antarusdear god00:44
antarushow is any of d-i maintainable00:44
* antarus shudders00:44
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infinityantarus: It's not so bad, once you get the hang of it.00:49
antarusno its terrible00:49
antarusinterfaces that rely on a sed command with 10 lines of input00:49
* antarus shudders00:49
antarusinfinity: I'm just amused why we can't just ship a real language in the initramfs and use that ;p01:05
infinityI won't listen to you speak ill of shell.01:06
antarusdon't get me wrong, I love shell....just not in the context of large systems :/01:34
CIA-32ubiquity: stgraber * r5211 ubiquity/ubiquity/plugins/ubi-usersetup.py: Merge slightly modified patch from Dan Kegel to detect broken DNS servers always returning DNS records (some ISPs and captive portals), in such case, simply stop trying to resolve the hostname. (LP: #760884)02:04
CIA-32ubiquity: stgraber * r5212 ubiquity/ (debian/changelog tests/test_usersetup.py): Add a test for the previous change and update changelog02:05
infinitystgraber: Is that the fix for *.domain.com records?02:07
infinitystgraber: If so, yay.02:07
stgraberinfinity: I guess that covers that yes. It's the fix for "host <random string of characters>" returning something.02:08
CIA-32ubiquity: stgraber * r5213 ubiquity/ (d-i/manifest debian/changelog): releasing version 2.9.2002:09
infinitystgraber: Right, which is generally due to wildcard DNS.02:10
infinitystgraber: So, yay. :)02:10
stgraberand uploaded so I get something fresh on tomorrow's images, I guess it's time I focus a bit on installer bugs with cjwatson away for while and all the cool features I wanted either already in the archive or postponed :)02:17
stgraberoh right, I guess next one on the list is that ibus bug I said I'd fix two months ago ... let's do some Chinese testing02:19
infinitystgraber: Which continent are you on right now?02:26
stgrabersame as you02:32
stgrabersame country even :)02:33
stgraberwell, unless you aren't home02:33
infinityI am. :P02:33
infinityWas just hinting that, perhaps, it's beer o'clock.02:33
stgrabersounds like a good idea (maybe it'll even help figure out what need magic is needed to get ibus to do something remotely useful...)02:38
CIA-32ubiquity: stgraber * r5214 ubiquity/ (bin/ubiquity-dm debian/changelog): Get ubiquity-dm to spawn ibus-daemon if available.04:09
evsome day we'll release ubiquity-dm as it's own entire operating system16:02
* infinity shudders.16:11
infinityThose who don't learn from Emacs are doomed to reimplement it?16:12
stgraberev: hehe, I was actually wondering why it's in python and not in shell ... all these subprocess calls take a lot of space ;)16:29
antarusstgraber: shell is overly fragile and unmaintainable? ;p16:58
stgraberantarus: when all you need to do is run 50 commands in a row, shell works pretty well, calling subprocess.Popen 50 times is just slower and uglier ;)17:01
evstgraber: it's just in python because it started in python17:02
evit was never intended to grow into the hideous monster you see before you17:02
evbut that's life when you're a mad scientist17:02
antarusstgraber: its confusing because 'ubiquity' is a work-internal codename17:03
antarusstgraber: I have to look up the ubuntu project every time to tell what it is ;p17:03
antarusstgraber: the Popen interface does kind of suck ;)17:05
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infinityev: Is there any reason we haven't done anything about #859552 since it was filed?19:00
infinityev: It's a one-line change on cdimage to swap from ext3 to ext4, if you want to test it in wubi.19:00
evit happened close to release19:01
evor rather, it was discovered close to release19:01
infinityRight, but then we did nothing post-release. :P19:01
evsuch is the nature of bug reports :-P19:02
infinityev: I'm game for just changing it on cdimage right now, if you want to make wubi cope?19:02
ogra_hmm, i thought colin applied that change19:02
infinitywubi is still ext3.19:03
ogra_hmm, weird19:04
ogra_i thought i saw him committing it19:05
infinityTo cdimage?19:05
evinfinity: by all means, go ahead19:05
infinityev: Hrm, do we build new wubi disk images for lucid point-releases too?19:06
infinityIf so, I might have to special-case this.19:06
evwe do19:06
infinityRight, special-casing.19:06
infinity    if [ "$SUBPROJECT" = "wubi" ]; then19:07
infinity        if dist_ge precise19:07
infinity            OPTIONS="${OPTIONS:--f ext4}"19:07
infinity        else19:07
infinity            OPTIONS="${OPTIONS:--f ext3}"19:07
infinity        fi19:07
infinity    fi19:07
infinityogra_: eyeball review?19:07
ogra_looks fine to me19:08
ogra_dist_ge ?19:08
ogra_is that a builtin ?19:08
infinityYeah. :)19:08
ogra_oh, i didnt know that !19:08
ogra_but yeah, looks good19:08
infinitycdimage has evolved its own shell libraries. :P19:08
infinityev: Committed.  precise and beyond are ext4.19:09
infinityev: And closed all tasks on 859552 except the wubi one.19:11
infinityev: No idea if wubi will need an s/ext3/ext4/ change somewhere, but I'm sure it's worth a grep. :)19:11
evI think it's fairly agnostic, as it just calls into e2resize with the path19:12
evbut I'll look19:12
infinityev: Yeah, but the original filename is foo.ext3, isn't it?19:12
evoh yes, that will need to be fixed :)19:12
evah, no it isn't19:15
evshould be okay19:16
infinitymv "binary/boot/filesystem.ext3" "ubuntu/disks/root.disk"19:16
evassuming resize2fs.exe copes19:16
infinityI *do* need to fix live-build. :P19:16
infinityLa la la.19:16
evbits of string19:17
evthat's all that's holding our infrastructure together19:17
evlets hope no one trips while climbing through it19:17
infinityBubblegum too.19:17
infinityOkay, live-build fixed.  *cough*19:22
infinityHad I realised this could be fixed without touching wubi at all, I would have done it ages ago.19:23
infinity(I wonder if I'm the only person who still pronounces wubi as "voobee")19:24
infinityev: Can I get you to close the wubi task on that bug after we've built and tested a daily?19:36
evinfinity: sure thing19:36
infinity(Or reopen the other tasks, if I screwed up) :P19:36
bdmurraystgraber: could you look at a diff for the apport package hook for ubiquity - http://paste.ubuntu.com/853127/19:41
bdmurrayit is to block more bug reports from systems with hardware failures19:42
stgraberbdmurray: looking19:43
stgraberbdmurray: seems reasonable, we might be getting a few false positives in recoverable cases but there's no good way to detect that and well, an error still occured :)19:45
bdmurrayokay, thanks.  in looking at existing bug reports I don't think I've seen cases where it has recovered19:47
stgraberyeah and we tend to be getting enough duplicates anyway, so even if it's a bug and the I/O error is unrelated, someone else will have it and will report it ;)19:49
stgraberoh, almost time for the ISC-DHCP upload ... I finally gave up on listing all the fixes as the changelog would be > 100 lines long, will just put a link to the upstream changelog instead ;)19:50

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