently20:28
ronocthumper, looking now20:28
jbichaseb128: I can do both of those tonight20:29
ronocthumper, did you double click on the headset20:30
ronocnot just one click20:30
ronocjust checking20:30
thumpersingle click to select I think20:30
ronocyeah but the ui element is weird sometimes it fires other times it doesn't20:31
kenvandinejbicha, thanks!  mention in the gnome-contacts MIR that empathy 3.3.90 needs it20:31
thumperdouble click does the same20:31
ronocthumper, when you select the speakers and change the volume then change to the headset and then go back to the speakers does your volume slider get reset to the previous volume you set it to20:32
thumperronoc: when I select the headset, the volume slider doesn't change20:32
thumperit is like it isn't being chosen at all20:33
ronocthumper, do you have pavucontrol ?20:33
* thumper looks20:33
seb128jbicha, thanks!20:33
thumperronoc: should I install it?20:33
ronocthumper, install that20:33
ronocand see if you can change device with that20:34
thumperronoc: the headset isn't shown in that program20:35
thumperronoc: it shows in the config tab20:35
ronocthumper, pulse problems with the driver20:35
thumperronoc: but isn't selectable on input/output20:35
ronocthumper, can you from command line do a 'pactl list cards'20:36
ronocand pastebin the output20:36
thumperronoc: http://paste.ubuntu.com/853188/20:36
thumperronoc: I'm going to go make a coffee and breakfast, back shortly20:37
ronocthumper, weird i have the same device20:38
ronocit works fine20:38
ronoci need to head in a bit20:38
ronocthumper, can you mail me about this, you would probably best talk with TheMuso about this since he is in your neck of the woods20:38
ronoche can help you debug it20:39
ronoclater all20:40
kenvandinegrrr... now bugs.fd.o is down!20:54
brycehkenvandine, *sigh*20:56
kenvandineone of those days...20:56
brycehno kidding20:56
brycehinternet-is-broken day20:56
chrisccoulsondoes the battery indicator actually update for anyone else?20:58
seb128chrisccoulson, did you update, restart your session this week?21:00
chrisccoulsonseb128, i've restarted my session today21:00
chrisccoulsoni think i updated earlier too21:00
seb128ok, there was a bug due to g-s-d signal changes21:00
seb128but ken backported the fix on friday so it should be fixed21:00
seb128well I didn't try, I work docked21:01
chrisccoulsonseb128, oh, i don't have the latest version actually21:01
chrisccoulsoni could have sworn that i updated earlier21:01
chrisccoulsonperhaps it failed when i wasn't looking ;)21:01
chrisccoulsonoh, "Need to get 503 MB/990 MB of archives"21:04
chrisccoulsonthis could take a while21:04
seb128chrisccoulson, that's what you call updated today?!21:04
chrisccoulsonseb128, it must have failed ;)21:04
seb128chrisccoulson, well good news is that your bug is fixed in that 1gb update ;-)21:05
thumperok, rebooted21:19
thumperand with some double clicks, seem to have the headset working again21:19
thumperit is still weird on the selecting21:19
thumperbut i'm able to talk again sanely21:19
seb128micahg, hey21:53
micahghi seb128, I haven't forgotten about gimp :)21:54
seb128micahg, do you still plan to do that gimp update? uif and beta freeze is tomorrow and it would be good to have that update and patch in by then21:54
seb128micahg, good! ;-)21:54
micahgyeah, I can do that tonight21:54
robert_ancellbryceh, still there?21:59
desrtrobert_ancell: hey22:03
robert_ancelldesrt, hello22:03
brycehrobert_ancell, yep22:03
desrtrobert_ancell: do you know about these plugables?22:04
robert_ancelldesrt, which pluggables?22:04
desrtthese things http://www.displaylink.com/shop/adapters22:04
desrtbetter page: http://plugable.com/products/ud-160-a/22:05
desrtyou buy like 6 of them and plug them into the usb ports on your computer22:05
desrtand now your computer is 7 computers22:05
robert_ancellbryceh, RAOF, cool, I wanted to run an idea past you guys.  I was thinking last night we have loads of trouble synchronising the monitor layouts between plymouth, login screens, sessions etc and it occurred to me that the monitor layout should probably be a system property.  I couldn't think of a single reason where two users on the same system would want different configurations.  In fact, it would be much preferab22:06
robert_ancellle if the configuration was shared - if I buy a new monitor and plug it in, I wouldn't want my wife to have to reconfigure it when she logs in22:06
robert_ancellit could even be a udev property? (preferred resolution, preferred location)22:07
robert_ancelldesrt, yeah, they're pretty cool22:07
RAOFFor values of “cool” which include “royal pain in the arse to set up under Ubuntu”22:08
robert_ancellthere are cases in multi-seat where the layouts should be different, but having that in udev with the systemd multi-seat changes would solve all that22:08
brycehrobert_ancell, I am much of the same mindset22:08
RAOFrobert_ancell: I believe they *could* be udev properties.22:08
desrtrobert_ancell: ah.. so you've been following the work a bit22:08
desrtrobert_ancell: was wondering if we'll see some lightdm support coming22:08
robert_ancelldesrt, yes, I don't know much about it yet, but I'll support it when I can22:09
