elacheche_anisashams, bahaa2008, EgyParadox meetingology, seiflotfy: What are thinking about this video :D16:33
ashamselacheche_anis, dude, "12.03" ? it needs to be corrected to 12.0416:59
elacheche_anisashams, the event is 12.03 ;)17:00
ashamselacheche_anis, oh, I seeee17:00
ashamsI thought it was the realease17:00
elacheche_anisthe UGJ is in march not in April17:01
ashamselacheche_anis, it's coool17:01
elacheche_anisno, it's about the UGJ17:01
ashamsdon't you think a 30seconds for lyrics is a bit much?17:01
elacheche_anislool.. maybe XD17:19
ashamsseiflotfy, dude, what you think about this? https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-eg/2012-February/004898.html19:44
seiflotfyashams: i am ok with this19:49
ashamsseiflotfy, cool19:49
seiflotfyi just need to plan what is the easiest way to  get into zeitgeist devleopment19:49
seiflotfyashams: because zg is kinda complex19:49
ashamsseiflotfy, yeah I know19:50
seiflotfyI can help out with Gtk19:50
ashamsand that's why I expected you may refuse19:50
ashamsbut thanks19:50
ashamsseiflotfy, with GTk ?19:50
seiflotfyzg is for advanced ppl imho19:50
seiflotfygtk is something for everybody19:50
ashamsyeah, so let's stay with gtk19:51
seiflotfyashams: agree19:51
ashamsI'll ping Toulan for a packaging session too19:51
seiflotfybasically i can teach ppl stuff from the whole ubuntu stack19:51
seiflotfyas in development wise19:51
ashamsseiflotfy, that's the 2nd point19:52
ashamswe're trying to collect potential devs19:52
ashamson one ml19:52
ashamsand got some ppl like you to guide them19:52
ashamsto guide others19:52
ashamswhat you think?19:52
seiflotfyi am in20:00
ashamscool, will do the preparation and ping you back :-)20:01

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