robert_ancelldesrt, I need to expense some of those :)22:09
desrtrobert_ancell: the redhat guys gave me one to give to you, actually22:09
brycehrobert_ancell, the one advantage to having them local rather than system is not having to do sudo22:09
desrtso i'll bring it to UDS22:09
robert_ancelldesrt, awesome!22:09
robert_ancellbryceh, yes, we'd need to wrap it up in a d-bus service or similar, but that's not too hard22:09
robert_ancellbryceh, RAOF - goal for 12.10?22:10
robert_ancellare upstreams of the same mindset?22:10
Sarvattdesrt: 12.10 timeframe at the earliest, kms driver for it is going into the 3.4 kernel and xf86-video-modesetting that it uses isnt in 12.0422:10
brycehrobert_ancell, X upstream simply doesn't care.  gnome probably would prefer it the way it is.  Beyond that, no idea.22:11
RAOFrobert_ancell: Not sure, but the only upstream who'd care is gnome-settings-daemon.22:11
desrtSarvatt; when i plug the thing in i get a bunch of useful-looking output in dmesg22:11
desrtabout supported modes and such22:11
desrtseems the driver is 'udlfb' or something like that22:11
brycehrobert_ancell, in any case, I bet this would fit well with the libxrandr-utils work22:11
desrtand there is a 'displaylink' xorg driver package, but i couldn't figure out how to get it to work22:12
RAOFdesrt: Yeah, and you *can* futz around with the displaylink driver until it works.22:12
brycehwe've been scratching our heads over setting storage with that, this seems like it'd be better than replicating the xml file approach22:12
RAOFdesrt: Again, for sufficiently xorg-limited values of “works”.22:12
desrtRAOF: so on rawhide right now it's pretty much out-of-the-box22:13
desrtyou plug the USB device and you get a new X server auto-started for it22:13
brycehdesrt, the issue is not drivers, like RAOF says for an adequate amount of xorg.conf crafting you can make these devices work22:13
desrtrunning gnome-shell with the llvm pipe stuff22:13
brycehthe problem is these video devices are on the usb bus rather than pci bus, and so far X only looks at pci22:13
desrtbryceh: ya.  i lost my xorg.conf artistry skills ages ago22:13
desrtyou get a /dev/fb0 when you plug the thing, though22:13
brycehso you'd need a new infrastructure, probably in the kernel, but maybe in X server, to do the hotpluggery so X can auto-detect and auto-enable them22:14
RAOFdesrt: Ah, yeah.  Making each of those run a separate X server makes things a bit easier.  I guess I'm thinking more of the add-an-extra-monitor case.22:14
desrtbryceh: all i know is that it's working out of the box on rawhide right now22:14
desrtRAOF: ya... this particular model is clearly somewhat more directed at acting as a laptop dock22:14
RAOFbryceh: You could actually moderately easily have an upstart job trigger which starts a new X server with appropriate config on usb hotplug events.22:14
brycehI understand it's work in progress upstream; not something we'd place at high priority for development work in ubuntu unless canonical had a customer driving it as a requirement22:14
desrtthey have another model that's more clearly geared towards plugging half a dozen of them into a central server22:15
desrt(ie: no ethernet port on that one)22:15
desrti'm pretty sure redhat has a customer22:15
brycehRAOF, yeah but then we get into specialized use cases22:15
desrti think it's the device vendor themselves, actually22:15
RAOFbryceh: Indeed.22:15
czajkowskibryceh: removing the PPA causes the compiz crash again22:17
brycehczajkowski, right, to be expected22:17
brycehczajkowski, so yeah sounds like your system really needs 8.0.1.  When you're done testing non-8.0.1 go ahead and reinstall that ppa.  I'll keep it until we merge that mesa into main.22:18
popeycjwatson: do you know if we plan to detect SSDs on install in ubiquity, and set the TRIM option in /etc/fstab as a result?22:25
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achiangisn't cjwatson on paternity leave?23:06
micahgpopey: you might want to ask ev23:12
popeyah yes23:15
popeywill do23:15
broderpopey: if we're going to turn on TRIM, why just do it for SSDs?23:18
broderthe ext4 fs option is harmless on drives that don't do TRIM23:18
brycehhmm, in firefox I notice several times now I've gotten switched from English / United States to English / Australian, mate.23:18
chrisccoulsonbryceh, for spell checking?23:19
brycehchrisccoulson, indeed23:19
brycehchrisccoulson, recognise it?23:19
chrisccoulsonbryceh, yes, i guess it's fallout from this change: https://developer.mozilla.org/en/HTML/Controlling_spell_checking_in_HTML_forms#Controlling_the_spellchecker_language23:20
chrisccoulsonin fact, i might look at that one tomorrow :)23:20
brycehchrisccoulson, cheers23:20
brycehguessing it's picking Australian just 'cause it's the first in the list23:21
chrisccoulsoni'm not too sure23:22
chrisccoulsonhah, this is pretty special: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=721258#c523:31
ubot2`Mozilla bug 721258 in Add-ons Manager "Stop third party add-ons from altering our opt-in screen" [Normal,Resolved: wontfix]23:31
brycehchrisccoulson, heh23:32
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